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Transcript for 11-03-2018, 28 lines:

09:33:19 jurov: bikes are problematic. prolly we'll end up with small electric scooters that can be brought and locked inside, so everyone will have their own

09:33:40 jurov: i have tried one, will likely buy

10:53:51 kakobrekla: why, too lazy? :)

13:09:03 funkenstein_: also in personal transport news I got myself a "onewheel" when I was back stateside, the things are pretty fun

13:10:17 kakobrekla: if you give me your address ill send you a red nose :)

13:10:43 kakobrekla: or is that not a monocycle

13:10:51 kakobrekla: looks like is not

13:11:02 funkenstein_: it's a self balancing skateboard

13:11:21 kakobrekla: is it battery powered?

13:11:33 funkenstein_: a segway disguised as something cool

13:11:35 funkenstein_: yes

13:12:48 funkenstein_: range kinda crap though

13:12:58 kakobrekla: so is speed eh? :)

13:13:11 funkenstein_: also had some batteries stolen from my 电动车 today

13:13:13 kakobrekla: turns out good ol bikes are not bad at all!

13:13:19 funkenstein_: ^

13:13:37 kakobrekla: what electric car?

13:13:40 funkenstein_: absolute best city transport

13:13:46 funkenstein_: electric motorcycle

13:13:58 kakobrekla: i also changed my personal transport like a week ago

13:14:09 kakobrekla: good bye 500 btc golf, hi 5 btc mb

13:14:13 funkenstein_: i mean, the mountain bike is the best - electric motorcycle good for lazy transport

13:14:21 funkenstein_: ooh nice

13:19:47 kakobrekla: yeah it was about time :)

13:19:52 kakobrekla: anyway lunch & stuff

13:19:53 kakobrekla: bbl

13:20:08 funkenstein_: off to the pub meself, check you later

13:21:38 kakobrekla: hf :)