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Transcript for 16-05-2018, 5 lines:

09:45:28 adlai: funkenstein_ get a gut-bleedin bouncer already or i'll have to send the leeches after you

09:45:50 *: adlai admits to having begun reading Shogun, after running into it one-too-many times on secondhand shelves

09:46:56 adlai: in defense of academia, ochem lecturer mentioned that inhaling burned food coloring is more poisonous than meth vapor

09:47:20 adlai: so yeah, i guess alles postklar, in the scientologic sense

09:48:42 adlai: asciilifeform: re: "[adlai] tried to defend [rosenfeld]" - i was trying to figure out why the negrates. it is possible to study history without subsequently offering up a reinterpretive thesis.