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Transcript for 14-06-2019, 54 lines:

09:05:50 pankkake: so are you guys buying gold?

09:16:28 kakobrekla: why would you do that

09:16:54 pankkake: it's going up!

09:17:43 pankkake: and https://i.imgur.com/NmMxAJT.jpg looks like a fun activity

09:17:44 assbot: ... ( http://bit.ly/2FbbeNz )

09:18:40 kakobrekla: and make it difficult for italian govt to file off some gold dust? :)

11:35:53 copypaste: kakobrekla didn't give me a job, luckily i did buy gold during last months of 2018 and jan/feb 19 so :p

11:36:56 copypaste: btw still looks for contracts. this resume is a little outdated, i no longer work at RQI http://kittens.ph/resume.pdf

11:36:58 assbot: ... ( http://bit.ly/2F9sa7b )

11:37:49 copypaste: i can also write. i wrote several Wikipedia "Good Articles". i can also game Wikipedia to a certain extent. PM me for details about that as it's against WP rules.

11:43:17 kakobrekla: copypaste, actually im considering to sponsor an art project, perhaps you are interested

11:43:57 copypaste: maybe, what are the details

11:46:15 kakobrekla: basically you take in payments via lighting, with proceeds automatically buy BSV and then just spam the BSV network with transactions-to-self (or other crafty txes that would choke the verification) with the lowest fee possible

11:46:41 kakobrekla: its called 'thunder' as it turns lighting into noise

11:47:37 copypaste: lol

11:48:25 copypaste: i mean, i think i could. god their network is stupid. you can attach multiple MB of junk to each tx

11:48:26 kakobrekla: misspelled lightning there eh.

11:49:07 kakobrekla: i have not checked what the floor of fee/kb is

11:49:35 copypaste: probably one BSV sat, no? and i know that the BSV blockchain is hardly even being used

11:49:48 copypaste: meaning maybe you can even spam for free to a certain extent

11:50:13 kakobrekla: feel like doing that?

11:50:58 *: kakobrekla had this on back burner for a while but has ~0 time to attend to it

11:54:56 copypaste: sorry kakobrekla i just decided to remember how to auth to WoT so you would trust me more since that's something you asked me last time. i did that now. you can see that https://bitcoin-otc.com/viewratingdetail.php?nick=frb no longer rhas the red text

11:54:57 assbot: Rating Details for User 'frb' ... ( http://bit.ly/2F84uQu )

11:56:40 copypaste: kakobrekla: i can certainly give it a try, and maybe think of the best way to spam BSV network

11:57:26 copypaste: i think using their ludicrously huge blocksize is probably the best way.

11:57:48 copypaste: fill up hard drives

11:57:55 copypaste: make nodes very expensive to run

11:58:34 copypaste: to delete all the spam they'd have to fork

12:01:55 copypaste: kakobrekla: what is considered success for this project? will i be paid in more than just the money sent over lightning? if so am i expected to not use all of it to buy BSV?

12:02:57 copypaste: do you just want a report on how to best spam BSV? if i can think of a better way, do i still get paid for that? is the lightning actually important to this project (presumably yes, so you can pay it out in small amounts)?

12:03:01 copypaste: sorry, many questions :-)

12:04:23 kakobrekla: https://bitcoin-otc.com/viewratingdetail.php?nick=frb < lol mp

12:07:33 kakobrekla: copypaste, you dont get paid any of the money send over lnd, that goes 100% to spam bsv. the idea was to cover the development (you) and infrastructure costs (server) and stationaries.

12:09:41 kakobrekla: i thought to use ln for max contrast and it would be open for anyone to throw fivebux at it.

12:18:10 copypaste: ok i understand. yes i see. did you think of a way to automatically buy BSV, or is that for me to do

12:19:02 kakobrekla: well hopefully it did not get delisted from all the exchanges

12:19:42 copypaste: right. ill have to think of some thresholds though if we'll buy thru exchangs. if someone sends like, a fraction of a sat that can't trigger a buy

12:20:22 copypaste: i think i can do this, and it will force me to learn about LN which i've been avoiding

12:20:47 kakobrekla: there can be some sort of hysteresis threshold

12:20:50 copypaste: i'll also think of how to maximize our BSV for best spam

12:21:54 copypaste: another way we could buy is, if you know someone with a lot of BSV, we could use the LN to send them BTC and they'd automatically release BSV private keys to us. that would avoid exchange fees. maybeno t worth it

12:22:22 kakobrekla: myea

12:22:49 copypaste: ok. sorry if you think these questions are autistic :3

12:23:11 copypaste: "normal" people don't look for jobs in #bitcoin-assets

12:23:28 kakobrekla: why, are you an autist?

12:23:55 kakobrekla: perhaps with this can become an artist instead

12:24:04 copypaste: (some) 8chan users thought so. so did a therapist i had once

12:24:19 copypaste: (against my will, psychotherapy is a scam)

12:24:48 kakobrekla: prettymuch everything can be framed as scam

12:31:01 copypaste: :D

12:38:56 pankkake: I took a self-test about autism, turns out I'm only 50%

12:40:24 pankkake: I got an (IRL/non-bitcoin) job on IRC once, it works

12:42:15 pankkake: Reflecting its mission to fulfil the vision of Bitcoin, the project name represents the “Satoshi Vision” or SV. ...that's insufferable already