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Transcript for 04-01-2018, 21 lines:

13:56:41 pankkake: https://torrentfreak.com/lol-the-pirate-bay-adds-donation-options-mocks-bitcoin-cash-171227/

13:56:42 assbot: "LOL," The Pirate Bay Adds Donation Options, Mocks Bitcoin Cash? - TorrentFreak ... ( http://bit.ly/2CE1w6s )

13:57:53 kakobrekla: hehe

17:17:11 HighInBC: ahhh bcash, distracting people from Canada's funny coloured money by being a more ridiculous currency

19:03:14 HighInBC: that article is so BS, they can freeze your funds on the exchange, not your personal wallet

19:04:05 pankkake: which article?

19:04:14 HighInBC: ohh wrong channel

19:04:21 pankkake: :p

19:04:42 pankkake: feel free to share if it contains lols

19:05:03 HighInBC: yes, I will find it

19:05:20 HighInBC: https://news.bitcoin.com/ripple-gateways-can-freeze-users-funds-time/ <-- high BS levels

19:05:21 assbot: Ripple Gateways Can Freeze Users’ Funds at Any Time - Bitcoin News ... ( http://bit.ly/2CFgIAc )

19:06:04 HighInBC: it is pretty much like any other currency in that the exchange can freeze your local wallet with them, but not your private wallet

19:06:10 HighInBC: except that they have an API to request that

19:06:23 HighInBC: the headline implies a lot more

19:06:56 HighInBC: that is not journalistic incompetence, it is intentional dishonesty

19:06:58 pankkake: they can freeze anything that isn't XRP, I would suppose?

19:07:15 HighInBC: exchanges can freeze any wallet they want, it is their wallets

19:07:48 HighInBC: headline "I you store you coins with someone else, they can control them"

19:07:50 HighInBC: shocking

19:07:56 pankkake: well yeah, it's IOUs