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Transcript for 01-04-2018, 77 lines:

05:10:38 funkenstein_: https://www.npr.org/sections/thetwo-way/2018/03/29/597991227/why-300-000-volkswagens-are-being-stored-in-these-massive-auto-boneyards

05:10:39 assbot: Why 300,000 Volkswagens Are Being Stored In These Massive Auto Boneyards : The Two-Way : NPR ... ( http://bit.ly/2H28XEa )

08:06:53 adlai: forgive my compulsive streamcrossing, but recent treellama logs are quite the likbez regarding why mandatory military service is not such a bad form of, uh... social engineering?

08:08:18 adlai: (tl;dr: yet another native of USG.Anarres begins to recognize 21st century westarchy, complains on irc, plans to run away)

08:09:12 adlai: now i'm not sure whether israel or the previous ~50 "states of the union" have more automatic rifles per capita, or per dunam, but it's rather irrelevant: just look at the result.

08:10:07 adlai: there's this saying, "am bo-neh tzava bo-neh am", which both literally and idiomatically translates as "people build army builds people"

08:23:22 punkman: adlai, does the mandatory service pay anything in Israel?

08:24:23 adlai: yes, but not much. you could probably earn more as a fulltime collector of glass bottles that people leave out as legal sub-minimum-wage employment of the homeless.

08:25:03 funkenstein_: not to mention the vastly improved reputation such an occupation would give you

08:25:03 adlai: or how about "yeah, it pays enough to get drunk on weekends, or buy junk^H^H^H^Hcomfort food for staving off boredom on long patrols"

08:25:19 adlai: naturally once the mandatory time is over, those who remain are paid more.

08:25:47 adlai: and those who sit on their ass, or spend more time in the vicinity of water both running and heated, are also paid less.

08:26:18 adlai: it's a surprisingly reasonable bureaucracy and i hated every moment of it :D

08:26:52 funkenstein_: switzerland's solution in comparison seems a lot more reasonable

08:27:03 *: adlai is unfamiliar, what do they do?

08:27:05 punkman: what is it, 3 years?

08:27:26 punkman: .gr pays 1.5eur a month or something

08:28:21 funkenstein_: mandatory service w/ pay, mandatory gun ownership, but no enforcement of racist apartheid nor following orders by drooling psychopaths

08:29:09 adlai: iirc, idf paid couple hundred bucks a month for standard "combat" service (which mostly also consists of sitting on ass, but much more frequent relocations, less air conditioning, fewer or shittier upholstery, and occasionally you gotta lie or run)

08:30:00 adlai: you'd be surprised at how equally shitty the israeli government orders its military to behave towards both extremes.

08:30:23 adlai: arguably, the most tense moment of my service was delivering an umpteenth eviction notice to a settler.

08:30:51 adlai: (dude lived in a wasteland of surplus ordnance and had a big friendly dog)

08:31:14 funkenstein_: did you get to shoot any kids?

08:31:20 adlai: nope.

08:31:27 adlai: -_-

08:31:53 *: adlai mostly killed cardboard, and occasionally glowsticks.

08:32:48 adlai: switzerland seems to have grown quite a pleasant buffer zone over the course of the past several centuries

08:33:03 *: adlai wonders what the middle east will look like by the next hyperbitcoinization

08:33:33 funkenstein_: yeah there's a fairly large portion of the population who would rather see de-escalation of conflict

08:34:06 adlai: fwiw, i have a distinct memory of beggars of all age and color outside the central train station in .ch

08:34:13 funkenstein_: resulting living conditions are improved

08:34:21 funkenstein_: zurri? bern?

08:34:31 adlai: they were polite, and had a pet dog or two; but seemed, for all intents and purposes, to be professional beggers.

08:34:34 adlai: bern

08:34:38 funkenstein_: you will find some yes but not as many as NYC

08:35:16 funkenstein_: yeah I got to know a few who lived around the Bahnhof, some in fact were quite well-to-do I was informed but just were looking for social interaction

08:35:22 adlai: lol NYC has bums stinking up downtown hallways with synthetic cannabinoids. quite a shithole.

08:36:12 funkenstein_: Bern went through a rough time when opioid handouts bought in junkies from across the globe

08:36:27 *: adlai enjoyed miami, though - gladly paid a bum some banknote for his tale

08:37:00 adlai: "Is it not enough to see that a garden is beautiful, without watering it indiscriminantly?"

08:37:54 adlai: hmm. i guess i should call the fellow in miami a beggar, rather than a bum; or just a disheveled veteran who asked me for cash.

08:38:03 funkenstein_: I was back in NYC in Feb. to see a clinton show, enjoyed wandering around handing out fivers.

08:38:11 funkenstein_: you spent some time in Miami adlai?

08:38:25 adlai: very little. it was my first "bitcoin conference"

08:38:38 funkenstein_: oh yeah i think i remember hearing about that one

08:39:23 adlai: then i ran out of drugs (being a stranger in a stranger land), and spent the rest of the week bumming off free wifi and teaching my robots to lose less money

08:40:06 funkenstein_: the thing that irks me about the latest gun debate stateside is that despite having apparently a large population of freedom and gun enthusiasts, not a single one of the armed uniformed psychos who murder unarmed innocents on video has been kneecapped or tarred and feathered. not a single one

08:40:57 adlai: it's only a matter of time until two of them show up to spray the same mess hall. one will call the other's bluff and the peanut gallery will get a million likes for shooting the 21st century's first true western.

08:41:23 *: adlai should get back to his cooking... loose fingers bore singers

08:41:24 funkenstein_: oy vey

08:43:08 funkenstein_: 1.5 eur a month ? dude

08:43:31 funkenstein_: punkman a friend is trying to get me to invest in a thessaloniki property

08:43:35 funkenstein_: what do you think

08:43:38 adlai: punkman: btw you reminded me that i need to visit the greeks again... possibly the first place where i heard stories about what military service is really like, rather than cinematic dramatizations

09:42:04 adlai: ;;later tell funkenstein_ re:pm - does not ring my bell, but i don't listen much beyond the json

09:42:04 gribble: The operation succeeded.

11:21:51 adlai: http://log.bitcoin-assets.com/?date=01-04-2018#1480426 << worth noting that different extremes focus their lobbies on different audiences; broadly speaking, the jews focus on the local, and the others on the others

11:21:51 assbot: Logged on 01-04-2018 08:30:00; adlai: you'd be surprised at how equally shitty the israeli government orders its military to behave towards both extremes.

11:23:15 *: adlai avoids nonsense categories such as "arabs", "palestinians", and "goyim", which paper over simple binary racism... most israelis have arab blood; palestine was a mandate; and goyim, oy vey, i don't even know where to begin defining that one.

11:24:00 adlai: such use of language makes me about as popular as this channel's favorite fellow.

12:32:35 kakobrekla: meanwhile in taiwan https://i.imgur.com/h0Iqrap.jpg

12:32:36 assbot: ... ( http://bit.ly/2Ikd2mE )

12:36:28 pankkake: rice war now

12:41:49 kakobrekla: for the untrained eye, the other one is mirrored

12:42:35 kakobrekla: but the building looks adequately depressing tho

14:57:53 punkman: funkenstein_: punkman a friend is trying to get me to invest in a thessaloniki property << you can get some great property deals in .gr, but you know caveat emptor etc

14:58:26 punkman: 5btc gets you a serviceable 1bdr

14:58:47 kakobrekla: i was actually eyeballing some stuff on the islands the other day

15:00:37 punkman: if location is suitable, might even be worth to BYO electricity

15:00:53 punkman: I'm paying 0.20eur per kwh right now

15:00:54 punkman: sucks

15:03:34 kakobrekla: eh, thats proly only double from what we pay

15:03:59 punkman: nominally 0.1/kwh, then another 0.1 in hodgepodge of taxes

15:04:48 kakobrekla: idk, if you can affort to buy house, you can afford to pay for electricity, i would think

15:04:53 kakobrekla: afford*

15:22:22 punkman: if you can get cheap solar, probably worth it

19:44:08 jurov: punkman: water isn't expensive?