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Transcript for 13-12-2017, 20 lines:

06:43:19 adlai: The20YearIRCloud: lol

06:43:54 adlai: The20YearIRCloud: last time i tried pitching it to a moneyed fellow, he couldn't figure out whether joinmarket was "loans" or "bonds"

06:44:13 adlai: (decorum precludes me from replacing "fellow" with a less flattering word)

06:45:04 adlai: in other news, i've started "blogging"

06:45:06 adlai: but all my posts are shit so far, so i will work on improving my output quality before making it easier to find

06:45:09 adlai: contrary to initial appearances, it is actually accessible as html served over http from a dns listed server, all the details can be sussed

06:45:10 adlai: out in a few minutes' driven detective work

06:45:12 adlai: think of it as a mission, should you choose to accept it

06:45:56 adlai: asciilifeform: maybe my first nonshitpost will be "The Idiot's Guide to Using Your Silicon As An Abacus, Stanistyle"

08:01:50 punkman: https://bgpmon.net/popular-destinations-rerouted-to-russia/

08:01:51 assbot: Popular Destinations rerouted to Russia | BGPmon ... ( http://bit.ly/2AgD06M )

09:02:15 pankkake: Riot Games, haha. they just wanted to cheat at LoL

09:28:39 punkman: https://archive.is/uL4b5

09:28:40 assbot: The ROBOT Attack - Return of Bleichenbacher's Oracle Threat ... ( http://bit.ly/2z70Zr2 )

09:28:48 punkman: lolwut "We believe the only way Bitcoin can defend against this is to immediately switch to Quantum Blockchains."

11:55:53 kakobrekla: adlai, hows the traffic on joinmarket

11:58:07 kakobrekla: i dont have any ideas rejoining it, just curious

12:25:33 NiceNik: How bittrex manages wallets of so many coins? do they have daemons of all coins running in their server? or they have more effiecient way of managing coin wallets of various currencies .

12:28:36 kakobrekla: how about you try asking bittrex?

12:35:23 NiceNik: I don't know bittrex will be happy revealing details about their back ends.