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Transcript for 03-06-2017, 15 lines:

17:59:20 soiled: fucking unstoppable

17:59:42 soiled: $5k by the end of the year

18:53:43 kakobrekla: bs

18:58:05 marginal: a little

18:58:27 marginal: i don't doubt it

18:59:30 marginal: a lot depends on what the fed does this 13th, if they tighten that's more stress on a global economy living on ZIRP/NIRP

19:00:27 marginal: and %70 global GDP involves the us dollar. so yellens basically slowly choking global growth until she/the fed get the sanctions they want from those stupid little countries.

19:02:47 marginal: so, most the rise in bitcoins price will be due to inflation from weaker nations currencies.. that's what market booms/busts are made out of.

19:03:30 marginal: bitcoin, gold, land, etc. 3year treasury rates are fun to watch too.

20:11:32 funkenstein_: marginal, marginal legal advice: http://www.stitcher.com/podcast/handel-on-the-law-on-demand/e/50223965?autoplay=true

20:11:32 assbot: Handel on the Law on Demand - 6-11A Know the laws, sheriff; Curiosity does not clear you of killing; But God told me to; Sperm swap surprise; Go pound rocks | Listen via Stitcher Radio On Demand ... ( http://bit.ly/2qSvpWA )

20:18:26 funkenstein_: lets consider this 70% of global trade involves the dollar thing

20:19:27 funkenstein_: consider an iphone purchase at mall of america. This involves the yuan to some extent, due to manufacturing.

20:23:04 funkenstein_: the amount of trade in the US that involves the yuan looks higher than the amount of trade in china that involves the dollar

21:10:15 marginal: generic idiot optimist