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Transcript for 12-09-2018, 19 lines:

04:59:44 adi: hi'

05:00:30 adi: ??

05:00:46 adi: i had a question

14:25:05 kakobrekla: me too. eg whats with all the lost people.

14:46:51 adlai: lost people? which lost people?

14:48:56 adlai: "not all who wander are lost"

14:49:01 kakobrekla: hehe

14:49:42 kakobrekla: i suspect im in your vicinity atm, cyprus

14:50:14 pankkake: how are things there?

14:50:32 adlai: if you were looking for my mother, you missed her. she's no longer there :P

14:50:41 kakobrekla: awww :\

14:50:50 kakobrekla: pankkake, the greek part is too fucking englanized

14:51:19 kakobrekla: these people have no culture whatsoever

14:51:29 kakobrekla: the 'illegal' turkish one is way better

14:51:53 adlai: are you boating ?

14:52:11 kakobrekla: not this time, islanding.

14:54:20 adlai: a friend who studies ancient greek for a living (well, the salary is for teaching) occasionally complains that the modern greeks are a sorry replacement

14:56:35 kakobrekla: can not (dis)prove, but mykonos im rather fond of at the end of the season

20:36:33 kakobrekla: on second thought, the contemporary greeks do seem to be fucking inadequate amouts of adolescent boys