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Transcript for 10-11-2018, 44 lines:

09:43:33 adlai: fluffypony: mmmaybe i need to study those details a little more, but my impression was that the entire construction (CT+RP) relies on lossy compression, and thus produces false positives with economically low probability.

14:09:54 kakobrekla: https://twitter.com/peterktodd/status/1061176552254136320

14:09:55 assbot: Peter Todd sur Twitter : "The article starts with "There’s no out-innovating the regulatory reach of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission." and ends with admitting that had the creator been anonymous the SEC wouldn't have been able to do anything to them. https://t.co/PZF0IgOAcF" ... ( http://bit.ly/2OCbZRy )

15:12:59 funkenstein_: "The exchange, which is still operational in spite of the SEC describing Coburn as being cooperative..."

16:02:43 kakobrekla: he cant really stop it can he

16:48:50 funkenstein_: i don't know enough about how etherdelta works to answer that, but it seems if there's somebody making money running the exchange then there's somebody to go after and ask who's your roof, are you compliant

16:49:21 funkenstein_: there is a website, and somebody hosting it

16:50:32 kakobrekla: but that is the exact problem with 'company as a smart contract' the monetary incentives are fucked

16:50:47 kakobrekla: one can just deploy a copy of the service without fee

16:51:14 kakobrekla: i dont know about this particular case but i imagine there is nobody making money off it

16:52:27 kakobrekla: if someone cares enough they can look it up

16:52:31 funkenstein_: yeah probably, but it might just be that nobody bothered to deploy such a copy or people still use the original because of advertising

16:52:53 kakobrekla: as for website being hosted, isnt it a better idea to have a locally run opensource client

16:53:33 funkenstein_: also in genre: https://news.bitcoin.com/decentralized-exchange-idex-to-introduce-full-kyc/

16:53:33 assbot: ‘Decentralized’ Exchange IDEX to Introduce Full KYC - Bitcoin News ... ( http://bit.ly/2T4Iyei )

16:53:49 funkenstein_: kakobrekla, yes i would certainly agree

16:54:11 kakobrekla: lol the guy on the link looks amptly not amused

16:55:39 funkenstein_: yeah seems an odd stock photo

16:55:45 funkenstein_: more like the chess championship

16:56:34 kakobrekla: anyway, i visited a talk at local tech institute, some cia guy came to explain how terrorist failed to collect any money and how they are not sure if those are terrorist or scamers pretending to be terrorist

16:57:21 funkenstein_: lol, makes sense

16:57:29 funkenstein_: they would do better impersonating the SEC

16:58:35 kakobrekla: and it came to mind, if the regulatory bodies are not going to discriminate between different currencies based on the privacy properties that are facilitated, bitcoin as-is is not in the best spot

16:59:17 funkenstein_: how so?

17:00:33 kakobrekla: well every blighchain would get the regulatory downside, not every blingchain has the anonymity upside

17:00:45 kakobrekla: bligh=bling

17:04:22 funkenstein_: could be, i'm still not sure what either of these upsides and downsides really are. coinjoin and stealth addresses still work if we need them

17:04:50 funkenstein_: just a pain in the ass for some blingchains

17:06:11 funkenstein_: speaking of blingchain, the chinese word for blockchain 区块连 is kinda nice because for "block" it uses something more like "lump" which is the measure word for money..

17:06:15 funkenstein_: so it's more like blingchain

17:06:35 kakobrekla: well coinjoin.... i tried it acutally. ran a node for a while. besides having a fucked up implementation (inserting adlais 'well its open, go fix it') its also not at the protocol level, which makes it more like an emergency quickfix without any guarantees

17:07:33 funkenstein_: sounds a bit risky, how did it work out?

17:09:02 kakobrekla: well i ended the experiment of mixing mixing my coins with coins connected to the 500 usd reward that scammer terrorists collected

17:10:43 kakobrekla: i know that in theory bitcoin is fungible, in practice less than paper money.

17:10:56 kakobrekla: you dont have to be a fucking genius to gather that much.

17:11:28 funkenstein_: indeed

17:13:08 funkenstein_: a good colored coin protocol can match basically all the stuff people want from an ERC20 token

17:14:56 kakobrekla: i dont think i even see the case for erc20 tokens

17:16:04 funkenstein_: yeah well that's another argument, but we can agree many people do want to issue them

17:16:46 funkenstein_: you mean the case for blockchain tokens in general or specifically that platform?

18:11:09 kakobrekla: funkenstein_, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XVZxjVJz4ds

18:11:10 assbot: How Dapps Work in 2018 ~ "Dawn of the Dapps" - YouTube ... ( http://bit.ly/2OEFDG9 )

18:14:07 kakobrekla: oh i actually have not seen this 'full' version before

18:19:49 kakobrekla: kinda sucks, pain is permanent.