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Transcript for 03-01-2017, 344 lines:

02:32:08 adlai: http://log.bitcoin-assets.com/?date=01-01-2017#1464208 >> mine is http://log.bitcoin-assets.com//?date=16-02-2015#1020937

02:32:08 assbot: Logged on 01-01-2017 16:00:39; punkman: so this is my public new year resolution

02:32:08 assbot: Logged on 16-02-2015 17:07:05; Adlai: also nitrous isn't that cheap

02:33:23 adlai: joinmarket proved that blockr "isn't actually a thing", actual people don't use it, etc

02:33:59 kakobrekla: whut

02:34:15 kakobrekla: folks where like s/https/http and march on

02:34:59 adlai: could be

02:35:18 adlai: could also be that nobody actually uses jm either!

02:35:32 kakobrekla: could be actual people no such thing

02:36:05 adlai: actual be a thing, no people could such

07:38:20 punkman: https://community.ntppool.org/t/leap-second-2017-status/59

07:38:22 assbot: Leap second 2017 status - NTP Pool Project ... ( http://bit.ly/2iD6tlH )

07:42:48 punkman: https://github.com/dxa4481/truffleHog

07:42:49 assbot: GitHub - dxa4481/truffleHog: Searches through git repositories for high entropy strings, digging deep into commit history ... ( http://bit.ly/2iDjKL5 )

07:44:27 punkman: http://www.red-lang.org/2016/07/native-reactive-spreadsheet-in-17-loc.html

07:44:28 assbot: Red Programming Language: Native reactive spreadsheet in 17 LOC ... ( http://bit.ly/2iD5S3N )

07:46:32 funkenstein_: guys are worried about being off by a second, meanwhile we celebrate new years's 10 days late

07:46:39 funkenstein_: happy new year punkman :D

07:46:52 punkman: you too funkenstein_

07:47:45 punkman: isn't chinese new year in february

07:48:01 funkenstein_: well they mostly call that "spring festival" these days

07:48:15 funkenstein_: but yeah technically you're right

07:48:33 funkenstein_: plenty of fireworks and "新年快乐" around here the last few days though

07:49:27 funkenstein_: http://log.bitcoin-assets.com/?date=02-01-2017#1464362 <-- how would something measured in dollars by "real income" ?

07:49:27 assbot: Logged on 02-01-2017 22:22:24; punkman: http://rbth.com/business/2016/12/23/real-income-in-russia-falls-by-over-12-in-2-years_666751 "In May 2016 the average monthly salary in Russia fell to $500, which is below the average monthly salary in China, according to Russia's largest bank Sberbank."

07:49:41 funkenstein_: * be

07:50:03 punkman: it's gonna be fun explaining eurotards how they are poorer than the chinks now

07:50:33 funkenstein_: well if you measure wealth in fiat currency you are poor, that's always been the case

07:50:52 funkenstein_: kinda like "I'm worth X dollars" means "I'm worthless" for any value of X

07:51:05 funkenstein_: but this mostly works for bitcoin too

07:53:12 punkman: what would funkenstein_ measure

07:53:46 funkenstein_: well there's lots you could measure

07:53:52 funkenstein_: concerning comparing russia and china?

07:54:12 funkenstein_: perhaps plumbing availability

07:54:20 funkenstein_: income vs. transportation costs

07:54:28 funkenstein_: income vs. alcohol costs

07:54:39 funkenstein_: there's a lot one could measure

07:54:56 funkenstein_: i think more russian girls working china than vice versa

07:55:13 funkenstein_: but i've never been to russia

07:55:59 punkman: greece is also below $500 now

07:56:13 punkman: an nothing's cheap

07:56:36 funkenstein_: one guy in greece was telling me all the russians come through with stacks and stacks of euros

07:56:41 punkman: yep

07:56:55 punkman: there are stored with russian signs not too far from here

07:56:58 punkman: *stores

07:56:59 funkenstein_: apparently buying up zurich as well

07:57:05 punkman: especially furs

07:57:34 punkman: kinda weird to be buying furs then going to the beach for a swim

07:58:33 funkenstein_: lol :D

07:58:50 funkenstein_: wait they are selling furs in crete?

08:01:44 punkman: ah here http://log.bitcoin-assets.com//?date=21-11-2014#930959

08:01:44 assbot: Logged on 21-11-2014 17:17:54; punkman: always found these shops curious, trying to sell furs in a place that doesn't get cold http://www.vossfurs.com/media/1087/Hersonissos1.jpg

08:02:31 funkenstein_: lol wow

08:02:47 funkenstein_: i guess going for the tourists

08:03:50 punkman: 3 locations, lights are still on, must be doing something right

08:04:47 funkenstein_: if having lights on is your goal, i suppose

08:05:15 punkman: "business still operating"

08:06:24 punkman: city center is full of emptied shops these days

08:06:28 funkenstein_: hey if you can sell furs on the beach perhaps you can go far

08:07:28 funkenstein_: hmm are there magasin de grand surface outside the city?

08:09:07 punkman: not really

08:10:09 funkenstein_: so it's a "less tourism" thing rather than a local restructuring

08:14:37 punkman: tourism is growing

08:14:51 punkman: but what is uni graduate with $500 a month gonna buy

08:15:57 funkenstein_: yeah not russian furs i guess

08:18:59 punkman: rent is $200-$300, maybe less if you can find roommates, but nobody built "roommatable" apartments/houses in last 2 decades

08:19:11 punkman: that's not including utilities

08:21:27 funkenstein_: well maybe you can make the place into an offshore haven of some sort

08:21:31 punkman: bigger problem though, the $500/month kids can't support the infrastructure

08:21:37 punkman: it's crumbling

08:23:23 punkman: and those keeping the lights on, can't even afford $500, they get 100% subsidies from unemployment agency to hire new kids

08:23:27 funkenstein_: where's the 500 coming from?

08:24:04 punkman: well some can afford, but hey free money anyway

08:24:16 punkman: or the kids aren't even worth $500

08:26:45 funkenstein_: well at least you're not forced to get familiar with air quality measurement forecasts :)

08:28:15 punkman: lots of people switching to burning wood instead of diesel

08:28:23 punkman: I can smell it in the evenings

08:28:39 punkman: at least nobody's burning coal yet

08:28:56 punkman: (and winter's short)

08:30:30 funkenstein_: sounds nice

08:31:23 punkman: relatedly, last 3-4 years, people have retired the plates of 1 million cars

08:31:28 punkman: less smogz

08:31:38 funkenstein_: now you caught my attention :)

08:32:17 punkman: (~11million pop)

08:34:01 punkman: /me off to visit the fishmonger

09:13:44 punkman: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=78QZeEQrLTQ

09:13:45 assbot: Chui Wan - The Sound Of Wilderness [Official Music Video] - YouTube ... ( http://bit.ly/2iDoT6d )

13:28:00 punkman: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SlGhG20BkWw

13:28:01 assbot: Prefuse 73 - Storm Returns - YouTube ... ( http://bit.ly/2iE1wt5 )

14:30:45 punkman: https://www.slashgear.com/kissenger-robotic-kisser-lets-you-make-out-from-afar-26468772/

14:30:46 assbot: Kissenger Robotic kisser lets you make out from afar - SlashGear ... ( http://bit.ly/2iE7la1 )

14:31:01 kakobrekla: l0l

14:31:58 *: kakobrekla still waiting fot 'Creative SmellBlaster'

14:35:40 punkman: kakobrekla: they tried it in 1999

14:36:04 punkman: https://www.wired.com/1999/11/digiscent/

14:36:05 assbot: ... ( http://bit.ly/2iEiEyH )

14:37:22 kakobrekla: somehow i thought it was always just a joke

14:37:48 punkman: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ISmell

14:37:49 assbot: iSmell - Wikipedia ... ( http://bit.ly/2iEgmQb )

14:38:00 punkman: "contained a cartridge with 128 "primary odors""

14:38:43 punkman: I think you could do a lot with 128 or 512 odors

14:38:52 pankkake: failed so quickly Apple didn't have the time to sue?

14:39:07 kakobrekla: lol

14:42:05 punkman: https://www.wired.com/2015/04/ophone-onotes-itune-of-smell/

14:42:06 assbot: ... ( http://bit.ly/2iEfNpD )

14:42:11 punkman: iSmell, oPhone

14:47:10 punkman: biggest problem I see with it is the cartridges. if you got 128-in-1 cartridge, it's always gonna run out of the most used "colors" first

14:48:24 pankkake: they should have marketed it to fetishists

14:49:37 punkman: if anyone manages to do desktop scent synthesis, would probably double as "drug" printer

15:20:23 punkman: "The first to be presented to the public was Aromarama, which made its debut in December 1959 with Behind the Great Wall, a travelogue of China, with the tagline “You must breath it to believe it!” The public — and the critics — were not impressed. "

15:21:21 punkman: "The supplier of the scents for AromaRama says it has “a library of 2000 standard chemical odors” which can be mixed in various combinations. AromaRama’s promoters assert that a 600-seat theatre can be equipped with AromaRama in 2 weeks at a cost of from $4500 to $7500."

15:46:57 punkman: poetic https://twitter.com/Cryptomeorg/status/816233182970449920

15:46:58 assbot: Cryptome sur Twitter : "Hacks and leaks now MSM erotica with black-strip redactions over private parts, Hefner and Flynt precursing Assange's onanizing sophomorics." ... ( http://bit.ly/2i6m0qI )

16:43:33 kakobrekla: https://www.google.com/finance?q=OTCMKTS%3AGBTC&ei=dMdrWJrfMdWHsgGF1ZaIBA

16:43:34 assbot: Bitcoin Investment Trust: OTCMKTS:GBTC quotes & news - Google Finance ... ( http://bit.ly/2i6sUfM )

16:51:47 funkenstein_: "onanizing sophomorics" ?? what's up with people suddenly going nuts on twitter

16:52:06 funkenstein_: what was it the other day "onania, decry the deadly sin" or some such

16:54:40 funkenstein_: hopefully this is just "oh hey I have an obscure sexual term" but next to the return of "flat earth theory" this doesn't look good

16:56:52 kakobrekla: dark ages are making a come back

16:56:56 punkman: not obscure

16:57:15 punkman: also that's John Young's style

16:57:43 punkman: Αυνανισμός in greek

16:58:00 funkenstein_: aha neato

16:58:10 punkman: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Onan

16:58:11 assbot: Onan - Wikipedia ... ( http://bit.ly/2i6wWEJ )

16:58:13 funkenstein_: referring specifically to withdrawl or what?

16:58:21 punkman: Onan's death was retribution for being "evil in the sight of the Lord" through being unwilling to father a child by his widowed sister-in-law

16:58:23 funkenstein_: in greek I mean

16:58:31 punkman: masturbation

16:58:47 funkenstein_: that story was also on your link a few days ago

16:59:04 punkman: yeah he pulled out

16:59:18 funkenstein_: so like, don't touch yourself during sex either or like, you're bad?

17:00:40 funkenstein_: perhaps it's just a softer way to say "self-fellating sophomorics"

17:01:53 punkman: kakobrekla: so is that $1400 paper price?

17:02:31 funkenstein_: i thought the greek was "mallaka"

17:02:40 kakobrekla: punkman correct

17:03:53 funkenstein_: meanwhile 3.3 million strong bolivars to the BTC on surbitcoin

17:05:02 punkman: kakobrekla: so with 1.7mil shares, that means they hold 170k BTC?

17:05:13 kakobrekla: yea

17:05:51 punkman: funkenstein_ going to Venezuela next?

17:06:55 funkenstein_: probably not. some family just visited though.

17:07:27 funkenstein_: so I've been following a bit

17:12:50 funkenstein_: One reason GBTC would be overvalued is that "old money" faces difficulty in escaping custodians

17:13:38 funkenstein_: everyone involved would rather have higher risk and lose 40% than face the possibility of ever facing blame

17:14:06 punkman: "Adobe Flash Player is required for interactive charts." such html5, very google, wow

17:17:24 funkenstein_: i didn't quite catch the meaning of Adlai's new years resolution.. to pay less for nitrous?

17:28:35 funkenstein_: the we had Mickens being linked also :) had to go back through his material, I love it

17:28:41 funkenstein_: reminds me a lot of Dave Barry

17:29:20 funkenstein_: who come to think of it probably has a year-in-review out I better go hunt down

17:30:46 funkenstein_: https://www.washingtonpost.com/lifestyle/magazine/dave-barrys-year-in-review-trump-and-the-hideous-monstrosity-that-was-2016/2016/12/29/17c84a14-b7d6-11e6-b8df-600bd9d38a02_story.html?utm_term=.ea1931f5225e

17:30:47 assbot: Dave Barry’s Year in Review: Trump and the ‘hideous monstrosity’ that was 2016 - The Washington Post ... ( http://bit.ly/2iEDZIz )

18:34:42 punkman: ;;tall

18:34:48 gribble: Bitstamp BTCUSD last: 1020.51, vol: 8140.33077040 | BTC-E BTCUSD last: 986.5, vol: 3979.23739 | Bitfinex BTCUSD last: 1022.8, vol: 15793.36472698 | GDAX BTCUSD last: 1026.0, vol: 8095.02052054 | BTCChina BTCUSD last: 1055.66822, vol: 2378141.33890000 | Kraken BTCUSD last: 1024.871, vol: 1898.94714344 | Gemini BTCUSD last: 1023.66, vol: 1512.35490217 | Volume-weighted last average: (1 more message)

18:40:13 punkman: https://sale.aliexpress.com/4AUiFoEAkV.htm

18:40:14 assbot: Alipay balance service will be terminated ... ( http://bit.ly/2i6ZFJG )

18:48:37 pankkake: do we know why they're doing that?

18:53:30 kakobrekla: imma guess banking regulations

19:03:50 davout: "withdrawals considered an obsolete feature by the industry at large"

19:18:17 kakobrekla: i can attest to that

19:19:52 davout: do like the cool kids

19:19:56 davout: make a blog post

19:20:07 davout: <-- cool kid

19:21:23 kakobrekla: no blog, no blog post

19:22:41 davout: whatever

19:22:55 davout: .bait

19:23:06 *: davout was wondering if that still worked

19:23:16 davout: !bait

19:23:24 davout: god have things turned to shit

19:24:50 kakobrekla: make a blog post

19:25:45 davout: "where has my soft pr0n gone", by david françois

19:26:31 davout: already working on "how to cut the wallet off of TRB" ftr

19:26:45 davout: not that the record should particularly care either way

19:27:07 kakobrekla: iirc the 'baits' have started to repeat rather quickly

19:27:47 punkman: davout, I posted miner removal patch on the mailing list in the before times

19:28:16 punkman: how's trb working for you?

19:28:45 davout: punkman: seems like ben_vulpes is using the miner, for tests if i understand correctly

19:29:08 davout: punkman: it's syncing

19:29:19 kakobrekla: hehe

19:29:41 punkman: davout: what's ben_vulpes' tests gotta do with your personally mutilated trb

19:30:22 davout: not sure i understand, you mentioned the miner

19:31:17 punkman: mentioned it since you are cutting limbs of your copy

19:31:59 punkman: I might be motivated to submit further patches on wallet/miner-less branch

19:34:31 davout: re the wallet i'm trying to figure out the proper way to remove it, assuming such a way even exists without eschewing the ability to transact altogether

19:36:40 kakobrekla: why bother removing if you can just not-use it

19:40:49 davout: kakobrekla: i still need to transact

19:41:10 kakobrekla: hm?

19:41:10 davout: but there's no particular reason to keep it in the core

19:41:45 davout: furthermore "if you don't like don't use it" is an argument that can be made against removing anything in any piece of software

19:41:57 davout: also it does a really shitty job

19:42:09 davout: is ridden with magic numbers

19:42:34 kakobrekla: that an argument can be used against x is not an argument against argument

19:42:42 davout: and more importantly thinks that it's smarter than you (mostly the latest bitcoin-core versions)

19:43:20 davout: the point is that your argument is way too broad

19:43:50 *: kakobrekla actually enjoying the whole trb circus show

19:44:33 *: kakobrekla will rather stay quiet to not disturb it

19:45:11 davout: how would that 'disturbing' work?

19:45:15 pankkake: meanwhile bitcoin core can be compiled without a wallet since... years?

19:46:03 davout: pankkake: it sure can, but the point is not to remove functionality, the point is to decouple it

19:46:14 kakobrekla: davout like so http://log.bitcoin-assets.com//?date=10-12-2016#1462057

19:46:14 assbot: Logged on 10-12-2016 21:46:25; asciilifeform: see, imho skeptical folx like punkman , kakobrekla , would do wonders on trb planet. they could do much good. but as i can see here, none of you are interested in approaching it from productive angle. instead you are only interested in throwing shit, like monkey, in any direction that smells vaguely like mircea_popescu.

19:46:48 pankkake: I use armory so I guess that's done too

19:48:35 davout: pankkake: lite-wallet amirite?

19:49:48 pankkake: anyway I will never take The Retarded Bitcoin seriously, because people were pretending to use these versions when it was shown they couldn't sync, and it took them a lot of time to actually fix it

19:50:00 asciilifeform: pankkake: who pretended

19:50:00 pankkake: so it was all posturing

19:50:02 asciilifeform: link plox ?

19:50:04 asciilifeform: into the logz

19:50:20 pankkake: like every day, it was all about using 0.6 and what not

19:50:24 pankkake: for months

19:50:24 asciilifeform: if you're gonna lie, lie convincingly

19:50:52 kakobrekla: previously liked debate funily reminds me of https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zjz16xjeBAA

19:50:53 assbot: He's Not The Messiah - Monty Python's Life of Brian - YouTube ... ( http://bit.ly/2iFesip )

19:51:11 asciilifeform: pretty sure that mircea_popescu ~to this day~ uses his weirdo patched (db locks limit) 0.6.

19:51:26 asciilifeform: at least, his node breaks in ways consistent with said curio.

19:56:19 kakobrekla: pankkake well i dunno about that but generally, protip, there is no evidence you could show to anybody who does not value evidence in order to convince him of anything

20:04:24 davout: neatly consistent with "i don't haz blog"

20:04:47 kakobrekla: yeah, i try to be consistent.

20:05:34 kakobrekla: but fixation on using a blog as a medium or it does not exist is interdasting at least

20:07:14 kakobrekla: sorta like 'if it was on qntra its the Truth (approved my the ministry of agitpop)' school of though

20:07:39 kakobrekla: t

20:10:56 davout: static html on static wwwtron would count as perfectly fine instance of 'blog'

20:11:27 asciilifeform: kakobrekla, champion skeptic, readily believes at face value various gavins, shitcoin exchanges, usg functionaries (incl. herr tritler), but not mircea_popescu, oh noez, lel.

20:12:20 davout: the point of 'blog' instead of 'various bits thrown here and there in disparate logs' is that blog forces consistent thread of uninterrupted logic, making readily apparent to any observer the logical holes, if any

20:12:31 asciilifeform: ^

20:13:01 davout: it's not, as kakobrekla seems to be implying some sterile mp cargo cultism

20:13:03 asciilifeform: davout: it is my current understanding that kakobrekla ~knows~ this, and specifically refuses to write his observations down in any parcel larger than a paragraph for precisely this reason.

20:13:22 asciilifeform: because taken as anything other than a paragraph-at-a-time, they do not stand.

20:14:14 kakobrekla: lmao

20:15:37 kakobrekla: http://log.bitcoin-assets.com/?date=03-01-2017#1464584 < why on earth would you think that the tekmology behind 'wwwtron' would even enter into this

20:15:37 assbot: Logged on 03-01-2017 20:10:56; davout: static html on static wwwtron would count as perfectly fine instance of 'blog'

20:17:15 punkman: still asking the man for bitbet retrospective?

20:17:47 kakobrekla: http://log.bitcoin-assets.com/?date=03-01-2017#1464585 < the lel part is how alf believes ~all nonsene that mp flushem down your digital sewers

20:17:47 assbot: Logged on 03-01-2017 20:11:27; asciilifeform: kakobrekla, champion skeptic, readily believes at face value various gavins, shitcoin exchanges, usg functionaries (incl. herr tritler), but not mircea_popescu, oh noez, lel.

20:18:12 kakobrekla: punkman they are playing the evoultions 'missing link' game

20:19:47 davout: kakobrekla: point is there's no technology involved

20:20:29 davout: make .txt, share through napster, wtf do i care as long as text is here

20:21:47 kakobrekla: that is not the point at all

20:22:02 davout: ok, so what is the point

20:22:43 kakobrekla: the line before your compliment of consistency

20:23:41 kakobrekla: there isnt much you can do when you are dealing with *i want to believe* mentality

20:23:46 kakobrekla: or maybe im just ill equiped for it

20:24:14 punkman: well signed statement would have been proper

20:24:41 asciilifeform: on the contrary, kakobrekla is surprisingly well-equipped for it, believes the gavins and the 'world leaders' without any sign of doubt

20:24:44 davout: kakobrekla: likewise, there isn't much to argue with one who doesn't actually want to argue

20:24:56 kakobrekla: i thought we break our arms to gpg-voice so we dont have to sign every line

20:25:38 punkman: asciilifeform: what indicates that kako or others here believe the gavins?

20:25:49 davout: kakobrekla: that's retarded, how do you prove assbot didn't voice davout that actually is kakobrekla-with-a-curly-wig?

20:26:04 kakobrekla: then imma just bolt of gpg voice

20:26:06 kakobrekla: off*

20:26:14 asciilifeform: punkman: his endorsement of prb, for instance. his cheering on of every attempt, since schism (i count 3) to break bitcoin with forkism. and other instances.

20:26:33 kakobrekla: i would love to see blockchain increase for 1 byte

20:26:48 punkman: asciilifeform: and to not do that, does he have to endorse TRB?

20:26:49 asciilifeform: kakobrekla: nobody makes you keep the voice thing if you dun like it

20:26:51 kakobrekla: would make popcorn taste much better

20:26:53 asciilifeform: punkman: yes.

20:27:01 punkman: ic

20:27:04 davout: whatever gets you off, point being, you can't blame people for your failure to construct a structured argument, assuming bad faith of other readers-to-be doesn't consitute a valid excuse to fail to produce a structured argument

20:27:05 asciilifeform: punkman: unless you know of some other trb.

20:27:43 asciilifeform: punkman: srsly, if you know of some folks i've never previously heard of, maintaining a pedigreed-to-original and nsa-free bitcoin, that functions on the net today, write to me.

20:27:49 kakobrekla: davout it has to do with attentivness. i read the bible and go 'lolwtf nonsense', dpb reads the bible, goes 'zomg the word of god right here !!'

20:28:25 punkman: there is no original to pedigree to.

20:28:42 punkman: everyone has own sets of bugs

20:28:52 davout: kakobrekla: people being religious doesn't == people believe in santa claus, this simplistic view is however not really the point of the discussion

20:28:56 asciilifeform: punkman: original had -- yes -- bugs

20:29:09 asciilifeform: punkman: understand the meaning of 'pedigree'

20:29:29 kakobrekla: davout techically there is no good reason for them not to believe santa claus, unless non consistent

20:29:50 davout: kakobrekla: that makes zero sense

20:29:59 kakobrekla: does not surprise me

20:30:56 davout: because what you say is "if people are religious, there is a good reason for them to believe in santa claus" wtf

20:31:10 kakobrekla: this is more or less correct yes

20:31:39 davout: kakobrekla: does there exist one person you respect for his/her intelligence that also happens to be religious?

20:31:54 davout: consistency would require a 'no' here

20:31:55 kakobrekla: i cant think of one

20:32:41 davout: do you agree that thought is conveyed among humans by language?

20:32:57 davout: such as "in a fucking IRC channel" for example?

20:33:43 kakobrekla: an approximation sure is

20:34:06 davout: maybe you then also agree that "complex thought is more easily conveyed using a medium that allows uninterrupted flow of argumentation, as opposed the cross-references mess that an IRC channel is" ?

20:34:43 davout: anyway, you got the point months ago i think, there's not much point for me to waste any more time here

20:34:46 kakobrekla: do you need a blog post not to believe in santa or is irc satisfactory?

20:35:03 davout: i need you to stop acting like an idiot because i know you aren't one

20:35:19 kakobrekla: why makes you think im not

20:35:22 punkman: asciilifeform: so we have a dozen prb versions, couple trb versions, mpb, btcd, and so on. each with own sets of bugs. why is {trb-bugs} important and why should we preserve it?

20:35:25 kakobrekla: what*

20:35:25 davout: wake me up when you're ready to actually make a structured argument, be it on parchment or on medium

20:35:30 davout: !down davout

20:35:45 asciilifeform: punkman: because it existed prior to bitcoin being worth stealing.

20:35:47 kakobrekla: what nonsense is this

20:35:50 punkman: foiled davout :P

20:35:53 kakobrekla: i did not wake up anyone for this

20:36:27 asciilifeform: incidentally what happened to kakobrekla's voyage

20:36:30 asciilifeform: he is back ?

20:36:45 kakobrekla: no, got slightly delay, bought plane ticket a few days ago, leaving in a few

20:36:52 kakobrekla: cant wait to see me go?

20:37:17 asciilifeform: nah, but if kakobrekla travels through gringolandia i'd invite him for tea

20:37:58 kakobrekla: should come with geiger or somesuch

20:38:11 *: asciilifeform pictures scene from film 'princess bride'

20:39:51 kakobrekla: i find it amusing how folks come at me on irc with the argument eding 'irc is not a medium for this'

20:39:53 punkman: asciilifeform: but it has already changed from initial 0.5.3

20:40:04 kakobrekla: i dont have a good explanation for it yet

20:40:16 kakobrekla: ending*

21:00:30 asciilifeform: punkman: there is no disembodied 'it changed', there is the changes you choose to incorporate into your personal build when running vtron

21:01:00 asciilifeform: (you can, theoretically, omit ~all~ of them, however in that case your node will not sync on account of the db locks idiocy)

21:02:32 asciilifeform: everybody reading this , is man, not tapeworm, there is no excuse to view software as something 'the world' 'does TO' you.

21:09:19 kakobrekla: asciilifeform can you tell me what is the difference between BTC and ATC?

21:09:40 kakobrekla: (at least in your view that is)

21:09:45 asciilifeform: what's atc

21:09:49 kakobrekla: hm

21:10:16 kakobrekla: ;;google fraudsters atc

21:10:17 gribble: F.MPIF, April 2014 Statement on fraudsters - A blog by Mircea Popescu.: http://fraudsters.com/2014/fmpif-april-2014-statement; August ATC Results | Bingo Blog: http://www.thedrinkingrecord.com/2014/08/31/august-atc-results/; Rating Details for User 'mircea_popescu' - Bitcoin-OTC: https://bitcoin-otc.com/viewratingdetail.php%3Fnick%3Dmircea_popescu

21:10:29 asciilifeform: ah the joke alt

21:10:43 kakobrekla: aha aha i recall now you make the 'joke' excuse before

21:10:46 kakobrekla: say no more.

21:10:55 kakobrekla: s/make/made

21:11:18 asciilifeform: kakobrekla: you can easily tell same joke, make own 'bitcoin-with-kako-genesis', ask folx to pay you in llama fur or whatever, for it.

21:11:53 *: kakobrekla waits for the time when chinese miner kosnpiraci will be a joke

21:13:53 kakobrekla: (if anyone beside alf forgot, at the time the preachings were 'atc is the shit b/c of the people behind it')

21:14:05 asciilifeform: kakobrekla: i saw it as opposite kind of sin

21:14:16 asciilifeform: 'we will show that altcoins are doomed by making straw alt'

21:14:55 kakobrekla: yeah, when it does not make sense any longer -- start interpreting

21:14:56 kakobrekla: classic

21:15:22 asciilifeform: kakobrekla: in point of fact the atc thing never made sense to me, and so i did not participate

21:15:40 asciilifeform: (though iirc somebody sent me, to autogenned addr, 1337 atc or somesuch)

21:16:10 asciilifeform: unlike mp, i do think it possible to make an interesting alt

21:16:15 asciilifeform: but afaik nobody has.

21:17:05 kakobrekla: in church, you bascially participate by presence

21:17:23 kakobrekla: likewise in a kkk evet

21:17:26 kakobrekla: event

21:17:36 asciilifeform: kakobrekla: iirc this is true in judaism. the christian god at least theoretically asks you to believe

21:18:15 kakobrekla: hehe

21:29:08 kakobrekla: http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=261_1483009050

21:29:09 assbot: LiveLeak.com - South Korea: Worlds first giant manned robot takes its first steps ... ( http://bit.ly/2i7oLYP )

21:29:26 kakobrekla: and no, they dont have 'elephant trunk' in NK.

21:31:58 asciilifeform: kakobrekla: the arms are pretty spiffy, and if i had to guess, i'd guess that they are commercial units

21:32:03 asciilifeform: (as seen in auto plants)

21:41:48 kakobrekla: still loks unstable as fuck

21:41:51 kakobrekla: looks

21:42:17 asciilifeform: maybe google buys it, and retrofits Bigdog legs.

21:42:21 asciilifeform: then -- stable.

21:42:36 kakobrekla: yeah

21:42:40 kakobrekla: that would be proper scary

21:43:15 asciilifeform: (interestingly, the idea of 'walking tank' is not new, it was suggested even before ww1!)

21:43:52 kakobrekla: and pr0gr355 is gonna make it happen

21:43:53 asciilifeform: ideally you would want something that looks more like 'spiderdaemon' from 'doom', with low centre of mass, rather than 'mecha' (as pictured in link)

21:44:22 asciilifeform: tank that can be tripped -- suxx