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Transcript for 25-06-2016, 13 lines:

07:32:04 punkman: https://www.techdirt.com/articles/20160624/05351534808/judge-says-fbi-can-hack-computers-without-warrant-because-computer-users-get-hacked-all-time.shtml

07:32:06 assbot: Judge Says FBI Can Hack Computers Without A Warrant Because Computer Users Get Hacked All The Time | Techdirt ... ( http://bit.ly/293zFMJ )

09:08:19 kakobrekla: makes sense

09:33:35 punkman: https://urbit.org/blog/dao/

09:33:36 assbot: Urbit - A personal server ... ( http://bit.ly/293HYYZ )

09:34:46 punkman: "In Dijkstra's terms: decentralization theater considered harmful."

09:37:28 kakobrekla: >From a governance perspective, the line of lawlessness isn't the line between soft and hard forks. It's any fork which makes an exception for a specific address. Ethereum has already done this by freezing the DAO contract. At this point, it might as well be hanged for an ox, and go through with the full rollback.

09:38:04 kakobrekla: this is generally true, however do a fork and x amount of idiots will stick around, just like b-a wot forked into scammer wot and idiots are still around

09:38:17 kakobrekla: cant get rid of em

09:38:23 kakobrekla: even if you wanted

09:41:06 punkman: has any altcoin produced two stable forks?

09:41:24 kakobrekla: i dont think so

09:44:25 kakobrekla: Bitcoin has done an excellent job of freezing the war power of its own "parliament." Ironically, mining power in Bitcoin is quite centralized -- a small number of Chinese mining-pool managers, who have every opportunity to collude, could roll back anything. But they never have and they probably never will. < except for the 18 bitbet btc jajajajaj