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Transcript for 18-04-2016, 8 lines:

22:35:40 ag3nt_zer0: hello room

22:37:30 ag3nt_zer0: http://log.bitcoin-assets.com/?date=16-04-2016#1444221 < kakobrekla: no man that definitely is not the case... what I said was true - I won some amps and was just looking for an honest opinion... anyway i sold 3/4 of what I had

22:37:30 assbot: Logged on 16-04-2016 20:15:49; kakobrekla: and afaik he was told 'we arent buying your shit' and left

22:39:48 kakobrekla: apparently it came out as scam on alfs end or something

22:40:49 kakobrekla: but you indeed left in the sense 'not repeating that bs anymo'

22:41:16 kakobrekla: unless im missing something

22:45:41 ag3nt_zer0: i dont know if you are missing anything... not sure what "not repeating that bs anymo" means... but like I said I just had some and was looking for perspective

22:47:08 ag3nt_zer0: so, forgive me for being so late but mp is no longer around? looking at logs now...