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00:17:36 Apocalyptic: "its fucking liberating not owning anything but a couple of pants and shirts" I found this to be very true indeed

06:24:23 kakobrekla: actually i would welcome the fat bomb

06:24:30 kakobrekla: fat people can take cargo boats

06:24:36 kakobrekla: or just swim

06:24:41 kakobrekla: or walk

07:52:31 pankkake: "Wikipedia says that fat is 0.9196 kg/L while muscle is 1.06 kg/L. As we know, water has a density of ~1 kg/L. So yes, fat people would float easier, looking just at density. I don't know what other factors may come into play."

07:53:46 pankkake: now for someone to convert it into a Silicon Valley startup

08:21:52 pankkake: it looks like I've chosen the wrong moment to skimp on transaction fees

08:22:17 pankkake: unconfirmed for 11h now

08:37:14 punkman: pankkake: how much fee did you use?

08:38:04 pankkake: 0.0004 or 155.039 sat/B

08:38:59 pankkake: also the coin-age is low, but I'm not sure if that matters anymore

08:39:09 punkman: maybe

08:39:33 punkman: I've had some txs with 0.0004-5 that went through immediately

08:57:42 pankkake: 200543 Unconfirmed Transactions

09:10:14 punkman: https://broadly.vice.com/en_us/article/yale-students-outraged-over-deans-brutal-yelp-reviews

09:10:16 assbot: Yale Students Outraged Over Dean's Brutal Yelp Reviews | Broadly ... ( http://bit.ly/2pVPBpU )

09:19:09 punkman: https://www.nytimes.com/2017/05/16/us/politics/chelsea-manning-is-expected-to-leave-prison-28-years-early.html

10:35:07 pankkake: https://jochen-hoenicke.de/queue/#30d

10:35:07 assbot: Johoe's Mempool Size Statistics ... ( http://bit.ly/2qqXEP8 )

15:30:24 punkman: heh https://www.boringcompany.com/faq

15:30:32 punkman: fucking tunnels

16:26:32 asciilifeform: hiya boolcrap

16:26:41 boolcrap: ah

16:26:43 boolcrap: hello old friend

16:26:46 boolcrap: its almost watermelon time

16:26:57 boolcrap: by almost i mean, almost time to plant them

16:57:25 kakobrekla: pankkake, you are doing it wrong

16:57:39 kakobrekla: should just set 0 fee and blame it on chinese

16:57:44 asciilifeform: lol

16:58:22 pankkake: too easy :)

16:58:22 kakobrekla: i think the word is 'retarded', not 'lol.

16:58:24 kakobrekla: '

16:58:46 pankkake: tx is now 19 hours old

17:00:53 kakobrekla: myea

17:00:57 asciilifeform: btw kakobrekla , what happened to the 'forks will eat traditional bitcoin for lunch', 'trb bites the dust', seg-shitness, 'classic', 'unlimited' nonsense ?

17:01:11 asciilifeform: why did it quietly itself bite the dust, as mircea_popescu proclaimed it would ?

17:01:17 kakobrekla: l0l

17:01:28 kakobrekla: why did the sun go down like i said it will?

17:01:36 kakobrekla: magical powers i have.

17:01:39 kakobrekla: believe it.

17:01:46 kakobrekla: anyway

17:01:48 asciilifeform: almost as if we didn't have logs, where kakobrekla fellated the gavins

17:01:56 kakobrekla: i have a tx which would require 500bux fee

17:02:10 asciilifeform: massive utxolade ?

17:02:12 kakobrekla: asciilifeform, pls stop being retarded, ty.

17:02:16 asciilifeform: iirc mp complained of these

17:02:27 kakobrekla: yeah mp and my mother, what of it

17:02:39 kakobrekla: why do you keep bringing up that retarded l0ser?

17:04:30 asciilifeform: on my home planet, folx who correctly, logically, predict future events , against chorus of 'consensus' lamers, are called 'winners'

17:04:59 kakobrekla: your l0ser friend preditcs a lot of things, but you seem to forget the all the wrong ones

17:05:08 kakobrekla: which you are free to do

17:05:17 kakobrekla: but calling him a winner makes you look stupid

17:05:23 kakobrekla: which again, you are free to do

17:06:00 kakobrekla: so please, keep the sewage in the other chan

17:07:02 asciilifeform: and kakobrekla thinks himself to look quite smart, by doing nothing whatsoever publicly, bragging about seekrit mega-business ?

17:07:16 asciilifeform: great principle -- do nothing, never look stupid when failed ?

17:07:39 kakobrekla: so is he a winer or supid who failed

17:07:42 kakobrekla: make up your mind

17:07:47 kakobrekla: winner*

17:08:23 asciilifeform: winners, if the word has any meaning, win ~publicly.~

17:08:32 kakobrekla: anyway, deluding the public publicly is not something to be proud of in my book

17:08:45 kakobrekla: but hey

17:08:50 kakobrekla: enjoy your lsd

17:09:03 pankkake: ^ TL;DR

17:11:24 asciilifeform: i must admit, i have difficulty picturing myself in kakobrekla's position

17:11:38 kakobrekla: im in a great position tbh

17:12:04 asciilifeform: not the thai whores and megabux, no, these make sense. but the at the same time sitting in ye olde #b-a and churning out 'mp is a tard! scammed' etc. almost as if working day job

17:12:17 asciilifeform: i can't picture doing this, from thai whore beach

17:12:20 kakobrekla: yeah totally day job

17:12:24 kakobrekla: basically i do it 8hrs a day

17:12:28 asciilifeform: i mean why.

17:12:30 kakobrekla: and nsa and cia and nasa pays for it

17:12:39 asciilifeform: well somebody, evidently, pays.

17:12:43 asciilifeform: i for one wouldn't do it for phree

17:12:44 kakobrekla: actually indonesian :)

17:12:53 kakobrekla: yes its the nsa and cia and nasa

17:12:55 kakobrekla: an fbi

17:12:57 kakobrekla: and usg

17:13:00 kakobrekla: and isis

17:13:07 kakobrekla: and sova

17:13:13 kakobrekla: and zuckerberg

17:13:18 asciilifeform: twist: mircea_popescu pays

17:13:21 asciilifeform: just for lulz.

17:13:24 kakobrekla: and mp

17:13:31 kakobrekla: and alf

17:13:35 kakobrekla: and pankkake

17:13:40 kakobrekla: and punkman

17:13:43 kakobrekla: and your mother

17:13:53 kakobrekla: got it all covered ?

17:14:07 kakobrekla: you are such an idiot sometimes

17:14:10 asciilifeform: at any rate, i met kakobrekla and he seemed like a sane and pragmatic fella. so i'd rather picture him lavishly paid, than suffering from compulsive disease or similar.

17:14:26 asciilifeform: because i can't think of a third hypothesis.

17:14:27 kakobrekla: im just sick when you come up with your stupid shit

17:14:47 kakobrekla: and im trying to debug you

17:14:48 kakobrekla: for free

17:14:53 kakobrekla: with little effect i admit

17:15:05 asciilifeform: why ty kakobrekla .

17:15:09 kakobrekla: but as you said, geniouses have many books of strange

17:15:17 kakobrekla: geniuses

17:15:29 kakobrekla: and you have lots of that

17:16:09 kakobrekla: btw, i dont hang out with whores

17:16:24 kakobrekla: i dont pay them nor they know of my bank int

17:17:04 asciilifeform: i'm told that this is quite common situation for european man in asia.

17:17:25 asciilifeform: ( have not yet, personally, been there, cannot say anything interesting )

17:17:38 kakobrekla: yeah you can get that if you are into it

17:17:43 kakobrekla: im not into that sort of thing

17:17:58 kakobrekla: those girls have not much interesting to say

17:18:49 punkman: and random towngirl haz?

17:19:26 kakobrekla: the one that im staying with at the moment is not random towngirl

17:19:38 kakobrekla: but yeah i look for smart girls

17:19:42 punkman: sure, just talking about general case

17:19:45 kakobrekla: which can be found

17:19:53 kakobrekla: just takes some more effort and luck

17:20:51 kakobrekla: but as the ladyboys like to say, never try never know

17:22:30 punkman: talking's overrated anyway :P

17:25:33 kakobrekla: also protip, 'fucking' sucks, overrated. 'making love' wins.

17:28:48 punkman: what's the difference

17:30:31 kakobrekla: first one would be only the physical act of bum bum and second involves some feeling/care/emotions towards the other person (both ways)

17:30:48 kakobrekla: and ofc second one is free :)

17:31:39 kakobrekla: had several cases of each and i keep getting same results

17:42:01 kakobrekla: asciilifeform> at any rate, i met kakobrekla and he seemed like a sane and pragmatic fella. < btw im not smart, im jus lucky

17:42:11 kakobrekla: and its better to be lucky than smart

17:43:37 punkman: just started raining, shit

17:43:56 punkman: olive trees gonna get raped again

17:43:56 kakobrekla: awww

17:44:18 kakobrekla: sorry to hear

17:44:43 kakobrekla: time to sleep, long day tomorrow

17:44:48 asciilifeform: goodnight kakobrekla

17:44:53 punkman: still in thailand kakobrekla?

17:44:59 kakobrekla: plus i have to do the 8hrs bashing here

17:45:10 asciilifeform: lol

17:45:36 kakobrekla: punkman, no, after 1 month in nz i went to indonesia, bali now

17:45:49 kakobrekla: pic from the other days is from gili islands

19:55:17 jurov: punkman: actually, first time i have seen the weather matching the forecasts

19:55:25 *: jurov on crete vacay, too

19:57:46 jurov: they always forecasted 21 and it was like 26 actually

20:33:48 pankkake: 1 confirm \o/

20:34:03 pankkake: only 22h wait

20:55:26 punkman: jurov, having fun?

21:22:11 punkman: ;;tall

21:22:16 gribble: Bitstamp BTCUSD last: 1781.71, vol: 17816.09000919 | BTC-E BTCUSD last: 1753.392, vol: 8022.10719 | Bitfinex BTCUSD last: 1855.2, vol: 15768.35853369 | GDAX BTCUSD last: 1813.89, vol: 13861.0167677 | BTCChina BTCUSD last: 1565.047149, vol: 11103.88170000 | Kraken BTCUSD last: 1827.118, vol: 7658.55531376 | Gemini BTCUSD last: 1810.28, vol: 9224.48039352 | OKCoin BTCUSD last: 1574.66873, (1 more message)

22:34:33 adlai: http://log.b-a.link/?date=17-05-2017#1471290 << but this is in l0gz already! "Sex without love is as hollow and ridiculous as love without sex" - hunter s thompson

22:34:33 assbot: Logged on 17-05-2017 17:25:33; kakobrekla: also protip, 'fucking' sucks, overrated. 'making love' wins.

22:46:05 ben_vulpes: what is love?

22:46:09 ben_vulpes: baby don't hurt me

22:46:11 ben_vulpes: don't hurt me

22:46:13 ben_vulpes: no more