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Transcript for 15-02-2017, 145 lines:

05:05:17 punkman: https://www.destroyallsoftware.com/blog/2017/the-biggest-and-weirdest-commits-in-linux-kernel-git-history

05:05:18 assbot: The Biggest and Weirdest Commits in Linux Kernel Git History Blog – Destroy All Software ... ( http://bit.ly/2kIngli )

05:06:58 punkman: linus on 66-way merge: "It's pulled, and it's fine, but there's clearly a balance between "octopus merges are fine" and "Christ, that's not an octopus, that's a Cthulhu merge"."

07:32:43 punkman: http://www.thestar.com.my/news/nation/2017/02/15/clearer-image-of-killer-caught-on-cctv/

07:32:43 assbot: Clearer image of Jong-nam's alleged killer caught on CCTV - Nation | The Star Online ... ( http://bit.ly/2lJqKIg )

07:32:55 punkman: "There's cold, there's ice-cold, and then there's assassinating someone while wearing a shirt that says LOL."

07:35:46 kakobrekla: just add water

07:35:46 kakobrekla: err

07:35:50 kakobrekla: just add https://arxiv.org/abs/1702.00783

07:38:54 punkman: https://twitter.com/DannyDutch/status/831575882972196864

07:38:56 assbot: Daniel sur Twitter : "No one is safe from PM Steal Yo Girl! https://t.co/TYrTV1U4CN" ... ( http://bit.ly/2lJrFII )

07:47:22 punkman: Former Governor PBoC on CCTV today: https://pbs.twimg.com/media/C4oNyxyVMAAuBc6.jpg

07:47:22 assbot: ... ( http://bit.ly/2lJqJEi )

07:56:53 punkman: lulz http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/world-news/cash-strapped-greece-contemplating-ditching-9820857

07:56:54 assbot: Cash-strapped Greece 'contemplating ditching Euro for Dollar as crippling financial crisis continues' - Mirror Online ... ( http://bit.ly/2lJsx02 )

08:07:30 kakobrekla: https://twitter.com/internetofshit/status/743872465131143168

08:07:31 assbot: Internet of ???? sur Twitter : "They had their shit sorted in 1990 https://t.co/sWP2RPqmr0" ... ( http://bit.ly/2lJDTkV )

08:07:33 kakobrekla: the old boston tech

08:14:27 punkman: but why

08:19:02 kakobrekla: but why not!

08:27:22 punkman: http://www.independent.co.uk/life-style/gadgets-and-tech/news/nokia-3310-mwc-2017-re-launch-buy-amazon-price-leaks-details-revealed-a7578941.html

08:27:22 assbot: Nokia 3310, 'the most reliable phone ever made', to be re-launched at MWC 2017 | The Independent ... ( http://bit.ly/2lJsPnB )

08:30:54 kakobrekla: hehe

16:16:10 punkman: http://www.rollingstone.com/politics/features/american-anarchists-ypg-kurdish-militia-syria-isis-islamic-state-w466069

16:16:11 assbot: American Anarchists Join YPG in Syria Fighting ISIS, Islamic State - Rolling Stone ... ( http://bit.ly/2kKeKCd )

16:16:52 punkman: "the YPG is not your typical ethnic or sectarian faction. Its fighters are loyal to an imprisoned guerrilla leader who was once a communist but now espouses the same kind of secular, feminist, anarcho-libertarianism as Noam Chomsky or the activists of Occupy Wall Street. The Kurds are implementing these ideals in Rojava, and that has attracted a ragtag legion of leftist internationals, like

16:16:52 punkman: Belden, who have come from nearly every continent to help the YPG beat ISIS and establish an anarchist collective amid the rubble of the war"

16:17:39 punkman: "Foreigners interested in joining the YPG receive instructions by encrypted e-mail to fly to Sulaymaniyah, Iraq, a city controlled by a socialist opposition party sympathetic to the Rojava Revolution."

16:23:10 punkman: fun fact: Öcalan was hiding in a Greek embassy in Keyny, the Turks captured him with the help of CIA

16:23:14 punkman: *Kenya

16:24:03 funkenstein_: lovely coincidence I was just reading ?calan

16:24:15 funkenstein_: http://ecosocialisthorizons.com/2017/02/liberating-life/

16:24:17 assbot: Liberating Life: Woman’s Revolution ... ( http://bit.ly/2kK1MVe )

16:24:25 punkman: (Öcalan is aforementioned guerrilla leader)

16:24:48 punkman: there were lots of protests in Greece about it

16:25:17 punkman: I'm trying to remember one of the protest slogans, there were some catchy ones

16:25:51 funkenstein_: the guy's writing is quite astute

16:27:39 funkenstein_: mentioned also in http://frass.woodcoin.org/strategic-tricks-used-against-the-coinsman/

16:27:41 assbot: Strategic tricks used against the Coinsman – Free your Frass ... ( http://bit.ly/2kKnb0o )

16:27:48 funkenstein_: rolling stone however i can't read very seriously

16:28:30 funkenstein_: after an experience from university days

16:28:54 funkenstein_: when a friend made up a bunch of shit when talking to a rolling stone reporter

16:29:21 funkenstein_: about how we were all shooting h before class

16:29:34 funkenstein_: which was not only reprinted but embellished with even further bullshit

16:30:00 asciilifeform: nyt, washpo, et al work exactly same.

16:42:41 funkenstein_: "Franceschi was vague about his background, but wore a Mao pin, owned a fortune in Bitcoin and spoke seven languages, including Arabic and Kurmanji. "

16:44:20 punkman: http://rojavaplan.com/rojavaplan.html

16:44:21 assbot: Rojava Plan | What you've been waiting for. ... ( http://bit.ly/2kKnHLO )

16:46:48 funkenstein_: "They are desperate for imports, yet if I ever so much as took a dollar bill from my wallet the Kurds would ward it off like a talisman of evil. " well yeah

16:47:15 asciilifeform: gotta wonder, did he try waving a suitcase full.

16:47:34 punkman: it's probably just the one bill

16:47:46 asciilifeform: (in usa folx will also wave away the nutter if you wave $1 bill in their face)

16:48:45 funkenstein_: most taxi drivers in anhui refused tips

16:57:18 funkenstein_: https://twitter.com/AntifaTabur

16:57:19 assbot: Antifa_Battalion (@AntifaTabur) | Twitter ... ( http://bit.ly/2kKgbR5 )

17:52:18 asciilifeform: !!up boolcrap

17:52:42 asciilifeform: oops

17:52:44 asciilifeform: !up boolcrap

17:52:48 boolcrap: STAS

17:52:51 boolcrap: you're alive

17:52:54 asciilifeform: y0 boolcrap

17:52:56 boolcrap: did you get my gchat invite?

17:52:59 asciilifeform: nein

17:53:02 boolcrap: hrm

17:53:26 boolcrap: strange

17:53:28 boolcrap: you still at that gig?

17:53:51 asciilifeform: aha

17:54:15 boolcrap: did you hear r + a are with me at my new gig

17:54:21 asciilifeform: lolno

17:54:25 boolcrap: dam they been here a while also

17:54:29 boolcrap: since october

17:54:45 asciilifeform: hilarity

17:54:52 boolcrap: their referral bonuses are almost in my pocket!

17:55:29 asciilifeform: lol!

17:55:33 boolcrap: so what are you up to these days

17:56:11 asciilifeform: boolcrap: well, for instance, http://nosuchlabs.com

17:56:12 assbot: No Such lAbs ... ( http://bit.ly/2lLJ97x )

17:56:34 boolcrap: ah

17:56:35 boolcrap: nice

17:56:46 boolcrap: this thing is like

17:56:48 boolcrap: years in the making!

17:56:57 boolcrap: i wish i knew how to do this crap

17:57:25 boolcrap: but the name though, im not sure that is going to market well

17:58:24 asciilifeform: first batch, i shit thee not, sold out in couplea hours.

17:58:33 boolcrap: how big / how much?

17:58:52 asciilifeform: see the broadcasts on mp's page (linked) for gory detail.

17:59:55 boolcrap: hrm

17:59:56 boolcrap: seems cheap

18:00:08 asciilifeform: 2nd batch is due in this week.

18:00:15 boolcrap: how bi are batches?

18:00:54 asciilifeform: 'big enough'

18:01:26 boolcrap: how is your NSA stock doing

18:01:28 boolcrap: do you get dividends here?

18:01:37 asciilifeform: also on linked pg.

18:02:21 boolcrap: ah

18:02:22 asciilifeform: (not a mega-secret, but i ~really~ prefer that folks who give a shit, simply read the www pg., rather than asking me)

18:02:57 boolcrap: you know i cant read stan

18:03:09 asciilifeform: lolright

18:05:00 kakobrekla: yes, sold out to a mp retarded fanboi

18:05:05 kakobrekla: iirc

18:05:21 boolcrap: i think you mean an alf fanboi

18:05:21 asciilifeform: kakobrekla: could sell out to kim jong un for all i care

18:05:21 kakobrekla: to be resold for a margin

18:05:37 kakobrekla: yes yes, just to be clear what you are braging about :)

18:05:48 boolcrap: the size of my junk?

18:05:52 kakobrekla: i dont think dpb is alf fanboy

18:05:58 kakobrekla: but i dunno

18:06:01 kakobrekla: maybe things have changed

18:06:06 asciilifeform: kakobrekla: admittedly i have nfi what the d00d thinks he is doing

18:06:29 kakobrekla: dude is retarded, what did you expect

18:07:40 asciilifeform: kakobrekla sells only to certifiably brilliant folx ?

18:11:51 kakobrekla: np

18:11:53 kakobrekla: no

18:11:58 kakobrekla: but i dont brag about it :D

18:12:27 asciilifeform: kakobrekla: hey, he did specifically ask.

18:12:52 asciilifeform: but no, FUCKGOATS is not a mega-bestseller and i do not expect it to become one.

18:13:10 asciilifeform: you will find the bestsellers at your local electronic shovelware depot.

18:17:09 boolcrap: yeah i think we need a marketing overhaul on this bad boy before it makes it to walmart

18:17:32 asciilifeform: it will be in lolmart right next to 'topol-m'.

18:17:48 boolcrap: lol

18:18:25 boolcrap: now i have to watch some topol-m launches

18:19:51 asciilifeform: incidentally boolcrap didja ever find your key ?

18:20:31 boolcrap: haha i actually know exactly where it is but i just dont really see the need for it

18:20:40 boolcrap: too much farming to do ;p

18:20:54 boolcrap: farming and wife tamiung

18:20:55 boolcrap: taming

18:21:29 asciilifeform: i'd have expected wife would be tame by now

18:21:48 boolcrap: no

18:21:52 boolcrap: its a 10 year job

18:21:56 boolcrap: like getting your doctorate

18:23:08 asciilifeform: lol

18:23:58 asciilifeform: !up boolcrap

18:24:09 asciilifeform: y'know, boolcrap, if you found your key...

18:47:09 boolcrap: lol

18:47:20 boolcrap: dont worry i only come to visit twice a year

19:40:05 punkman: https://www.devex.com/news/uzbekistan-s-state-crime-victims-want-1-billion-89593

19:40:07 assbot: Uzbekistan's state crime victims want $1 billion | Devex ... ( http://bit.ly/2lLSFrk )

19:40:47 punkman: " the U.S. Department of Justice Kleptocracy Asset Recovery Initiative"

19:41:30 punkman: "The assets are subject to U.S. jurisdiction because they were transmitted through U.S. financial institutions on their way to accounts held in Latvia, the United Kingdom, Hong Kong, Ireland, Belgium, Luxembourg and Switzerland. "

20:22:27 punkman: https://twitter.com/cyberbgone/status/831707920794464257

20:22:28 assbot: Greg Conti sur Twitter : ".@RSAConference the swag finds you. Someone is leaving branded USB drives outside hotel room doors in little boxes #whatcouldpossiblygowrong https://t.co/mk7OQvn4j0" ... ( http://bit.ly/2lM1kKm )

20:25:46 punkman: https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/on-leadership/wp/2017/02/07/since-the-election-a-third-of-workers-say-their-colleagues-talk-about-politics-more-than-work/

20:25:48 assbot: Since the election, a third of workers say their colleagues talk about politics more than work - The Washington Post ... ( http://bit.ly/2lMcRJx )

20:27:22 punkman: https://twitter.com/HeardOntheWire/status/831208099058905089

20:27:22 assbot: On the Wire sur Twitter : "Some large companies are having their law firms store bitcoin for them in anticipation of ransomware attacks. @jeremiahg #RSAC2017" ... ( http://bit.ly/2lMjsDZ )