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Transcript for 10-03-2018, 56 lines:

22:44:42 funkenstein_: back to middle country after a tour and I find - three new companies distributing piles of free crappy bicycles

22:45:20 kakobrekla: how crappy

22:46:40 funkenstein_: well one speed, low seat - i average well less than half the speed I get on my own bike

22:46:55 funkenstein_: but hey, they are everywhere and you can use them anytime for basically nothing so I shouldn't complain

22:47:01 funkenstein_: now there are motorized ones available too

22:47:20 kakobrekla: well -- make them as good as googles and everyone starts stealing them :)

22:47:32 funkenstein_: yeah good point, it's gotta be this way

22:48:16 funkenstein_: pretty funny to compare to NYC's rental bike parking stations

22:49:54 funkenstein_: wait google does bikes?

22:51:45 kakobrekla: ;;google google bikes stolen

22:51:46 gribble: COMPLETE BIKES – Stolen Brand - Stolen BMX: https://www.stolenbmx.com/collections/complete-bikes; Stolen Bike Registry - Bike Index: https://bikeindex.org/stolen; 9 things to do AFTER your bike's stolen ! - The Best Bike Lock: http://thebestbikelock.com/best-bike-lock/things-to-do-after-your-bikes-stolen/

22:51:59 kakobrekla: hm

22:52:12 kakobrekla: dafuq

22:52:40 kakobrekla: anyway google the term

22:52:42 kakobrekla: https://gearjunkie.com/google-bikes-stolen-theft

22:52:44 assbot: Security Flaw: Google 'Free Bikes' Stolen by the Hundreds Each Week ... ( http://bit.ly/2Gf4Bce )

22:52:50 kakobrekla: random hit

22:53:23 kakobrekla: >Plus, Google last year began installing GPS trackers in its bikes. Since then, the company discovered missing Gbikes traveled as far away as Fairbanks, Alaska, and on down to Mexico.

22:54:31 funkenstein_: i see, no locks even

22:54:37 kakobrekla: yea

22:54:50 kakobrekla: i guess we have ways to go before market is saturated :)

22:55:24 funkenstein_: so those are just free to use anytime

22:55:33 kakobrekla: i think thats the idea yea

22:56:28 funkenstein_: here you can take them home but while the lock is not engaged you pay the 1 kuai per hour or so

22:56:57 kakobrekla: we have a 3 eur per year subscription model

22:57:50 kakobrekla: actually thats not accurate

22:58:09 funkenstein_: where?

22:58:41 kakobrekla: slovenia, capital

22:58:45 funkenstein_: a lot of campuses here don't allow the shared bikes inside.. a security guard actually tackled me off the bike the other day we both had a good chuckle

22:58:51 kakobrekla: yes, i came 'home' for a bit :)

22:59:01 funkenstein_: cool :D

22:59:45 kakobrekla: ah yeah, terrorist often use bikes so therefore not allowed

23:00:23 funkenstein_: well bikes are ok just not the ones that will wind up in giant piles unused

23:00:31 funkenstein_: though still - it happens anyway even with private bikes

23:01:38 kakobrekla: how did those famous piles in cn happen?

23:01:39 kakobrekla: i forgot

23:02:42 funkenstein_: well these companies are getting a little better at managing the diffusion

23:03:24 funkenstein_: but basically if the pileups become bad enough the city just takes them away and piles them somewhere

23:03:28 funkenstein_: the companies take the loss

23:03:37 funkenstein_: or negotiate

23:03:39 kakobrekla: lol

23:03:44 kakobrekla: how efficient

23:04:27 funkenstein_: it becomes really hard to walk around because these things are everywhere

23:04:48 funkenstein_: and yet more people are piling into the industry

23:05:31 pankkake: https://www.theguardian.com/world/2018/feb/25/gobeebike-france-mass-destruction-dockless-bikes

23:05:32 assbot: Gobee.bike pulls out of France due to 'mass destruction' of its dockless bike fleet | World news | The Guardian ... ( http://bit.ly/2GdlPXw )

23:05:40 pankkake: TL;DR we're savages

23:06:13 kakobrekla: pankkake, we knew that before

23:08:37 funkenstein_: how were people paying the fiddy cent without ubiquitous digital payments?

23:09:39 funkenstein_: you type in a credit card number or something?

23:10:14 funkenstein_: we knew that before and keep up the good work :D

23:11:29 kakobrekla: well,.. back to human pulled rickshaws!

23:11:35 pankkake: I never tried it, but I still see some in the wild, I guess I could steal one :D

23:11:50 kakobrekla: not becuase of propulsion, but for security measure

23:13:09 kakobrekla: anyway, our bikes are not dockless, i think that solves a part of the problem

23:13:20 kakobrekla: but that prolly doesnt work with large cities