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Transcript for 05-07-2014, 1297 lines:

00:01:58 cazalla: mircea_popescu: i didn't find the pics save worthy tbh, curious about the stretch marks on fulloffantasies though, never seen a woman with many on her legs yet none on belly

00:02:27 cazalla: seeing that i'm not paying, didn't make sense to open my mouth while she was here

00:04:03 kyuupichan: That EBA document is good for the lulz. They're so cocksure of the advantages of fiat that they can't see the steamroller headed their way.

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02:48:25 kyuupichan: %d

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02:59:59 mircea_popescu: kyuupichan kinda how the shit works.

03:01:12 mircea_popescu: cazalla afaik women mostly get that around puberty and during pregnancy. maybe her thighs grew suddenly.

03:04:22 asciilifeform: http://imgur.com/umUcoSE

03:04:22 assbot: puzzle - Imgur

03:04:49 asciilifeform: ^ photo taken several hours ago at the washington 'independence day' fest. find the three interesting things.

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03:05:22 punkman1: good logs today

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03:06:58 punkman1: asciilifeform: what's that pan under the car

03:07:15 asciilifeform: we have one winner.

03:07:23 asciilifeform: army truck leaks oil, clearly.

03:08:24 mircea_popescu: jesus

03:08:35 dignork: no license plate on army vehicle?

03:08:50 mircea_popescu: o look, the red star came back ?!

03:09:02 asciilifeform: dignork: over here they only have to have one on the boot

03:09:49 cazalla: is the windscreen broken or is that something else

03:09:59 cazalla: cracked i should say

03:10:11 asciilifeform: plastic.

03:10:28 dignork: asciilifeform have a horrible camera?

03:10:36 asciilifeform: that goes without saying

03:12:15 mircea_popescu: it's not the camera, it's the operator :D

03:13:25 dignork: HF/VHF radio?

03:13:45 asciilifeform: how'd that be interesting

03:13:49 thestringpuller: the good tjhleaga.lel,df,de,hnf.ne

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03:15:09 dignork: asciilifeform: I'd assume in the city they'd use UHF

03:15:39 asciilifeform: that thing comes with the truck. almost bought precisely this truck once, at a surplus shop - it was advertised at 700 usd.

03:16:28 dub: theres a guy in the back talking to the crackhoes

03:16:38 mircea_popescu: they';re expensiuve to upkeep tho

03:16:43 asciilifeform: aye

03:16:54 asciilifeform: prehistoric machine, for aficionados.

03:17:03 mircea_popescu: dub you know, not any poor/minority people you see are autpmatically on drugs.

03:17:21 asciilifeform: in entirely unrelated news,

03:17:22 asciilifeform: http://daserste.ndr.de/panorama/xkeyscorerules100.txt

03:17:27 dub: look at homie on he left, his mind = blown

03:17:54 mircea_popescu: he was just born thay wat

03:18:21 dub: is it actually army? googling the tag on the front doesnt bring anythign current

03:18:49 asciilifeform: dub: those aren't hoes, that's what actual gurlz look like in this town...

03:18:54 mircea_popescu: asciilifeform are these people basically running php ?

03:19:44 dignork: mircea_popescu: looks like some rule-based grammar

03:19:50 asciilifeform: mircea_popescu: not exactly. custom gizmo.

03:20:12 mircea_popescu: dignork designed by fucktards. all the explicit switches in the code, "these ips for fvey" "these ips for non fvey" "hey i just coded this shit one weekend"

03:20:29 mircea_popescu: asciilifeform yes. my point being, that it's ... basically... php.

03:21:23 asciilifeform: this was clearly written by a sysop. or a similar figure, who sits around and waits to be asked to add in case-by-case gibblets.

03:22:04 mircea_popescu: im just looking at your "these are mingblowingly smart people" thesis paper.

03:22:18 mircea_popescu: and drawing small fs all around

03:22:27 dub: probably evolved out of carnivore or earlier

03:22:32 asciilifeform: if usg employs thinking people, they did not write this.

03:23:03 asciilifeform: what, if anything, they are paid to do - remains an enigma

03:23:18 mircea_popescu: how about "they are paid to support their famblies and the american way"

03:23:29 asciilifeform: lol

03:23:45 asciilifeform: to be fair this is precisely the kind of turd i would order 'leaked' as a hangout op

03:23:51 punkman1: that looks like C++

03:23:53 dub: this smells like bs

03:24:17 dub: right at the top so there is no mistaking, the bits about how its not targetign five eyes partners

03:24:23 mircea_popescu: dub precisely.

03:24:34 mircea_popescu: asciilifeform right

03:25:04 mircea_popescu: for that matter, the crap is probably written in lisp

03:25:08 mircea_popescu: and i don't mean golang.

03:27:04 asciilifeform: this snippet is oddly reminiscent of the wretched truck

03:27:19 asciilifeform: with its chalk-marked regiment number

03:27:49 asciilifeform: leaking engine, b0rked parking brake (note the block under front wheel)

03:30:33 kakobrekla: just put it into gear?

03:31:13 asciilifeform: you'd think.

03:31:43 kakobrekla: what, gears dont work as well?

03:31:58 punkman1: irc logs from 1991: http://www.ibiblio.org/pub/academic/communications/logs/Gulf-War/desert-storm/

03:31:58 assbot: Index of /pub/academic/communications/logs/Gulf-War/desert-storm/

03:32:02 mircea_popescu: ya srsly wtf is that.

03:32:08 asciilifeform: probably the 3-ring binder says 'if parking lever is b0rked, use block under wheel...'

03:32:28 mircea_popescu: the transmission of that thing is so heavy should keep it bolted down

03:32:36 mircea_popescu: hm

03:34:34 mircea_popescu: #banshee# On a lighter note. IRC record. 251 users. :)

03:34:35 mircea_popescu: lolk

03:35:39 mircea_popescu: TAILs (The Amnesic Incognito Live System) software program, a comsec mechanism advocated by extremists on extremist forums.

03:35:49 mircea_popescu: ok, so what's the tails backdoor ?

03:36:04 asciilifeform: mircea_popescu: it's a bog-standard 'linux live cd' with a copy of tor.

03:36:10 mircea_popescu: a so tor.

03:36:41 asciilifeform: idea being, tor for the morbidly lazy

03:36:44 mircea_popescu: and word('linux'

03:36:44 mircea_popescu: or ' USB ' or ' CD ' or 'secure desktop' or ' IRC ' or 'truecrypt' or ' tor ');

03:36:47 mircea_popescu: lol ok.

03:37:01 mircea_popescu: ' CD ' and ' IRC ' but 'truecrypt'

03:37:11 mircea_popescu: because space padding is now... half a thing

03:37:26 mircea_popescu: you telling me i just found a bug in teh code ? me ?

03:37:45 asciilifeform: ' IRC ' is to avoid matching 'mircea', lol

03:38:45 *: mircea_popescu pulls dagger from his back

03:47:34 mircea_popescu: !up aabtc

03:48:08 aabtc: :)

03:49:21 mircea_popescu: "That's great, I love your show Max Stacy, you're changing how people think and hence changing the world.

03:49:21 mircea_popescu: I'm just a young Canadian maintenance professional buying a little gold and Bitcoin every month getting ready for the market crash to happen within 5 years. Then I'll buy a nice Audi R8 from a desperate kleptocrat"

03:50:01 mircea_popescu: yeah dude, totally. an exterminator from misisiauga is going to buy an audi r8 from a "desperate kleptocrat" through the magic of max keiser's.

03:51:22 aabtc: max lost a lot of his relevance pumping shitcoins :/

03:51:36 aabtc: mircea_popescu: what happened to your twitter?

03:52:12 mircea_popescu: afaik a buncha redditards bitched at twitter which suspended it.

03:52:58 aabtc: loool

03:53:03 aabtc: over that andreas thing?

03:53:39 aabtc: hahaha 'we did it reddit!'

03:57:03 mircea_popescu: twas getting stale tbh.

04:27:52 mircea_popescu: !up atian

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05:31:47 artifexd: ;;later tell kakobrekla I see you fixed the ampersand thing. Cool. Thanks.

05:31:48 gribble: The operation succeeded.

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07:06:14 kyuupichan: So I can now buy about 3m DOGE for 1 BTC? I'd rather have the BTC I think.

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08:39:49 FabianB: $traded

08:39:49 empyex: FabianB: Traded in last 24 hours: S.MPOE

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10:18:01 jurov: !t m f.mpif

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12:00:26 cazalla: !up ninjashogun

12:00:43 cazalla: what did you fuck up this time

12:03:46 FabianB: pasted his nickserv pw into -otc

12:04:08 cazalla: topkek

12:04:27 ninjashogun: lol yeah, luckily they're nice people and changed it for me rather than troll. can't imagine what would have happened in tihs channel.

12:05:06 ninjashogun: it's kind of weird how you guys have all the money, and they're the ones who are serious.

12:05:33 dub: nice password

12:05:44 chetty: actually someone did the pw thing yesterday and it was nicely pointed out they should now change their pw

12:10:30 FabianB: !up Dekker3D

12:10:39 Dekker3D: Thanks, FabianB

12:10:53 FabianB: np

12:11:09 moiety: hello all

12:11:18 moiety: quite scared to look at the logs

12:11:39 FabianB: why?

12:11:42 Dekker3D: Why are the logs scary? Strange things going bump in the night?

12:12:11 FabianB: don't think so

12:12:21 ninjashogun: who wants to make a multiple return on $30K. You're welcome to bid or ask questions. Low multiple bids likely to win. http://pastebin.com/gMF5WRuP

12:12:21 assbot: Ninjashogun prospectus - 04-07-2014 Key facts: Through Saturday, July 5, 2 - Pastebin.com

12:12:27 cazalla: today has been quiet

12:12:36 ninjashogun: cazalla, welll, here you go then :)

12:13:06 cazalla: where do i send the money?

12:13:08 ninjashogun: I mean "low-multiple bids", e.g. not something crazy like a very high number of x. However, I realize that the istuation may be seen to include some risk, so bid whatever you want.

12:13:43 ninjashogun: cazalla - we can talk about it. We can actually escrow it, you can send it straight to some of the legal services involved, when I meet with VC's (you can come!) you can pay for some of the costs, and legal review of the closing docs we're given. These are the major expenses.

12:13:59 FabianB: 1 dogecent for 20%

12:14:26 ninjashogun: Oh, no the bid is on $30K, what multpile covers your risk (and a timeframe). I can tell you more about both comapnies of course - and feel free to PM.

12:15:14 ninjashogun: For some reference, to set expectations, in the other channel (-otc) I've gotten bids on part of the money as low as 1.6x. However, the starting bid for the whole thing was something crazy.

12:17:38 Dekker3D: Could someone voice indiancandy1 again?

12:17:43 Dekker3D: She's the same one from last time.

12:19:06 Dekker3D: FabianB, could you voice her?

12:19:34 cazalla: !up indiancandy1

12:19:45 Dekker3D: As far as I know, mircea's "anyway, drop your address" means that she should put her bitcoin address in here, anywhere. I'd write it for her, but it's more trustworthy if I just vouch for her and she writes it

12:23:45 indiancandy1: 1C2GHDcNxzZfnVBD9EyY95WPuhXtatJDfa

12:26:39 Dekker3D: By the way, if I may ask: is the whole "0.1 btc for a pic of tits" thing like a promotional stunt to get hot chicks in here, or is it just what it says it is?

12:28:46 chetty: Dekker3D, I think only MP can answer about the true purpose of what he does

12:29:18 FabianB: Dekker3D: maybe reading http://log.bitcoin-assets.com/?date=04-07-2014#744652 helps

12:29:19 assbot: #bitcoin-assets log

12:30:00 indiancandy1: yh

12:30:08 indiancandy1: ask chetty

12:30:09 indiancandy1: shes chool

12:30:35 Dekker3D: Ah. She knows more about mircea's shenanigans then?

12:31:36 chetty: ninjashogun, I cant see why anyone would put money into "Both businesses are stealth, however a bit can be discussed publicly:"

12:31:52 FabianB: asciilifeform: did you have a look at https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/mycelium-entropy ?

12:31:52 assbot: Mycelium Entropy | Indiegogo

12:35:27 punkman: !up ninjashogun

12:35:56 Dekker3D: It seems I can register on the web of trust using a bitcoin address instead of a gpg key?

12:36:03 FabianB: yes

12:36:28 Dekker3D: How would I do that? Do I need to extract my private key from my wallet to sign something? because I'm using Mycelium.

12:36:29 FabianB: if you have bitcoin-qt for example and can sign with the address

12:36:35 Dekker3D: Ah.

12:36:47 FabianB: dunno mycelium

12:36:59 Dekker3D: It doesn't do message signing

12:37:18 Dekker3D: But at least I suppose it can make things easier for indiancandy1. She has a blockchain.info wallet

12:37:53 cazalla: are you her pimp or something?

12:38:00 Dekker3D: I'm her tech dude

12:38:04 ninjashogun: thanks. They're both high-tech startups, albeit of two different kinds. The public pastebin doesn't include too much informatoin but of course I expect you to learn about both. They're both just doing their seed rounds now - the first acutaly already has assigned IP, etc, and has developed (the basics of) interesting technology. As it's hardware, it's quite hard to seed and we need to keep vigilant about stealth but I c

12:38:04 ninjashogun: an tell a bit more to anyone who's interested.

12:38:06 Dekker3D: Here on the internet, the difference is tiny :P

12:38:40 ninjashogun: The second one is in a really huge market - even before it had a NAME it had offers at high six-figure valuations, however I wanted to be able to pursue both of them.

12:39:02 ninjashogun: The second is a services / consulting company in the field of jobs. cf. hired.com

12:39:11 Dekker3D: She'll need to exchange bitcoin for gbp at some point, which would likely require #bitcoin-otc. Which requires registration in the web of trust, afaik. And if she wants to earn more with shenanigans, as this other girl did, then she'll also likely need to be in the web of trust.

12:39:22 Dekker3D: So I'm trying to find an easy way to get her into the web of trust.

12:39:22 cazalla: ninjashogun: can you call me to discuss further?

12:39:41 ninjashogun: cazalla - yes, absolutely. For cost reasons we could start by skype first. (You'll also see the name of one!)

12:40:00 ninjashogun: PM me your skype name and we can talk in 5 min.

12:40:15 cazalla: i don't have skype but i have a landline for you to call

12:40:45 FabianB: !up Dekker3D

12:40:49 ninjashogun: cazalla, have you ever invested in anyone/anything? if we proceeded, would you be able to give a reference?

12:41:16 ninjashogun: (Assuming you became interested.)

12:41:30 cazalla: ever heard of a lil company named labcoin?

12:42:10 ninjashogun: I have now. Google results don't look great :-D :-D

12:42:11 FabianB: Dekker3D: gpg is probably easier if you're not already using bitcoin-qt

12:42:18 ninjashogun: Check Google :-D

12:42:22 cazalla: if you're unable to afford to call me i'll assume you're not a serious player

12:42:32 ninjashogun: I didn't need a reference now.

12:42:39 assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 18700 @ 0.00081624 = 15.2637 BTC [+]

12:42:39 Dekker3D: True.

12:42:40 ninjashogun: I was just asking if you would be able to furnish one.

12:42:47 ninjashogun: assuming you became interested.

12:43:01 ninjashogun: If this would be the first time you invested in anything/anyone then we might still proceed but I'd like to know this ahead of time.

12:43:22 cazalla: my money is no good?

12:44:13 ninjashogun: cazalla - the issue is, I don't know. You could waste weeks of my time. (It's happened before - that's post-closing documents. meaning, everything has been agreed and closed.)

12:44:40 ninjashogun: cazalla, I might still be able to work with you. Maybe if this would be a first investment for you, you can team up with someone from here and do it together.

12:45:10 cazalla: i'm gonna need that phone call before we proceed

12:45:13 ninjashogun: cazalla, I have a lot going on including raising this bridge from my exisitng network and VC network.

12:45:35 ninjashogun: cazalla, OK. PM me your number, I'll call you soon.

12:46:21 cazalla: 61+ 02 6131 3000

12:46:58 ninjashogun: thanks. give me 10, call you soon.

12:50:48 FabianB: !up indiancandy1

12:51:15 chetty: !up ninjashogun

12:51:54 ninjashogun: thanks, chetty. cazalla, I Googled your number to try to do some basic DD. https://www.google.com/search?q="61%2B+02+6131+3000"

12:51:54 assbot: "61+ 02 6131 3000" - Google Search

12:52:08 ninjashogun: cazalla, now you see why I need a reference. It's very easy to waste someone's time.

12:52:31 cazalla: just explain your scheme to them

12:52:47 chetty: ususally the one asking for money gives references

12:52:49 assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 6080 @ 0.00081599 = 4.9612 BTC [-]

12:52:58 ninjashogun: chetty - not in my world.

12:53:16 ninjashogun: chetty - money is easy. Finding people who are interested in building something together and have the connections to help is harder.

12:53:52 chetty: if I want to give money without refs there are plenty of beggars on the street corner

12:54:12 ninjashogun: chetty - yes, I agree. If you want to give money but have no references, they're the only ones who will take it from you.

12:54:46 ninjashogun: cazalla - btw the above - linking "Contact - Australian Federal Police" - is exactly why I call this channel useless trolls. It takes about 15 seconds of talking with me to determine who I am and what I'm doing.

12:54:50 indiancandy1: register <money1> <businessenquiriesforshanti@gmail.com>

12:54:57 indiancandy1: :(

12:55:05 ninjashogun: lol

12:55:06 indiancandy1: im confused

12:55:10 indiancandy1: HELP

12:55:14 indiancandy1: dekker dissapoeared

12:56:07 ninjashogun: cazalla, now you also see why if you've never invested in anything or anyone, why I don't want to offer to be the first.

12:56:45 FabianB: indiancandy1: msg that to NickServ, not in this channel and without the < and >

12:56:56 FabianB: indiancandy1: and of course use a different password

12:57:06 ninjashogun: chetty - I will also say this. How come VC's (venture capitalists) don't get scammed - when they write six, and seven-figure checks? If you Google "vc's scammed":

12:57:08 ninjashogun: https://www.google.com/search?q=vc+firm+scammed

12:57:09 assbot: vc firm scammed - Google Search

12:57:29 indiancandy1: where and who

12:57:29 ninjashogun: you get only stories about founders (like me) being the ones to get scammed by the people who supposedly hvae the money. Why is that? Because due dilligence is actually quite easy to perform.

12:57:31 indiancandy1: is nickserv

12:57:34 indiancandy1: where i find out

12:57:37 FabianB: indiancandy1: you can start a pm with nickserv by /query NickServ

12:57:48 indiancandy1: where is he

12:57:53 indiancandy1: lol

12:57:54 ninjashogun: nickserv is just an automated system, you send it messages via "/msg nickserv"

12:57:56 indiancandy1: ths is joke

12:58:09 indiancandy1: so i type it

12:58:11 indiancandy1: in here

12:58:20 ninjashogun: indiancandy1, go to #freenode for help

12:58:30 ninjashogun: they will help you

12:59:15 indiancandy1: so i type that here

12:59:19 indiancandy1: and it wil take me there

12:59:20 indiancandy1: ?

12:59:29 FabianB: indiancandy1: type "/query nickserv" wherever

12:59:47 FabianB: indiancandy1: you'll be in a tab with nickserv where you can procede with registering

12:59:51 chetty: ninjashogun, I dont think VC lets it make the news when they get scammed ...they get even

13:00:21 ninjashogun: chetty - no, it just doesn't happen. I know VC's. I know founders. Scams just don't happen after you do due dilligence.

13:00:59 ninjashogun: chetty, why do you think I have to spend my own money to get six-figure investments from them? Couldn't I just send a prospectus and have them wire some cash? It doesn't work like that. You need to do a TON and have a ton of meetings with them, sohw them EVERYTHING in minute detail.

13:01:07 chetty: absolutes are dangerous

13:02:32 ninjashogun: chetty - http://cdixon.org/2010/02/03/backing-out-of-a-term-sheet/

13:02:33 assbot: Backing out of a term sheet | chris dixon's blog

13:02:34 ninjashogun: see that?

13:02:44 ninjashogun: "The best VC in the world, Sequoia Capital, whose companies account for an astounding 10% of NASDAQ?s market cap, has (according to trustworthy sources) only backed out on one term sheet in the last 10 years."

13:03:12 ninjashogun: You absolutely can talk in absolutes.

13:03:42 ninjashogun: meanwhile, cazalla's reference for me (unsure of releatoinship) has all of its top Google hits be about how it's a scam.

13:03:57 moiety: ;; later tell mircea_popescu kik is just an instant messaging app but it works across all platforms and has lots of wee add-ons. i like kik

13:03:57 gribble: The operation succeeded.

13:04:23 moiety: indiancandy1: if you need a hand registering with gribble and nickserv, feel free to PM me

13:05:20 FabianB: ;;ticker --last

13:05:21 gribble: 631.63

13:05:37 ninjashogun: Anyway, it sounds like nobody here has actually helped start startup-type businesses (off bitcoin), so I'm not going to waste more of my time. If someone is interested in learning more about either of the businesses I'm currently raising funds ahead of the seed round of, then you can PM me and I can give you all the details.

13:05:40 ninjashogun: thanks for your time.

13:06:00 moiety: it's been emotional ninjashogun

13:06:19 chetty: moiety, +1

13:06:55 ninjashogun: moiety - it's been a 100% explicit proof of what I've been saying for the past few months whenever I've been here. Tihs channel is useless trolls. Cazalla "gave me his number" to call and discuss further (normally, quite a normal first step!!!) Except he gave Australian's police number. Useless trolling.

13:07:12 ninjashogun: enjoy your little hellhole guys.

13:07:31 dub: I'll miss him

13:08:04 chetty: but he knows people and stuffs

13:09:02 pankkake: lol, nice trollage

13:12:51 chetty: !up indiancandy1

13:13:13 FabianB: ;;ticker --currency eur --last

13:13:14 gribble: 464.634384

13:19:59 moiety: lmao cazalla love it

13:22:18 assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 10722 @ 0.00081624 = 8.7517 BTC [+]

13:28:24 assbot: [HAVELOCK] [PETA] 155 @ 0.03817337 = 5.9169 BTC [+] {15}

13:29:25 assbot: [HAVELOCK] [PETA] 188 @ 0.03958391 = 7.4418 BTC [+] {5}

13:33:29 assbot: [HAVELOCK] [PETA] 26 @ 0.04 = 1.04 BTC [+]

13:34:30 assbot: [HAVELOCK] [PETA] 109 @ 0.04009999 = 4.3709 BTC [+] {4}

13:35:31 assbot: [HAVELOCK] [PETA] 112 @ 0.0402025 = 4.5027 BTC [+] {2}

13:42:16 artifexd: There is this tv show called "Storage Wars" where they auction off the contents of storage units whose bills haven't been paid. I wonder if a cloud storage provider could get away with something similar. "Don't pay your bill? We auction off your data."

13:43:48 cazalla: well i figured he best call the federal police in my country and explain it to them

13:44:47 cazalla: for some time he has said we're all trolls yet here he is again pitching us, makes me think he's a scammer afterall

13:50:12 moiety: the world must be trolling him if no one wants his proposals. i think he'll be back.

13:50:35 *: moiety puts ninjashogun's toys back in his pram

13:50:40 cazalla: ;;rate ninjashogun -1 wouldn't call me on the phone

13:50:41 gribble: Rating entry successful. Your rating of -1 for user ninjashogun has been recorded.

13:51:00 chetty: the logic of wanting investor refs and not offering yours escapes me completely

13:52:53 moiety: i know, an added nice touch was preferring folk that didn't want to know what he was up to entirely.

13:55:57 dub: he has refs, just call paul graham

13:58:54 assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 12712 @ 0.00081599 = 10.3729 BTC [-]

14:03:35 chetty: the other interesting question is if he knows so many VC and all that whats he need investors here for?

14:04:42 dub: he needs 30 grand to setup meetings with vc's

14:05:14 moiety: unsure but he has an incredible skill for answering thingswith such long convoluted answers, you dont care by the end

14:06:30 dub: because as an OG startup entreprenure, he doesnt have $30k or a credit card

14:08:28 chetty: 30k to set up a meeting, I guess inflation is worse than I thought

14:11:18 dub: well the first meeting is on necker island see, and he's travelling by kite surfing on the back of a naked chick on branson's back

14:11:22 cazalla: http://www.reddit.com/r/dogecoin/comments/29vt1q/suicidal_over_dogecoin_please_help_shibes/

14:11:23 assbot: Suicidal over Dogecoin - Please help shibes : dogecoin

14:11:29 cazalla: shibe needs to be put to sleep

14:18:32 punkman: "I've tried to comfort myself with examples of Bitcoin's drops from $30 to $1 before but this doesn't mean it's going to happen again especially because of Doge's very different properties"

14:20:26 punkman: " I should have read more about the technical aspects of Doge before I invested but like a lot of people here I had so much faith that the community could conquer these things. But it seems that community means nothing when it comes to the success of Doge, the price is being driven and manipulated by the big money, the chinese whales and big money speculators"

14:22:17 assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 67250 @ 0.00081274 = 54.6568 BTC [-] {6}

14:24:18 punkman: cazalla, wow there's a whole reddit for depressed dogetards http://www.reddit.com/r/depreshibe

14:24:19 assbot: A place for Depressed shibes to chat about things and vent

14:25:19 moiety: it's better his fiancee left him now before the wedding. i don't think she understands the whole "for better or worse" bit

14:26:58 cazalla: fuck, you think it can't get worse but it does

14:28:14 punkman: doge is a great field study

14:28:21 justusranvier: So Economic decisions have consequences after all? http://arstechnica.com/business/2014/02/dogecoin-to-allow-annual-inflation-of-5-billion-coins-each-year-forever/

14:28:22 assbot: Dogecoin to allow annual inflation of 5 billion coins each year, forever | Ars Technica

14:29:12 cazalla: it must burn for litecoiners who see bitcoin/dogecoin accepted here signs but no litecoin one

14:29:38 chetty: cazalla, worse is when you wish it would get worse (so break already) and it just keeps the slow grind

14:30:15 dub: talking to an enthusiastic shibe in a bar the other night that was teh major selling point

14:30:35 dub: of course you need to keep printing more of it forever, just like dollars

14:31:25 pankkake: doesn't really change in the end, inflation is lower in % each year

14:32:02 pankkake: but yeah if it helped break the "bitcoin and litecoin accepted" hope, great

14:32:23 pankkake: at some point, any business accepting bitcoin would get insta spammed with "please add litecoin"

14:32:56 kakobrekla: not that anyone will buy with ltc, just the silver color is cool.

14:34:29 kakobrekla: ;;later tell artifexd just less broken, but np.

14:34:29 gribble: The operation succeeded.

14:37:42 Naphex: 17:11 <+cazalla> shibe needs to be put to sleep << i loled hard

14:55:33 chetty: http://news.yahoo.com/russian-lawmakers-pass-bill-restricting-internet-172456389.html

14:57:52 assbot: [HAVELOCK] [AM1] 3 @ 0.18891799 = 0.5668 BTC [+]

15:00:54 mircea_popescu: moiety o so basically they're offering im chats ?

15:00:55 assbot: [HAVELOCK] [AM1] 4 @ 0.188967 = 0.7559 BTC [+] {3}

15:01:56 assbot: [HAVELOCK] [AM1] 15 @ 0.18985266 = 2.8478 BTC [+] {6}

15:01:57 assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 30150 @ 0.00081197 = 24.4809 BTC [-] {2}

15:02:06 mircea_popescu: ;;ticker

15:02:07 gribble: Bitstamp BTCUSD ticker | Best bid: 630.0, Best ask: 632.0, Bid-ask spread: 2.00000, Last trade: 632.0, 24 hour volume: 2441.09724497, 24 hour low: 623.23, 24 hour high: 639.31, 24 hour vwap: 630.796426752

15:02:15 mircea_popescu: sooo... what's new.

15:02:57 assbot: [HAVELOCK] [AM1] 3 @ 0.19 = 0.57 BTC [+] {2}

15:06:13 mircea_popescu: !up Dekker3D

15:07:21 thestringpuller: ;;bc,stats

15:07:24 gribble: Current Blocks: 309346 | Current Difficulty: 1.6818461371161112E10 | Next Difficulty At Block: 310463 | Next Difficulty In: 1117 blocks | Next Difficulty In About: 6 days, 16 hours, 31 minutes, and 37 seconds | Next Difficulty Estimate: 16714376135.9 | Estimated Percent Change: -0.61887

15:07:26 thestringpuller: ;;estimate

15:07:27 gribble: Next difficulty estimate | 16714376135.9 based on data since last change | 18031729744.8 based on data for last three days

15:07:41 mircea_popescu: !up indiancandy1

15:07:45 mircea_popescu: either of you here ?

15:07:46 indiancandy1: hi u

15:07:50 mircea_popescu: heya.

15:07:51 indiancandy1: wb

15:07:56 thestringpuller: hmmm hashrate lag

15:07:56 indiancandy1: ce fatch

15:08:03 mircea_popescu: bine!

15:08:05 indiancandy1: how do u spel it

15:08:06 mircea_popescu: drop your bitcoin address will you ?

15:08:09 mircea_popescu: ce faci

15:08:20 indiancandy1: cool

15:08:24 indiancandy1: 1sec

15:08:33 mircea_popescu: i'll be here a while.

15:09:09 mircea_popescu: ninjashogun: it's kind of weird how you guys have all the money, and they're the ones who are serious. <<< lmao. yeah, TOTALLY weird.

15:09:16 mircea_popescu: smarten up kid.

15:10:15 indiancandy1: 1C2GHDcNxzZfnVBD9EyY95WPuhXtatJDfa

15:10:42 mircea_popescu: cool.

15:11:56 mircea_popescu: !up IlllIIllIIlIIlll

15:12:01 mircea_popescu: thanks god for autocomplete.

15:12:27 mircea_popescu: Dekker3D: As far as I know, mircea's "anyway, drop your address" means that she should put her bitcoin address in here, anywhere. I'd write it for her, but it's more trustworthy if I just vouch for her and she writes it <<< yup that's a good point. seeing how you own this nick for 5 years and she just reg'd hers.

15:12:38 mircea_popescu: but it would work a lot better if either or both had a wot acct.

15:14:28 mircea_popescu: cazalla: are you her pimp or something? Dekker3D: I'm her tech dude << the difference is negligible ? :D

15:18:12 assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 7500 @ 0.0008107 = 6.0803 BTC [-]

15:18:16 moiety: we've been in PM getting her reg'd with nickserv, half way through gribbling for the wot

15:18:34 mircea_popescu: you're a good girl :)

15:18:37 mircea_popescu: how's the hangover ?

15:19:32 moiety: ohgod, i was scared to read the logs back this morning! was dying at first, but i'm ok now. sorry for being here

15:20:02 mircea_popescu: lol sokay, what's the big deal ?

15:20:43 moiety: i dont make as much sense as BB when drunk XD

15:21:15 mircea_popescu: or vexual when sober

15:24:41 moiety: lolol

15:25:45 Dekker3D: mircea_popescu, the difference is negligible because she's doing sexy stuff on the internet and I'm helping her do so. That could make me her pimp or her tech guy.

15:26:07 mircea_popescu: so basically her pich guy.

15:26:10 Dekker3D: pich?

15:26:15 mircea_popescu: yeah. her pimptech

15:26:19 Dekker3D: Yeah sure.

15:27:45 Dekker3D: Sounds about right, anyway.

15:28:11 Dekker3D: gribbling for the wot. That sounds.. lovely.

15:28:26 Dekker3D: That reminds me, my key should be done cooking by now. As in, uploading to a server and whatnot

15:29:13 mircea_popescu: defo

15:30:12 mircea_popescu: ahahhha vcs don't get scammed ? because if you type "vc scammed" into google you get ninjashogtards ?!

15:30:42 mircea_popescu: o god this fucking log is golden. i was originaly -.- cazalla but i take it back. lol.

15:30:43 mircea_popescu: lmao.

15:31:16 FabianB: it continued almost just as funny in -otc

15:32:24 mircea_popescu: meanwhile max keiser of scamcoins r us wants to put his manboobs in my pay for tits scheme.

15:32:32 mircea_popescu: from what i hear.

15:34:28 assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 17369 @ 0.0008107 = 14.081 BTC [-]

15:35:23 Dekker3D: Suddenly, authentication :D

15:35:26 Dekker3D: ;;ident Dekker3D

15:35:27 gribble: Nick 'Dekker3D', with hostmask 'Dekker3D!~Dekker3D@cable-213-34-238-79.zeelandnet.nl', is identified as user 'Dekker3D', with GPG key id 802A70ED22A1B6E4, key fingerprint 3B5216E917B8DC774AC31B95802A70ED22A1B6E4, and bitcoin address None

15:35:32 Dekker3D: I exist!

15:35:42 mircea_popescu: so good for you.

15:35:47 Dekker3D: :)

15:36:11 mircea_popescu: ;;rate Dekker3D 1 Guy's a pich. Which is sort of like a tech pimp.

15:36:13 gribble: Rating entry successful. Your rating of 1 for user Dekker3D has been recorded.

15:36:17 Dekker3D: Well, I wanted to learn a bit about the "web of trust" idea anyway, but never really knew anyone who was into crypto that much

15:36:22 Dekker3D: Lol

15:36:31 mircea_popescu: now you do about 2/3 of all the people who are into crypto that much.

15:36:38 mircea_popescu: pm assbot !up

15:37:36 mircea_popescu: FabianB make a pastebin for later glory ?

15:38:40 Dekker3D: Woot.

15:38:44 mircea_popescu: you can even voice the indian chick now.

15:38:56 Dekker3D: Yeah, I figured as much.

15:39:09 punkman: mircea_popescu: if you want more ninjashogun: http://bitcoinstats.com/irc/bitcoin-otc/logs/2014/07/05#l1404561190

15:39:10 assbot: BitcoinStats

15:39:10 Dekker3D: That'd be !up indiancandy1, afaik

15:39:12 Dekker3D: Aka, let's give it a try

15:39:14 Dekker3D: !up indiancandy1

15:39:19 mircea_popescu: punkman o otc is logged tambien ?

15:39:21 Dekker3D: I am almighty

15:39:35 mircea_popescu: you know pimps get blowjobs for free right ?

15:39:52 mircea_popescu: do you know what i am saying ?

15:39:56 Dekker3D: Lol

15:40:17 Dekker3D: Sadly, I don't have a 376.6km extendopenis.

15:40:37 Dekker3D: Oh wait, that's by road. It could be a few km less. Still sadly lacking

15:40:38 mircea_popescu: sucks to be you. BUY ONE

15:40:58 punkman: Dekker3D, plane ticket, camera, camshow IPO, profits!!

15:41:04 Dekker3D: Heh.

15:41:08 Dekker3D: Camshow IPO?

15:41:22 mircea_popescu: should be a crowdsourced project this. "i need crowdmoneyz to make a 380 km extendopenis to fuck this chick i met online that can't really be bothered to walk over, but i like tothink of as a prospect"

15:41:24 Dekker3D: Also, how would one go about buying a 376.6 km extendopenis?

15:41:31 Dekker3D: Lol.

15:41:36 mircea_popescu: prolly get 1 trilion dolars from all the online geeks in a similar position

15:41:49 Dekker3D: Myeps

15:41:55 kakobrekla: punkman should start here http://bitcoinstats.com/irc/bitcoin-otc/logs/2014/07/05#l1404559743

15:41:56 assbot: BitcoinStats

15:41:57 kakobrekla: lmao

15:42:05 mircea_popescu: punkman the chick's actually reasonably hot but she figures she got bollywood prospects so doesn't really wanna.

15:42:25 punkman: mircea_popescu: well, masks are cheap aren't they

15:42:40 mircea_popescu: what do you want from this poor woman.

15:42:49 mircea_popescu: get a pich, get a pime, get a what else ?

15:42:50 Dekker3D: Hm. A mask. That IS a fancy idea.

15:42:58 Dekker3D: pime. Pimp... mechanic?

15:43:09 mircea_popescu: costume

15:43:45 Dekker3D: Heh. Pimp costume?

15:44:09 mircea_popescu: artifexd: We auction off your data." << you can't put it in a truck.

15:44:15 mircea_popescu: Dekker3D pimp costume [manager]

15:44:37 indiancandy1: sorry

15:44:40 indiancandy1: i was away

15:44:45 Dekker3D: Hey.

15:45:27 mircea_popescu: cazalla: for some time he has said we're all trolls yet here he is again pitching us, makes me think he's a scammer afterall << prolly just the weird sort that tries to do it on his own terms but isn't either bright or great enough to manage it. so he ends this sort of ... i suppose the word is incel.

15:45:58 Dekker3D: "incel". Good gods, I'm going to have to find a different dictionary for this place, aren't I?

15:46:06 Dekker3D: Ah, nvm

15:46:10 Dekker3D: Urban dictionary. Durp

15:46:12 mircea_popescu: Dekker3D actually, this is very funny because

15:46:25 mircea_popescu: a) i only learned it like yest, and it's emphatically not part of the lingo here.

15:46:29 mircea_popescu: b) a lingo here does exist,

15:46:37 mircea_popescu: ;;google learn that variety speech

15:46:37 gribble: Toastmasters Speech 6: Vocal Variety - Six Minutes: http://sixminutes.dlugan.com/toastmasters-speech-6-vocal-variety/; Breathing: The Seductive Key to Unlocking Your Vocal Variety: http://sixminutes.dlugan.com/vocal-variety-speech-breathing/; Audiology, Speech & Learning Care | Children's Hospital Colorado: http://www.childrenscolorado.org/departments/audiology-speech- (1 more message)

15:46:56 mircea_popescu: meh. http://fraudsters.com/2013/youre-gonna-have-to-learn-that-variety-speak/

15:46:58 assbot: You’re gonna have to learn that variety speak pe fraudsters - Un blog de Mircea Popescu.

15:47:05 mircea_popescu: and finally c) there's ud right in here.

15:47:08 mircea_popescu: ;;ud mp

15:47:08 gribble: http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=MP | MP. Military Police. Used in military complexes or installations founded by the army. Often seen standing at doors that require personal identification / guarding.

15:47:48 Dekker3D: Oh. UD as in Urban Dictionary.

15:47:53 Dekker3D: Cool.

15:50:14 mircea_popescu: Dekker3D so what do you do outside of white knighting bollywood hopefuls ?

15:50:43 Dekker3D: "white knighting". Ow, right in the ego. But, I'm legally considered to be handicapped so I don't really have a job.

15:51:00 Dekker3D: It's a psychological thing where I quite literally can't get started on certain types of stuff.

15:51:29 Dekker3D: Not without some outside help, anyway. It's going to be difficult to have an actual job with that.

15:51:42 mircea_popescu: all you need is decent lashing.

15:51:45 assbot: [HAVELOCK] [PETA] 56 @ 0.04004646 = 2.2426 BTC [-] {3}

15:51:47 Dekker3D: So I build a 3d printer, play the guitar, program stuff, and teach people crap

15:51:48 Dekker3D: Brb

15:52:15 Dekker3D: Back. So yeah. Tech.

15:52:35 mircea_popescu: dub: well the first meeting is on necker island see, and he's travelling by kite surfing on the back of a naked chick on branson's back <<< lol ok!

15:52:40 mircea_popescu: Dekker3D so you don't actually code

15:52:46 assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 10613 @ 0.00080932 = 8.5893 BTC [-]

15:52:53 punkman: wait, legally considered psychologically handicapped? is that a thing over there?

15:52:54 Dekker3D: mircea_popescu, what makes you say that?

15:53:14 mircea_popescu: Dekker3D i'm asking

15:53:23 mircea_popescu: punkman yes.

15:53:32 Dekker3D: A psychologist and a neurologist agreed that I won't be able to find a job because of that psychological thing. So, they declared me "unfit for work".

15:53:36 Dekker3D: Hard to translate.

15:54:08 mircea_popescu: Dekker3D not that hard. let's see here.

15:54:12 Dekker3D: I get 70% of minimum wage. If I take up a job, it fills in the reminaining 30% until I get more than 100% minimum wage, at which point the ... allowance thing drops away

15:54:26 mircea_popescu: http://thelastpsychiatrist.com/2011/07/the_terrible_awful_truth_about_1.html

15:54:26 assbot: 404 Not Found

15:54:26 Dekker3D: Anyway, I do actually program. Been doing it since I was 15-ish

15:54:27 mircea_popescu: read that ?

15:54:46 Dekker3D: It's a short and useless read, telling me the doc's not found.

15:55:02 mircea_popescu: uh dang

15:55:09 mircea_popescu: http://archive.today/oNS8X

15:55:10 assbot: The Last Psychiatrist: The Terrible, Awful Truth About SSDI

15:55:12 mircea_popescu: he beleeted it ?!

15:56:12 Dekker3D: Alright, reading.

15:56:35 Dekker3D: Anyway, I used to suffer from pretty bad depression, so if I had been forced to work when I got out of school I'd have probably ended up dead by now

15:57:06 Dekker3D: So forgive me if I see the handicap allowance thing as something good.

15:57:33 punkman: Dekker3D, I

15:57:35 punkman: 'oops

15:57:49 mircea_popescu: the problem with this perspective is that on the strength of such apparence, you'd think squeezing a watermelon through your thighs will kill you

15:57:56 punkman: Dekker3D, I'm not judging was just wondering if that was a thing in .nl

15:58:02 mircea_popescu: humanity exists because nobody gave a shit about this impression, historically.

15:58:03 Dekker3D: punkman, it is.

15:58:34 Dekker3D: mircea_popescu, I'm not sure I get what you're saying. "watermelon through your thighs" implies something about childbirth?

15:58:35 cazalla: mircea_popescu: we had a lulzy evening while ninjashogun was here

15:58:43 mircea_popescu: so no. my money is on "if you were beaten every day until you became happy, you wouldn't have died, you'd have become happy

15:58:49 cazalla: Dekker3D: you'll pick up the lingo as you go along, worthwhile sticking it out

15:58:52 cazalla: soccer is on

15:58:53 Dekker3D: Okay.

15:59:18 mircea_popescu: but obviously, counterfactuals. who's to know.

15:59:22 Dekker3D: Yeah.

15:59:53 assbot: [HAVELOCK] [B.MINE] [PAID] 1.72803658 BTC to 11`558 shares, 14951 satoshi per share

16:03:58 assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 3350 @ 0.00080928 = 2.7111 BTC [-] {2}

16:04:05 Dekker3D: mircea_popescu, I've read almost all of it by now. The main distinction here is that SSI is assumed to be poor people who receive money because otherwise they'd riot, and SSDI is assumed to be people who have worked and who simply can't anymore.

16:04:18 mircea_popescu: "The Post is making a bet that you won't know the difference between SSDI and SSI, and you wouldn't, no one does, it's deliberately obfuscated and frequently conflated. They are totally different in terms of origin, budget and consequence, but both rely on "disability." The only person who does know the difference is a guy actually on SSDI, so that when you ask him, "how long have you been on SSI?" he will freeze, pu

16:04:18 mircea_popescu: ll out a knife, place it calmly on the table, and say, "listen lung transplant, I'm not on SSI, I'm on SSDI. I worked.""

16:04:20 mircea_popescu: the man says.

16:05:07 Dekker3D: I was simply diagnosed with a number of different nasty things between ages 8-15 or so, and I've been spending a lot of time (and yeah, government money along with some of my parents') to become a LOT more functional than I was before.

16:05:10 artifexd: <mircea_popescu> artifexd: We auction off your data." << you can't put it in a truck. <<< But you can put it in a packet :)

16:05:32 mircea_popescu: Dekker3D anyway, now you know why a bunch of people don't like me.

16:05:43 Dekker3D: mircea_popescu, I've actually met someone quite like you before.

16:06:07 mircea_popescu: there's this "look what you can learn about yourself on the internet" thing that happens to people. albeit rarely this clearly isolated as we have it here.

16:06:08 Dekker3D: Harsh but with clearly defined ideas based on some actual thought, and also rich (or at least claiming to be).

16:06:14 mircea_popescu: artifexd lol good 1

16:06:19 Dekker3D: isolated?

16:06:25 []bot: Bet placed: 1 BTC for Yes on "Bitcoin volatility to exceed $300 USD in July" http://bitbet.us/bet/982/ Odds: 73(Y):27(N) by coin, 70(Y):30(N) by weight. Total bet: 1.62691947 BTC. Current weight: 81,457.

16:06:41 mircea_popescu: Dekker3D so who was he ?

16:06:56 Dekker3D: Eh. Bruno something, went by "BMG" on the forum I was messing around on.

16:07:02 mircea_popescu: isolated, as in, not part of a complex structure of language and relationship

16:07:16 Dekker3D: While I was working on yet another one of my projects. It failed like so many others.

16:07:22 mircea_popescu: complexity creates plausible deniability, generally.

16:07:28 Dekker3D: Anyway, he got the impression that I'm pretty damn good at what I do

16:07:30 Dekker3D: brb.

16:07:45 mircea_popescu: i still don't know what that is.

16:08:21 Dekker3D: Back.

16:09:00 Dekker3D: Well, there was an MMORPG that I liked. Extremely casual, simple looking and the game itself was pretty stupid, but the community was pretty awesome.

16:09:12 mircea_popescu: called ?

16:09:13 Dekker3D: There had been 6 attempts at making an unofficial remake already.

16:09:15 Dekker3D: Blade Mistress.

16:09:23 mircea_popescu: o i recall this shit lol

16:09:26 Dekker3D: Heh.

16:09:28 mircea_popescu: god it was awful :D

16:09:28 Dekker3D: Are you BMG?

16:09:33 mircea_popescu: no idea bout the community

16:09:35 mircea_popescu: nah, i am not.

16:09:36 Dekker3D: Ah.

16:09:39 Dekker3D: Heh.

16:10:00 mircea_popescu: i'm part owner in s.mg which is a game maker which is why i know more than the average chap about indie games.

16:10:06 Dekker3D: Anyway, I was the only one who made a remake project that got further than "gathering ideas and musing idly"

16:10:11 Dekker3D: Ah.

16:10:15 Dekker3D: !up indiancandy1

16:11:10 chetty: good god MP, kid has been sold a bill of goods on being uselss. :(

16:11:12 Dekker3D: But one team member started becoming more of a burden than a boon, and he was an old friend so I found it hard to cut him loose. We also lacked programmers, as I was spending too much time just managing stuff.

16:11:20 mircea_popescu: chetty almost seems that way dunnit.

16:11:25 Dekker3D: Me?

16:11:26 Dekker3D: What?

16:11:28 mircea_popescu: yes you.

16:11:40 Dekker3D: I don't know if that's a good or a bad thing?

16:11:46 Dekker3D: Srsly. Translate for me?

16:11:58 mircea_popescu: you know what a bill of goods is ?

16:12:05 assbot: [HAVELOCK] [AM1] 7 @ 0.19 = 1.33 BTC [+]

16:12:11 Dekker3D: A list of stuff to sell, buy or transport, afaik?

16:12:21 mircea_popescu: yes. but also metaphorically, "the content of this box"

16:12:22 mircea_popescu: you

16:12:26 Dekker3D: Ah.

16:12:32 Dekker3D: So I'm full of uselessness? :P

16:12:33 mircea_popescu: 're the box. the bill of goods says "useless"

16:12:35 mircea_popescu: an' you bought it.

16:13:29 Dekker3D: Heh. Okay. I still can't quite tell whether you're saying "aw, poor kid, he got handed a bad hand" or "damn kid, go make yourself useful". Knowing your type a tiny bit, I'm guessing the latter.

16:13:36 mircea_popescu: im not saying either.

16:13:48 Dekker3D: So what are you saying?

16:14:04 mircea_popescu: that it looks like has a point.

16:14:14 Dekker3D: Like.. who has a point?

16:14:18 mircea_popescu: chetty

16:14:24 Dekker3D: On?

16:14:38 mircea_popescu: lol what is this, abbot and costello ?

16:14:49 mircea_popescu: "i still don;t know what the idea is!"

16:14:52 Dekker3D: I honestly have no idea what the "bill of goods" means in this context

16:14:59 Dekker3D: I am trying to get that information out of one of you

16:15:04 mircea_popescu: right.

16:15:05 Dekker3D: Heh.

16:15:32 mircea_popescu: let's try it with women. it always works easier with women.

16:15:36 mircea_popescu: like they're lubricated or something.

16:15:49 mircea_popescu: so. there's this girl. she's about 12. you with me ?

16:15:59 Dekker3D: I suppose

16:16:13 mircea_popescu: she's curious like any kid. so she... actually let me get it, i have a reference.

16:16:14 chetty: ok its just a idiomatic saying, basically I was saying that you had been tricked into believing you were useless

16:16:22 Dekker3D: Ah.

16:16:46 Dekker3D: Well yeah. I have. I know I have skills and can get stuff done, but so many things around me have fallen apart that I can't help but blame myself at some level.

16:16:54 Dekker3D: I'm trying to be more confident about stuff.

16:17:11 assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 43097 @ 0.00080924 = 34.8758 BTC [-]

16:17:18 mircea_popescu: http://fraudsters.com/2012/ce-este-adolescenta/ << there, she gets caught.

16:17:20 assbot: Ce este adolescenta ? pe fraudsters - Un blog de Mircea Popescu.

16:17:23 chetty: you are here, you are in the wot, pretty good start ;)

16:17:25 mircea_popescu: now everybody tells her she;'s a slut.

16:17:37 mircea_popescu: if she buys that, shes's gonna be one.

16:18:01 mircea_popescu: if she doesn't buy it... well, whatever. curious kid getting bored.

16:19:29 Dekker3D: Yeah.

16:20:27 mircea_popescu: basically, the boxen that are people... not many know what's inside, and especially not the people in question.

16:20:58 chetty: sooo back to the question, do you code? what language and all that Dekker3D

16:21:11 Dekker3D: C++, some Java and C#

16:21:25 mircea_popescu: cool.

16:21:27 Dekker3D: I've been doing a tiny bit of Python lately, though I absolutely loathe everything about it.

16:21:33 mircea_popescu: why ?

16:22:47 Dekker3D: It lacks curly braces and instead uses indentation. That's the main thing I hate.

16:23:17 mircea_popescu: i think most everyone here loves python and loathes perl

16:23:32 mircea_popescu: except for the weirdo frenchies into ruby and other appalling shit.

16:23:44 Dekker3D: you can't visually tell the difference between spaces and tabs, in sufficient amounts, and it complains if you use tabs in a piece of code that uses spaces elsewhere. For obvious reasons, but some people use tabs and some use spaces.

16:24:10 mircea_popescu: well python is trying its best to be like lisp

16:24:16 Dekker3D: It's interpreted and weakly typed, afaik. You can even add stuff to classes on the fly. That allows a lack of structure

16:24:16 mircea_popescu: and that means copying all the idiocy.

16:24:20 Dekker3D: Meh.

16:24:34 Dekker3D: I haven't even tried perl. It looks like line noise, but we all know that.

16:24:35 benkay: <moiety> hey my benkay has rearry improved! // your which now?

16:24:42 artifexd: I'm in the "Down with Python" camp. C/C++/C#/go are my tools of choice depending on the task at hand.

16:25:05 chetty: Dekker3D, what OS you work on?

16:25:10 Dekker3D: Anyway, I studied the Bitcoin code a bit to see how the bloom filter is implemented.

16:25:18 mircea_popescu: artifexd one day we shall have to make a wot backed tech map

16:25:28 mircea_popescu: who's with who. then just see what techs get the best votes

16:25:39 Dekker3D: chetty, I used to be Windows/Linux, but then EUFI happened and my old mobo got fried. Haven't been able to reinstall Linux since.

16:25:53 mircea_popescu: just you know, put up a page, with 20 questions or so. have people verify a string in here to allow their results.

16:25:54 artifexd: With kakobrekla in the python camp, that's probably an automatic win.

16:25:56 mircea_popescu: and then graph it

16:25:59 Dekker3D: And I stopped bothering. Now I found some possible hint on how to get it to work, but can hardly be arsed.

16:26:05 mircea_popescu: no because you only use the graph.

16:26:18 mircea_popescu: not the values, just the graph, like google pr works.

16:26:47 punkman: but there's no one true hammer

16:26:50 mircea_popescu: ;;ud EUFI

16:26:51 gribble: http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=Eufi | ... Eueyyauyuyoe · Eufaula · Eufaula, Ok · Eufemia · eufer · eufhwetiyuigohbleachgokufurrybate · Eufi · eufk · Eufrat · eufuckingreka · eufus ... Eufi isn't defined.

16:26:54 punkman: only lisp

16:26:55 mircea_popescu: what the shit ?

16:26:59 Dekker3D: Heh.

16:27:11 artifexd: You mean UEFI?

16:27:19 Dekker3D: Yeah, UEFI

16:27:23 mircea_popescu: o the mouse bios ?

16:27:31 Dekker3D: Yeah.

16:27:32 mircea_popescu: so what of it, it's basically the same.

16:27:41 Dekker3D: It includes some "trusted OS" kind of thing.

16:27:43 benkay: one true hammer lol

16:27:44 Dekker3D: Aka, "windows only mode"

16:28:03 Dekker3D: C++ is my one true hammer. But I have sinned, and am now doing something in Java.

16:28:03 mircea_popescu: Dekker3D you know there's a a job waiting for c++ / windoze ppl ?

16:28:09 Dekker3D: mircea_popescu, do tell

16:28:14 mircea_popescu: now where was it

16:28:27 artifexd: Eulora?

16:28:35 mircea_popescu: http://fraudsters.com/2014/smg-april-2014-statement/

16:28:36 assbot: S.MG, April 2014 Statement pe fraudsters - Un blog de Mircea Popescu.

16:28:40 mircea_popescu: grep for "the first" Dekker3D

16:28:43 punkman: Thickasthieves wants someone to compile Altcoin for Windows

16:28:47 mircea_popescu: that too.

16:29:33 Dekker3D: A package maintainer, mircea_popescu ?

16:29:36 mircea_popescu: yeah.

16:31:01 Dekker3D: What you say makes sense, but I'd still prefer not to start out with something that requires actual commitment. I still expect myself to fail at long-term stuff, even if I know I probably shouldn't.

16:31:54 Dekker3D: And this seems quite a bit beyond my "well.. it compiles and does something" level of programming so far.

16:32:18 benkay: that is an impressive display of humility for these parts.

16:32:28 Dekker3D: Hm?

16:32:32 Dekker3D: Yeah, maybe.

16:32:44 benkay: other people in your boat...start exchanges.

16:33:04 Dekker3D: I just haven't ever had a C++ project where my main goal was to get rid of the bugs rather than add some new feature or even get it running in the first place

16:34:12 benkay: in other news: http://imgur.com/gallery/jFEGGnI

16:34:12 assbot: Guy flies drone into fireworks show - Imgur

16:35:47 mircea_popescu: <benkay> that is an impressive display of humility for these parts. << ikr?

16:36:13 asciilifeform: FabianB: 'mycelium' << search the logs.

16:38:24 FabianB: asciilifeform: ah, ic, that discussion was already regarding entropy

16:38:34 asciilifeform: FabianB: http://log.bitcoin-assets.com/?date=25-06-2014#731942 , http://log.bitcoin-assets.com/?date=04-07-2014#744143

16:38:35 assbot: #bitcoin-assets log

16:38:36 assbot: #bitcoin-assets log

16:38:48 benkay: ninjashogun:lol yeah, luckily they're nice people and changed it for me rather than troll. can't imagine what would have happened in tihs channel. // are you fucking kidding me

16:39:22 mircea_popescu: http://www.somethingawful.com/game-reviews/blade-mistress/1/

16:39:22 assbot: Blade Mistress

16:39:24 benkay: ;;later tell ninjashogun you can't keep your password out of cleartext channels and you want how many bitcoins?

16:39:24 mircea_popescu: this is pretty lulzy

16:39:24 gribble: The operation succeeded.

16:40:30 FabianB: asciilifeform: thanks, read only one of them so far

16:40:44 asciilifeform: people gotta understand the importance of rng on a gizmo that doesn't import - only generates own - keys.

16:41:40 asciilifeform: likewise the importance of 'k' value in ecdsa

16:41:42 Dekker3D: Yeah, Blade Mistress is not polished or anything

16:41:45 Dekker3D: !up indiancandy1

16:42:48 mircea_popescu: Dekker3D i kinda enjoy the interaction between the hilariously pompous asses over at sa and unsuccessful real world efforts.

16:43:27 moiety: benkay i don't even know, i wasn't very sober, sorry

16:43:28 mircea_popescu: it's like watching an urbana women studies postdoc battle it out with a 65 year old ex-boxer champ

16:43:45 Dekker3D: mircea_popescu, that makes for an amusing visual.

16:47:00 indiancandy1: ;;bcverify G+jG24dm8R9Pk6bpiB8nabtxeP0z1UpmJqLC7DdrDOhjzDmQ8ZHZx399XuS1oYlIAEkad2mE4bqMFWuiZxZV/J0=

16:47:00 gribble: Error: Signature verification failed.

16:47:10 mircea_popescu: now you've done it.

16:48:43 Dekker3D: What's that code? Private key or something? That'd explain the "now you've done it"

16:48:59 mircea_popescu: im just being snarky. it's a failed attempt at a sig verify

16:49:26 Dekker3D: Ah.

16:49:32 moiety: dw we're getting there :] getting in the wot dekker

16:49:38 Dekker3D: Cool.

16:50:18 Dekker3D: mircea_popescu, chetty told me about Eulora and I'm in that channel now, with a few questions they say you could answer.

16:50:25 []bot: Bet placed: 1.9 BTC for No on "Bitcoin to drop under $350 before September" http://bitbet.us/bet/974/ Odds: 12(Y):88(N) by coin, 12(Y):88(N) by weight. Total bet: 10.30172933 BTC. Current weight: 89,244.

16:52:36 benkay: <artifexd> With kakobrekla in the python camp, that's probably an automatic win. // hah oh hah

16:53:09 benkay: hey logs aren't half as long as i expected today.

16:53:24 mircea_popescu: benkay scammed by loglength

16:53:44 asciilifeform: punkman: http://bitcoinstats.com/irc/bitcoin-otc/logs/2014/07/05#l1404570459 << lol

16:53:46 assbot: BitcoinStats

16:53:46 assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 34800 @ 0.00080922 = 28.1609 BTC [-] {2}

16:54:53 mircea_popescu: "I am most at home as a startup leader" ? cool.

16:54:59 mircea_popescu: !up davidynamic

16:55:38 davidynamic: Hi MP, I was sent here by bitcoinpete

16:55:44 thestringpuller: ninjashogun is the new usagi?

16:56:26 mircea_popescu: hi davidynamic

16:56:34 mircea_popescu: thestringpuller nah usagi was never this good.

16:56:43 mircea_popescu: he mostly just got frazzled.

16:58:05 davidynamic: Thanks, MP. Just here to listen (read) and learn

16:58:54 thestringpuller: Hmm. I wonder if you could use bitbet as a predictor for scams...

16:59:06 thestringpuller: "ninjashogun to defraud investors by 2015" etc

16:59:06 mircea_popescu: ;;google the market advantages of the delivery bet

16:59:07 gribble: Challenges and opportunities in dermal/transdermal delivery: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC2995530/; Best practice - Info entrepreneurs: http://www.infoentrepreneurs.org/en/guides/best-practice/; GE Advantage | Operational Excellence | Business to Business (B2B ...: http://www.ge.com/b2b/advantage

16:59:15 mircea_popescu: jesus google you pos.

16:59:18 mircea_popescu: ;;google fraudsters the market advantages of the delivery bet

16:59:19 gribble: The Globalization Paradox: Why Global Markets, States, and ...: http://www.amazon.co.uk/The-Globalization-Paradox-Markets-Democracy/dp/019965252X; Negotiating the energy policy 'trilemma' - Realising transition pathways: http://www.realisingtransitionpathways.org.uk/realisingtransitionpathways/publications/Panel-1-Bolton-Foxon_Negotiating-the-energy-policyxtrilemma.pdf; (1 more message)

16:59:25 asciilifeform: lol

16:59:26 mircea_popescu: ;;google site:fraudsters.com the market advantages of the delivery bet

16:59:27 gribble: http://fraudsters.com/2014/con-alma-de-tango/ http://fraudsters.com/2014 ...: http://fraudsters.com/wp_db_sitemap.php

16:59:31 mircea_popescu: omfg

16:59:58 mircea_popescu: http://fraudsters.com/2013/the-positive-market-effects-of-the-delivery-bet/

16:59:59 assbot: The positive market effects of the delivery bet. pe fraudsters - Un blog de Mircea Popescu.

17:08:24 benkay: ;;later tell Vexual i cooked something up for your thing.

17:08:25 gribble: The operation succeeded.

17:23:36 moiety: !up indiancandy1

17:24:16 assbot: [HAVELOCK] [PETA] 14 @ 0.04096462 = 0.5735 BTC [+] {6}

17:28:20 assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 14059 @ 0.00081049 = 11.3947 BTC [+] {2}

17:37:14 mircea_popescu: punkman: "I've tried to comfort myself with examples of Bitcoin's drops from $30 to $1 before but this doesn't mean it's going to happen again especially because of Doge's very different properties" << ahahah.

17:37:34 mircea_popescu: funny how all the derps that derp about how mp is so and so and back and forth don't go "yep... he killed it. sorry for your loss."

17:38:51 punkman: I thought it was the chinese whales' fault

17:39:05 mircea_popescu: o sorry.

17:39:20 mircea_popescu: it was the man in the moon and catjesus.

17:41:00 benkay: S.WOL - will book ATC and BTC seperately?

17:41:13 punkman: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xTHmHHhk3WY

17:41:13 assbot: EL GRAN COMBO - Ojos Chinos - YouTube

17:43:00 dignork: re: ATC, somebody has a live node? dns boostrap doesn't work

17:45:06 mircea_popescu: who broke teh bootstrap

17:46:06 dignork: - connection refused, so boostrap might be fine, but the node is down

17:46:09 benkay: mircea_popescu: will S.WOL book ATC and BTC seperately?

17:46:23 asciilifeform: he killed it << i thought it kinda fellated its own pistol

17:47:16 mircea_popescu: benkay prolly not.

17:47:22 mircea_popescu: asciilifeform well obviously all deaths have physical causes.

17:50:41 mircea_popescu: justusranvier: So Economic decisions have consequences after all? << who knew it! and the world is run by reason not by desire! and money talks and bullshit redditards suck it! And omfg what happened Obama had promised to fix all this!!1

17:52:34 benkay: http://online.wsj.com/articles/u-s-military-turns-to-hollywood-to-outfit-the-soldier-of-the-future-1404527893 // for the title only

17:52:35 assbot: U.S. Military Turns to Hollywood to Outfit the Soldier of the Future - WSJ

17:53:03 mircea_popescu: it's more about the looks than anyyhing. rite ?

17:53:44 benkay: a fighter jet that doesn't, supersoldier speshul fx...

17:54:02 benkay: scuse me i have a handmade bloody mary to drink.

17:58:34 mircea_popescu: ah sweet sweet delicious communitard tears.

17:59:47 mircea_popescu: But in the argument she finally said it, how I was like a little kid and not a "real man" whatever that means,

17:59:58 mircea_popescu: guess what it motherfucking means. three choices and the first three don't count.

18:12:03 assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 38600 @ 0.00080775 = 31.1792 BTC [-] {3}

18:29:38 thestringpuller: nanotube: is there a way to directly query for web of trust data and have it returned in some kinda serial format?

18:33:06 Dekker3D: !up indiancandy

18:33:12 indiancandy: == indiancandy1 Nick/channel is temporarily unavailable

18:33:13 indiancandy: ?

18:33:47 Dekker3D: I think that's a "ghost".

18:33:51 pankkake: the server thought you were still connected

18:33:55 Dekker3D: Yeah.

18:34:24 indiancandy: huh

18:34:31 indiancandy: i had 2 refresh

18:34:32 Dekker3D: Use /msg nickserv ghost indiancandy1

18:34:54 Dekker3D: You'll probably need to include your password at the end. Be careful not to put it on here again :P

18:35:03 indiancandy: grrrrrrrrr

18:35:10 Dekker3D: Yeah, refreshing probably didn't give that instance a proper chance to log out. So it's still claimed.

18:35:11 indiancandy: this shit is stress

18:35:27 Dekker3D: You remember how you used /msg nickserv register to finally claim your nick, right?

18:35:36 Dekker3D: Use the ghost command in the same way

18:35:51 indiancandy: i 4got how 2

18:35:54 indiancandy: find nickserver

18:36:03 Dekker3D: Well, use /query nickserv

18:36:10 Dekker3D: And it'll open a chat window directly to nickserv.

18:36:20 Dekker3D: That prevents you from accidently telling others your password

18:37:03 FabianB: no need to ghost, indiancandy1 already quit

18:38:43 kakobrekla: did you check the b82rez?

18:39:55 moiety: just release the nick and get it back

18:40:58 mod6: ^

18:41:18 moiety: the stuff to type is in our pm indiancandy :]

18:41:44 moiety: ihad to release my nick every 3 minutes whilst on mobile broad band

18:42:07 kakobrekla: did you manage to get a bnc up?

18:42:27 moiety: having trouble getting my pi up and running. i cant get into the router settings

18:42:33 assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 16200 @ 0.0008092 = 13.109 BTC [+]

18:42:47 moiety: i've changed the dns and stuff but i still need to do the ports

18:43:59 kakobrekla: is it not your router?

18:44:35 assbot: [HAVELOCK] [ROCK] 2500 @ 0.00079999 = 2 BTC [+] {2}

18:47:11 mod6: <+mircea_popescu> lol what is this, abbot and costello ? << haha

18:47:32 moiety: kakobrekla: no its just plugged into the router

18:47:50 mod6: <+mircea_popescu> i think most everyone here loves python and loathes perl << almost :P

18:48:06 moiety: old ISP router you just went to your home ip address and everything was there to change

18:48:20 mircea_popescu: mod6 i put that there for you :D

18:48:44 mod6: :]

18:50:04 mod6: <+dignork> re: ATC, somebody has a live node? dns boostrap doesn't work << I'm asking about this in #altcoin

18:50:49 mircea_popescu: i thought you were running one

18:50:57 kakobrekla: hm i always get nodes when i fire it up occasionally

18:51:17 mod6: im not running a node that's listed up there, but my local wallet is up.

18:51:22 kakobrekla: you are prolly on the wrong side of tech wot.

18:51:49 mircea_popescu: so argentina won i take it ?

18:56:17 moiety: i have to go out for a wee while, see yous later :] have a nice night!

18:56:21 penguirker: New blog post: http://fraudsters.com/2014/ah-sweet-sweet-delicious-communitard-tears/

18:56:54 mircea_popescu: ^ someone put that on reddit pls ?

18:57:02 mircea_popescu: preferably from a throwaway acct lol

18:57:26 moiety: i put the other one on a new fraudsters acct, that do?

18:58:00 mircea_popescu: sure

19:00:51 assbot: [HAVELOCK] [PETA] 43 @ 0.040001 = 1.72 BTC [-]

19:02:53 assbot: [HAVELOCK] [PETA] 29 @ 0.04001368 = 1.1604 BTC [+] {2}

19:03:54 assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 20350 @ 0.0008092 = 16.4672 BTC [+]

19:04:24 Namworld: I knew I shouldn't have invested more than I could afford to lose. That's why I put my savings and took a small loan to buy 900 BTC for 7000 USD back then. It was all I got, but Bitcoin looked great and I didn't mind losing it all and knew I could actually afford it. Being young, it wasn't the end of the world if I lost it. Not like I couldn't earn it back quickly.

19:05:07 Namworld: Well in Canada and most western countries anyway, it's not too much. Just a minor setback.

19:05:13 mircea_popescu: so did it work out ?

19:05:30 Namworld: I'd say so.

19:05:49 moiety: shall i keep this to r/dogecoin?

19:05:54 mircea_popescu: sure

19:06:11 mircea_popescu: Namworld :p

19:07:28 moiety: http://www.reddit.com/r/dogecoin/comments/29wwqg/ah_sweet_sweet_delicious_communitard_tears/?already_submitted=true << upvotes any reddit peoples please!

19:07:28 assbot: Ah sweet sweet delicious communitard tears : dogecoin

19:07:40 moiety: kk really away for reals this time, i'll check that when im out

19:07:59 assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 22298 @ 0.00080682 = 17.9905 BTC [-] {2}

19:08:25 mircea_popescu: o lol cool.

19:13:52 mircea_popescu: haha they beleeted it ?

19:13:53 mircea_popescu: a well.

19:17:38 Namworld: To an extent that I made a few mistakes along the way, still turned out okay.

19:36:42 Namworld: Mostly boils down to underestimating the speed of growth by an order of magnitude I guess.

20:02:52 assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 13274 @ 0.00081021 = 10.7547 BTC [+] {2}

20:06:50 mircea_popescu: http://www.ibtimes.co.uk/peru-150-mummies-ancient-unknown-civilisation-discovered-atacama-desert-photos-1455244

20:06:50 assbot: Peru: 150 Mummies of Ancient Unknown Civilisation Discovered in Atacama Desert [PHOTOS]

20:12:08 mircea_popescu: !up SuchWow

20:12:19 mod6: last specimen is interesting there

20:15:03 Namworld: I think it was common in certain areas... people altering the shape of their skulls. Althoug I donn't remember much on the topic.

20:15:04 assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 37900 @ 0.00081389 = 30.8464 BTC [+] {3}

20:19:04 Namworld: Quite alike any other sort of willful body distortions.

20:19:51 Namworld: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:%C2%AB_d%C3%A9formation_toulousaine_%C2%BB_MHNT.jpg

20:19:51 assbot: File: dformation toulousaine MHNT.jpg - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

20:19:56 Namworld: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Kane_Caw_Wacham.jpg

20:19:56 assbot: File:Kane Caw Wacham.jpg - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

20:20:32 Namworld: It's less odd looking when people are still alive. Even if peculiar.

20:27:16 assbot: [HAVELOCK] [PETA] 47 @ 0.04148967 = 1.95 BTC [+] {5}

20:27:52 kakobrekla: this is lul https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=652707.0

20:27:52 assbot: Coinbase - Becoming more Paypal-esk every day?

20:28:51 punkman: http://panampost.com/belen-marty/2014/07/04/move-over-kickstarter-swarm-crypto-equity-is-the-next-frontier/

20:28:51 assbot: Move Over Kickstarter, Crypto-Equity Is the Next Frontier

20:29:26 mircea_popescu: "I was wearing dress pants and flip flops. "

20:29:33 mircea_popescu: it had me at that.

20:29:47 punkman: o she's in b.a.

20:29:53 mircea_popescu: punkman yeah totally. like this : https://www.startjoin.com/comments/project/trollc

20:30:00 mircea_popescu: that's the next frontier. of lulz.

20:30:22 punkman: "Belén Marty is a journalist and freedom fighter based in Buenos Aires, Argentina." lol

20:31:00 mircea_popescu: oic.

20:31:13 mircea_popescu: well, there's what, 12mn people here. gotta be some clueless dweebs among them.

20:32:09 Namworld: I use localbitcoins. Because it is correctly implemented for such transactions. You prefund your transaction such that BTC is already there. The buyer has a secret code to keep to himself. Once you have the money, you can text/release funds from web at which point you receive the buyer's secret code, which you can show him as confirmation that the funds were released.

20:34:28 mircea_popescu: weird edge case anyway. generally you deal with poeople you know and trust.

20:34:42 Namworld: It's how an escrow 3rd party should work.

20:35:12 Namworld: Hmm, I never deal with people I know and trust when selling Bitcoins, for I know none buying Bitcoins.

20:38:27 assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 64050 @ 0.00081503 = 52.2027 BTC [+] {4}

20:38:33 jurov: same here...people want to buy when i don't sell and when i sell, noone wants

20:38:53 jurov: so i just wash it through b-c

20:39:05 nubbins`: <mircea_popescu> women are mentally ill, and will not allow them watch it if it's bloody. <<< half the women i know are into UFC

20:39:08 Namworld: I don't have any relatives buying, so it's always strangers

20:39:28 assbot: [HAVELOCK] [PETA] 20 @ 0.04 = 0.8 BTC [-] {2}

20:39:32 kakobrekla: you guys heard of otc?

20:40:39 jurov: kakobrekla: i did use otc, several times.. but hunting these ppl around is inconvenient

20:41:04 mircea_popescu: nubbins` i guess you're not in the demo ?

20:41:11 kakobrekla: jurov http://bitmynt.no/eurprice.pl

20:41:25 nubbins`: the demo...

20:41:31 jurov: and if you can get better price on otc than on b-c, be my agent

20:41:50 mircea_popescu: i like the guy's spirity

20:41:55 mircea_popescu: nubbins` demo[graphic]

20:42:00 nubbins`: ah

20:42:06 nubbins`: guess not!

20:42:08 Dekker3D: What is b-c exactly?

20:42:18 jurov: ;;ticker --merket bitcoin-central --currency eur

20:42:18 gribble: (ticker [--bid|--ask|--last|--high|--low|--avg|--vol] [--currency XXX] [--market <market>|all]) -- Return pretty-printed ticker. Default market is Bitstamp. If one of the result options is given, returns only that numeric result (useful for nesting in calculations). If '--currency XXX' option is given, returns ticker for that three-letter currency code. It is up to you to make sure the code (1 more message)

20:42:22 kakobrekla: BuCkake

20:42:25 nubbins`: tbh i can't imagine a hockey fan letting anyone get in the way of a game

20:42:26 Dekker3D: Ah.

20:42:29 Dekker3D: Thanks

20:42:30 nubbins`: they're all a bit touched

20:42:46 jurov: ;;ticker --market bitcoin-central --currency eur

20:42:47 gribble: Bitcoin-Central BTCEUR ticker | Best bid: 462.98, Best ask: 463.0, Bid-ask spread: 0.02000, Last trade: 462.98, 24 hour volume: 23.18098842, 24 hour low: 455.0, 24 hour high: 464.9, 24 hour vwap: 459.24265873

20:43:03 jurov: ^case in point (about the price)

20:43:08 kakobrekla: uh

20:43:22 kakobrekla: dude, one day its 200 the other 1500, and you care for 10bux?

20:43:43 jurov: that's just the cherry on the top

20:43:46 kakobrekla: also is there 6k depth on bc?

20:44:07 jurov: when i'll sell 6k, i

20:44:12 jurov: ll call you. promise.

20:44:25 kakobrekla: do whatever you want, just aking.

20:44:26 kakobrekla: asking

20:46:05 kakobrekla: how do you simulate selling into the market with the bot again?

20:46:17 kakobrekla: ;;sell something

20:46:17 gribble: Error: 'something' is not a valid positive floating point number.

20:46:26 kakobrekla: ;;sell 10

20:46:27 gribble: (sell <amount> <thing> [at|@] <priceperunit> <otherthing> [<notes>]) -- Logs a sell order for <amount> units of <thing, at a price of <price> per unit, in units of <otherthing>. Use the optional <notes> field to put in any special notes. <price> may include an arithmetical expression, and {(mtgox|bitstamp)(ask|bid|last|high|low|avg)} to index price to mtgox ask, bid, last, high, low, (1 more message)

20:46:35 kakobrekla: no thats not it

20:46:42 jurov: ;;market sell 10

20:46:42 gribble: Bitstamp | A market order to sell 10 bitcoins right now would net 6262.5626 USD and would take the last price down to 626.0000 USD, resulting in an average price of 626.2563 USD/BTC. | Data vintage: 0.0314 seconds

20:46:45 kakobrekla: ;;asks 10

20:46:45 gribble: Bitstamp | There are currently 0 bitcoins offered at or under 10.0 USD, worth 0.0 USD in total. | Data vintage: 3.0083 seconds

20:46:56 jurov: ;;market sell 10 --merket bitcoin-central

20:46:56 gribble: (market sell [--fiat] [--market <market>] [--currency XXX] <value>) -- Calculate the effect on the market depth of a market sell order of <value> bitcoins. If <market> is provided, uses that exchange. Default is Bitstamp. If --currency XXX is provided, converts to that fiat currency. Default is USD. If '--fiat' option is given, <value> denotes the size of the order in fiat.

20:47:04 nubbins`: merket chains

20:47:04 jurov: ;;market sell --merket bitcoin-central 10

20:47:04 gribble: (market sell [--fiat] [--market <market>] [--currency XXX] <value>) -- Calculate the effect on the market depth of a market sell order of <value> bitcoins. If <market> is provided, uses that exchange. Default is Bitstamp. If --currency XXX is provided, converts to that fiat currency. Default is USD. If '--fiat' option is given, <value> denotes the size of the order in fiat.

20:47:08 jurov: ;;market sell --market bitcoin-central 10

20:47:10 gribble: Bitcoin-Central | A market order to sell 10 bitcoins right now would net 6145.8198 USD and would take the last price down to 611.7300 USD, resulting in an average price of 614.5820 USD/BTC. | Data vintage: 0.0310 seconds

20:47:39 nubbins`: ;;merkel cell

20:47:39 gribble: Error: "merkel" is not a valid command.

20:47:57 kakobrekla: 4.5k

20:48:09 kakobrekla: sturles beats it.

20:49:09 jurov: this is just spot price , pretty meaningless

20:49:32 kakobrekla: is it not from the book?

20:49:46 jurov: 3wk ago i put sell order on 494 eur ... and 2wk ago it got hit

20:49:51 jurov: how would you do this on otc?

20:50:40 kakobrekla: mr s. can do these things for me

20:51:17 jurov: okay i'll try

20:51:56 jurov: but still, iirc bitstamp was nowhere near 494 in that week

20:52:20 kakobrekla: ah

20:52:33 kakobrekla: well low liquidity goes both ways :)

20:53:15 jurov: or maybe french govt has dark orderbook with davout

20:56:23 jurov: noir carnet de commandes :DDD

21:01:22 mircea_popescu: "My wife had a pair of loafers made. Hers were simple, although totally custom, made to order. They cost under 1000 pesos, and took about a week. Mens shoes will be more, depending on size and style and leather." beat that davout.

21:01:26 mircea_popescu: i apparently LIVE in iran.

21:02:08 mircea_popescu: <nubbins`> they're all a bit touched << you should see the football people lol

21:03:07 mircea_popescu: * hottblonde4u has quit (Client Quit) << omg why not voice the noobs.

21:03:14 mircea_popescu: i blame nubbins`

21:03:47 mircea_popescu: * jenevievestar (48ab107d@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has left #bitcoin-assets << look at that.

21:05:14 mircea_popescu: !up hottblonde4u

21:05:28 mircea_popescu: hottblonde4u you mean for ME ?!

21:05:43 hottblonde4u: Yes! I hear someone here wants to see My tits??/ :)

21:05:51 mircea_popescu: hehe okay. link to your prev work ?

21:06:21 hottblonde4u: http://www.reddit.com/user/hottblonde4u/

21:06:22 assbot: overview for hottblonde4u

21:06:35 mircea_popescu: whu do i even ask, just paste handle to reddit

21:07:18 hottblonde4u: ???

21:07:40 mircea_popescu: hottblonde4u ok, put 48ab107d on your tits, take a picture. this is a good example for you : http://log.bitcoin-assets.com/?date=04-07-2014#744684

21:07:41 assbot: #bitcoin-assets log

21:08:40 hottblonde4u: You got it ~~~

21:09:33 kakobrekla: what is the significance of the tildes

21:10:12 mircea_popescu: ahahahaah kakobrekla you will end up having a kind of humour named tits in your honor.

21:10:32 kakobrekla: :p

21:14:19 mircea_popescu: !up warptangent

21:14:48 mircea_popescu: !up RedStallion

21:15:02 mircea_popescu: !up nam-shub

21:15:34 mircea_popescu: !up Adohgg

21:35:58 mircea_popescu: !up hottblonde4u

21:36:33 hottblonde4u: http://imgur.com/a/oq7Sf#0

21:36:33 assbot: Bitcoin assets - Imgur

21:37:23 Dekker3D: Interesting pink streak in your hair, though it combined with the sharply-outlined wide eyes makes you look a bit like a Barbie doll :P

21:37:36 Dekker3D: Not meant to offend, it's just an interesting observation :)

21:38:52 hottblonde4u: I appreciate the observation... I've got nothing against Barbie, lol

21:39:23 mircea_popescu: hottblonde4u nice. address ?

21:39:35 hottblonde4u: 1NGjYd2kDvSD27TyBtXRR91cWC2YNufUEE

21:40:30 mircea_popescu: cool. if you want to stick around you should proly register your name.

21:40:51 hottblonde4u: Thanks! :)

21:41:02 hottblonde4u: Have a great one everyone ~~

21:41:06 mircea_popescu: u2

21:41:45 kakobrekla: wait whats the going rate for sharpie in the pooper?

21:41:53 kakobrekla: ah she gone.

21:42:18 mircea_popescu: they don't really figure out that where there's salmon roe there's probably also salmon.

21:43:57 Dekker3D: salmon roe?

21:44:22 mircea_popescu: http://www.cardinalsushi.com/images/80918_original.jpg this stuff

21:44:58 Dekker3D: Yeah, I googled it.. but I'm not sure I get what that remark of yours means. And I get inquisitive when I don't understand stuff :P

21:45:29 mircea_popescu: girl came for the .1 btc nibble, got it and left.

21:45:37 Dekker3D: Myeah..

21:45:43 mircea_popescu: the rational approach is to stay where you got the nibble, not to leave.

21:45:48 Dekker3D: Heh. I was just starting to catch on to that. I'm slow

21:46:03 Dekker3D: Well, often when there's something juicy to nibble, you've got to watch out for the hook.

21:46:07 Dekker3D: But then again, we're not fish

21:46:08 mircea_popescu: exactly.

21:46:12 mircea_popescu: no, we are.

21:46:22 mircea_popescu: kinda what i suspect drove here, actually.

21:47:44 Dekker3D: Well, most fish wouldn't enjoy being hooked, would they? That's the main difference here, I guess

21:47:50 thestringpuller: mircea_popescu terk errr jeeeerrrrbs

21:48:04 mircea_popescu: lol

21:48:27 kakobrekla: isnt it jewbs

21:48:53 thestringpuller: ;;google terk er jerbs

21:48:54 gribble: Southpark - They Took Our Job! - YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=768h3Tz4Qik; They Took Er Jerbs DURKA DERRR south park - YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l8ZJu-f-XOE; they took our jobs - YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=brj2UkUPjCI

21:50:23 kakobrekla: like i said, jewbs.

21:53:35 Dekker3D: !up Guest20650

21:54:15 mircea_popescu: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PSQSx3OCrXQ << this is kinda lulzy.

21:54:15 assbot: Get Educated About Homosexuality - YouTube

21:54:51 mircea_popescu: so the argument towards homosexuality not being subjective is that well, twins are both homosexual in 70% of cases (unaudited, just what it claims) which then they compare with "being left handed".

21:54:52 Dekker3D: "christian" thinks homosexuality is a choice. Yep. This is starting perfectly.

21:55:01 mircea_popescu: except... being left handed is not a behaviour. homosexuality is.

21:55:12 mircea_popescu: if one of two twins eats at mcdonalds, 90% odds are the other does too.

21:55:18 mircea_popescu: so mcdonalds is thus genetic ?

21:55:41 mircea_popescu: no, it's just pervasive cultural norm. behaviours spread from trusted sources, and a twin has better thances than a guy on youtube to persuade.

21:56:10 Dekker3D: Well, if it were a choice.. why wouldn't everyone choose to be bisexual? More options!

21:56:23 chetty: left handiness can be cured, just ask the nuns with rulers

21:56:38 mircea_popescu: oddly enough, this is supported by practice. slavegirls are bisexual.

21:56:40 Dekker3D: That's sarcastic, right?

21:56:46 Dekker3D: Heh.

21:56:49 mircea_popescu: Dekker3D no, it actually can be cured. it's just painful.

21:57:18 mircea_popescu: but anyway, let me in passing register my displeasure with "scientists have". is it so fucking hard to say " McGee and Jonk have " ?

21:58:02 chetty: but consensus is a new law in science, hadnt you heard?

21:58:11 mircea_popescu: yeah right.,

21:58:22 mircea_popescu: anyway this female antibody theory has got to be the laugh of all time

21:58:45 Dekker3D: Yeah, the antibody thing looked silly

21:58:53 mircea_popescu: chetty get a load of this : female body perceives male foetus as foreign, and generates unspecified "antibodies". the more boys a woman has, the more adept she is at this

21:59:02 mircea_popescu: and so the more she "feminizes" the fetus. intrauterine-ly.

21:59:18 chetty: omg, thats ridiculous

21:59:37 mircea_popescu: nothing to do with sexualisation pressures among groups of boys, or anything.

21:59:56 mircea_popescu: here's a simple solution : in any large population of males, some will be gay because the other want something to fuck.

21:59:59 mircea_popescu: someTHING to fuck.

22:00:01 mircea_popescu: problem solved.

22:00:27 chetty: well since women have fewer children these days the number of gays should be going down if this is true, pretty easy to check :P

22:00:31 mircea_popescu: definitely works a lot better to explain prison homosexuality, unless prison buildings ALSO secrete hormones.

22:00:52 mircea_popescu: chetty funny how many ways there are to show broken "scientists agree" is broken.

22:01:17 chetty: if it wasn't so easy it would be fun

22:01:18 test532451243214: "scientists agree" is pretty useless if you can't link to actual results

22:01:46 test532451243214: I mean.. two rocket scientists could agree that homosexuality is or isn't a choice.

22:01:55 test532451243214: Scientists would be agreeing, but it would prove absolutely nothing :P

22:01:55 mircea_popescu: test532451243214 even more useless if those "scientists" are people being paid a salary by a government, as an idle exercise in trying to create jerbs.

22:01:59 test532451243214: Whoops

22:02:09 Dekker3D: Wanted to find out some nickserv stuff

22:02:27 Dekker3D: I suppose so.

22:02:53 Dekker3D: "creating jobs" seems like the wrong goal anyway. More and more jobs are being replaced by robots. We should be focusing on a society that can handle mass automation

22:03:08 mircea_popescu: that society is selective.

22:03:15 Dekker3D: Oh?

22:03:24 mircea_popescu: democratic structures wish to promote inclusive societies.

22:03:29 mircea_popescu: there's no solution to this problem.

22:03:37 chetty: buggy makers found ways

22:03:56 mircea_popescu: chetty automotive society is inclusive. that part was easy.

22:03:58 Dekker3D: Ah. You're saying that those who aren't smart enough to be irreplacable would always find themselves left out, in a world where automation runs rampant?

22:04:08 mircea_popescu: chetty the idea was "everyone a car" see ?

22:04:15 mircea_popescu: Dekker3D exactly.

22:04:23 chetty: everyone a robot :P

22:04:24 mircea_popescu: selective. must be this tall to ride.

22:04:27 mircea_popescu: inclusive. everyone's invited.

22:04:51 mircea_popescu: the wild west was selective.

22:04:57 mircea_popescu: and guess what ? it fucking selected to all hell.

22:04:59 chetty: (questions is be one/own one/fix one)

22:05:34 chetty: ;;lasers

22:05:35 gribble: ┌━ ┄ ┄ ┄ ┄ ┄ ┄ *pew!* *pew!* *pew!*

22:06:14 Dekker3D: True, but automation is not a thing we can really push back

22:06:34 Dekker3D: Unless it threatens to destroy us all, like fucking up nature with CO2 and stuff does.

22:06:49 Dekker3D: So we're going to have to find a way to live with it, I'd guess.

22:06:52 mircea_popescu: everything always "threatens to destroy us all"

22:07:07 mircea_popescu: ask hitler. half his microphone time was about how they were threatened to be all destroyed.

22:07:55 assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 6450 @ 0.00081158 = 5.2347 BTC [-] {2}

22:08:10 Dekker3D: People always say things threaten to destroy us all. And yeah, it's a favoured tool of anyone trying to convince the masses.

22:08:34 Dekker3D: But people actually believe the CO2 thing because it makes some sense. People aren't similarly convinced that robots will fuck up our lives.

22:09:03 Dekker3D: The same argument applies to bitcoin: nobody really believes it'll kill off half of humanity if left unchecked.

22:09:18 mircea_popescu: people were similarly convicned the 2k year bug was going to destroy us all

22:09:20 Dekker3D: So people don't put in an organized, honest attempt to stop it

22:09:23 mircea_popescu: and more recently, a day in may 2012.

22:09:43 mircea_popescu: but yes, bitcoin will definitely kil off half of humanity.

22:09:49 mircea_popescu: that half is mostly english speaking currently.

22:09:55 Dekker3D: Do explain

22:10:03 mircea_popescu: ;;google bitcoin not for the poor

22:10:04 gribble: CGAP: Bitcoin Not Helping the Poor | Lets Talk Bitcoin: http://letstalkbitcoin.com/cgap-bitcoin-not-helping-the-poor/; Lessons From Mobile Payments: Bitcoin Will Not Help the Poor or ...: http://www.businessweek.com/articles/2014-01-10/lessons-from-mobile-payments-bitcoin-will-not-help-the-poor-or-unbanked; Bitcoin for the poor – a no-cash business plan for the 'next (1 more message)

22:10:44 mircea_popescu: http://fraudsters.com/2012/bitcoin-and-the-poor/

22:10:45 assbot: Bitcoin and the poor pe fraudsters - Un blog de Mircea Popescu.

22:10:52 mircea_popescu: ill have to start learning what the titles actually are i guess.

22:25:35 []bot: Bet placed: 3.42744945 BTC for No on "Bitcoin to drop under $350 before September" http://bitbet.us/bet/974/ Odds: 9(Y):91(N) by coin, 9(Y):91(N) by weight. Total bet: 13.72917878 BTC. Current weight: 88,753.

22:26:09 Dekker3D: I'm not sure if I understand the link between this TL;DRish article and english speaking people. If bitcoin won't help the poor, then wouldn't it be mostly non-english-speakers who would be hit by it? I'd imagine there's more poor people that don't speak english

22:28:26 mircea_popescu: there's little difference between a poor indian and a middle class us citizen today, except

22:28:39 mircea_popescu: that the poor indian has the skills to survive as a poor indian, which the us guy does not

22:28:49 mircea_popescu: and that the us guy has a government giving him money, which won't survive.

22:31:18 assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 20500 @ 0.00081521 = 16.7118 BTC [+]

22:31:25 Dekker3D: Ah.

22:31:41 Dekker3D: I forgot that a lot of english-speakers are in the US. Durp.

22:31:52 mircea_popescu: i did mean as an only language.

22:32:05 Dekker3D: Yeah. I didn't catch that.

22:32:21 Dekker3D: I thought you meant "people who speak english" which would include most of the better-educated people of any country.

22:32:43 mircea_popescu: nah, people who speak english as a second language actually are in the better position i imagine.

22:32:50 Dekker3D: Yeah. That was my point too.

22:33:20 assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 10900 @ 0.00081314 = 8.8632 BTC [-]

22:33:21 Dekker3D: I mean, I consider myself to be more of an english-speaker than a dutch-speaker, despite growing up in the netherlands

22:35:00 mircea_popescu: interesting

22:35:09 Dekker3D: So okay. Better point perhaps, the -rich- don't think that they'll be killed by bitcoin

22:35:27 Dekker3D: While they might think that there's at least some risk to having too much CO2 in the atmosphere

22:36:43 mircea_popescu: they're not going to get killed by that, either.

22:36:52 mircea_popescu: and they don't think they will in any case.

22:37:52 Dekker3D: But they might think they will

22:38:03 Dekker3D: While they're probably quite convinced they won't actually die from bitcoin

22:38:29 mircea_popescu: i suspect it's backwards

22:38:35 mircea_popescu: provided they had heard of either.

22:39:38 Dekker3D: Hm.

22:40:10 Dekker3D: Well, that depends on how smart you figure them to be. There's a lot of smart and dumb folks who ended up with a lot of money.

22:40:17 Dekker3D: I suppose I let my misanthropy guide me again.

22:41:17 mircea_popescu: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DIrpjCrmD4s << lmao this shit's preety good

22:41:17 assbot: Korgoth Of Barbaria I. [HunSub] - YouTube

22:51:19 mircea_popescu: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZcMnO8tqcPo

22:51:19 assbot: Disney's Secret Sexual Messages Conspiracy - Conspiracy Cinema - YouTube

22:52:12 Dekker3D: !up indiancandy1

22:53:00 Dekker3D: Welp. Someone logged in using indiancandy (mind the lack of the 1) and it isn't my friend.

22:53:10 Dekker3D: Or maybe it is her, she says. Durp.

22:53:42 indiancandy1: my god

22:53:45 indiancandy1: wat a hassle

22:53:49 mircea_popescu: lol

22:53:58 mircea_popescu: how can you be such a noob candygirl

22:54:01 indiancandy1: no seriosly

22:54:09 indiancandy1: i cant belive how complicated you made this

22:54:25 Dekker3D: Heh.. that part is standard IRC.

22:54:30 Dekker3D: Geek toys aren't the most user-friendly

22:54:44 Dekker3D: They ARE the most versatile and powerful most of the time, though

22:54:59 indiancandy1: wow

22:55:06 indiancandy1: okay now i need 2 be come

22:55:09 indiancandy1: a member of trust

22:55:16 indiancandy1: i feel asif im joinin the illuminati

22:55:17 indiancandy1: lol

22:55:23 mircea_popescu: that's funny

22:55:27 mircea_popescu: seeing how... you are.

22:55:54 indiancandy1: is moeity

22:55:56 indiancandy1: gone offline

22:57:20 Dekker3D: Heh. Don't confuse the poor lady any more than she has to be. Nobody's joining the illuminati here. We don't allow that at the freemason's secret headquarters.

22:57:44 Dekker3D: It seems moiety's offline, yeah.

22:59:43 indiancandy1: dekker is this true

22:59:47 indiancandy1: that

22:59:49 indiancandy1: in holland

23:00:03 indiancandy1: if you start your own religion and get a certain amount of followers

23:00:07 indiancandy1: the goverment fund u

23:01:22 Dekker3D: Hm. I don't know about that, tbh.

23:01:38 indiancandy1: thereis a religion

23:01:40 indiancandy1: sexual 1

23:01:41 Dekker3D: I've never been very interested in starting my own religion, but Dekkerianism does have a certain ring to it

23:01:44 indiancandy1: having sex in the woods

23:01:56 indiancandy1: saw a documentry on it

23:01:57 Dekker3D: And they get paid, because they believe in having sex in the woods?

23:02:02 indiancandy1: i dunno

23:02:07 indiancandy1: i cant remember exactly

23:02:09 Dekker3D: I think I call that "winning at life"

23:02:12 indiancandy1: they was on sexetra

23:02:13 indiancandy1: ahaha

23:03:59 kakobrekla: does it have to be woods?

23:04:03 indiancandy1: ye

23:04:08 kakobrekla: idiots.

23:04:24 kakobrekla: you get ticks there.

23:05:25 thestringpuller: ;;bc,stats

23:05:30 gribble: Current Blocks: 309390 | Current Difficulty: 1.6818461371161112E10 | Next Difficulty At Block: 310463 | Next Difficulty In: 1073 blocks | Next Difficulty In About: 1 week, 0 days, 3 hours, 40 minutes, and 48 seconds | Next Difficulty Estimate: 16640938359.6 | Estimated Percent Change: -1.05552

23:05:46 thestringpuller: weirdest difficulty in a long time....

23:15:24 indiancandy1: wats ticks

23:19:25 indiancandy1: no one talks here

23:19:28 indiancandy1: whats the deal

23:20:43 thestringpuller: indiancandy1: they do eventually...

23:22:01 indiancandy1: im bored

23:22:08 indiancandy1: tell me something

23:22:11 indiancandy1: interesting

23:22:13 thestringpuller: go do work

23:22:20 indiancandy1: ?

23:22:22 indiancandy1: what work

23:22:36 thestringpuller: something useful?

23:22:52 thestringpuller: if you're bored you should be using that time to develop a new skill or relax for when times get busy...

23:23:10 assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 1900 @ 0.00081314 = 1.545 BTC [-]

23:23:15 Dekker3D: Heh.. he/she has a point. I'm barely ever bored, I just spend that time reading up

23:23:17 Dekker3D: !up indiancandy1

23:23:19 thestringpuller: !up indiancandy1

23:23:26 thestringpuller: lol

23:23:32 Dekker3D: Beat you to it

23:23:35 Dekker3D: Heh.

23:24:11 assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 2950 @ 0.0008126 = 2.3972 BTC [-]

23:24:17 thestringpuller: I wonder if miners are collectively pulling the plug on the hashrate...

23:24:22 thestringpuller: ;;estimate

23:24:24 gribble: Next difficulty estimate | 16670351595.0 based on data since last change | 17786751323.1 based on data for last three days

23:24:46 Dekker3D: Low price for a while

23:24:59 thestringpuller: ;;ticker

23:25:00 gribble: Bitstamp BTCUSD ticker | Best bid: 627.78, Best ask: 630.54, Bid-ask spread: 2.76000, Last trade: 627.78, 24 hour volume: 1821.92569239, 24 hour low: 623.23, 24 hour high: 632.97, 24 hour vwap: 629.4869675

23:25:07 thestringpuller: highest it's been in months...

23:25:15 thestringpuller: (with consistency)

23:25:19 Dekker3D: Well, that's the thing. It's been low for months

23:25:25 thestringpuller: low?

23:25:31 Dekker3D: So, miners were mining less because there was less earnings per block.

23:25:35 Dekker3D: Measured in fiat

23:26:12 Dekker3D: .... Right. It's just part of that weird cycle, and actually higher than the previous average.

23:26:15 Dekker3D: Dunno.

23:26:30 thestringpuller: you can pay off a miner in about 140 days (given consistent difficulty increases and no extra capital investment)...

23:26:49 Dekker3D: High price = lots of miners buying equipment = lots of hashrate; low price after that = lots of miners who can't afford to run their equipment = lowering hashrate

23:27:15 Dekker3D: But that's just a guess. I've never mined any SHA coins, wouldn't know if ASICs are worth the mess.

23:27:25 thestringpuller: that's not true tho...because as hashrate increases the tech becomes cheaper

23:27:29 Dekker3D: Seems like an easy way to get ripped off by something like BFL

23:28:56 thestringpuller: Bitcoin ASIC's are getting close to CPU size...(in terms of shoving transistors onto a thing)

23:29:06 thestringpuller: "wafer"

23:29:28 thestringpuller: wen from like ~60nm down to ~20 in less than 2 years?

23:29:51 thestringpuller: i guess technically one if you base it on avalon's delivery in early 2013...

23:30:50 kakobrekla: could be a dc had an outage

23:30:55 Dekker3D: Eh.

23:31:09 indiancandy1: donate me some btc

23:31:19 indiancandy1: il show my nipple

23:31:20 Dekker3D: There's just a lot of suspicious "delays". I'd rather have something where everyone has equal access, gpus

23:31:20 indiancandy1: lol

23:31:33 Dekker3D: Lol. Being blunt? I suppose that works.

23:31:39 kakobrekla: indiancandy1 donate to me and ill show you mine

23:31:51 nubbins`: kakobrekla i've seen tildes used as exclamation points in the past

23:32:02 nubbins`: popular in some places apparently

23:32:17 thestringpuller: Dekker3D: "equal opportunity" << this isn't socialism...

23:32:28 kakobrekla: weird. i cant even produce that sign with my keyboard.

23:32:31 thestringpuller: hustle for the fruits of your labor

23:32:37 Dekker3D: True, but it beats having a worse opportunity than the rest.

23:32:38 thestringpuller: ```````````````

23:32:49 thestringpuller: why because of "fairness"?

23:33:13 thestringpuller: that's knocking the hustle because you can't make the same connections other people make...

23:33:15 Dekker3D: If I can choose between having the same opportunities as everyone else, or being behind a group of others, I'll choose having the same opportunities

23:33:20 Dekker3D: Hence why I mined Scrypt, not SHA

23:33:31 nubbins`: kakobrekla, it's shift-` for me

23:33:55 kakobrekla: no, i know where it is suppose to be, i just have it remapped.

23:33:57 Dekker3D: I have no connections in ASIC producing companies, no. Making connections has always been one of my weaker points.

23:34:00 nubbins`: o

23:34:07 indiancandy1: dekker

23:34:11 indiancandy1: congz

23:34:14 indiancandy1: holland are through

23:34:18 indiancandy1: in the world cup

23:34:28 Dekker3D: Neat.

23:34:44 indiancandy1: yh

23:34:47 Dekker3D: One more team to beat and they're the world champion for the first time in.. 4 decades or so? I don't really even keep track of football.

23:34:54 thestringpuller: Dekker3D: that's cause you aren't chinese and have access to workers who will fab chips for < $2 / hr

23:35:03 thestringpuller: and don't have*

23:36:30 Dekker3D: Yep

23:36:38 thestringpuller: but as well Dekker3D people have found away around the memory wall on SCRYPT and alas are producing parallelized chips for that algo...

23:36:47 Dekker3D: I know

23:36:50 thestringpuller: are they not entitlted to their hustle?

23:36:53 thestringpuller: their hardwork?

23:36:55 indiancandy1: HUP HUP HOLLAND !!

23:36:57 Dekker3D: I used to mine Scrypt. I don't anymore

23:37:19 Dekker3D: I'm not saying they're not. I'm just saying I'm getting the fuck out, and mining something that hasn't been ASIC'd yet

23:37:46 thestringpuller: haha I'm trying to find a way around that, hustle with the asics

23:37:46 Dekker3D: ... Well, as soon as I get around to replacing a water pump. I did some silly things in setting up my mining rig. It wasn't all that serious anyway.

23:38:02 Dekker3D: Cool. If you find a way and don't mind sharing, I'd love to hear about it

23:38:28 thestringpuller: i dunno how mature the market is: people liek lunaminer and petaminer are making it a bit...difficult

23:38:30 Dekker3D: But until then, I'm going with GPU/CPU-only coins over ASIC-minable coins.

23:38:35 thestringpuller: like the days of GIGAMINING

23:39:01 Dekker3D: Hm. You were planning to actually make connections, targetting a specific company?

23:39:08 thestringpuller: seems within mining infrastructure there is always a scam on some level...

23:39:21 kakobrekla: <thestringpuller> are they not entitlted to their hustle? < no., cause http://bash.bitcoin-assets.com/?quote=194

23:39:21 assbot: #bitcoin-assets bash

23:39:53 thestringpuller: point taken kako ~_~

23:40:08 thestringpuller: when you're hustlin' to scam, it ain't really hustling now is it?

23:40:13 Dekker3D: Yep, thestringpuller

23:40:21 Dekker3D: Always some scam

23:41:45 mircea_popescu: <kakobrekla> you get ticks there. << i think you only get ticks if does live thre.

23:42:14 kakobrekla: not by my experience.

23:43:57 mircea_popescu: i don't think i ever had a tick

23:45:11 kakobrekla: luck you

23:45:16 kakobrekla: maybe you just dont go out much.

23:45:26 benkay: internet is so slow at the mountain home that the camgirl imgur galleries take too long to load

23:46:03 benkay: loving the bittits tho

23:46:33 assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 36719 @ 0.00081257 = 29.8368 BTC [-] {2}

23:46:46 kakobrekla: should come with "thought of the day" below pics.

23:46:53 benkay: http://imgur.com/a/oq7Sf#0 // your eyes are staring into my soul honey

23:46:53 assbot: Bitcoin assets - Imgur

23:47:11 kakobrekla: close it before she downloads it all.

23:50:46 thestringpuller: there is a bittits.us?

23:52:41 mircea_popescu: Dekker3D> I'm not saying they're not. I'm just saying I'm getting the fuck out, and mining something that hasn't been ASIC'd yet << this is like saying you'll farm a product that's not globalized yet.

23:52:42 mircea_popescu: glwt.

23:52:55 mircea_popescu: the only reason it's not been globalised is that it sucks.

23:53:44 mircea_popescu: <thestringpuller> seems within mining infrastructure there is always a scam on some level... << quite.

23:53:58 Dekker3D: Or because it takes a while to develop ASICs and would only be started when it looks profitable enough?

23:54:16 mircea_popescu: which means...

23:55:20 Dekker3D: That you can use the gpu you already have to make a bit of profit mining some new algorithm before ASICs show up

23:55:34 thestringpuller: dogecoin anyone?

23:55:38 Dekker3D: And when ASICs show up, you can just go to the next big thing.

23:55:39 *: mircea_popescu shrugs

23:56:13 Dekker3D: Litecoin was before Dogecoin. Dunno about other Scrypt altcoins before that

23:56:34 Dekker3D: Darkcoin attempts to do the same thing again, though I know another altcoin had the same algorithm earlier

23:56:37 benkay: turtles turtling turtles turtling turtles all the way into the future

23:56:58 benkay: who the fuck makes money mining when the fiat govts are willing to print to do it

23:57:12 benkay: its like people can't fn in2 mafs or somethign

23:57:19 mircea_popescu: benkay word.

23:57:34 benkay: arghag

23:57:40 benkay: ragequits are cheap at the cabin

23:57:47 benkay: there's girls and booze n shits

23:57:50 *: benkay ragequits

23:57:53 mircea_popescu: got a hard cock and some time to kill, what diff does it make it's all in a cage ?

23:57:58 mircea_popescu: kids gonna have fun

23:57:59 thestringpuller: girl*** ftfy

23:58:22 benkay: hey my imagination counts

23:58:47 benkay: despite all my rage, i am still just a derp in a cage

23:59:11 mircea_popescu: 'Yes! I have!' Ruska groaned in agony, lying on his back tightly clutching the pillow to him. He breathed into it, and the pillow returned the warmth of his own youth, condemned to spend itself in the bitter sterility of bringing to a white heat his young, caged body which begged for release and found none. He wanted to believe that he had a girl, but he had nothing at all to go on - not even a kiss, or a promise. Ther

23:59:11 mircea_popescu: e had been nothing more than a look of sympathy on a girl's face as she had listened to him, earlier that evening, telling his story. And for the first time, seeing himself mirrored in the girl's eyes, Ruska felt there was something heroic and out of the ordinary about his life. There was nothing between them yet, but he felt something had happened that gave him the right to say he had a girl.

23:59:13 Dekker3D: !up indiancandy1

23:59:14 mircea_popescu: 'Who is she?' Gleb asked.

23:59:16 mircea_popescu: Raising the blanket just a little Ruska answered from the darkness: 'Shhh - Clara-'

23:59:18 mircea_popescu: 'Clara? The prosecutor's daughter?'