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Transcript for 12-04-2017, 38 lines:

00:00:22 adlai: well i assume that an 'artiste' familiar with the nn populating that toolbar could make good use of it

00:00:38 adlai: but that requires training the human to fit the turdifact's idiosyncracies. yech.

00:01:03 Framedragger: but have you actually tried it? it won't let you iterate on an image it already recognised :/

00:01:20 Framedragger: 'oh you wanted a plane! here you are! good boy, now move to next image...'

00:01:20 *: adlai is much happier with http://shapeshifter.io/

00:01:21 assbot: Project Shapeshifter ... ( http://bit.ly/2nCeiM0 )

00:01:39 adlai: if you can't stomach clicking the ToS - it's a generative modeling thingy

00:04:28 Framedragger: adlai: that one's pretty neat!

00:04:40 *: adlai was actually paid money once to massage its backend

00:04:48 Framedragger: mmm doing waves on torus-like things.. nice feeling

00:04:55 Framedragger: oh that's pretty cool

00:05:10 adlai: (they have an R&D center in Tel Aviv)

00:06:02 adlai: by "massage its backend" i don't mean work on the web backend. the engine is a c++ turd that gets emscriptified for the web turb

00:07:05 adlai: unfortunately (yet understandably) we disagreed over the flexibility of work hours

01:52:31 kakobrekla: https://security.radware.com/ddos-threats-attacks/brickerbot-pdos-permanent-denial-of-service/

01:52:32 assbot: ... ( http://bit.ly/2p5O55q )

02:39:56 funkenstein_: just another brickerbot in the firewall

02:40:02 funkenstein_: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ttHukW70TAM

02:40:03 assbot: Learning, Growing, Changing - Dead Prez - YouTube ... ( http://bit.ly/2p5UZaW )

09:16:28 punkman: http://newschannel9.com/news/nation-world/investigation-finds-inmates-built-computers-and-hid-them-in-ceiling-at-marion-prison-04-11-2017

09:17:39 punkman: "investigators found an inmate used the computers to steal the identity of another inmate, and then submit credit card applications, and commit tax fraud. They also found inmates used the computers to create security clearance passes that gave them access to restricted areas."

09:17:42 punkman: not bad

10:02:10 punkman: http://imgur.com/gallery/5AryP

10:02:11 assbot: When the sun is directly overhead in Hawaii, it looks like a bad video game render - Album on Imgur ... ( http://bit.ly/2p7aboj )

11:22:32 punkman: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SnQhR2Oeh-c

11:22:33 assbot: Extreme Airport Snow Plowing ★ ONLY in JAPAN - YouTube ... ( http://bit.ly/2nDCOMG )

11:24:07 funkenstein_: nice equinox pic :) check out comment 2 "google Eratasthones". Remember that village idiot who used to hang out here who claimed the classics were already lost?

11:25:14 funkenstein_: wow Aomori airport plows rule :)

11:32:46 punkman: that curry rice dish was pretty fun

11:34:33 punkman: autodraw manages to both be interesting and annoying

11:34:43 punkman: fucking clip art

11:40:20 punkman: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/2123355930/minsky-reforming-economics-with-visual-monetary-mo/posts/1857143

11:40:21 assbot: MINSKY: Reforming economics with visual monetary modeling by Professor Steve Keen — Kickstarter ... ( http://bit.ly/2p7sWaX )

11:42:43 punkman: https://www.patreon.com/ProfSteveKeen

11:42:44 assbot: Prof Steve Keen is creating realistic economics for the post-crash world | Patreon ... ( http://bit.ly/2p7jvIG )

11:50:28 funkenstein_: Guy has done at least a few interviews on Keiser report

11:53:07 funkenstein_: however "realistic economics for post-crash world" and "please send me dollars" don't really go together very well do they

12:05:52 punkman: "visual monetary modeling"