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Transcript for 19-04-2017, 40 lines:

07:56:12 pankkake: https://github.com/nodejs/node/issues/12115

07:56:14 assbot: Node occasionally gives multiple files/folders the same inode · Issue #12115 · nodejs/node · GitHub ... ( http://bit.ly/2pADU9q )

08:19:26 Framedragger: d'aww can't have 64 bit ints

08:45:52 Framedragger: "Just another idea, the 64-bit inode integer returned by Windows could be remapped through a hash into the 53-bit address space supported by JS integers. This should give less collisions than the current folding." oh man, JS community

08:49:38 pankkake: turd polishing at its finest. like http://blog.atom.io/2017/04/18/improving-startup-time.html

08:49:38 assbot: Improving Startup Time | Atom Blog ... ( http://bit.ly/2oKJ8Bb )

09:17:41 Framedragger: ah yes, electron. the reason i have "something.js" in my process list :(

09:18:39 pankkake: electron/node is on my blacklist

09:18:42 pankkake: I'd rather get AIDS

09:19:35 kakobrekla: electron?

09:20:20 pankkake: embeds Chrome (the browser) to make "native" applications

09:20:38 pankkake: so every application is 200+mb and requires 1 gb of RAM

09:20:50 kakobrekla: uh um ok

10:03:40 Framedragger: write (JS) code once, deploy 'native' apps on all platforms! i must admit i briefly considered it for *simple* apps for a new products. if functionality is to be really simplistic, "and hey instagram, slack etc. use it", how bad can it be.

10:04:01 Framedragger: well it's pretty bad, super inefficient, very bulky, just overall horrible.

10:04:50 Framedragger: but at least you get to write in the most shit language ever :p

10:09:12 Framedragger: also i don't know how people can stand slack app. if internet is anything less than stellar, it thinks it's offline. everything is bad. 'starting up' takes forever (it's a fucking irc), if you're like on three teams (omg such quantity). memory usage is yeah wtf. also cpu. alsoalso.

10:09:30 Framedragger: i guess i'm super guilty for even assuming it'd be anything more than liquishit, but i mean HOW HARD CAN IT BE

10:09:38 Framedragger: very disappoint. :(

10:11:40 Framedragger: at the same time slack 'engineering' masturbates about optimising syscall bottlenecks and writing their own syscall auditing system or something; while a simple channel switch puts cpu to 100%

10:11:52 Framedragger: it's *comically* bad. /endrant

10:13:08 Framedragger: i suppose sad saner souls who are required to use slack integrate with their irc clients (possible).

10:15:50 pankkake: thankfully I don't work with hipsters

10:16:12 pankkake: but yeah, I know others who use the irc bridge

10:49:39 punkman: it's a really good idea to share all your company's internal chats with Slack

10:49:51 punkman: did they figure out how to do insider trading yet?

10:52:05 Framedragger: if not, slack engineering is slacking too much

10:52:31 punkman: nah they are busy fucking with emojis

10:52:52 Framedragger: hey you can ADD A PERMANENT EMOJI TO YOUR NICKNAME NOW

10:53:23 Framedragger: they used to leak internal channel names to public, you know. like, unannounced MS product names (used in channel names because that's a great idea), etc.

10:53:24 punkman: http://www.saltybet.com/

10:53:24 assbot: Salty Bet ... ( http://bit.ly/2oKQ9lc )

19:47:51 punkman: https://krypt3ia.wordpress.com/2017/04/17/the-darknet-as-medium-for-proof-of-life-kr-deals-aka-opfoq/

19:47:52 assbot: The Darknet As Medium for Proof of Life K&R Deals AKA OpFOQ | Krypt3ia ... ( http://bit.ly/2pDgXm3 )

19:50:17 punkman: heh "Naughty Monkey is the most solid hit for this guy that you can backtrace, so now one has to ask how does the Greek Al Bundy get to the point of dealing with international terrorists and asking for an advance of 2 million dollars to set up darknet sites eh? "

19:55:41 punkman: https://krypt3ia.wordpress.com/2017/04/13/black-edge-on-the-darknet/

19:55:42 assbot: Black Edge on the Darknet? | Krypt3ia ... ( http://bit.ly/2pDksss )

19:58:29 punkman: "I do sincerely love the first rule of INSIDER TRADING CLUB which is YOU MUST BE AN HONEST GENTLEMAN! Now that is some deep derp there kids. You are telling me that you want honest gents in this here illegal enterprise of insider trading informatics on the darknets?"

20:12:04 punkman: https://publicintelligence.net/dhs-cyber-targeting-water-sewage/

20:12:05 assbot: (U//FOUO) DHS Intelligence Note: Unknown Cyber Actors Target US Water and Sewage Authority Network | Public Intelligence ... ( http://bit.ly/2pDp2Hg )