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Transcript for 05-11-2018, 44 lines:

02:33:44 adlai: fluffypony: pankkake asked a very specific question about your project.

02:34:58 *: adlai wishes more people would use their brains (especially those parts that protrude so dangerously far from the pineal gland), rather than relying on the big black brotha wearing a shiny vest and earning minimum wage to tell airportgoers to "walk THIS way"

02:35:23 adlai: not that there is anything wrong with airport security! :D

09:48:14 kakobrekla: he asked about the size of the blingchain and txes neh?

10:49:31 kakobrekla: meanwhile have some porn, maybe some will recognize this http://smpake.com/tmpub/platke.jpg

10:49:32 assbot: ... ( http://bit.ly/2On1iSY )

14:57:42 pankkake: kakobrekla: is that the asus/amd boards that work with coreboot? wow

14:57:52 pankkake: I have yet to buy 1

14:58:03 pankkake: and buy the nuclear power plant to power all that

15:06:23 kakobrekla: yeah thats it. they can run coreboot/libreboot and openbmc is also supported if you wanna go that route

15:13:16 kakobrekla: oddly one of four has a second socket for a second battery installed (top right mobo), any guesses to what would that be for?

15:14:59 pankkake: oh right, the others have the place for a socket but don't have it

15:15:15 kakobrekla: yup

15:15:36 pankkake: it's kinda insulting

15:15:44 kakobrekla: they came from same source, yet...

15:16:38 pankkake: it's not on the manual diagrams

15:17:51 kakobrekla: must be powering them gratis chips from china :)

15:19:46 pankkake: hehe

17:46:24 fluffypony: adlai: ahhh thanks I missed that

17:46:42 fluffypony: pankkake: the switch Bulletproofs for range proofs has reduced tx sizes by like 80%

17:47:34 fluffypony: https://xmrchain.net/tx/995e76d8089cee6f0fe2cb2710e5111e71c5c5acae26cf9daf1a9afb006a9ca7

17:47:35 assbot: xmrchain.net explore.moneroworld.com ... ( http://bit.ly/2OtEuAS )

17:47:41 fluffypony: that's a typical 2 input, 2 output tx with an encrypted payment ID

17:47:54 fluffypony: Tx size: 2.6553 kB

17:48:28 fluffypony: https://www.blockchain.com/btc/tx/97642f6527497c41f79ed02212e72f774ab57535c2c2ee49da28b297c74a7520

17:48:29 assbot: Bitcoin Transaction 97642f6527497c41f79ed02212e72f774ab57535c2c2ee49da28b297c74a7520 ... ( http://bit.ly/2OrPa3c )

17:48:39 fluffypony: that's a typical 2 input, 2 output Bitcoin transaction

17:48:52 fluffypony: Size 483 (bytes)

17:48:52 fluffypony: Weight 1932

17:50:32 fluffypony: so about 5.5x larger txs than Bitcoin

18:23:34 pankkake: nice

19:32:21 fluffypony: pankkake: there are other scalability concerns, but the size stuff is a good starting point

19:34:42 kakobrekla: do/did you have a block size limit at all?

19:44:08 fluffypony: kakobrekla: it's dynamic, so miners can create blocks slightly above the median

19:44:20 fluffypony: and the median is based on blocks over the past day or so

19:44:23 fluffypony: throwing out the outliers

19:44:47 kakobrekla: ah yeah right, forgot about that.

20:42:21 kakobrekla: comedy does not stop https://techcrunch.com/2018/11/05/crucial-samsung-solid-state-drives-busted-encryption/amp/

20:42:22 assbot: Security researchers have busted the encryption in several popular Crucial and Samsung SSDs – TechCrunch ... ( http://bit.ly/2OoGavr )

20:42:41 kakobrekla: eg https://pbs.twimg.com/media/DrPhsXmWsAAOcZ2.jpg:large

20:42:42 assbot: ... ( http://bit.ly/2OodF16 )

22:11:23 kakobrekla: if anyone from us is looking for d16 mobos, apparently newegg is giving them away for free for a few more days

22:26:28 kakobrekla: while you are trying to run saner x86, https://homes.cs.washington.edu/~bornholt/post/z3-iphone.html

22:26:29 assbot: SMT Solving on an iPhone — James Bornholt ... ( http://bit.ly/2SOyZAn )