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Transcript for 13-04-2018, 21 lines:

09:41:16 *: adlai wonders whether they can also seize https://whereisscihub.now.sh/go

09:42:05 adlai: lol that must be too voodoo for assbot, let's try feeding it some https://whereisscihub.now.sh/

09:42:07 assbot: Where is Sci-Hub now? ... ( http://bit.ly/2IPBoET )

09:43:47 *: pankkake wonders whether they can also seize http://www.google.com/search?q=scihub

09:43:48 assbot: scihub - Recherche Google ... ( http://bit.ly/2v7vr4l )

09:44:15 adlai: seize, no, but google can be bombed and politiced

09:44:36 pankkake: yeah, but it would be funny if google.com ended up on some automated banlist

09:45:11 adlai: there's this funny little place called china

11:30:44 adlai: so these people make music, which is not even bad and can be heard for the price of an internet connection, and call themselves "Thievery Corporation"

11:30:52 adlai: ... what's the punchline? one guy's name is garza

11:31:37 adlai: "There's no excuse for not speaking out at this point, with the suspension of habeas corpus, outsourced torture, illegal wars of aggression" - Rob Garza

11:32:09 adlai: let's remain silent about violation of unsuspended rights, homegrown torture, and legal aggression.

16:55:28 funkenstein_: rob garza is right, talking about isn'trael and the untied state I suppose

16:58:35 funkenstein_: world capitals of orcdumb

17:04:11 funkenstein_: https://cointelegraph.com/news/china-blockchain-conference-shut-down-by-police-organizers-claim-no-legal-issues

17:04:12 assbot: China: Blockchain Conference Shut Down By Police, Organizers Claim ‘No Legal Issues’ ... ( http://bit.ly/2qt0eDL )

17:04:31 funkenstein_: apparently it was a disgruntled purchaser of the hoqu token that alerted local authorities

17:09:31 funkenstein_: what's up with that k-hole posting 5 year old vulnerabilities in unspecified software to bitcoin-dev list anyway, is that you adlai? :D

17:24:12 funkenstein_: note that sci-hub is also at sci-hub.cn and nz

17:24:43 funkenstein_: absolutely mandatory out here as universities don't bother with the subscriptions, neither paper nor electronic

19:20:31 adlai: i don't post vulnerabilities to mailing lists.