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Transcript for 11-06-2018, 6 lines:

07:59:09 pankkake: https://www.reddit.com/r/tezos/comments/8q2h09/tezos_foundation_announces_kycaml_for_contributors/ uh

07:59:11 assbot: Tezos Foundation announces KYC/AML for contributors : tezos ... ( http://bit.ly/2ya9XWb )

11:08:56 adlai: wasn't this the "let's play nomic on a blockchain" project?

11:09:19 adlai: yet another one that actually does sound cool as an elevator pitch

11:09:54 *: adlai guesses that nomic is slightly too complicated to be blockchainicated

11:11:06 adlai: "The main difference between these is that immutable rules must be changed into mutable rules (called transmuting) before they can be modified or removed."