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Transcript for 13-03-2018, 14 lines:

03:41:06 funkenstein_: hmm bitinfocharts.com reporting eth blockchain at "only" 300 gb

03:41:38 funkenstein_: but from what i gather it's actually hard to tell because of different implementations doing different prunings

03:41:46 funkenstein_: i've never run a node

03:42:02 funkenstein_: what do you guys recommend for issuing colored coin / tokens?

03:50:02 funkenstein_: i get so many requests for help with this

04:02:54 funkenstein_: still no fork of satoshi client that will allow following coin which comes from a specific TX as a separate balance..

09:15:24 kakobrekla: clearly a centralized scamchange :)

18:02:27 jurov: http://www.andrejtrcek.com/bitcoin-roundabout/ kek

18:02:27 assbot: Bitcoin roundabout :: Andrej TrĨek ... ( http://bit.ly/2DlgXfO )

18:11:08 shinohai: "Yes I got your MDMA ..... meet me in town at the giant Bitcoin."

18:20:37 kakobrekla: will send flowers to all the fallen slovenian crypto 'investors'

18:20:56 kakobrekla: well, for, not to.

18:33:22 jurov: they are still alive, no?

18:34:08 kakobrekla: im sure some arent