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Transcript for 14-05-2018, 26 lines:

07:53:16 adlai: fun fact: in just over an hour i get visit the local taxman to convince him that i don't need to submit paperwork for every single financial action i've had in the past six years

07:54:51 adlai: conspiracy theories abound, locally, about how exactly they built their list; but they've got quite a nice list of anyone who's ever showed their face at the "btc embassy" and are going one by one sending beggardly love letters

07:55:51 adlai: fortunately, as mircea diagnosed himself so efficiently: i am poor, and live off charity! the taxman should compensate me for my trouble that i even show up at his office. but i must find a more tactful way of telling him this :)

07:58:00 *: adlai does not intend to conceal the fact that any sufficiently taxable sales of coin can and will be delayed until feet dry over the proverbial .cr

21:51:12 kakobrekla: adlai, yeah i heard about that, apparently using 'social media' trails, same as india iirc

21:51:56 adlai: my social media footprint has been much reduced lately, unless you count RFC twitter

21:52:40 kakobrekla: in the broad sense its not limited to online

21:53:34 adlai: during my meeting the fellow did politely ask me whether i felt like naming names of any specific people in "the community", so i wouldn't be surprised if they approached me due to a "snitch"

21:53:51 kakobrekla: there you go.

21:54:09 kakobrekla: "name five and you get a tax cut" next

21:54:26 *: adlai makes a point of "kicking up a cloud of dust", "spamming the logchain", "assaying supply and demand", whatever you call it

21:55:08 adlai: all the lucky bastards can do that at the $1M-and-up bracket, while i make sure that people can still trade individual banknotes for individual bitcoin :D

21:56:04 adlai: (this is not a statement of the bitcoin price in my geotemporal region, "individual bitcoin" here refers to... utxo)

21:56:39 adlai: the taxman was actually quite interested in bitcoin and had no problem listening to an hour of history lecture

21:56:54 adlai: BGP, spam attacks, why altcoins are bullshit, etc

21:57:34 *: adlai didn't get a chance to explain wot mathematics but it's rather trivial, neh?

21:59:07 adlai: icing on the cake - another "customer" of this government office got to sit through half my lecture because the greedy budget boss doesn't afford these poor clerks individual offices

22:01:54 kakobrekla: i can sorta imagine how that went down

22:02:57 adlai: customer 2 and clerk 2 just sat there watching clerk 1 listening to customer 1 (ie, me)

22:04:13 *: adlai sometimes gets a little http://log.bitcoin-assets.com//?date=31-01-2016#1391089 when dispensing free financial advice

22:04:13 assbot: Logged on 31-01-2016 15:41:35; mircea_popescu: or, "people with no indoor voice".

22:05:43 kakobrekla: you shouldnt be giving those out anyway

22:06:35 adlai: i even told him that people who take repackaged statistics as opinions are the kind of sheep he should be hunting

22:07:21 *: adlai assumes the fellow has real statistical education... fellow trained as an accountant before accepting the taxman gig

22:08:52 adlai: now i must sleep if i wanna make asciilifeform proud by showing up for 8am's lecture on aryl substitution

22:09:52 kakobrekla: good luck