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Transcript for 01-03-2014, 1987 lines:

00:01:22 mircea_popescu: works on womenz too.

00:01:24 mircea_popescu: if they're cats.

00:02:50 mircea_popescu: and of course, http://i.imgur.com/UaNm6fv.gif

00:02:55 moiety: relevant: http://i.imgur.com/Fhek8DO.png

00:03:11 moiety: awwww!!!!

00:03:48 moiety: this one is fighting back http://i.imgur.com/k1N13cY.gif

00:03:51 BingoBoingo: And it's March!

00:04:43 moiety: Happy March everyone, have some bear biscuits i made yesterday https://fbcdn-sphotos-b-a.akamaihd.net/hphotos-ak-prn2/t1/p526x296/1939461_10200749700904440_715359882_n.jpg

00:06:43 moiety: its not march for you yet bingo!

00:06:54 jurov: nice

00:07:12 BingoBoingo: moiety: How are you to know I'm not traveling?

00:07:36 moiety: because if you were travelling to my timezone, you shouldve told me

00:07:43 moiety: girl logic. simples

00:08:11 BingoBoingo: moiety: What about the african, ocean, or antarctic parts of the timezone?

00:08:41 jurov: and what about moon timezone?

00:09:49 BingoBoingo: I guess Maybe the Moon is UTC as well, but there's no people there to ask.

00:10:17 kakobrekla: doges know about the moon timezone.

00:10:19 moiety: BingoBoingo: http://i.imgur.com/iWRYZI0.gif

00:10:57 moiety: mircea actually posted that hif ages ago, i saved it because it's my whole being in a gif sadly

00:11:52 moiety: but yeah, hadn't thought about the other bits of the timezone

00:11:55 nubbins`: bulldog clips, handy things

00:12:01 nubbins`: we have a clothesline full of 'em

00:12:07 moiety: as my cats are going to find out nubbins` !

00:12:48 BingoBoingo: kakobrekla: Do doges do time well enough to have that concept?

00:13:11 nubbins`: you're going to clip your cats? :(

00:13:19 moiety: no im kidding

00:13:24 moiety: i couldnt find any clips

00:13:24 nubbins`: D;

00:13:27 nubbins`: GOOD

00:13:36 moiety: im kidding!

00:14:12 kakobrekla: well, the did manage to get fake astronauts suits, so gotta give them some credit.

00:14:37 moiety: btw, what was the name of r3wt's exchange?

00:15:01 BingoBoingo: moiety: Openex.pw

00:15:05 moiety: thanks

00:15:15 moiety: no ne has been daft enough to trade with him have they?

00:15:18 moiety: no one*

00:15:51 BingoBoingo: moiety: Well it was the only place to trade ATC on a website before Apocalyptic did his thing

00:16:35 jurov: $avg

00:16:52 jurov: ;;ticker --market btcavg

00:17:20 jurov: *crosses fingers and uses this as input*

00:18:03 mircea_popescu: jurov don't do that.

00:18:06 mircea_popescu: wait for ann

00:18:20 jurov: ah mkay

00:18:52 BingoBoingo: ;;ticker --market all

00:19:14 BingoBoingo: Volume is still deficient in Zeros

00:20:22 moiety: we'll be seeing gox staplers and sellotape dispensers on ebay soon

00:20:23 *: nubbins` raises eyebrow

00:20:53 nubbins`: quick question, mpex signup fees are *not* distributed as mpoe dividends, correct?

00:21:02 jurov: they are

00:21:08 nubbins`: :o


00:21:46 jurov: ;;slap nubbins`

00:21:47 *: gribble slaps nubbins` with a battered trout

00:22:26 BingoBoingo: ;;lasers nubbins`

00:22:39 moiety: lol! i love gribble

00:26:08 kakobrekla: nubbins` how else would it have been a ponzi

00:26:17 nubbins`: good point

00:26:30 *: nubbins` signs up twice so as to get best value for money

00:27:44 moiety: why does gox even still have a value for btcusd?

00:27:58 nubbins`: nostalgia

00:28:10 kakobrekla: cause servers are paid until the end of the month

00:29:36 mircea_popescu: ^

00:34:41 nubbins`: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/finance/newsbysector/banksandfinance/10664372/RBS-has-lost-all-the-46bn-pumped-in-by-the-taxpayer.html

00:34:57 moiety: youre kidding

00:35:11 nubbins`: often, yes, but right now i'm just pasting links :D

00:35:53 moiety: lol sorry, just derping aloud

00:36:06 moiety: i wonder how they plan to buy natwest now then

00:37:24 moiety: santander were meant to but backed out. RBS picked up the tab but not for all branches. only some across scotland. now we have these stupid card readers and about 30 redirects to get to online banking

00:40:27 mircea_popescu: nubbins` was more like 100bn, and also is in log :D

00:40:45 nubbins`: i actually read it today, don't often click links tho ;(

00:41:19 nubbins`: but yah, #46bn is like 85-90bn cad

00:41:31 nubbins`: amazing

00:41:34 nubbins`: staggering, even

00:43:17 nubbins`: roommates are spitting about how gross it is

00:43:37 kakobrekla: like the shit on the toilet from back in the day?

00:43:41 mircea_popescu: lmao

00:43:45 nubbins`: hahah

00:44:07 nubbins`: the shitter bought me a bag of potato chips and two cookies as an apology yesterday ;(

00:44:41 kakobrekla: did he say "i smeared it with that, you can now try it out yourself"

00:45:01 nubbins`: no details on the incident were released

00:45:41 moiety: aside from google image search, is there anything that i can search for a picture being wrongly used?

00:45:51 nubbins`: tineye

00:46:15 nubbins`: (canadian!)

00:46:22 moiety: oh thanks very much :D thats fab

00:47:59 nubbins`: so i dropped my rpm challenge CDs off today at the record store, and they gave me a coupon for 15% off my next purchase!

00:48:41 mircea_popescu: so i guess you need blanks then

00:49:00 nubbins`: i had to buy a spindle of cd-rs. felt really weird.

00:49:11 HeySteve: hmm, any news announcement yet?

00:49:43 nubbins`: not sure what i'm going to do with the other 48 of them

00:50:18 HeySteve: obamacare is using the doge meme. o tempora o mores! http://blogs.marketwatch.com/health-exchange/2014/02/26/hhs-borrows-doge-meme-to-sell-obamacare-and-elicits-a-few-groans/?mod=MW_home_latest_news&link=sfmw

00:51:06 nubbins`: o discordia!

00:51:08 moiety: no joy with tineye but i will keep checking, thank you nubbins`

00:51:44 asciilifeform: funfun - http://www.chicagotribune.com/news/sns-rt-us-cuba-russia-ship-20140227,0,7642471.story

00:53:03 moiety: asciilifeform! did you see the molten metal 3D printer robot? and the one that can print a house in 24 hours? 3D printers aren't as good as lasers but they are still cool.

00:53:31 asciilifeform: moiety: sintering machine? old news

00:53:38 asciilifeform: i think diametric has one

00:53:54 nubbins`: so after a quick google search led me to the wikipedia page about discordia, the story behind EFNet's name is suddenly funnier

00:53:58 asciilifeform: (or maybe not - you need inert gas)

00:54:12 Mats_cd03: .bait

00:54:14 ozbot: http://31.media.tumblr.com/cee51a34672b1b88c22de04ca3df30a6/tumblr_mes6ctZd4x1rrqd70o1_1280.jpg

00:55:36 HeySteve: discordia is a dark tower thing isn't it? what's that to do with EFNet?

00:56:02 nubbins`: among other things, it is indeed mentioned in the dark tower

00:56:02 asciilifeform: moiety: sintering printer typically uses the same setup as laser cutter, with a bucket full of powdered Al or whichever metal where the bed would normally go

00:56:21 nubbins`: discordia is the latin name of the greek goddess eris

00:56:25 asciilifeform: you fuze a layer, then spread more powder, and so on, until the piece is complete

00:56:37 nubbins`: who was the goddess of strife, chaos, and discord

00:56:46 moiety: asciilifeform: i was just looking it up. the laarman prototype from earlier in feb?

00:57:14 moiety: http://youtu.be/NFF0QQIQDXE

00:57:14 ozbot: MX3D printing - YouTube

00:57:18 asciilifeform: moiety: the basic concept goes back to the '80s

00:57:31 asciilifeform: none of this is really new.

00:57:32 nubbins`: the lel being that EFNet (eris-free network) got its name after its predecessor network delinked a server called irc.eris.<tld>

00:57:34 moiety: jesus 80s?

00:57:39 nubbins`: because eris sucked so bad

00:57:49 nubbins`: and with a name like that, how could it not!

00:58:33 nubbins`: sorry, eris.berkeley.edu

00:58:36 nubbins`: either way

00:58:39 nubbins`: bit of a chuckle

00:58:49 mircea_popescu: http://fraudsters.com/2014/mpoe-february-2014-statement/

00:58:49 asciilifeform: moiety: the machine pictured in the video is just a tig welder attached to xyz arm, it seems

00:58:49 ozbot: MPOE, February 2014 Statement pe fraudsters - Un blog de Mircea Popescu.

00:58:51 mircea_popescu: and there it is.

00:59:04 nubbins`: wow.

00:59:10 nubbins`: such div

00:59:33 moiety: it just looks so cool asciilifeform ... it's all exciting to me still lol

00:59:46 mod6: O_O

01:01:25 Duffer1: PR, 2.875 :(

01:03:28 nubbins`: :O just finished reading

01:03:45 *: nubbins` marks calendar

01:04:36 asciilifeform: mircea_popescu: if mpex acct costs 30, how did 'from new accts' add up to 70?

01:04:38 Bugpowder: nice month!

01:04:44 asciilifeform: can i buy 1/3 of an acct?

01:04:50 mircea_popescu: asciilifeform it can generate either 30 btc or 20 btc

01:04:58 mircea_popescu: depending on whether people use referrals or not

01:05:01 asciilifeform: ahaha

01:05:21 mircea_popescu: referral = each gets 5 rebate, the referrer and the referred.

01:05:33 nubbins`: 1/3 of account has SELL disabled, do not buy

01:06:02 asciilifeform: 'instead of office chair, package contained bobcat. A++, would trade again'

01:06:10 nubbins`: heh

01:06:12 Bugpowder: well that's kinda annoying... Someone sold to 75000?

01:06:14 nubbins`: those things are expensive!

01:06:43 asciilifeform: nubbins`: http://xkcd.com/325

01:07:11 nubbins`: lel @ alt ;(

01:08:24 nubbins`: wait, it's friday, isn't it?

01:08:56 nubbins`: http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/newfoundland-labrador/slum-landlords-pocketing-social-assistance-money-for-rent-1.2554226

01:08:56 ozbot: Slum landlords pocketing social assistance money for rent - Newfoundland & Labrador - CBC News

01:09:04 nubbins`: a slum landlord owns maybe half of the houses on my street

01:09:31 asciilifeform: nubbins`: wait - what are they supposed to pocket as rent ?

01:09:39 nubbins`: oh, you!

01:09:42 Duffer1: I mostly specify this as a parting fuck you broadside to the MtGox troop of idiots, who thought that perhaps if they re-do the original MtGox “hack” I may have trouble. It’s cute, I guess, in the sense of a bunch of ducks trying to work together to provoke waves that’ll sink a neighbouring battleship.

01:10:12 nubbins`: i once called this slumlord to inform him that i was getting the city to clean up the apartment's worth of possessions his workers dumped on the sidewalk, on his dime

01:10:29 nubbins`: halfway through the conversation he interrupts me with "what are you telling me for?", followed by a toilet flushing

01:10:41 nubbins`: had a good lel at that after i calmed down

01:11:12 asciilifeform: 'If they're taking in taxpayer dollars to provide accommodations for their tenants, there should be some oversight ? especially by government ? as to what people are living in.'

01:11:22 asciilifeform: imagine if this actually happened

01:11:25 nubbins`: lel

01:11:40 nubbins`: well the next logical step would be oversight as to what the tenants spend their remaining money on

01:11:40 BingoBoingo: Wow, Bitcoin finally outgrew fiat exchanges

01:11:43 asciilifeform: (see the 'last psychiatrist' piece mp linked to the other day)

01:11:55 mircea_popescu: so basically the canadian government actually wants to run everything or what

01:11:56 nubbins`: and good luck with that

01:12:11 mircea_popescu: BingoBoingo not without some trepidation.

01:12:28 nubbins`: mircea_popescu, the cbc wants that, but the government doesn't

01:12:34 BingoBoingo: mircea_popescu: This is so much more thrilling than last spring.

01:12:37 nubbins`: (incidentally, this is a provincial, not a federal, thing)

01:12:38 mircea_popescu: lol

01:12:43 mircea_popescu: it IS always the spring, isn't it.

01:12:45 *: nubbins` thinks

01:12:48 nubbins`: actually, no, it's not

01:13:03 nubbins`: anyway, there's no solution

01:13:11 copumpkin: omg lord master mircea_popescu has decreed that the price be $500

01:13:13 copumpkin: and it will be so

01:13:13 Bugpowder: mircea_popescu: so dividend gets paid March 3?

01:13:22 mircea_popescu: yeah

01:13:29 mircea_popescu: copumpkin ;/

01:13:32 mircea_popescu: what the fuck am i to do

01:13:34 nubbins`: so a house gets bedbugs. the landlord fumigates at great expense. the dirtbags infest the place again. repeat ad infinitum.

01:13:49 BingoBoingo: mircea_popescu: Indeed. SHit happend in spring. Then calms during the summer when schoolkids have too much time, a bit of drama happens in the fall, there is a bit of winter buildup, then SPRING

01:13:50 copumpkin: mircea_popescu: I don't know! just commenting

01:13:54 mircea_popescu: at least mine's platonially solid.

01:14:01 *: copumpkin debates selling his MPOE shares

01:14:02 asciilifeform: nubbins`: 'zyklon-b' ?

01:14:07 mircea_popescu: platonically*

01:14:07 nubbins`: alternately: a house gets bedbugs. the tenants fumigate at great expense. the bedbugs come back from the house next door. repeat ad infinitum.

01:14:24 mircea_popescu: nubbins` is it expensive to fumigate ?

01:14:42 nubbins`: well the problem is most of downtown is row houses, attached on both sides. generally fumigation doesn't do shit

01:14:48 BingoBoingo: Prolly expensive in Canada, but in canada everything is expensive.

01:15:04 nubbins`: BingoBoingo, everything but the drugs

01:15:04 mircea_popescu: (i've never fumigated anything. oddly enough, bedbugs etc do not exist in romania)

01:15:13 nubbins`: they didn't exist here either until the past couple years

01:15:22 nubbins`: this is a very recent thing

01:15:25 mircea_popescu: welfare helps all bugs and cockroaches across the board

01:15:29 mircea_popescu: not just the bipedal ones.

01:15:35 nubbins`: nod

01:15:37 Bugpowder: mircea_popescu: would you mind flushing another deposit before my laptop battery dies?

01:15:42 asciilifeform: story goes that they were re-introduced from somewhere in mexico.

01:15:44 mircea_popescu: nope.

01:15:47 nubbins`: the other problem is that welfare tenants generally won't tell the landlord if the house is infested.

01:16:02 nubbins`: the only clues are a succession of stained mattresses and couches left on the sidewalk over a period of several weeks

01:16:06 mircea_popescu: nubbins` or anyone else anything else, for that matter.

01:16:13 nubbins`: nod

01:16:18 mircea_popescu: i vividly recall this discussion between a veterinarian and a inner city md

01:16:35 mircea_popescu: vet : "well, it's easier to be an md, at least your patients can tell you wtf is wrong"

01:16:43 asciilifeform: 20th c. wants to come back! measles, polio...

01:16:44 mircea_popescu: md : "its much easier to be a vet. animals don't lie"

01:17:00 nubbins`: animals don't just want a prescription for ritalin

01:17:04 mircea_popescu: right.

01:17:12 nubbins`: people don't hide in cat carriers

01:17:31 nubbins`: i'd say it's about even

01:17:34 BingoBoingo: Dogs and crackheads both bite though

01:17:39 nubbins`: there ya go

01:17:42 nubbins`: common ground

01:17:49 mircea_popescu: you mean bitches

01:18:02 BingoBoingo: Nah, bitches behave

01:18:17 BingoBoingo: Ratchets on the other hand

01:18:17 mircea_popescu: is behave short for beaver shave ?

01:18:23 BingoBoingo: Ofc

01:18:29 BingoBoingo: ourse

01:18:34 nubbins`: heh

01:18:50 nubbins`: so loquacious ;p

01:19:10 mircea_popescu: o who wanted to be pinged when this is published

01:20:13 nubbins`: http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/manitoba/vince-li-s-new-freedoms-outrage-manitoba-mp-shelly-glover-1.2555600

01:20:14 ozbot: Vince Li's new freedoms outrage Manitoba MP Shelly Glover - Manitoba - CBC News

01:20:24 nubbins`: ^ this guy cut a man's head off on a greyhound bus

01:20:52 Bugpowder: whoops.. Finally read to the bottom.

01:21:21 asciilifeform: related: http://www.thestar.com/news/world/2014/02/18/norways_mass_murderer_brievik_threatens_hunger_strike_for_better_video_games.html

01:21:35 mircea_popescu: lol

01:21:37 mircea_popescu: jhahaha

01:21:40 BingoBoingo: mircea_popescu: HeySteve2 wanted the ping

01:21:47 mircea_popescu: a ty.

01:21:56 mircea_popescu: asciilifeform i guess a guy's gotta have goals in life.

01:22:00 nubbins`: y'know, i feel like i'd enjoy nordic prison

01:22:00 mircea_popescu: did he want gta4 or what ?

01:22:20 nubbins`: burn down a church? here's a synthesizer!

01:23:59 mircea_popescu: $vwap s.mpex

01:24:02 mircea_popescu: $vwap s.mpoe

01:24:03 HeySteve: <nubbins`> ^ this guy cut a man's head off on a greyhound bus < I would be cranky too if I had to use public transport

01:24:18 nubbins`: had to? he coulda flown!

01:24:35 mircea_popescu: tbh, in some places public transport is a delight.

01:24:57 nubbins`: they tried to market the bus here as "your own 40 foot limo", to much derision

01:24:59 mircea_popescu: generally, large uni centers etc.

01:25:17 asciilifeform: 'greyhound', for people on the other side of the ocean, is a 'tourist' bus, kitted out like an airplane

01:25:21 nubbins`: generally people don't have to wait in the cold for an hour to get a limo, though

01:25:23 asciilifeform: rather than an ordinary city bus

01:25:54 mircea_popescu: asciilifeform i spent months going through the eastern us on greyhounds

01:25:58 mircea_popescu: it was very informative.

01:26:24 asciilifeform: most people here take the 'chinese' bus instead, these days

01:26:26 nubbins`: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4rcd4Yfo0q0

01:26:26 ozbot: jonathan richman - you're crazy for taking the bus - YouTube

01:26:32 asciilifeform: exactly like 'greyhound' but costs 1/3.

01:26:33 nubbins`: ^ relevant song, also very informative

01:26:39 moiety: nubbins`: bed bugs a) have nothing to do with the hygiene of a place and b) can hop to the house next door

01:26:52 nubbins`: moiety: that's where my fears come from, yep

01:27:07 moiety: can't** sorry

01:27:53 nubbins`: oh yes they can!

01:27:57 mircea_popescu: of course they can

01:28:06 moiety: not a building they cannot

01:28:12 mircea_popescu: and of course they have to do with the hygiene. what are oyu talking about ?

01:28:38 nubbins`: if you live in a city that looks like this, they most definitely can hop to the house next door: http://imgur.com/1SntHHD

01:28:48 moiety: http://insects.about.com/od/truebugs/a/10-Myths-About-Bed-Bugs.htm

01:28:56 moiety: they like fuckin blood not dirt

01:29:10 mircea_popescu: moiety this may be true, but they do have migration patterns.

01:29:19 mircea_popescu: they're not like blood seeking missiles their entire lives.

01:29:46 moiety: no i can't see them migrating like geese their way door-to-door down a street though

01:29:50 mircea_popescu: (and if they didn't migrate, you'd have difficulty explaining how the fuck they even exist in the americas in the first place)

01:29:54 nubbins`: who said door to door?

01:30:04 nubbins`: i share two walls with neighbours

01:30:14 moiety: sorry i thought thats what you meant when you said fromthe house next door

01:30:42 BingoBoingo: Honestly I am more concerned about ticks when I go outside than bedbugs invading my space. This stuff used generously at points of egress keeps all kinds of small undesirables out https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Diatomaceous_earth

01:30:51 moiety: oh christ i didn't realise we were being literal as to entry points. i honestly don't think bedbugs use doors

01:30:53 nubbins`: you don't see ticks here

01:31:08 nubbins`: moiety, they're not tall enough to reach the handle, for starters

01:31:10 BingoBoingo: nubbins`: Because you live in an icy wasteland

01:31:15 moiety: lololol

01:31:21 nubbins`: BingoBoingo: shush, it's only icy for like 7 months.

01:31:26 moiety: maybe they could work together

01:31:34 mircea_popescu: lmao bedbug tower

01:31:47 moiety: yes! like the sheep from wallace and gromit

01:31:57 mircea_popescu: spray with tit silicone, put on display

01:32:33 nubbins`: http://www.cbc.ca/news/politics/swiss-arms-classic-green-rifle-ban-to-be-reviewed-by-government-1.2555746

01:32:33 ozbot: Swiss Arms Classic Green rifle ban to be reviewed by government - Politics - CBC News

01:32:41 nubbins`: cbc is actually interesting today

01:32:46 BingoBoingo: I mean I don't trust bedbugs because they fuck by cesarean. Ticks though carry all kinds of nasty diseases and fumigating "The Great Outdoors" is difficult.

01:33:16 mircea_popescu: BingoBoingo you know real men don't get lyme

01:33:18 mircea_popescu: (tm)

01:33:25 nubbins`: there are actually relatively few things that can kill you here

01:33:29 nubbins`: aside from, y'know, the elements.

01:33:34 moiety: http://news.bbc.co.uk/nol/shared/spl/hi/picture_gallery/07/entertainment_shaun_the_sheep/img/1.jpg

01:33:42 moiety: like this ^

01:34:00 BingoBoingo: mircea_popescu: There's quite a few other nastier diseases than lyme. Lyme just gets the press because pseudo-medicine makes better news.

01:34:27 moiety: my house is to be assessed for something called Legionnaires apparently.

01:35:50 mircea_popescu: moiety take moar cold showers.

01:36:00 nubbins`: eeee, yipes

01:36:22 nubbins`: there were a few big legionnaires outbreaks in canada the past couple years

01:36:39 nubbins`: something like 2 dozen people in an old folks home died in 2012 i think

01:36:57 moiety: is it very bad? they have to assess rented flats every two years by law my letter says

01:37:05 bitcoinpete: howdy

01:37:30 moiety: hi pete :)

01:37:31 mircea_popescu: moiety it's not that bad. wear something loose.

01:37:54 bitcoinpete: It's incredibly late here in bruxelles but I thought I'd leave my latest von blooog post for your casual readying enjoyment.

01:38:02 bitcoinpete: http://bitcoinpete.com/2014/patience-en-ville/

01:38:04 ozbot: Patience En Ville | When Bitcoin Met Pete

01:38:16 bitcoinpete: I'm off to bed, then I'll be in the logs as usual.

01:38:26 bitcoinpete: Cheers and bon soir

01:38:30 moiety: my bathroom is very clean, i will say that

01:38:37 nubbins`: charlie's in the trees, pete's in the logs

01:39:36 mircea_popescu: an' teh poofs are in the pudding

01:39:56 nubbins`: there's a dick surgery song where it's discussed that the details are also in the pudding

01:40:02 nubbins`: well. "song" is being generous

01:42:39 moiety: BingoBoingo: i decided what to do with my btc domain. im making a scottish item shop. not giving up on my stamping plan though

01:42:55 BingoBoingo: moiety: Solid decision

01:43:26 moiety: you mean it?

01:45:48 BingoBoingo: moiety: Yeah, much better than a decision where you have to stamp every product and in the process look like Rosie the Riveter. Being Bitcoin's source for Scottish shit sounds like something worth trying.

01:47:09 moiety: lol actually... i hadnt thought of that.. "sorry your order is delayed.. i'm not very fit and i got tired making it"

01:48:26 nubbins`: canned haggis

01:48:34 MisterE: fuck that

01:48:37 moiety: ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

01:49:01 MisterE: Shagging sheeps

01:49:21 MisterE: or is that a scouser thing?

01:50:16 nubbins`: somebody give me the elevator pitch on buttercoin.com

01:50:24 BingoBoingo: moiety: I though we touched on that problem when you presented the plan. Stamping metal with a hammer is tiring work

01:50:43 BingoBoingo: nubbins`: Herpitty Derp derp

01:50:46 mircea_popescu: nubbins` i can;t believe it's not margerine.

01:51:35 nubbins`: ty, that works

01:51:40 moiety: i thought it be ok because they were small things BingoBoingo btw there is people opening a dog cafe and a cat cafe in london. edinburgh seems to have none.....

01:52:10 copumpkin: mircea_popescu: I can't find your key on my keyserver

01:52:22 copumpkin: I'm on a different computer and found I didn't have it in my list

01:52:28 copumpkin: keys.gnupg.net

01:52:31 copumpkin: which should I be searching for?

01:54:59 copumpkin: oh you have the key in the page

01:56:08 BingoBoingo: I'm rather surprised http://bitbet.us/bet/769/crimea-2-electric-boogaloo/ isn't getting more action yet as it focuses on the most important precedent this recent crimea lulz covers.

01:57:58 moiety: omg i have it all planned out, we could totally do a bar. bingoboingo barman, asciilifeform doing the laser lights, nubbins` sorting pest control, bugpowder green flourescent protein glowsticks, benkay on music and mircea dancing girls!

01:58:16 moiety: or not

01:58:51 nubbins`: as much as i'd like to move overseas to wield a can of raid

01:59:01 BingoBoingo: moiety: Honestly if you want to open a bar the best place to position your business in relation to me is one such that I am a customer.

02:00:24 moiety: BingoBoingo: you're right, you can prop up the bar

02:00:40 moiety: or remove riff raff

02:00:51 BingoBoingo: I could do both.

02:01:08 mircea_popescu: copumpkin it's on my blog

02:01:12 copumpkin: yeah got it :)

02:01:30 moiety: ok, not paying you twice so will pay in alcohol

02:02:03 mircea_popescu: BingoBoingo maybe people dunno wtf boogaloo is supposed to be

02:02:23 mircea_popescu: <nubbins`> as much as i'd like to move overseas to wield a can of raid << lmao

02:02:40 BingoBoingo: mircea_popescu: I though the Internet was strong enough people know electric boogaloo's are sequels.

02:02:55 mircea_popescu: your customer service sucs

02:03:02 mircea_popescu: and is arrgorant

02:03:44 copumpkin: mircea_popescu: I keep getting unrecognized signature even though I'm using the same key I used to sign up :(

02:03:57 copumpkin: says to email you my key but I did that long long ago :P

02:04:22 mircea_popescu: copumpkin did you ever re-email it as per teh verification last year /

02:04:23 mircea_popescu: ?

02:04:30 copumpkin: oh, no

02:04:33 copumpkin: I wasn't paying attention

02:04:36 copumpkin: that was a thing?

02:04:43 BingoBoingo: mircea_popescu: Really the point of Ukraine as of now isn't the end political outcome, as far as that bet is concerned. It's determining how overtly "Black Ops" can happen in a white people country before commandos have to have affiliations, because Geneva protocols and conventions and such.

02:04:52 copumpkin: mircea_popescu: I guess you have no way to contact me or even any knowledge of me having an account :P

02:05:52 nubbins`: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PCkT4K-hppE

02:05:52 ozbot: Beirut - Nantes - YouTube

02:05:59 mircea_popescu: copumpkin mpex may be the only entity in bitcoin which has gone two years without sending a single greatly informative and muchly important email blast.

02:06:04 copumpkin: :)

02:06:09 mircea_popescu: but anyway, lemme dig it for you.

02:06:12 copumpkin: only because you don't have my email!

02:06:14 copumpkin: :P

02:06:21 copumpkin: should I just email you the key again?

02:06:45 nubbins`: just email mine instead

02:06:45 copumpkin: (goes to show how active a user I am)

02:06:59 mircea_popescu: yeah.

02:07:11 copumpkin: nubbins`: lol

02:07:20 mircea_popescu: well technically you could extract some sort of email from gpg keys, but i never bothered to.

02:07:20 copumpkin: mircea_popescu: office@polimedia? that's where the old one went

02:07:23 mircea_popescu: yea

02:07:24 nubbins`: 'cause, y'know, it'd work or something

02:07:24 BingoBoingo: OMG copumpkin is selling his S.MPOE, sell first!!!

02:07:33 copumpkin: BingoBoingo: nah, trying to remember how much I have

02:07:35 copumpkin: and I can't even run a STAT: P

02:09:05 mircea_popescu: lol

02:09:12 mircea_popescu: eleven bentlees

02:09:20 copumpkin: that'd be amusing

02:09:25 copumpkin: I don't think I can even afford one bentley though

02:09:32 nubbins`: bentleys are vulgar

02:09:46 mircea_popescu: o look, greene sueing mtgox

02:10:01 mircea_popescu: copumpkin anyone with s.mpoe stock should afford a bentley!

02:10:07 copumpkin: lol

02:10:12 copumpkin: I don't think I bought enough of it back then

02:10:59 mircea_popescu: copumpkin bentleys are divisible, so you should at least get a few bentloshis.

02:11:07 copumpkin: lol I hope so

02:11:21 moiety: LOL

02:11:52 copumpkin: but what keyserver can I find your keys on?

02:12:03 copumpkin: I want to encrypt my email to office but I can't find the key for it

02:12:04 mircea_popescu: i has no idea ?

02:12:04 BingoBoingo: mircea_popescu: Still looking at the legal history of Illinois governors, being a n00b and being pissed about Gox because he was too good for warnings makes his Derping rather inconsequential in the history of embarassing things about Illinois

02:12:16 copumpkin: oh well

02:12:20 mircea_popescu: copumpkin http://fraudsters.com/pgp/

02:12:34 mircea_popescu: it's impossible to keep track of keyservers and i kind-of gave up.

02:12:49 mircea_popescu: BingoBoingo the law firm is the key there.

02:12:59 mircea_popescu: they wanted to do the suit. it's clearly a zerocost thing.

02:13:10 copumpkin: okay, emailed and encrypted :D

02:13:16 nubbins`: best thing that ever happened to illinois was a sufjan stevens album

02:13:18 mircea_popescu: talking about how it's a "natural extension of their practice" and whatnot

02:13:42 copumpkin: mircea_popescu: where would you say you fall on the political spectrum?

02:13:53 mircea_popescu: asshole.

02:13:56 copumpkin: lol

02:13:57 nubbins`: lel

02:14:10 copumpkin: so you want to be a politician

02:14:15 mircea_popescu: maybe vajina some days.

02:14:21 mircea_popescu: where do you fall ?

02:14:36 BingoBoingo: mircea_popescu: Eh, if it isn't Cueto and Cueto it isn't an Illinois enough case

02:14:50 mircea_popescu: "So, we don?t have to worry about Japanese laws and how they apply."

02:14:55 copumpkin: mircea_popescu: I'm firmly in the "don't be an asshole" camp :)

02:15:03 copumpkin: I'm sure that's a huge surprise to you

02:15:03 mircea_popescu: hallo we are 12 and don't need to worry about our asshole.

02:15:19 mircea_popescu: copumpkin lol

02:15:33 BingoBoingo: Lol, derpy n00bs http://www.edelson.com/jay-edelson/

02:15:51 mircea_popescu: obviously, as you'd imagine, my view is that the world is split among the assholes that admit it and the assholes that don't.

02:16:14 copumpkin: I actually don't entirely disagree

02:16:27 mircea_popescu: also asshole kinda looks like fasole,

02:16:30 mircea_popescu: which is romanian for beans

02:16:33 copumpkin: lol

02:16:41 mircea_popescu: which are empirically related

02:16:58 BingoBoingo: What is it with people trying to do anything in Illinois and not realizing you have to buy whatever jurisdiction you want to operate in, either outright or as a time-share

02:17:02 nubbins`: i made refried beans for the first time last week

02:17:11 nubbins`: i think i mentioned it at the time

02:17:29 mircea_popescu: BingoBoingo maybe they has ? tbh the dumbledore lawyer guy sort-of evokes jackie chiles for me.

02:17:30 copumpkin: mircea_popescu: do you have some sort of defense against replay attacks on mpex btw? what if I send a "sell X" command and someone sniffs it and sends it again?

02:17:38 nubbins`: it's too bad they're called that in english, because it's kind of a rotten name for a food

02:17:38 mircea_popescu: copumpkin try it ?

02:17:54 copumpkin: all I get for now is "unrecognized signature" :)

02:18:03 mircea_popescu: nubbins` if that's your ocmplaint what about tossed salad ?

02:18:13 mircea_popescu: copumpkin clearly secure then :D

02:18:13 nubbins`: we call it garden salad here

02:18:15 mircea_popescu: but srsly, yes.

02:18:20 copumpkin: mircea_popescu: lol

02:18:41 nubbins`: as you can imagine, tossed salad brings jelly-covered anus to mind

02:19:21 mircea_popescu: ahahahaha omfg no fucking way

02:19:33 mircea_popescu: BingoBoingo i finally clicked your link. DO THESE ATTORNEYS EVEN LEAFT!

02:19:44 mircea_popescu: s/ATTORNEYS/ATTORNYES

02:19:54 nubbins`: ATTRNOYES

02:20:01 copumpkin: mircea_popescu: will I get some sort of confirmation when the key is accepted?

02:20:08 BingoBoingo: mircea_popescu: See, like the Groupons of the Illinois legal game

02:20:20 mircea_popescu: copumpkin yeah

02:20:25 copumpkin: cool

02:20:26 Azelphur: mircea_popescu: what's your opinion on the whole gox thing, think they'll get back up after a while? :P

02:20:33 *: copumpkin watches MPOE crash to 0.000000001

02:20:59 mircea_popescu: BingoBoingo does that page look as broken to you as it does to me or is it just a case of "our designer made it look good in chrome"

02:21:29 mircea_popescu: Azelphur you can freely trade mtgox debt for bitcoinica debt on a 1:1 parity

02:21:36 copumpkin: mircea_popescu: keybase.io, does that look like something you'd use?

02:21:37 mircea_popescu: or any other parity your favourite rng suggests.

02:21:39 Azelphur: fun

02:21:55 Azelphur: so no, then xD

02:22:01 BingoBoingo: mircea_popescu: They used some javascript in the layout it seems. Works ok in the factory firefox install, not in the useful firefox install though

02:22:19 Azelphur: I was a plonker and bought gox debt

02:22:21 Azelphur: \o/

02:22:22 mircea_popescu: copumpkin "Keybase will be a public directory of publicly auditable public keys. All paired, for convenience, with unique usernames."

02:22:23 mircea_popescu: explain ?

02:22:29 mircea_popescu: in like, nonretard english.

02:23:08 mircea_popescu: "I graduated cum laude with a degree in philosophy from Brandeis University and received my J.D. from the University of Michigan Law School"

02:23:18 copumpkin: as far as I can tell, their goals are: 1) provide a standard mechanism to link online accounts in a crpytographically secure way that doesn't require trust of their servers 2) make gpg more user-friendly

02:23:36 mircea_popescu: dude brandeis is where the mass governor's escorts go to school.

02:23:47 copumpkin: so they have a website that lets you link online profiles and a command-line tool that talks to the site and calls gpg

02:23:58 copumpkin: ultimately, they're mostly a fancier keyserver

02:24:04 mircea_popescu: i guess.

02:24:05 BingoBoingo: I know. People who care go to SIU.

02:24:19 copumpkin: Azelphur: pl0nk

02:24:25 mircea_popescu: copumpkin so why do i want to use them ?

02:24:25 Azelphur: yup

02:24:42 Azelphur: I'm 97 BTC deep in gox, bought at ~0.14 (so 15 BTC)

02:24:54 copumpkin: mircea_popescu: I dunno, they're pretty, and seem to provide some nice identity linkage stuff that seems handy. Otherwise, not much point :)

02:24:59 copumpkin: I like the service

02:25:13 copumpkin: mostly because I want more people to use gpg

02:25:26 mircea_popescu: so basically what, they scrape social media sites for snippets signed by x sig ? a la gribble except spammier ?

02:25:36 copumpkin: yeah, basically

02:25:44 mircea_popescu: i cant see any harm in it

02:25:53 mircea_popescu: i wouldn't personally use it because i don't actually use any social media sites.

02:25:59 copumpkin: ah, fair enough :)

02:26:06 mircea_popescu: except i guess twitter but i don't really gas if x is y or not there

02:26:16 kakobrekla: goes to twitter to tell the world, "i dun use social meddia situes"

02:26:20 nubbins`: so how do you know who's going to trivia night on tuesday?!

02:26:26 nubbins`: talk to people?

02:26:31 nubbins`: DO YOU EVEN INTERNET

02:26:35 mircea_popescu: hardly.

02:26:40 mircea_popescu: i mostly pay people to internet for me.

02:26:48 mircea_popescu: which reminds me of the joke with the jooz.

02:26:49 nubbins`: ah, that's fair

02:27:10 copumpkin: I bet you're paying someone to type these messages right now, while someone else is giving you a rusty trombone

02:27:37 mircea_popescu: nah, that was earlier

02:27:43 BingoBoingo: mircea_popescu: Well Twitter's upside is that you can school someone in front of their internet friends and make their internet friends wonder why they associated in the first place.

02:28:16 mircea_popescu: BingoBoingo i mostly use it because it's full of derps of the "holier than thou" school of assholery.

02:28:17 mircea_popescu: i like those.

02:28:59 gesell1: BingoBoingo mircea_popescu I may go knock on Jay's door on monday

02:29:08 mircea_popescu: but anyway, one day when i'm rich i'll splurge and get myself a smartphone

02:29:14 copumpkin: lol

02:29:19 BingoBoingo: gesell1: Who the hell is Jay?

02:29:20 MisterE: fuck smartphones

02:29:21 mircea_popescu: and then the whole universe of social media sites will lay open before me

02:29:27 copumpkin: sounds awesome

02:29:27 MisterE: I'm in front of a computer enough

02:29:29 MisterE: I dont need one with me

02:29:30 BingoBoingo: Eh, I used to have smartphones.

02:29:31 copumpkin: I have a smartphone but I hate using it

02:29:36 mircea_popescu: gesell1 aite.

02:29:36 gesell1: BingoBoingo: the lawyer you linked too

02:29:39 copumpkin: iphone4, so slow it's too unpleasant to use

02:29:42 nubbins`: copumpkin: there's an easy solution there ;p

02:29:51 copumpkin: I made the mistake of installing ios7

02:29:56 mircea_popescu: gesell1 is he actually smart irl ?

02:29:57 copumpkin: and now it's unusably slow

02:29:57 MisterE: I look around me and everyone's face is buried in their phones I think its sad

02:30:06 copumpkin: so I just don't do anything on it

02:30:10 gesell1: mircea_popescu: i have no idea. does he need to be?

02:30:11 nubbins`: copumpkin, generally it's less of a good idea to update ios after new hardware comes out.

02:30:13 BingoBoingo: gesell1: Ah, that one. I just prefer the lower parts of the state.

02:30:13 copumpkin: except, err, make phone calls

02:30:18 mircea_popescu: MisterE ikr? at least they could have the decency to get the salmon colored models.

02:30:23 copumpkin: nubbins`: yeah yeah, but they don't let us downgrade, so oh well :)

02:30:26 nubbins`: :D

02:30:33 nubbins`: aren't you glad you bought in?

02:30:40 mircea_popescu: gesell1 yes, it usually helps if the lawyer putting together a cas is smart.

02:30:48 MisterE: my GF's iP 4 runs iOS 7 fine

02:31:07 BingoBoingo: mircea_popescu: It is why I only use lawyers with Drive throughs.

02:31:20 copumpkin: MisterE: I hear it gets better with the latest 7.* update where you can disable effects

02:31:23 copumpkin: but mine is painfully slow

02:31:37 gesell1: well so i will find out monday

02:31:39 mircea_popescu: copumpkin can it boil an egg at least ?

02:31:44 MisterE: I dunno it's the GFs and I dont go there

02:31:46 copumpkin: nope :(

02:31:47 mircea_popescu: gesell1 be sure to report bacl :D

02:31:53 MisterE: last thing I want is to support her phone

02:32:02 gesell1: is there a problem if I pursue mtgox from 3 different lawyers at once?

02:32:03 kakobrekla: but you are supporting here

02:32:05 kakobrekla: her*

02:32:14 MisterE: lol you're suing Gox?

02:32:14 kakobrekla: and so apple.

02:32:22 MisterE: talk abotu throwing good money after bad

02:32:25 mircea_popescu: kakobrekla i blame ever for the apple.

02:32:39 mircea_popescu: MisterE i'd be much surprised if the lawyer charges anything.

02:32:45 gesell1: MisterE: no im just in the initial stages of contacting each and every collective that is gathering to sue

02:32:49 MisterE: pro bono?

02:32:50 kakobrekla: i would not even consider iphone using female fyi.

02:32:50 mircea_popescu: he's in it for positioning, which is strategically sound

02:33:02 mircea_popescu: MisterE no, just 99.9x% of any eventual proceeds.

02:33:20 mircea_popescu: gesell1 how much did you manage to donate via gox ?

02:33:22 MisterE: oh, I doubt there will be anything of value left for creditors

02:33:33 MisterE: but if there is you can be sure lawyers will get theirs

02:33:50 MisterE: donate lol

02:33:58 gesell1: mircea_popescu: over 100btc

02:34:04 kakobrekla: you gonna lose more coins suing than gain

02:34:07 MisterE: ouch

02:34:43 BingoBoingo: kakobrekla: Around here most lawyers handling those sorts of complaints work on contingency, so they only get paid if they win

02:34:51 mircea_popescu: kakobrekla the way the legal profession works in the us is that sometimes lawyers take cases for free, when they figure the bread is buttered on the other side.

02:35:29 kakobrekla: yeah but paid from where

02:35:32 kakobrekla: with what

02:35:35 kakobrekla: from who

02:35:40 nubbins`: from the booty

02:35:51 BingoBoingo: kakobrekla: Asbestos companies usually

02:35:56 nubbins`: sort of like a mortgage advisor

02:36:03 nubbins`: they work for "free"

02:36:11 nubbins`: where free = a portion of your mortgage

02:36:17 kakobrekla: the only way out of here is bernankecoin the way i see it.

02:36:47 gesell1: pitty, i could find no bernankecoin

02:37:04 mircea_popescu: kakobrekla the lawyer wants bitcoin fame. that's free to him, as he has no cases anyway.

02:37:21 mircea_popescu: a noob lawyer with a shitty jd and no connection is basically equally qualified as a plumber.

02:37:33 kakobrekla: so they are not really getting paid as you said but whoreing out

02:37:34 mircea_popescu: and if he actually manages to get some dough from tibanne, all the better.

02:37:34 nubbins`: gesell1, it's called bernankoin i think

02:37:38 nubbins`: ;;google bernankoin

02:37:41 mircea_popescu: not like his "clients" will see any of it.

02:38:00 mircea_popescu: judging by the school he went to, he's being supported by either generous parents or generous husband.

02:38:07 mircea_popescu: so it all makes sense.

02:39:09 BingoBoingo: I dunno of any person in Illinois who while certified as a plummer and holding a JD would pratice law over practicing plumbing

02:39:11 gesell1: mircea_popescu: at the moment there appears to be only a few places to go. or only a few lawyers persuing the issue

02:39:30 BingoBoingo: Plumbing just pays better than law

02:39:32 mircea_popescu: gesell1 i wasn't saying you sohu;dn't, by any means

02:39:38 mircea_popescu: just explaining how the thing works.

02:40:21 mircea_popescu: anyway : their top claim to fame is that they settled an amazon cas for ~150k

02:40:24 mircea_popescu: which went to charity.

02:40:38 mircea_popescu: bush league does not begin to describe.

02:41:05 KRS-One: I have a friend who is a roofer who makes as much as an attorney and then some.

02:41:15 nubbins`: skilled trades, man

02:41:18 KRS-One: he does the easy shit and runs a crew

02:41:19 mircea_popescu: (they also represented the Blagojevich dood. also for free, also to no particular effect)

02:41:19 BingoBoingo: I really don't understand the point of retaining an unconnected lawyer

02:41:24 nubbins`: that said, his body will be wrecked by the time he's 45

02:41:36 mircea_popescu: BingoBoingo you know blag ?

02:41:38 nubbins`: and he'll be taking orders from a guy ten years his junior

02:41:40 moiety: is it just me or does that lawyer dude look a wee bit like simon cowel?

02:41:45 gesell1: i assumed/hoped that the class action litigation that gets the most attention from the community will wind up with the most resources to devote to getting possible results

02:41:52 KRS-One: nubbins` you aint kiddin..except he's the business owner

02:42:07 BingoBoingo: mircea_popescu: I'm the other end of the state.

02:42:24 BingoBoingo: The feudalism end

02:42:25 KRS-One: he is real dumb and needs me to get a roofing license (take exams and shit) said I can make $100K/yr without doing a thing just holding the license.

02:42:25 mircea_popescu: gesell1 i think you grossly misrepresent the substance of the sort of clueless idiots that still; had btc on gox.

02:42:32 mircea_popescu: it's hardly a community and it definitely has no resources.

02:42:41 nubbins`: KRS-One, might as well.

02:43:22 KRS-One: i have to speak to an attorney to see what kind of liability it opens me up to..supposedly i can do it with no risk or liability.

02:43:37 gesell1: mircea_popescu: there were $40m worth of BTC waiting on Gox on one reddit comment thread alone. that could create resources

02:43:59 mircea_popescu: money you don't have does not create resources, no.

02:44:19 KRS-One: nubbins`: he has been using his dad's general contractor's license but his dad is real old now and wont be doing it much longer

02:44:25 BingoBoingo: KRS-One: In the US the only thing you can acquire with a license is risk and liability

02:44:27 KRS-One: so bam this might be nice coin

02:44:43 KRS-One: BingoBoingo: i know I am skeptical

02:45:10 mircea_popescu: ?Since we?ve been sitting here on the phone, I?ve seen three emails come in.?

02:45:14 mircea_popescu: ahahah how epic is that.

02:45:26 KRS-One: it nice to know a roofer..i got a new roof put on my house for real cheap, just labor and materials.

02:45:45 moiety: this is why its good to know a mechanic too

02:45:46 KRS-One: took forever to get him to do it tho

02:46:08 KRS-One: moiety: yep. marine and diesel mechanics make most i think

02:46:17 KRS-One: i was stupid. i went to college.

02:46:41 nubbins`: i had my roof redone last summer

02:46:47 nubbins`: wait, no, summer before

02:46:53 nubbins`: fucking mansard roofs

02:46:55 nubbins`: $$$$

02:47:13 BingoBoingo: Well, the boring olf gasoline car mechanic that fixed the mess I made trying to fix that saturn made decent money for his time.

02:47:17 nubbins`: "know what'd be a good idea? if none of this shit was right angles"

02:47:28 moiety: i think my roof might fall off. i saw slates outside on the ground

02:47:50 mircea_popescu: moiety maybe your roof buries some pets

02:48:13 BingoBoingo: moiety: You and your fancy european roofs. Here shingles are made out of asphalt and cat litter

02:48:30 moiety: lolololol

02:48:33 mircea_popescu: my shingles are made of detcord and baby tears.

02:49:10 BingoBoingo: lol

02:49:34 moiety: I'm scared to see your homes....

02:49:59 BingoBoingo: detsord would never work with the weather here.

02:50:36 nubbins`: my home is quaint, but only because of the lack of detcord and kitty litter

02:50:51 moiety: did you guys see the £150 house that gets rented out for milk?

02:51:31 BingoBoingo: No, but I've considered buying a block of $200 houses in detroit and starting a farm

02:51:35 mircea_popescu: moiety breast milk ?

02:51:55 mircea_popescu: BingoBoingo well detcord would make your house move somewhere else then

02:52:02 KRS-One: mircea_popescu: depending on the roof, the shingles arent what keeps the water out. main protection for a roof comes from the tar paper that covers the wood. shingles only keep the sun from runing the tar paper.

02:52:27 KRS-One: if it werent for the sun and other things you dont even need shingles.

02:52:30 mircea_popescu: KRS-One that may be generallky true, but i come from transylvania, which invented wood shingle roofing.

02:52:33 mircea_popescu: allow me to show you :

02:52:33 moiety: mircea_popescu: it doesn't specify.......

02:52:37 moiety: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2513154/Farmer-builds-house-just-150-using-materials-skips--current-tenant-pays-rent-MILK.html

02:52:42 BingoBoingo: KRS-One: Most of the world operates on the assumption shingles move the water

02:52:55 KRS-One: thats what i have, wood shingle..cedar. Its one of the best you can get.

02:53:00 KRS-One: BingoBoingo yep

02:53:06 nubbins`: BingoBoingo: you'd need to truck in soil

02:53:08 mircea_popescu: http://ro.wikipedia.org/wiki/Biserica_de_lemn_din_Cizer

02:53:09 ozbot: Biserica de lemn din Cizer - Wikipedia

02:53:21 mircea_popescu: 230 year old, that thing. all wood. no metal.

02:53:26 KRS-One: the BEST ROOF: flat deck (gravel)

02:53:40 KRS-One: wow nice

02:53:51 BingoBoingo: mircea_popescu: Or to many other places. The most recent local tornado didn't come within a mile, but other weird wind anamolies still had things impacting the roof in interestng ways

02:53:54 KRS-One: thats really neat to have history behind your home.

02:54:21 nubbins`: the top of my roof is tar pitch

02:54:26 nubbins`: sides are shingled

02:54:32 KRS-One: i dont know what tar pitch is

02:54:34 KRS-One: hnn

02:54:58 BingoBoingo: Maybe I should get the next roof done in pitchblend!!!

02:55:15 nubbins`: they use a flamethrower to melt coal tar all over it

02:55:25 moiety: mircea_popescu: that's so cute. it just needs broadband and its perfect!

02:55:27 KRS-One: ah yes flatdek?

02:55:33 KRS-One: flat deck

02:55:33 nubbins`: sandwiched with layers of tar paper

02:56:03 nubbins`: prolly the same thing you're thinking of

02:56:08 KRS-One: thats the best type of roof to have..many commercial buildings have that

02:56:14 nubbins`: self-healing

02:56:17 KRS-One: yea

02:56:24 nubbins`: as long as you have any amount of summer

02:56:34 KRS-One: i've heard horror stories where roofers fell off and into the hot kettle of tar

02:57:02 nubbins`: popular for the row houses here, most of which have flat roofs

02:58:00 KRS-One: a popular one here in Florida are concrete shingle..i did some roofing when i was younger..talk about hard work.

02:58:26 nubbins`: looks nice tho

02:58:33 KRS-One: gets so hot on the roof tops you can get burned by just picking up your hammer on the metal side

02:59:06 KRS-One: you have to be a tough bastard to work in roofing year round..i think doing concrete work was actually easier.

02:59:15 KRS-One: i did both for a while..they both sucked.

02:59:48 KRS-One: those jobs were my main motivator for going to college.

03:03:18 nubbins`: re: russian cargo planes landing in crimea

03:03:21 nubbins`: "Astakhov said the people in the planes refused to identify themselves and waved off customs officials, saying they didn't require their services."

03:03:44 mircea_popescu: they sound exactly like bitcoin people.

03:05:20 mircea_popescu: also, this shit's pretty epic:

03:05:21 mircea_popescu: http://thelastpsychiatrist.com/2011/10/you_are_the_98.html

03:05:22 ozbot: The Last Psychiatrist: You Are The 98%

03:05:34 mircea_popescu: this chick should be in my harem already.

03:06:04 mircea_popescu: "We need a third party!" Come on, do you think the media will allow you to have a third party? John Anderson, Ross Perot, Ralph Nader-- they let them through to "show" third party candidates aren't any more serious than Howard Stern when he ran for governor. Poor Ron Paul pulls in more people than porn but he can't get a break, sorry buddy, 100 years too late for your kind. There's a difference between what you ne

03:06:05 mircea_popescu: ed and what you want, and the media will always, relentlessly give you what you want. Do you know why you have such poor candidates every single election? Because you want them, you want someone you can easily judge for some sexual indiscretion or because they called latinos chicanos. "Well, that matters to us!" Then you got what you asked for.

03:06:43 mircea_popescu: ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? logtest ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

03:09:31 nubbins`: yeah, read that

03:09:36 nubbins`: depressing more than anything

03:10:33 mircea_popescu: i dun live there, so to me it's mostly funny

03:10:57 nubbins`: it's funny to you because you're rich ;D

03:11:09 mircea_popescu: and an asshole.

03:11:27 nubbins`: you don't think the people shouting over each other at general assemblies were assholes?!

03:11:52 mircea_popescu: no. assholes are never idiots,

03:12:01 mircea_popescu: and idiots aren't really assholes, they're just idiots.

03:12:03 KRS-One: not at all

03:12:09 mircea_popescu: like you know, a rock falling down a cliff isn't a car.

03:12:35 mircea_popescu: even if it does move.

03:12:55 kakobrekla: dam kids breaking the logs again

03:13:01 nubbins`: what next, my lips and anus aren't a hot dog?

03:13:53 mircea_popescu: i wonder if hot chick lips and anus hot-dogs are a delicacy in china.

03:14:03 mircea_popescu: i suppose throw in the vulva too.

03:14:18 decimation: mircea - these guys appear to be curating btc exchange data http://www.netagio.com/market-data

03:14:25 mircea_popescu: "guaranteed 13 to 19yo"

03:14:26 nubbins`: well, ya need a bit of salt

03:14:44 mircea_popescu: decimation you know who runs it /

03:15:03 BingoBoingo: Eh, seriously Russia being in Crimea is not interesting at all. The only interesting point is how long they can go without commiting regular forces to the endeavor.

03:15:11 nubbins`: anecdote: a friend was approached by a young (~13yo) girl asking for a cigarette. friend says "you're too young to smoke"

03:15:18 nubbins`: girl says "lick my salty piss-flaps"

03:15:20 mircea_popescu: decimation pounds and euro ? i already got a euro future and what are these pounds

03:15:21 decimation: yeah http://www.goldmoney.com/company/press-releases/goldmoney-group-launches-new-bitcoin-focused-company-in-the-uk

03:15:30 decimation: it's the goldmoney guy

03:15:37 decimation: he's seen the future and he wants in on bitcoin

03:15:48 mircea_popescu: decimation do you knw him ?

03:15:58 decimation: no I'm just an interested bystander

03:16:13 mircea_popescu: well unless he somehow finds his way here...

03:16:18 BingoBoingo: Eh, when people too young ask me for cigarettes I usually tell them I have cancer and ask them if they really want a cigarette.

03:16:41 mircea_popescu: nubbins` the obvious response was to offer the whole pack for a bj

03:17:18 BingoBoingo: Anymore a bj is cheaper than a pack of smokes

03:17:35 decimation: I suspect this guy is involved somehow, he is associated with goldmoney http://jamesturkblog.blogspot.com/

03:18:05 mircea_popescu: i kind-of wonder how long reddit will take to digest teh latest mpoe release.

03:18:12 mircea_popescu: my money's kind-of on "never" tbh.

03:18:41 mircea_popescu: o, james turk, goldbug guy. makes sense.

03:19:17 decimation: yeah he's a hardcore goldbug and tries to cash in on that audience

03:19:29 decimation: but he also appears to be interested in bitcoin

03:20:18 mircea_popescu: well... maybe one day he gets here.

03:20:40 mircea_popescu: im still looking for someone to run a delivered gold future.

03:21:36 decimation: yeah it seems that this netagio is a spinoff of some kind. I'm surprised that he or his staff hasn't contacted you

03:21:56 decimation: I think they are building a good foundation before going big, unlike some out there...

03:22:15 mircea_popescu: on a lark i'd venture a guess that <1% of irl businesses have a truely global internet listening program going.

03:22:24 mircea_popescu: it'd be certainly within what they can afford, financially

03:22:30 mircea_popescu: sadly, it's not within what they can afford intellectually.

03:22:42 decimation: Oh no, they spend $$$ on facebook monitors

03:22:45 mircea_popescu: and so it goes, lots of deaf and blind

03:22:51 decimation: but that's not listening to anything...

03:23:00 mircea_popescu: decimation i suppose it's like with everything else, blow the website budget on css.

03:24:17 mircea_popescu: incidentally i suppose you've stumbled on a perfectly valid business model, the translators among WoTs will be tomorrow's lawyers.

03:24:23 mircea_popescu: definitely as obscenely well paid.

03:25:28 decimation: well, each big corp has a WoT that generally consists of the CEO's drinking buddies

03:25:41 decimation: it's surprising that the internet hasn't linked those WoTs...

03:25:54 BingoBoingo: Bonus, it pisses off the liberal arts majors because they can only translate wrong languages

03:25:55 mircea_popescu: it is.

03:25:58 mircea_popescu: huge market there.

03:26:18 mircea_popescu: in point of fact, most of the power women have in western society comes strictly from that bridging role.

03:26:31 mircea_popescu: it's not the unshaven idiots blathering on tv about "Rights" and other stuff that do anything.

03:26:38 mircea_popescu: it's the sluts that fuck different ceos.

03:26:49 mircea_popescu: that's 99% of female power.

03:27:10 decimation: it shows up as a virtue as well

03:27:16 mircea_popescu: well it is a virtue.

03:27:29 decimation: most effective female 'leaders' I have seen are school-marm types who know how to connect the right people and step away

03:28:28 mircea_popescu: but about 1bn dollars spent on "women in tech"-esque programs dedicated to highschooler girls would return about the same net value for the cause as about 600k spent on "fuck as many powerful people as you possibly can take, as well as you possibly can, starting today." programs for the same.

03:29:24 mircea_popescu: and one of the best indications that this is actually the correct approach would be that the impotent-by-design feminist movement will readily recognise it as the ultimate evil.

03:29:27 moiety: you make it sound like you cant do anything as a girl without opening your legs :(

03:29:33 decimation: well, you can call them "finishing schools", like they used to have

03:29:39 mircea_popescu: moiety you can do plenty of things that ultimately won't matter.

03:30:03 asciilifeform: re: keybase.io - this was the idiocy that wants your private keys

03:30:15 asciilifeform: 'use gpg online!1!1'

03:30:22 mircea_popescu: asciilifeform not in copumpkin's retelling. i was giving him space to see if he mentiones it.

03:30:30 asciilifeform: hah

03:30:36 decimation: maybe you can host your key in a vps with a web login

03:30:39 mircea_popescu: i'm like... you know, a slut. i give people space :)

03:31:24 decimation: I think this has been linked before: http://pando.com/2014/01/23/the-techtopus-how-silicon-valleys-most-celebrated-ceos-conspired-to-drive-down-100000-tech-engineers-wages/

03:31:32 moiety: not much point in trying anything if it ultimately doesn't matter

03:31:38 decimation: it's an example of a real-life WoT between silicon valley CEOs

03:31:47 mircea_popescu: moiety maybe you enjoy it ?

03:32:25 decimation: "Bill Campbell (Chairman of Intuit Board of Directors, Co-Lead Director of Apple, and advisor to Google) was also involved in the Google-Intel agreement, as reflected in an email exchange from 2006 in which Bill Campbell agreed with Jonathan Rosenberg (Google Advisor to the Office of CEO and former Senior Vice President of Product Management) that Google should call [Intel CEO] Paul Otellini before making an offer to an Intel employee,

03:32:27 decimation: regardless of whether the Intel employee first approached Google."

03:32:28 asciilifeform: 'wage theft' ?

03:32:54 decimation: shockingly thousands of beta engineers are willing to accept what they are given

03:33:10 mircea_popescu: the irony here being that an industry;s stability can be best measured by the wot divergence (well really, by wot graph isolation)

03:33:23 mircea_popescu: once gaps get bridged "industry best practices" develop,

03:33:33 mircea_popescu: and the thing is going down in flames faster than people can ditch it.

03:33:58 decimation: of course the leftists are having a fit because this particular WoT ignores thier votes

03:34:06 mircea_popescu: of course.

03:34:09 mircea_popescu: wots aren't votes.

03:34:24 mircea_popescu: in fact, wots are not only different from votes, but really much better

03:34:27 mircea_popescu: w is v v2.

03:34:43 nubbins`: <moiety> not much point in trying anything if it ultimately doesn't matter <<< "No, Donny, these men are nihilists. There's nothing to be afraid of."

03:34:50 mircea_popescu: talk about bitcoin-mediated disruption of the electroal system

03:35:05 asciilifeform: http://pando.com/2014/02/24/knightscopes-new-robotic-law-enforcer-is-like-staring-at-the-demise-of-humanity/

03:35:06 ozbot: Knightscope’s new robotic law enforcer is like staring at the demise of humanity | PandoDaily

03:36:10 nubbins`: http://imgur.com/LDMRgLX etc

03:36:11 ozbot: imgur: the simple image sharer

03:36:51 decimation: Oh, I was hoping someone was going to make a real RoboCop

03:36:58 decimation: not some lameass webcam

03:38:11 mircea_popescu: "work in pairs to protect each other"

03:38:15 mircea_popescu: now how does this work ?

03:38:49 BingoBoingo: asciilifeform: In a twist confounding most authors of robot oppressor scifi the boards with critical operational components in the bots are varied from unit to unit.

03:39:05 asciilifeform: mircea_popescu: if the builder had half a brain, it's a countermeasure re: gps 'meaconing'

03:39:43 asciilifeform: link 2 bots via spread-spectrum whatever, if one thinks he suddenly 'flew' somewhere, and the other says 'no'

03:39:51 mircea_popescu: i can't begin to imagine how they figure this thing has a fucking chance.

03:40:11 asciilifeform: surveillance camera on wheels, with megaphone for shouting orders, what's not to like

03:40:12 decimation: yeah they are going to end up in a chop shop in the ghetto within 10 minutes of operation

03:40:13 BingoBoingo: asciilifeform: Remember the Russia-Georgia conflict... GPS can go dark

03:40:32 asciilifeform: BingoBoingo: gps can and does go dark at your nearest truck stop

03:40:38 asciilifeform: ;;google gps jammer

03:40:46 asciilifeform: ;google meaconing

03:40:51 asciilifeform: ;;google meaconing

03:41:49 decimation: http://www.strategypage.com/htmw/htecm/articles/20130820.aspx

03:41:50 ozbot: Electronic Weapons: Making The World Unsafe For GPS Jammers

03:41:51 mircea_popescu: asciilifeform more's the point... they can't make supermarket carts with working wheels

03:42:01 nubbins`: Crime has a $1 trillion impact on the American economy, according to Santana Li. “If we can show that we can literally cut that in half, we’re going to have every mayor in the country calling us,” he says.

03:42:05 BingoBoingo: asciilifeform: All reasons why civ security bots will bow down to people with compasses, maps, and lasers

03:42:06 mircea_popescu: andthey're going to somehow make a 100kg self moving robot

03:42:06 nubbins`: soooo, it's equipped with a sword?

03:42:10 mircea_popescu: what the fuck happens if it steps in gum

03:42:24 nubbins`: it starts shooting, obv

03:42:36 mircea_popescu: orly ?

03:42:49 asciilifeform: mircea_popescu: if it steps in gum << $100/hr public servant with wheelbarrow sent to fetch it, clearly.

03:43:01 decimation: it's not fair to have a WoT of robots that ignore the votes of the disenfranchised

03:43:01 mircea_popescu: this sounds all so distinctly soviet.

03:43:46 BingoBoingo: Well, if pepper spray counteracts rapists, spraypaint counteracts robots.

03:43:47 mircea_popescu: speaking of pipe dreamz :

03:43:47 mircea_popescu: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4z0WmWUT2rM

03:43:48 ozbot: RObotzi.S03.Ep13.Sugstanta - YouTube

03:45:11 moiety: <mircea_popescu> "work in pairs to protect each other"

03:45:11 moiety: 03:38 <mircea_popescu> now how does this work ? << i think like this http://imgur.com/gallery/snoMroC

03:45:52 asciilifeform: incidentally,

03:45:58 mircea_popescu: whoa she's good.

03:45:59 asciilifeform: when deploying gps jammers across an area

03:46:09 asciilifeform: don't be dumb like the iraqi army

03:46:18 asciilifeform: remember school physics

03:46:43 asciilifeform: think 'constructive interference'

03:46:52 asciilifeform: a fat, loud mast is a target

03:46:53 BingoBoingo: asciilifeform: Well simple solution is allowing a slug of metal to meet a satellite

03:47:19 asciilifeform: BingoBoingo: people who can afford to plug a satellite tend not to get 'democratized' in the first place

03:47:28 asciilifeform: this advice is for the rest of us.

03:48:13 mircea_popescu: gaddafi definitely coud have afforded to plug a satelite.

03:48:22 mircea_popescu: he chose to plug ukrainian nurses instead.

03:48:34 mircea_popescu: old age does that. back when he was still sane everyone put up with him. including rice.

03:48:46 mircea_popescu: (who, if anyone forgot, he propositioned quite openly for a spot in his harem)

03:49:07 BingoBoingo: asciilifeform: Well consider that the payload necessary to neutralize a GPS satellite can probably be measured in a single digit number of grams. Even many "tactical" missiles if stripped for the locker room could prolly do the job.

03:49:40 asciilifeform: http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-7Ylayo7VkTE/UeViOxR4CPI/AAAAAAAACmQ/ZQsXIO6l_cY/s1600/Picture65.png

03:49:42 nubbins`: when rice visited bolivia, they gave her a guitar with a coca leaf lacquered onto it

03:51:18 decimation: hey did you guys behind the iron curtain watch Krtek the mole when you were little?

03:51:41 asciilifeform: decimation: i had the book!

03:51:44 asciilifeform: still got it

03:51:57 asciilifeform: translated at 'крот в городе'

03:52:00 asciilifeform: (mole in the city)

03:52:06 mircea_popescu: i have no idea what that is.

03:52:10 decimation: sad news, even communist propaganda cartoons can be ruined by apple http://www.bloomberg.com/news/2012-05-15/apple-helps-czech-mole-enter-21-billion-u-s-toy-market.html

03:52:24 asciilifeform: i think in the animated version he gets to fuck

03:52:36 asciilifeform: (post-soviet kid's tv is an odd place)

03:52:40 decimation: the videos are widely available in the us but no one knows about it

03:52:44 decimation: lol that's messe dup

03:53:30 BingoBoingo: asciilifeform: If only hypercard was still a thing

03:53:41 nubbins`: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NTrWQ2vanzg

03:53:41 ozbot: Melvins - 'Nude With Boots' (Full Album HD) - YouTube

03:54:03 asciilifeform: BingoBoingo: it can still be a thing at your house. grab the emulator + tarball from my site & have fun.

03:54:03 nubbins`: ^ named after a picture mp linked once

03:54:32 mircea_popescu: i have left my mark on popular culture

03:54:38 BingoBoingo: asciilifeform: Why. The SE/30 is dead, but I still have a flock of MacClassics

03:54:42 mircea_popescu: pustular cupure

03:54:43 mircea_popescu: whatever

03:54:51 nubbins`: the second one, in this case

03:55:00 nubbins`: unpopular unculture, even

03:55:07 decimation: ascii did you even find a passable lisp machine emulator

03:55:20 asciilifeform: decimation: which lisp machine

03:55:23 BingoBoingo: And once I care enough to fix the SE/30 it will be a thing again

03:55:41 asciilifeform: decimation: there's 1 major emulator for each major species

03:55:44 decimation: the symbolics machine

03:56:12 asciilifeform: decimation: the only one that even begins to work is the one by symbolics shortly before it croaked

03:56:19 BingoBoingo: One of my regrets though is not picking up an Apple IIGS, because that looks like that could have lead to incredible fun

03:56:57 asciilifeform: ;;google snap4 symbolics

03:57:21 asciilifeform: ;;google symbolics lisp pirate bay

03:57:38 asciilifeform: ;;google symbolics open genera pirate bay

03:57:48 decimation: okay I might to some dumpster-diving to find the thing

03:57:48 asciilifeform: fuck this

03:57:49 asciilifeform: http://thepiratebay.se/torrent/3769989/Symbolics_Open_Genera_2.0_for_Alpha_-_complete_package_with_Lisp

03:57:50 ozbot: Symbolics Open Genera 2.0 for Alpha - complete package with Lisp (download torrent) - TPB

03:57:52 BingoBoingo: ;;google opengenera HP alpha

03:57:56 asciilifeform: there we go

03:57:56 decimation: heh thanks

03:58:22 asciilifeform: first comment in that piratebay link is dave schmidt

03:58:24 BingoBoingo: ;;google WOps.txt

03:58:29 asciilifeform: the last man of symbolics corp.

03:59:14 decimation: ah so you have to run tru64

03:59:27 asciilifeform: decimation: not for snap4

03:59:29 BingoBoingo: decimation: Wy is that a prolem

03:59:34 asciilifeform: that's the unofficial linux port

03:59:39 asciilifeform: (x86-64)

03:59:50 asciilifeform: the pb link is the original dec alpha disk

04:00:14 asciilifeform: you'll need it for the sources.

04:00:26 decimation: ahh I see

04:00:42 asciilifeform: thing came with ~99% of its source.

04:01:22 BingoBoingo: DEC Alpha, least depreciating hardware investment ever

04:01:49 asciilifeform: when i was at schmidt's house i offered him $BIG for schematics

04:01:52 asciilifeform: he wouldn't budge

04:02:02 asciilifeform: he doesn't own the company

04:02:20 asciilifeform: probate court did (at the time)

04:02:31 asciilifeform: the idiot who snapped it up at bankruptcy auction died a while ago

04:02:33 BingoBoingo: Well, racialslur.txt

04:02:49 decimation: well, what about the idiot's probate?

04:02:52 asciilifeform: then an mit prof with nsa connections paid the idiot's debts

04:02:54 asciilifeform: and now owns it

04:02:59 asciilifeform: and that's all that was heard of it since

04:03:19 decimation: he probably thinks it's his ticket to get rich

04:03:23 decimation: like everyone else in academia

04:03:49 asciilifeform: decimation: nope

04:03:54 asciilifeform: here's the real dirt

04:03:56 asciilifeform: http://www.usaspending.gov/search?form_fields={"recipient_name":"symbolics+","recip_state":null,"recip_congdist":null,"recip_country":null,"recipient_duns":["966978090","873185821"],"spending_cat":null,"dept":null,"extent_competed":null,"psc_code":null,"naics_code":null,"fyear":null}&sort_by=date&per_page=25

04:04:02 ozbot: USASpending.gov

04:04:16 asciilifeform: it brings in, ~50k / yr in eternal pentagon contract

04:04:42 mircea_popescu: so it's worth like 600k

04:04:48 decimation: sounds shady as hell to me

04:04:50 asciilifeform: and is, in general, 'too much fun' of a technology to be turned loose

04:05:25 mircea_popescu: ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? logtest ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

04:05:38 mircea_popescu: yay!

04:05:51 mircea_popescu: logs no longer suck! all hail kakobrekla, fixer of sucks.

04:05:57 asciilifeform: the $5k circa 2010 - that's my old employer.

04:06:09 asciilifeform: whom i talked into buying an actual copy of OG

04:06:18 asciilifeform: came with dec alpha. for 'free'.

04:08:06 asciilifeform: incidentally, the original mit lisp machine sources / schematics are bsd-licensed now.

04:08:19 asciilifeform: http://www.unlambda.com/cadr/

04:08:20 ozbot: Retrocomputing - MIT CADR Lisp Machines

04:08:25 decimation: interesting

04:08:48 asciilifeform: http://www.unlambda.com/cadr/cadr-zmacs.jpg

04:09:33 nubbins`: bed; nite

04:10:31 decimation: so reading your blog, it seems that MIT eventually went to Scheme to teach young EE's how to code microcontrollers

04:10:45 mircea_popescu: yeah, ima go with nubbins`

04:10:51 asciilifeform: decimation: you misread

04:10:54 asciilifeform: they ditched it

04:10:59 asciilifeform: a few years ago

04:11:13 asciilifeform: it was an epic surrender to derp

04:11:15 decimation: yeah I saw that, but presumably before that someone decided scheme was the way to go

04:11:21 asciilifeform: sussman

04:11:26 asciilifeform: the original author of scheme

04:12:32 asciilifeform: http://lambda-the-ultimate.org/node/3312#comment-48558

04:12:33 ozbot: Why Did M.I.T. Switch from Scheme to Python? | Lambda the Ultimate

04:12:37 nubbins`: sorry man, king-size bed, only room for two ;)

04:12:59 decimation: more evidence of the surrender of original thinking to academic bureaucracy

04:13:02 decimation: I blame fiat

04:13:04 BingoBoingo: Let us all cook pasta noodles in a pressure cooker for 7 minutes, there must be NO better way to make glue!!!

04:18:15 decimation: you also inspired me to look more closely into Forth

04:18:24 decimation: that is a beautiful language for microcontrollers

04:46:22 mike_c: R.I.P. mpoe-bot... at least you went out with a bang.

05:03:48 mike_c: http://fraudsters.com/2014/no-its-not-the-revenue/ << we're about to find out.

05:03:48 ozbot: No, it’s not the revenue. pe fraudsters - Un blog de Mircea Popescu.

08:29:07 cazalla: first time creating a bet, why does the bet list me as having bet twice for a larger amount?

08:31:16 KRS-One: take j00 money

08:40:41 cazalla: KRS-One does someone else kick in the pad the bet when they are approved?

08:40:48 cazalla: to pad*

09:27:16 MisterE: btc-e down again :/

09:27:19 MisterE: and I want to sell

11:01:17 FabianB: ;;ticker --currency eur --market all

11:02:30 FabianB: ;;calc 1/405.478807636

11:02:46 FabianB: ;;calc 1/0.00220000

12:17:59 ThickAsThieves: http://www.aljazeera.com/news/europe/2014/03/obama-warns-putin-over-ukraine-intervention-20143145518333568.html

12:18:00 ozbot: Obama warns Russia over Ukraine intervention - Europe - Al Jazeera English

12:19:07 ThickAsThieves: something about "warns Russia" bothers me... this isn't a 3rd world country he's warning

12:19:32 ThickAsThieves: oh nvm

12:19:33 ThickAsThieves: Options include skipping a G8 summit planned for this summer in Sochi, Russia, as well as trade limitations "and putting some commerce deals on hold," Al Jazeera's Jordan reports.

12:19:45 ThickAsThieves: Obama was just posting on reddit

12:24:59 mircea_popescu: ;;later tell copumpkin your pubkey is unusable for some sort of reason.

12:26:04 nubbins`: http://www.reddit.com/r/Bitcoin/comments/1z9e3l/bitcoins_warren_buffet_makes_8k_btc_profit_in/

12:26:05 ozbot: Bitcoin's Warren Buffet makes 8k BTC profit in February, halts options trading because of the lack o

12:26:40 mircea_popescu: o look at that

12:26:46 mircea_popescu: o wow

12:26:57 mircea_popescu: $vwap s.mpoe

12:27:40 mircea_popescu: learn something every day.

12:27:51 nubbins`: most days, anyway

12:30:38 mircea_popescu: nubbins` are you nugyar ?

12:30:45 nubbins`: i'll never tell!

12:30:49 mircea_popescu: lolk

12:31:08 nubbins`: fairly eye-catching as far as headlines go though, hey?

12:31:15 mircea_popescu: i'll bet you 1k atcs it never gets over 10 positive vote differeential.

12:31:41 nubbins`: i'll take that bet once i get around to generating an actual address that starts with 1AltcoinSucksCocks

12:32:09 mircea_popescu: o wait you're the atc hater

12:32:11 mircea_popescu: my bad

12:32:13 nubbins`: heh.

12:32:19 mircea_popescu: what altscamcoin of your choice would you take instead ?

12:32:19 nubbins`: hate is such a strong word

12:32:25 mircea_popescu: ya but hater isn't.

12:32:34 nubbins`: the opposite, even

12:32:37 mircea_popescu: rght

12:32:55 nubbins`: ah, they're all the same. does a horse prefer one gopher hole over another?

12:33:10 mircea_popescu: so you've rendered yourself unplaypayable ?

12:33:28 nubbins`: well i'm still heavily exposed in both fiat and btc, so not quite

12:33:35 mircea_popescu: unPLAYpayable

12:33:43 nubbins`: oh, i misread

12:34:04 nubbins`: i do accept canadian tire money, but it's harder to find in yurop

12:34:24 mircea_popescu: da fucxk is that

12:34:29 nubbins`: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Canadian_Tire_money

12:34:29 ozbot: Canadian Tire money - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

12:34:31 nubbins`: it's a thing.

12:34:37 mircea_popescu: holy shit

12:34:50 nubbins`: not unheard-of to find private businesses that accept it

12:35:23 nubbins`: the quintessential canadian scrip

12:35:27 mircea_popescu: i had no idea

12:35:36 mircea_popescu: "but is not considered a private currency"

12:35:38 nubbins`: nod. "a part of our heritage"

12:35:39 mircea_popescu: because why

12:36:06 nubbins`: because CT isn't as brave as they'd like to be

12:36:24 mircea_popescu: but i mean... it gets redeemed and circulated right ?

12:36:25 mircea_popescu: what else?

12:36:30 nubbins`: yeah

12:36:47 mircea_popescu: The coupon rate earned was initially 5% of the eligible purchase price but was subsequently lowered to 3%, then to 1.4%, and now is 0.4%.

12:36:49 mircea_popescu: lmao why

12:36:57 nubbins`: not unusual to find yourself in the lineup at canadian tire, stuck behind some asshole buying a snowblower with canadian tire money

12:37:33 nubbins`: do you know how long it takes to count out nine hundred dollars in 10 cent bills?!

12:37:58 mircea_popescu: o holy shi

12:37:59 mircea_popescu: t

12:38:32 mircea_popescu: and yes i do. i come from romania, remember ?

12:38:49 nubbins`: HEH

12:39:59 nubbins`: i often wondered why south korea hasn't revalued their currency

12:40:26 nubbins`: no subunits; everything is "won", with 1000 won ~= $1

12:40:35 mircea_popescu: more than the value per se, romania is still to this day a cash economy.

12:40:50 mircea_popescu: i have never used a plastic card to pay for any purchase during my entire stay here.

12:40:55 mircea_popescu: i am the 99% in this regard.

12:40:56 nubbins`: sk too, at least until mobile phone payments started around 2007

12:41:06 nubbins`: it's unusual for canadians to carry any amount of cash

12:41:17 nubbins`: i am the 1% in this regard

12:41:24 mircea_popescu: haha

12:41:29 nubbins`: (and no other)

12:41:44 mircea_popescu: how to be a real gangsta :

12:42:09 mircea_popescu: carry fifteen hundred dolla in cash and fifteen hundred dolla worth of gun

12:43:05 nubbins`: heh

12:43:10 nubbins`: i should get a firearms license

12:43:30 nubbins`: i want to learn to hunt

12:44:29 nubbins`: lel, first comment on that reddit post

12:44:31 mircea_popescu: asciilifeform http://www.pravda.com.ua/news/2014/03/1/7016760/

12:45:09 mircea_popescu: lol

12:46:02 nubbins`: bbl fixing hot water tank

12:46:08 mircea_popescu: Everybody knows that the dice are loaded

12:46:08 mircea_popescu: Everybody rolls with their fingers crossed

12:46:08 mircea_popescu: Everybody knows that the war is over

12:46:08 mircea_popescu: Everybody knows the good guys lost

12:46:08 mircea_popescu: Everybody knows the fight was fixed

12:46:09 mircea_popescu: The poor stay poor, the rich get rich

12:46:11 mircea_popescu: That's how it goes

12:46:13 mircea_popescu: Everybody knows

12:46:37 mircea_popescu: and now with music : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lin-a2lTelg

12:49:16 chetty: https://pbs.twimg.com/media/Bho9HeUCIAAg9Sw.jpg

12:50:36 cazalla: mircea_popescu: when a bet i created is added to the site, why does it show duplicate bets coming from my address?

12:51:17 mircea_popescu: cazalla you mean this http://bitbet.us/faq/#21 ?

12:52:02 cazalla: guess i should pay more attention next time :)

12:52:12 mircea_popescu: :p

12:52:20 mircea_popescu: o look at that, cyprus govt collapsed overnight

12:54:21 nubbins`: cohen is fucking amazing, ever read him?

12:54:31 nubbins`: the music is great, but the poetry...!

12:54:36 mircea_popescu: i don't care for his politics,

12:54:42 mircea_popescu: but yes, poetry i read.

12:54:48 wao-ender: lol http://dorktech.com/where-did-butterflylabs-go/

12:55:09 wao-ender: i'm laughing so hard right now

12:55:23 mircea_popescu: wao-ender https://twitter.com/Mircea_Popescu/status/438993301698793472

12:55:54 mircea_popescu: internally they call it the mpocalypse.

12:56:19 wao-ender: why that term?

12:56:56 mircea_popescu: guess.

12:57:34 wao-ender: had hard night, one hint please

12:57:47 mircea_popescu: nubbins` aaand it's burried. you couldn't tell them if you wanted to.

12:58:08 mircea_popescu: wao-ender we're having this little private war, had for a while. mp versus the idiots.

12:58:17 mircea_popescu: the idiots are currently getting reamed with fireworks.

12:58:23 wao-ender: *rearmed?

12:58:26 wao-ender: hmm

12:58:32 mircea_popescu: ;;ud reamed

12:58:33 ozbot: Urban Dictionary: Reamed

12:58:49 wao-ender: lol reamed

13:00:12 wao-ender: http://cs323724.userapi.com/v323724585/2c3c/TVDm5Ors-i4.jpg

13:02:00 mircea_popescu: anyway, let's pull a little chain here.

13:02:08 mircea_popescu: hey Luke-Jr, how about that bfl ?

13:02:28 mircea_popescu: (you know you're going on the list of accessories for that prosecution, right ?)

13:03:19 mircea_popescu: better spend the 30% left of those savings and anything you can borrow to retain counsel now, before the freeze orders start raining down.

13:03:33 mircea_popescu: you'll need all the help you can get propping up the "ignorant idiot without a clue" defense.

13:14:31 ThickAsThieves: so BFL never shipped those pci boards that were guaranteed for xmas deliver?

13:14:50 ThickAsThieves: color me serbprized

13:16:17 ThickAsThieves: these recaptchas seem to be getting more impossible

13:18:40 mircea_popescu: awwwh.

13:19:01 ThickAsThieves: http://blogs.wsj.com/moneybeat/2014/03/01/live-blogging-berkshires-earnings-buffetts-annual-letter/?mod=WSJBlog

13:19:01 ozbot: Live Blogging Berkshire’s Earnings & Buffett’s Annual Letter - MoneyBeat - WSJ

13:19:40 ThickAsThieves: http://www.berkshirehathaway.com/letters/2013ltr.pdf

13:20:02 ThickAsThieves: "Berkshire’s gain in net worth during 2013 was $34.2 billion"

13:22:53 mircea_popescu: i forget, what do hey have under management ? 2 trn ?

13:24:56 ThickAsThieves: not sure i know how to read it right, but i see $74.3t in a lot of places

13:25:26 mircea_popescu: i think that's their reach

13:25:35 mircea_popescu: (ie, what position they could take counting all leverage)

13:25:54 mircea_popescu: look for "total assets under management"

13:26:31 ThickAsThieves: can;t find it

13:26:38 ThickAsThieves: Total current assets ..................... 25,035 (in mils)

13:28:35 ThickAsThieves: how will they fair when he dies? "Next year’s letter will review our 50 years at Berkshire and speculate a bit about the next 50. In the meantime, come to Omaha on May 3rd and enjoy our Woodstock for Capitalists."

13:29:30 wao-ender: v0v

13:29:37 wao-ender: BingoBoingo: Ukranian Deputies Threaten to Restart Nuclear Weapons Program in Response to Russian Support for Crimea Separatists

13:30:55 ThickAsThieves: fare*

13:32:19 ThickAsThieves: worst headline i've seen from Al Jazeera: Israel shoots dead woman near Gaza border

13:36:02 mircea_popescu: nubbins` here, i made this as a gift for you : http://fraudsters.com/2014/a-potpourri-or-your-first-time-gazing-upon-the-intimate-workings-of-power/

13:37:23 ThickAsThieves: lol the Mastercoin currency exchange is called Masterchest

13:37:48 mircea_popescu: i wonder if they can get the irghts for the dog

13:37:53 mircea_popescu: "his master's voice"

13:38:32 ThickAsThieves: cyprus gov collapsed?

13:38:56 mircea_popescu: yeah.

13:39:27 ThickAsThieves: yeesh

13:39:50 ThickAsThieves: i guess everyone really was still using gox

13:39:58 ThickAsThieves: RBS, BFL, Cyprus

13:41:16 mircea_popescu: l;ol

13:41:24 ThickAsThieves: Under that plan, Cyprus must privatize its ports, telecoms and electricity companies to raise up to 1.4 billion and pay down debt by 2018. Centre and left wing parties rejected the privatization scheme.

13:41:33 ThickAsThieves: why do lefties deny?

13:41:37 ThickAsThieves: sounds great to me

13:41:58 mircea_popescu: because they'd like sovereignity.

13:42:15 mircea_popescu: the only chip cyprus has at any table is the ports and telecoms

13:43:01 ThickAsThieves: parliament split 25-25 on the vote, with five abstentions

13:43:14 ThickAsThieves: sounds like someone's payoff check was late

13:43:53 mircea_popescu: lmao @55 seat parliament. i imagine their senate is not large enough to supply players for a tournament of bridge.

13:51:49 mircea_popescu: an' now back to our regularly scheduled programme.

13:51:49 mircea_popescu: http://25.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_m85magDWMG1ru15g3o1_1280.jpg

13:53:48 wao-ender: ordinary romanian day^?

13:54:23 mircea_popescu: for the 1%

13:54:36 mircea_popescu: those lucky enough to work for the 0.01%

13:56:24 cazalla: is that good beer

13:56:30 mircea_popescu: nah

14:03:28 wao-ender: add Crimea hassle.

14:03:35 wao-ender: I think, perfect last few days.

14:05:02 mircea_popescu: well the truth is... the russians could never afford to lose that.

14:25:09 FabianB: so OIX and MPBOR is suspended for the time being

14:38:09 davout: FabianB: looks like it

14:44:51 ThickAsThieves: coindesk steals info on other blogs and makes fancy timeline linking to all gox articles http://cdn.knightlab.com/libs/timeline/latest/embed/index.html?source=0AtTCgM8sLx3UdHNCeWdlZHBhNjVXQ1dtSWhUQm04LVE&font=Bevan-PotanoSans&maptype=toner&lang=en&start_at_slide=57&height=650

14:45:10 ThickAsThieves: all coindesk* gox articles

14:45:32 nubbins`: mircea_popescu, a belated birthday gift

14:45:50 mircea_popescu: :)

14:45:55 mircea_popescu: FabianB yes.

14:46:00 mircea_popescu: sorry about that.

14:47:07 mircea_popescu: ThickAsThieves that strategy worked in the past so well for so many now famous venues

14:47:15 mircea_popescu: wait... i couldn't actually name one

14:47:24 mircea_popescu: but obviously it worked. it must have. right ?

14:47:51 ThickAsThieves: content has to come from somewhere!

14:48:26 ThickAsThieves: i'm not even sure what purpose this doodad serves

14:48:26 mircea_popescu: i mean each year there are at least >9000 various start-ups, whether on broadway, off broadway, off-off broadway etc that try it.

14:48:32 ThickAsThieves: i can click all the tags!

14:48:35 mircea_popescu: i could never point to one that succeeded

14:48:38 mircea_popescu: and yet each year...

14:51:23 mircea_popescu: incidentally, re ukraine : http://www.atomicarchive.com/Docs/Deterrence/Trilateral.shtml

14:51:45 mircea_popescu: back when the us was still a sovereign, it promised (together with russia) to defend the ukrainian border if ukraina agrees to dismantle nukes.

14:51:56 mircea_popescu: meanwhile russia is still a sovereign, but the us is not sovereign anymore.

14:52:07 nubbins`: "that depends on what your definition of 'defend' is"

14:52:12 mircea_popescu: nope, notrly.

14:53:50 asciilifeform: http://www.scientificamerican.com/article/publishers-withdraw-more-than-120-gibberish-science-and-engineering-papers/

14:53:51 ozbot: Publishers Withdraw More than 120 Gibberish Science and Engineering Papers - Scientific American

14:53:56 asciilifeform: shannonizer ftw!

14:54:40 mircea_popescu: lol

14:57:19 ThickAsThieves: there's one guy out there that's like, Wait I was serious! I'm not a machine!

14:57:41 mircea_popescu: ahjahaha

14:58:27 ninjashogun: haha

14:58:29 ninjashogun: who was that

14:59:40 mircea_popescu: "The quantum droplet is made up of roughly five electrons and five holes. It possesses some characteristics of a liquid, like having ripples, the scientists said."

14:59:47 mircea_popescu: clearly, ripple wins at quantum.

15:00:00 mircea_popescu: anyway : new particle.

15:00:04 mircea_popescu: the dogeplet.

15:00:18 asciilifeform: http://i.walmartimages.com/i/p/00/04/17/80/02/0004178002087_500X500.jpg

15:00:43 mircea_popescu: asciilifeform obviously i misread "ripple cunt"

15:00:49 asciilifeform: ahahaha

15:01:16 mircea_popescu: which i suppose is nubbins`'s next band

15:01:22 mircea_popescu: once they're done dicking around with the dick

15:03:05 asciilifeform: 'Most of the conferences took place in China, and most of the fake papers have authors with Chinese affiliations.'

15:03:25 mircea_popescu: spam.cn

15:04:47 nubbins`: DICK SURGERY!

15:06:18 nubbins`: https://twitter.com/CBCWam/status/439718120354086912/photo/1/large

15:06:19 ozbot: Twitter / CBCWam: Look at all the brand new CDS ...

15:06:30 nubbins`: that's one of our albums (atelier bleu!) on top of the pile :D

15:06:43 nubbins`: shoulda put dick surgery on top.

15:09:09 ThickAsThieves: "Just noticed my TOR wallet emptied a couple of days ago"

15:09:11 ThickAsThieves: lol

15:09:58 ThickAsThieves: Just noticed my lawn gnome was stolen

15:10:20 ThickAsThieves: and now all i have is these pictures

15:11:18 mircea_popescu: OMFG GUISE someone stoled my lawn

15:11:35 mircea_popescu: aw shit too slow again

15:11:38 ThickAsThieves: crimean!

15:11:57 ThickAsThieves: it has both crime and mean in it

15:12:04 ThickAsThieves: word of the month!

15:12:14 nubbins`: so we got our enormous-carbon-footprint 6.25% organic tank tops in for the yoga studio (eco-friendly!)

15:12:24 nubbins`: they don't even say "organic" on the label, anywhere

15:12:25 nubbins`: hahaha

15:12:28 ThickAsThieves: lol

15:12:30 nubbins`: fuck this client

15:12:58 ThickAsThieves: i was at an event last night where the speaker told the crowd to only eat orgasmic veggies

15:13:04 ThickAsThieves: especially if you eat the skin

15:13:13 nubbins`: people don't eat the skin?!

15:13:21 ThickAsThieves: and fruits*

15:13:28 ThickAsThieves: well, like bananas

15:13:38 ThickAsThieves: kiwis

15:13:40 ThickAsThieves: etc

15:13:57 asciilifeform: re: 'scigen': all the 'authors' would need to do now is to adjust the rng

15:14:33 asciilifeform: the problem of 'tell shit from shinola programmatically' is ai-complete

15:14:50 asciilifeform: anyone is welcome to try it even for 'arxiv vs snarxiv' (http://snarxiv.org/vs-arxiv)

15:15:26 mircea_popescu: snarxiv hahaha.

15:15:32 mircea_popescu: people here know everything don't they.

15:15:51 nubbins`: ah, good point

15:15:58 nubbins`: what sort of deviant would eat a banana peel ;(

15:16:33 ThickAsThieves: well it is probly the most orgasmic fruit

15:16:41 mircea_popescu: hahaha

15:16:41 ThickAsThieves: other than maybe cucumbers

15:18:48 ThickAsThieves: but to you'd have to "fruit" "loosely" if using a cucumber

15:18:53 ThickAsThieves: use*

15:18:58 mircea_popescu: can someone link me to the log where i rant about how if someone had an idea they didn't have an idea until someone in power says so ?

15:19:54 ThickAsThieves: not sure if you ever quite put it that recursively

15:20:00 mircea_popescu: i didn't

15:20:09 mircea_popescu: i can't remember what the fuck exactly i said and so i can't grep too efficiently.

15:20:21 ThickAsThieves: say something new then

15:20:27 mircea_popescu: meh.

15:20:37 ThickAsThieves: it'll be more memorable this time

15:20:42 ThickAsThieves: use a fucked up analogy

15:20:44 ThickAsThieves: itll help

15:20:46 mircea_popescu: lmao

15:20:46 asciilifeform: mircea_popescu: the 'art' piece?

15:20:58 mircea_popescu: asciilifeform i think it was around that discussion, but not exactly.

15:21:10 mircea_popescu: i was ranting at either tat or thestringpuller i think

15:21:19 mircea_popescu: fucking hell i need ai.

15:22:12 mircea_popescu: why doesn't grep take gestures!

15:23:29 nubbins`: mp, ever read any Federico Garcia Lorca? was reminded of him earlier

15:23:35 nubbins`: cohen named his daughter after him

15:24:49 nubbins`: always meant to pick some up, never quite got around to it

15:24:49 asciilifeform: nubbins`: the fellow with 'guardia civil, alma de charol' ?

15:25:51 nubbins`: computer says yes

15:26:44 mircea_popescu: Jan 25 16:40:13 <mircea_popescu> we're not equal, even if we can type the same strings in a box they still aren't the same strings. depends whose name signs on them. we're not equal, even if two people have "the same idea", in one head it's an idea, in another head it's nothing.

15:26:46 mircea_popescu: fuck me.

15:27:02 mircea_popescu: it was worth having it searched for. look at that beauty.

15:27:07 nubbins`: colored strings

15:27:18 mircea_popescu: nubbins` yes.

15:27:20 asciilifeform: what was the context here

15:27:57 asciilifeform: 'Quod licet Jovi...' ?

15:30:03 mircea_popescu: the context is complicated.

15:30:04 mircea_popescu: http://log.bitcoin-assets.com/?date=25-01-2014#459312

15:30:06 ozbot: #bitcoin-assets log

15:30:25 mircea_popescu: basically me having an explosion over kids putting themselves in the whoodchipper

15:30:30 ThickAsThieves: fukn shit ... 19 AM shares lost in error on my last week. Grrr

15:30:35 mircea_popescu: the kids are playing the ceo, the woodchipper is chipping away

15:30:38 ThickAsThieves: never fucked up til now

15:30:47 mircea_popescu: thickasukto.

15:31:06 ThickAsThieves: well at least i can afford to fix it

15:31:39 ThickAsThieves: fukn gmail and threaded emails caused it

15:31:40 nubbins`: that's the spirit

15:32:57 asciilifeform: if i understand correctly, this is just the difference between armchair general and actual general

15:33:01 ThickAsThieves: btw you see people shares ukyo's facebook?

15:33:32 kakobrekla: oh yeah whats with the ukyo now

15:33:36 kakobrekla: did he pay up or what

15:33:39 ThickAsThieves: https://www.facebook.com/jon.montroll

15:33:43 ThickAsThieves: nope

15:33:46 kakobrekla: or did he have the coins on gox

15:34:01 kakobrekla: cause that WOULD be fun.

15:35:01 kakobrekla: wait his name is MonTroll

15:35:07 kakobrekla: and you expect him to pay!?

15:35:24 nubbins`: mon ami, votre troll

15:35:26 ThickAsThieves: hehe

15:35:51 nubbins`: or is that too stiff? ton troll if you prefer

15:36:37 kakobrekla: seems like hawaiian troll of men

15:37:28 nubbins`: brb reboot

15:38:12 nubbins`: 46 days uptime on a laptop ;o

15:38:26 kakobrekla: mine is longer.

15:42:54 ThickAsThieves: heh, Friedcat is covering the 19 shares :)

15:44:00 ThickAsThieves: i got a bailout

15:44:41 mircea_popescu: asciilifeform you understand correctly.

15:44:54 mircea_popescu: also this is for an article im about to write so you'll see what i want to say by it presently.

15:45:07 ThickAsThieves: that reminds me

15:45:15 ThickAsThieves: i was reading the MPOE statement

15:45:54 mircea_popescu: <kakobrekla> wait his name is MonTroll <<< inigo montrollya

15:46:01 ThickAsThieves: does the section with the graph basically imply that as you made efforts to CYA on those purchased Puts, the influenced caused a ripple that dropped the exchange rate all around?

15:46:17 mircea_popescu: i didn't think it implies such

15:46:21 mircea_popescu: i thought it outright said it.

15:46:25 ThickAsThieves: ok

15:46:52 ThickAsThieves: sometimes explicit things seem obfuscated to me :)

15:47:02 Namworld: Montroll is an actual family name tho

15:47:05 mircea_popescu: kind-of the point of that article, if you read between the... lines

15:47:25 mircea_popescu: o no wait. not of that article. of some other article.

15:48:08 ThickAsThieves: so a further implication might be, don;t bet too hard against mircea or he'll just move the goal posts?

15:48:36 mircea_popescu: either that or don't fucking read too deep into what mp says and go all fucking nuts just because he has to cover 10k

15:49:09 ThickAsThieves: i see

15:49:24 mircea_popescu: i would say it's becoming a major problem now that people keep trying to outmaneuver me intellectually, and whereas i'm very blunt, they ascribe wallstreet-esque depths of trachery to what i do

15:49:29 ThickAsThieves: that's a big sword you got

15:49:33 mircea_popescu: the result being ocasionally incontrollable deflagrations

15:49:43 mircea_popescu: so let's all simmer down and take mp at his word.

15:49:53 ThickAsThieves: at hi sword

15:50:09 mircea_popescu: lmao

15:50:15 mircea_popescu: !b 24

15:52:54 mircea_popescu: anyway, it's ridiculous, just look at the volatility curve for 4-8 feb.

15:53:06 mircea_popescu: it's like V

15:55:00 ThickAsThieves: you just wnat me to spend more fraudsters credits!

15:55:04 ThickAsThieves: scammar

15:55:27 kakobrekla: how do you think hes gonna get by now, without the mpoe options....

15:55:31 mircea_popescu: ^

15:55:41 davout: lol

15:56:08 ThickAsThieves: i've spent like 800 so far

15:56:10 ThickAsThieves: not bad

15:56:18 mircea_popescu: i gotta expensify those things

15:56:30 ThickAsThieves: probly

15:56:58 mircea_popescu: currently i'm shitting the bitcoin advisor market, because you wouldn't hire anyone to pay him 100x for stupid shit

15:57:05 mircea_popescu: when you could juist read the stuff on fraudsters and be ahead.

15:57:26 mircea_popescu: somehow BingoBoingo doesn't quite manage to hate me for it, yet.

15:57:46 ThickAsThieves: well you are mean and scary enough that anyone that would pay an advisor is probly ignoring you

15:58:12 mircea_popescu: heh.

15:58:27 mircea_popescu: yeah, plenty of rabbits with money all over the forest.

15:58:29 mircea_popescu: this happens.

15:59:08 ThickAsThieves: plus they need to get through the irc log as a primer now to even hope to understand what's going on

15:59:54 mircea_popescu: understanding is this fascinating beast, in that it works in parts

16:00:06 mircea_popescu: you don;t have to understand the whole thing to have an actionable understanding.

16:00:10 ThickAsThieves: so do inside jokes

16:00:27 ThickAsThieves: probly what people dismiss this all as

16:00:35 nubbins`: bayman just bought my bass amp

16:00:38 *: nubbins` dusts off hands

16:00:41 mircea_popescu: finance has always been the inside joke of some old jooz.

16:00:49 ThickAsThieves: those assholes pointing and laughing at shit that isnt even funny!

16:01:31 mircea_popescu: but anyway, there's going to be a livinbg to be earned in summarizing and translating irc and stuff for vaiours needs.

16:01:32 ThickAsThieves: i learned that if i am ever imprisoned i will need to tell them i am jewish in order to maintain veganism

16:01:58 BingoBoingo: mircea_popescu: I think of it as reselling fraudsters credits at a markup

16:02:09 nubbins`: will they provide you with multivitamins?

16:02:15 ThickAsThieves: thats bs

16:02:23 nubbins`: ;D

16:02:27 ThickAsThieves: vegans dont require suppliments

16:02:28 ThickAsThieves: no one does

16:02:33 ThickAsThieves: well no one healthy

16:02:39 *: nubbins` reels in the line

16:02:43 ThickAsThieves: hehe

16:02:52 mircea_popescu: unless you're in the habit of swallowing and do it 10 times a week

16:02:58 mircea_popescu: you can't really survive on all vegetals.

16:03:03 ThickAsThieves: lies

16:03:08 mircea_popescu: that's the dirty secret of good looking vegan chicks

16:03:11 mircea_popescu: they guzzle da cum.

16:03:15 ThickAsThieves: lol

16:03:25 mircea_popescu: notevenkidding.jpg

16:04:07 ThickAsThieves: well i agree that nuts are required for sustenance

16:04:12 ThickAsThieves: :)

16:04:13 nubbins`: HEH

16:04:17 nubbins`: that's gold

16:04:30 nubbins`: fun fact: cashews aren't nuts

16:08:38 Namworld: Looks like a lot of people bought huge amount of goxcoins at 60%-90%

16:09:22 ThickAsThieves: bitcointalk should have better thread mod features, like disallowing posts from new accounts and/or Trust rating requirements

16:10:08 ThickAsThieves: this sock bullshit is ... bullshit

16:10:32 ThickAsThieves: 10 accounts = 2 doods wanking

16:11:59 ThickAsThieves: Namworld, how many did you buy>

16:12:26 nubbins`: you got soxxed

16:12:28 peterl: Namworld: and there are people talking about resurecting Gox, can't we just let the pile of crap die now?

16:12:39 Namworld: I sold at 90%

16:12:52 Namworld: 10% cut, just after withdrawals were stopped.

16:12:55 peterl: did you get your fiat out?

16:13:01 ThickAsThieves: yeah everyone thinks they can brute force the wallets

16:13:22 ThickAsThieves: i say let em be

16:13:25 Namworld: lol, brute force wallets.

16:14:34 nubbins`: http://tech.slashdot.org/story/14/03/01/146223/using-google-maps-to-intercept-fbi-and-secret-service-calls

16:14:35 ozbot: Using Google Maps To Intercept FBI and Secret Service Calls - Slashdot

16:15:15 ThickAsThieves: there are some serious issues for small businesses and google

16:15:31 ThickAsThieves: random restaurant owner has no clue what to do

16:16:09 ThickAsThieves: slaves to tripadvisor and shit

16:16:41 ThickAsThieves: victims of a complaint system masquerading as a reviw

16:16:44 ThickAsThieves: reviews*

16:17:10 ThickAsThieves: then savvy ones buy fake reviews

16:17:18 ThickAsThieves: hurting consumer

16:17:40 ThickAsThieves: business RPG

16:21:29 nubbins`: http://web.mit.edu/newsoffice/2014/need-a-water-filter-peel-a-tree-branch-0226.html

16:21:30 ozbot: Need a water filter? Peel a tree branch - MIT News Office

16:22:02 nubbins`: won't work for cryptosporidium, but still impressive

16:24:37 ThickAsThieves: "This is a technology institute. I don't believe there are any communication courses here."

16:24:55 ThickAsThieves: says so much

16:25:18 ThickAsThieves: "This quote from your article aludes to plants having some sort of intelligence and a brain. This is rather disturbing to me coming from such a prestigious campus. This thinking must originate from some primitive caveman type of superstition. Otherwise this is a wonderful article."

16:25:21 asciilifeform: mit, obligatory: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aIhk9eKOLzQ

16:25:36 ThickAsThieves: is Vitalik from MIT?

16:26:07 ThickAsThieves: hehe http://about.me/vitalik_buterin

16:26:20 nubbins`: heh, commenters are such wet blankets

16:26:23 ThickAsThieves: should have lasers coming out of his eyes

16:27:06 ThickAsThieves: University of Waterloo

16:27:07 kakobrekla: >Full-time Cryptocurrency 2.0 Advocate

16:27:09 kakobrekla: oh my.

16:27:49 ThickAsThieves: yeah the new company line is bitcoin is outdated, havent you heard

16:28:02 ThickAsThieves: so many problemz with it

16:28:16 ThickAsThieves: like i dont own any

16:28:26 ThickAsThieves: etc

16:28:29 kakobrekla: mhm

16:28:40 nubbins`: http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/newfoundland-labrador/st-john-s-man-living-in-shed-after-booted-out-of-housing-1.2555839

16:28:40 ozbot: St. John's man living in shed after booted out of housing - Newfoundland & Labrador - CBC News

16:28:53 nubbins`: a particularly insightful comment: "another sensational story by the CBC over dramatising as usual .....and indeed scrapping the bottom of the barrel ...give us a justin bieber story please"

16:30:21 ThickAsThieves: "What a heart wrenching one sided story."

16:30:24 ThickAsThieves: hehe

16:30:59 nubbins`: cbc comments, in particular, are fucking brutal

16:31:36 nubbins`: that fucking dickhead "froglips" comments on every. single. story.

16:32:19 nubbins`: that said, this is a ridiculous excuse of a news story

16:32:27 ThickAsThieves: from the lips of frogs

16:32:56 chetty: Upper house to demand recall of Moscow ambassador to U.S.

16:33:33 nubbins`: http://www.cbc.ca/news/world/ukraine-crisis-putin-gets-parliamentary-approval-for-military-use-1.2556228

16:33:34 ozbot: Ukraine crisis: Putin gets parliamentary approval for military use - World - CBC News

16:33:45 nubbins`: eep

16:37:45 asciilifeform: nubbins`: love the weasel man in that piece

16:37:50 asciilifeform: there is no grey

16:38:32 nubbins`: ukraine or homeless guy?

16:38:45 ThickAsThieves: http://imgur.com/4lPPqXa

16:38:45 ozbot: imgur: the simple image sharer

16:40:14 asciilifeform: http://thepolitikalblog.files.wordpress.com/2010/08/ukraine-linguistic-division.jpg

16:41:20 mircea_popescu: http://fraudsters.com/2014/pro-idiotas-which-obviously-means-people-who-have-ideas-ie-idiots/

16:41:21 ozbot: Pro idiotas, which obviously means, people who have ideas. Ie, idiots. pe fraudsters - Un blog de Mirce

16:42:38 mircea_popescu: <ThickAsThieves> like i dont own any <<< lol

16:43:04 nubbins`: TBF some guy on the street offers me a joint, i say yes

16:43:10 nubbins`: but that's just because i live where i do

16:43:52 mircea_popescu: not as a 9yo girl

16:44:13 nubbins`: as a 9yo girl, i say i'm 9 and what is this

16:44:23 mircea_popescu: "can i suck your c0k instead ?"

16:45:17 nubbins`: maybe not

16:45:20 nubbins`: hard to say

16:45:36 ThickAsThieves: i must admit i almost bought shares in bourse cuz jurov

16:45:44 ThickAsThieves: but upon reading it i couldbnt justify

16:45:54 nubbins`: "But my curren PC is old and noise and it waking up wife and children when I working at night" heh

16:45:59 mircea_popescu: so you can think with head. congratulations, you should be on -assets.

16:46:11 nubbins`: sounds like he needs a new fan, not a new macbook pro

16:46:45 mircea_popescu: he cant open it and clean it

16:46:49 mircea_popescu: lest he voids the warranty

16:47:18 mircea_popescu: i should have linked him to my epic pics of me fixing laptop board in mexico hotel room, with solder shavings, safety pin and lighter.

16:47:46 wao-ender: I didnt buy when I read their prospectus..

16:47:57 nubbins`: omg guise i've been selected for a free cruise to the bahamas!

16:48:04 nubbins`: all i need to do is press 1 now

16:48:07 mircea_popescu: say yes

16:48:09 nubbins`: or press 9 to decline

16:48:12 mircea_popescu: (because of where you happen to live)

16:48:42 nubbins`: if this woman approached me on the street, sure

16:48:46 nubbins`: long-distance phone call, nope

16:48:54 nubbins`: i don't take drugs from strangers over the phone either ;(

16:49:09 mircea_popescu: you woudn't download a joint ?

16:49:12 asciilifeform: press 'FO' instead.

16:49:15 asciilifeform: http://www.beatriceco.com/bti/porticus/bell/images/66dial6c_reduced_size.jpg

16:49:16 nubbins`: if only i could

16:49:30 nubbins`: well, that's not entirely honest

16:49:37 nubbins`: you can kind of download a joint

16:49:43 mircea_popescu: 3d printed joints

16:49:47 mircea_popescu: on blotter paper.

16:49:58 nubbins`: i need to start producing blotter art.

16:50:01 nubbins`: money in that

16:50:08 mircea_popescu: well maybe not exactly money...

16:50:41 nubbins`: http://www.ebay.ca/sch/i.html?_nkw=blotter+art

16:50:42 ozbot: blotter art | eBay

16:51:06 nubbins`: not set up to perforate paper tho

16:51:12 ThickAsThieves: "This is not going to be my life’s work." nice pitch

16:51:20 nubbins`: although tbf the perforated stuff doesn't really make the rounds anymore

16:51:25 nubbins`: tat, inorite?

16:51:49 ThickAsThieves: he basically says "I am useless" over and over

16:51:57 nubbins`: i am useless, pay me

16:52:30 mircea_popescu: ThickAsThieves part of the problem, of course, is epitomized in the word for barbarian

16:52:44 mircea_popescu: the greek idea was that "these people say nothing meaningful, may as well be sheep, bar bar"

16:52:51 nubbins`: "Well, so far I have an incorporated company that I own 100% of"

16:52:52 nubbins`: lel

16:52:55 mircea_popescu: obviously this isn't exactly true.

16:53:00 nubbins`: "well so far i've spent a hundred dollars"

16:53:15 ThickAsThieves: i wonder if this is the same guy who emailed me a few days ago

16:53:29 mircea_popescu: it's not the quantum computing emulated on z80s if you mwan that one

16:54:06 mircea_popescu: that's a differnet, and much more sordid sort of nut.

16:54:16 ThickAsThieves: "Dear TAT,

16:54:17 ThickAsThieves: I am looking to do a fund raise for my business I would like to get your feedback on the best strategy to do so and the best way to reach the market.

16:54:17 ThickAsThieves: Kr,

16:54:17 ThickAsThieves: Malcolm O"

16:54:21 ThickAsThieves: that's the whole email

16:54:37 mircea_popescu: lol

16:54:42 mircea_popescu: wait, were you the recipient of the

16:54:46 mircea_popescu: o no, that was pankkake

16:54:54 mircea_popescu: with the promoting of BEKs.

16:55:32 ThickAsThieves: I tell him to get a clue in kinder words, he replies "im sorry im a bit confused are u saying if i have the business plan / interesting offering you can't help me or you can ?"

16:56:02 mircea_popescu: http://fraudsters.com/2013/a-deal-can-be-anything/

16:56:02 ozbot: A deal can be anything. pe fraudsters - Un blog de Mircea Popescu.

16:56:08 mircea_popescu: talking of self-enforcing contracts

16:56:08 ThickAsThieves: no more replies from me

16:56:14 mircea_popescu: the mjr_ way : allign the fucking incentives.

16:57:53 mircea_popescu: ThickAsThieves any idea what "kr," is supposed to be ?

16:58:05 ThickAsThieves: kind regards

16:58:11 ThickAsThieves: i assime

16:58:12 Duffer1: no offer of $$ for your expertise?

16:58:35 ThickAsThieves: that wouldnt be appropriate anyway

16:58:36 peterl: or better, btc for expertise?

16:59:01 ThickAsThieves: i dont even think about what i want til i know i want anything at all

16:59:09 peterl: maybe you should respond with a "I charge X btc for this type of advise"?

16:59:15 ThickAsThieves: nah

16:59:22 ThickAsThieves: i'm done helping asshole

16:59:22 ThickAsThieves: s

16:59:47 ThickAsThieves: at this point "customer" is a curse word to me

16:59:56 peterl: maybe he should open a forum thread, plenty of advise there ...

17:01:55 ThickAsThieves: from my first job through my whole life, i've observed customers thinking they are entitled and more experienced at the task they are paying for

17:02:00 ThickAsThieves: can't take it anymore

17:02:36 mircea_popescu: o ic

17:03:31 ThickAsThieves: mp stahp linking romanian articles :(

17:03:32 mircea_popescu: peterl i think he actually has it superbly stated. "i dont even think about what i want til i know i want anything at all"

17:03:45 mircea_popescu: ThickAsThieves the rabi one i sfucking great.

17:03:52 mircea_popescu: someone should translate that thing.

17:04:50 nubbins`: [13:28:15] <@Anduck> I'm selling a 10BTC Casascius silver coin for 30 BTC. Pm me if you want to buy it.

17:04:52 nubbins`: :(

17:05:20 Anduck: nubbins`: want to buy it

17:05:22 Anduck: ??

17:05:32 peterl: that is a heck of a markup for a coin

17:05:35 nubbins`: ^

17:05:44 mircea_popescu: no he just wants to rage

17:06:04 peterl: the silver is what, 0.1 btc?

17:06:08 Anduck: 10 BTC

17:06:12 nubbins`: mp has it

17:06:17 nubbins`: coin scalpers ;(

17:06:28 mircea_popescu: i doubt you can make a coin out of 60 dollars' worth of silver

17:06:40 mircea_popescu: 4oz coins ftw

17:06:45 ThickAsThieves: can't i just buy a blank and put 10btc on it?

17:06:53 peterl: oh, sorry, mental math fail

17:07:06 nubbins`: http://www.mint.ca/store/coin/fine-silver-1-kilogram-coin-maple-leaf-forever-mintage-600-2013-prod1680018

17:07:07 mircea_popescu: ThickAsThieves this is numismatics not engineering

17:07:07 ozbot: Fine Silver 1 kilogram Coin - Maple Leaf Forever - Mintage: 600 (2013)

17:07:24 mircea_popescu: nubbins` didn't you canuk kooks make a 1 ton gold coin too ?

17:07:27 nubbins`: the bizarre part of all this is that you turned down an offer of 25btc

17:07:37 nubbins`: mircea_popescu, we have a nice mint and we're not afraid to use it :D

17:07:49 mircea_popescu: make solid wheels out of the stuffs

17:07:54 mircea_popescu: all rappers beeline to canada mint

17:08:06 mircea_popescu: TyreCoin

17:08:20 peterl: the alt-coin of the future! amazing!

17:08:22 nubbins`: http://www.mint.ca/store/mint/learn/million-dollar-coin-1600006#.UxIUAvRdVro

17:08:23 ozbot: Royal Canadian Mint Million Dollar Coin (2007)

17:08:23 nubbins`: 100kg

17:08:30 nubbins`: 99999 fine

17:08:39 peterl: I love assbot :)

17:08:52 ThickAsThieves: fancy

17:08:54 mircea_popescu: assamazing bot!

17:10:55 nubbins`: let me find a good quote

17:10:58 nubbins`: speaking of the mint

17:12:03 Duffer1: 30btc?! good lord you could probably bribe casc to do a one off perfect replica for half that

17:12:22 Duffer1: brb

17:12:29 wao-ender: interesting http://pando.com/2014/02/28/pierre-omidyar-co-funded-ukraine-revolution-groups-with-us-government-documents-show/

17:12:47 mircea_popescu: nice link!

17:12:49 nubbins`: [Former Liberal cabinet minister David] Dingwall was defending his right to a hefty severance package after stepping down from a six-figure salary as head of the Canadian Mint. His departure, which some say was forced, came after revelations surfaced about ... questionable expense claims"

17:13:14 nubbins`: Dingwall's proclamation to a parliamentary committee: "I am entitled to my entitlements!"

17:13:16 ThickAsThieves: nice garlic logo!

17:13:23 nubbins`: Duffer1: not a funded one ;D

17:13:52 Duffer1: depends if he has an unsold priv key to attach to it...

17:14:40 nubbins`: anyway, Dingwall turned the mint from a black hole into a very profitable endeavor

17:14:48 nubbins`: he was, indeed, entitled to his entitlements

17:16:34 mircea_popescu: nubbins` this is quite exactly why they fight his entitlements.

17:16:49 mircea_popescu: someone not deserving it they could stand, but someone who earned it they could never tolerate.

17:17:07 nubbins`: his expense claims turned out to be perfectly reasonable, in the meantime

17:17:23 nubbins`: it's not like he was a CANADIAN SENATOR or anything :D

17:18:01 mircea_popescu: wao-ender the best part about the pando link, by the way, is how cheap it all was

17:18:06 mircea_popescu: 500k yearly budget, srsly ?

17:19:13 wao-ender: mircea_popescu: cheaper than invasion.

17:20:35 ThickAsThieves: Buffet: 'America’s best days lie ahead.'

17:20:50 ThickAsThieves: trolling in his last days

17:20:59 Duffer1: that must be why he bought recession proof heinz

17:21:03 mircea_popescu: was pretty epic that yeah lol

17:21:50 wao-ender: I like these US soft-skills.

17:21:58 nubbins`: so a friend of mine listens to this corny christian radio station that plays classical music

17:22:10 ThickAsThieves: see this is why i hate customers, after fixing this AM share mixup: "For this event, thank you very much for your cooperation.At the same time,As the responsible company, I hope you don't appear again similar mistakes !"

17:22:17 nubbins`: from earlier today: "so there's wind out there & that, and some roads are closed. not too warm out."

17:22:23 nubbins`: THANKS FOR THE UPDATE

17:22:52 mircea_popescu: wao-ender except if you dig into it, it was all soviets.

17:23:01 mircea_popescu: ex kgb's "languages" programme alumni

17:23:32 mircea_popescu: ThickAsThieves I hope you have learned your lesson son!

17:23:53 ThickAsThieves: yep, and the rub is this service is arguably provided for free

17:24:14 ThickAsThieves: free service brings much free advice

17:25:17 mircea_popescu: the community!

17:25:37 ThickAsThieves: is buffet going senile?

17:25:44 ThickAsThieves: “Woody Allen stated the general idea when he said: ‘The advantage of being bi-sexual is that it doubles your chances for a date on Saturday night.’ Similarly, our appetite for either operating businesses or passive investments doubles our chances of finding sensible uses for our endless gusher of cash.”

17:26:35 kakobrekla: hehe

17:26:37 mircea_popescu: this is a parody ?

17:26:38 kakobrekla: whats wrong with that

17:26:40 ThickAsThieves: Warren Buffett once said, “Diversification is protection against ignorance, it makes little sense for those who know what they’re doing.”

17:26:49 ThickAsThieves: no it's real

17:27:37 mircea_popescu: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oBSgpHQO-J4#t=101

17:27:37 ozbot: Seinfeld Clip - Kramer's Rickshaw Adventure - YouTube

17:27:47 ThickAsThieves: maybe he's giving cryptic hints to those that know him better

17:28:06 mircea_popescu: ThickAsThieves now that you've been here you cant stop thinking everyone's on his own -assets huh ?

17:28:07 ThickAsThieves: "Get out now, I've only got days left"

17:28:25 ThickAsThieves: well me and Occam are like this

17:28:35 *: ThickAsThieves crosses fingers

17:29:40 ThickAsThieves: you still remind me of him though

17:29:49 ThickAsThieves: “I must again confess that their investments outperformed mine. (Charlie says I should add “by a lot.”) If such humiliating comparisons continue, I’ll have no choice but to cease talking about them.”

17:30:34 mircea_popescu: lol.

17:31:09 ThickAsThieves: you have certainly said something very similar in fraudsters

17:31:14 ThickAsThieves: i forget about what

17:31:31 mircea_popescu: well yeah, but really it's neither me or him, it's just british.

17:31:38 ThickAsThieves: ah

17:31:44 ThickAsThieves: which neither of you are

17:31:46 mircea_popescu: a certain dry.

17:31:49 nubbins`: "Generally, for your own sake, you should spend most of your time not doing what you want to do, and especially so if you’re young."

17:31:54 nubbins`: well, at least i did that right

17:32:13 ThickAsThieves: that's a tricky statement

17:32:19 ThickAsThieves: can be taken the wrong way easily

17:32:21 mircea_popescu: it'd better be

17:32:25 mircea_popescu: it was on fraudsters after all.

17:32:35 ThickAsThieves: especially by a kid

17:33:05 ThickAsThieves: all the kids reading fraudsters, ohnoes!

17:33:20 nubbins`: heh.

17:33:28 nubbins`: well, if kids didn't take things the wrong way they wouldn't be kids

17:33:46 mircea_popescu: let them take it the wrong way, what.

17:33:57 nubbins`: i take that statement more as retrospective affirmation than an instruction

17:34:59 ThickAsThieves: Buffet insulting his successor “Ajit’s mind is an idea factory that is always looking for more lines of business he can add to his current assortment.”

17:39:51 mircea_popescu: ThickAsThieves usure that's successor ?

17:40:21 nubbins`: asciilifeform, http://news.slashdot.org/story/14/02/28/1937251/broadcom-releases-source-for-graphics-stack-raspberry-pi-sets-bounty-for-port

17:41:17 ThickAsThieves: not officially

17:41:39 ThickAsThieves: said to be possibly

17:41:52 mircea_popescu: yeah. i think it's moire for the political press than anything

17:42:06 mircea_popescu: buffett is disgustingly libertard in his senile age.

17:42:12 mircea_popescu: asciilifeform btw u saw that pando link ?

17:42:39 mircea_popescu: "Of the many problems that poses, none is more serious than the fact that Omidyar now has the only two people with exclusive access to the complete Snowden NSA cache, Glenn Greenwald and Laura Poitras. Somehow, the same billionaire who co-financed the ?coup? in Ukraine with USAID, also has exclusive access to the NSA secrets?and very few in the independent media dare voice a skeptical word about it."

17:42:49 mircea_popescu: that's not actually correct, but w/e.

17:43:10 mircea_popescu: mark ames is doing work.

17:53:41 nubbins`: "how often do you replace your running shoes?" -wife to roommate

17:53:46 nubbins`: stay tuned for answer

17:54:07 nubbins`: "i don't scuff, so i'd say about two months a pair"

17:54:09 nubbins`: :0

17:54:12 nubbins`: runners

17:54:15 *: nubbins` shakes head

17:54:38 mircea_popescu: this went over my head.

17:54:54 nubbins`: the roommate runs as a pastime

17:55:01 mircea_popescu: uh

17:55:07 mircea_popescu: what the fuck then ?

17:55:12 nubbins`: foot races, etc

17:55:39 nubbins`: i guess scuffers get less than two months out of a pair

17:55:51 mircea_popescu: if my passtimes required me to buy shoes 6 times a year i'd be pretty distraught

17:56:03 nubbins`: ehh, there are costlier pastimes

17:56:05 nubbins`: drinking, say

17:56:09 nubbins`: comic books

17:56:11 nubbins`: etc

17:56:39 nubbins`: it's funny, he actually takes a marker and writes the date of first use on the back of the heels

17:56:59 jurov: well, pro runners use very light and soft shoes, no wonder they wear off quickly

17:57:02 nubbins`: i've known people to do this to packs of cigarette papers, but not shoes

17:57:14 mircea_popescu: i guess i't just buy 24 pairs at a time

17:57:20 nubbins`: jurov, i picked up one of his shoes once, with eyes closed you'd almost never know you were holding anything

17:57:23 mircea_popescu: currently i buy 2-3 of shoes i like,

17:57:37 mircea_popescu: which i suppose reflects the normal lifetime of fucking leather shoes.

17:57:37 nubbins`: yeah, he buys 2-3 pairs at a time

17:59:40 BingoBoingo: http://www.cnn.com/2014/03/01/world/asia/china-railway-attack/index.html

17:59:40 ozbot: 27 killed in China railway attack - CNN.com

17:59:58 nubbins`: huh, new balance makes all their shoes in the US and UK

18:00:06 mircea_popescu: "The NFL's been handing out traumatic brain injuries for decades, but the moment Disney decided it needed the women that was the end of lockerroom hijinx. But until it completes the NFL's rebranding as a kinder, bully-free, concussionless game, complete with engagement rings and Us Weekly's "Ten Hunkiest White Or Articulate Quarterbacks", it's going to have to keep broadcasting Nashville. "

18:00:08 mircea_popescu: bwahahaha

18:00:36 mircea_popescu: BingoBoingo you see, sports ARE dead. cause they're trying to get women into the audience.

18:00:50 nubbins`: white or articulare

18:00:54 nubbins`: *articulate

18:00:57 nubbins`: ah, my sides

18:01:17 mircea_popescu: i guess you're white huh ?

18:01:36 nubbins`: well i'm hardly articulate

18:02:34 mircea_popescu: ("You know, you could use an editor." You could use some free association, it may help you see unconscious connections which drive your life. "I find that weed helps." Amateur.)

18:02:53 mircea_popescu: person breaks fucking article to insert paranthetical diorama

18:02:54 BingoBoingo: mircea_popescu: Well football at the professional level it seems is.

18:03:31 nubbins`: see, the guy offering you a joint is just trying to make you a better writer

18:03:46 nubbins`: anyway, i gotta go

18:03:47 nubbins`: peace

18:07:30 benkay: mystical bitcoin!

18:07:33 mircea_popescu: http://25.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_m82o2fLL3C1ru15g3o1_1280.jpg

18:09:30 BingoBoingo: The NFL is trying to watch women the wrong way, anyways. Most of the women and girls I know favor this guy over the "All American" sort https://www.google.com/search?q=yadier+molina+tattoo&safe=off&client=ubuntu&hs=kyp&channel=fs&tbm=isch&imgil=_i-QdhSNVYsuXM%253A%253Bhttps%253A%252F%252Fencrypted-tbn0.gstatic.com%252Fimages%253Fq%253Dtbn%253AANd9GcTvSwzEK9Oe49mbzNu6AKJERZyAJuRbPbTzh2mITclXb6EW64AUDw%253B698%253B576%253BaQkQtdrU-z

18:09:30 BingoBoingo: pZUM%253Bhttp%25253A%25252F%25252Fclubtattoo.com%25252Fgallery%25252Fcelebrities%25252F&source=iu&usg=__yvyknxcx5w2FKbwWeA75o56rpIQ%3D&sa=X&ei=wSESU8wGk7jIAda2gYAJ&ved=0CCgQ9QEwAA&biw=1301&bih=678#facrc=_&imgdii=_&imgrc=_i-QdhSNVYsuXM%253A%3BaQkQtdrU-zpZUM%3Bhttp%253A%252F%252Fclubtattoo.com%252Fwp-content%252Fuploads%252F2012%252F03%252Fyadier-molina-st.-louis-cardinal-catcher.jpg%3Bhttp%253A%252F%252Fclubtattoo.com%252Fgallery%2

18:09:30 BingoBoingo: 52Fcelebrities%252F%3B698%3B576

18:10:05 benkay: BingoBoingo: that url's going to need a pastebin

18:11:01 BingoBoingo: benkay: http://clubtattoo.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/03/yadier-molina-st.-louis-cardinal-catcher.jpg

18:12:17 benkay: that's the new all american as far as this generation of babes are concerned, B

18:12:41 mircea_popescu: babes = what ? 17yos ? 22yos ?

18:13:17 benkay: well 'this generation' would be the agerange boss

18:13:41 benkay: 'babes' is just a personal generic for wimmins

18:13:49 mircea_popescu: guy looks kinda perennial to me tbh.

18:13:59 benkay: neck tattoos and all

18:14:00 benkay: ?

18:14:00 mircea_popescu: that much different from say swayze ?

18:14:06 mircea_popescu: a, that's important ?

18:14:27 benkay: to a nation that favors the image over the substance maybe

18:14:43 benkay: you're the anthropologist tho

18:14:44 mircea_popescu: i guess clearly i'm not a woman.

18:14:57 mircea_popescu: i suppose pigeons can readily distinguish male from female pigeons. i can not.

18:15:24 mircea_popescu: http://24.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_m82nxm2tHJ1ru15g3o1_1280.jpg lets to pics instead.

18:15:43 BingoBoingo: Neck tattoos, arm tattoos, probably less visible tattoos. Still, he hit .319 last year

18:15:58 benkay: dude on the left with the fag

18:16:44 mircea_popescu: so which'd be the yadier-molina-est guy in that pic ?

18:16:59 mircea_popescu: let's play "help evil ai MP infiltrate human society", a society game.

18:17:22 benkay: what's the -est? puerto rican?

18:17:41 benkay: ambiguous like bitcoin price

18:17:41 mircea_popescu: -est wants to mean most like.

18:17:52 benkay: but on which axis/es?

18:17:59 mircea_popescu: also, you can readily guess that shot is in europe : women smile at naked girl walking down the street.

18:18:05 mircea_popescu: benkay now how would i know.

18:18:22 BingoBoingo: blue shirt bald head near the van

18:18:42 mircea_popescu: not short sleeved mid dork /

18:19:03 mircea_popescu: i guess george really has it, baldness is now in style.

18:19:20 benkay: BingoBoingo: 'cause he's dark?

18:20:49 BingoBoingo: benkay: More cause he looks like he is going to stab someone of they obstruct his view of dat ass

18:21:49 benkay: give us another one, mi

18:21:50 benkay: mircea_popescu:

18:22:00 mircea_popescu: http://31.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_m82ny7nOWP1ru15g3o1_1280.jpg

18:24:15 BingoBoingo: Prolly the guy on the tv

18:24:30 benkay: HAW


18:24:57 benkay: spring is for teh lulz

18:25:13 mircea_popescu: http://31.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_m82nxwBn5g1ru15g3o1_1280.jpg ?

18:25:41 benkay: fuck is on her head?

18:26:09 mircea_popescu: there's a joke that goes with that picture.

18:26:25 mircea_popescu: judge's wife, a tall beautiful woman is allegedly raped in a phone booth

18:26:27 mircea_popescu: by a midget.

18:26:34 ThickAsThieves: she's wearing a nigerian hat

18:26:36 mircea_popescu: who's at most tall enough to stick his nose in her snatch

18:26:58 mircea_popescu: at trial they can't quite establish HOW he'd have done it, so in spite of all the scandal guy walks free.

18:27:10 mircea_popescu: judge buys the guy drinks and asks him to pls tell him wtf.

18:27:16 mircea_popescu: so the midget tells him : with the pot, yo.

18:27:26 mircea_popescu: i put a pot on her head and fucked her holding the handles.

18:27:45 ThickAsThieves: :/

18:28:12 mircea_popescu: in retrospect, perhaps one of the more offensive romanian jokes out there.

18:28:30 benkay: http://instantrimshot.com/

18:28:30 ozbot: Welcome to Instant Rimshot

18:29:03 benkay: oh come now, i want to hear actually offensive romanian jokes now

18:29:14 mircea_popescu: sorry.

18:35:44 mircea_popescu: benkay https://twitter.com/Mircea_Popescu/status/439831247175835648

18:35:49 mircea_popescu: there's a start.

18:39:00 ThickAsThieves: irlol

18:43:15 mircea_popescu: However, not all women are the target demo of Randi's lip synching, the CEO of General Dynamics is a woman, I think she has a higher security clearance than the entire Senate, and I know for a fact she builds alien spaceships, why not interview her about how she uses social media to promote her brand and make connections and break ceilings? Because there's no Like button for hard work or triple integrals, which is do

18:43:15 mircea_popescu: ubly interesting because calculus was invented to make hard work easier. "I just don't get math." Can't do math if you weren't taught to think logically, and logic is tough on kids' self esteems and makes them way less submissive, easier just to put on a video.

18:43:47 mircea_popescu: this is pretty spot-on, i do think phebe novakovic has moar clearance than most of the senate.

18:48:54 Jere_Jones: I'm having trouble with a word in mp's pro-idiotas article. "intraductibility"

18:49:51 Jere_Jones: What does it mean? Best I can find is that it is a french-ish word meaning "un-translate-able".

18:50:09 mircea_popescu: that, pretty much, with a twist of intractability.

18:50:46 Jere_Jones: "A complex thing that can not be translated"?

18:51:13 mircea_popescu: a thing that can't be translated due its complexity.

18:51:23 Jere_Jones: Ah

18:51:50 mircea_popescu: your wife'll never be able to explain to you WHY she loves you,

18:51:56 mircea_popescu: not because she doesn't nor because you're an idiot

18:52:02 mircea_popescu: but because... well... it's hers.

18:53:56 Jere_Jones: *Why* she loves me is intraductible. <- Correct usage?

18:54:08 Jere_Jones: Except for the spelling

18:54:13 mircea_popescu: yeah :p

18:54:25 Jere_Jones: Thanks

18:54:56 ThickAsThieves: seems like an easy target for "something so absract it doesn't exist"

18:55:07 mircea_popescu: course it doesn't exist.

18:55:10 mircea_popescu: until someone loses an eye.

18:55:34 ThickAsThieves: well i always say, if it's that complicated, you're solving the wrong problem

18:56:00 mircea_popescu: it's just a condiment, really.

18:56:16 benkay: "mmm! this problem has a lovely hint of complexity."

18:56:23 mircea_popescu: if you never meet such complexity you're not doing a too good job of thnking

18:56:30 Jere_Jones: Like ketch-urd?

18:56:44 ThickAsThieves: not quite what i mean by it

18:56:58 ThickAsThieves: just sometimes beating your head against well is merely that

18:57:03 ThickAsThieves: wall*

18:57:11 mircea_popescu: a that for sure.

18:57:31 mircea_popescu: but you know, suppose you didn't for whatever reason have the ability to evaluate content.

18:57:49 ThickAsThieves: still applies i guess

18:58:04 ThickAsThieves: solving the wrong problem, cuz incapable

18:58:11 ThickAsThieves: solve simpler ones first

18:58:17 mircea_popescu: like you're an alien from a different herbertian space.

18:58:26 mircea_popescu: you STILL can distinguish pulp books from good books

18:58:39 mircea_popescu: by the criterion that "it is pulp all which includes no intraducible complexity"

18:58:53 mircea_popescu: you don't actally need to be able to at all understand what they say for this purpose.

19:00:43 ThickAsThieves: are all things already experienced thus pulp?

19:01:07 ThickAsThieves: no i guess not

19:01:19 ThickAsThieves: all things masterd are

19:01:19 mircea_popescu: notrly. just bad retellings of them

19:01:29 mircea_popescu: kinda what pulp is, actually. "a bad retelling of history"

19:01:38 benkay: bitcoinpulp.org

19:04:07 mircea_popescu: Jere_Jones da fuck is ketch-urd ?

19:04:28 benkay: ketch-ard

19:04:30 Jere_Jones: ketchup and mustard mixed together

19:04:49 mircea_popescu: o o that.

19:04:56 mircea_popescu: incidentally : urda is a muchly loved romanian soft cheese

19:05:12 mircea_popescu: which i definitely recomend everyone tries.

19:05:40 kakobrekla: ketchurd? id prefer majvar.

19:06:17 mircea_popescu: kakobrekla вурда

19:06:21 mircea_popescu: sort-of ricotta-ish

19:06:55 kakobrekla: aha

19:08:07 ThickAsThieves: i used to like feta some, dry and salty

19:08:35 mircea_popescu: feta is great

19:08:37 mircea_popescu: but the greek stuff.

19:08:44 ThickAsThieves: also super sharp stuff

19:08:50 ThickAsThieves: mimouette etc

19:09:17 ThickAsThieves: mimolette*

19:10:02 davout: you guys are all the jon snows of cheese

19:10:39 mircea_popescu: is that a good thing ?

19:10:43 ThickAsThieves: no idea

19:10:49 ThickAsThieves: out in the cold?

19:10:50 davout: you know nothing

19:10:58 davout: such fail

19:11:08 ThickAsThieves: well we know what we like so far

19:11:12 ThickAsThieves: what more can you ask for

19:11:15 mircea_popescu: eh gtfo, romanian cheeze rules!

19:11:24 mircea_popescu: smelly french cheezperialistsa

19:11:30 davout: haha

19:11:53 mircea_popescu: if it weren't for camembert we wouldn't even be on speaking terms

19:12:00 ThickAsThieves: not like we're in france, where every corner of the body produces exotic cheeses

19:12:26 kakobrekla: i can attest ro cheese is not bad

19:12:45 davout: ThickAsThieves: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7lputqogvqI

19:13:00 davout: the commercial for the famous french "dick cheese"

19:13:17 davout: aka "fromage de bite"

19:13:31 ThickAsThieves: nasty lol

19:13:50 ThickAsThieves: they all have dick heads too

19:14:16 KRS-One: Richard Cranium?

19:16:02 ThickAsThieves: i haz idea

19:16:07 benkay: it sucks

19:16:17 kakobrekla: it blows

19:16:27 ThickAsThieves: do a tell-all post about how we discovered what happened to Gox coins

19:16:32 ThickAsThieves: all pointing to altcoin chain

19:16:44 ThickAsThieves: as publicity stunt

19:17:10 kakobrekla: do we have 750k atc?

19:17:21 ThickAsThieves: could muster surely

19:17:31 jurov: lol, 800k btc sent to atc wallet by mistake?

19:17:42 ThickAsThieves: hehe

19:17:58 ThickAsThieves: advice everyone to make ATC wallets

19:18:03 ThickAsThieves: to unlock the keys

19:18:06 mircea_popescu: advise!

19:18:14 ThickAsThieves: yes

19:18:33 jurov: bitcoin foundation was too ashamed to admit itis possible

19:18:40 ThickAsThieves: you guys teached me teh IRC speak

19:18:45 ThickAsThieves: dont make me change now

19:20:01 mircea_popescu: bitcoin foundation come out with a BFL statement yet ?

19:20:24 mircea_popescu: or did their murk lawyer advise they;'re not to discuss two major scams the same week

19:20:32 kakobrekla: what bfl statement?

19:20:32 ThickAsThieves: pulp http://www.cnn.com/2014/02/26/tech/innovation/dogecoin-cryptocurrency-tech-irpt/

19:21:12 mircea_popescu: kakobrekla you know, all about how bfl is a serious biznis that has the foundation's seal of approval.

19:21:43 ThickAsThieves: i didnt learn about how the Alydian thing panned out til yesterday

19:21:45 kakobrekla: but what did bfl do this time around?

19:21:54 mircea_popescu: kakobrekla seen their site recently ?

19:21:57 kakobrekla: no

19:22:32 ThickAsThieves: wow they are still selling preorders of those PCI cards

19:22:46 ThickAsThieves: pure evil

19:23:04 kakobrekla: as expected

19:23:19 ThickAsThieves: "Butterfly Labs has shipped more ASIC products than all competitors combined"

19:23:43 ThickAsThieves: haha it has a James Gibson testimonial

19:23:52 ThickAsThieves: "As a fairly early Bitcoin adopter and institutional miner, the choice for mining hardware comes down to innovation. Who is going to have the experience and best technology going forward to keep me ahead of the curve? The fact that BFL has a proven chip design, combined with their innovations in form factor and node size means that they will be hard to beat moving forward."

19:23:52 mircea_popescu: kakobrekla o it's back ?

19:23:52 ThickAsThieves: James Gibson - GigaVPS

19:23:56 mircea_popescu: they had deleted it earlier.

19:24:06 kakobrekla: deleted the website?

19:24:09 mircea_popescu: yeah.

19:24:09 ThickAsThieves: "institutional miner"

19:24:13 kakobrekla: O_o

19:24:49 kakobrekla: yes, 16 year old scammer kiddo is also institution.

19:26:54 mircea_popescu: http://www.reddit.com/r/Bitcoin/comments/1z9djc/where_did_butterflylabs_go/

19:26:54 ozbot: Where did ButterflyLabs go? : Bitcoin

19:27:20 kakobrekla: to hang out with pirate in hawaii

19:27:53 mircea_popescu: "Site is back. Panic over."

19:27:56 mircea_popescu: logically.

19:28:07 mircea_popescu: for instance if my roof disappeared and then came back

19:28:13 mircea_popescu: i'd be all like "o... ok"

19:28:23 mircea_popescu: roofs do that.

19:29:15 mircea_popescu: ThickAsThieves it's funny, too. coinlab nao has moneyz to seed start-ups

19:30:06 ThickAsThieves: "Alydian doesn't have employees or an office, but it reimburses CoinLab for the work it has done in the mining process."

19:30:24 ThickAsThieves: "What I see is a debtor that has absolutely zero existence," Judge Overstreet said. "I want to make sure that when we do this world-wide advertising [to promote an auction] we are not misrepresenting to the world what we have to sell, because the integrity of the bankruptcy process is at stake."

19:30:39 ThickAsThieves: lol

19:31:07 ThickAsThieves: only Coinlab could have someone worrying about the "integrity" of bankruptcy

19:31:17 mircea_popescu: lol

19:31:31 ThickAsThieves: "I'm not satisfied that there isn't some hiding of information," she said.

19:31:38 ThickAsThieves: ythink?

19:31:56 mircea_popescu: meanwhile, ?We are part of a transformation of Bitcoin mining,? said Hans Olsen, CEO of Alydian. ?Alydian has developed an enterprise-scale Bitcoin

19:32:00 ThickAsThieves: they ended up paying off their biggest unhappy customer

19:32:04 ThickAsThieves: fuck everyone else

19:33:01 ThickAsThieves: if yer gonna support scammers, at least have a big enough wallet for a lawyer i guess

19:33:17 ninjashogun: hi everyone

19:33:25 mircea_popescu: except people with large wallets do not want to support scammers.

19:33:51 mircea_popescu: well, maybe with the exception of government

19:33:55 mircea_popescu: the jury's still out on that one.

19:34:00 ThickAsThieves: so it's really a lesson for scammers, quantity over quality

19:34:12 mircea_popescu: defo.

19:37:52 mircea_popescu: ;;later tell copumpkin incidentally, you ever read http://thelastpsychiatrist.com/2014/01/randi_zuckerberg.html ?

19:37:57 mircea_popescu: and i guess that goes for cads too

19:49:29 BingoBoingo: "Viral" content at work http://speakingofresearch.com/2014/02/27/fact-into-fiction-why-context-matters-with-animal-images/

19:50:36 KRS-One: lol gainesville sun..i used to live in gainesville..quite the college party town. i almost stayed there living the life.

19:53:09 benkay: showing a baby picture to a man is an aggressive act because it demands a reaction, you showing him a picture of your baby is entirely for your benefit and not at all for his, it is a dare, in much the same way as a woman on a first date telling you she doesn't play games is a dare, a dare you shouldn't take, trust me on this, overpay the check in cash and run.

19:56:53 ThickAsThieves: benkay only dates WoW sluts

19:59:32 BingoBoingo: This is prolly my favorite last psychiatrist post http://thelastpsychiatrist.com/2007/07/the_most_important_article_on.html

19:59:40 KRS-One: haha

19:59:40 benkay: nah i only date women who cook

19:59:46 KRS-One: .bait

19:59:47 ozbot: http://25.media.tumblr.com/9c8d5e766c4ea7ebb08889761a1ec966/tumblr_mn3fmelpxY1r3yc8oo1_1280.jpg

19:59:54 KRS-One: Mmmm

20:11:06 mircea_popescu: <benkay> nah i only date women with cock << wut ?!

20:15:53 ThickAsThieves: how else can he "date" them, must count the rings!

20:17:02 ThickAsThieves: no good deed... http://www.npr.org/blogs/thetwo-way/2014/03/01/284397588/creation-museum-bill-nye-debate-sparked-funding-miracle

20:17:56 ThickAsThieves: give an idiot the time, and he takes the whole damn day

20:19:49 BingoBoingo: The thing about science/bitcoin/whatever is people can believe whatever they want, while reality generally doesn't give a shit.

20:20:55 ThickAsThieves: well i'd rather see that money go to netflix subsciptions or whatever the hell else it may have gone to instead

20:21:15 ThickAsThieves: but at least theyre keeping it in the family...

20:23:24 mircea_popescu: ThickAsThieves of course, none of it has anything to do with miracles or nye or the debate or anything.

20:23:35 mircea_popescu: the us is simply awash in newly printed dollars.

20:28:54 mircea_popescu: sooo... kraken suspends all usd deposits.

20:29:00 mircea_popescu: that lasted long.

20:30:06 mircea_popescu: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=488669.0;all << pretty lulzy cryptoscam drama

20:30:08 ozbot: WARNING Cryptostocks.com INVESTORS SECURITY FLAW

20:39:58 mircea_popescu: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=491283.msg5452146#msg5452146

20:39:59 ozbot: Roger Ver, bless him, tells that Gox is going bankrupt

20:40:05 mircea_popescu: should be interesting to see how this goes.

20:50:14 mircea_popescu: https://pbs.twimg.com/media/BhnJABJCMAAwZ1b.png:large << the us health system in ten thousand words

21:33:03 kakobrekla: seems thermos does not want to reply to my ban complaint

21:33:30 kakobrekla: cant even buy my way out of this one it seems

21:33:31 deadweasel: you got rebanned? who won the pool?

21:33:41 mircea_popescu: o shit we had a pool didn't we

21:33:49 kakobrekla: whut?

21:34:19 deadweasel: i'm not sure it made it out of suggestion stage, but the logs will tell

21:34:28 kakobrekla: i dont recall making any votes

21:34:36 kakobrekla: or bets

21:34:42 kakobrekla: or anything

21:34:57 mircea_popescu: we had the desire to have a pool ?

21:35:05 deadweasel: possibly.

21:36:58 mircea_popescu: so berkshire just had its 4th worst year in a 48 year history

21:38:12 mircea_popescu: while simultaneously making 18.2%, which is sorta midway (average returns 19.7%) in nominal terms

21:38:46 mircea_popescu: the difference being that s&p made 32.4%, which is like... 3x averages over the period.

21:38:52 mircea_popescu: clearly the us has no inflationary problem at all.

21:39:11 mircea_popescu: it's just that 20% a year doesn'tmanage to keep up with inflation, that's all.

21:51:14 Duffer1: lol NATO what the fuck on earth could they possibly do...

21:51:53 Duffer1: nato is exactly what i'd imagine a reddit army to look like

21:52:10 copumpkin: mircea_popescu: huh? I used the exact same pubkey the first time I signed up (I even forwarded my original email) and it worked for over a year!

21:54:39 mircea_popescu: copumpkin hm, i guess needs a closer look this.

21:56:08 copumpkin: mircea_popescu: I can try re-exporting it from my keychain and send you that. I just repeated the original email this past time

21:56:20 copumpkin: let me do that, in case the copy and paste corrupted it somehow

21:57:01 mircea_popescu: turns out it did. lots of html cruft

21:57:09 mircea_popescu: that's why it choked.

21:57:23 mircea_popescu: send a clean version will you

21:57:45 copumpkin: doing it now :) sorry!

21:58:18 mircea_popescu: somehow it didn't occur to me to check for <br> earlier.

21:58:51 copumpkin: hmm, I should probably just make it plain text

21:59:00 copumpkin: oh well, if this one breaks too I'll do that

22:03:04 mircea_popescu: "That kind of commitment was nothing new for us: We?ve been making similar wagers ever since Buffett

22:03:04 mircea_popescu: Partnership Ltd. acquired control of Berkshire in 1965. For good reason, too. Charlie and I have always considered

22:03:04 mircea_popescu: a ?bet? on ever-rising U.S. prosperity to be very close to a sure thing.

22:03:04 mircea_popescu: Indeed, who has ever benefited during the past 237 years by betting against America? If you compare our

22:03:05 mircea_popescu: country?s present condition to that existing in 1776, you have to rub your eyes in wonder. And the dynamism

22:03:09 mircea_popescu: embedded in our market economy will continue to work its magic. America?s best days lie ahead.

22:03:10 mircea_popescu: "

22:03:30 mircea_popescu: ahahah gotta love the fact that a 90 yo guy in nebraska is pretty much the only one left still believing this.

22:03:44 mircea_popescu: to the degree he sounds trollish, even

22:03:59 Duffer1: how far the mighty have fallen

22:04:16 Duffer1: dementia is so sad

22:04:29 mircea_popescu: who's to know, he was right before.

22:05:09 mircea_popescu: anyway, not entirely accurate. numerous times people benefited, sometimes immensely, by betting against the us.

22:06:24 BingoBoingo: Well, Buffet generally bets slow and safely. I mean buying the trains was a great move on his part.

22:06:51 mircea_popescu: sure.

22:08:26 mircea_popescu: auto insurance is great insurance to have, too, because you end up with just as much float as disaster, but much less risk.

22:10:16 copumpkin: mircea_popescu: did that one work?

22:10:33 mircea_popescu: copumpkin im not in a position to dick with it right nao.

22:10:40 copumpkin: ah okay

22:10:47 copumpkin: just curious, I'll be going offline again soon :)

22:10:50 copumpkin: but no rush

22:11:00 mircea_popescu: ya kk.

22:17:04 Duffer1: mircea_popescu if you're looking for an article today http://www.nytimes.com/2014/03/01/opinion/nocera-the-bitcoin-blasphemy.html?hp&rref=opinion

22:32:42 ThickAsThieves: Duffer1, that article is poor. He begins painting a picture, but then he won't show us the finished piece.

22:33:06 ThickAsThieves: pretty much Bitcoin is neat, but it needs Gov

22:33:17 ThickAsThieves: he never argues how Gov would help

22:42:52 asciilifeform: re: raspberry pi: the news item is - a sham

22:42:56 asciilifeform: you still need a binary blob

22:42:58 asciilifeform: just a smaller one

22:43:15 asciilifeform: 'Filtration System, a Marvel to Behold! It Removes 80% of Human Solid Waste!'

22:51:30 benkay: ;;later tell mircea_popescu just answering this nonsense: (<ThickAsThieves> benkay only dates WoW sluts) with some of my own

22:53:24 wao-ender: r> oh and there's a russian warship docking in cuba now, mysteriously

22:53:43 asciilifeform: wao-ender: 3 days now

22:55:02 wao-ender: looks like information escalation, lot of folks calls this like ww3.. overrated.

23:09:10 benkay: BingoBoingo: http://www.haaretz.com/news/world/1.577243

23:14:44 TestingUnoDosTre: Hey I need some help with a proposed bitbet that was rejected

23:16:20 TestingUnoDosTre: MMM / BTC above or equal to .2 on May 3 2014 Rejection reason: Consider submitting with substantial paid wager given peculiarity of proposition

23:16:46 artifexd: What is MMM?

23:17:26 TestingUnoDosTre: stock ticker MMM is 3M company

23:17:54 artifexd: And there is a place it is priced in BTC?

23:18:24 TestingUnoDosTre: no, its USD price cs BTC usd price

23:19:04 artifexd: So the bet outcome is determined by two (possibly compromised/influenced) feeds?

23:19:29 TestingUnoDosTre: compromised?

23:20:06 benkay: TestingUnoDosTre: read this http://fraudsters.com/2014/mpoe-february-2014-statement/

23:20:51 artifexd: Thanks benkay. That was exactly along the lines I was thinking.

23:21:14 benkay: i know :)

23:22:17 TestingUnoDosTre: theres bets with btcs usd price on the website all thr time. can you expand?

23:22:34 benkay: well your bet comes after the data feeds are found to be useless.

23:23:30 TestingUnoDosTre: how so?

23:24:16 TestingUnoDosTre: the bet ends two weeks early

23:24:21 jurov: too much fake data

23:24:27 benkay: bet opening dates, TestingUnoDosTre.

23:25:17 benkay: other bets dependent on btc price were *placed* before feeds were found to be useless. your bet was placed after feeds found to be useless. your bet is rejected probably because now the mods know the price signal is fucked. previous bets were not because nobody knew the price signal was fucked.

23:25:18 benkay: yeah?

23:25:46 TestingUnoDosTre: how is bitstamp fucked?

23:25:57 benkay: did you read that link?

23:26:09 benkay: you should probably ask the relevant parties as indicated in the fraudsters piece.

23:29:20 benkay: the easy answer is probably just to use bitcoin-central, but that'd just reek of cronyism.

23:30:21 benkay: beyond my pay grade

23:33:05 TestingUnoDosTre: that link is about MPoE options and counterparty risk, which thishas very little to do with. amiright?

23:33:52 TestingUnoDosTre: who is the authority to ask?

23:34:21 ThickAsThieves: whats the big question, doesnt it say to include a bet sum to get it accepted?

23:34:42 ThickAsThieves: do so

23:34:58 benkay: Even if one were to roll their own index : BTC-e is a rather dubious venture, still fondly remembered for their involvement in NovaCoin, the original altchain scamcoin and spotty reports of selective scamming. Bitstamp has two thumbs down from Matic for reasons I don’t fully grasp but then again I don’t really need to in that circumstance. I wouldn’t trust Kraken to hold as much as my spit, especially after their recent

23:34:59 benkay: bitdaytrade-esque failure and Jesse’s enthusiastic support of the well known and universally reviled Jared Kenna scammerx. There are some others out there, and they pop up and down like flies.xi

23:35:32 benkay: To make a long story short : there’s no way to obtain a price feed that could be relied on, currently.

23:35:50 benkay: all from the link

23:35:57 benkay: TestingUnoDosTre: you gotta try harder, frere.

23:36:04 ThickAsThieves: bets dont need a reliable feed

23:36:07 ThickAsThieves: just a specific one

23:36:19 benkay: yeah there's that approach

23:37:03 TestingUnoDosTre: i used bitstamp, it was very specific

23:37:34 benkay: anyways, ThickAsThieves has it on the nose. mods say submit with substantial wager.

23:38:09 ThickAsThieves: basically bitbet is saying your bet is lame, but if you back it theyll list it

23:38:11 TestingUnoDosTre: i bet .5btc RIGHT AWAY

23:38:25 ThickAsThieves: aparently its not substantial enuf

23:38:44 TestingUnoDosTre: theres no reason i wont bet more, but I want to gage interest

23:38:54 ThickAsThieves: very little

23:39:01 ThickAsThieves: who cares about MMM?

23:39:08 ThickAsThieves: this is bitcoin

23:39:18 ThickAsThieves: you might get a TSLA bet thru

23:39:39 TestingUnoDosTre: if I just throw 2 btc out therr, im afraid no one takes interest until too late

23:39:48 ThickAsThieves: so is bitbet

23:39:59 benkay: the more you throw down the bigger the attraction on the other side, right?

23:40:21 ThickAsThieves: is this a hedge or something?

23:40:36 TestingUnoDosTre: it has to do with hedging a position...

23:40:55 TestingUnoDosTre: no shit sherlock

23:41:34 benkay: anyways

23:41:35 benkay: .bait

23:41:36 ozbot: http://24.media.tumblr.com/1a1ed612e474897bf32e321e52c9c235/tumblr_mmok5t2fL31r3yc8oo1_1280.jpg

23:41:43 benkay: .bait

23:41:44 ozbot: http://25.media.tumblr.com/286fa78a1511b1709a3834113c6720a6/tumblr_mmok9sGbOB1r3yc8oo1_1280.jpg

23:41:50 benkay: .bait

23:41:51 ozbot: http://25.media.tumblr.com/f53c1fd94980d4598264cdcd197169e3/tumblr_mn5k28W83q1qg7xwvo1_500.jpg

23:42:02 benkay: three strikes and you're out, ozbot.

23:42:19 TestingUnoDosTre: who can i talk to about this bet that will actually help out?

23:42:51 benkay: help? that's not really how bitbet works most of the time.

23:43:11 benkay: but you'd want to bother mircea_popescu or kakobrekla until they satisfy your curiosity

23:43:20 BingoBoingo: benkay: For the purposes I am looking for on the Betbet, I need to see unit patches and other things that affiliate these "Russian Soldiers" with units of a regular army. The backops unaffiliated, noncombatants (as per the Geneva convention definition) can't resolve that bet as yet.

23:43:31 benkay: oh, i know.

23:43:46 benkay: relevant to your interests is all, BingoBoingo.

23:44:03 BingoBoingo: benkay: I know. I've got Bitcoins at stake.

23:44:30 TestingUnoDosTre: hey kakobrekla are you here?

23:45:25 Duffer1: thickasthieves the article was terrible, was just pointing it out to MP if he needed something to hate on

23:47:13 kakobrekla: hi TestingUnoDosTre , which part of the mods reply > "Rejection reason: Consider submitting with substantial paid wager given peculiarity of proposition" you have troubles with?

23:54:14 benkay: on an entirely different topic, new site is up. http://survantjames.com

23:56:08 TestingUnoDosTre: my trouble is this. im willing to wager more as the bet develops, but .5 btc is more than most bets start with. i want to gage interest, see if theres an actual good payout, and wait maybe a week or few before i add more to the bet

23:57:13 TestingUnoDosTre: otherwise if theres no interest, i could get rocked