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Transcript for 24-05-2016, 64 lines:

03:13:18 funkenstein_: http://log.bitcoin-assets.com/?date=23-05-2016#1448264 <-- yes.

03:13:18 assbot: Logged on 23-05-2016 21:34:21; asciilifeform: do you actually think i have access to 100k usd ?

03:15:30 funkenstein_: Propose your tin woman to the right person.

03:28:38 asciilifeform: funkenstein_: i dun do shartups no moar.

03:30:28 funkenstein_: i can understand not wanting to have weight of 100k usd on shoulders

03:31:22 asciilifeform: how about not wanting to take part in fiatola idiocy ?

03:31:36 funkenstein_: with you 100% there :)

03:31:42 asciilifeform: so then.

03:33:29 funkenstein_: do you consider fiat issuers to be "the USG"?

03:37:51 funkenstein_: but if you have something you want to do, you use the tools available

03:38:02 asciilifeform: funkenstein_: absolutely usg.

03:38:05 asciilifeform: all of them.

03:38:19 funkenstein_: aha, I'm sure you're aware many disagree

03:38:23 asciilifeform: sure.

03:39:33 funkenstein_: the cocaine import agency and enforcement agents, also usg?

03:39:42 asciilifeform: absolutely.

03:39:49 funkenstein_: that one's in the logs :)

03:42:01 funkenstein_: prison industrial complex?

03:42:20 asciilifeform: funkenstein_: is this really a mega-puzzle ?

03:43:20 funkenstein_: i like puzzles

03:44:30 funkenstein_: do these three industries necessarily need to work together?

03:46:02 asciilifeform: funkenstein_: i count, e.g., dope dealers, as also part of usg.

03:46:09 asciilifeform: thought they work nominally in opposition to it.

03:46:26 asciilifeform: the shorthand heuristic here is that everyone who relies on usg is usg.

03:46:36 *: asciilifeform bbl

03:47:17 funkenstein_: so like for example, filing a lawsuit with a US court

03:48:56 asciilifeform: funkenstein_: to exploit something is not necessarily to rely on it for sustenance.

03:50:01 funkenstein_: seeing as "usg" is a fictional entity with no physical body, nobody relies on it for sustenance

03:50:38 asciilifeform: funkenstein_: idiot sophistry.

03:51:46 funkenstein_: moreso than filiing a lawsuit in US court being exempt but selling a bag of dope being "reliant"

03:51:49 funkenstein_: ?

03:51:58 asciilifeform: dope would be worth pennies if not for prohibition.

03:52:05 asciilifeform: cocaine, about ~same as coffee.

03:52:15 funkenstein_: sure

03:52:21 funkenstein_: go, exploit that

03:53:28 funkenstein_: i believe it's important to not assign agency to things that don't have physical form

04:00:06 funkenstein_: since y'all were going off I'll throw two cents in

04:00:46 funkenstein_: mircea popescu has some brilliant writing and has personally been influential

04:01:01 funkenstein_: but could sure have used an editor from time to time

04:01:55 funkenstein_: sadly a little bit of shit spoils even the finest spaghetti and all that

04:03:15 funkenstein_: personally I clean shit off lightbulbs, dwarven hands are thick skinned

04:04:19 funkenstein_: still hard to get past "no thing is equal to any other thing" especially for a mathematician

04:08:03 funkenstein_: also this "read the logs" thing is nuts

04:09:07 funkenstein_: no archaeologist is going to pour through megabytes of people talking about buttsex to find one guy's brilliant critique of computing architecture in the 21st century

04:16:55 funkenstein_: I'll just show myself the door because the truth is coming out: I like short women

05:05:48 punkman: ooh teh dramas

05:11:25 punkman: http://log.bitcoin-assets.com//?date=06-11-2015#1318865

05:11:25 assbot: Logged on 06-11-2015 21:27:48; punkman: from the department-of-mailing-lists-I-didn't-read-but-saved-it-anyway-because-maybe-sometime: http://dpaste.com/16WQEP7 Organizing the World's Delusions

05:18:36 punkman: http://log.bitcoin-assets.com/?date=23-05-2016#1447756 << you were offering to pay for it often enough

05:18:36 assbot: Logged on 23-05-2016 19:24:08; asciilifeform: realize, i could not buy a machine where phuctor will ~stay up~ even were i to put whole of my salary into it.

05:19:05 punkman: Phuctor box situated in a datacenter seems like a monumentally stupid proposition

05:19:34 punkman: how do you know they aren't magically censoring results instead of making it reboot?

05:19:57 punkman: Phuctor box belongs in basement with no name

05:21:08 punkman: results go out via sneakernet or diode to internet-connected machine

05:34:01 punkman: http://log.bitcoin-assets.com/?date=23-05-2016#1447799 kako tells about account being banned, people come out and start asking questions, I don't see kako going out of his way trying to piss in anyone's glass

05:34:01 assbot: Logged on 23-05-2016 19:38:21; asciilifeform: but thus far kakobrekla only seems interested in pissing in peoples' glasses of coke ?

05:46:08 punkman: http://log.bitcoin-assets.com/?date=23-05-2016#1447806 I think the demand is still there, I just barely see any business happening around the 3 wots

05:46:08 assbot: Logged on 23-05-2016 19:40:56; kakobrekla: whatever market used to exists for 'bitcoin assets' (that being mpex or some other phony exchange) it is no longer here and hasnt been for a very long time. bbet was ipoed around the time when it was already cooling off. building an exchange to that effect makes 0 sense.

05:50:55 punkman: http://log.bitcoin-assets.com/?date=23-05-2016#1447832 /me not that interested in "freedom fighting" angle

05:50:55 assbot: Logged on 23-05-2016 19:50:00; asciilifeform: if it means 'convince that hitler cannot be killed' - also uninterested.

05:53:18 punkman: http://log.bitcoin-assets.com/?date=23-05-2016#1447834 what happened to "business" motherfuckers

05:53:18 assbot: Logged on 23-05-2016 19:50:29; asciilifeform: what happened to 'science' ?

06:10:07 punkman: http://log.bitcoin-assets.com/?date=23-05-2016#1448189 before or after kako became "unsavory garnish"?

06:10:07 assbot: Logged on 23-05-2016 21:14:57; asciilifeform: but could have parted amicably