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Transcript for 10-06-2014, 1552 lines:

00:00:21 thestringpuller: ;;calc 20000 * 365

00:00:22 gribble: 7300000

00:00:43 mircea_popescu: mike_c he held the thing by the fucking blade, too. a 12 inch knife sharp enough to slice beef on touch

00:00:46 Namworld: Well I'd sure like to know romania prices

00:04:51 Namworld: So... do we get to know the total cost?

00:08:43 mircea_popescu: heh, pansy barber.

00:08:48 mircea_popescu: Namworld yeah, soon enough

00:08:51 mircea_popescu: !up PeterGriffin

00:08:57 BingoBoingo: Namworld: What, and let the people who death ray'd his new MOBO death ray the Pineapples!!!

00:08:59 PeterGriffin: what up moither fuckers

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00:09:43 mircea_popescu: PeterGriffin and who might you be?

00:09:54 PeterGriffin: god hates you if your not the non elect

00:10:19 mircea_popescu: ;;ticker

00:10:20 gribble: Bitstamp BTCUSD ticker | Best bid: 647.26, Best ask: 648.86, Bid-ask spread: 1.60000, Last trade: 648.86, 24 hour volume: 6803.40421945, 24 hour low: 639.93, 24 hour high: 659.0, 24 hour vwap: 0

00:10:36 Namworld: BingoBoingo... what?

00:10:50 PeterGriffin: ;;help

00:10:51 gribble: The bot responds when you start a line with the ! character. A good starting point for exploring the bot is the !facts command. You can also visit the bot's website for a list of help topics and documentation: http://gribble.sourceforge.net/

00:10:56 PeterGriffin: !ops

00:11:01 BingoBoingo: Namworld: Did you miss the motherboard convo?

00:11:06 PeterGriffin: i smell a ban coming

00:11:20 Namworld: I guess I have

00:12:25 BingoBoingo: PeterGriffin: Are you that CalvinKlein from Friday

00:12:29 asciilifeform: BingoBoingo: motherboard << ?

00:12:37 PeterGriffin: calvinklein? no

00:13:21 BingoBoingo: asciilifeform: http://bash.bitcoin-assets.com/?quote=153

00:13:21 assbot: #bitcoin-assets bash

00:13:42 asciilifeform: aha that one

00:13:51 PeterGriffin: hiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

00:14:01 Mats_cd03: hiiii

00:14:16 PeterGriffin: god hates you if your not the non elect

00:15:09 Mats_cd03: http://youtu.be/HrKp8Zx6V_s

00:15:10 assbot: Mayer Hawthorne - Crime (Lyric Video) ft. Kendrick Lamar - YouTube

00:15:22 BingoBoingo: hi =====

00:15:35 PeterGriffin: hi

00:16:19 BingoBoingo: !down penguirker

00:16:20 PeterGriffin: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1UQABR_9gGI&list=PLA932903698A56780

00:16:20 assbot: The Sovereignty of God Versus Man-Made Religions, Hollywood Movies & Petty Emotionalism - YouTube

00:16:29 BingoBoingo: !down PeterGriffin

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00:17:33 Mats_cd03: lol

00:18:38 Mats_cd03: i always laugh when i read comments about bitcoin on hn

00:19:38 asciilifeform: Mats_cd03: for some reason i thought the subject was forbidden there - unless posted by authorized phoundation shill

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00:21:22 mircea_popescu: that's not very far from truth asciilifeform

00:21:51 mircea_popescu: anyway : romanian prices, ~280 lei. /3.2 = 87.5 usd.

00:22:06 *: asciilifeform has the honour of running a site hellbanned on hn.

00:22:15 mircea_popescu: argentinian prices, 980 pesos. /11.4 = 85.96 usd.

00:22:18 mircea_popescu: CHEAPER!

00:22:26 asciilifeform: (described here: http://www.loper-os.org/?p=91)

00:22:28 assbot: Loper OS » Tenser, Said the Censor [*]

00:23:18 mircea_popescu: asciilifeform wait, you're NOT ONLY A WIKIPEDIA SPAMMER ARE YOU!!1

00:23:39 *: asciilifeform unrepentant spam desperado

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00:24:56 mircea_popescu: "Another common criticism of this practice has been that while in theory, it's a smart and effective way to discourage trolling, in actuality, the trolls and spammers are the first to become wise to this, and instead many innocent users get hurt, being unaware of what's going on."

00:25:08 mircea_popescu: in point of fact, hellbanning is exactly the opposite of this chan's +m

00:25:26 mircea_popescu: it has disadvantages in place of all the advantages, and no redeeming advantages whatsoever

00:25:29 mircea_popescu: other that being easy and cheap

00:26:01 asciilifeform: mircea_popescu: it's also an inescapable fact of life for idiots who insist on maintaining appearance of 'democracy!' while keeping the signal to noise ratio within some bounds

00:26:18 mircea_popescu: myeah

00:26:42 mircea_popescu: who's pg ?

00:26:44 mircea_popescu: greenspun ?

00:26:48 asciilifeform: graham

00:27:07 mircea_popescu: oh lol

00:27:09 asciilifeform: (goes by pg on his site)

00:28:33 mircea_popescu: http://www.loper-os.org/wp-content/killed.png

00:28:39 mircea_popescu: pretty good png to haveactually.

00:29:07 mircea_popescu: o that's what that recode shit coming out of nowhere is

00:29:08 asciilifeform: ^ taken on an apple box dusted off for the occasion, purposefully

00:29:11 mircea_popescu: mossberg got fired

00:29:25 asciilifeform: lol

00:29:40 mircea_popescu: i peripherally noticed there's yet another one of these web platform shits.

00:29:44 asciilifeform: (to anyone in usa, 'mossberg' is a '12' caliber shotgun)

00:29:52 mircea_popescu: with conferences and errything

00:30:19 mircea_popescu: brb dinner.

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00:32:21 asciilifeform: http://aspensmonster.com/2014/05/22/leaving-hacker-news

00:32:23 assbot: » Leaving Hacker News ASPENSMONSTER

00:32:34 asciilifeform: ^ some interesting discussion re: how hn works

00:33:29 asciilifeform: the auto-zap for nsa-related crap is especially entertaining (folks keep finding ways around it, mods play whackamole)

00:34:18 asciilifeform: http://www.reddit.com/r/Bitcoin/comments/1bb3m2/this_comment_defending_bitcoin_got_me_hellbanned/

00:34:19 assbot: This comment defending Bitcoin got me hellbanned from "Hacker" News. : Bitcoin

00:35:49 asciilifeform: the interesting thing isn't that pg & co. zap posts they aren't particularly fond of. rather more interesting: the elaborate gymnastics to maintain a pretense of being an uncensored forum.

00:36:40 asciilifeform: 'reddit' may be a cesspool, but hn is a very special kind of echo hell.

00:43:35 benkay: <mircea_popescu> Mats_cd03: benkay is a queen << ahahaha they got yo numba nao vulpes. // y'all ain't even seen me in my heels yet

01:02:06 BingoBoingo: http://www.bloomberg.com/news/2014-06-09/facebook-zuckerberg-sued-over-directors-compensation.html

01:02:06 assbot: Facebook, Zuckerberg Sued Over Directors Compensation - Bloomberg

01:07:02 thestringpuller: yea

01:07:05 thestringpuller: fuck zuckerberg

01:07:08 thestringpuller: FUCK DAT GUY

01:08:12 mircea_popescu: assbot> ? Leaving Hacker News ASPENSMONSTER << all these important things i've missed out on while doing other things.

01:09:06 mircea_popescu: asciilifeform wait what ?! they don't discuss nsa ?~!

01:09:29 asciilifeform: all i can surmise is, pg would rather not.

01:09:51 benkay: distracts from fartup derpus

01:10:35 mircea_popescu: well, inasmuch as zombie is allowed to continue to exist, zombie is well advised to not be too critical of the decay process.

01:11:21 mircea_popescu: "Reddit seems to be one of the only places you can have true freedom of speech on the internet, and it thrives thanks to it. "

01:11:25 mircea_popescu: ahahaha help me rwanda

01:12:22 thestringpuller: true freedom of speech? da fuq does that even mean?

01:12:33 mircea_popescu: like the true scotsman

01:12:47 mircea_popescu: speech that conforms to one's priors is freedom of speech

01:13:08 mircea_popescu: speech that brings forth the cognitive dissonance one's priors suffer at the hands of reality is trolling

01:17:21 mike_c: mircea_popescu: walt mossberg??

01:18:10 mike_c: i remember 15 years ago coworkers sweating his reviews.

01:18:51 mircea_popescu: yeah him

01:20:03 mike_c: this could be like oprah leaving cable. he's not bigger than the journal.

01:20:04 mircea_popescu: dj fired him last year turns out, he started this recode thing january

01:20:14 mircea_popescu: he didnt leave, he got canned

01:20:19 mircea_popescu: prolly tried to resist a salary cut

01:20:40 mike_c: crazy. well, he'll find a paycheck somewhere.

01:22:17 mircea_popescu: doubt it.

01:22:25 mircea_popescu: he's running in the wrong track with the wrong dogs.

01:23:20 mircea_popescu: "It was autodeaded, presumably because of my use of the term ?circlejerk,? which HN is quite sensitive to."

01:23:22 mircea_popescu: aahahaha

01:23:23 dub: gay

01:23:28 dub: er, gah*

01:24:15 asciilifeform: http://www.loper-os.org/?p=1482

01:24:17 assbot: Loper OS » Tungsten Will Melt in Your Mouth!

01:24:17 mircea_popescu: "I was recently met with a torrent of downvotes ?nearly 100, might have actually crossed that? for poking fun at HN?s incessant we?re-not-reddit-we?re-much-more-sophisticated circlejerking"

01:24:33 mircea_popescu: o wait, because basically both hn and reddit are owned by the same dead media conglomerate is it

01:24:36 dub: the past caught up and is nutpunching me

01:24:38 mircea_popescu: so theykinda have a bit of an identity issue

01:25:00 mircea_popescu: like the mercury/ford

01:25:46 assbot: [HAVELOCK] [CBTC] 14920 @ 0.0000669 = 0.9981 BTC [+] {3}

01:26:39 mircea_popescu: Shame on me for continually pointing out this community?s obsession over being the ?glorious master race? of online discussion whilst poo-pooing the cesspools of ?filthy casuals? like Reddit or, god forbid, Slashdot.

01:26:42 mircea_popescu: ahahaha wait, WHAT ?

01:26:49 mircea_popescu: hacker news seriously thinks they matter somehow ?!

01:27:29 Namworld: Pretty much no one knows about hacker news.

01:27:36 mike_c: fb95e6a6f3843ea7fe22e08d08b20ead70ee3181b363916439a7c93da9b89c0d

01:27:42 mircea_popescu: i suppose that doesn't detract

01:28:00 asciilifeform: for a turdmeister, wielding the banhammer isn't really satisfying unless he imagines that he's adding heretics to an all-important 'index librorum prohibitorum'

01:28:05 mircea_popescu: mike_c wassat ?

01:28:19 mike_c: a prediction for later. i want proof that i called it.

01:28:21 thestringpuller: Hacker News has always throught they mattered I though...

01:28:22 asciilifeform: removing the miscreants from the universe of Things That Matter

01:28:24 thestringpuller: thought

01:28:25 penguirker: New blog post: http://www.loper-os.org/?p=1482

01:28:37 mircea_popescu: asciilifeform you wanna talk about nonsense items and the rotten paradigms they create and perpetuate ? teh banhammer. worse than risc.

01:28:45 asciilifeform: lol

01:29:02 asciilifeform: purely 'psychiatric' interest here.

01:29:13 mircea_popescu: worse than anything about c/c++

01:29:43 mircea_popescu: pure and simple, at some point in whatever, 1995, some derp with a blog/forum/platform came up with the idea of BANNING

01:29:53 mircea_popescu: and it's been sticking ever since, irrespective of how stupid it is.

01:30:07 mircea_popescu: mike_c now im curious

01:30:15 mike_c: i am predicting your announcement.

01:30:38 mircea_popescu: holy shit.

01:30:46 mircea_popescu: i'll bet you you aren't.

01:30:49 asciilifeform: there was to be an announcement ?

01:30:51 assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 4850 @ 0.00085582 = 4.1507 BTC [+] {2}

01:31:04 mike_c: hm, ok, i'll make a small wager. i'm not super-confident, but i think i've got it.

01:31:26 mircea_popescu: can be a bet for charity. whole bet goes to b-a donation address

01:31:31 mike_c: sounds good

01:31:39 mike_c: 0.5 btc?

01:31:41 mircea_popescu: sure.

01:32:08 mircea_popescu: so if you predicted it i send kako a btc, if not you do ?

01:32:22 mike_c: deal

01:32:48 thestringpuller: LOL

01:33:09 mircea_popescu: pretty cool way to run a bet i say

01:33:29 thestringpuller: how do we know you didn't change the date of the announcement

01:33:41 mircea_popescu: who's we

01:35:26 dub: his nick isn't inaba or Luke-Jr?

01:35:32 BingoBoingo: asciilifeform: I wonder why silver is the white metal everyone seems to horde and not gallium.

01:36:47 mircea_popescu: http://aspensmonster.com/2014/05/22/leaving-hacker-news/#comment-10163

01:36:49 assbot: » Leaving Hacker News ASPENSMONSTER

01:38:06 mircea_popescu: "But in the absence of some system of law, the tiny minority of users out to do harm ? intentionally or not ? eventually drive out all the civil community members, leaving behind a lawless, chaotic badland."

01:38:36 mircea_popescu: this is such an amusing thing, because of all the utterly meaningless forums out there pretending to be communities and deluding themselves as to their own relevancy, not a single one would admit it's a failure

01:38:49 mircea_popescu: yet each and every one will pass this bit of "oh, leaving behind the broken spot"

01:39:09 mircea_popescu: nobody can point to such a broken spot on the interwebs, but nevertheless the apparent abundance of such is why every lemming wears plaid.

01:40:27 thestringpuller: When does something matter?

01:40:58 asciilifeform: announcement << i'll take the shot. mp to sell warehouses in Ar for btc.

01:41:01 assbot: [HAVELOCK] [PROV] 100 @ 0.002 = 0.2 BTC

01:41:09 dub: the fibers can easily be made fuzz. Being crushed and shortened in unit length, staple tends to become fly or dusts with ease and dispersed into atmosphere.Their Carbon Fiber users are advised to be careful not to dispose naked skins to the fibers and to take deliberate dusts cleaning measures naked skins.

01:41:14 dub: thank you japan

01:41:34 asciilifeform: dub: the infamous 'pencil in space capsule' problem

01:41:54 mircea_popescu: dub the fuzz is after you now ?

01:42:15 asciilifeform: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YyXk3n5FCkw

01:42:15 assbot: Join the Fuzz - We Love the Violence - YouTube

01:43:03 assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 12704 @ 0.00085529 = 10.8656 BTC [-] {2}

01:43:30 BingoBoingo: Is there a link to when this announcement was announced?

01:45:52 mircea_popescu: "That said, every community is different. I've personally talked to people in charge of large online communities ? ones you probably participate in every day ? and part of the reason those communities haven't broken down into utter chaos by now is because they secretly hellban and slowban their most problematic users. "

01:46:18 mircea_popescu: "i have talked to some people i won't name about some things i won't name but take my word on it that it's relevant, and they said my stupidity is entirely correct"

01:46:22 BingoBoingo: WTF is a slowban

01:46:25 mircea_popescu: how do these idiots live with themselves ?

01:46:42 mircea_popescu: BingoBoingo apparently make your pages load slowly because whoever cares about your site sucking

01:46:48 asciilifeform: BingoBoingo: slowban << poor site performance emulated for a very special someone

01:47:08 mircea_popescu: anyway, gotta remember that Jeff Atwood is pretty fucking stupid.

01:48:08 assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 8000 @ 0.00085788 = 6.863 BTC [+] {2}

01:48:08 BingoBoingo: What the fuck. Someone provokes annoyance in good faith and the response is now to lie and cover yourself in shit so they don't want to be seen around you?

01:49:05 mircea_popescu: yup

01:49:26 mircea_popescu: this dovetails neatly with "women don't have to do anything in particular to not get fucked"

01:50:32 BingoBoingo: I have to wonder who the original autist was to come up with the idea of a slowban.

01:50:54 asciilifeform: BingoBoingo: afaik it was one of pg's flunkies.

01:50:57 asciilifeform: perhaps altman.

01:51:13 asciilifeform: (his vizier)

01:51:36 BingoBoingo: This has to be some clinically defective reasoning.

01:51:52 midnightmagic: what's a hellban?

01:52:08 asciilifeform: midnightmagic: hellban << victim thinks his posts show.

01:52:19 asciilifeform: he logs out - they're gone.

01:52:22 midnightmagic: oh yeah. Like +z. I love +z.

01:52:50 dub: aka /shun

01:53:10 dub: ircd ignores msgs, client cant tell

01:53:21 mircea_popescu: dub actually the material i've seen included a lot of derping about how fucking horrible and psychologically blabla that is.

01:53:36 mircea_popescu: so i guess the kids in charge have some deep seated issues with this sort of passive-agressive nonsense.

01:54:17 midnightmagic: sounds like new-age nonsense to me

01:54:39 dub: safest way to deal with some kinds of damage

01:55:02 midnightmagic: yeah, unfortunately :-/

01:55:14 mircea_popescu: dub so the guy you're "shunning" twists your nipples.

01:55:17 mircea_popescu: do you keep at it or what.

01:55:34 mircea_popescu: it's utterly dependent on you living in a boring environment. or in other words, if shunning works, your life sucks.

01:56:46 mircea_popescu: "enjoyment of the first look you take at a comment page is prioritized over active participation. That's great if you're trying to attach ads to pictures of cats, but if you're trying to have a real conversation, it just gets in the way. I can read, I don't need an algorithm to tell me which comments are notable and which ones are junk. If I see a troll post on any other site, I don't seize up and have an aneurism, I j

01:56:46 mircea_popescu: ust scroll past it.

01:56:46 mircea_popescu: I've said it before, and I'll say it again: I can easily follow 50+ page PHPbb threads that drag on for months or even years, or 4chan threads with hundreds of posts and more on the way every time you refresh, but a small conversation (in reality; I considered it huge by my HN standards) I had on here the other day with about 10 comments or so made my head spin. I wrote half the posts and it was still hard to follow! O

01:56:49 mircea_popescu: h, and of course, no one but the people I responded to will ever read the things I wrote hours after the thread dropped off the front page."

01:56:57 mircea_popescu: wow look at that : they actually understand what's wrong with the ~others~

01:57:12 mircea_popescu: The Reddit discussion model is completely oriented towards providing the fast food of news commentary, where your << missing 1st line

01:57:49 dub: life is not always a forum

01:58:08 mircea_popescu: exactly.

02:00:33 mircea_popescu: anyway, fun to see people on these very successful sites are lively debating solved problems in fain, years ago. makes my asshole swell.

02:01:38 asciilifeform: ;;google funarg problem

02:01:38 gribble: Funarg problem - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Funarg_problem; The FUNARG Problem Explained - Software Preservation Group: http://www.softwarepreservation.org/projects/LISP/MIT/Weizenbaum-FUNARG_Problem_Explained-1968.pdf; FUNARG Problem - DSpace@MIT: http://dspace.mit.edu/bitstream/handle/1721.1/5854/AIM-199.pdf

02:02:01 asciilifeform: ^ a problem gleefully re-introduced by quite a few 'language of the day!' designers

02:02:28 asciilifeform: this kind of thing is the norm in techno-derpatronics

02:02:55 asciilifeform: dig up a (solved) problem (or, 'problem'), peddle solution (or 'solution'), ???, profit

02:03:18 thestringpuller: refreshing fraudsters hoping to see an announcement #assetslife

02:03:34 thestringpuller: but I guess with pankkake 's bot that's not necessary anymore

02:03:41 mircea_popescu: asciilifeform le suck.

02:04:24 assbot: [HAVELOCK] [SCRYPT] 10 @ 0.025001 = 0.25 BTC [-]

02:06:08 asciilifeform: this is sometimes done in academia. as described in an infamous crackpot essay, 'stealing the chaos':

02:06:10 asciilifeform: http://lesswrong.com/lw/kv/beware_of_stephen_j_gould

02:06:13 assbot: Beware of Stephen J. Gould - Less Wrong

02:06:26 assbot: [HAVELOCK] [SCRYPT] 8 @ 0.025001 = 0.2 BTC [-] {2}

02:06:27 assbot: [HAVELOCK] [AM1] 1 @ 0.23799979 BTC [+]

02:07:27 assbot: [HAVELOCK] [SCRYPT] 16 @ 0.025 = 0.4 BTC [-] {3}

02:07:49 asciilifeform: (lw is another reddit clone that makes hn, etc. look sane. inhabited by folks terrified of robo-apocalypse. i was drummed out of lw as a 'future genocidal criminal' for... considering resurrecting doug lenat's 'eurisko.')

02:08:23 mircea_popescu: hm

02:08:32 mircea_popescu: just how many of these social media sites did you get banned from ?

02:08:54 asciilifeform: tbh, i wasn't properly banned from any of them.

02:08:58 asciilifeform: login still functions

02:09:17 asciilifeform: ban isn't quite the word here

02:09:38 BingoBoingo: Kulakified?

02:09:53 asciilifeform: when you merit your own line of code in some turdmeister's db handler, but not banned... what do we call this.

02:11:13 mircea_popescu: banned lol

02:12:33 asciilifeform: in retrospect, being cast ashore from the shit-ocean was astonishingly good fortune.

02:12:53 asciilifeform: think how many potentially-interesting folks are floating there still.

02:13:09 TheNewDeal: why thank you assbot

02:13:16 mircea_popescu: prolly.

02:19:39 assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 11300 @ 0.00085527 = 9.6646 BTC [-]

02:22:02 mircea_popescu: well i guess with all teh encouragement ima make more travel log posts

02:23:43 TheNewDeal: do it

02:23:55 TheNewDeal: loved the mango and ginger breakfast picture as well

02:28:54 mircea_popescu: it turns out to be a pretty great breakfast!

02:29:06 mike_c: best part of winning a bitbet: gloating in the comments.

02:29:23 TheNewDeal: I love mango and I love ginger, but I haven't had the combination. Sounds like an indian dish to me

02:29:57 TheNewDeal: mike_c link?

02:30:04 mike_c: http://bitbet.us/bet/567/simona-halep-to-win-roland-garros/#c3022

02:30:04 assbot: BitBet - Simona Halep to win Roland Garros :: 1.03 B (14%) on Yes, 6.22 B (86%) on No | closed 2 weeks 1 day ago

02:30:49 TheNewDeal: aha saw it

02:31:09 TheNewDeal: can't believe 7 btc was laid down on that bet

02:31:14 TheNewDeal: usually the sports ones are sparse

02:31:25 mircea_popescu: mike_c btw, the coffee shop i happenedto stop for my pasteleria today (which dubs itself as a "local de encuentro" and during the night time doubles as a whorehouse) just happened to run the match on a large screen

02:31:38 TheNewDeal: and females tennis too..

02:31:38 mircea_popescu: i caught it starting with the 4-6 6-7 1-0 moment

02:31:52 mircea_popescu: that little shit gave sharapova a good run for her tits.

02:32:04 TheNewDeal: hahaha

02:32:07 mircea_popescu: at some point the russian fowled 5 serves in a row

02:32:39 assbot: Last 9 lines bashed and pending review. ( http://dpaste.com/0DH2FTF.txt )

02:32:39 BingoBoingo: !b 9

02:39:59 assbot: [HAVELOCK] [SCRYPT] 10 @ 0.0251 = 0.251 BTC [+]

02:40:02 mike_c: hah, yeah, i'm glad i didn't watch it. too much of a sweat.

02:41:17 TheNewDeal: I'm very sad I didn't get to see the sexy Sharapova in action :(

02:41:42 mircea_popescu: nice legs yeah

02:46:05 assbot: [HAVELOCK] [AM1] 1 @ 0.2227057 BTC [-]

02:47:22 TheNewDeal: bc,stats

02:49:01 TheNewDeal: updating TheNewDeal's prediction to 6.3%

02:49:03 BingoBoingo: ;;bc,stats

02:49:05 gribble: Current Blocks: 305040 | Current Difficulty: 1.1756551916903952E10 | Next Difficulty At Block: 306431 | Next Difficulty In: 1391 blocks | Next Difficulty In About: 1 week, 1 day, 23 hours, 22 minutes, and 50 seconds | Next Difficulty Estimate: 12115562214.2 | Estimated Percent Change: 3.0537

02:50:23 mircea_popescu: but what's the point/use for a changing prediction ?

02:50:47 TheNewDeal: gribble does it!

02:51:03 mircea_popescu: lolk

02:53:34 TheNewDeal: Yesterday was 4.8, 6/7 was 6.9%

02:53:55 TheNewDeal: gribble was guessing like 0% when I was guessing around 5

02:55:42 TheNewDeal: I play around with my model a little bit and try to make it look realist. Gribble and bitcoinwisdom are pretty much looking at something like the last 500 or 1000 blocks and predicting off that

02:55:53 TheNewDeal: +ic

02:58:59 TheNewDeal: will bitbet start reporting the results of their bets in the manner I was talking about yesterday?

02:59:36 TheNewDeal: Like Gain:X, Total Resolved: Y, Pending: Z

03:00:19 assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 5939 @ 0.00085513 = 5.0786 BTC [-]

03:00:21 mircea_popescu: i think your talking about bitbet is incidental to what it'll actually do.

03:01:09 TheNewDeal: well of course

03:01:50 TheNewDeal: but if they're bets are going to be a large portion of the gains/losses, it seems like investors would want to know what their history has been on the bets

03:02:14 TheNewDeal: the way its reported now is just obscure

03:02:44 BingoBoingo: TheNewDeal: TheNewDeal Were you trying to trade Bastille Day bet Exposure yesterday?

03:03:01 TheNewDeal: yes

03:03:15 TheNewDeal: I have bets on Yes , and I would still like to trade exposure

03:03:33 TheNewDeal: bitcoinpete picked up a mere .1 BTC when I am looking for more

03:04:14 BingoBoingo: TheNewDeal: How do these arrangements work? Suppose I wanted to trade some of my no for your yes, how do we price these?

03:04:27 TheNewDeal: oh I don

03:04:32 TheNewDeal: I don't want any of your no :D

03:05:10 BingoBoingo: TheNewDeal: Supposed you did, because we were both looking to hedge. How would this trade work?

03:05:18 TheNewDeal: the trade would work like this

03:05:33 TheNewDeal: you would give a amount, say 1 BTC, and we would tack on a timeweight to it

03:06:01 TheNewDeal: so you would send me 1 btc, and receive X timeweight

03:06:10 TheNewDeal: that I would pay out to your address

03:07:06 TheNewDeal: does that make any sense?

03:07:35 TheNewDeal: timeweight would be agreed upon beforehand

03:08:08 BingoBoingo: TheNewDeal: Sure. That's about half of the question's answer. What of instead of BTC for positions the trade was positions for positions?

03:08:59 TheNewDeal: thats possible. I have 5.6 total BTC in for a timeweight of ~197,000. Care to share what you're trying to trade?

03:09:07 mircea_popescu: <TheNewDeal> but if they're bets are going to be a large portion of the gains/losses, it seems like investors would want to know what their history has been on the bets << you know investors can readily revbiew this as they're all published

03:09:19 mircea_popescu: so far the house is ahead, mike_c did the math recently.

03:09:39 mircea_popescu: !up pgrewr

03:10:04 mike_c: well, house bets are ahead. the house isn't because it gives away half the bets.

03:10:09 TheNewDeal: MP, but recently they have upped the amounts they bet, by a large amoutn

03:10:10 TheNewDeal: correct?

03:10:46 mircea_popescu: TheNewDeal not afaik

03:10:54 mircea_popescu: mike_c right.

03:11:40 TheNewDeal: hmmm I'm going to have to do some research. thought I read something that said they were upping the amount of BTC bet

03:11:50 TheNewDeal: perhaps it was around the time MPIF came about?

03:12:27 pgrewr: homosexuals should be put to death

03:12:28 mircea_popescu: always been .1

03:12:30 mircea_popescu: tis in th faq

03:12:33 BingoBoingo: TheNewDeal: Well, let's not reveal the particular bet since we are miming what making such a deal would look like and Assume I have this position http://bitbet.us/bet/677/bitcoin-network-difficulty-14bn-on-bastille-day/#b39 And would like to swap half of the balance for a favorably priced yes position.

03:12:33 assbot: BitBet - Bitcoin network difficulty > 14Bn on Bastille day :: 112.84 B (85%) on Yes, 19.55 B (15%) on No | closing in 3 days 20 hours | weight: 2`243 (100`000 to 1)

03:13:37 BingoBoingo: How do we go about pricing No at a weight TheNewDeal versus yes at a weight?

03:14:29 TheNewDeal: well it wouldn't really make too much sense for me financially, unless you had much more timeweight

03:15:02 TheNewDeal: i take that back

03:15:05 BingoBoingo: TheNewDeal: It could though which is why the pricing of these things and how to do it is so important.

03:15:20 TheNewDeal: let me do a quick calculation

03:15:39 mircea_popescu: !up Hoodmin

03:17:04 Hoodmin: Evenin coiners

03:17:16 BingoBoingo: Evening Hoodmin

03:19:02 BingoBoingo: TheNewDeal: I'm curious, are you running Bitbet.py?

03:19:04 asciilifeform: pgrewr: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/middleeast/iran/9831727/Iran-unveils-finger-amputating-machine-for-use-on-thieves.html << adapt for your application

03:19:05 assbot: Iran unveils finger amputating machine for use on thieves - Telegraph

03:19:13 TheNewDeal: no

03:19:33 TheNewDeal: what is bitbet.py?

03:20:18 BingoBoingo: TheNewDeal: Do you have a more interesting tool for calculating Bitbet outcomes then?

03:21:14 TheNewDeal: i use excel or simply Calculator

03:21:28 mike_c: i do :) i should clean up some of my scripts and publish them sometime..

03:21:39 BingoBoingo: TheNewDeal: https://bitcointa.lk/threads/is-bitbet-us-buggy.86712/#post-1492473

03:21:39 assbot: Is bitbet.us buggy? | Bitcointa.lk

03:21:53 TheNewDeal: ;;calc 16.3/678*112.8+.99*1

03:21:54 gribble: 3.70185840708

03:21:58 TheNewDeal: not too hard

03:22:08 BingoBoingo: TheNewDeal: It's a simple tool. You past in the lines from bitbet and get the whole thing laid out.

03:22:25 mike_c: old skool. it should grab the json.

03:22:45 mike_c: blech. i feel another bitbet blog post coming on.

03:22:52 BingoBoingo: Well, it is a relic of BitBet's earlier days

03:23:06 TheNewDeal: ill definitely check it out

03:23:23 TheNewDeal: but it's easy enough for me to quickly find the payout of one or two bets

03:24:21 BingoBoingo: TheNewDeal: Yeah, but I usually like to survey the whole field at once. Creates a real appreciation of time weight

03:24:38 TheNewDeal: touche

03:25:27 BingoBoingo: Helps you identify interesting bettors as well

03:26:24 TheNewDeal: besides the point

03:26:50 TheNewDeal: the maximum i stand to make on my yes prop is 1.25 btc with 5.6 bet (assuming no more NO bets come)

03:28:16 TheNewDeal: if I purchased your whole position, I would make 3.78% on yes, or lose 28.8 percent

03:29:21 BingoBoingo: TheNewDeal: Assume we are hedgine and trading smaller amounts. Who would we price deciBitcoin portions of each position.

03:29:33 TheNewDeal: let's say I were to send you a fraction of a BTC (let's say a half) on the no bet. Would you consider giving me a larger timeweight than what you have bet at?

03:32:56 BingoBoingo: TheNewDeal: I'd actually be more interested in swapping a fraction of the no for a fraction of the Yes. If we are trading Bitcoin against the position... I'd maybe be interested in offering a bit of extra timeweight.

03:33:36 asciilifeform: BingoBoingo: why silver is the white metal everyone seems to horde and not gallium << Ga is typically found in bauxite, so it had to wait for cheap Al refinement.

03:34:10 BingoBoingo: asciilifeform: That explains the problem historically, but not why it persists.

03:35:05 asciilifeform: BingoBoingo: in principle, it would make a pretty good 'low tech testable' precious metal. simply determine melting point.

03:35:22 penguirker: New blog post: http://fraudsters.com/2014/food-para-comer/

03:35:24 TheNewDeal: My position will currently pay out 1.22 per 1 invested, but I have like 4X more invested, so it doesn't make much sense to buy a small fraction

03:36:05 BingoBoingo: Indeed more testable.

03:39:40 BingoBoingo: ;;calc 3.70185840708*0.5

03:39:41 gribble: 1.85092920354

03:47:26 thestringpuller: !mpif

03:47:28 assbot: BtcAlpha.com F.MPIF Tracker estimated NAV per share: 0.00021706 BTC (Total: 434.13 BTC). Last trade for F.MPIF on MPEX was at 0.00021725 BTC [+]

03:48:19 BingoBoingo: TheNewDeal: I'm thinking rather than adjusting time weight which could create a bit of a pickle if a lot of large late betting acticity swoops in we consider the matter of pricing a 0.5 stake in terms of the premium or discount applied to 0.5 BTC to purchase it.

03:48:52 []bot: Bet placed: 10 BTC for No on "1BTC >= $10,000 USD" http://bitbet.us/bet/635/ Odds: 16(Y):84(N) by coin, 19(Y):81(N) by weight. Total bet: 474.9239018 BTC. Current weight: 45,777.

03:48:53 []bot: Bet placed: 3 BTC for No on "BTC worth over $5000 before 2015" http://bitbet.us/bet/716/ Odds: 42(Y):58(N) by coin, 43(Y):57(N) by weight. Total bet: 13.25076814 BTC. Current weight: 54,957.

03:49:09 TheNewDeal: first off, I don't think there will be any late bettors here

03:49:24 TheNewDeal: secondly, if there are, it will only help my position

03:49:43 TheNewDeal: the yes pays less than half a percent at 1 btc

03:50:30 BingoBoingo: No one ever anticipates snackman...

03:50:48 cazalla: http://www.smh.com.au/federal-politics/political-news/pensioners-lose-savings-in-government-cash-grab-20140609-39t7p.html save money in australia for longer than 3 years and you get your shit ganked

03:50:49 assbot: Pensioners lose savings in government cash grab

03:50:55 TheNewDeal: we could definitely swap, but I don't see how it would help you out

03:51:07 TheNewDeal: yes timeweight pays out not so much

03:52:00 BingoBoingo: TheNewDeal: So for 0.5 BTC of my no stake you would pay 0.? BTC

03:54:00 TheNewDeal: that doesn't work out for me

03:55:10 BingoBoingo: Ah, so what works again? You want to pay ? for a stake with the timeweight adjusted upwards? Wouldn't it be easier to adjust the price paid or the portion of the stake purchased?

03:55:20 TheNewDeal: let me go over an example scenario

03:55:34 TheNewDeal: if I were to purchase .33 BTC at 30K timeweight

03:56:30 TheNewDeal: for me I would be winning 10% on my investment of 5.9 BTC on YES, or returning 27% of that investment on no

03:57:13 TheNewDeal: you on the other hand, would bring in 1.06 BTC for an investment of (1-.33 = .67 btc)

03:57:19 TheNewDeal: for NO

04:00:20 asciilifeform: BingoBoingo: re: metals: in practice, metals for which demand is almost entirely industrial make poor 'trading sardines'

04:00:48 asciilifeform: BingoBoingo: see kodak/silver relationship for example.

04:01:30 TheNewDeal: I've got to go get some food before the bar closes

04:01:35 TheNewDeal: ill be back in an hour or so

04:01:35 BingoBoingo: And lets say at 16`367 you spent .33 to purchase 0.5, 0.6 or whatever on No (In case miners betting late on No make covering the offer at a higher weight a challenge, Spz. No becomes obvious and a member of the math challenged drops 1000 BTC on No)

04:02:05 TheNewDeal: No is most definitely not obvious

04:02:16 TheNewDeal: Yes is the most likely scenario

04:03:03 BingoBoingo: Ah, it closes in ~4 days.

04:03:13 TheNewDeal: close doesn't really matter to us

04:03:28 TheNewDeal: i dont think bets are going to be made

04:03:36 BingoBoingo: Well it keeps people from betting when the outcome might be obvious.

04:03:36 TheNewDeal: even if they are made, they are not going to be large ones

04:04:58 BingoBoingo: I'll think on this a bit.

04:05:47 TheNewDeal: sounds good

04:09:05 thestringpuller: COOKIES

04:18:16 smickles: mircea_popescu: over 4bill in assets which are easily valued

04:18:36 assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 700 @ 0.00085527 = 0.5987 BTC [+]

04:18:39 smickles: easily a few more bil in things like BPOs and BPCs

04:27:45 assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 672 @ 0.00085513 = 0.5746 BTC [-]

05:25:42 assbot: [HAVELOCK] [PETA] 4 @ 0.072075 = 0.2883 BTC [-] {2}

05:25:43 assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 3200 @ 0.00085326 = 2.7304 BTC [-]

05:26:03 BingoBoingo: TheNewDeal: Here's the present output from BitBet.py on the Bastille Day Bet http://dpaste.com/1Y574AF/

05:26:03 assbot: dpaste: 1Y574AF: Bastille day Output

05:26:39 *: BingoBoingo missed some lines on initial entry and tacked them on at the end.

05:29:31 BingoBoingo: TheNewDeal: I think something about the math you presented for your example is wrong.

05:32:26 BingoBoingo: As an example of fresh bet of .33 BTC on No returns the line [ 52] No 30000 0.33000000 1.93420100 1.60420100 covering 32.8% of your 5.9 BTC stake.

05:37:54 assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 12327 @ 0.00085485 = 10.5377 BTC [+] {3}

05:42:31 TheNewDeal: bingoboingo you still on?

05:42:40 BingoBoingo: Still online

05:43:14 TheNewDeal: niiiice

05:44:02 TheNewDeal: i've been pondering over some calculations

05:44:25 BingoBoingo: Selling a .33 stake at 30,000 weight for.33 BTC isn't going to be feasible.

05:44:59 TheNewDeal: one I was thinking of was buying .25 stake at 50k weight

05:45:28 TheNewDeal: ;;calc (16.3-.25*50)/(678)*112.8

05:45:28 gribble: 0.632212389381

05:45:46 TheNewDeal: ;;calc ((16.3-.25*50)/(678)*112.8)/(1-.25)

05:45:47 gribble: 0.842949852507

05:46:00 TheNewDeal: return of 84% for you

05:46:18 TheNewDeal: which would be drastically reduced from the 370%+ you have now

05:46:55 BingoBoingo: Looks like [ 53] No 50000 0.25000000 2.24095491 1.99095491 when added through BitBet.py

05:47:16 TheNewDeal: what are the last two columns?

05:47:33 BingoBoingo: The last two are return and then profit.

05:48:44 TheNewDeal: ok

05:49:19 TheNewDeal: ;;calc ((16.3-.25*50)/(678)*112.8)

05:49:19 gribble: 0.632212389381

05:49:50 TheNewDeal: if I send .25 btc to you representing 50k timeweight you would win .63 btc on No

05:50:12 TheNewDeal: that's probably undesireable then?

05:50:20 BingoBoingo: Very undesirable.

05:50:48 TheNewDeal: then I think we're both stuck to the waiting game

05:51:56 BingoBoingo: I might be amenable to .33 BTC at 25000 weight... the line looks like No 25000 0.33000000 1.65041127 1.32041127

05:52:41 TheNewDeal: the thing is I have to take in my whole stake

05:53:31 TheNewDeal: ;;calc (197/2937)*(19.5)-.33

05:53:31 gribble: 0.977967313585

05:53:39 TheNewDeal: ;;calc (197/2937)*(19.5)-.33/(5.6+.33)

05:53:40 gribble: 1.25231807244

05:53:58 TheNewDeal: ;;calc ((197/2937)*(19.5)-.33)/(5.6+.33)

05:53:58 gribble: 0.164918602628

05:54:29 TheNewDeal: ;;calc (.33*25/678)*112.8

05:54:29 gribble: 1.37256637168

05:54:46 TheNewDeal: ;;calc ((.33*25/678)*112.8)/(5.6+.33)

05:54:46 gribble: 0.231461445477

05:55:42 TheNewDeal: ;;calc ((16.3-.33*25)/678)*112.8

05:55:42 gribble: 1.3392920354

05:56:02 TheNewDeal: ;;calc (((16.3-.33*25)/678)*112.8)/(1-.33)

05:56:02 gribble: 1.99894333642

05:56:11 TheNewDeal: hmmm

05:56:43 BingoBoingo: TheNewDeal: The Bitbet.py numbers are a bit off for these new bets because it figures the new sum into the No pile.

05:57:00 TheNewDeal: I'm not using bitbet.py

05:57:12 TheNewDeal: I'm using the current no and yes totals

05:57:13 assbot: [HAVELOCK] [B.SELL] 20 @ 0.0189761 = 0.3795 BTC [-]

05:58:41 TheNewDeal: my return would be 16.5% on yes, -77% no

05:59:02 TheNewDeal: ;;calc 77/16.5

05:59:03 gribble: 4.66666666667

06:01:35 BingoBoingo: TheNewDeal: I think you might be trying to complicate this thing more than it needs to be complicated.

06:02:14 TheNewDeal: arithmetic doesn't phase me

06:02:54 TheNewDeal: heres the thing

06:03:08 TheNewDeal: you bet later than i did, and on the less probable outcome (in my opinion)

06:03:31 TheNewDeal: so I really only have incentive to offer you less return to reduce your loss

06:04:32 TheNewDeal: and i'm trying to figure out exactly how much would reduce your return and also mitigate my losses in case of some rare event

06:05:21 assbot: [HAVELOCK] [PETA] 3 @ 0.072 = 0.216 BTC [-]

06:07:16 BingoBoingo: Ah, there's the problem. We're looking at different things. You have a large stake in a probable bet, and I'm willing to offer a hedge so you can avoid a total loss. I'd be willing to unload part of my position, but... I am not an insurance company.

06:07:23 assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 7782 @ 0.00085435 = 6.6486 BTC [-] {2}

06:07:49 TheNewDeal: so let's say we wait 1 week

06:08:04 TheNewDeal: how do you think the outcome will look?

06:08:55 BingoBoingo: TheNewDeal: Maybe we wait a week. At the moment I think it looks like a bit like your side is more likely, but it is close to a coin flip.

06:09:11 TheNewDeal: no way it's a coin flip~

06:09:24 BingoBoingo: I think it is close.

06:09:32 TheNewDeal: the network has to average around 6% over 3 diff changes

06:09:33 BingoBoingo: Summer is coming and heat kills miners

06:09:46 BingoBoingo: And I only thing we are getting two changes

06:10:50 BingoBoingo: Last one might even go backwards

06:13:19 TheNewDeal: that's too far out to predict for me

06:13:53 BingoBoingo: I think it is going to be hard to add enough hashpower these next 34 days to keep up with dying equiptment and raise the difficulty all that much.

06:14:59 TheNewDeal: 6% over three changes is mincemeat

06:15:21 BingoBoingo: I just don't think we are getting that third change.

06:15:22 TheNewDeal: the last time there was a 6% change was ?

06:15:41 BingoBoingo: It's been a while

06:17:01 TheNewDeal: if we have 3 changes that take 13 days

06:17:14 TheNewDeal: we will still sneak in

06:17:44 TheNewDeal: this year it has typically taken 12.66 days per change

06:18:02 TheNewDeal: there's a lot of fudge room

06:23:41 TheNewDeal: i've gotta get some sleep here

06:23:53 TheNewDeal: long drive tomorrow

06:24:03 BingoBoingo: Sleep well then.

06:24:18 TheNewDeal: gnight

06:33:35 BingoBoingo: Sigh, I guess I'm going to have to explain how this longshots thing works...

06:39:55 assbot: [HAVELOCK] [PETA] 5 @ 0.072 = 0.36 BTC [-]

06:40:19 punkman: BingoBoingo: what does your crystal ball say about http://bitbet.us/bet/812/atc-to-reach-block-50000-on-time/

06:40:19 assbot: BitBet - ATC to reach block 50000 on time :: 2.25 B (24%) on Yes, 7.05 B (76%) on No | closing in 1 month 2 weeks | weight: 51`392 (100`000 to 1)

06:44:47 BingoBoingo: punkman: Well considering ATC alternates between difficulty periods that take 4 days and those that take... much longer... No seems like a safe bet, but too safe.

06:45:01 punkman: that's why I went with Yes :P

06:46:08 BingoBoingo: Understandable.

06:46:55 punkman: I'm wondering if it will make sense for the Yes side to rent some extra hashing power at certain points

06:47:14 BingoBoingo: If the pot gets big enough.

06:47:54 punkman: you'd also make ATC to offset the costs

06:49:04 assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 14691 @ 0.00085515 = 12.563 BTC [+] {2}

06:49:17 BingoBoingo: Indeed. The most profitable move in ATC might be to bet large on yes, wait for people to match it and then add 1TH/s a week to ATC's baseline hashpower until the bet resolves.

06:49:19 punkman: BingoBoingo: is there a log of ATC diff changes somewhere?

06:49:42 BingoBoingo: Maybe blockr.io?

06:50:21 punkman: I don't see one

06:50:44 BingoBoingo: You may have to make one

06:58:13 assbot: [HAVELOCK] [PETA] 12 @ 0.07133337 = 0.856 BTC [-] {4}

06:59:14 assbot: [HAVELOCK] [PETA] 96 @ 0.07060759 = 6.7783 BTC [-] {9}

07:02:17 assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 6626 @ 0.00085204 = 5.6456 BTC [-]

07:12:56 jurov: ;;bc,stats

07:12:59 gribble: Current Blocks: 305073 | Current Difficulty: 1.1756551916903952E10 | Next Difficulty At Block: 306431 | Next Difficulty In: 1358 blocks | Next Difficulty In About: 1 week, 1 day, 7 hours, 57 minutes, and 3 seconds | Next Difficulty Estimate: 12239240125.7 | Estimated Percent Change: 4.1057

07:31:51 BingoBoingo: OMG look at the review of everything that doesn't matter in an OS http://delightlylinux.wordpress.com/2014/04/17/xubuntu-14-04-released/

07:31:52 assbot: Xubuntu 14.04 Released | Delightly Linux

07:34:14 punkman: new icons !!!11!

07:34:41 punkman: that trash can definitely needs more work

07:35:02 fluffypony: yeah it's decidedly un-Apple

07:35:09 fluffypony: they should just pay for Apple people to work for them

07:35:12 fluffypony: but for free

07:35:15 fluffypony: because OSS

07:39:27 BingoBoingo: fluffypony: Done right XFCE looks much better than OSx

07:39:41 fluffypony: such iconography

07:39:45 fluffypony: much transparency

07:39:45 fluffypony: wow

07:44:34 BingoBoingo: fluffypony: Right looks something like https://unsee.cc/doparine/

07:44:34 assbot: Unsee — Free online private photo sharing

07:45:09 fluffypony: if I didn't know any better I would say that's OS X Guhurkagurkle

07:45:52 BingoBoingo: It's what makes sense on a widescree portable

07:48:02 assbot: [HAVELOCK] [B.MINE] 20 @ 0.0241695 = 0.4834 BTC [+]

07:49:56 BingoBoingo: Why have panels taking up scarce space at the top or bottom when they can go on the side (one of the things Unity got right)

07:53:07 assbot: [HAVELOCK] [PETA] 21 @ 0.0718 = 1.5078 BTC [+]

07:53:36 BingoBoingo: ;;ticker --market all

07:53:42 gribble: Bitstamp BTCUSD last: 657.26, vol: 6171.06625581 | BTC-E BTCUSD last: 647.99, vol: 4195.29581 | Bitfinex BTCUSD last: 664.5, vol: 6387.94177976 | CampBX BTCUSD last: 655.0, vol: 21.77758049 | BTCChina BTCUSD last: 660.501105, vol: 4167.50820000 | Kraken BTCUSD last: 657.71523, vol: 4.62546371 | Bitcoin-Central BTCUSD last: 665.967224, vol: 66.67940545 | Volume-weighted last average: (1 more message)

07:53:50 pankkake: tradition. because computers weren't in the broken 16:9 ratio

07:56:53 BingoBoingo: pankkake: Amazing how persistent these things can be.

08:00:50 pankkake: http://yro.slashdot.org/story/14/06/09/2229236/nsf-researcher-suspended-for-mining-bitcoin

08:00:51 assbot: NSF Researcher Suspended For Mining Bitcoin - Slashdot

08:01:04 pankkake: $150,000 worth of NSF-supported computer use at the two universities to generate bitcoins worth about $8,000 to $10,000

08:19:33 assbot: [HAVELOCK] [AM1] 1 @ 0.2227051 BTC [-]

08:42:53 jurov: BingoBoingo asciilifeform according to pediwikia gallium is incredibly sticky and messy once it melts, and rather poisonous...so, no chains nor cutlery

08:44:28 jurov: so it'd be best stored in glass containers..and how do you ascertain it wasn't amalgamated with mercury or such?

08:45:40 jurov: oh btw it also soaks readily into other metals and weakens them

08:52:17 davout: http://www.ft.com/intl/cms/s/0/0cb9ba2e-efcc-11e3-bee7-00144feabdc0.html?siteedition=intl#axzz34DITpSFv

08:52:17 assbot: Financial Times | Error | Akamai Error

08:52:50 davout: do i read this one correctly or is euronext valued somewhere around a fifth of whatsapp

08:52:55 davout: or 2/3 of snapchat

08:54:07 assbot: [HAVELOCK] [PETA] 7 @ 0.0711 = 0.4977 BTC [-]

09:14:27 assbot: [HAVELOCK] [SF1] 1351 @ 0.000353 = 0.4769 BTC [-] {4}

09:18:31 assbot: [HAVELOCK] [PETA] 3 @ 0.0712 = 0.2136 BTC [+]

09:29:42 assbot: [HAVELOCK] [PROV] 89 @ 0.002 = 0.178 BTC

09:35:51 jurov: http://ccsinjection.lepidum.co.jp/blog/2014-06-05/CCS-Injection-en/index.html

09:35:51 assbot: How I discovered CCS Injection Vulnerability (CVE-2014-0224) - OpenSSL #ccsinjection Vulnerability

09:36:44 jurov: ;;later tell mircea_popescu not upgrading will not help in all cases: http://ccsinjection.lepidum.co.jp/blog/2014-06-05/CCS-Injection-en/index.html

09:36:44 assbot: How I discovered CCS Injection Vulnerability (CVE-2014-0224) - OpenSSL #ccsinjection Vulnerability

09:36:44 gribble: The operation succeeded.

09:37:36 jurov: apparently nobody has deeper knowledge of the tls protocol

09:40:12 nkuttler: joesmoe: !up works for me

09:40:28 pankkake: !up Bobby_Lee

09:40:36 nkuttler: !up joesmoe

09:40:41 nkuttler: there

09:40:47 joesmoe: you're doing that toa ssbot in PM right?

09:40:49 joesmoe: i'm trying that but getting no reply.

09:41:00 pankkake: it replies in a notice

09:41:09 joesmoe: ahhhh maybe i'm not getting these notices because of BNC

09:41:54 assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 4500 @ 0.00085684 = 3.8558 BTC [+]

09:41:58 nkuttler: joesmoe: you should sort it out, my !up is only for 30 minutes

09:42:05 joesmoe: yeah i know

09:42:23 joesmoe: anybody have any information on how to use assbot? Do I have to be auth'd with gribble with GPG or can i be bc authd?

09:42:29 joesmoe: i've never setup GPG with gribble

09:42:43 joesmoe: 11:36] joesmoe: ;;whoami

09:42:43 joesmoe: [11:36] gribble: I don't recognize you.

09:43:18 davout: ;;google fraudsters assets +m

09:43:18 gribble: #bitcoin-assets +m pe fraudsters - Un blog de Mircea Popescu.: http://fraudsters.com/2014/bitcoin-assets-m/; Why everything you think you know about DNS is entirely ... - fraudsters: http://fraudsters.com/2014/why-everything-you-think-you-know-about-dns-is-entirely-wrong/; Ca tot… sa tras tot sa fumat tot sa baut tot cum e peste tot ... - fraudsters: http://fraudsters.com/2014/ca-tot-s-a-tras- (1 more message)

09:43:19 jurov: http://wiki.bitcoin-assets.com/first_steps_in_bitcoin-assets

09:43:20 assbot: first_steps_in_bitcoin-assets [bitcoin assets wiki]

09:43:25 davout: fails

09:44:57 assbot: [HAVELOCK] [PETA] 2 @ 0.0712 = 0.1424 BTC [+]

09:47:06 joesmoe: okay great, so i do need to setup gpg with gribble.

09:47:11 joesmoe: how do i get this key its asking me to put it in?

09:47:25 joesmoe: it can't be my entire pub key as that is too long

09:47:31 jurov: it's in the wiki above

09:48:22 joesmoe: says i'm already registered anyhow

09:48:32 jurov: ;;ident joesmoe

09:48:32 joesmoe: ;;ident joesmoe

09:48:32 gribble: Nick 'joesmoe', with hostmask 'joesmoe!~joesmoe@c-73-181-72-237.hsd1.co.comcast.net', is identified as user 'joesmoe', with GPG key id None, key fingerprint None, and bitcoin address 1AqzP6zLMc4T4KavveXXrcyQoA63tbhyF3

09:48:33 gribble: Nick 'joesmoe', with hostmask 'joesmoe!~joesmoe@c-73-181-72-237.hsd1.co.comcast.net', is identified as user 'joesmoe', with GPG key id None, key fingerprint None, and bitcoin address 1AqzP6zLMc4T4KavveXXrcyQoA63tbhyF3

09:48:50 jurov: you're regged with bitcoin address

09:49:05 jurov: to add gpg key to registration, use ;;gpg eregister

09:49:16 jurov: and the fingerprint can be got with

09:49:30 joesmoe: oh its the fingerprint okay i have that

09:49:30 jurov: gpg -k --fingerprint

09:49:38 pankkake: ;;gettrust assbot joesmoe

09:49:38 gribble: Currently authenticated from hostmask joesmoe!~joesmoe@c-73-181-72-237.hsd1.co.comcast.net. Trust relationship from user assbot to user joesmoe: Level 1: 0, Level 2: 0 via 0 connections. Graph: http://b-otc.com/stg?source=assbot&dest=joesmoe | WoT data: http://b-otc.com/vrd?nick=joesmoe | Rated since: Tue Mar 12 17:07:21 2013

09:49:39 joesmoe: yup i didn't realize the "long key" was the same as fingerprint

09:50:13 jurov: ^^ whoever can edit the wiki, pls add the tidbit

09:51:36 joesmoe: joesmoe: ;;gpg eregister joesmoe 5A307B3E601C5363

09:51:36 joesmoe: [11:51] gribble: Error: Username already registered. Try a different username.

09:52:06 joesmoe: and since i don't have any trust with assbot, does that mean that he won't voice me?

09:52:20 joesmoe: ;;getinfo joesmoe

09:52:21 gribble: Error: "getinfo" is not a valid command.

09:52:25 joesmoe: ;;gettrust joemsoe

09:52:25 gribble: WARNING: Currently not authenticated. Trust relationship from user joesmoe to user joemsoe: Level 1: 0, Level 2: 0 via 0 connections. Graph: http://b-otc.com/stg?source=joesmoe&dest=joemsoe | WoT data: http://b-otc.com/vrd?nick=joemsoe | Rated since: never

09:52:32 joesmoe: why does it say not authenticated

09:52:35 joesmoe: i am authenticated

09:52:39 pankkake: you would have to auth with the bitcoin address first, to add the gpg key

09:52:46 joesmoe: i already did

09:52:46 pankkake: ;;ident joesmoe

09:52:47 gribble: Nick 'joesmoe', with hostmask 'joesmoe!~joesmoe@c-73-181-72-237.hsd1.co.comcast.net', is identified as user 'joesmoe', with GPG key id None, key fingerprint None, and bitcoin address 1AqzP6zLMc4T4KavveXXrcyQoA63tbhyF3

09:52:59 joesmoe: ...

09:53:11 pankkake: you made a typo in your previous command

09:53:28 joesmoe: where?

09:53:44 pankkake: "joemsoe"

09:53:50 joesmoe: ahh thanks

09:54:03 joesmoe: ;;gettrust joesmoe

09:54:03 gribble: Currently authenticated from hostmask joesmoe!~joesmoe@c-73-181-72-237.hsd1.co.comcast.net. Trust relationship from user joesmoe to user joesmoe: Level 1: 0, Level 2: 32 via 20 connections. Graph: http://b-otc.com/stg?source=joesmoe&dest=joesmoe | WoT data: http://b-otc.com/vrd?nick=joesmoe | Rated since: Tue Mar 12 17:07:21 2013

09:54:39 joesmoe: oh well i give up for now

09:54:42 joesmoe: i have no idea how to do this

09:54:56 joesmoe: i need add the pgp key but am not sure how

09:58:10 assbot: [HAVELOCK] [PETA] 219 @ 0.07061468 = 15.4646 BTC [-] {5}

09:58:11 assbot: [HAVELOCK] [SCRYPT] 17 @ 0.02414707 = 0.4105 BTC [-] {2}

10:20:32 assbot: [HAVELOCK] [PETA] 7 @ 0.0698 = 0.4886 BTC [-] {3}

10:21:33 assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 6300 @ 0.0008585 = 5.4086 BTC [+]

10:26:38 assbot: [HAVELOCK] [B.MINE] 5 @ 0.024173 = 0.1209 BTC [+]

10:28:40 assbot: [HAVELOCK] [B.MINE] 11 @ 0.024173 = 0.2659 BTC [+]

10:45:58 assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 6752 @ 0.00085684 = 5.7854 BTC [-]

10:47:59 assbot: [HAVELOCK] [PETA] 4 @ 0.0691875 = 0.2768 BTC [-] {2}

10:55:06 assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 8732 @ 0.00085356 = 7.4533 BTC [-] {2}

10:56:22 fluffypony: ;;later tell ThickAsThieves congrats, ATC is on here - http://mapofcoins.com

10:56:22 assbot: Map of coins: the history of cryptocurrencies from bitcoin to dogecoin and more

10:56:22 gribble: The operation succeeded.

10:57:32 punkman: "I am going to be Bitcoin Entrepreneur soon,as i creates ideas for bitcoin and its projects.I have also given ideas to CEX.io and Coinbase and they are reviewing and forwarding to their teams.Now i am looking for any platform that accepts my ideas and buy.Is there any platform which cares user ideas and thoughts."

10:57:58 punkman: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=634283.0

10:57:58 assbot: Where i can sell my business plans and ideas about bitcoin and its dev?

10:58:26 fluffypony: lol

10:58:45 punkman: gotta be a troll

10:58:56 punkman: "I have many ideas about Bitcoin business but no one is caring me.Only CEX cares my ideas and innovation.I want to deal with persons in this forum"

10:59:44 fluffypony: ;;later tell frankenmint good post - https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=634283.msg7160845#msg7160845

10:59:44 assbot: Where i can sell my business plans and ideas about bitcoin and its dev?

10:59:44 gribble: The operation succeeded.

11:04:15 assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 10379 @ 0.0008585 = 8.9104 BTC [+]

11:07:22 penguirker: New blog post: http://theumlaut.com/2014/06/10/bitcoin-is-great-but-it-wont-fix-our-monkey-brains/

11:09:55 punkman: http://fuckco.in/external/flyer/ny_800.jpg

11:10:35 fluffypony: wut

11:11:02 fluffypony: black and white posters printed on the office laserjet and stuck up on lamp posts is real legit

11:12:23 assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 1115 @ 0.00085321 = 0.9513 BTC [-]

11:14:59 fluffypony: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=251423.msg7223441#msg7223441

11:14:59 assbot: Lab Rat Data Processing, LLC (LabRatMining) Official Announcement

11:15:05 fluffypony: lol

11:16:00 pankkake: "It's like fat camp for your wallet." :D

11:16:10 pankkake: this deserves to be reused

11:21:30 fluffypony: yeah I thought that post was great

11:22:25 fluffypony: "Mhm, I met Garr a couple months back in real life.. Can anyone give me a summary of what happened?"

11:22:29 fluffypony: "Well to sum things up, he changed millions of dollars into few cents and advised us to go out running and apply a holistic approach to the situation."

11:22:39 fluffypony: the forum is a gold mine today!

11:27:09 kakobrekla: slander

11:29:31 pankkake: it seems the newcomers barely know how to write

11:35:21 chetty: reading and writing are rapidly becoming lost arts

11:36:49 chetty: case in point, people as here right off about how to get voice, and its in the chan topic, you can't miss it

11:37:13 kakobrekla: <chetty> reading and writing are rapidly becoming lost arts < even though more words gets written and read than ever before each day

11:37:35 chetty: write yes, not so sure about read

11:38:43 []bot: Bet placed: 15.25523358 BTC for No on "1BTC >= $10,000 USD" http://bitbet.us/bet/635/ Odds: 15(Y):85(N) by coin, 19(Y):81(N) by weight. Total bet: 490.17913538 BTC. Current weight: 45,685.

11:40:03 pankkake: http://bitbet.us/bet/567/simona-halep-to-win-roland-garros/#c3022 haha

11:40:04 assbot: BitBet - Simona Halep to win Roland Garros :: 1.03 B (14%) on Yes, 6.22 B (86%) on No | closed 2 weeks 1 day ago

11:55:05 assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 7935 @ 0.00085227 = 6.7628 BTC [-]

11:57:22 kakobrekla: oh wow, someone took a dump in propositions

12:01:03 jurov: Upcoming availability: bitcoin.dating bitcoin.partners bitcoin.productions

12:02:41 jurov: i like it.. but... 147,44 eur?

12:02:41 kakobrekla: cant they make it any longer

12:02:49 jurov: the .partners

12:03:38 kakobrekla: just buy .bit and kill namecoin

12:04:31 jurov: .bit is 4sale?

12:04:43 jurov: One or more of the domain names in your order contain a registered trademark. DAFUQ

12:05:01 jurov: bitcoin is registered trademark nao

12:05:08 kakobrekla: lol

12:05:21 kakobrekla: do buttcoin then

12:05:47 jurov: buttcoin.partners?

12:06:44 kakobrekla: legit

12:09:44 fluffypony: http://i.imgur.com/KKu38Xr.jpg

12:10:08 punkman: branded night...

12:10:58 jurov: btc.democrat Available

12:11:54 jurov: btc.fail Available (anyone? - but still in sunrise)

12:12:23 jurov: kakobrekla: you should apply for .milk

12:12:54 kakobrekla: hehe

12:16:34 punkman: god, so many of them http://newgtlds.icann.org/en/program-status/statistics

12:16:35 assbot: Program Statistics | ICANN New gTLDs

12:16:54 punkman: i guess google is gonna love it

12:19:52 danielpbarron: Namecoin is more than .bit; .bit is just the d/ namespace

12:20:13 kakobrekla: d/ ?

12:20:59 danielpbarron: if you register the name d/kakobrekla it will corespond to kakobrekla.bit

12:21:29 danielpbarron: you could instead register id/kakobrekla and it won't give you a .bit, but something else

12:21:50 kakobrekla: who issues tlds there

12:22:07 danielpbarron: nobody; i think you could make up your own as long as you write the interface for it

12:22:14 kakobrekla: aha

12:22:43 danielpbarron: there could be a g/ for gribble usernames, or if g/ is already used, gribble/

12:23:48 danielpbarron: i might be using the wrong slash; it's been a while

12:23:58 punkman: is .bit reserved by ICANN or something? no applications for it

12:24:05 danielpbarron: punkman, nope

12:24:25 danielpbarron: you have to hack your settings to get .bit domains to resolve

12:24:35 punkman: yeah I know

12:24:36 danielpbarron: (why nobody uses it)

12:26:36 assbot: [HAVELOCK] [SCRYPT] 5 @ 0.024 = 0.12 BTC [-]

12:27:41 punkman: wouldn't be nice to have to change everything if .bit gets sold

12:27:58 punkman: I guess .onions are in the same boat though

12:29:21 kakobrekla: namecoin should prolly be a browser extension at this point

12:29:43 Apocalyptic: they have one afaik

12:30:44 punkman: do they have something more low level? so you don't need a plugin for every app

12:31:41 assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 6657 @ 0.00085715 = 5.706 BTC [+]

12:31:48 danielpbarron: there is a radio host who got obsessed with Namecoin for a time, and caused a couple applications to get written: FreeSpeechMe, and MeowBit

12:32:06 jurov: punkman there's <name>.dot-bit.org or such

12:32:23 danielpbarron: freespeechme is a firefox plugin; meowbit is a windows-only system-wide thing

12:32:38 danielpbarron: but he got tired of Namecoin and is shilling for bitshares now

12:32:47 Apocalyptic: heh

12:33:58 danielpbarron: actually lately he hasn't really mentioned crypto-stuff at all, which is good; I was giving him a hard time for this stuff on twitter

12:35:45 assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 23534 @ 0.00085203 = 20.0517 BTC [-] {2}

12:37:09 pankkake: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=462370.msg7231252#msg7231252 at least the whole thing made someone smarter. not sure about the rest of them though

12:37:09 assbot: [ActiveMining] Official Shareholder Discussion Thread [Moderated]

12:37:34 pankkake: danielpbarron: i've seen a few of those cases; overly enthusiastic towards things they don't fully understand

12:37:47 assbot: [MPEX] [FT] [X.EUR] 601 @ 0.00206714 = 1.2424 BTC [+] {2}

12:39:02 jurov: http://www.bloomberg.com/news/2014-06-03/retailers-use-big-data-to-turn-you-into-a-big-spender.html

12:39:02 assbot: Retailers Use Big Data to Turn You Into a Big Spender - Bloomberg

12:39:15 jurov: so they just send you stuff and expect you to eventually pay later?

12:39:28 jurov: dare they try in eastern eu

12:40:55 fluffypony: !up drawingthesun

12:41:06 fluffypony: ;;get trust drawingthesun

12:41:06 gribble: Error: The command "get" is available in the Dunno, Herald, and Topic plugins. Please specify the plugin whose command you wish to call by using its name as a command before "get".

12:41:09 fluffypony: ;;gettrust drawingthesun

12:41:09 gribble: WARNING: Currently not authenticated. Trust relationship from user fluffypony to user drawingthesun: Level 1: 0, Level 2: 0 via 0 connections. Graph: http://b-otc.com/stg?source=fluffypony&dest=drawingthesun | WoT data: http://b-otc.com/vrd?nick=drawingthesun | Rated since: never

12:41:15 drawingthesun: Hey

12:41:23 fluffypony: drawingthesun: you need to get in the WoT

12:41:48 fluffypony: because you don't have to read months and months worth of threads

12:41:55 drawingthesun: haha

12:41:55 fluffypony: you just have to be here and read the conversation

12:42:14 fluffypony: pretty much every security ever has been covered at length

12:42:51 drawingthesun: I shudder to think what people have said about ActiveMining here

12:42:52 assbot: [HAVELOCK] [SCRYPT] 10 @ 0.0257 = 0.257 BTC [+]

12:43:53 assbot: [HAVELOCK] [SCRYPT] 10 @ 0.02577 = 0.2577 BTC [+]

12:43:55 fluffypony: heh

12:44:14 fluffypony: ;;google ken slaughter site:log.bitcoin-assets.com

12:44:15 gribble: NEXT: 09-05-2014 - #bitcoin-assets log - bitcoin-assets.com: http://log.bitcoin-assets.com/?date=09-05-2014&bots=true; NEXT: 26-07-2013 - #bitcoin-assets log: http://log.bitcoin-assets.com/?date=26-07-2013&bots=true; NEXT: 09-05-2014 - #bitcoin-assets log: http://log.bitcoin-assets.com/?date=09-05-2014

12:45:08 pankkake: the logs are public but I don't remember that much

12:45:21 pankkake: actually there might have been a year ago, when I wasn't very active

12:45:28 jurov: 21:33:19 pankkake:so… investors are going to make a KILLING

12:45:38 jurov: from one of above links

12:45:40 jurov: lol

12:45:55 assbot: [HAVELOCK] [SCRYPT] 10 @ 0.02578 = 0.2578 BTC [+]

12:45:57 drawingthesun: pankkake, haha how are you going?

12:46:21 pankkake: I'm ok. I guess. lol

12:46:38 pankkake: jurov: I didn't even understand my joke at first

12:46:56 assbot: [HAVELOCK] [SCRYPT] 13 @ 0.02579999 = 0.3354 BTC [+]

12:47:04 kakobrekla: o yea now i get it too.

12:47:11 assbot: Last 2 lines bashed and pending review. ( http://dpaste.com/3GXVEW6.txt )

12:47:11 jurov: !b 2

12:47:57 assbot: [HAVELOCK] [SCRYPT] 40 @ 0.0259999 = 1.04 BTC [+] {2}

12:48:51 jurov: there's laughter in every slaughter

12:48:58 assbot: [HAVELOCK] [SCRYPT] 21 @ 0.02659999 = 0.5586 BTC [+] {2}

12:49:15 fluffypony: lol

12:49:39 kakobrekla: slander

12:52:02 fluffypony: now you too can own a piece of an Australian hair salon

12:52:30 fluffypony: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=646708.0

12:52:30 assbot: [ANN] Klippt -Bitcoin IPO - Limited shares, dividends paid quarterly.

12:52:56 drawingthesun: what do you lot think about NEMstake on Nxt asset exchange? Anyone following NEM development?

12:53:39 kakobrekla: the investors will make a KLIPPING

12:53:42 pankkake: is it a vietnamese restaurant?

12:53:52 assbot: Last 3 lines bashed and pending review. ( http://dpaste.com/110W3NF.txt )

12:53:52 fluffypony: !b 3

12:54:11 fluffypony: needs moar context in the bash, ah well

12:54:12 pankkake: oh klippt is like a word play on "clip"?

12:54:20 kakobrekla: ya

12:54:22 fluffypony: pankkake: it's apparently Swedish for haircut or something

12:54:34 fluffypony: http://www.klippt.com.au/ipod.pdf

12:54:47 pankkake: French hair salons love word plays in their names. it's ridiculous

12:55:22 davout: "there's laughter in every slaughter" <<< thank you, if that was the joke, i get it too nao

12:55:33 kakobrekla: lol

12:55:49 davout: but if it wasn't, such shame

12:57:06 assbot: [HAVELOCK] [SCRYPT] 10 @ 0.0268 = 0.268 BTC [+]

12:57:09 thestringpuller: Damn the US fucked everything up for Bitcoin users here.

12:57:27 fluffypony: did they ban China?

12:57:43 davout: bitcoin banned china again?

12:58:15 fluffypony: BitChina banned coin

12:58:55 thestringpuller: The cost of liquidity is too high for most vendors...

12:59:09 thestringpuller: Coinbase wants 1% which is pretty much what most niggas pay for CC processing

12:59:16 thestringpuller: Bitpay wants fucking 2

12:59:22 fluffypony: now is the time to move away from liquidity and go towards solidity

12:59:25 thestringpuller: And it's on the low side of the bid

12:59:33 fluffypony: thestringpuller: Bitpay is 1% on starter, else $30/month no fees

13:00:31 davout: "1% which is pretty much what most niggas pay for CC processing" <<< it really depends

13:00:32 thestringpuller: so they finally are doing flat fees

13:00:53 pankkake: I don't know many who have only 1% for CC

13:01:00 pankkake: or no monthly fee

13:01:06 davout: pankkake: it's usually lower in france

13:01:09 thestringpuller: I guess I'm just bitter since back in the day I could buy BTC pretty much at market price with 0.5% in fees.

13:01:35 pankkake: really? perhaps I've only seen higher rates but maybe banks like to fuck small businesses

13:01:40 davout: the fees can explode depending on your business and your fraud profile

13:01:50 pankkake: oh

13:02:01 los_pantalones: thestringpuller what is market rate?

13:02:11 assbot: [HAVELOCK] [AM1] 5 @ 0.217161 = 1.0858 BTC [-] {3}

13:02:12 davout: gambling & porn is usually > 6% i hear

13:02:47 fluffypony: thestringpuller: yeah, they've been doing flat pricing for a while already - https://bitpay.com/pricing

13:02:48 assbot: Pricing | BitPay

13:02:56 fluffypony: $30/month gives you up to $10k daily

13:02:59 thestringpuller: yea i just looked

13:03:08 thestringpuller: ;;calc 30 /10000

13:03:08 gribble: 0.003

13:03:11 thestringpuller: not bad

13:03:25 davout: fluffypony: it's not really flat -> Up to $100,000 daily

13:03:49 thestringpuller: i'd rather just have a continuous supplier like a miner I can just pay

13:03:55 thestringpuller: i want to migrate my fiat income stream into bitcoin

13:04:02 thestringpuller: but it costs too much!

13:04:05 xmj: thestringpuller: have you looked into coinvoice?

13:04:10 davout: thestringpuller: what is it you're doing ?

13:04:17 fluffypony: davout: apparently even their Enterprise packages for > $100k daily are flat fee and not %

13:04:35 thestringpuller: my business runs in fiat and I want to migrate the operating revenue into btc

13:04:58 davout: well, why don't they give a price then ?

13:04:58 los_pantalones: thestringpuller what rate do you think is market rate?

13:05:21 davout: thestringpuller: that i got, wasn't the question tho :)

13:05:51 los_pantalones: i could sell you btc every day, settle net 7 or net 15

13:05:59 thestringpuller: lol davout i've been developing a cookie company but we want to migrate our profits into btc

13:06:01 los_pantalones: but i want to know what you think the going price is

13:06:20 thestringpuller: ;;ticker

13:06:21 gribble: Bitstamp BTCUSD ticker | Best bid: 647.37, Best ask: 650.21, Bid-ask spread: 2.84000, Last trade: 650.21, 24 hour volume: 7067.58768279, 24 hour low: 641.01, 24 hour high: 657.41, 24 hour vwap: 649.718914435

13:06:35 los_pantalones: so you think bitstamp is the market rate ?

13:06:39 los_pantalones: where are you located ?

13:06:44 thestringpuller: US

13:06:47 thestringpuller: here it's a bit higher

13:06:49 davout: fluffypony: if it's $30 for < $10,000/day, $300 for < $100k, $3000 for < $1mn that's still a percentage

13:06:52 thestringpuller: think Coinbase is 656

13:07:04 fluffypony: davout: ah I see what you mean

13:07:05 davout: it just has a 0,3% floor

13:07:27 los_pantalones: so you would like to pay coinbase daily ?

13:07:34 los_pantalones: or you think that is too high ?

13:08:07 davout: thestringpuller: oic, weren't you supposed to send me a cookie for some reason i forgot?

13:08:24 davout: :D

13:08:31 los_pantalones: company i work for provides btc liquidity to businesses, we settle net 7 or net 15

13:08:33 los_pantalones: if you are interested

13:10:01 thestringpuller: yea davout we are in R&D got held up. the chef is going to bonnaroo this week. Took me a lot to train him.

13:10:11 thestringpuller: should be a semi colon after R&D

13:10:43 thestringpuller: My lawyer was supposed to have me import/export papers on perhishables by now too...

13:10:59 thestringpuller: fluffypony informed me yesterday of the harsh import laws

13:11:26 pankkake: just sell your cookies on the darknets

13:11:47 fluffypony: lol

13:11:53 fluffypony: CookieRoad

13:12:25 thestringpuller: Don't they open packages at customs?

13:12:40 thestringpuller: I don't sell outside the US just sending you and MP cookies.

13:12:56 pankkake: if you write "electronics" they still it and claim it's lost, otherwise usually not

13:13:02 pankkake: steal*

13:13:22 assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 7022 @ 0.00085125 = 5.9775 BTC [-] {3}

13:13:41 thestringpuller: France sounds annoying.

13:13:54 thestringpuller: Well their shipping practices.

13:14:23 assbot: [HAVELOCK] [AM1] 1 @ 0.2357051 BTC [+]

13:26:09 pankkake: shipping food *to* the US is the hard thing actually

13:27:36 assbot: [HAVELOCK] [SCRYPT] 10 @ 0.0269 = 0.269 BTC [+]

13:28:37 assbot: [HAVELOCK] [SCRYPT] 59 @ 0.02699994 = 1.593 BTC [+] {2}

13:29:38 assbot: [HAVELOCK] [SCRYPT] 16 @ 0.0274875 = 0.4398 BTC [+] {2}

13:31:40 assbot: [HAVELOCK] [SCRYPT] 20 @ 0.02779 = 0.5558 BTC [+] {2}

13:34:48 Blazedout419: must be some good news on Scrypt

13:36:45 assbot: [HAVELOCK] [SCRYPT] 80 @ 0.02799 = 2.2392 BTC [+]

13:38:47 assbot: [HAVELOCK] [AM1] 5 @ 0.23797814 = 1.1899 BTC [+] {2}

13:41:50 assbot: [HAVELOCK] [B.MINE] 5 @ 0.02418799 = 0.1209 BTC [+]

13:42:51 assbot: [HAVELOCK] [SCRYPT] 6 @ 0.028 = 0.168 BTC [+]

13:43:52 assbot: [HAVELOCK] [B.MINE] 5 @ 0.024188 = 0.1209 BTC [+]

13:44:53 assbot: [HAVELOCK] [SCRYPT] 30 @ 0.02931666 = 0.8795 BTC [+] {2}

13:46:55 assbot: [HAVELOCK] [SCRYPT] 5 @ 0.02999798 = 0.15 BTC [+]

13:47:56 assbot: [HAVELOCK] [SCRYPT] 10 @ 0.029998 = 0.3 BTC [+]

13:48:57 assbot: [HAVELOCK] [SCRYPT] 5 @ 0.02999999 = 0.15 BTC [+]

13:52:39 ThickAsThieves: <+fluffypony> ;;later tell ThickAsThieves congrats, ATC is on here - http://mapofcoins.com --- neat! back to lumberjacking...

13:52:39 assbot: Map of coins: the history of cryptocurrencies from bitcoin to dogecoin and more

13:55:03 assbot: [HAVELOCK] [B.MINE] 6 @ 0.02437042 = 0.1462 BTC [+]

13:56:03 mircea_popescu: "The biggest reason why the bug hasn?t been found for over 16 years is that code reviews were insufficient, especially from experts who had experiences with TLS/SSL implementation. "

13:56:09 mircea_popescu: fucking joke.

13:57:26 pankkake: mapofcoins is missing Bernankoin :( how do I submit?

13:59:15 mircea_popescu: madofcoins ?

14:00:11 pankkake: madoffcoins?

14:00:34 mircea_popescu: "allows man-in-the-middle attackers to trigger use of a zero-length master key"

14:01:20 mircea_popescu: you know, when i said the power rangers are too stupid to be on the internet and they said i'm just being evil, because they're about as smart as everyone else derping about "open source software" we were BOTH right

14:01:26 mircea_popescu: i didn't realise this at the time.

14:02:04 mircea_popescu: !up toddf

14:02:42 ThickAsThieves: <+thestringpuller> The cost of liquidity is too high for most vendors... //// Circle can eat their lunch if they play their cards right - things will start getting interesting when you can buy for zero fees

14:03:19 mircea_popescu: it's unavoidable. commodified market, players are of no particular valu

14:03:20 mircea_popescu: e

14:06:01 mike_c: zero fees = fees built into exchange rate.

14:06:09 Mats_cd03: ;;bc,stats

14:06:14 gribble: Current Blocks: 305122 | Current Difficulty: 1.1756551916903952E10 | Next Difficulty At Block: 306431 | Next Difficulty In: 1309 blocks | Next Difficulty In About: 1 week, 0 days, 13 hours, 35 minutes, and 43 seconds | Next Difficulty Estimate: 12339676924.2 | Estimated Percent Change: 4.96

14:06:17 mircea_popescu: mike_c how so ?

14:06:40 mike_c: circle does as much as it can to hide the exchange rate when you buy (from watching video)

14:06:41 jurov: um a dude from @dc-data.com.cn wrote to me that some company named VOLKAN Tech Ltd. wants to register zillion coinbr.TLD domains

14:06:57 jurov: whether we authorized it

14:07:02 mike_c: and i'm sure they just a few points off for their own pockets.

14:07:04 jurov: i replied that no

14:07:06 mircea_popescu: jurov classical spam

14:07:06 mike_c: *shave

14:07:17 jurov: and he replied "okay, you should register them yourself"

14:07:25 jurov: so, not legit you say

14:07:26 mircea_popescu: mike_c trying to be paypal. except they won't be able to

14:07:36 mircea_popescu: paypal has this thing where govts prosecute its competition

14:07:41 mike_c: jurov: no. dime a dozen scam. i throw those out on a weekly basis

14:08:14 mircea_popescu: jurov one of the more common finds when i review my spamtraps

14:08:21 mike_c: i like better the scam where they just send you a bill

14:08:30 mike_c: in the hopes that a clueless worker bee will pay it.

14:08:34 jurov: ok, i got such for first time

14:09:21 mircea_popescu: mike_c kinda how circle's shaving points work

14:09:31 mircea_popescu: in the hopes a clueless buyer will just think a ok it's what itis

14:09:36 mike_c: yes

14:09:45 mike_c: zero fees!

14:10:06 pankkake: http://slashdot.org/story/14/06/10/0336202/godaddy-files-for-100-million-ipo

14:10:07 assbot: GoDaddy Files For $100 Million IPO - Slashdot

14:10:08 mike_c: anybody in here have an account and try it out?

14:10:26 mircea_popescu: wait what ?

14:10:35 mircea_popescu: godaddy 100mn after whatsapp 20bn ? are they insane ?

14:10:38 mircea_popescu: was it100bn ?

14:10:50 pankkake: GoDaddy hasn't made a profit since 2009. The company lost $279 million in 2012. It bled another $200 million last year. This year doesn't look much better, with another $51 million lost in the first quarter

14:10:58 pankkake: so, they're the twitter of domains

14:11:23 los_pantalones: how does godaddy lose money ?

14:11:23 los_pantalones: wtf

14:11:38 mike_c: that might be raising $100m, not the valuation

14:12:22 mike_c: "The company said it would raise $100 million, but that is just a placeholder until closer to the offering date."

14:12:58 xmj: godaddy throws money away on superbowls

14:13:17 los_pantalones: but that's maybe 10mm

14:13:17 ThickAsThieves: ticker should be GOD Y

14:14:10 asciilifeform: jurov: so it'd be best stored in glass containers..and how do you ascertain it wasn't amalgamated with mercury << there's the beauty. melting point. no way to fake Ga melting point and have anything like the density.

14:14:21 asciilifeform: jurov: and it can stay in the bottle.

14:14:22 assbot: [HAVELOCK] [SCRYPT] 11 @ 0.02854545 = 0.314 BTC [-] {2}

14:14:48 jurov: you can't easily measure the volume while it's inside the bottle

14:15:13 mircea_popescu: pankkake more of this fudingyou learned on btc forum i see.

14:15:18 asciilifeform: jurov: s/bottle/ampoule (full ampoule)

14:15:25 asciilifeform: measure like archimedes

14:15:31 mircea_popescu: los_pantalones by hiring uglychicks to weart its tshirt ?

14:15:50 xmj: waaat

14:17:07 mircea_popescu: asciilifeform you sur e ? eutectic is a thing

14:17:30 jurov: if it's full one needs to solve the thermal expansion problem and still., also measuring the wall thickness accurately

14:17:49 mircea_popescu: jurov a glass bottle can't be full of a metal ffs.

14:18:05 jurov: too many things that can go bad.. i'm keeping my bricks, thanks

14:19:46 jurov: if you can design "datskovskiy's container" that solves all of above properly, maybe that will be the thing you'll be remembered for

14:19:58 jurov: not for some computer science masturbation

14:20:08 jurov: ;)

14:20:09 asciilifeform: lol

14:20:42 asciilifeform: mircea_popescu: if you can find me a eutectic solder that melts anywhere near 30C (but not liquid at room temp like Hg) i'll buy it right now.

14:20:54 asciilifeform: many useful applications.

14:21:07 mircea_popescu: but maybe the reason that ive not found it is that your buying doesn't compare with 8 millenia of trying to defraud the currency

14:21:13 asciilifeform: lol!

14:21:26 asciilifeform: there was something like wood's metal that did 80, i think

14:24:04 asciilifeform: at any rate, Hg has >2x the density of Ga. and the latter, unlike Hg, won't boil on a gas flame.

14:24:32 asciilifeform: so plenty of simple tests, once you pick a suitable container.

14:24:43 jurov: there are other amalgams not suitable as solder, but for faking gallium in closed container something can be certainly though of

14:24:48 jurov: *thought

14:25:34 jurov: just to remind, the whole discussion started about ease of handling/verification vs. gold/silver bricks

14:25:36 asciilifeform: the only reason no one would even try this crap is the point mentioned earlier (100% of present-day use is industrial, mostly as GaAs semiconductor, fluctuating demand)

14:25:56 mircea_popescu: more's the point, you've not had the benefit of manyyear's worth of having thought about what the people trying to fake it might have thought about

14:26:12 mircea_popescu: i think this problem is often misrepresented by all the young cocks starting new things.

14:26:17 asciilifeform: that's actually the part that intrigues me - how do we fake gallium

14:26:22 asciilifeform: because i could really use some

14:26:36 mircea_popescu: asciilifeform the definityion of a fake is not being useful.

14:27:10 asciilifeform: well, 'fake' in this case is, achieve the melting point, with a well-conductive substance

14:27:22 asciilifeform: (incidentally ampoule could include electrodes for testing conductivity

14:27:25 asciilifeform: )

14:28:02 jurov: now that's something

14:28:29 mircea_popescu: prolly best so far, because you can measure resistance etc

14:28:31 asciilifeform: but in that case the ampoule could not be full. you must be able to tilt it, to expose electrode (perhaps a scammer simply placed a resistor there)

14:29:23 asciilifeform: of course, resistor could be trivially exposed with frequency sweep / bode plot (skin effect on Ga blob != impedence of ordinary resistor)

14:29:34 jurov: also one needs to verify there is no cavity or tungsten bar placed in the middle

14:29:46 asciilifeform: lol! jurov, look at periodic table

14:30:32 asciilifeform: but yes, people would at least try. so, contents of flask must pour freely.

14:30:36 asciilifeform: verify that liquid.

14:31:01 asciilifeform: ideal container would probably be a toroid, half-empty

14:31:31 mircea_popescu: you cant really fake metal to electrodes

14:31:57 mircea_popescu: but yes a ring of ga.

14:32:01 mircea_popescu: sounds pretty cool actually

14:32:03 asciilifeform: with Au probes

14:32:22 asciilifeform: incidentally!

14:32:34 asciilifeform: you could weigh the metal purely electronically

14:33:20 asciilifeform: if you have two electrodes, put a current through it, while surrounded by electromagnet, it will move x cm up the ring in response to Y amps...

14:33:51 davout: thestringpuller: "France sounds annoying." <<< wait until you hear french people

14:33:51 asciilifeform: why do any of this - is 'exercise for alert reader' of course.

14:34:46 mircea_popescu: more like putridly rich reader.

14:35:59 asciilifeform: http://www.ebay.com/itm/One-or-two-ounces-of-Contaminated-Gallium-Liquid-Metal-READ-/321427316761?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item4ad68fa019

14:36:01 assbot: One or Two Ounces of Contaminated Gallium Liquid Metal Read | eBay

14:36:27 asciilifeform: anyone who remembers school chemistry will understand that impurities lower melting point

14:39:04 asciilifeform: Ga is ~250 usd/kg, atm

14:39:24 asciilifeform: (small supply + small demand)

14:40:58 mircea_popescu: hm.

14:41:23 chetty: http://www.ponzitracker.com/main/2014/6/9/new-york-man-faces-criminal-charges-for-17-million-ponzi-sch.html

14:41:24 assbot: New York Man Faces Criminal Charges For $17 Million Ponzi Scheme - Ponzitracker - Ponzitracker

14:41:28 mircea_popescu: mike_c how about a btc fund that buys gallium ? :D

14:41:29 asciilifeform: we could use Nd magnets as coin...

14:41:32 asciilifeform: try fake Nd magnet.

14:42:50 assbot: [HAVELOCK] [AM1] 1 @ 0.23799989 BTC [+]

14:42:59 mircea_popescu: maybe you should be head of mint.

14:43:13 asciilifeform: (anyone seriously thinking about bidding up Ga should remember that it is a strategic metal - radar sets live and die by GaAs diodes. so anyone who fucks with the supply is liable to Can Also Have Problems)

14:45:16 mike_c: mircea_popescu: lol. i'm in!

14:47:02 mike_c: honestly i would rather see a btc investment that bought commodities rather than real estate. with the REITS I feel like people are expecting a BTC return. no one would think that with a commodity fund (similar to x.eur).

14:48:04 mike_c: !t h rent

14:48:05 assbot: [HAVELOCK:RENT] 1D: 0.00429980 / 0.00441359 / 0.00449890 (14 shares, 0.06179020 BTC), 7D: 0.00351101 / 0.0038605 / 0.00469990 (1234 shares, 4.76386086 BTC), 30D: 0.00280000 / 0.00524007 / 0.00710000 (6290 shares, 32.96001124 BTC)

14:48:13 mike_c: wow, bit of a rebound

14:48:29 mike_c: not back to ipo price yet, but still.

14:48:57 mike_c: !mpif

14:48:58 assbot: BtcAlpha.com F.MPIF Tracker estimated NAV per share: 0.00021639 BTC (Total: 432.79 BTC). Last trade for F.MPIF on MPEX was at 0.00021725 BTC [+]

14:49:10 mircea_popescu: o wow it dropped ?

14:49:13 mircea_popescu: !jd mpif

14:49:13 assbot: Current MPIF account balance on Just-Dice: 170.56965722 BTC; +0.09045396 BTC (+0.0531%) since last check 22h 25m 29s ago.

14:49:19 mircea_popescu: hm wtf

14:49:35 mike_c: eurusd is a tough market.

14:49:51 mircea_popescu: did panacea take it in teh butts ?

14:49:55 mike_c: yeah

14:50:06 mircea_popescu: THIS IS MILK

14:50:19 mircea_popescu: wow almost a full % huh

14:50:34 mircea_popescu: well you can't have it all

14:50:41 asciilifeform: TLS/SSL bug... hasn?t been found for over 16 years << don't blame the fscking mice...

14:50:45 mircea_popescu: mike_c mind making the columns on your splendid tracker red and green ?

14:50:50 mike_c: sure

14:54:17 mircea_popescu: asciilifeform why not ?

14:54:24 mircea_popescu: i will blame the mice.

14:55:50 asciilifeform: mice belong in mousetrap, yes. but the kitchen remains filthy.

15:02:15 asciilifeform: obligatory:

15:02:19 asciilifeform: ;;google don't blame the mice

15:02:19 gribble: Loper OS » Don't Blame the Mice.: http://www.loper-os.org/?p=1299; OF MICE & MEN LYRICS - Blame It - A-Z Lyrics: http://www.azlyrics.com/lyrics/ofmicemen/blameit.html; Misleading results: don't blame the mice.: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/24458625

15:06:42 mircea_popescu: blaming the mice is an excellent strategy.

15:06:50 mircea_popescu: it encourages the mice to organise and clean up your kitchen

15:06:56 asciilifeform: lol!

15:06:59 mircea_popescu: something sans pareil in all otherapproaches.

15:07:13 mircea_popescu: i ordinarily punish people for things they perceive are "well outside their control"

15:07:15 mircea_popescu: so does nature.

15:07:20 *: asciilifeform must've had defective mice

15:07:30 mircea_popescu: or not enough patience, or not enough cruelty.

15:07:41 mircea_popescu: the only way to establish which of the three is to be abundant with the last two

15:07:46 mircea_popescu: the only ones under your own control.

15:08:44 *: asciilifeform killed the last two mice in old flat with own hands, still had to... clean after

15:09:13 jurov: btw, how it went with the robin?

15:09:23 mike_c: you didn't see last pic?

15:09:56 jurov: not

15:10:02 mike_c: http://imgur.com/o2HcssV

15:10:02 assbot: Kitteh - Imgur

15:10:21 jurov: kthanks

15:10:27 asciilifeform: bird went in cat.

15:10:36 fluffypony: LOL!

15:10:45 mike_c: bird gets 2014 darwin award

15:10:50 fluffypony: that cat is like "thanks for lunch"

15:11:02 asciilifeform: i knew i could rely on that particular cat

15:11:18 asciilifeform: but it only comes at dusk.

15:24:24 ThickAsThieves: http://www.reddit.com/r/Bitcoin/comments/27rsv8/confirmed_blockchaininfo_shared_coin_is_broken/

15:24:25 assbot: Confirmed: blockchain.info Shared Coin is broken : Bitcoin

15:24:27 ThickAsThieves: "There used to be something called Shared Send, which was an actual taintless bitcoin mixer and not just a CoinJoin plausible-deniability transaction obfuscator.

15:24:27 ThickAsThieves: For a while, Shared Send was the only option. Then SharedCoin was introduced and for a while they were both available in the blockchain.info wallet.

15:24:27 ThickAsThieves: Then, Shared Send was discontinued. Even the old URL for Shared Send (https://blockchain.info/wallet/send-shared) redirects to their SharedCoin page now."

15:27:27 mircea_popescu: noobs and poor people are not allowed to have good tools.

15:31:43 *: asciilifeform poor with good tools. not impossible.

15:32:10 asciilifeform: noobs - sure.

15:32:23 mircea_popescu: which is why isortedin tht order :p

15:34:59 asciilifeform: obligatory:

15:35:00 asciilifeform: http://www.xach.com/naggum/articles/3241654125513898@naggum.no.html

15:35:00 assbot: Re: becoming a better programmer - Naggum cll archive

15:35:40 asciilifeform: '...what I find among the modern novices is that they do not feel the same way about the experts -- they want an expert-free world where their ignorance is not painful, where their inexperience is not used against them, where they get all the jokes, where nobody uses literary references that elude them, where every one of their ideas is accepted by their peers as just as novel as they think it is...'

15:38:48 chetty: asciilifeform, a lot of that problem might actually be there are so few real experts

15:39:22 asciilifeform: chetty: somehow people once imagined that not having to travel over sea and through jungle to visit the experts - would solve this.

15:39:28 asciilifeform: it didn't.

15:40:03 chetty: nah the travel is better, earn your audience with an expert

15:41:07 asciilifeform: better - sure. but when you come across a lamer - he's already paying what a very reasonable education would cost - the price of his net connection.

15:41:32 asciilifeform: not everyone can apprentice with a master in meatspace, sure. but anyone could... read?

15:43:46 mircea_popescu: '...what I find among the modern novices is that they do not feel the same way about the experts -- they want an expert-free world where their ignorance is not painful, where their inexperience is not used against them, where they get all the jokes, where nobody uses literary references that elude them, where every one of their ideas is accepted by their peers as just as novel as they think it is...' <<< quite exactly.

15:43:56 mircea_popescu: and the prescription for this disease is... rape.

15:44:39 mircea_popescu: people derping about how "we" should live in a world without rape conveniently tend to not mention that rape is in fact the only cure to the particular mental disease that constitutes their powerbase.

15:44:51 assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 2400 @ 0.00085204 = 2.0449 BTC [+]

15:45:17 mircea_popescu: asciilifeform no, not anyone could read anymore than anyone could magic.,

15:46:28 chetty: people can't be bothered to read mostly, much less evaluate the content in any reasonable manner

15:47:03 mircea_popescu: reading is not just techne is the problem. which is why there exists such a thing as the educated idiot.

15:47:40 mike_c: those of you who wanted fraudsters book: https://www.paperlater.com/

15:47:41 assbot: PaperLater

15:49:28 *: chetty likes this

15:50:16 chetty: save screen time and line the bird cage :)

15:53:23 mircea_popescu: lol

15:55:02 mircea_popescu: lol #bitcoin-wizards actuallyexists

15:56:38 fluffypony: mircea_popescu: didn't you know?

15:56:51 fluffypony: it's the /r/BitcoinSerious version of #bitcoin-dev

15:56:52 mircea_popescu: notrly.

15:56:55 mircea_popescu: ic

15:57:01 fluffypony: only the cool kids are there

15:57:07 *: fluffypony clearly isn't cool

15:57:53 mircea_popescu: course in my mind it's more like bitcoin-dev's johhny come lately attempt at making a bitcoin-assets without the ass in it

15:57:56 mircea_popescu: but what do i know.

16:00:06 assbot: [HAVELOCK] [B.MINE] [PAID] 1.87465820 BTC to 8`765 shares, 21388 satoshi per share

16:04:22 fluffypony: asciilifeform: thanks for the updated defective bird pic, it has come in handy - https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=631605.msg7234573#msg7234573

16:04:22 assbot: BMF has lost access to it's wallet [UnModerated]

16:07:00 thestringpuller: lol deprived, whatever happened to him?

16:07:17 mircea_popescu: fluffypony well left todd a tell, curious what'll come of that.

16:07:30 thestringpuller: not enough female ass in bitcoin assets

16:08:13 fluffypony: I like Peter Todd, I feel like his efforts are wasted / stymied by many others around him

16:11:14 mircea_popescu: i like him too, and feel thesame way

16:11:25 mircea_popescu: now if only he liked himself, he could be done with all that.

16:12:06 jborkl: wait Usagi lost access to his wallet ? he is still around?

16:12:29 mircea_popescu: sure, he's inventing the future of crypto

16:12:33 mircea_popescu: much like amir taaki

16:12:34 mircea_popescu: etc.

16:13:12 jborkl: maybe he can sell his skateboard this time

16:13:23 jborkl: he already sold his guitar

16:13:26 mircea_popescu: princessnell "Visions receive more attention than game plans. We know we want to ?decentralize,? at least. Growing pains notwithstanding, the old ways simply will not do. Power corrupts, we are reminded from birth. The worst get on top, fewer learn later. Men are not angels but too many of them still run the world. No, our doomed synthetic seraphocracy must go." your prose needs better ligature.

16:13:45 fluffypony: jborkl: to quote usagi - "You guys have no idea how badly you've screwed up trying to troll people to get ahead, and all the junk lies that you are telling."

16:13:50 fluffypony: we don't even KNOW

16:17:24 asciilifeform: fluffypony: lol

16:21:21 jborkl: I still do not know if he is the biggest idiot on the planet or just a scammer playing idiot

16:21:37 jborkl: he is too good at playing idiot to tell

16:22:03 chetty: jborkl> he is too good at playing idiot to tell// obama?

16:22:12 jborkl: he/she/both

16:22:19 jborkl: hehe

16:22:39 davout: jborkl: dotcoin is the same


16:25:31 assbot: [HAVELOCK] [PETA] 8 @ 0.06920012 = 0.5536 BTC [-] {2}

16:27:06 punkman: http://www.valuedinvesting.com/overview.php

16:27:07 assbot: Valued Investing | Socially Conscious Online Financial Advisor

16:30:33 mircea_popescu: who's that ?

16:30:43 benkay: <BingoBoingo> asciilifeform: That explains the problem historically, but not why it persists. // see also smbx

16:32:06 benkay: <BingoBoingo> fluffypony: Done right XFCE looks much better than OSx // care to share shots of your setup?

16:32:55 asciilifeform: benkay: the wm 'ratpoison', imho, looks better than osx. i.e., it doesn't draw extraneous crud on the display at all...

16:33:28 asciilifeform: no window borders, no buttons, no clocks... nothing

16:33:41 benkay: i have to admin, i tend to eschew the window mgr in favor of...emacs. app-tab over to...browsers.

16:33:52 asciilifeform: benkay: think emacs but for all x11 progs

16:34:27 benkay: i've been concerned about a wm stomping on my emacs bindings, and losing a week to fixing it.

16:34:52 benkay: granted this pernicious notion was planted in my head by the notorious lee, so i don't know if it carries any water.

16:35:01 asciilifeform: 'ratpoison' doesn't - but if it did, all you'd have to do is change its own bindings (they're all configurable)

16:35:15 benkay: i'd hope.

16:35:24 benkay: have you tried xmonad?

16:35:26 asciilifeform: it's something like 50kb of c

16:36:04 asciilifeform: xmonad draws on screen, ugh.

16:36:11 benkay: vs?

16:36:15 benkay: do forgive my ignorance.

16:36:18 asciilifeform: vs ratpoison

16:36:21 asciilifeform: which doesn't

16:36:28 asciilifeform: it only gives other things a place to live

16:36:30 benkay: sure but what does rp do that's so different?

16:36:43 asciilifeform: only this

16:37:01 benkay: what's the difference between drawing on the screen and giving things a place to live?

16:37:02 asciilifeform: there are other tiling wm, but they all seem to insist on being 'better' - i.e. actually outputting something extra

16:37:10 benkay: displays are *way* out of my weelhouse.

16:37:37 asciilifeform: benkay: perhaps i did not explain well. most wm actually draw something of their own on the screen - window boundaries, toggles, clocks, etc.

16:38:06 benkay: ah that's what you mean by draw things.

16:38:19 asciilifeform: rp doesn't - all it does is reposition x11 windows created by other progs

16:38:28 benkay: i understand now, thank you.

16:41:42 FabianB: !t m F.MPIF

16:41:42 assbot: [MPEX:F.MPIF] 1D: 0.00021703 / 0.00021703 / 0.00021703 (1000 shares, 0.22 BTC), 7D: 0.00021548 / 0.0002161 / 0.00021725 (15601 shares, 3.37 BTC), 30D: 0.00021536 / 0.00021709 / 0.00021726 (125310 shares, 27.20 BTC)

16:49:31 mircea_popescu: Low Management Fee 0.6%

16:49:35 mircea_popescu: omfg god help us

16:50:06 chetty: http://www.fbi.gov/pittsburgh/press-releases/2014/former-mingo-judge-sentenced-to-more-than-four-years-in-federal-prison

16:50:06 assbot: FBI — Former Mingo Judge Sentenced to More Than Four Years in Federal Prison

16:53:04 asciilifeform: chetty: i'd be surprised if every judge in usa weren't guilty of these and other crimes. but this one is removed. --> for reasons.

16:53:50 thestringpuller: !mpif

16:53:52 assbot: BtcAlpha.com F.MPIF Tracker estimated NAV per share: 0.00021641 BTC (Total: 432.83 BTC). Last trade for F.MPIF on MPEX was at 0.00021703 BTC [-]

16:53:59 assbot: [HAVELOCK] [AM1] 1 @ 0.238 BTC [+]

16:54:19 mircea_popescu: what did he do again ?

16:54:21 chetty: asciilifeform, every little bit helps

16:54:46 TomServo: The sentence comes after Thornsbury admitted his role in a conspiracy to coerce a local drug defendant, George White, into firing his defense counsel.

16:54:57 asciilifeform: chetty: what i'm suggesting is that this particular specimen 'needed to have problems' - for some reason obviously not stated in the gov. press release.

16:55:18 asciilifeform: the others remain on their thrones, on account of their 'playing ball'

16:55:33 chetty: sigh, prolly true - charge should read, fails to play ball

16:56:23 benkay: !up blackwhite_

16:56:27 asciilifeform: a lizard goes to the clink when a fatter, more senior lizard wishes it, and not at any other time

16:56:32 mircea_popescu: o yea

16:56:33 benkay: ;;google fraudsters assets +m

16:56:34 gribble: #bitcoin-assets +m pe fraudsters - Un blog de Mircea Popescu.: http://fraudsters.com/2014/bitcoin-assets-m/; Why everything you think you know about DNS is entirely ... - fraudsters: http://fraudsters.com/2014/why-everything-you-think-you-know-about-dns-is-entirely-wrong/; Ca tot… sa tras tot sa fumat tot sa baut tot cum e peste tot ... - fraudsters: http://fraudsters.com/2014/ca-tot-s-a-tras- (1 more message)

16:56:59 mircea_popescu: TomServo the best part is where they discuss how "a stiff sentence was appropriate" and then the sentence is... 4 years.

16:57:03 mircea_popescu: what happened to death ?

16:57:17 asciilifeform: chicoms cornered the market

16:57:28 mircea_popescu: heh

16:57:29 chetty: 4 years in fed country club at that

16:57:33 TomServo: right. And the guy with 15 years gets no reprieve?

16:57:43 mircea_popescu: TomServo ikr ? stiff sentence my ass.

16:57:46 asciilifeform: want public firing squad, gotta go to cn, just like for cheap pcbs.

16:58:09 pankkake: I'm not sure sentences work at all

16:58:27 pankkake: the general thinking is "I'll get away with it"

16:58:35 chetty: depends what they are supposed to do

16:58:42 asciilifeform: pankkake: it 'worked' in this case - for removal of troublesome bureaucrat by another of his species

16:59:27 pankkake: sure, but the prison sentence isn't useful in that way. will this teach other bureaucrats?

16:59:29 chetty: bing0! asciilifeform you got it, they are indeed a whole different species

16:59:31 asciilifeform: what kind of trouble warranted his removal - and by whom, in actuality, he was removed - we (or at least i) do not know

17:00:24 asciilifeform: btw this kind of thing is a schoolbook example of what 'xxxx can also have problems' means.

17:05:09 asciilifeform: mircea_popescu: did anyone ever step up to your 'judge biography' challenge?

17:05:17 asciilifeform: mircea_popescu: can't help but wonder where this one stood

17:06:07 TomServo: Oh yeah, that rings a bell. What was the bounty on that?

17:06:38 mircea_popescu: anyway, the unfortunat experience of mr white, the fuckwit who listened to the usg, withdrew his charges against usg agents and is now serving 15 years should be very illuminating to every other us citizen

17:06:50 mircea_popescu: if you do what your government tells you to do you will end up with a life in prison sentence

17:07:00 mircea_popescu: this is what your government exists for : to put you in prison, for life.

17:07:12 assbot: [HAVELOCK] [AM1] 1 @ 0.238 BTC [+]

17:07:19 mircea_popescu: never, ever, under any circumstances do what any agency tells you. not the sec, not the irs, not the judge, no one.

17:07:22 mircea_popescu: do the fucking opposite.

17:07:33 mircea_popescu: you'll probablystill go to jail, but note that STILL in there.

17:07:39 mircea_popescu: and at least you get tyo have some fun.

17:08:18 chetty: do not go quietly into that long night

17:08:47 asciilifeform: what really boggles my mind is all the folks (e.g. a. schwartz) who were turned loose, with the understanding that they'll report to jail at appointed hour, etc. and no radio collar, etc.; now, they probably won't be permitted in an airport, but mexico is not so far...

17:08:55 thestringpuller: or make yourself disappear completely?

17:09:20 mircea_popescu: learned helplessness. is what makes domestic animals domestic

17:09:26 mircea_popescu: it's what makes herding possible

17:09:35 asciilifeform: insult to animals. they sometimes have the sense to run.

17:09:51 TomServo: or repeatly fly into a window

17:09:57 TomServo: repeatedly*

17:10:04 pankkake: some animals and even plants cannot be domesticated

17:10:21 asciilifeform: TomServo: that's the other kind of animal. reminiscent of the folks who still try to weasel their way into usa

17:16:21 asciilifeform: lol re: fbi 'most wanted' list's #10.

17:16:37 asciilifeform: lives openly and freely in moscow.

17:16:50 mircea_popescu: re bio challenge : no. but this wasn't a magistrate was he

17:20:04 asciilifeform: http://judgepedia.org/Michael_Thornsbury

17:20:05 assbot: Michael Thornsbury - Judgepedia

17:20:06 asciilifeform: right

17:22:27 Mats_cd03: exceedingly few animals are capable of domestication and tasty too

17:25:14 mircea_popescu: "[Judge Thornsbury] engaged in criminal conspiracies to violate the constitutional rights of victim R.W. . .Judge Thornsbury conspired to plant illegal drugs on R.W.'s pickup truck; to have R.W. arrested for thefts he did not commit; to commandeer a state grand jury and use it to oppress R.W. and his family; and, after an incident in which R.W. was the victim of an assault, to arrange for R.W., rather than the perpetra

17:25:15 mircea_popescu: tor, to receive an exceptionally harsh sentence"

17:25:18 mircea_popescu: this is four years.

17:25:41 asciilifeform: unrelated: cryptome: still dead.

17:25:52 mircea_popescu: and it doesn'teven end htere :

17:25:53 mircea_popescu: U.S. Magistrate Judge Dwane Tinsley set the arraignment for August 21, 2013 and released Thornsbury on a $10,000 unsecured bond.

17:29:20 TomServo: In the same article about the Mingo judge, they mention he tried to frame the husband of some woman he was fucking and was charged for that as well.

17:29:31 TomServo: No mention of sentencing in that case however.

17:40:43 mircea_popescu: ;;diff

17:40:43 gribble: 1.1756551916903952E10

17:40:58 mircea_popescu: hey, thenewdeal guy was pretty much spot on in theend ?

17:41:07 mircea_popescu: ;;bc,diff

17:41:07 gribble: Error: "bc,diff" is not a valid command.

17:52:57 assbot: [HAVELOCK] [PETA] 7 @ 0.0692002 = 0.4844 BTC [+]

17:53:10 mircea_popescu: http://fraudsters.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/05/bitbet-lol.jpg << some very smart people are discovering bitbet

17:53:14 mircea_popescu: who linked it on reddit ?

17:54:27 mike_c: ooh, is that the super-sekrit bitbet mod page?

17:54:57 fluffypony: "Who will clinch the ill trophy"

17:55:00 *: fluffypony votes yes

17:55:02 mike_c: needs moar css

17:56:18 fluffypony: mike_c: that's a good point

17:56:27 fluffypony: that backend will never succeed without proper CSS

17:56:30 fluffypony: and some JS animation

17:56:36 fluffypony: bitbet is doomed!

17:56:41 TomServo: ;;isitdown facebook.com

17:56:42 gribble: facebook.com is up

17:56:45 TomServo: whew

17:57:20 mircea_popescu: mike_c yup

17:58:35 mircea_popescu: it's actually a jool of functional functionality, kakobrekla just made it like this and it has needed very little fixing

17:58:49 mircea_popescu: serves the mods quite comfortable. i think the man is talented.

18:00:10 mike_c: kako doesn't understand job security

18:00:16 mike_c: if it just works they don't need you anymore.

18:00:41 fluffypony: he should have purposely crippled it

18:01:00 *: benkay remembers to go down to the server room and unplug some client hardware

18:01:47 Mats_cd03: ill unplug your hardware

18:01:54 Mats_cd03: with garden shears

18:20:50 Mats_cd03: replace hardware with dong

18:21:47 Mats_cd03: https://soundcloud.com/astronauts-new-songs/skydive

18:21:48 assbot: Skydive by Astronauts. on SoundCloud - Hear the worlds sounds

18:21:54 kakobrekla: i think thats the rendering from lynx.

18:22:26 assbot: [HAVELOCK] [SF1] 1046 @ 0.0003565 = 0.3729 BTC [+] {4}

18:24:21 benkay: why so hostile, Mats_cd03

18:25:24 Mats_cd03: i found pubes in my cereal this morning

18:25:45 fluffypony: wow

18:25:46 fluffypony: fun

18:26:38 Mats_cd03: whats so special about docker

18:26:47 Mats_cd03: can somebody explain this to me

18:26:51 benkay: containers for the derpy

18:27:03 benkay: its f'n great.

18:27:13 Mats_cd03: and how is that different from a vps

18:27:31 assbot: [HAVELOCK] [SCRYPT] 13 @ 0.02987692 = 0.3884 BTC [+] {2}

18:28:11 Mats_cd03: https://soundcloud.com/jamesbaymusic/if-you-ever-want-to-be-in-love-1

18:28:12 assbot: If You Ever Want To Be In Love by James Bay on SoundCloud - Hear the worlds sounds

18:28:32 assbot: [HAVELOCK] [SCRYPT] 21 @ 0.0299 = 0.6279 BTC [+]

18:30:02 benkay: a vps you rent from a virtualization provider, docker you install on some server you own to do your own virtualization?

18:30:48 asciilifeform: benkay: what's wrong with ordinary human sshd ?

18:30:55 asciilifeform: (tunnel mode)

18:31:17 asciilifeform: lemme guess, 'docker' comes with extra helping of derp?

18:34:56 benkay: what does sshd have to do with docker?

18:35:11 benkay: i use it to nail down environments for a single process

18:35:16 asciilifeform: benkay: docker you install on some server you own to do your own virtualization << this ?

18:35:17 FabianB: it's a tool to manage lxc containers for you, so kinda like a chroot with cgroups and snapshottable

18:35:21 asciilifeform: (never heard of it before)

18:35:30 benkay: i mean granted i don't know shit about shinola

18:35:36 asciilifeform: aha

18:35:38 benkay: yeah, what FabianB said

18:35:44 asciilifeform: ok thought it was vpn substitute

18:35:46 asciilifeform: for some reason

18:35:49 asciilifeform: nm

18:36:04 *: asciilifeform not quite awake, and doing 3 other things

18:36:07 FabianB: no, many run it inside a vps

18:36:17 fluffypony: I like to think of it as Bitcoin Testnet but for test environments

18:37:20 benkay: can be run inside a vps as well

18:37:30 thestringpuller: or on a toaster

18:37:48 fluffypony: or on Usagi's My First Backup System

18:41:10 punkman: they even have a conference http://www.dockercon.com/ derp

18:41:11 assbot: DockerCon 2014

18:41:36 benkay: conferences for actual tools aren't that bad of an idea compared to bitcoin conferences

18:42:59 punkman: i guess now that their vc money came in they can splurge a bit

18:43:47 assbot: [HAVELOCK] [AM1] 3 @ 0.23799999 = 0.714 BTC [-] {2}

18:44:02 punkman: how many talks about docker could one endure in two days though

18:44:51 mircea_popescu: from the life of a cryptolord :

18:44:56 mircea_popescu: mircea@inigo-montoya:/media/ce570767-bda1-4312-b09f-99a812e19f3e$ gpg 95bad940ebdc9bfcda86ea087d376ca179c59ebe

18:45:18 fluffypony: you killed my father! prepare to die!

18:45:38 mircea_popescu: now say it in md5 lol

18:45:59 mircea_popescu: <mike_c> if it just works they don't need you anymore. << i need him more when it works.

18:46:50 mircea_popescu: <benkay> conferences for actual tools aren't that bad of an idea compared to bitcoin conferences << agreed

18:47:15 mircea_popescu: <punkman> how many talks about docker could one endure in two days though << also agreed.

18:47:21 mircea_popescu: da fuck do i do now

18:49:06 BingoBoingo: ;;ticker

18:49:07 gribble: Bitstamp BTCUSD ticker | Best bid: 648.85, Best ask: 650.0, Bid-ask spread: 1.15000, Last trade: 650.0, 24 hour volume: 6690.75594717, 24 hour low: 641.01, 24 hour high: 657.41, 24 hour vwap: 649.408442812

18:49:10 BingoBoingo: !jd mpif

18:49:10 assbot: Current MPIF account balance on Just-Dice: 170.62354623 BTC; +0.05388901 BTC (+0.0316%) since last check 3h 59m 57s ago.

18:51:13 BingoBoingo: I like the gallium torroid idea. I was thinking I might be useful for creating small bronze scultpures that could be remoulded almost like clay.

18:51:19 Mats_cd03: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ANTaUnBeKyw

18:51:19 assbot: G. Love & Special Sauce - Nothing Quite Like Home - YouTube

18:52:10 asciilifeform: BingoBoingo: http://log.bitcoin-assets.com/?date=10-06-2014#711784

18:52:11 assbot: #bitcoin-assets log

18:52:42 asciilifeform: maybe good idea, but 'badBet'

18:52:50 asciilifeform: to use kako's terminology

18:53:39 BingoBoingo: asciilifeform: Well, I think retaliation from the Gallium upbidding cartel could take the form of upbidding Indium. iPhones can have problems too.

18:53:43 kakobrekla: i thought it was english.

18:54:31 asciilifeform: it'd be a shame, though, GaAs is costly enough as it is.

18:55:53 BingoBoingo: Yeah, and so many aesthetic uses, Like a liquid metal fountain out in the garden.

18:57:36 asciilifeform: i'd leave this gedankenexperiment on the shelf. just because you can, doesn't mean that you must. but, on the other hand, nobody's gonna play tungsten games with 'gold' that's liquid at 30c.

18:59:20 BingoBoingo: It might take what, 1, 2 kilograms to fill a small fountain? The gallium might need changed out every couple seasons due to impurities?

18:59:47 BingoBoingo: benkay: My setup looks like that unsee.cc pic I linked to fluffypony

18:59:57 BingoBoingo: At least it does on the portable.

18:59:59 []bot: Bet created: "Belgium to make Round of 16 at 2014 World Cup" http://bitbet.us/bet/889/

19:00:03 assbot: [HAVELOCK] [AM1] 2 @ 0.238 = 0.476 BTC [+]

19:03:06 assbot: [HAVELOCK] [AM1] 1 @ 0.239 BTC [+]

19:03:54 asciilifeform: BingoBoingo: also helps to remember that this 'gold' is approximately as abundant as lead in the earth's crust. but, considerably more energy-costly to extract (byproduct of Al refinement)

19:04:29 BingoBoingo: asciilifeform: Of course, in that way it is like silver, but with a more predictable extraction rate.

19:04:51 asciilifeform: predictable until some bozo starts buying by the megaton.

19:05:08 assbot: [HAVELOCK] [AM1] 6 @ 0.23996553 = 1.4398 BTC [+] {2}

19:06:38 asciilifeform: BingoBoingo: i suggested it as 'coin' simply as thought experiment in generalizing the 'use-value' of btc. that is, material that cannot be confused with anything else (Hg, for instance, on top of being rather common, can be substituted with 'gallinstan' alloy. but you can't raise melting point of Ga by mixing in impurities - only lower it)

19:07:00 []bot: Bet created: "Bayern beats Major League Soccer" http://bitbet.us/bet/890/

19:07:25 penguirker: New blog post: http://www.bcoinnews.com/hashfast-reorganize-chapter-11-bankruptcy/

19:08:07 asciilifeform: a NdFeB or SmCo magnet would likewise make a very 'solid' coin, from that perspective

19:08:28 asciilifeform: testable as genuine with a dollar's worth of gear.

19:09:12 assbot: [HAVELOCK] [SCRYPT] 30 @ 0.02999999 = 0.9 BTC [+]

19:09:13 asciilifeform: no need to weigh it, even

19:09:22 asciilifeform: just squeeze it into a size/depth gauge and determine 'pull'

19:10:06 asciilifeform: don't keep these 'coins' with your bank cards...

19:10:33 []bot: Bet created: "Clint Dempsey wins MLS MVP" http://bitbet.us/bet/891/

19:13:30 mike_c: hashfast ceo one month ago: "I joined this company a month ago because the team is amazing and we are not scammers"

19:13:30 assbot: AMAZING COMPANY!

19:13:39 mike_c: today: "we're bankrupt. I'm outta here"

19:14:19 asciilifeform: speaking of NdFeB: turns out one can now get man-portable, cryogen-free nmr machines based on rare earth magnet. 20k usd or so, used.

19:14:41 asciilifeform: never mix up red and blue pill again...

19:15:06 Namworld: Those coins would shatter easily and be kinda troublesome.

19:15:10 Namworld: NMR machine?

19:15:24 benkay: ah, ty BingoBoingo

19:16:19 assbot: [HAVELOCK] [B.MINE] 9 @ 0.024 = 0.216 BTC [-]

19:18:21 assbot: [HAVELOCK] [B.MINE] 13 @ 0.02390713 = 0.3108 BTC [-] {2}

19:20:23 assbot: [HAVELOCK] [B.MINE] 15 @ 0.02380399 = 0.3571 BTC [-] {3}

19:35:05 BingoBoingo: http://arstechnica.com/security/2014/06/its-official-malicious-hackers-have-crappy-password-hygiene-too/

19:35:06 assbot: Its official: Malicious hackers have crappy password hygiene, too | Ars Technica

19:35:42 []bot: Bet created: "Seattle Sounders MLS Champions" http://bitbet.us/bet/892/

19:36:03 dignork: asciilifeform: for the pills - https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/903107259/scio-your-sixth-sense-a-pocket-molecular-sensor-fo

19:36:04 assbot: SCiO: Your Sixth Sense. A Pocket Molecular Sensor For All ! by Consumer Physics, Inc. — Kickstarter

19:37:40 assbot: [HAVELOCK] [PETA] 10 @ 0.07000001 = 0.7 BTC [-]

19:38:06 BingoBoingo: %book

19:38:07 []bot: Bet created: "Jose Abreu AL Rookie of the Year" http://bitbet.us/bet/893/

19:38:10 atcbot: 2k@270 2k@269 20k@265 | 3k@144 50k@143 175k@142

19:38:51 asciilifeform: BingoBoingo: scio << classic kickstarturd

19:39:37 BingoBoingo: asciilifeform: That's diginork's link. If such a kickstarter succeeded I wouldn't trust it to identify interesting things...

19:40:46 []bot: Bet created: "Andy Murray to win Wimbledon 2014" http://bitbet.us/bet/894/

19:43:07 asciilifeform: BingoBoingo: the claim of protein/fat content through surface ir spectroscopy is truly precious.

19:43:15 dignork: it would probably differentiate metal from stone, usability close to zero, but amusing

19:43:24 asciilifeform: how does anyone fall for this garbage ?

19:43:39 asciilifeform: don't they make anyone use actual ir spectrometer in school now?

19:43:49 BingoBoingo: asciilifeform: That is one concern. The other is identifying tylenol through the tablet's way?

19:44:14 asciilifeform: i didn't see mortar/pestle in the photo, sorta assumed it must've been there

19:45:12 BingoBoingo: Even then, I'd expect it to report a lot of cornstarch, stearate and lipid esters

19:46:16 asciilifeform: the sad part is, 'cyranose' (1990s product based on an oddball solid state gas column) actually worked.

19:46:26 asciilifeform: locked up in patent purgatory to this day, afaik

19:47:27 asciilifeform: e.g. http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC149373

19:47:28 assbot: Bacteria classification using Cyranose 320 electronic nose

19:48:08 asciilifeform: seems like the homeland seekoority bozos might've swallowed it.

19:48:10 BingoBoingo: Even supposing the thing identifies tylenol it isn't identifying any interesting high molecular weight compounds

19:48:53 asciilifeform: anyone who buys a berth on mp's 'we piss on patents' atomic battleship should give 'cyranose' a thought.

19:52:24 mike_c: http://www.coinalytics.co/

19:52:25 assbot: Coinalytics

19:52:34 mike_c: you guys need to start taking the right decisions.

19:56:27 los_pantalones: take a discripined decision

20:08:10 assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 14988 @ 0.00085128 = 12.759 BTC [-]

20:13:15 assbot: [HAVELOCK] [CFIG] 106 @ 0.0505008 = 5.3531 BTC [-] {4}

20:18:20 assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 6150 @ 0.00085154 = 5.237 BTC [+] {2}

20:18:20 assbot: [HAVELOCK] [PETA] 3 @ 0.0707999 = 0.2124 BTC [+]

20:23:25 assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 9500 @ 0.0008508 = 8.0826 BTC [-]

20:26:28 assbot: [HAVELOCK] [AM100] 44 @ 0.00227926 = 0.1003 BTC [+]

20:31:14 benkay: lol that email form

20:31:22 benkay: that designer is fired.

20:31:55 asciilifeform: mircea_popescu: a very special find: http://archiveofourown.org/works/1664801?view_adult=true

20:31:56 assbot: A Penetration Artist - Deep Shit (infinitebutthole) - KAFKA Franz - Works [Archive of Our Own]

20:32:12 benkay: too clever. not usable.

20:33:23 mike_c: don't be stuck in the 90's. usability should never trump slick design.

20:34:24 benkay: graceful...nevermind.

20:38:40 assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 9877 @ 0.00085171 = 8.4123 BTC [+] {3}

20:54:56 assbot: [HAVELOCK] [SCRYPT] 100 @ 0.028 = 2.8 BTC [-]

21:03:04 assbot: [HAVELOCK] [SCRYPT] 15 @ 0.02999999 = 0.45 BTC [+]

21:07:08 assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 10550 @ 0.0008508 = 8.9759 BTC [-]

21:21:43 jurov: technetium coins for sale! buy while still fresh!

21:26:00 jurov: ...technetium alloy cut with gold and palladium would be perfect for

21:26:02 jurov: high-value coinage. “Hard, bright, untarnishable and rare, it would be the

21:26:03 jurov: numismatist’s answer to diamond, for such a coin might last nearly forever.”

21:26:27 assbot: [HAVELOCK] [SCRYPT] 50 @ 0.028 = 1.4 BTC [-]

21:26:31 *: jurov googled shit

21:29:02 jurov: http://worldtracker.org/media/library/English%20Literature/M/Mccarthy,%20Wil/Wil%20McCarthy%20-%20The%20Technetium%20Rush.pdf

21:37:38 assbot: [HAVELOCK] [SCRYPT] 50 @ 0.028 = 1.4 BTC [-]

21:41:46 benkay: moar

21:41:49 benkay: coffee

21:48:49 assbot: [HAVELOCK] [B.MINE] 13 @ 0.02383737 = 0.3099 BTC [-] {3}

21:48:50 assbot: [HAVELOCK] [PETA] 20 @ 0.0707999 = 1.416 BTC [+]

21:48:51 thestringpuller: Damn

21:48:55 thestringpuller: silent as fuck today

21:49:05 thestringpuller: something big about to go down ain't it?

21:49:07 benkay: get back to your pomodoros ;)

21:49:50 mike_c: everybody's behind schedule.

21:49:52 asciilifeform: thestringpuller: something big about to go down << mp did mention preparing some new thing

21:56:57 assbot: [HAVELOCK] [SF1] 301 @ 0.00047635 = 0.1434 BTC [+] {2}

21:57:32 asciilifeform: jurov: technetium coin << afaik, fiction. but, idea.

21:57:59 assbot: [HAVELOCK] [B.MINE] 7 @ 0.0238 = 0.1666 BTC [-]

22:08:08 assbot: [HAVELOCK] [ALC] 14 @ 0.08888 = 1.2443 BTC [-]

22:16:16 assbot: [HAVELOCK] [ALC] 12 @ 0.08 = 0.96 BTC [-]

22:18:18 assbot: [HAVELOCK] [ALC] 5 @ 0.08 = 0.4 BTC [-] {4}

22:20:20 assbot: [HAVELOCK] [ALC] 3 @ 0.08 = 0.24 BTC [-]

22:25:25 assbot: [HAVELOCK] [ALC] 32 @ 0.08 = 2.56 BTC [-]

22:28:28 assbot: [HAVELOCK] [ALC] 2 @ 0.08 = 0.16 BTC [-]

22:32:16 mike_c: pop quiz (no cheating). name a company with mkt cap > $200b and p/e > 20.

22:33:27 mircea_popescu: exxon is over 200bn fo sho

22:33:42 mike_c: pe = 14

22:33:43 mircea_popescu: was more like 4 iirc

22:33:50 mircea_popescu: hm

22:34:00 mike_c: challenging, right? these companies shouldn't exist.

22:34:10 mircea_popescu: how about the china oil corp ?

22:34:14 mircea_popescu: w/e it was called

22:34:31 mircea_popescu: also icbc maybe

22:35:06 mike_c: far as i can tell china companies have crappy pe's.

22:35:13 mike_c: google is the one that got me looking.

22:35:28 mike_c: $380b at a fking 30 p/e

22:35:51 mike_c: others are proctor/gamble, novartis, and royal dutch.

22:36:08 mircea_popescu: no look, petrochina : 130bn net over 1 trn equity

22:36:56 mike_c: hm, the petrochina ADR i see has $225b cap and pe 11

22:37:29 mircea_popescu: i see goog actual at 15.3 pe

22:37:35 mircea_popescu: what figures exactly are you working on ?

22:38:13 mircea_popescu: Diluted EPS Excluding Extraordinary Items 5.33 trading 560ish

22:38:24 mircea_popescu: (mrq)

22:39:42 mircea_popescu: anyway, petrochina is ptr on nyse

22:40:06 mike_c: ;;calc 560 / (5.34 * 4)

22:40:06 gribble: 26.2172284644

22:40:58 mike_c: unless my math is borked, that is a hefty pe for a company that big.

22:41:05 mircea_popescu: trading 120ish, Diluted Normalized EPS 0.19 mrq

22:41:14 mircea_popescu: ;;calc 120 / 4 / .19

22:41:14 gribble: 157.894736842

22:41:21 mircea_popescu: 157 pe there you go

22:41:34 cazalla: i don't think there are any australian ones, i think BHP Billiton has cap of like 50-60b

22:41:41 assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 4397 @ 0.00085204 = 3.7464 BTC [+]

22:42:25 mircea_popescu: and icbc is actually listed... on the fucking pink sheets. idcby

22:42:38 mike_c: where yo ugetting that number? i see PTR mrq is 2.92 eps

22:42:48 mike_c: ;;calc 120 / (2.92 *4)

22:42:48 gribble: 10.2739726027

22:42:58 mircea_popescu: http://www.google.com/finance?q=NYSE%3APTR&fstype=ii&ei=c4mXU4ipKcea6AGPz4DgCQ <<

22:42:59 assbot: Financial Statements for PetroChina Company Limited (ADR) - Google Finance

22:43:09 mircea_popescu: dn eps is the last item on the page

22:44:11 mike_c: that number is wrong i believe

22:44:17 mircea_popescu: o.O

22:44:55 BingoBoingo: OMG It's another LABCOIN!!! Amazing Petro!!!

22:45:02 mircea_popescu: lmao

22:45:29 mircea_popescu: i still can't quite believe icbc is listed as a pink wtf bbq

22:46:20 mircea_popescu: thing has like half a million emplouyees all over theworld.

22:46:50 mike_c: yeah, google's out to fucking lunch. that number is wrong

22:47:05 mircea_popescu: mike_c maybe their own numbers are wrong too then ? :D

22:47:19 mike_c: look at the summary at the top. 22b shares * $123 = $225b mkt cap??

22:47:35 mike_c: that's some fuzzy math

22:47:58 mircea_popescu: i think they use an avg

22:48:04 mircea_popescu: 123 is last close orsomething

22:48:33 BingoBoingo: I'm telling you they hired Armandi to be their shadow CEO

22:48:35 mike_c: 22b * $123 = $2.5 T. that is pretty far off

22:48:48 assbot: [HAVELOCK] [CFIG] 8 @ 0.08697123 = 0.6958 BTC [+] {5}

22:48:54 mircea_popescu: ;;calc 225 / 22

22:48:54 gribble: 10.2272727273

22:49:09 mike_c: see? they added a zero.

22:49:20 mircea_popescu: lol hm.

22:49:36 mike_c: google: 0 mike: 1

22:50:28 mircea_popescu: http://www.icbc-ltd.com/SiteCollectionDocuments/ICBC/Resources/ICBCLTD/download/2014/FirstQuarterlyReportof2014.pdf << the icbc statement

22:51:08 mircea_popescu: net 73,461 ; 0.21 d eps.

22:51:13 mircea_popescu: so there. this is a definite.

22:51:50 mike_c: right, but what is $123 in yuan

22:51:56 mthreat: mike_c: AMZN is close, $150B cap, 520 PE

22:52:25 mike_c: your definite is in some other currency.

22:52:28 mircea_popescu: the 0.21 d eps is in RMB yuans

22:53:13 mircea_popescu: and iut's been trading at about 12.83 usd/share on otc

22:53:27 mircea_popescu: (aka 80 rmb)

22:53:32 mircea_popescu: ;;calc 80 / 4 / .21

22:53:32 gribble: 95.2380952381

22:53:35 mircea_popescu: there. 95.

22:53:46 mike_c: ok, so icbc is on the list then.

22:53:54 mike_c: sell that one too

22:54:05 mircea_popescu: i wouldn't.

22:54:16 mircea_popescu: it's owned by the chinese govt, and a tool of its foreign policy.

22:54:24 mircea_popescu: a rather close approximation of mpex, for that matter.

22:54:25 mike_c: sell gazprom as well

22:54:34 mircea_popescu: you're young and therefore naive :)

22:55:01 mike_c: look, idk wtf goes on in china. i'm just saying, dump GOOG, PG, novartis and royal dutch.

22:55:13 mircea_popescu: goog i can see. novartis maybe. royal dutch no.

22:55:21 mike_c: well nobody actually sells oil companies

22:55:21 mircea_popescu: and the chinese/russian/etc royal entreprises no, either.

22:55:41 mircea_popescu: not unless you're a sovereign yourself, ready able and willing to go to war with the sovereigns backing them

22:55:48 mike_c: gimme a year

22:55:57 mircea_popescu: so maybe you sell them in a year then.

22:56:24 mike_c: :) plus, i actually hold some PG and i ain't selling that either.

22:56:39 mike_c: everybody needs toothpaste

22:56:44 mircea_popescu: im actually mildly short on us crapola, from google to the rest of the "Tech" sector.

22:57:17 mike_c: aapl is under $100 now! totally a good reason for the stock to shoot up 20%!

22:57:32 mircea_popescu: yeah, right, because that's how it works.

22:58:04 mike_c: mthreat: amzn doesn't count, they aren't trying to make money.

22:58:20 mircea_popescu: hm, come to think of it, perhaps it could be argued im not even THAT mildly short. i'm like 600k in against brk publicly

23:01:00 assbot: [HAVELOCK] [PETA] 3 @ 0.0708 = 0.2124 BTC [+]

23:10:32 fluffypony: usagi confuses me

23:10:36 fluffypony: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=631605.msg7238720#msg7238720

23:10:36 assbot: BMF has lost access to it's wallet [UnModerated]

23:10:45 fluffypony: "And yes, as I mentioned quite a number of times, not only do we have off-site backups I am mirroring daily backups to a Synology DS-4 I keep in my office."

23:11:03 fluffypony: if he had/has off-site backups why even bother posting in the first place?

23:11:39 dub: one does not understand a usagi

23:12:10 mircea_popescu: fluffypony you spend entirely too much time on usagi.

23:12:16 dub: ^

23:12:28 mircea_popescu: take blondie out, at least she's ACTUALLY female.

23:12:35 fluffypony: hah hah

23:13:17 mircea_popescu: anyway, he doesn't have an office, he worked as a sort of that-fat--and-gay-guy-in-high-fidelity

23:26:25 assbot: [HAVELOCK] [CFIG] 12 @ 0.1 = 1.2 BTC [+]

23:28:34 mircea_popescu: !up cryptoflood

23:30:29 assbot: [HAVELOCK] [AM1] 1 @ 0.2399 BTC [-]

23:31:30 assbot: [HAVELOCK] [PETA] 3 @ 0.07086666 = 0.2126 BTC [+] {2}

23:31:31 assbot: [HAVELOCK] [AM100] 60 @ 0.0020904 = 0.1254 BTC [-]

23:32:24 BingoBoingo: fluffypony: You have to realize arguing with Usagi is worthless. He has too many aspersation to experience any sort of self examination.

23:33:16 mircea_popescu: mike_c: hashfast ceo one month ago: "I joined this company a month ago because the team is amazing and we are not scammers" | today: "we're bankrupt. I'm outta here" << fucking exactly.

23:33:16 assbot: AMAZING COMPANY!

23:33:38 mircea_popescu: and on top of it, they get all butthurt when they're treated to a heapful of stfu and go read the logs for a year on the FIRST announcement.

23:33:53 mike_c: well, they know better

23:34:12 mircea_popescu: ya right. and who even told eduardo decastro he can be a ceo anyway.

23:34:34 BingoBoingo: Maybe we should start selling canned STFU.

23:34:45 fluffypony: lol

23:34:45 mircea_popescu: http://hashfast.com/eduardo-decastro-ceo-receiving-the-wafers/

23:34:45 assbot: Eduardo deCastro, CEO, receiving the wafers! | HashFast

23:36:08 mircea_popescu: Namworld: Those coins would shatter easily and be kinda troublesome. << yeah the shatter factor is a problem. also, god help you if you're trying to carry say a 20 lb bag of them in the street.

23:36:23 mircea_popescu: well... on the optimistic side... you'll prolly have no trouble catching the bus.

23:38:23 mircea_popescu: "Based on a statistical analysis of the recovered passwords, H??a constructed two character sets that stood the best chance of quickly cracking the remaining undeciphered passcodes. The shorter of the two contained just 28 characters: acdehiklmnorstu01234579!-.@_"

23:38:29 mircea_popescu: as to why humans make shitty rngs

23:39:38 assbot: [HAVELOCK] [ALC] 2 @ 0.08 = 0.16 BTC [-]

23:39:39 assbot: [HAVELOCK] [AM1] 4 @ 0.24 = 0.96 BTC [+]

23:39:42 mircea_popescu: http://log.bitcoin-assets.com/?date=10-06-2014#712142 yet "11,665 Backers $2,480,795 pledged of $200,000 goal 4 days to go"

23:39:42 assbot: #bitcoin-assets log

23:39:50 mircea_popescu: curious what sort of magic kickstarter can turn out of 2.5mn

23:41:40 mircea_popescu: asciilifeform: don't they make anyone use actual ir spectrometer in school now? << no. because it'd be racist.

23:42:42 mircea_popescu: asciilifeform: anyone who buys a berth on mp's 'we piss on patents' atomic battleship should give 'cyranose' a thought. << this is a good point actually.

23:42:55 BingoBoingo: http://drgrumpyinthehouse.blogspot.com/2014/06/stop-shovel-time.html

23:42:56 assbot: Doctor Grumpy in the House: Stop!... Shovel time!

23:43:21 mircea_popescu: "Coinalytics receives seed funding as one of 500 Startups first Bitcoin ventures"

23:43:22 mircea_popescu: lolk.

23:44:46 mircea_popescu: mike_c:everybody's behind schedule. < :D

23:45:58 mike_c: except me of course, i'm just naturally quiet.

23:46:00 BingoBoingo: Jobs to revive in the serene republic http://www.birchingtonheritage.org.uk/articles/dogacre.htm

23:46:00 assbot: Jennie Dog Acre Article

23:48:28 mircea_popescu: ahhh history.

23:48:31 mircea_popescu: http://fraudsters.com/2012/lunea-intunericoasa-ca-sa-nu-zicem-de-a-dreptu-neagra-ca-i-urit-si-ne-citesc-inclusiv-copii-de-tita/

23:48:32 assbot: Lunea intunericoasa ca sa nu zicem de-a dreptu’ neagra ca-i urit si ne citesc inclusiv copii de tita. pe fraudsters - Un blog de Mircea Popescu.

23:48:44 mircea_popescu: this is an article about the black monday, which you're prolly mostly too young to remember.

23:49:03 mircea_popescu: about 4% of the monetary mass in circulation sold out, bitcoin dropped from 5.3 to 4.5, and people were in agreeemnt that it's prolly the end

23:49:17 mircea_popescu: "all high volume is on red candles, forget it" etc

23:49:21 penguirker: New blog post: http://fraudsters.com/2014/strange-things-people-think/

23:56:29 BingoBoingo: Wait, Sal Inglesa

23:58:28 BingoBoingo: mircea_inglesa: I have a feeling the Argentines are going to start refering to Bitcoin as Money Inglesa before too long...