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Transcript for 02-05-2018, 6 lines:

07:38:41 adlai: now i wonder, if i trash talk $(search logs :from "gabriel_ladde1") in these logs, for being a... something worthy of trash talk, will he respond in the parallel noisehole with another blanket "fuck'em" or does he only cough when spit upon directly?

07:40:17 adlai: he said, roughly: "I'd rather sell crack/arms/precursors than milk moocows... But adali? BB? The old ex-mit-ai-lab guy I met who now just tutors kids in math & DOESNT EVEN TEACH THEM LISP?! Or the other ex-symbolics people? Fuck em."

07:41:04 adlai: so we've got one kid who'd rather sell arms, and another who could but would rather buy and shoot. so far i'd say the Lost Boys Club is growing up quite nicely, eh kakobrekla ?

07:41:16 adlai: *could've

07:41:33 adlai: they wouldn't have fetched much, the good shit gets sold to india.

14:22:13 asciilifeform: adlai: keep in mind that laddel is an intermittedly-homeless d00d with a substances habit; plays roughly similar role in the conversation as Vexual did in the old days.