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Transcript for 06-11-2019, 6 lines:

07:50:32 funkenstein_: "In response to the national call to reduce the use cost of blockchain technology, the National Information Center, China Mobile, China UnionPay and jujube technology jointly launched a national blockchain service infrastructure platform: blockchain service network (BSN). On October 15, 2019, BSN started a half year free internal test, which will provide developers with free computing power, storage and bandwidth resources. We since

07:50:33 funkenstein_: invite developers to log in to bsnbase.com to apply for participating in the test activities."

10:07:05 kakobrekla: china will grow larger!

21:50:09 pankkake: https://ryturn.com/produit/jpmalot-yo-mark-karpeles/ ...why

21:50:10 assbot: JPMALOT YO! MARK KARPELES - Ryturn ... ( http://bit.ly/2NLCllY )

23:29:57 kakobrekla: ouch