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Transcript for 14-11-2017, 238 lines:

02:18:02 funkenstein_: http://log.bitcoin-assets.com/?date=13-11-2017#1478077 <-- mostly dramatization and fud here in this shitpost

02:18:02 assbot: Logged on 13-11-2017 23:32:54; punkman: https://pastebin.com/iH8K7gMv

02:20:04 funkenstein_: *here are some statements with no proof because everybody knows

02:20:20 funkenstein_: *nations blah blah blah

02:21:30 funkenstein_: *you better get angry because i'm not happy

02:21:33 funkenstein_: something like that

02:22:36 funkenstein_: Dor Konforty why so serious?

02:23:12 funkenstein_: 1MB original satoshi chain is still here, go, use

02:26:39 funkenstein_: people using BCH have also left the fiat gulag

02:49:26 funkenstein_: "It is your duty to ensure that everyone understands that this is ugly manipulation"

02:53:19 funkenstein_: so how about those AMP tokens are we encouraging people to trade in their one-true-coin (TM)(R) for those also?

03:52:57 funkenstein_: hey look at that block, ETH reward arbitrarily dropped from 5 to 3 per 15 seconds last month in a hard fork

08:54:32 punkman: funkenstein_: *here are some statements with no proof because everybody knows << kinda sums up most bitcoin related writings

08:59:59 punkman: https://twitter.com/LeBearGirdle/status/930079676596457472

09:00:00 assbot: Bear Knee Sanders sur Twitter : "Deer population is controlled by releasing wolves into an area. All problems should be solved that way. Too much pollution? Release wolves i… https://t.co/HGUbjfakQV" ... ( http://bit.ly/2mqlRF8 )

09:00:21 kakobrekla: lol

09:01:07 punkman: so bch forked, now adjusting diff per block

09:46:51 punkman: https://www.theguardian.com/education/2011/jun/27/building-site-theft-research

09:46:51 assbot: Think pink, if you want to deter building site thieves | Education | The Guardian ... ( http://bit.ly/2mqvuUi )

09:59:50 kakobrekla: my bits arent pink :(

10:00:46 mdg: advice for new guy with money wanting to get into crypto for profit

10:00:57 mdg: im asking for advice

10:01:02 mdg: to be clear

10:01:38 punkman: buy bitcoin?

10:02:32 mdg: i have

10:02:45 mdg: im looking to know what the hell is going on with this thing

10:02:56 mdg: it goes down and up 30% in a few hours

10:03:11 punkman: that's how it is

10:03:21 mdg: it spawns new currencies which then bubble to $3000 in a day and then go back to stabilize at $1000

10:03:49 mdg: are there some kinda trends people use to daytrade or its just kinda a hold onto the wild horse thing?

10:03:59 kakobrekla: http://log.bitcoin-assets.com/?date=13-11-2017#1478071

10:03:59 assbot: Logged on 13-11-2017 14:17:49; pankkake: https://seekingalpha.com/article/4122890-tesla-approaches-terminal-decline

10:04:03 kakobrekla: "There are only two plain ways to make money from stocks: 1) buying and holding to then profit from the company’s profit in form of dividends, and 2) buying to sell later to a higher bidder. "

10:04:12 punkman: my view on daytrade is, might as well play blackjack

10:04:33 mdg: punkman the guy who sent me here said that too. he said its prospective af

10:04:52 kakobrekla: there are only two plain ways to make money from buttcoin; 1) buying and holding them to then profit from selling all the shitcoin forks , 2) buying to sell later to a greater fool

10:05:17 punkman: just go look at charts, and consider what happens when you sell at $2,000 because it's for sure going down and I'm gonna buy back at $1000

10:05:46 mdg: wait do i get the shitcoin forks if i have btc? i havent even looked

10:05:56 mdg: so youre telling me i own bitcoin cash rn

10:05:58 pankkake: the value of bitcoin is directly dependent on drama

10:06:07 mdg: lol pankakke it seems to be

10:06:16 punkman: if you had btc at time of bitcoincash fork yeah you can sell those

10:06:28 punkman: bitcoingold too, but dunno if they have a wallet yet

10:07:39 punkman: is anyone doing bitcoin IPOs anymore? or is it all token sales now?

10:07:50 mdg: punkman what i noticed is that it seems that at the fork the btc currency leaks some of its value into the new currency which then bubbles and pops and stabilizes at a lower value, so wouldnt it be logical to sell the bitcoin right after the fork then sell the spawned currency before the burst and rebuy the still devalued bictoin before it regains its value? im new, i dont know how many forks there have been, i dont know if this

10:08:18 punkman: mdg, it's not a bad idea. but a gamble same as other gambles

10:08:49 mdg: why is ur name red is that a private message?

10:08:55 mdg: oh its coz you wrote my nick

10:09:01 punkman: ya

10:09:09 mdg: yea ok makes sense i mean gamble is gamble estimation is estimation

10:09:25 mdg: tx for the input guy/gals

10:09:56 punkman: I wonder what's the next fork gonna be

10:09:58 mdg: and does anyone know which coins will blow up next like btc did 2013-2015?

10:10:09 kakobrekla: yea

10:10:13 mdg: the forks are decided by the central admin devs?

10:10:18 kakobrekla: just a sec to check with my crystal ball

10:10:22 mdg: hahahaha

10:10:23 kakobrekla: o wait its offline atm

10:10:30 mdg: dammit make sure its plugged in

10:10:46 kakobrekla: the connection is a asia is not reliable

10:10:52 kakobrekla: in asia*

10:11:01 punkman: every altcoin I've bought I just managed to break even

10:11:05 mdg: ah yes ive heard there is trouble

10:11:13 mdg: so bitcoin is the one hey

10:11:16 punkman: could have made money if I HODLed

10:11:24 mdg: wish id bought in 2013 when i first heard

10:11:42 mdg: any notable altcoins?

10:11:55 mdg: and whats this ethereum

10:12:45 kakobrekla: notable how?

10:12:47 punkman: eth not too hot right now, maybe a good time to buy if you wanna speculate on next pump

10:13:06 kakobrekla: you can trade manure and make money with it if you are any good

10:13:17 punkman: manure is valuable though

10:13:24 kakobrekla: unlike eth

10:13:25 kakobrekla: good point.

10:13:27 mdg: kakobrekla we've been trading for 50 years

10:13:27 punkman: aha

10:13:37 punkman: who's we

10:13:44 mdg: but the returns bitcoin generated 2013-2016 were unbelievable

10:14:14 mdg: myself and my family. we're private bankers. mainly involved in structuring to reduce tax exposure.

10:14:21 mdg: and trading

10:14:31 kakobrekla: structuring :D

10:14:47 mdg: ;)

10:15:34 mdg: we're also kinda looking to set up bitcoin and related hangout spots for people around london

10:15:40 mdg: like after the conferences and stuff

10:16:24 punkman: why, wanna sell them something?

10:16:27 mdg: kinda libertarian-themed afterparties maybe in caravans in a forest or something with sleeping arrangements and etc

10:16:39 kakobrekla: hookers and blow?

10:16:42 mdg: nah not really we just kinda looking for information

10:16:47 mdg: if you have blow please bring

10:16:50 mdg: ;D

10:17:31 kakobrekla: ill trade you for some hookers

10:18:16 mdg: idk if it will work. its different to chat about something online from your own comfort and privacy compared to going to a thing but we were kinda thinking on the lines of afterevents or lounges for after the cryptoconferences

10:18:36 kakobrekla: do you have a url to 'we'?

10:19:33 mdg: nah its more a loose group of guys who already have experience with camping, vehicles, etc. one of us has noticed that people seem to want to go somewhere after the conferences, we were thinking why not bus them somewhere cooll

10:20:17 kakobrekla: conference people are usually not worth the time

10:20:19 punkman: I'd build a dungeon under some abandoned farmhouse

10:20:39 mdg: dungeon coke hookers

10:20:40 punkman: "who wants to party!!!11"

10:20:47 punkman: more like dungeon coke machine

10:20:54 punkman: !s coke machine

10:20:55 assbot: 52 results for 'coke machine' : http://s.b-a.link/?q=coke+machine

10:21:03 mdg: lol

10:21:35 mdg: ppl love coke in here

10:22:17 punkman: http://log.bitcoin-assets.com//?date=20-11-2015#1328290

10:22:17 assbot: Logged on 20-11-2015 14:56:52; mircea_popescu: davout the coke machine is this putative alf-proposed torturing device to extract bitcoin out of people. he's twisted like that.

10:23:17 mdg: i see

10:23:42 mdg: probably best to house it offshore

10:24:10 mdg: well i gtg do some bullshit

10:24:17 mdg: *some other bullshit

10:24:30 mdg: *some other equally worthless tasks

10:24:43 mdg: peaceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeea§3

10:24:51 kakobrekla: bye

10:25:02 mdg: cza

10:28:36 punkman: https://pbs.twimg.com/media/DOii1FQWAAAVdwL.jpg

10:28:36 assbot: ... ( http://bit.ly/2yZSdN7 )

10:31:32 punkman: buddy is going to chicago, so I sent him this http://heyjackass.com/

10:31:34 assbot: 2017 Stats | Chicago Murder, Crime & Mayhem | HeyJackass! ... ( http://bit.ly/2yYofJh )

10:37:59 punkman: and in local nyooz, kindapped rich dude, found alive after 6 months. they were asking for 100million eur ransom and lowered as the months went by. family offered something less than 10m and stuck to that.

10:43:14 kakobrekla: where at

10:43:20 kakobrekla: oh greece?

10:44:00 pankkake: is "hey jackass" referring to something?

10:44:02 punkman: yeah Crete

10:44:29 punkman: family has some plastics company

10:45:27 davout: ohai, i r not need voice?

10:45:40 punkman: davout: nope

10:45:48 pankkake: no we are now an inclusive and welcoming community

10:46:25 davout: how delightful

10:46:36 davout: what's the community been up to lately?

10:47:09 punkman: lifting skirts, spanking butts

10:48:14 davout: interesting

10:49:41 davout: haven't been reading logs or antyhing, curious about how the buttcash/sw2x thing has been perceived here

10:50:49 punkman: I think most folks sold their buttcash in august

10:51:52 pankkake: yeah

10:52:15 punkman: sw2x, I dunno I mostly believed it would fail, but didn't try to get in on the contracts

10:59:27 davout: yeah, so did i, sold in aug

11:05:20 kakobrekla: and now wish you hadnt!!! :D

11:07:20 davout: if i reasoned like this i'd be wishing stuff every time any shitcoin does whatever

11:07:40 pankkake: shouldn't the conclusion be to hodl all the things?

11:07:47 pankkake: at least the ones you get for free

11:08:26 kakobrekla: idk, i see it as unloading risk

11:08:28 davout: you may "get" them for free, but there's always an opportunity cost to "keeping" them

11:08:58 davout: there's no "unloading risk" for the simple reason there isn't anything "riskless"

11:09:17 pankkake: in a way, by selling, you drive the price down and thus reduce risk the thing poses to your other holdlings?

11:09:26 pankkake: also, in other news, bitbet is dead/dying

11:09:35 kakobrekla: there is a particular risk of a particular action happening

11:09:48 pankkake: the conclusion is once again to hodl instead

11:09:55 davout: pankkake: what would that "risk the thing poses to your other holdlings" be?

11:10:27 pankkake: capital flowing out of btc to get to bch, for example

11:10:40 pankkake: or some sort of "flippening" meme

11:11:02 davout: yeah, different flavour of the same prisoners dilemma

11:11:14 kakobrekla: i was front running and got out at 0.2 or something - now you either sell first or hold through everyone elses sell-off and risk it will not return to life

11:12:19 kakobrekla: in exchange for accepting 0.2 i dont have any exposure to that bs any longer

11:13:25 kakobrekla: but yeah, there isnt anything riskless, like you are never ever financially independent

11:13:32 kakobrekla: no matter what your int or units are.

11:19:00 pankkake: https://bloodyshovel.wordpress.com/2017/11/14/biological-leninism/#comment-17390 which one of you wrote this?

11:19:01 assbot: Biological Leninism | Bloody shovel ... ( http://bit.ly/2yYyeOB )

11:19:11 pankkake: great post (not comment) anyway

11:28:06 kakobrekla: so davout what have you been up to

11:48:35 kakobrekla: sounds like a plan!

12:00:19 punkman: went for a walk with long pants and shoes, sweating like an idiot now

12:00:31 disastermaster5: Lol

12:00:37 punkman: meanwhile, other people walking around in parkas and scarves

12:01:32 disastermaster5: I'm walking around in a polish communist era field jacket

12:01:43 disastermaster5: And some boots which are rated to minus 20c

12:01:52 disastermaster5: Yes I'm about to faint

12:01:58 disastermaster5: No I don't accept defeat

12:41:26 disastermaster5: Noone chats in this here chat room?

12:41:49 kakobrekla: no

12:42:07 kakobrekla: chit chat yaba daba doo kunta kinte

12:54:20 disastermaster5: Makes sense

12:57:50 davout: kakobrekla: spent last year in mauritius having fun, now moved to the uk to start training as an airline pilot

12:58:17 kakobrekla: for fun?

13:01:30 davout: yeah

13:01:37 davout: i take my hobbies seriously

13:02:11 kakobrekla: :)

13:07:50 pankkake: which plane are you going to buy?

13:29:53 AndroUser: J

13:58:41 punkman: https://twitter.com/NAAbramson/status/930254839761776640

13:58:42 assbot: Nancy Abramson sur Twitter : ".@chrysler @jeep backing out of driveway, car took off on its own, flew into tree. foot wasnt on gas. TG no1 was behind me, coulda killed th… https://t.co/RqEiUiVqEw" ... ( http://bit.ly/2moDIMP )

14:04:20 davout: pankkake: no idea

14:07:59 davout: i'm just a private for now, i'm in no position to have an educated opinion on the matter tbh

14:38:19 AndroUser: List of the 10 cryptos likely to be the next bitcoin. Go.

14:40:02 kakobrekla: EOF

14:42:55 AndroUser: Aaand elaborate

14:47:36 AndroUser: About the chrysler all I can say is ain't gonna happen if the thing has a carburettor

15:08:04 pankkake: BridgeIHaveToSellYouCoin

15:39:04 pankkake: http://edition.cnn.com/2017/11/14/africa/libya-migrant-auctions/index.html

15:39:05 assbot: People for sale: Where lives are auctioned for $400 - CNN ... ( http://bit.ly/2mqeeP3 )

15:43:58 kakobrekla: pope was wrong

15:44:12 kakobrekla: they use dinars not buttcoins

16:06:01 pankkake: https://www.coindesk.com/im-really-blockchain-blockchain-everything/ "I only have one demand: don't, whatever you do, start using "blockchain" as a verb."

16:06:02 assbot: I'm Really Into Blockchain. I Blockchain Everything! - CoinDesk ... ( http://bit.ly/2mqjrGB )

16:08:40 jurov: lmao check out "Size (kB)" column hallucinations by https://blockchain.info/

16:08:40 assbot: Bitcoin Block Explorer - Blockchain ... ( http://bit.ly/2moCalU )

16:09:40 punkman: jurov: why hallucinations

16:10:09 pankkake: it's segwit magic

16:10:24 punkman: has been happening for a while, not new

16:10:46 jurov: ah i get it, segwit hallucinations

16:12:40 jurov: as compared to, say, https://blockexplorer.com/blocks

16:14:15 punkman: even if segwit goes away, gotta keep around some code to verify historical sw tx, sucks

16:33:07 punkman: and it's no hallucination, unless you never plan to verify any sw tx

16:34:47 davout: punkman: lol, why would it be necessary?

16:35:00 davout: sw txen are valid as per trb even

16:35:08 punkman: "valid"

16:35:50 punkman: davout, by same token, why remove checkpoints of trb and verify regular tx

16:36:33 pankkake: posturing

16:39:14 punkman: pankkake: no not posturing, either you have blockchain where you can verify signatures all the way back to coinbase, or you don't

16:42:54 asciilifeform: davout: they're valid anyonecanspends

16:43:30 davout: punkman: anyonecanspends don't require sigs, that's the point

16:43:54 punkman: davout, how about p2sh

16:45:04 davout: same, in general, when stuff gets disabled, presumably because it had dubious utility, it's not going to be a problem in practice

18:56:35 jurov: davout and what do you do when you receive segwit transaction? wait few confirmation for the network to sort it out as they recommend? or pester the sender to send it as something you understand?

21:11:02 davout: jurov: what's the context of the question?

21:43:30 jurov: this: ‎<‎davout‎>‎ same, in general, when stuff gets disabled, presumably because it had dubious utility, it's not going to be a problem in practice

21:58:29 oleganza: jurov: what do you mean by a "segwit transaction"? Do you mean you ask sender to pay for script A, but they butcher it to make it a segwit script B? Or do you mean the transaction spends from segwit outputs, but pays to exactly the address you want to receive money on?

22:15:50 davout: jurov: in the context of sw having been disabled for a while and not enforced anymore, you don't even care to distinguish it as a sw transaction

22:24:31 punkman: davout, do you think miners should spend sw utxo as anyonecanspend when disabled?

22:36:09 punkman: https://olimex.wordpress.com/tag/laptop/

22:36:10 assbot: laptop | olimex ... ( http://bit.ly/2z1e8DB )

22:36:39 asciilifeform: hey punkman do you have one ?

22:36:48 asciilifeform: i thought about buying but then realized that it probably has non-ips lcd

22:36:55 asciilifeform: ( i.e. unusable )

22:36:58 punkman: gonna wait until they figure it out

22:37:27 punkman: "Another issue reported immediately which we missed during our testing is that on small percentage of the laptops the LCD backlight step-up inductor cause annoying sound when LCD backlight is with 50% brightness."

22:37:48 punkman: lolhacks "adding small double adhesive matt on top of the inductor which make contact with the back plastic and this way absorb all vibrations"

22:37:59 asciilifeform: no laptop i ever owned did ever not make inductor whine

22:38:31 asciilifeform: (i can hear the oscillator in virtually any piece of gear having a switching power supply.)

22:46:02 pankkake: it's probably not the only unusable thing, it's probably horrible to type on

22:46:12 asciilifeform: as every other laptop

22:47:32 pankkake: I'm ready to spend $2000+ on a t h i c c laptop but no one wants to make one

22:47:40 pankkake: lenovo made a fake retro thinkpad

22:47:57 punkman: pankkake: how about http://www.eurocom.com/

22:47:58 assbot: ... ( http://bit.ly/2z1TPpF )

22:48:12 punkman: can even get ecc

22:49:54 pankkake: also I definitely can't into touch pads

22:50:29 pankkake: ew numpads

22:50:36 davout: http://log.bitcoin-assets.com/?date=14-11-2017#1478295 <<< that's "disabled" definitionally

22:50:36 assbot: Logged on 14-11-2017 22:24:31; punkman: davout, do you think miners should spend sw utxo as anyonecanspend when disabled?