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00:11:37 shinohai: These adorable little coke straws: http://i.imgur.com/wzKHCJ1.jpg

00:11:38 assbot: ... ( http://bit.ly/1RyFrHB )

00:17:12 BingoBoingo: https://www.reddit.com/r/Bitcoin/comments/41ge93/bitcoin_classic_is_possibly_a_takeover_attempt_by/cz2c58a >> "Thirdly, the guy is massively obese. Now, as the sophisticated redditor you presume yourself to be, you may claim that I'm using ad-hominem attacks and will now sit back as if you were a learned professor of Latin, but please consider that anyone as grossly obese as Marshall Long is lacking in self-discipline and self-con

00:17:13 assbot: marshmellow_long comments on Bitcoin Classic is possibly a Takeover Attempt by Cryptsy and Marshall Long of FinalHash to dump Worthless Coins on Depositers ... ( http://bit.ly/1RyFSBP )

00:17:13 BingoBoingo: trol which just happen to be 2 qualities crucial to being a sound businessman."

00:22:43 BingoBoingo: "They have opted to open a GoFundMe to help fatties get scooters like the one Elizabeth loved so much." >> http://notyourgoodfatty.com/naafa-fat-activist-dies-at-the-age-of-55/

00:22:45 assbot: NAAFA fat activist dies at the age of 55 - NotYourGoodFatty.com ... ( http://bit.ly/1ZzO2sI )

00:25:24 BingoBoingo: Oh, in reddit land Raping the Fugees is fine, but hating on Hamplanets isn't https://www.reddit.com/r/rapefugees

00:25:25 assbot: Rapefugees NOT welcome! ... ( http://bit.ly/1ZzOurb )

00:26:57 shinohai: dafuq is a "Fat Activist"

00:27:14 trinque: certainly not an active fat person

00:29:15 BingoBoingo: lol

00:32:18 BingoBoingo: Seriously though short Tesla and invest in Rascal scooty puffs

00:40:15 punkman: "A friend once asked me to watch a video with her that she was going to display on her computer using Netflix. I declined, saying that Netflix was such an affront to freedom that I could not be party to its use under any circumstances whatsoever." -- RMS

00:41:03 cazalla: punkman, sounds like george constanza and not liking coffee

00:41:33 punkman: the hard life of the RMS groupie

00:43:10 asciilifeform: y'know, if folks had listened to rms, we might still have actual computers.

00:43:32 asciilifeform: (not that it was remotely conceivable that they would have listened, aha)

00:43:47 BingoBoingo: But "Netflix and chill" is the new "come in for coffee"

00:44:30 punkman: asciilifeform: the *right* folks

00:45:24 punkman: btw does Lemote still make any hardware that don't need blobs?

00:45:46 asciilifeform: it makes ~something~ but it is unobtainable outside cn

00:46:01 asciilifeform: also it switched to using licensed chip masks from the west, a few years back

00:46:10 asciilifeform: which is when i lost what remaining interest i had.

00:46:33 asciilifeform: as for rms, his lemote was stolen, in buenos aires, and - afaik - he was never able to purchase another.

00:47:10 asciilifeform: the thing is a mega-rarity, 'collectible' perhaps at this point, if you come across one, leave it in the crate, sell for $$$$

00:47:46 asciilifeform: fwiw, AMD's G-series chipset will run without blobs.

00:48:24 asciilifeform: (their 'coreboot' aka linuxbios is distributed with binary turds, BUT the source for them is also included, you just need to set up their weird toolchain)

00:52:41 BingoBoingo: !up drnet

00:52:51 mod6: <+danielpbarron> ;;later tell mod6 all these big mpoe trades scared away your twatterbot << thanks for the heads up

00:53:22 punkman: https://libreboot.org/faq/#amd libreboot faq is handy

00:53:23 assbot: Answers to Frequently Asked Questions about libreboot ... ( http://bit.ly/23dppqG )

00:56:57 gernika: asciilifeform: does the term "human compiler" reference lisp specifically, in that with lisp you can write code that writes code, thus if you're not using lisp, you're writing code that could have been written by a computer, and are thus "compiling?"

01:00:27 gernika: also for this question, lisp=common lisp

01:01:59 punkman: asciilifeform: any devices with AMD G-series?

01:04:12 asciilifeform: punkman: the pcengines box (at least the ones i have)

01:04:22 asciilifeform: possibly other 'low-end' amd

01:04:27 asciilifeform: but, importantly,

01:04:29 asciilifeform: not for long.

01:04:34 asciilifeform: that much is obvious.

01:04:53 asciilifeform: according to the libreboot link, amd has fully caught up with intel in re: usgtronics.

01:05:12 asciilifeform: gernika: very generally, but yes

01:07:20 asciilifeform: gotta love how the coreboot folks pretend that they are somehow still relevant by way of supporting a handful of unobtainable chips

01:07:24 asciilifeform: (srsly, powerpc !?!!)

01:07:34 punkman: http://www.gizmosphere.org/products/gizmo-2/ found one

01:07:35 assbot: Gizmo 2 | GizmoSphere ... ( http://bit.ly/1n8AbNG )

01:07:43 asciilifeform: punkman: same chipset as in pcengines

01:07:47 asciilifeform: i have a 'gizmo 1'

01:08:02 asciilifeform: these also appeared in some low-end notebooks

01:08:05 punkman: why doesn't libreboot support any g-series?

01:08:52 asciilifeform: iirc it is a 'stable' fork of coreboot

01:09:23 punkman: nah, the difference is they don't allow any blobs

01:09:32 asciilifeform: fwiw the pcengines boards and the 'gizmo' series don't even ship with proprietary bios at all

01:09:35 punkman: maybe nobody's done it yet

01:10:15 asciilifeform: punkman: the g-series coreboot i have here has 'blobs' per the strictest definition, they are - iirc - modify but don't redistribute - licensed by amd

01:10:23 asciilifeform: but came with the src.

01:10:46 asciilifeform: and also they concern acpi, which can be safely ditched if running a sane os

01:10:58 punkman: now if only I could get g-series with ECC I'd be very happy

01:11:10 asciilifeform: punkman: no such thing offered afaik.

01:12:52 asciilifeform: at any rate, i cannot recommend any presently-manufactured x86 chipset except as a 'lesser evil'

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01:13:21 asciilifeform: x86 is and was a turd, per se

01:13:33 asciilifeform: partly because it is a catastrophically braindamaged design,

01:13:36 asciilifeform: but partly also because:

01:13:39 asciilifeform: where herd, there turd.

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01:18:59 cazalla: added asciilifeform pub key to my .wot and the keyring on this comp, but http://dpaste.com/1D702ZQ.txt

01:19:00 assbot: ... ( http://bit.ly/1n8AQ1K )

01:19:18 thestringpuller: asciilifeform: http://log.bitcoin-assets.com/?date=05-11-2015#1317490 << What did you mean by this?

01:19:54 trinque: cazalla: I recall expired key drama in zee logz; iirc asciilifeform has his actual key hosted on loper-os.org

01:19:57 asciilifeform: thestringpuller: it is explained in agonizing detail in the logz

01:20:08 asciilifeform: cazalla: where did you get the key ?

01:20:21 asciilifeform: if it is from the original v tarball, that key has an expired selfsig.

01:20:32 cazalla: pgp.mit.edu

01:20:35 asciilifeform: plz get new key from btcalpha or from my site (same modulus, new selfsig)

01:24:01 asciilifeform: ;;later tell mircea_popescu ever see film http://www.imdb.com/title/tt2375605 ?

01:24:03 assbot: The Act of Killing (2012) - IMDb ... ( http://bit.ly/1n8BeNV )

01:24:03 gribble: The operation succeeded.

01:24:18 asciilifeform: pete_dushenski, other rare film aficionados ^

01:26:37 thestringpuller: asciilifeform: i ask cause the thread is disjointed. as you once said before !s doesn't show the entire picture

01:27:14 trinque: asciilifeform: hell of a docu

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01:40:48 mircea_popescu: nope

01:49:27 mircea_popescu: "With that guy you never know if he has some bizarre reason to believe it's currently 2014 and we're all idiots."

01:49:29 mircea_popescu: ahahahaha win.

01:49:32 mircea_popescu: reddit doth deliver.

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01:51:12 mircea_popescu: http://log.bitcoin-assets.com/?date=19-01-2016#1377899 << i like that too.

01:51:12 assbot: Logged on 19-01-2016 23:36:09; buZz: i like how bitcoin has all these clusters of people, with all very different societal structures and narratives

01:52:26 mircea_popescu: http://log.bitcoin-assets.com/?date=19-01-2016#1377917 << not a bad incremental improvement but i suspect that whole stack is so thoroughly hated it will get thrown out rather than improved.

01:52:26 assbot: Logged on 19-01-2016 23:48:49; punkman: I have a suggestion for an irc-bootstrap replacement in TRB. UDP torrent tracker announce, only takes a couple UDP packets, code's pretty simple. Recent client was using this in a small app, kinda cool.

01:53:22 mircea_popescu: linton_s_dawson http://fraudsters.com/2016/the-v-manual-genesis/ << there's an attempt at a manual. you could also search for vtron and v-tron, alf tens to use it a lot. the mailing list is also a good source.

01:53:23 assbot: The V Manual Genesis on fraudsters - A blog by Mircea Popescu. ... ( http://bit.ly/1NgC7ZS )

01:56:03 punkman: mircea_popescu: which stack?

01:56:11 mircea_popescu: the irc bit.

01:56:17 punkman: it's already out

01:58:32 mircea_popescu: a it is isn't it. yeah.

01:59:05 mircea_popescu: http://log.bitcoin-assets.com/?date=20-01-2016#1377944 << it is possible rms never sexed.

01:59:05 assbot: Logged on 20-01-2016 00:41:03; cazalla: punkman, sounds like george constanza and not liking coffee

02:00:11 punkman: I'll post a python POC to the ml perhaps, could just run it before you start the node and it gives you a bunch of IPs to -addnode or -connect to

02:01:25 mircea_popescu: maybe someone wants to use it, sure.

02:01:34 thestringpuller: pretty sure constanza got mad pussy yo

02:01:38 linton_s_dawson: mircea_popescu Thanks, I'll sign up for the mailing list as well.

02:02:24 mircea_popescu: you can also read it online. there's a link off ofundation website

02:03:19 asciilifeform: http://log.bitcoin-assets.com/?date=19-01-2016#1377917 << i must point out that the whole 'seeding' concept - as contemplated in the dark ages pre-trb client - is profoundly braindamaged.

02:03:19 assbot: Logged on 19-01-2016 23:48:49; punkman: I have a suggestion for an irc-bootstrap replacement in TRB. UDP torrent tracker announce, only takes a couple UDP packets, code's pretty simple. Recent client was using this in a small app, kinda cool.

02:03:29 asciilifeform: it is entirely, thoroughly The Wrong Thing

02:03:41 asciilifeform: and is responsible for many of the present woes.

02:04:05 punkman: suppose I have two dozen nodes on dynamic IP

02:04:07 asciilifeform: the ~correct~ behaviour for a node is to service a hand-picked set of trusted peers

02:04:24 asciilifeform: AND OPTIONALLY - as resources are available - folks who knock on the door.

02:04:26 asciilifeform: IN THAT ORDER.

02:04:33 asciilifeform: and never otherwise.

02:04:42 punkman: I can give you a secret phrase, which if hashed and used as torrent infohash, allows you to get my current IPs from torrent tracker

02:04:54 asciilifeform: why do we need the motherfucking middleman ?!!!!!

02:05:10 assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 44500 @ 0.00056604 = 25.1888 BTC [-]

02:05:45 asciilifeform: so i will review, for the benefit of non-panzers, the current state

02:05:52 asciilifeform: presently trb does not have this sane behaviour

02:06:13 asciilifeform: it can run in one of two modes, '-connect' where it services a fixed list of peers, AND NOBODY ELSE (no incoming tcp)

02:06:36 asciilifeform: or '-addnode' where it takes a list of peers but 'as mere suggestions' and will happily drop'em, and connect to random derps

02:07:41 asciilifeform: the first mode can be disregarded as it does not result in a public node. it is useful for running hotwallets on your own lan, for running mircea_popescu-style 'dark' nodes over ad hoc vpn with kim jong il, etc.

02:08:21 asciilifeform: the second mode is what all of my trb boxen are set to, and it results in a comedy where the thing routinely drops friends on the floor and dallies about attempting to connect to randomly-selected derp ips

02:08:46 mircea_popescu: prolly next to fix huh

02:08:58 mircea_popescu: tho it's tangled with the whole mempool priority thing

02:09:05 asciilifeform: nope

02:09:07 ben_vulpes: tangled how?

02:09:10 asciilifeform: not really, no

02:09:17 mircea_popescu: how do you know how to value "others"

02:09:24 asciilifeform: easy

02:09:31 asciilifeform: they rank STRICTLY below hand-picked peers.

02:09:38 mircea_popescu: among themselves i mean.

02:09:49 asciilifeform: i am contemplating a strictly 2-tiered hierarchy here.

02:09:51 mircea_popescu: and how much is "strictly" in integers

02:10:04 mircea_popescu: seems to me if gonna do it might as well do it once, but anyway.

02:10:11 asciilifeform: 'strictly' means that door-knockers get serviced ONLY when friends are idle.

02:10:18 asciilifeform: i've held off attempting to do anything about this because 'usg can diddle packets arbitrarily, we need gossipd' but there is no particular logic to this.

02:10:20 mircea_popescu: this will never occur.

02:10:26 mircea_popescu: think of how the mempool flows

02:11:18 asciilifeform: gotta quantize the processing.

02:11:34 asciilifeform: i.e. meter resource consumption per peer.

02:12:09 asciilifeform: stray dogs ought to get the crumbs off the table.

02:12:36 mircea_popescu: aha

02:12:38 thestringpuller: looks like trb will have gossipd support?

02:12:52 asciilifeform: what was the mircea_popescu piece, 'carnita, lu' fetita, si osoiul, lu' baboiul'

02:13:22 asciilifeform: (ro dante ?)

02:13:58 asciilifeform: thestringpuller: the everybody-is-equal thing is not sustainable

02:14:11 asciilifeform: it has been kept up long past expiration date as it is

02:14:30 punkman: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PzrxvpG2_Sk

02:14:32 assbot: Taraf de Haïdouks - "Clejani Love Song" - YouTube ... ( http://bit.ly/23dxlYY )

02:14:33 thestringpuller: is there no manual approach for this process yet? i.e. people sign/deed node ip address. you use -connect flag

02:14:41 asciilifeform: and i dare say that this will become more apparent as 'axe time, sword time' carries on

02:14:54 thestringpuller: -connect/-addnode should make those peers the priority first and drop other nodes second

02:15:10 asciilifeform: thestringpuller: we don't currently have anything like a scheduler

02:15:49 mircea_popescu: asciilifeform ayup

02:16:30 mircea_popescu: http://fraudsters.com/2015/carnita/

02:16:31 assbot: Carnita... on fraudsters - A blog by Mircea Popescu. ... ( http://bit.ly/23dxvzi )

02:16:42 asciilifeform: but going back up the stack, i want to highlight how retarded the whole seed pool thing is

02:16:51 asciilifeform: what a monument to eeeekvaaaaaality

02:16:55 thestringpuller: does scheduler require gossipd, or could it be based on manually inputted list from user?

02:16:57 asciilifeform: in all of its rancid glory

02:17:17 asciilifeform: thestringpuller: under contemplation here and now is a very basic scheduler.

02:19:01 thestringpuller: ah, the threshold for idling.

02:20:25 ben_vulpes: am i seriously looking at a 1k+ logbacklog?

02:21:17 asciilifeform: ben_vulpes: aha, pretty slow day

02:21:30 ben_vulpes: i guess i can skip the fanthread

02:21:56 ben_vulpes: heh and grep newlines

02:22:01 asciilifeform: who am i to say what ben_vulpes should skip.

02:22:29 *: ben_vulpes impoverished usian, does not even have workstation

02:22:58 *: ben_vulpes lives in box with other people 2m away, even

02:24:11 asciilifeform: well, with pets, aha ?

02:24:24 ben_vulpes: other side of the wall, i mean.

02:24:37 asciilifeform: ah

02:24:38 ben_vulpes: tromping down stairs as i write.

02:24:51 asciilifeform: it sucks mightily, aha

02:24:59 asciilifeform: i escaped from it only recently.

02:25:01 ben_vulpes: adapting to poverty was explicit goal of late twenties though.

02:25:22 asciilifeform: why not invite 14 bums to live in your closets then.

02:25:46 ben_vulpes: pets consume a fixed fraction of income, may as well minimize integral of fraction over the next decade or so.

02:26:00 ben_vulpes: asciilifeform: bums don't pay?

02:26:08 asciilifeform: sure as hell

02:26:12 asciilifeform: but you said 'adapt to poverty'

02:26:26 ben_vulpes: well asciilifeform-style overdramatized 'p0vertee'

02:27:02 mircea_popescu: lol this is a style now!

02:31:20 ben_vulpes: http://log.bitcoin-assets.com/?date=19-01-2016#1377122 << miserably impossible with modern browser

02:31:20 assbot: Logged on 19-01-2016 18:38:30; ascii_butugychag: and increasing res should do nothing but to make the curves smoother.

02:31:49 ben_vulpes: unless you want to make all os widgets take up vastly more space too

02:52:03 mod6: ok all: http://thebitcoin.foundation website has been updated a bit.

02:52:04 assbot: ..::[ The Bitcoin Foundation ]::.. ... ( http://bit.ly/1UQkfe3 )

02:55:25 mircea_popescu: nice

02:55:45 mod6: ty!

03:05:12 ben_vulpes: http://log.bitcoin-assets.com/?date=19-01-2016#1377799 << curse of the bezzletron

03:05:12 assbot: Logged on 19-01-2016 23:08:42; pete_dushenski: thestringpuller: i think ben uses it but i have nfi

03:05:48 ben_vulpes: "writing in languages i hate with people i love to be used by hominids i'd not waste a carrot on" or what was it

03:07:48 ben_vulpes: there's something about working nearly alone as a sniper versus together with some people you don't really hate all that much as fuel convoy unit

03:08:00 asciilifeform: mod6: very spiffy

03:08:12 mod6: thx alf

03:09:06 asciilifeform: mod6: consider refreshing http://thebitcoin.foundation/misc/vpatch-nodes.html plox

03:09:07 assbot: VPATCH_GRAPH ... ( http://bit.ly/1KdVBAp )

03:11:28 mod6: its on the list, probably will when this latest thing is done.

03:13:45 asciilifeform: http://log.bitcoin-assets.com/?date=20-01-2016#1378115 << how's that ?

03:13:45 assbot: Logged on 20-01-2016 02:31:49; ben_vulpes: unless you want to make all os widgets take up vastly more space too

03:14:04 asciilifeform: and here i thought they actually had 100% relative coordinates ?

03:14:21 asciilifeform: (e.g., line thicknesses specified as % of screen size, etc)

03:16:21 mircea_popescu: no wai ?!

03:16:21 ben_vulpes: asciilifeform: your choices are to either diddle screen rez or 'zoom' on browser, non?

03:16:35 asciilifeform: the latter - typically ~works~

03:16:57 ben_vulpes: typically, and sort of.

03:17:37 ben_vulpes: lol bitcoin classic on slack

03:17:42 ben_vulpes: why do i even read this shit

03:18:33 asciilifeform: ... to fall asleep ??

03:19:13 ben_vulpes: that's what gibson and pynchon and heller are for

03:19:16 ben_vulpes: and blowjobs

03:21:09 ben_vulpes: unrelatedly, people updated the coffee wheel: http://images.food52.com/qBXzPyzi3HfbetOfl2hlyAD27xg=/fit-in/800x0/89ba51e4-860b-4d4e-b692-e19b15e224d4--SCAA_FlavorWheel.01.18.15.jpg

03:21:10 assbot: ... ( http://bit.ly/1SvJd4D )

03:21:41 asciilifeform: this...exists/!!!

03:22:10 ben_vulpes: asciilifeform...is surprised?

03:22:33 mircea_popescu: "The situation has evolved. XT unfortunately didn't get the momentum that it should have had thanks to endless FUD/threats/censorship/ddosing etc"

03:22:39 mircea_popescu: ahahaha THE SITUATION HAS EVOLVED.

03:22:46 ben_vulpes: asciilifeform...lives in dc, probably thinks coffee comes in "burnt" and "not"

03:22:51 ben_vulpes: wine in "red" and "white

03:23:41 asciilifeform: ben_vulpes: the 'not' is only available in one's own kitchen

03:23:49 asciilifeform: and only if you fry own beans

03:24:07 phf: as opposed to "artisanal" and "bespoken" as they differentiate things in portland

03:24:15 mircea_popescu: zing.

03:24:30 mircea_popescu: someone's been drinking from kako's coffee mug.

03:24:59 asciilifeform: at $firm they have something like 7 ~different~ devices for making coffee.

03:25:36 asciilifeform: one of which is a frightening industrial thing that takes 'ammo' and is plumbed straight into the standpipe

03:25:44 asciilifeform: (you load it like a cannon)

03:26:23 asciilifeform: the rest are 'artisanal' kettles of various shapes and types, much glass, many small parts

03:28:32 ben_vulpes: you guys live in fucking zimbabwe

03:28:53 ben_vulpes: there is no artisanal anything, there are just a bunch of hipsters competing to roast beans well

03:29:27 ben_vulpes: and no you cannot roast them in your kitchen because you can't get the good shit because you don't buy by the teu

03:29:28 ben_vulpes: wtf

03:29:42 asciilifeform: aha prolly not

03:29:44 *: asciilifeform hasn't tried.

03:29:58 ben_vulpes: just takes a paint drying gun and some practice

03:30:06 *: ben_vulpes knows the guy who invented the field-roasting technique

03:31:25 ben_vulpes: 'not' also available in my office, which i suppose doesn't count because also 'my kitchen'

03:31:44 *: ben_vulpes bought a new clever and a new kettle for the new staffers today to parallelize the coffee production

03:32:27 ben_vulpes: https://prima-coffee.com/equipment/abid/clever << were it not plastic the thing would be completely unbeatable

03:32:28 assbot: Attention Required! | CloudFlare ... ( http://bit.ly/1Kq6Eol )

03:32:31 asciilifeform: http://huel.com << related.

03:32:32 assbot: Huel | Nutritionally Complete Powdered Food ... ( http://bit.ly/1Kq6EEA )

03:32:47 asciilifeform: ^ 'eat recycled food! it's good for the environment, and ok for you!' (tm) (r) ('judge dredd')

03:33:37 asciilifeform: 'Why we need Huel? We are in the middle of a food crisis. Modern food production methods are inefficient, inhumane, and unsustainable. The world produces 1.5 times enough food to feed every person on the planet, yet over 800 million people do not have enough food to eat. .... On top of that Britons are getting fatter and more unhealthy ...'

03:33:54 asciilifeform: sooo turns out that mircea_popescu was right about pretty much everything...

03:34:28 ben_vulpes: what now, peers and mempool?

03:35:09 asciilifeform: nah, the part where we get to die while eating (or not getting quite enough of) gloop.

03:36:18 ben_vulpes: what we

03:36:30 asciilifeform: i & the other inmates

03:36:56 asciilifeform: and anybody else who falls in.

03:38:07 asciilifeform: http://log.bitcoin-assets.com/?date=20-01-2016#1378169 << i think we have this on the grounds ! but it was of glass

03:38:07 assbot: Logged on 20-01-2016 03:32:27; ben_vulpes: https://prima-coffee.com/equipment/abid/clever << were it not plastic the thing would be completely unbeatable

03:38:42 mircea_popescu: lol

03:38:49 mircea_popescu: you been saying that a lot lately.

03:39:47 ben_vulpes: asciilifeform: you'd have a simple pour-over, not an immersion hybrid.

03:39:59 asciilifeform: incidentally i'd actually rather have a plastic flask than one of faux pyrex

03:40:04 ben_vulpes: mircea_popescu: do please link

03:40:14 asciilifeform: (the brand 'pyrex' now refers to NON-BOROSILICATE!!11111 glass!11)

03:40:24 mircea_popescu: !s was right

03:40:24 assbot: 682 results for 'was right' : http://s.b-a.link/?q=was+right

03:40:25 asciilifeform: yes, it is now able to crack under thermal stress

03:40:27 ben_vulpes: it is a /brand/ name

03:40:47 asciilifeform: ben_vulpes: aha. ~actual~ borosilicate pyrex is extinct now, outside of a lab

03:40:49 ben_vulpes: mircea_popescu: ah i see

03:41:16 ben_vulpes: https://mentalfloss.atavist.com/secrets-of-the-mit-poker-course << intriqued to hear what the poker afficionados have to say

03:41:18 assbot: Secrets of the MIT Poker Course ... ( http://bit.ly/1Kq73qM )

03:41:55 ben_vulpes: ahahaha

03:41:56 asciilifeform: mircea_popescu: not-from-a-good-life, i was forced to leave my damaged capsule, suit up, and go to the merciless, meteorite-pocked surface where mircea_popescu was right !

03:42:00 asciilifeform: in every crater !

03:42:08 mircea_popescu: cheapo if desperate trick to get imbecile white ustards to sit still almost enough so a vague polish of calculus can be transferred to their pudgy skins ?

03:42:29 ben_vulpes: from the bikeportland followup: "Hagg said he thinks the solution to problems like that is to drive troublemakers away." << even the motherfucking /bums/ know that you have to drive the worthless fucks off if anyone's to have a decent party.

03:42:54 mircea_popescu: what do you mean even. only the bums know.

03:43:56 asciilifeform: next up: tricks of the Doom masters.

03:44:57 *: asciilifeform had 'tricks of the unix masters', old maculature crud, on his shelf as a student, and an actual greybeard saw, asked 'where is your 'tricks of the doom masters' to go next to this'

03:46:04 mircea_popescu: :D

03:46:05 mircea_popescu: apt.

03:47:15 asciilifeform: http://log.bitcoin-assets.com/?date=20-01-2016#1378200 << very respectable former su prof of physics, teaching at a certain mega-uni in boston, once informed me that the typical 'attention span' of american undergrad is about 6 min.

03:47:15 assbot: Logged on 20-01-2016 03:42:08; mircea_popescu: cheapo if desperate trick to get imbecile white ustards to sit still almost enough so a vague polish of calculus can be transferred to their pudgy skins ?

03:47:35 asciilifeform: can take this, or leave it.

03:47:47 mircea_popescu: i was half hoping hearn would get together with the bitcoin wife and that impossibly named, horsefaced washington staffer chick and create a hot love triangle of "How I created Bitcoin successfully, a guide" "Level your DB" etc.

03:48:11 mircea_popescu: all bestsellers, show up on regis and what's the cunt's name, the whole nine miles.

03:48:38 mircea_popescu: asciilifeform not enough for a single block even.

03:50:02 asciilifeform: aha.

03:50:07 phf: не веришь, прими за сказку

03:50:14 asciilifeform: ^

03:51:04 asciilifeform: сказка ложь да в ней намёк добрым молодцам урок (tm) (r)

03:53:09 asciilifeform: http://log.bitcoin-assets.com/?date=20-01-2016#1378027 << i shit thee not, personally knew a chick who wanked to rms but - afaik - never mustered the courage to write to him

03:53:09 assbot: Logged on 20-01-2016 01:59:05; mircea_popescu: http://log.bitcoin-assets.com/?date=20-01-2016#1377944 << it is possible rms never sexed.

03:53:28 asciilifeform: so it is conceivable

03:53:33 asciilifeform: perhaps rms relies on... bees ?

03:53:51 asciilifeform: for pollination.

03:57:35 phf: so rms always had a flexible living arrangements, but at some points he had a tenured office at mit, where he would sleep on the couch. there are multiple accounts of that couch being shared by young ladies. perhaps stories are apocryphal and should echo >> jargon.txt

03:57:59 asciilifeform: i have heard these same legends.

03:58:36 asciilifeform: though, according to the man's autobio material, he was a 'square' in the 1960s

03:58:46 asciilifeform: physics student with 'horn glasses' etc.

03:58:57 asciilifeform: no political acts at all.

03:59:25 *: asciilifeform bbl.

04:00:03 assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 64300 @ 0.00056526 = 36.3462 BTC [-] {3}

04:10:06 BingoBoingo: <asciilifeform> ^ 'eat recycled food! it's good for the environment, and ok for you!' (tm) (r) ('judge dredd') << /me does breakfast as powder

04:10:37 phf: sick gains

04:12:26 BingoBoingo: Well, need the caffeine from instant coffee mixed in to have the energy to make a pot of brewed coffee

04:13:37 BingoBoingo: It's also not like I can go into the yard and pluck a tomatoe for breakfast in the middle of winter

04:17:53 *: BingoBoingo still in recovery. It is through the strategic superiority of #b-a that I stopped being a drunk ass online in time to enjoy the irony of USGToomim Mark M be a stoned ass online

04:23:44 phf: i know a few aa people, seems like it helped them to get their drinking under control

04:24:27 BingoBoingo: It seems to work better for some people than others.

04:26:44 phf: i know this guy, a master carpenter, he builds wooden structures at burning man (infrastructural stuff, not "art"). he's been clean for 30 years now, but it's a constant aa-ing for him. "an acoholic can never be free", etc. i guess it's working for him, but it's hell of depressing mindset

04:27:54 BingoBoingo: Eh, he's also weighing it against the alternative.

04:28:30 BingoBoingo: Some people, like prolly myself, prolly really shouldn't be drinking.

04:29:08 BingoBoingo: At least not in American society as it is presently structured

04:29:38 BingoBoingo: But I was born too late to be a Viking beserker

04:31:57 phf: i agree, for all the jokes about russian vodka, this is a country of functioning alcoholics, with no outlet.

04:33:21 phf: 9-5, couple of beers to wind down, friday evening everyone gets shit faced at a bar, year after year.

04:33:52 phf: combined with sedentary lifestyle..

04:34:25 danielpbarron: http://www.atruechurch.info/aa.html >> A.A. admits they have no cure, but that's because they are under the delusion that there isn't one.

04:34:26 assbot: A True Church - Alcoholics Anonymous ... ( http://bit.ly/1UayU3A )

04:35:38 assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 80661 @ 0.00056059 = 45.2177 BTC [-] {2}

04:37:48 BingoBoingo: Given the demographic, I doubt the 12 steps could help very many alcoholics and addicts if they were stictly remade in A True Church (TM)(R)

04:38:01 mats: rofl

04:38:23 mats: >But I was born too late to be a Viking beserker

04:40:06 danielpbarron: nobody can be helped if God hasn't created them for the purpose of being helped.

04:40:30 BingoBoingo: Maybe at some point a few people can graduate from AA to A True Church, but atm I am happy with the job Brodin the Allspotter is doing as my higher power. Wheymen.

04:43:31 BingoBoingo: Anyways in Chapter 5 of the Big Book "How It Works" they mention the goal is spiritual progress, not spiritual perfection.

04:43:39 mats: can emigrate to hood and go into battle whenever you feel like it

04:43:58 danielpbarron: it's a false spirit, one that doesn't save

04:45:09 BingoBoingo: Bill W's ibogaine trip in the hospital seemed to work enoug to get the ball rolling.

04:46:49 assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 93400 @ 0.00055675 = 52.0005 BTC [-] {2}

04:49:11 ben_vulpes: wheymen

04:49:18 danielpbarron: >> The influence of the A.A. society has been massive and widespread. A.A. cooperates with a large variety of groups which includes the U. S. court system. Judges often order people to be involved in A.A. as a part of a rehabilitation effort.

04:49:45 BingoBoingo: The courts system is more inflicted upon AA.

04:51:35 BingoBoingo: People sent by the courts often aren't ready for step 1 and many times violate the criteria for membership by not having a desire to quit drinking as outlined in tradition 3.

04:52:13 danielpbarron: >> 12. - And finally, we of Alcoholics Anonymous believe that the principle of anonymity has an immense spiritual significance.

04:54:06 BingoBoingo: Or course AA was Anons before chantards were. "Principles before Personalities"

04:54:26 BingoBoingo: Also some people relapse which would be embarassing in the organization had a bunch of public faces.

04:54:46 danielpbarron: but they are anon for the exact same reason >> They keep it anonymous, because they are evil and they do not want themselves and their evil deeds to be exposed, as it is written, Everyone practicing evil hates the light and does not come to the light, lest his deeds should be exposed. (John 3:20)

04:56:55 BingoBoingo: It is written in the Big Book "Many of us exclaimed, "What an order! I can't go through with it." Do not be discouraged. No one among us has been able to maintain anything like perfect adherence to these principles. We are not saints. The point is, that we are willing to grow along spiritual lines. The principles we have set down are guides to progress. We claim spiritual progress rather than spiritual perfection." page 60

05:02:21 BingoBoingo: ;;ticker --market all

05:02:29 gribble: Bitstamp BTCUSD last: 376.26, vol: 9283.33253127 | BTC-E BTCUSD last: 382.838, vol: 5714.56935 | Bitfinex BTCUSD last: 381.31, vol: 19090.40775517 | CampBX BTCUSD last: 356.88, vol: 1.15686788 | BTCChina BTCUSD last: 384.83056, vol: 38619.08910000 | Bitcoin-Central BTCUSD last: 387.807, vol: 73.5997454 | Volume-weighted last average: 382.660080494

05:03:53 *: ben_vulpes is enjoying the bible vs. big book citation spats

05:03:59 BingoBoingo: lol

05:04:16 phf: i've literally just made popcorn

05:04:18 trinque: hail satan

05:06:31 danielpbarron: either you are a liar claiming to believe in a false god that you know doesn't really exist, or you actually believe in the false god. In either case, your "spiritual progress" is not towards the truth but rather a damning lie.

05:07:24 BingoBoingo: There's a difference between searching to stay out of the next life and trying to get to not dying in this one. p44 chapter 4 "We Agnostics" But it isn't so difficult. About half our original fellowship were of exactly that type. At first some of us tried to avoid the issue, hoping against hope we were not true alcoholics. But after a while we had to face the fact that we must find a spiritual basis of life - or else. Perhaps it i

05:07:24 BingoBoingo: s going to be that way with you. But cheer up, something like half of us thought we were atheists or agnostics. Our experience shows that you need not be disconcerted."

05:09:29 BingoBoingo: But, for srs. If I go back to drinking as I did it's only a matter of time before my portal vein blows out.

05:10:15 ben_vulpes: hail brodin

05:10:33 BingoBoingo: In the battle between living to see socialist stomped and drinking as I please... sober relflection demands I do the former instead of the later.

05:11:06 danielpbarron: or you might find the truth >> Proverbs 31:6 Give strong drink to him who is perishing, And wine to those who are bitter of heart.

05:11:09 ben_vulpes: danielpbarron: it's a particular reprogramming that doesn't have much to do with the bible.

05:11:55 ben_vulpes: abdicating choice to someone/something that is "not you" lies at the heart of the thing.

05:12:00 phf: that's the sensible perspective, but i take it there's an ideological bad blood. this is not first time i've seen christian attack aa.

05:12:07 ben_vulpes: danielpbarron: have you ever spent much time with the twelve steppers?

05:12:19 danielpbarron: no

05:12:24 ben_vulpes: so leave off

05:12:31 danielpbarron: alcohol has never been my poison

05:12:35 ben_vulpes: phf: they hear "higher power" and lose their shit.

05:12:46 trinque: "there can be only one!"

05:12:50 ben_vulpes: "but it's not the twoooo gawwwwd!"

05:13:14 ben_vulpes: lookee, nobody cares.

05:13:28 danielpbarron: true gods or not, AA claims to be a non-religious organization and this is a lie

05:13:54 ben_vulpes: you've not done the twelve steps, how would you know.

05:14:02 BingoBoingo: It depends on the definition of religion used.

05:14:11 ben_vulpes: you've not talked with twelve steppers about what 'higher power' means, how would you know.

05:14:18 danielpbarron: do I also need to murder to know whether that was right or not?

05:14:31 BingoBoingo: It's right if you are Abraham

05:14:42 danielpbarron: I do not need to talk to anyone. I have their own published literature to go by.

05:14:51 ben_vulpes: you're way over there in your church of self-righteous unexamined life, examining everyone else from a pillar of plugged ears and closed eyes.

05:15:06 danielpbarron: you are hypocritically judging me, ben_vulpes

05:15:16 danielpbarron: I am more critical of myself than anyone else

05:15:17 ben_vulpes: hypocritically how?

05:15:18 BingoBoingo: Ah, but the published literature misses "sponsorship"

05:15:30 ben_vulpes: i judge liberally

05:15:35 phf: that's how they do in portland

05:15:45 danielpbarron: nothing wrong with judging, but you are the one who suggested I am in the wrong for doing exactly that

05:15:57 ben_vulpes: read just a skosh closer dude

05:16:06 ben_vulpes: for not actually talking to the practitioners

05:16:15 *: BingoBoingo only laments he hasn't found the meetings with the pretty girls so he can be 13th stepped

05:16:53 danielpbarron: I reject your premise that these people need to be talked to in order for me to know they are wrong

05:16:56 ben_vulpes: "o i dun need to talk to them, i read some ancient texts. this is how we do in my church so it's the right way to do things elsewhere."

05:17:21 ben_vulpes: you assume you know what they mean by higher power man

05:17:31 trinque: it is the mechanism of submission, plain and simple.

05:17:45 *: BingoBoingo can see nothing wrong in a way of life that offers him the possibility of living to see socialism crushed

05:17:51 trinque: how one can see how it works in "the church" and not elsewhere is a matter of selective blindness.

05:18:25 ben_vulpes: "higher power must mean what i mean by god, and so therefore HEWETICS"

05:18:28 trinque: plus satan has way better music.

05:18:39 danielpbarron: I assume nothing. They say themselves what "higher power" means >> Because of the A.A. policy of a "God, as we understand Him," A.A. is a den of demonic activity. In the booklet, Conscious Contact, they write, . . . there are probably as many different ideas about a Higher Power, or God, as there are people in Twelve Step programs. (p. 8)

05:19:06 ben_vulpes: oh right those three letters

05:19:09 ben_vulpes: i guess you're right then

05:19:37 BingoBoingo: Not everone can be Abraham to take the trip to Moriah

05:19:51 *: ben_vulpes imagines danielpbarron getting a hold of a mistranslation of other ancient texts, declaring fatwa

05:20:08 BingoBoingo: Who can have faith as Abraham, the father of faith did?

05:20:17 danielpbarron: you can

05:20:18 phf: this is similar to concept of ishvara, i.e. a true divinity of chosen denomination, from the yoga sutras. it's the idea that interpretation allows for non yhvh

05:20:45 phf: that irks christian missionaries and such

05:20:55 BingoBoingo: danielpbarron: I can't even get to infinite resignation yet.

05:21:53 danielpbarron: who says you should?

05:21:59 *: BingoBoingo pulls out "Fear and Trembling" which I've been reading as a part of step three

05:23:51 BingoBoingo: Eh, my copy's not in the original language. Could be a bad translation.

05:23:55 ben_vulpes: phf: there can only be one!1

05:25:19 trinque: and definitely isn't you!

05:25:23 BingoBoingo: In other news, our Nigerian Prince is at a loss for words http://qntra.net/2016/01/recent-bitcoin-direction/#comment-41474

05:25:24 assbot: Recent Bitcoin Direction | Qntra ... ( http://bit.ly/1NjBWgl )

05:25:55 ben_vulpes: trinque: danielpbarron has the /truth/ you see

05:26:03 ben_vulpes: from these scrolls

05:26:24 trinque: pack it in boys; we're done here.

05:27:06 trinque: group of sheep fuckers that were excluded from the interesting happenings of their own time wrote down all the facts of life

05:28:28 BingoBoingo: You know... It would prolly be easier to V-ify the Big Book for provenance than an English Bible translation.

05:29:02 ben_vulpes: hey now trinque insanely long book of retarded rules says no fucking sheep, nobody fucked sheep that's racist

05:29:24 *: BingoBoingo actually envies danielpbarron his faith

05:29:46 trinque: ben_vulpes: you gotta read between the lines mang

05:29:55 trinque: if it bothers to prohibit sheep fucking... there was sheep fucking

05:30:01 trinque: that's a hard rule of history right there

05:30:02 ben_vulpes: NO

05:30:07 *: ben_vulpes plugs ears, sings

05:30:34 *: BingoBoingo though seriously has to start exploring new meetings to find the ones with the pretty girls, so that he may be 13th stepped.

05:30:51 ben_vulpes: BingoBoingo: hasn't found the sex addict 12-step groups yet?

05:31:05 BingoBoingo: ben_vulpes: Those seem to be a coastal thing

05:31:27 ben_vulpes: mircea_popescu linked a lulzy story about rape fantasizers visiting those

05:32:03 ben_vulpes: BingoBoingo: weird, i was under the impression they went to 'munches' on the coast

05:32:13 ben_vulpes: 8192 goddamn inodes

05:32:16 ben_vulpes: woo

05:32:32 *: BingoBoingo not totally up on the lingo

05:32:55 phf: like where you carpet munch?

05:34:00 BingoBoingo: ;;nethash

05:34:00 gribble: 848586253.592

05:34:31 ben_vulpes: some no doubt derpy bdsm get-together

05:34:48 ben_vulpes: i'm sure fails to measure up to mircea_popescu's discriminating eye in some way or another

05:37:18 ben_vulpes: > sheep fuckers

05:37:26 ben_vulpes: hey man i have cohen markers i'll have you know

05:38:05 BingoBoingo: Hey, some of those sheep fuckers were Jews

05:38:27 ben_vulpes: original sheepfuckers no doubt

05:39:08 punkman: "I was only trying to help that sheep over the fence!"

05:42:40 ben_vulpes: you see that bank over there?

05:42:49 ben_vulpes: and you know the other one over in mecca?

05:43:05 ben_vulpes: i built those and five more just like them throughout the fertile crescent.

05:43:20 ben_vulpes: but do they call me isaac the banker?

05:44:54 trinque: punkman │ "I was only trying to help that sheep over the fence!" << wahahaha

05:45:01 trinque: hey my ancestors were romans; I'm sure they fucked all kinds of things

05:45:13 trinque: or why do anything at all!

05:45:36 ben_vulpes: hey it's warm and concave

05:56:46 BingoBoingo: http://www.overclock.net/t/1470209/maxcoin-tips-for-highest-performance

05:56:47 assbot: Maxcoin tips for highest performance ... ( http://bit.ly/1Wta4gN )

06:03:11 BingoBoingo: ^ Keccak mining info

06:08:09 assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 128600 @ 0.00055606 = 71.5093 BTC [-]

06:10:11 assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 76007 @ 0.00055564 = 42.2325 BTC [-] {3}

06:11:12 assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 107050 @ 0.00056389 = 60.3644 BTC [+]

06:16:46 BingoBoingo: http://www.mersenne.org/primes/?press=M74207281

06:16:47 assbot: Mersenne Prime Discovery - 2^74207281-1 is Prime! ... ( http://bit.ly/1WtbWq2 )

06:25:33 BingoBoingo: !t m s.bbet

06:25:33 assbot: [MPEX:S.BBET] 1D: 0.00013 / 0.00013 / 0.00013 (400 shares, 0.05 BTC), 7D: 0.00013 / 0.00013 / 0.00013 (400 shares, 0.05 BTC), 30D: 0.0001 / 0.00011979 / 0.00013 (3330 shares, 0.40 BTC)

06:48:49 assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 95510 @ 0.00055557 = 53.0625 BTC [-]

06:50:51 assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 109200 @ 0.00056525 = 61.7253 BTC [+] {3}

07:05:05 assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 95993 @ 0.0005552 = 53.2953 BTC [-] {2}

07:06:06 assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 27057 @ 0.00055368 = 14.9809 BTC [-]

07:08:00 punkman: http://rhombus-tech.net/community_ideas/laptop_15in/news/

07:18:33 BingoBoingo: lulz https://archive.is/nqGql

07:18:34 assbot: BITMAIN announces Antpool ... ( http://bit.ly/1n91kQS )

07:29:41 BingoBoingo: Let's time warp back to M Toomim's spam from January 2015 still pimping the voting site https://archive.is/9xAJS

07:29:42 assbot: Consider.it - Radical new Election System is Ready! (general discussion) - General - Bitcoin Foundation ... ( http://bit.ly/1n92agp )

08:31:30 assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 111299 @ 0.00055864 = 62.1761 BTC [+]

08:34:33 assbot: [MPEX] [FT] [X.EUR] 664 @ 0.00283087 = 1.8797 BTC [+] {2}

08:39:34 fluffypony: https://np.reddit.com/r/Bitcoin/comments/41aocn/httpsbitcoinorgenbitcoincorecapacityincreases_why/cz0z9ym

08:39:35 assbot: throckmortonsign comments on https://bitcoin.org/en/bitcoin-core/capacity-increases Why is a hard fork still necessary? ... ( http://bit.ly/1UaVglM )

08:39:48 fluffypony: if there's a contentious fork then Bitcoin Core will fork to change the PoW

08:47:56 BingoBoingo: fluffypony: Discussion started when luke made a troll submission to change the "classic" POW and MP said in channel he wouldn't go to war over proof of work change which he later elaborated on fraudsters and which was pointed out on QNtra.

08:48:06 BingoBoingo: Gotta keep up with the news.

08:49:14 BingoBoingo: But hopefully there enough sanity in the pools to keep the trigger from being pulled.

08:50:09 BingoBoingo: Because another decade of this standoff would be just swell

09:02:00 assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 92346 @ 0.00056094 = 51.8006 BTC [+] {2}

09:45:43 assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 155600 @ 0.00056109 = 87.3056 BTC [+] {2}

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10:48:45 assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 18750 @ 0.0005644 = 10.5825 BTC [+]

11:34:09 jurov: haha enjoyed the logs

12:12:46 jurov: http://mashable.com/2016/01/19/snow-penis/?utm_cid=mash-com-fb-main-link#9BzlEeDTxgqs

12:12:47 assbot: Giant snow penis baffles Swedish town ... ( http://bit.ly/1Ow9yfa )

12:13:03 jurov: "Unfortunately for those trying to eradicate the member, the snow penis was on thin ice, literally."

12:13:10 mircea_popescu: lol

12:25:01 mircea_popescu: BingoBoingo http://www.thedrinkingrecord.com/2013/09/27/ceos/ << was re-reading, not bad huh.

12:25:04 assbot: CEO | Bingo Blog ... ( http://bit.ly/1Prx0fE )

12:28:44 mircea_popescu: http://log.bitcoin-assets.com/?date=20-01-2016#1378216 << incidentally, anyone know the french version of this ?

12:28:44 assbot: Logged on 20-01-2016 03:51:04; asciilifeform: сказка ложь да в ней намёк добрым молодцам урок (tm) (r)

12:28:57 mircea_popescu: i'm particularly fond of that particular expression of the concept.

12:30:00 mircea_popescu: http://log.bitcoin-assets.com/?date=20-01-2016#1378222 << was this before or after he was petrified of cacti and wouldn't wash ? also cat'd from same source.

12:30:00 assbot: Logged on 20-01-2016 03:57:35; phf: so rms always had a flexible living arrangements, but at some points he had a tenured office at mit, where he would sleep on the couch. there are multiple accounts of that couch being shared by young ladies. perhaps stories are apocryphal and should echo >> jargon.txt

12:30:32 mircea_popescu: i dunno, maybe they make womanhood differently in teh 2nd best korea, but from what i've seen poor hygiene is an absolute bar for sexual congress.

12:33:14 mircea_popescu: let it further be reflected in teh republican record that having been in a position to both hear the student body consensus on which of the undegrad sluts fucked which profs as well as through personally being induced in the professoral social circle actually see with mine own eyes the reality of the matter, there's always some exaggeration afoot.

12:34:57 mircea_popescu: profs do fuck students on occasion (as they well should), but that occasion is rarer than it would be reasonably expected. meanwhile the student body gossip is almost entirely driven by the overactive sexual imagination of the undersexed bois. if the same bois were mere stable hands, relegated to hard labour and a bed of hay in the barn, just like their proud antecessors actually were, you'd be hearing stories about ho

12:34:58 mircea_popescu: w the daughters of the lady of the house fucked the bull.

12:40:39 shinohai: http://www.reuters.com/article/us-netherlands-crime-bitcoin-idUSKCN0UY0V8

12:40:40 assbot: Dutch arrest 10 men suspected of using Bitcoin to launder money | Reuters ... ( http://bit.ly/23eoqGJ )

12:41:52 mircea_popescu: i wonder if they voted in any of the numerous redditconsensuses to date.

12:42:23 mircea_popescu: "Hoen said the actual drug sellers were the subject of a continuing investigation by the country's drug squad, although 15 kilograms of chemical precursors for the manufacture of Ecstasy were found in raids on Tuesday."

12:42:33 mircea_popescu: ah, launder bs. pill dealers.

12:42:37 assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 80861 @ 0.00055992 = 45.2757 BTC [-]

12:42:46 mircea_popescu: apparently that stuff is still as huge in the yurp as it was in the disco boom era.

12:43:02 mircea_popescu: you'd think the so called fashion drugs actually obeyed some sort of fashion cyclicity.

12:43:26 mircea_popescu: "According to an account in De Telegraaf newspaper, which was invited to witness the raids, the men were caught due to large amounts of money being frequently deposited into their bank accounts and then quickly withdrawn in cash from ATMs."

12:43:28 mircea_popescu: herp.

12:43:42 shinohai: I am glad my drug needs are relatively simple. X never made the list.

12:44:17 mircea_popescu: In all more than 250 law enforcement officials participated in Tuesday's raids. << 20mn / 250 means productivity per capita for "law enforcement official" is about 80k. basically they wouldn't pull their weight as engineers, barely qualified to work for mcdonalds.

12:44:27 mircea_popescu: i think that's about what average mcd employee pulls in for the comp.

12:45:22 mircea_popescu: http://log.bitcoin-assets.com/?date=20-01-2016#1378233 << - >> http://log.bitcoin-assets.com/?date=20-01-2016#1378230

12:45:22 assbot: Logged on 20-01-2016 04:17:53; *: BingoBoingo still in recovery. It is through the strategic superiority of #b-a that I stopped being a drunk ass online in time to enjoy the irony of USGToomim Mark M be a stoned ass online

12:45:22 assbot: Logged on 20-01-2016 04:10:37; phf: sick gains

12:45:24 mircea_popescu: for srsly.

12:46:39 mircea_popescu: http://log.bitcoin-assets.com/?date=20-01-2016#1378236 << you realise that's mostly the marketing of the "aa" thing, right ? "let's find these addictive personalities at their most vulnerable and try to replace their addiction of choice with a bland surogate that promotes our self-interest".

12:46:39 assbot: Logged on 20-01-2016 04:26:44; phf: i know this guy, a master carpenter, he builds wooden structures at burning man (infrastructural stuff, not "art"). he's been clean for 30 years now, but it's a constant aa-ing for him. "an acoholic can never be free", etc. i guess it's working for him, but it's hell of depressing mindset

12:46:48 mircea_popescu: in fairfness, they didn't think this out, merely copied the church, but nevertheless.

12:46:56 mircea_popescu: learned helplessness.

12:47:51 mircea_popescu: (and also castration, because that's the deep content there, "do not dare be a man, men can sin". yeah, i'm sure, let's all be women and have things "just happen and occur to us" and hold hands and be victims. anyone say rape's inevitable in this context ? BURN THE WITCH!!1)

12:50:10 mircea_popescu: http://log.bitcoin-assets.com/?date=20-01-2016#1378253 << he has a point you know. takes all of half an hour to make this switch, be a berserker for the rest of your life. and his choice of venue is wise, too. nigga prolly throw you mad respects for the move, because it'd be as far as anyone has EVER seen, or heard tale told, the FIRST case a pale face did something.

12:50:10 assbot: Logged on 20-01-2016 04:43:39; mats: can emigrate to hood and go into battle whenever you feel like it

12:50:52 *: mircea_popescu recalls they'd have rather re-interpret me as muslim than face the incredible notion that there exist sane whitey.

12:57:18 asciilifeform: quite unrelated, but lulzy, https://unreddit.com

12:57:19 assbot: unreddit ... ( http://bit.ly/1V8deVW )

12:58:35 asciilifeform: (the stratfor link alone is hilarious. somehow i missed this.)

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13:15:35 mircea_popescu: i can't fucking believe how inadequate emacs is for playwriting.

13:16:05 mircea_popescu: suppose i want to see what solarino said. what, do i grep ? what if i want to see his grammar, regexp ?! suppose i want to see his rare word usage, what do i do, perl from a list ?

13:16:23 mircea_popescu: whenever man sits down to do anything, man discovers that he is in all likelihood the first man to have ever sat down to do that one thing.

13:16:52 mircea_popescu: i dunno wtf all those dudes fixated on virginity in their women don't get into programming. fucking virgin field as far as the eye can see, it could be 1815 for all anyone'd know.

13:22:16 assbot: [MPEX] [FT] [X.EUR] 750 @ 0.00281195 = 2.109 BTC [-] {2}

13:22:34 mircea_popescu: in unrelated (really ?) news, two simultaneous (as in, same second) okcupid messages : GEUINEME, 59, Straight, Woman, Single, 160cm from Miami FL says "You are disgusting ugly piece of humanity !!!! Men like you should be castrated thrown in the desert to be lost forever with never a chance of seeing Another human being." whereas ZenRoots, 23, Straight, Man, Single from Lacey, WA says "Dude what your badass. Keep livin

13:22:34 mircea_popescu: g it​". we thank our listeners and now invite you to enjoy together with us the infinite blue!

13:22:35 mircea_popescu: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r76ZvfmjVS0

13:22:36 assbot: Angela Similea - Un albastru infinit (regia Viorel Sergovici) - YouTube ... ( http://bit.ly/1V8gMaS )

13:24:54 mircea_popescu: asciilifeform "Connecting to reddit failed. Double check the url"

13:26:20 assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 67100 @ 0.00055992 = 37.5706 BTC [+]

13:28:34 mircea_popescu: http://log.bitcoin-assets.com/?date=20-01-2016#1378263 << quite exactly that. anonymity is infantilizing.

13:28:34 assbot: Logged on 20-01-2016 04:54:26; BingoBoingo: Also some people relapse which would be embarassing in the organization had a bunch of public faces.

13:29:24 mircea_popescu: http://log.bitcoin-assets.com/?date=20-01-2016#1378268 << hear, hear.

13:29:24 assbot: Logged on 20-01-2016 05:03:53; *: ben_vulpes is enjoying the bible vs. big book citation spats

13:30:07 thestringpuller: ;;ticker

13:30:10 gribble: Bitfinex BTCUSD ticker | Best bid: 396.12, Best ask: 396.69, Bid-ask spread: 0.57000, Last trade: 396.68, 24 hour volume: 29769.57211061, 24 hour low: 375.01, 24 hour high: 399.0, 24 hour vwap: None

13:30:50 mircea_popescu: o noes! but bitcoin was dying because lolz, and then it recovered because why ?! WHAT COULD HAVE HAPPENED!

13:31:19 mircea_popescu: fucktards. don't even own enough dough to buy my flock stockings.

13:31:25 mircea_popescu: biggest country in the world [of our imagination]

13:33:06 mircea_popescu: http://log.bitcoin-assets.com/?date=20-01-2016#1378287 << technically the view is as to HIGHEST power, not as to higher power. the idea that there may be no intermediation between god and man is a relatively novel innovation, broadly specific to anglo neoprotestants. (in this context "anglo" means mostly means dutch)

13:33:06 assbot: Logged on 20-01-2016 05:12:46; trinque: "there can be only one!"

13:33:32 mircea_popescu: otherwise the doctrine as well as the history is fulla intermediations and intermediants.

13:35:40 mircea_popescu: http://log.bitcoin-assets.com/?date=20-01-2016#1378290 << consider my objection with the ponzi talk ( http://log.bitcoin-assets.com/?date=19-01-2016#1377844 ). it's an absurd notion, this. all metaphysics can be reframed as "a religious discussion", arguing as to whether it is or it isn't is fundamentally defective (and keeping discussions strictly physical is extremely difficult, even for trained practitioners, which

13:35:40 assbot: Logged on 20-01-2016 05:13:28; danielpbarron: true gods or not, AA claims to be a non-religious organization and this is a lie

13:35:40 assbot: Logged on 19-01-2016 23:22:41; mircea_popescu: (in the other view : all currency is always and necessarily a ponzi scheme. and "fraudulent" in a sense.)

13:35:40 mircea_popescu: is why science sucks and math blows).

13:36:22 mircea_popescu: which is why nobody bothers to engage the derps going "bitcoin/b-a/whatever is a cult!11". sure, whatever, it's a cult. not as much as your "feminism" "environment" "government" "state will save us" blabla.

13:36:30 assbot: [MPEX] [FT] [X.EUR] 750 @ 0.00281038 = 2.1078 BTC [-] {4}

13:37:11 mircea_popescu: more broadly, there's no merit in trying to hold categorical discussions with idiots, they're both incapable of keeping the categories straight and also believe that their "best weapon" is to muddy them up.

13:37:34 mircea_popescu: usually an unconscious belief, but nevertheless, all-permeating.

13:42:42 mircea_popescu: http://log.bitcoin-assets.com/?date=20-01-2016#1378294 << technically, yes. consider any fanatic dude going "oh, if i only had the opportunity to kill hiltler before he could do all that damage!!1" gets his opportunity and is now explaining to a munchen court why he dispatched the 9yo boy with a pickaxe. what do you say, "i guess it's one of those where you had to be there" ?

13:42:42 assbot: Logged on 20-01-2016 05:14:18; danielpbarron: do I also need to murder to know whether that was right or not?

13:44:15 mircea_popescu: i suppose the thing to do is "raise awareness" on reddit, get 51% of "the people" to agree the forked history is better off and then there you go, consensus has been achieved and all is well.

13:44:41 mircea_popescu: the irony of this being EXACTLY how it works out in practice being why we even made laws to begin with is of course lost on the proponents.

13:48:08 mircea_popescu: but, let us quote for the memory of it. "Friends, Romans, countrymen, lend me your ears - I come to bury Caesar, not to praise him."

13:48:11 mircea_popescu: "Here, under leave of Brutus and the rest ? For Brutus is an honourable man; so are they all, all honourable men ? come I to speak in Caesar?s funeral. He was my friend, faithful and just to me, but Brutus says he was ambitious and Brutus is an honourable man."

13:51:29 mircea_popescu: !up villan

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14:17:49 jurov: !t m x.eur

14:17:50 assbot: [MPEX:X.EUR] 1D: 0.00266275 / 0.002799 / 0.00283212 (3688 shares, 10.32 BTC), 7D: 0.00248292 / 0.00280335 / 0.00301878 (5519 shares, 15.47 BTC), 30D: 0.00238552 / 0.00264614 / 0.00301878 (12420 shares, 32.87 BTC)

14:28:52 jurov: !up Tomiii

14:29:07 jurov: hi Tomiii hows hawaii?

14:29:45 Tomiii: hawaii is nice

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14:52:41 deedbot-: [fraudsters] There has not yet been seen a simple thing, even if we're drowning in simple people. - http://fraudsters.com/2016/there-has-not-yet-been-seen-a-simple-thing-even-if-were-drowning-in-simple-people/

15:01:28 mircea_popescu: and incidentallty, where does one find brideshead revisited text ? why, on lib.ru, of course. http://www.lib.ru/WO/brajdshed_engl.txt

15:01:30 assbot: ... ( http://bit.ly/1T4J6fO )

15:01:35 mircea_popescu: BRAJDS HED!

15:03:18 mircea_popescu: http://log.bitcoin-assets.com/?date=20-01-2016#1378303 << bwahahaha the zingers!

15:03:18 assbot: Logged on 20-01-2016 05:15:35; phf: that's how they do in portland

15:04:22 mircea_popescu: http://log.bitcoin-assets.com/?date=20-01-2016#1378313 << technically speaking, the definition of church is such that there can not be a "somewhere else".

15:04:22 assbot: Logged on 20-01-2016 05:17:51; trinque: how one can see how it works in "the church" and not elsewhere is a matter of selective blindness.

15:05:50 mircea_popescu: in this reading, the bunch of socialist, liberal, rights-and-whatevers, equality-and-environment folk are self-excommunicated, ie they can't take part in the workings of the church. which, judging by the devil-fell-in-holy-water level of hysteria displayed when they encounter submission etc, may not even be that far off.

15:06:53 mircea_popescu: http://log.bitcoin-assets.com/?date=20-01-2016#1378315 << ow god, you actually listened to the "satanist" crap ? it's god-awful. heavy metal is one thing, but more iron maiden less weirdo guttural dudes.

15:06:53 assbot: Logged on 20-01-2016 05:18:28; trinque: plus satan has way better music.

15:07:08 bagels7: How does this WoT feel about racial prejudice?

15:08:07 mircea_popescu: as in ?

15:09:50 bagels7: as in don't lend money to black people because they don't pay back

15:09:50 trinque: https://youtu.be/HNPpZMo-Q58 << maiden rules, but I still like this

15:09:51 assbot: Mors Principium Est - Bringer Of Light - YouTube ... ( http://bit.ly/1T4LjIa )

15:10:05 trinque: a you don't youtube

15:10:49 mircea_popescu: http://log.bitcoin-assets.com/?date=20-01-2016#1378346 << sex addiction only exists in sheep.

15:10:49 assbot: Logged on 20-01-2016 05:30:51; ben_vulpes: BingoBoingo: hasn't found the sex addict 12-step groups yet?

15:10:59 mircea_popescu: bagels7 that's pretty ridiculous.

15:11:40 bagels7: my black friend told me "this is a black house DUH" in response to her BF robbing me at his mothers house

15:11:56 mircea_popescu: aw come on, melodic finns and satanism. unfair!

15:12:02 trinque: heh!

15:12:06 bagels7: the white people who robbed me were crackheads who I trusted with my phone, that's my fault

15:12:19 mircea_popescu: bagels7 quite.

15:12:39 bagels7: if you aren't racist you probably never lent money to a black guy

15:12:46 jurov: bagels7: the wot is mightily prejudiced against WASPs :D

15:13:03 bagels7: jurov: good^

15:13:27 bagels7: I was a brainwashed jehovah witness, it's a wonder I am not a zealot today

15:13:31 jurov: also, maybe self-professed niggers liek thestringpuller can say sth about it

15:13:34 mircea_popescu: uh im pretty sure i lent money to black dudes, actually.

15:14:50 kakobrekla: all my nonpayers were white.

15:14:51 bagels7: my employer is black and he is the only one that is trustworthy, He said that out of 30 girls im the only trustworthy one but IDK if he was being nice but probably not

15:14:53 mircea_popescu: anyway, what your barely-literate friend was trying to convey was that he and his friends regard themselves as sovereign and outside the common mores of fucktardation and idiocy (conveniently equated with white society), and as such pussies get taken in. which is what happened to you. which makes sense, in that context, and has exactly 0 to do with color and everything to do with what you represent as "sexual orientati

15:14:53 mircea_popescu: on" and they represent as a fundamental failure to thrive.

15:15:30 bagels7: my gay/black roomate is going to pay me back the 350 dollars he owes me when it "comes out of his ass". I am never lending money again

15:15:52 mircea_popescu: o yes you will.

15:16:14 jurov: bagels7: he asks you for anal probing in other words, no reason to refuse

15:16:47 *: mircea_popescu suspects roomate is "gay" in the sense of "he fucks holes".

15:17:08 mircea_popescu: homosexuality is a complicated thang.

15:17:54 bagels7: jurov: funny, but no, he's not into me, he has a bf now and is a jerk about it like coming in my room to make out then leave, which is inconsiderate considering I am seperated recently

15:18:16 mircea_popescu: o ? how did you break up ?

15:18:45 jurov: he's not a jerk, you're a cuck if you allow him

15:18:45 bagels7: real fucking bad, alcohol, violence, cops coming and him going to jail for the weekend for being violent with cops

15:19:22 mircea_popescu: aww.

15:19:44 mircea_popescu: move to wash, dc. everyone else is doing it.

15:20:09 mircea_popescu: maybe you meet a nice aide or something... you never know.

15:20:19 bagels7: He is like 250 lbs jurov and he does treat me like a child but he is a bigger spoiled child who claims to be a victim of society while calling his mother every other day. this one time he didnt talk to me for 3 days because we forgot to share a joint with him, and now he is not talking to me because I said "oh fuck off" in response to him calling me fat after i told him not to tell me

15:20:19 bagels7: that

15:21:04 bagels7: Like if he really had a hard life like me my dad would beat that arrogance out of him and those disgusting childish manipulating games wouldn't work

15:22:14 mircea_popescu: http://log.bitcoin-assets.com/?date=20-01-2016#1378353 << i've once been to a bdsm munch by the boston bdsm munching society. it was pretty pitiful.

15:22:14 assbot: Logged on 20-01-2016 05:32:55; phf: like where you carpet munch?

15:23:59 mircea_popescu: for the record, https://www.google.com/search?q=%22but+do+they+call+me+isaac+the+banker%3F%22

15:24:00 assbot: "but do they call me isaac the banker?" - Recherche Google ... ( http://bit.ly/1T4PbJ7 )

15:24:20 bagels7: I lived with a BDSM guy by accident and It was the easiest time of my life, I took a 100 dollar taxi ride to a complete stranger i met online the same day because it was midnight and I was in a bad neighborhood on the streets. I didn't know he was an "experienced BDSM master"

15:25:08 trinque: oh god, that google result's summary.. teh lulz overfloweth

15:25:33 bagels7: I would rather be a sexual slave and get raped everyday than go through "childhood" again

15:26:10 mircea_popescu: i think we has won a google.

15:26:32 punkman: heh

15:26:36 mircea_popescu: bagels7 this view is a lot more common than generally realised.

15:26:47 bagels7: !search fascism

15:26:48 assbot: 40 results for 'fascism' : http://s.b-a.link/?q=fascism

15:29:09 bagels7: mircea_popescu thanks, I feel better about it now thought im still sick of poor black people playing victim when they aren't willing to do my job

15:29:39 mircea_popescu: !up Xplosionist

15:29:53 Xplosionist: Thanks, mircea_popescu.

15:30:00 mircea_popescu: sure.

15:30:20 Xplosionist: The bet for redskins was resolved, and the 48 hours passed, but the payout to my address hasn't shown up.

15:30:36 mircea_popescu: bagels7 what people claim has naught to do with anything else other than what it pays to claim. if society pays for being a victim, they;ll claim being a victim. a century ago when it paid being a winner, you couldn't get out of talk about how winnery they are. whatevs.

15:30:44 mircea_popescu: Xplosionist link ?

15:30:53 Xplosionist: clicking on the address in the bet shows the last transaction was a previous one from another bet on jan 10.

15:30:58 Xplosionist: https://bitbet.us/bet/1172/washington-redskins-will-win-more-2015-season-games/

15:30:58 assbot: BitBet - Washington Redskins will win more 2015 season games than they lose :: 1.08 B (20%) on Yes, 4.3 B (80%) on No | closed 2 weeks 2 days ago ... ( http://bit.ly/1NYMkOy )

15:31:03 mircea_popescu: to your bet, man.

15:31:22 Xplosionist: https://bitbet.us/bet/1172/washington-redskins-will-win-more-2015-season-games/#b3

15:31:23 assbot: BitBet - Washington Redskins will win more 2015 season games than they lose :: 1.08 B (20%) on Yes, 4.3 B (80%) on No | closed 2 weeks 2 days ago ... ( http://bit.ly/1NkgQ1A )

15:32:01 Xplosionist: I know there was a way to see transactions, I thought there was, but I don't see it. Just the link to my payment address which shows no transaction matching the one I expect./

15:32:07 mircea_popescu: https://live.blockcypher.com/btc/tx/d219234f59dda8efe3ee00dd363b7c642cfac41e170a53e96ea6754247a19c28/ <<

15:32:08 assbot: BTC Transaction d219234f59dda8efe3ee00dd363b7c642cfac41e170a53e96ea6754247a19c28 | BlockCypher ... ( http://bit.ly/1NkgUy5 )

15:32:11 mircea_popescu: there's some weirdness afoot.

15:32:23 mircea_popescu: supposedly the txn is doublespent but i can't find the supposed doublespender in mempool.

15:32:28 mircea_popescu: will be looking into this.

15:32:41 Xplosionist: Thanks. I assumed it was something odd that had happened.

15:32:48 mircea_popescu: yeah, thanks for pointing out.

15:32:54 Xplosionist: np!

15:33:21 Xplosionist: Did you find that from the bitbet page, link to that transaction? If so, where is that?

15:34:15 mircea_popescu: nah, i know what txn to look for from the payout logs, and then see what webservice shows it. no way you can do this yourself, really.

15:34:36 Xplosionist: K. Thanks. Just had thought i was missing something when I was trying to track it myself.

15:35:00 mircea_popescu: nope.

15:35:24 mircea_popescu: bitcoin is ever more broken, while these derps "raise awareness" about how to fix hallucinated problems we don't have.

15:35:34 mircea_popescu: but anyway, what can you do. foss.

15:35:47 punkman: in ewe-ther news http://www.theguardian.com/world/2016/jan/19/lamb-chop-weight-enforcers-want-warrantless-access-to-australians-metadata

15:35:48 assbot: Lamb chop weight enforcers want warrantless access to Australians’ metadata | World news | The Guardian ... ( http://bit.ly/1NkhhsB )

15:36:06 mircea_popescu: !up ascii_butugychag

15:36:42 ascii_butugychag: hey Xplosionist !

15:36:55 ascii_butugychag: Xplosionist: $slavefarm implode yet ?

15:37:21 mircea_popescu: "A spokeswoman for the NMI, Yen Heng, referred questions about its application to the attorney general?s department." yeah, this makes sense.

15:37:56 Xplosionist: Hey there!

15:38:24 Xplosionist: And no, but it's getting closer. They kinda screwed me over in December, so I'm shopping.

15:38:48 Xplosionist: All in all, things are looking okay. Just lots more staff in SF, and nothing promising for the eng staff in MD.

15:38:51 mircea_popescu: Santoshi International Pty Ltd: Pleaded guilty to ?shortfalls of up to 50% in prepacked spices?. Fined $3,000. << no value backing the bitcoin ? i beg to differ! backed by 50% spice!

15:41:12 ascii_butugychag: Xplosionist: i suspected you might be the last one in that shop

15:42:27 ascii_butugychag: mircea_popescu: 'the spice must flow' (tm) (r) ('dune')

15:42:36 mircea_popescu: aha.

15:43:31 mircea_popescu: ok, so time for me to admit defeat, and come to humbly beseech the masters of computer craft far more advanced than me. here's the story (brace yourselves) :

15:44:02 Xplosionist: ascii_butugychag: no, there've been two new hires here in the last 18 months. But, try as I might during my official stint as manager in 2015, I couldn't hire any more.

15:44:45 mircea_popescu: given is a text file, worth ~1.5 GB, containing a) reliable record separator ; b) a profile name ; c) the textual content of the profile in question.

15:44:58 mircea_popescu: required is a list of all profile names whose profile textual content matches a certain string.

15:45:20 mircea_popescu: how is this done ?! obviously, "turn it into a sql thing somehow and sql it", but no, i mean in bash.

15:45:33 Xplosionist: mircea_popescu is there a good field separator?

15:45:40 mircea_popescu: if you make it into a single line and try to then use sed to recreate lines by the separator, sed silently dies

15:45:56 Xplosionist: if the record separator is a newline, then I think I'd use awk.

15:45:59 mircea_popescu: (grep also dies, but not silently - lack of memory, supposedly, because it's badly written)

15:46:12 mircea_popescu: Xplosionist you specifically can not rely on newlines because they are used in the profile text.

15:46:29 ascii_butugychag: mircea_popescu: 'split'

15:46:31 Xplosionist: okay. what is the record separator?

15:46:33 mircea_popescu: if you use csplit to create individual files by the record separator, you end up with 500k files, and

15:46:39 mircea_popescu: grep fails (too many arguments)

15:46:53 Xplosionist: echo * | xargs grep textthingtofind

15:46:57 mircea_popescu: Xplosionist as it happens, "( function() {" but why would it matter.

15:47:03 Xplosionist: echo might handle it, where grep can't on one command line.

15:47:08 ascii_butugychag: mircea_popescu: i had this problem with phuctor. ended up using python

15:47:14 ascii_butugychag: to iterate over the dir

15:47:16 mircea_popescu: ascii_butugychag you see what i mean, i take it ?

15:47:17 Xplosionist: mircea_popescu mostly I was curious.

15:47:17 ascii_butugychag: (after split)

15:47:38 jurov: "diff: <filename with space> does not exist." << every day i'm coming closer and closer to be fkn done with emacs

15:47:55 mircea_popescu: heh.

15:47:59 ascii_butugychag: jurov: please wake me up when you find a replacement for emacs !

15:48:00 mircea_popescu: this is how i ended up with nano.

15:48:23 jurov: ascii_butugychag: i was completely fine with vim. then i heard about org-mode

15:48:47 ascii_butugychag: jurov: common lisp in vim is hardcore masochism, far beyond my ability to endure

15:48:51 Xplosionist: mircea_popescu: does echo * | xargs work for you, after the csplit?

15:48:54 mircea_popescu: nope.

15:49:12 Xplosionist: too many files for echo, as well? pisser.

15:49:45 jurov: find -print0 | xargs -0 is bulletproof

15:50:05 Xplosionist: Ahh, thanks jurov. find | xargs. Better plan.

15:50:56 Xplosionist: and given that split makes the filenames the print0/xargs -0 isn't even needed. But yah, I well know your "is bulletproof" feelings.

15:52:15 jurov: ascii_butugychag: what does it have with orgmode?

15:53:24 jurov: and windows management in emacs seems to be strictly designed to be illogical anti-muscle-memory, i keep clobbering the buffer i want to stay open

16:02:21 bagels7: !down time to be overpriced company

16:03:28 ascii_butugychag: jurov: the traditional answer is 'if emacs does not behave as you like, write some elisp'

16:03:49 ascii_butugychag: i suspect that there is no getting away from this

16:04:01 trinque: jurov: I use winner mode so I can at least go back in window arrangement history when I fuck things up

16:04:07 ascii_butugychag: either you contort yourself to fit the tool (the luserworld philosophy) or you bend the tool.

16:04:22 jurov: yea, the evilmode wizards attempted to have it work like in vim, and it does not work

16:04:30 trinque: winner-mode plus exwm is goddamned beautiful

16:04:31 jurov: how would i do better?

16:04:46 ascii_butugychag: this being said, i fucking hate emacs and have been cursing it every day for my entire working life.

16:04:58 ascii_butugychag: BUT every alternative i ever tried made me want to eat a nagant.

16:05:06 ascii_butugychag: and i mus've tried 100+.

16:06:43 trinque: jurov: srs, C-c left, unclobber. it's an undo/redo stack for the window arrangement

16:07:03 trinque: !up ascii_butugychag

16:08:27 punkman: mircea_popescu: http://harelba.github.io/q/

16:08:27 assbot: Run SQL directly on CSV files | Text as Data | q ... ( http://bit.ly/1OwypiI )

16:08:32 jurov: imma look it up every time? and what's about this C-c fetish?

16:08:56 *: trinque emits a parse error

16:09:07 trinque: can bind it to whatever you want

16:09:11 ascii_butugychag: ^

16:09:49 jurov: how do i bind it to C-w + focus the destination widows with arrows?

16:09:54 jurov: i want *this*.

16:10:00 jurov: not "whatever"

16:10:08 trinque: what do you mean whatever?

16:10:18 trinque: destination of wat?

16:10:36 mircea_popescu: no he wants to pick the destination from among the windows by pressing arrow keys

16:10:43 jurov: heck, we can't even agree on terminology

16:11:10 trinque: ah k. that's reasonable, and surely can be done

16:11:58 mircea_popescu: punkman that q thing is interesting.

16:12:39 trinque: jurov: worth looking around in apropos window

16:12:43 punkman: mircea_popescu: sqlite shell can also work directly on csv files

16:13:00 *: trinque likes helm-apropos very much, and has it on a reasonable binding

16:13:04 ascii_butugychag: http://www.emacswiki.org/emacs/WindMove << possibly

16:13:04 assbot: EmacsWiki: Wind Move ... ( http://bit.ly/1Owz43N )

16:13:12 ascii_butugychag: ^ for the buffers thing

16:13:45 mircea_popescu: punkman yeah but if im going to bash i prefer pipes.

16:18:16 jurov: ascii_butugychag: thx

16:20:49 mod6: had some strange issue when testing my high/low patch lastnight; worked well when it was just if(fLowS) { // low-s Code } else { //orig der code }, but when i had 'if(fLowS) { // low-s } else if(fHighS) { // high-s } else { // orig code }', tx's that I created wern't getting picked up at all.

16:21:03 mod6: trying to get that figured out.

16:24:12 mod6: im thinking maybe, worst case, i can make a patch with just the -lows code in there, and then wait to get the rest figured out later for -highs

16:25:30 punkman: mod6, I don't get it

16:25:46 punkman: what does high/low/orig code do?

16:27:15 mod6: ok, so the original code is in key.h:Sign (L291)

16:28:02 mod6: the idea is, have a flag 'fLowS' that is passe from the cmdline when starting bitcoind as '-lows' that will run (basically this code: https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/blob/v0.9.3/src/key.cpp#L202-L227) instead of the original

16:28:03 assbot: bitcoin/key.cpp at v0.9.3 · bitcoin/bitcoin · GitHub ... ( http://bit.ly/1OwATOc )

16:29:33 mod6: you passed me a link to BIP66, which, as far as I can tell isn't anything more than a bunch of sanity checks.

16:29:38 mod6: so i'm ignoring that.

16:30:50 mircea_popescu: it is good to have backups : they can fail when used and thus justify keeping around trickups.

16:30:54 mircea_popescu: !up leps_

16:32:20 mircea_popescu: http://log.bitcoin-assets.com/?date=20-01-2016#1378674 << high-s txn weren't picked up at all you mea n?

16:32:20 assbot: Logged on 20-01-2016 16:21:03; mod6: trying to get that figured out.

16:32:58 mircea_popescu: what sanity checks are you ignoring you say ?

16:33:06 mod6: last night, it wasn't just high-s txn, it was both. which i found to be really weird.

16:33:12 mod6: https://live.blockcypher.com/btc/address/1FundZy7m7b8begbh9haCguKJcAdFopRJ9/

16:33:13 assbot: BTC Address 1FundZy7m7b8begbh9haCguKJcAdFopRJ9 | BlockCypher ... ( http://bit.ly/23eU7iY )

16:33:21 mod6: i just sent a low-s one, and that seemed ok.

16:33:30 mod6: (with the high-s code in there also)

16:34:02 mod6: for those interested, there is some debugging that did lastnight: http://dpaste.com/15QFA7T.txt

16:34:04 assbot: ... ( http://bit.ly/23eUdXO )

16:34:47 mircea_popescu: the mempool is beeing pretty well flooded by bs, so depending on exactly what type of txn you had that may account.

16:34:50 mod6: i'll note, for instance, that when using -lows lastnight, i created tx '320665468f018d9635da7e240f01f48b07e1e5114a2535895f7091fe3aa751a0' (and a hand full of others) that never made it.

16:35:07 mod6: mircea_popescu: ah.

16:35:45 mircea_popescu: there are still floating around 14,7kb shits with 0.00015 fees that were introduced on the 18th. by the thousand.

16:36:10 mod6: <+mircea_popescu> what sanity checks are you ignoring you say ? << it was basically this, i was looking at in regards to bip66: https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/pull/5713/files

16:36:14 mircea_popescu: if you graph the mempool you'll see that there's this see-saw pattern, resulting from spam txn being introduced, then they expire, then reintroduced...

16:36:22 mircea_popescu: the actual bitcoin network looks like a fuzz atop those teeth

16:36:29 mod6: ah, ok.

16:36:36 mod6: that may have played a role.

16:40:23 punkman: mod6, did you port strict-DER too?

16:41:07 mod6: just the part that I indicated above.

16:41:57 punkman: might be another reason for rejection

16:58:32 mod6: !up ascii_butugychag

17:11:44 mod6: punkman: when you refer to 'strict-DER', are you referring to this? https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/pull/5713/files

17:11:46 assbot: Implement BIP66 by sipa · Pull Request #5713 · bitcoin/bitcoin · GitHub ... ( http://bit.ly/1UWwJRu )

17:12:02 mod6: or is there some other code that you are referencing?

17:16:06 assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 63150 @ 0.00056388 = 35.609 BTC [+] {2}

17:19:13 punkman: mod6: I meant producing stric-der signatures, and yeah that pull-req only involves the relaying

17:19:49 mod6: ah, can you give me a point in the right direction?

17:20:23 punkman: not sure when they implemented that in PRB

17:21:11 assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 114200 @ 0.00055876 = 63.8104 BTC [-] {2}

17:33:23 assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 73500 @ 0.00055844 = 41.0453 BTC [-]

17:43:28 punkman: http://money.cnn.com/2016/01/19/news/world/isis-salary-cuts/index.html

17:43:29 assbot: ISIS cuts its fighters' salaries by 50% - Jan. 19, 2016 ... ( http://bit.ly/1T5j3Fi )

17:51:58 shinohai: punkman, any mention of whether they only get 36 virgins now instead of 72 ?

17:53:59 jurov: or recycled virgins

18:00:40 BingoBoingo: Or well worn virgins

18:07:57 assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 105822 @ 0.00055844 = 59.0952 BTC [-]

18:09:51 BingoBoingo: !up ascii_butugychag

18:18:27 ascii_butugychag: the 'final solution' to the tx crud flood is, i suspect, mircea_popescu's concept of a tmsr-ONLY block-a-day mining pool

18:18:38 ascii_butugychag: which - for extra bonus lulz - imho ought to take high-S only...

18:19:16 ascii_butugychag: (now that i think about it, i don't recall whether he said anything about tmsr-only. but this seems like an obvious thing)

18:20:43 kakobrekla: powered by what, cpus and gpus ?

18:20:50 ascii_butugychag: by farts

18:20:55 kakobrekla: ah yes.

18:21:00 kakobrekla: i have lots of gas tonite.

18:27:48 ben_vulpes: jurov: y'ever try window-jump?

18:27:59 jurov: no idea

18:28:05 ben_vulpes: window-jump and winner-mode make for...a not horrible experience.

18:28:26 ben_vulpes: i use helm for buffer selection, and winner mode to get the windows back where they were.

18:28:58 ben_vulpes: and did i read that mircea_popescu wants 'semantic extraction' built into emacs?

18:29:39 ascii_butugychag: who wants to , can build whatever into emacs

18:30:02 ascii_butugychag: somebody wrote an 'infocom adventure' interpreter. my brother played a few gamez in it

18:30:05 ascii_butugychag: works great.

18:31:11 ascii_butugychag: but if you have a unique itch somewhere deep in a body cavity, and wait for somebody to come and scratch it ~for you~ - you may wait for a while.

18:31:35 ascii_butugychag: though perhaps mircea_popescu could try and teach his pets elisp

18:32:01 jurov: dunno about itches, i was fine with vim.. but common lisp, orgmode...

18:32:32 ascii_butugychag: can one get hungry-arrowkeys in vim ?

18:32:39 ascii_butugychag: i can't fathom using an editor without it

18:33:00 ascii_butugychag: FUCK hitting an arrow more than once to traverse a block of whitespace

18:33:37 ascii_butugychag: seriously if i wanted to repeatedly perform manual drudgery i would go and pick cotton somewhere.

18:36:32 jurov: i use ctrl to jump to next nonwhitespace if needed.

18:37:41 deedbot-: [Qntra] Netherlands Arrests 10 For Money - http://qntra.net/2016/01/netherlands-arrests-10-for-money/

18:38:07 jurov: there's also f,t for jumping to a character

18:38:28 BingoBoingo: <ascii_butugychag> seriously if i wanted to repeatedly perform manual drudgery i would go and pick cotton somewhere. << Speaking of are you dealing with that Apocalyptic blizzard fiat news is derping about.

18:39:43 ascii_butugychag: BingoBoingo: no sign of it yet

18:40:34 BingoBoingo: Ah, we've got about 3 inches of snow here. Thing apparently hasn't built up that much yet.

18:40:37 BingoBoingo: !up ascii_butugychag

18:47:04 mircea_popescu: <jurov> i use ctrl to jump to next nonwhitespace if needed. << i do.

18:47:07 BingoBoingo: ;;ticker --market all

18:47:13 gribble: Bitstamp BTCUSD last: 406.5, vol: 21773.84730223 | BTC-E BTCUSD last: 408.9, vol: 13515.24357 | Bitfinex BTCUSD last: 408.38, vol: 60890.38427171 | CampBX BTCUSD last: 355.0, vol: 6.85034257 | BTCChina BTCUSD last: 416.02704, vol: 72708.52130000 | Kraken BTCUSD last: 407.9848, vol: 678.38381919 | Bitcoin-Central BTCUSD last: 408.787510901, vol: 153.49899348 | Volume-weighted last (1 more message)

18:47:16 BingoBoingo: ;;more

18:47:17 gribble: average: 411.452744344

18:47:53 BingoBoingo: Oh, it's like the Hearnstick was completely negated as soon as ACH deposits brough fiat to exchanges.

18:53:27 BingoBoingo: Also random WAPO organs are now trying the call people things they didn't choose to be named strategy https://archive.is/Iul9m

18:53:28 assbot: Sarah Palin no-show at Trump event. ... ( http://bit.ly/1OwRbXe )

18:55:12 danielpbarron: http://log.bitcoin-assets.com/?date=20-01-2016#1378543 << heh now you're ~encouraging~ people to move to USSA?

18:55:12 assbot: Logged on 20-01-2016 15:19:44; mircea_popescu: move to wash, dc. everyone else is doing it.

18:55:55 jurov: yeah, like sending you to vatican

18:56:01 mircea_popescu: lol

18:56:09 danielpbarron: (bagelz is canadian if i recall correctly)

18:57:22 mircea_popescu: it's a semi-permeable membrane. i don't indiscriminately counsel everyone there to come out.

18:57:37 mircea_popescu: some that are in should come out of it already. some belong in there, be they now in or out.

19:00:06 mircea_popescu: in unrelated lulz, http://sshostmaster.howtomoneyguide.com/4BjLhCashw6Hlfd/How-To-Fix-%22This-application-has-failed-to-start-because-msvcr100-dll-was-not-found%22-Error.html

19:00:07 assbot: How To Fix 'This Application Has Failed To Start Because Msvcr100 Dll Was Not Found' Error | Learn how to quickly earn money online through affiliates and more! ... ( http://bit.ly/1nyrOLT )

19:00:27 BingoBoingo: In derpity hurp stoner not rly news https://archive.is/Fb7Qy and https://archive.is/dttpO

19:00:28 assbot: toomim comments on The Toomin brothers, Bitcoin Classic's main devs are debating Core devs and trying to show them the light. It gets quite fishy at the end. ... ( http://bit.ly/1nyrTiM )

19:00:29 assbot: Bitcoin Classic's Magical Mystery Tour - Bitcoinist.net ... ( http://bit.ly/1nyrRrb )

19:00:42 ben_vulpes: i rarely use arrow keys to navigate, preferring instead to search through the buffer

19:01:49 mircea_popescu: ctrl-w also works.

19:01:52 thestringpuller: BingoBoingo: Maybe we should all join hands here in assets and sing kumbaya.

19:01:59 BingoBoingo: "People?s reactions to the discussion have been mixed, with people pointing out that the discussion was inappropriate in a group of essentially strangers. Furthermore, Bitcoin has been associated with drug use throughout its entire history, and perhaps it is in the interest of the community to separate itself from that." << lolz ClassicCoin can't even win outlets that flirted with Garza's Paycoin

19:02:28 mircea_popescu: awww.

19:03:15 BingoBoingo: thestringpuller: That would be suspicious

19:05:32 BingoBoingo: !up ascii_butugychag

19:05:36 danielpbarron: my interpretation from the toomim drug thing was that he was trying to be like Mircea only replacing gurlz with drugz or something

19:06:05 thestringpuller: d00d trolling core dropped me this article he wrote on slack: http://philmaher.com/how-to-pump-and-dump-your-affiliates/

19:07:12 mircea_popescu: i wonder how many people burned themselves trying to be me. perhaps i find out one day.

19:07:16 mircea_popescu: were a bunch even pre-internet.

19:08:21 BingoBoingo: danielpbarron: Or just trying to "be cool" like all those movie stoners or something. It's not unknown among USG agents to either have or have invented a "groovy" drug history.

19:08:50 ascii_butugychag: there was reptilia...

19:08:57 assbot: [MPEX] [FT] [X.EUR] 750 @ 0.00263892 = 1.9792 BTC [-]

19:09:06 mircea_popescu: there is the problem of manufactured street cred. what to say, what to say ?

19:09:17 ascii_butugychag: how come nobody tried to be, e.g., paul erdos.

19:09:28 mircea_popescu: and how do you know they didn't ?

19:09:29 BingoBoingo: ascii_butugychag: Tortilla's brain did fine simulating the drug experience without chemical assistance

19:09:29 ascii_butugychag: how do 'triers' select who to 'try to be' anyway.

19:09:43 mircea_popescu: perceived social dominance.

19:09:43 ascii_butugychag: mircea_popescu: true, perhaps all 'dark matter'

19:10:05 mircea_popescu: why were the asylums full of napoleons rather than perigords ?

19:10:38 ascii_butugychag: they are full of 'napoleons', but also there is always a reasonable number of 'glass pitchers', 'acorns', etc

19:10:51 mircea_popescu: and how many perigords ?

19:10:58 mircea_popescu: who hated bush and who hated ken rove ?

19:11:13 ascii_butugychag: dafuq is a perigord

19:11:23 ascii_butugychag: carl rove?

19:11:32 mircea_popescu: a was he karl ?

19:11:35 ascii_butugychag: aha

19:11:44 mircea_popescu: aha.

19:11:47 ascii_butugychag: and serious bushitler aficionados did hate !

19:11:51 mircea_popescu: hehe.

19:12:01 BingoBoingo: Lol, noise holes are suggesting the "miner" Buttfury plans on selling to the public is another 21co style Internet of things device. Just another PiTaTo

19:12:14 mircea_popescu: BingoBoingo bitfury is utterly evil these days.

19:12:17 *: ascii_butugychag still l0ling over reddit-stratfor hitler

19:12:23 mircea_popescu: apparently there's been a sale last year, and well...

19:12:40 mircea_popescu: the wrong people bought.

19:13:17 BingoBoingo: mircea_popescu: Yes, just as BitPay went from harmless derps to info collectatron.

19:13:41 BingoBoingo: Except buttfurry has chips and BitPay doesn't

19:13:58 mircea_popescu: to be resolved.

19:14:23 BingoBoingo: Resolving is the funnest part of BitBet

19:14:34 mircea_popescu: lol

19:15:00 BingoBoingo: It's rare, but every now and then a Bet needs BetLawyered in the comments.

19:15:28 BingoBoingo: The S.BBET vs. S.DICE bet was grand

19:17:52 thestringpuller: BingoBoingo: ASICMINER tried this and then went bankrupt shortly after.

19:18:04 thestringpuller: The block erupters you could plug into USB.

19:18:10 ascii_butugychag: so mircea_popescu, which 'wrong people' might that be? the ones with 'no money and no engineers' ?

19:18:13 ascii_butugychag: or some other set ?

19:18:30 mircea_popescu: the sad fact of today's business environment is that you can also sell for promise.

19:18:43 mircea_popescu: some do. it's bad for the environment and worse for them, but nevertheless they do.

19:19:13 ascii_butugychag: threat works as well as promise

19:19:21 mircea_popescu: there is no difference between the two.

19:19:30 mircea_popescu: verba volant.

19:19:34 ascii_butugychag: then yes.

19:20:39 mircea_popescu: what starded as a more humane way to disposses the old (see balzac, he describes it in detail), has meanwhile become the universal way to cleave yourself from everything.

19:20:58 mircea_popescu: you say that that's what you do professionally, separate things, and there's merit to the view. but also... some things don't belong apart.

19:22:11 assbot: [MPEX] [FT] [X.EUR] 750 @ 0.00263892 = 1.9792 BTC [-]

19:26:21 ascii_butugychag: waiwut

19:26:50 ascii_butugychag: ah.

19:27:41 mod6: no heat in the suburban, made appt. to have it fixed. showed up this am like "ok do your thing..". They said, "oh, can you pick it up tomorrow? we're busy...". Like wtf. It's literally like a 15 minute job. How do I know? Because I just did it myself instead and if I exclude the drive time to pick up and buy the part itself, ~15 minutes.

19:27:47 mod6: Now i have heat. fuckers.

19:28:00 ascii_butugychag: but given the mammalian tendency to 'hate to lose more than loving to win' (as described in a mircea_popescu article !) it makes sense to distinguish 'threat' and 'promise' as items

19:28:13 mircea_popescu: sense, for whom.

19:28:25 mircea_popescu: expediency is no sort of sense

19:28:29 ascii_butugychag: for thinking

19:29:10 ascii_butugychag: and, e.g., bribery vs extortion, rather separate skill sets, no ?

19:36:24 assbot: [MPEX] [FT] [X.EUR] 750 @ 0.00263892 = 1.9792 BTC [-]

19:37:34 mod6: !up ascii_butugychag

19:39:51 mircea_popescu: i don't think so.

19:40:14 mircea_popescu: and i don't even think you mean thinking by "thinking". i think you mean "for daydreaming". like this fellow :

19:40:26 mircea_popescu: http://fraudsters.com/2012/cum-sa-fii-peste-ghid-simplu-pe-inteles-si-exhaustiv/#comment-116277

19:40:27 assbot: Cum sa fii peste - ghid simplu, pe inteles si exhaustiv on fraudsters - A blog by Mircea Popescu. ... ( http://bit.ly/1nmTgfU )

19:40:28 assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 86650 @ 0.00056638 = 49.0768 BTC [+] {3}

19:40:31 mircea_popescu: does it convey or should i translate ?

19:40:47 ascii_butugychag: translate plox

19:42:55 mircea_popescu: the article is "how to be a pimp - a simple guide, easy to understand and exhaustive". which it is. which it exactly is.

19:44:37 mircea_popescu: the fellow says "if i were to be a pimp [ie, the dream mode, because hey, that's what he understood of a discussion of technology, that "being an engineer" is a blessed state, to be obtained through divine grace and / or ordination] i wouldn't beat the women, for they'd be more productive thus. but also, if they piss me off, "dead" directly. you know, like puff daddy.

19:45:01 ascii_butugychag: am i think or what, i don't see the equivalence. bribery and threat are approx. as equivalent as arses and elbows

19:45:04 ascii_butugychag: *thick

19:45:06 mircea_popescu: to which i say that if i were a bird also i wouldn't flap my wings, but merely float. because why not, tis a dream.

19:45:36 mircea_popescu: you're thick. there is no bribe that doesn't contain a threat, nor is there any threat that is anything but a veiled bribe.

19:46:42 mircea_popescu: and nothe that his oh-so-creative "understanding" and "thought process" is both purely symbolic and specifically symbolic.

19:46:55 ascii_butugychag: can haz example? let's say bag man helpfully tells restaranteur, '$x/mo. or your place burns'. where is the hidden bribe ?

19:47:19 mircea_popescu: this fellow's illiterate. he sees the world through eyes of stupidity, which is why he says "dead direct". it's a barbarism in romanian, but he needs to import a foreign symbol because well... sounds better thus.

19:47:28 mircea_popescu: less to explain. "the meaning should be obvious"

19:47:44 ascii_butugychag: now these, everyone has met, i think

19:47:49 ascii_butugychag: 'if i were a general...'

19:47:49 mircea_popescu: ascii_butugychag : if he pays and the place burns next month, what then ?

19:47:56 ascii_butugychag: then 'too bad' ?

19:48:33 mircea_popescu: if he pays and he sees a derp with gasoline fucking around and he calls you up, what then ?

19:48:36 assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 88250 @ 0.00056737 = 50.0704 BTC [+] {2}

19:49:02 ascii_butugychag: i can only guess, but 'go and pay or shoot that one yourself, he's not mine'

19:49:42 ascii_butugychag: the whole no-overlapping-turfs thing is supposed to be guaranteed by turf war, etc. i get it

19:49:46 ascii_butugychag: but in practice, is it ?

19:49:54 mircea_popescu: in practice you'd better do something.

19:50:12 mircea_popescu: nobody ever says that 'go and pay or shoot that one yourself, he's not mine'. ever heard judge say something like that ?

19:50:21 ascii_butugychag: aaaactually

19:50:26 mircea_popescu: judge's the least convincing mobster out there, even he knows he can't really get away with that.

19:50:33 mircea_popescu: (and once he tries, the show stops)

19:50:50 ascii_butugychag: the famous '80s scotus case where 'police are not ~required~ to show up even if they know the hour of your advance murder' thing

19:52:14 mircea_popescu: human speech is in all cases a promise and a threat, together. if you go see a house for rent and you offer 100k, what you are saying is "stand with me and make 100k, or stand aside and damn you all". no matter how faint either side, it's there. it has to be for speech to be meaningful.

19:53:39 BingoBoingo: MEGA LOL http://8btc.com/thread-28217-1-1.html

19:53:44 assbot: ... ( http://bit.ly/1nmVQT7 )

19:53:44 ascii_butugychag: so if i offer a kid a candy, i am threatening him with hunger ?

19:54:07 mircea_popescu: how should i know what you're doing.

19:54:12 mircea_popescu: do it and i'll tell you.

19:55:00 ascii_butugychag: well you did say 'promise and threat are not separable', no ?

19:55:11 mircea_popescu: yes.

19:55:18 ascii_butugychag: and what, 'what's 2+2?' 'how should i know? go add them and i'll tell you'

19:55:31 mircea_popescu: quite.

19:55:41 *: ascii_butugychag puts on gas mask

19:55:54 mircea_popescu: just because they're not separable does not mean that in consideration and by way of compensation now you get to separate an arbitrary something else.

19:56:42 ascii_butugychag: which else

19:56:42 BingoBoingo: ":The results came out, the mine can not afford the risk of the mining machine brick, the Classic will not be upgraded to 2MB of program. "

19:57:37 ascii_butugychag: BingoBoingo: said who, a fishwife in shanghai ?

19:57:42 mircea_popescu: ascii_butugychag now you want to separate facts from their representation, and have your way with the representation aside.

19:57:43 mircea_popescu: doesn't work.

19:58:17 BingoBoingo: ascii_butugychag: Mystery Chinese noise I can not adequately parse on thread preceeded with "MEGA LOL"

19:59:26 *: BingoBoingo does not have a solid idea who 副船长 on 8btc forum is

19:59:26 mircea_popescu: thyey're just bickering about who guessed first what will happen and how fair or unfair it is.

19:59:59 ascii_butugychag: wai wut, when did they invent the 'unfair' crapolade in cn ?

20:00:16 mircea_popescu: remember tank guy ?

20:00:23 ascii_butugychag: aha

20:00:36 mircea_popescu: well... they invented "unfair" crapolade. what the fuck do you think confucianism is ?

20:00:56 ascii_butugychag: i thought it was rather the opposite

20:00:58 mircea_popescu: it infested the brits, they brought it back like the intellectual equivalent of the french pox.

20:00:59 ascii_butugychag: 'bow to your betters'

20:01:00 mircea_popescu: nah.

20:03:18 mircea_popescu: that whole narrative is something like "look at these people who gave us syphilis, it finds itself in biological equilibrium in their country and so they don't get it all that much and it's mostly under control - but here, lord! every face is covered! how much better we have it than they do!"

20:03:54 assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 28767 @ 0.00056792 = 16.3374 BTC [+]

20:04:00 mircea_popescu: the brits at the time of their ill advised eastern trip thought nothing of caning children to death, and the general practice was to send off the louts to live as slaves to other people,

20:04:05 mircea_popescu: so as to silence the annoying women.

20:04:16 mircea_popescu: "oh my baby my baby". well now it ain't your baby anymore so stfu.

20:06:57 *: ascii_butugychag often pictures mircea_popescu pushing a messenger into a spiffy stone pit, 'this is SPARTA!~' (tm) (r)

20:07:09 mircea_popescu: lol why the messenger ?

20:07:37 ascii_butugychag: there was a cruddy american film some time in bush era about sparta

20:08:41 BingoBoingo: !up ascii_butugychag

20:08:52 ascii_butugychag: where a persian envoy demanding tribute is shoved into a pit, which appears to have been built and kept around just for said purpose

20:09:05 mircea_popescu: ah. that kind of envoy.

20:09:12 mircea_popescu: perhaps.

20:09:25 BingoBoingo: Twas a cruddy film but of all the comic book to film adaptations, twas the one that has sucked the least

20:11:22 mircea_popescu: so to get back to it : <ascii_butugychag> so if i offer a kid a candy, i am threatening him with hunger ? << are you ?

20:12:02 assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 170050 @ 0.00056395 = 95.8997 BTC [-] {2}

20:12:58 ascii_butugychag: mircea_popescu: in the sense of your earlier example, yes

20:13:05 ascii_butugychag: 'accept this chocolate, it may be your last!111'

20:13:33 trinque: or simply points out to him his lack of candy, perhaps previously unobserved

20:13:49 mircea_popescu: ok, so then you are.

20:13:58 ascii_butugychag: http://codegolf.stackexchange.com/a/69279 << unrelated, l0ltr0nic

20:13:59 assbot: code challenge - Build a Compiler Bomb - Programming Puzzles & Code Golf Stack Exchange ... ( http://bit.ly/1PFH8gx )

20:14:39 mircea_popescu: trinque no but he's asking me what he's doing when he's the one doing it. and in all honesty he expects me to answer. i suppose in the same honesty he expects a snippet of code somwhere exists which says "how to subdue women". god knows the PUA subculture's been working tediously at it.

20:15:03 *: trinque nods

20:16:18 trinque: "How do I open my hand?"

20:16:24 trinque: maybe you do, maybe you don't!

20:16:48 ascii_butugychag: but to say that there is 'no difference between promise and thread', just because of this residual treat in the candy, is lunacy

20:16:53 ascii_butugychag: *threat

20:16:59 mircea_popescu: to rest the matter, let's just say that there's excellent reason the us supreme court only rules on actual cases, never on factitious proposition.

20:17:07 assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 79600 @ 0.00056874 = 45.2717 BTC [+] {2}

20:17:16 ascii_butugychag: i thought it was for ddos resistance.

20:17:18 mircea_popescu: ascii_butugychag they're substantially the same thing, the division is a matter of interpretation.

20:17:32 ascii_butugychag: if you want sheepfucking ruled on, you ~actually must fuck a sheep~ etc

20:17:43 ascii_butugychag: mircea_popescu: seawater and uranium are then also 'same thing' ?

20:17:47 mircea_popescu: laymen famously can not separate the entreatment from the threat in what i say to my slaves.

20:18:26 ascii_butugychag: in application to ~masochists~ i'm not certain they are separable from the outside of the head..

20:18:28 mircea_popescu: no. but a thing's "width" and its "height" ARE the same thing.

20:18:33 mircea_popescu: they being both a length.

20:19:09 assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 65250 @ 0.00056922 = 37.1416 BTC [+] {3}

20:19:40 mircea_popescu: and while i am not certain "masochists" can be separated from the general population, i am well certain that they are not a category to be, and that you're plenty one yourself.

20:20:49 ascii_butugychag: masochist in the sense where an outsider does not know if 'do x or get beating' is a bribe or a threat

20:20:56 mircea_popescu: and do they ?

20:21:35 mircea_popescu: (that's a particularly poor illustration of what i said, if it tries to be. for one thing i dun think i ever said anything alike.)

20:21:51 ascii_butugychag: this was re: the slave example

20:22:05 mircea_popescu: then yeah, miserable illustration.

20:25:12 deedbot-: [Qntra] Twitter's Jack Dorsey No Longer A Paper Billionaire - http://qntra.net/2016/01/twitters-jack-dorsey-no-longer-a-paper-billionaire/

20:26:14 BingoBoingo: http://qntra.net/2016/01/twitters-jack-dorsey-no-longer-a-paper-billionaire/ << Updated, forgot the obligatory "Sorry for your loss" on initial publication

20:26:15 assbot: Twitter's Jack Dorsey No Longer A Paper Billionaire | Qntra ... ( http://bit.ly/1T5Q4RB )

20:26:32 mircea_popescu: i suppose this is how the pedestrian notion of "good" and "evil" is constructed even. let us arbitrarily divide a set of real objects into "only has height" and "only has width". thus therefore the first set are ~obviously~ good, for they allow you to build up! (how will you manage to allign things with no width on top of each other is a consideration best left to any masochistical engineers still stuck in your swampla

20:26:32 mircea_popescu: nd). the others - obviously bad, for all they do is take space on the ground for no good reason!

20:26:49 mircea_popescu: for the least expenditure of intellectual effort possible we have a full socio-political as well as philosophical!

20:28:42 ascii_butugychag: and sleep that night in hilbert's hotel, aha

20:28:57 mircea_popescu: kids no longer getting cubes to play with may have worse implications than originally thought.

20:30:00 ascii_butugychag: incidentally, every ~sane~ female i've ever encountered, had cubes

20:30:20 assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 95500 @ 0.00056369 = 53.8324 BTC [-]

20:30:34 ascii_butugychag: folks who don't witness toppling cubes etc. growing, apparently don't fully grasp cause-effect...

20:31:36 mircea_popescu: this delusion of "i will build" so common in us "activists" and three year olds really needs the natural check of "go ahead".

20:31:57 mircea_popescu: there's even a thing in .ro folklore about this, balada mesterului manole. he keeps building and stuff keeps falling down.

20:32:28 mircea_popescu: seen as a foundational myth to romanian-ness.

20:32:29 ascii_butugychag: wasn't that italian ?

20:32:35 ascii_butugychag: from gianni rodari ?

20:32:39 mircea_popescu: well, yurp. everything's stolen.

20:32:45 ascii_butugychag: l0l

20:32:58 mircea_popescu: (ftr, it's prolly stolen from ro. ie - the ballad itself is very old, older than rome.

20:33:14 mircea_popescu: it comes from a time of pastoral life, when sheep went up the mountains then back down the mountains into dalmatia

20:33:40 mircea_popescu: what the derpy romans interpreted as "dacians invading" was merely continuation of a lyfstyle that had at that time three or four millenia of history behind it.

20:33:48 mircea_popescu: sort of an epic scale bundy farm thing.

20:35:01 mircea_popescu: if you think about it, getting walls to stay the fuck up hadn't been a point of sufficient isnecurity so as to excite the popular immagination for a good 25 centuries by the time rodari came out.

20:35:39 ascii_butugychag: but picture if street derp had to ~build a house~

20:35:42 ascii_butugychag: like that.

20:35:50 mircea_popescu: ah but this was a famous architect, with a team and all.

20:35:53 mircea_popescu: ten people!

20:35:55 ascii_butugychag: doesn't get to cheat, has to personally stand up the walls

20:36:14 mircea_popescu: "mester" means master, in the ancient sense.

20:37:02 ascii_butugychag: aha, precisely what мастер means in ru

20:37:24 mircea_popescu: "Pe Argeş în gios, pe un mal frumos, Negru-vodă trece cu tovarăşi zece: nouă meşteri mari, calfe şi zidari si Manoli - zece, care-i şi întrece."

20:38:16 mircea_popescu: "down on the river arges, on a nice lawn, teh black king goes with ten people : nine great masters, learned in bricklaying, and manoli, the tenth, who's even better!"

20:38:23 mircea_popescu: from a ~1860 notation of the ballad.

20:39:04 mircea_popescu: (negru voda is the legendary founder & first ruler of wallachia)

20:39:39 mircea_popescu: !up ascii_butugychag

20:44:47 BingoBoingo: ;;nethash

20:44:47 gribble: 848144148.701

20:46:08 pete_dushenski: holy cramoly the size of these blocks is bananas, son. it's one 900kb+ after another after another.

20:46:53 ascii_butugychag: for what, 4 months now ?

20:47:05 pete_dushenski: in related nyooz, tevye is just 5 blocks behind now after... restarting. because "waiting it out" isn't a fucking strategy.

20:47:39 mircea_popescu: now look at the garbage in them.

20:47:51 ascii_butugychag: pete_dushenski: restarting is an imaginary remedy

20:48:14 ascii_butugychag: mircea_popescu: it's been 80-90% spamola since start of 'stress test' crap

20:48:19 mircea_popescu: aha/

20:48:28 mircea_popescu: part of why pushing tx fees up is absolutely fucking mandatory already.

20:48:30 pete_dushenski: http://log.bitcoin-assets.com/?date=20-01-2016#1378039 << was thinking same thing as i went to sleep last night. makes perfect sense for connections to work in the way alf proposes here.

20:48:30 assbot: Logged on 20-01-2016 02:04:07; asciilifeform: the ~correct~ behaviour for a node is to service a hand-picked set of trusted peers

20:49:13 mircea_popescu: yes yes, it's correct. and next thing you know the transactions are no longer publicly relayed (because why the fuck would i give the fee to random miners) and lo and behold we've split in the worst way.

20:49:21 mircea_popescu: unavoidable, yes, but i'd have liked it to come later.

20:49:39 ascii_butugychag: which is why i said '2 tiers'

20:49:48 ascii_butugychag: rather than 'hey fellaz let's all use -connect'

20:50:06 mircea_popescu: but yes, the problem is here : the miners aren't actually doing anything and have no power. for all the posturing, they are at the sheer mercy of the actual bitcoin holders and traders.

20:50:20 mircea_popescu: as the subsidy dies out, trying to be a miner will be a lot like trying to be a lawyer.

20:50:24 pete_dushenski: after watching tevye choke on all the fucking idiots "connect" "disconnect" "socket closed" blahblah, it seemed sane, but the miner relay is, yes, a significant potential boojum

20:50:32 mircea_popescu: oh, you paid 200k to go to duke... so ? starve bitch.

20:50:41 ascii_butugychag: trying to be a miner was an idiot's game since... 2012 ?

20:50:49 mircea_popescu: these idiots keep you safe.

20:51:06 ascii_butugychag: i said before, will say again, this is a bug.

20:51:10 pete_dushenski: like the idiots that give us leccy and internet access.

20:51:18 ascii_butugychag: i don't want a car engine that relies on cockroaches turning little wheels.

20:51:22 mircea_popescu: ascii_butugychag if it is the matter's not settled.

20:51:26 PeterL: <pete_dushenski> holy cramoly the size of these blocks is bananas, son. it's one 900kb+ after another after another. << and fees are still only ~2% of reward

20:51:48 thestringpuller: most of it must be spam then

20:52:31 pete_dushenski: mircea_popescu: "But anyway, to answer a question from the public in more detail : poorly. I've never been this humiliated in my life." << nuts. my mind, it asploded.

20:52:54 PeterL: maybe when you start b-a minerpool, have higher fees required for non-WoT txn's to get included?

20:53:06 mircea_popescu: PeterL vice-versa.

20:53:16 mircea_popescu: the way this works is that whoever mines is on their knees for whoever knows txns.

20:53:27 PeterL: what? people in WoT have to pay more?

20:53:49 mircea_popescu: no, but you will end up doing fee rebates for people who bring you txns

20:53:58 pete_dushenski: ascii_butugychag: what ports can i use for trb while syncing ? and is there a good reason why trb should jump on 8333 without me telling it to, and without being completely synced ? because this seems to be a recurring issue on my end.

20:54:09 PeterL: I was thinking if they are in WoT it is not spam, anything else should be considered spammy and need higher fee?

20:54:37 ascii_butugychag: pete_dushenski: 8333 is the traditional, you can set to whatever else, or not listen at all if you -connect

20:54:39 mircea_popescu: PeterL i doubt it'd be practical to try and get the miner to subsidize the wot. i expect it to work the other way around.

20:55:02 mircea_popescu: unless you're keeping the army for offensive purposes (ie, we do 51% attacks etc), the army costs the town, does not produce for the town.

20:55:02 pete_dushenski: ascii_butugychag: does -addnode auto-invoke 8333 then ?

20:55:15 ascii_butugychag: pete_dushenski: by default yes

20:55:21 pete_dushenski: aha.

20:56:02 pete_dushenski: strange, but ok.

20:56:43 ascii_butugychag: pete_dushenski: read the src, it won't kill you

20:56:46 ascii_butugychag: mega-recommended.

20:57:36 pete_dushenski: indeed.

20:59:06 pete_dushenski: http://log.bitcoin-assets.com/?date=20-01-2016#1378701 << where's a btc-dentist when you need one ?

20:59:06 assbot: Logged on 20-01-2016 16:36:22; mircea_popescu: the actual bitcoin network looks like a fuzz atop those teeth

21:01:55 pete_dushenski: http://log.bitcoin-assets.com/?date=20-01-2016#1378747 << heh. sharp title.

21:01:55 assbot: Logged on 20-01-2016 18:37:41; deedbot-: [Qntra] Netherlands Arrests 10 For Money - http://qntra.net/2016/01/netherlands-arrests-10-for-money/

21:02:27 mircea_popescu: btw, for the racists in attendance : http://www.eupedia.com/europe/Haplogroup_H_mtDNA.shtml << there's a lot of studies about various haplogroups and genetic history of populations in yurp.

21:02:28 assbot: Haplogroup H (mtDNA) - Eupedia ... ( http://bit.ly/1Wvd1gX )

21:02:41 mircea_popescu: ask your representative why you can't have it in the 2nd best korea.

21:09:34 ascii_butugychag: have what?

21:10:42 mircea_popescu: extensive genetic studies done, with corresponding considerations of population health, ethnic history, etc.

21:11:45 ben_vulpes: jurov: do you org-mode with evil-mode?

21:12:35 mircea_popescu: with quotes. medical : "Ruiz-Pesini et al. (2000) reported that men belonging to haplogroup H have the lowest risk of asthenozoospermia (reduced sperm motility)." ; "A study by Baudouin et al. (2005) found that members of haplogroup H had increased chance of survival from severe sepsis at 180 days compared with individuals from other haplogroups."

21:12:40 mircea_popescu: ethnohistoric : "Celtic culture was born from the fusion of Indo-European paternal lineages (R1b) with native Central and Western European maternal lineages (including H1, H3, H10, J1c, K1a, T2, U5 and X2)."

21:12:41 mircea_popescu: etc.

21:12:45 jurov: ben_vulpes: yes, but orgmode has original keybindings

21:13:23 mircea_popescu: "From the Bronze Age, R1b male lineages replaced a large percentage of Megalithic Y-haplogroups, but female Megalithic lineages survived almost unchanged in frequency."

21:13:41 mircea_popescu: and for that matter maps of distribution and so on and so forth.

21:14:47 jurov: !up ascii_butugychag

21:15:01 ascii_butugychag: mircea_popescu: wasn't that what 23 corp. supposedly sold ?

21:15:03 ascii_butugychag: in usa.

21:15:14 mircea_popescu: hey, don't ask me things. i linked you, link me.

21:15:53 mircea_popescu: (but no, 23 corp sold exactly another pitato, which is all the 2nd best korea's good for these days. just like their cell service. or their computers. etc.)

21:16:00 ascii_butugychag: i have not paid the shaman, did not drink the goat blood, will not link

21:16:09 mircea_popescu: wait wut ?

21:16:23 ascii_butugychag: well we don't have ~actual~ genetic studies here in usababwe

21:16:27 ascii_butugychag: we have 23 corp. et al.

21:16:32 mircea_popescu: as i said - ask your representative why!

21:16:34 ben_vulpes: jurov: you mean to say that you ditched evil-org for native org?

21:16:42 mircea_popescu: isn't it the best most culture cuntry in world anymore ?

21:16:43 ben_vulpes: (or am i to understand etc etc)

21:16:57 jurov: i am not aware somethin liek evil-org even exists

21:17:10 mircea_popescu: is jurov going to emacs heaven ?

21:17:22 jurov: no, hell

21:17:24 ascii_butugychag: i'm not convinced re: the eu genetic report being a genuine thing either

21:17:33 ascii_butugychag: but perhaps i merely suffer from 'reverse cargocult'

21:17:39 ascii_butugychag: 'nobody has airplane, it never existed'

21:17:54 mircea_popescu: well.. it's well published, can always dig into if feel inclined.

21:18:09 jurov: mircea_popescu: i see sample sizes like 200 in a million

21:18:13 jurov: there

21:19:57 mircea_popescu: well yes, genetics is very problematic for this reason.

21:20:18 mircea_popescu: that's what drives the entire "take it easy" angle on genetics.

21:21:11 mircea_popescu: this is unavoidable, incidentally, for the same reason life exists.

21:21:41 mircea_popescu: there's a dozen or so "main" clades. but they are subdivided, and the subdivisions subdivide. there's tens of thousands of subdivisions of the most common subdivisions of the more common clades.

21:21:57 mircea_popescu: if you build a tree and it branches out this bad, you'll rapidly end up with tiny fractions in each branch.

21:22:17 mircea_popescu: and if you don't, syphillis mutates and ends your population cca 1490, sfyl, thanks for playing,

21:22:59 mircea_popescu: still, you know, from that same link : "Lucotte et al. (2010) recovered the DNA of Napoleon Bonaparte from beard hair follicules and compared it to that of his mother, Letizia, and his younger sister Caroline. All three shared the same rare 16184T mutation, which places them within haplogroup H15a1b.

21:23:07 mircea_popescu: or for that matter, "Bogdanowicza et al. (2009) tested the Y-chromosomal DNA and mitochondrial DNA of the exhumed remains of the Prussian Renaissance astronomer Nicolaus Copernicus. They established that he belonged to mt-haplogroup H27 (defined by the mutations 16129A and 16316G)."

21:23:30 mircea_popescu: this is interesting, if not obviously useful. just like all the rest of the stuff. nascent field is typically interesting in this manner but not useful (also in this manner).

21:24:19 mircea_popescu: what haplogrup was martin luther king ? or is such knowledge forbidden in the united obscurantistlands.

21:24:56 ascii_butugychag: forbidden for very obvious reasons

21:25:38 mircea_popescu: heh.

21:25:43 mircea_popescu: write to your congressman! :D

21:27:27 mircea_popescu: thinking about it... what obvious reasons be those ascii_butugychag ?

21:27:49 ben_vulpes: yes please

21:28:58 ascii_butugychag: well the not-so-seekrit factual basis for the colour warz among the blacks themselves

21:29:07 ascii_butugychag: (as illustrated especially well in haiti)

21:29:24 mircea_popescu: huh ?

21:29:48 mircea_popescu: look at those eu maps, the continent's deeply divided genetically, nobody's fighting.

21:30:46 ascii_butugychag: just referring to the hypothesis, amply supported, that the folks who actually make something of themselves, have proportionately less africa in them

21:30:53 ascii_butugychag: than the other kind.

21:31:24 mircea_popescu: i've yet to see actually good studies on this topic.

21:31:43 ascii_butugychag: and you won't.

21:33:15 ben_vulpes: only 'colour warz' i'm aware of are the preference of crackers for north africans over african americans

21:33:20 mircea_popescu: i somehow doubt there is a good "africa" haplogroup.

21:33:35 mircea_popescu: say Q, it's mostly "huns", whereas N is basically uralics

21:33:43 mircea_popescu: but "huns" here means turks and hungarians and maybe fins.

21:33:53 thestringpuller: https://www.reddit.com/r/btc/comments/41r561/150k_btc_between_personal_holdings_and_associates/ << LOL. "I'm like MP but a big blocker. I'm going to fight him. Bring it on MP"

21:34:09 mircea_popescu: i have no idea what'd be "africa". there's a bunch of major ones. and they are mixed with stuff like the persians, which... invented civilisation.

21:34:39 mircea_popescu: thestringpuller gawd, we;re headed for a "the mp of x" phase of buzzwordism ?

21:35:26 thestringpuller: P. Much. "The MP of big blocks" "The MP of paypal" "The MP of blockstream"

21:35:27 ascii_butugychag: mircea_popescu: subsaharan

21:35:54 mircea_popescu: there's at least three. there's the superhawt, tall, muscular men of pure black. there's the skinny short grayish type. there's more.

21:36:05 mircea_popescu: i bet you at least four haplogroups are "subsaharan".

21:36:10 mircea_popescu: and you'rte thinking congo-ish

21:36:48 ascii_butugychag: o

21:36:54 ascii_butugychag: i'm thinking moar generally

21:37:01 ascii_butugychag: 'the folks who stayed behind' (tm) (r)

21:37:45 ascii_butugychag: who existed for millenia and left no ruins worth the mention, never saw the planet until enslaved, etc

21:38:03 mircea_popescu: yeah well... there's that. there's another thing also : a better argument can be brought that the eskimo and the chechens are "worthless neerdowells". and these are very different haplogroups too

21:38:21 mircea_popescu: know what unites, the "failed northerner" with the "failed mountain man" with the "failed subsaharian" ? guess ?

21:38:35 mircea_popescu: obviously, an empire nearby spent many years "helping them".

21:38:36 ascii_butugychag: any honest genetic study would reveal that being related to said folks is, generally, a very serious handicap..

21:38:44 mircea_popescu: yes, for this reason.

21:38:57 mircea_popescu: the russkis/french/english/ustards will come and help you in the ass.

21:39:59 ascii_butugychag: from what i know of mountain folk (the very endearing chechens esp.) they certainly see the payback they get from the plainsfolk they chronically rape as 'unfair'

21:40:07 mircea_popescu: quite.

21:40:14 mircea_popescu: rape is not a threat but a bribe :)

21:40:18 mircea_popescu: (ask 'em)

21:40:35 ascii_butugychag: 'but you're bipedal lambs, lambs aren't supposed to round up village of vermin and shoot'

21:41:22 mircea_popescu: hey... if a man "takes" a woman, when he is done with her it is the woman that carries away bits of the man, not vice-versa.

21:41:25 mircea_popescu: shouldn't she pay ?

21:42:43 pete_dushenski: http://log.bitcoin-assets.com/?date=20-01-2016#1378770 << lol. mega-classic. "friends! friends! lend me your tears!"

21:42:43 assbot: Logged on 20-01-2016 19:00:27; BingoBoingo: In derpity hurp stoner not rly news https://archive.is/Fb7Qy and https://archive.is/dttpO

21:43:17 *: mircea_popescu hadn't looked before, but on 2nd call... feels compelled.

21:43:46 *: BingoBoingo in my most paranoid moments is tempted to believe to Toomim drug meltdown was orchestrated as an easy way out of the "ClassicCoin" failure

21:45:28 mircea_popescu: i really hope they go with "ultimate" next. it has this flavour of old Vivendi spunk and unemployed, failed "strategists" and "designers" of unplayable reboots of stale franchises.

21:46:02 BingoBoingo: !up ascii_butugychag

21:46:02 mircea_popescu: "To be sure, there?s nothing wrong with LSD" bwahahahaha

21:46:11 mircea_popescu: OBVIOUSLY there's nothing wrong.

21:46:20 ascii_butugychag: mircea_popescu: nah that'd be 'reloaded'

21:46:31 mircea_popescu: reloaded is when they know it'll fail.

21:46:47 mircea_popescu: ultimate is when they spend 6 months baiting people on forums pretending they've got the new daikatana

21:47:38 mircea_popescu: anyway... how about Bitcoin Charades ?

21:48:04 BingoBoingo: Bitcoin Dialated!

21:48:06 pete_dushenski: Bitcoin Episode VII

21:48:07 mircea_popescu: The Ballchain Technologies ?

21:48:36 mircea_popescu: maybe even something smooth and classic, like, I Can't Believe It's Not Bitcoin.

21:48:45 ascii_butugychag: nah that's the current prb

21:48:54 ascii_butugychag: ever since the blockheaders thing

21:48:57 jurov: bitbutter

21:49:09 mircea_popescu: Better Living Through Chainology

21:49:30 pete_dushenski: Tastes Good Like a BlockChain Should

21:50:00 mircea_popescu: maybe it could be the world wide dweeb.

21:51:04 pete_dushenski: Live In Our World, Play In Yours

21:51:14 pete_dushenski: (playstation)

21:53:27 mod6: Revenge of the Shitgnomes

21:54:28 mircea_popescu: you don't understand how the shitworld works. can't say the name or it vanishes in thin air!

21:54:34 mircea_popescu: didn't you read the stories when you were a kid ?

21:54:34 ascii_butugychag: 'snow white and the seven shitgnomes'

21:55:21 mod6: haha.

21:55:21 mircea_popescu: ascii_butugychag it's pretty much a given they were doing her in the butt huh ? given the sizes.

21:55:35 ascii_butugychag: aha!

21:55:47 ascii_butugychag: how else.

21:58:47 assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 319200 @ 0.00056049 = 178.9084 BTC [-] {4}

22:07:24 mircea_popescu: btw, speaking of inventions etc, anyone know the sad story of Girolamo Fracastoro ?

22:07:43 mircea_popescu: fellow that in early 1500s proposed the germinative theory of disease, but gets no credit for it like ever ?

22:07:57 mircea_popescu: (de contagione et contagiosis morbis)

22:08:54 ascii_butugychag: aha!

22:09:06 ascii_butugychag: or for that matter even lister.

22:09:06 BingoBoingo: I am unfamiliar with this

22:10:53 BingoBoingo: In other news https://archive.is/V4529

22:10:54 assbot: In the pink? Costello bill would allow hunters to wear blaze pink, not just orange | Belleville News-Democrat ... ( http://bit.ly/20fsK5Z )

22:11:49 BingoBoingo: "In Wisconsin, there has been some opposition to the measure, though it has passed the Assembly and was scheduled for a Senate vote Wednesday. Opponents included some women hunters who viewed the measure as sexist, and others who see it as pandering to women." << Sexist even though more visible to other armed persons and less visible to deer

22:15:41 shinohai: https://www.reddit.com/r/btc/comments/41uhh0/remember_the_forbes_article_something_rotten_in/ <<< yay the SJW's win! No moar racism!

22:15:42 assbot: Remember the Forbes article "Something Rotten In the State of Bitcoin"? I put in a complaint and the writer was forced to change the article. : btc ... ( http://bit.ly/20ftmZh )

22:16:00 mircea_popescu: this entire "must wear wrong clothing" while hunting makes us hunting a fucking joke.

22:16:15 shinohai: !up ascii_butugychag

22:16:19 mircea_popescu: no fucking hunter in the history of hunting wore anything but green and olive drab

22:17:27 BingoBoingo: American Hunters though suffer the tremendous risk of encountering other US tards

22:18:03 mircea_popescu: that's not fucking hunting.

22:18:10 mircea_popescu: that's waiting in traffic.

22:18:25 ascii_butugychag: to avoid dick cheney !11

22:18:32 BingoBoingo: ^

22:18:57 mircea_popescu: https://tartaul.files.wordpress.com/2015/10/9.jpg << hunters.

22:18:58 assbot: ... ( http://bit.ly/20ftUOO )

22:19:10 pete_dushenski: shinohai: a more effective tactic than mp's legal threats, at least in the case of forbes ;/

22:19:38 ascii_butugychag: whatever happened with that

22:19:43 mircea_popescu: ~nothing.

22:19:46 BingoBoingo: One must understand. US hunter faces dilema. Wear walmart fashion and shoot deer, or settle for eating walmart "meat"

22:20:35 mircea_popescu: BingoBoingo one understands, still doth not approve.

22:21:04 mircea_popescu: pete_dushenski depends what you're trying to achieve. if you're trying to achieve more forbes, then yes.

22:21:15 BingoBoingo: I just find the potential to change the rural aesthetic lulzy if Blaze pink does work better.

22:21:17 mircea_popescu: if you're trying to achieve less forbes, then you will have to shoot them.

22:21:37 mircea_popescu: firing off some wartnings before actually shooting is considered the polite and civilised way where i come from.

22:23:28 ascii_butugychag: unrelatedly, a crapple pad and one of the apps offered for that machine actually make an ok trb reader

22:23:30 pete_dushenski: well, it'll certainly be fun to watch forbes pretend that "we never saw this coming" and "why didn't you warn us"

22:23:34 ascii_butugychag: for use in trains

22:23:50 ascii_butugychag: i finally discovered a use !

22:23:52 pete_dushenski: what app ?

22:24:02 ascii_butugychag: 'codenavigator'

22:24:08 ascii_butugychag: by some cn dude

22:27:11 BingoBoingo: In other duelling heresies https://archive.is/hwH2l

22:27:11 assbot: Fans’ Intense Love For Fallout: New Vegas Must Be Weird For Bethesda ... ( http://bit.ly/20fvccB )

22:27:52 mircea_popescu: i loved fallout, but really hated "tactics" and stopped bothering.

22:27:55 mircea_popescu: 1 and 2 tho...

22:28:15 mod6: <+mircea_popescu> no fucking hunter in the history of hunting wore anything but green and olive drab << i wear blaze

22:28:32 mircea_popescu: http://fraudsters.com/2010/cadeti-afara-doi/

22:28:32 assbot: Cadeti afara (doi) on fraudsters - A blog by Mircea Popescu. ... ( http://bit.ly/20fvjoD )

22:28:38 mod6: otherwise someone might be like, "bird! oh no that's just mod6."

22:28:41 mircea_popescu: mod6 what color is blaze ?

22:29:06 mod6: bright orange

22:29:17 assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 149118 @ 0.00056515 = 84.274 BTC [+] {2}

22:29:38 mod6: lot of deer hunters wear just camo patterns of green/brown tho

22:29:41 BingoBoingo: New proposal is a second color named Blaze which is a bright pink.

22:29:51 mod6: it used to be that, i'm told.

22:29:52 mircea_popescu: a ok

22:29:58 BingoBoingo: It would be so incredibly lulzy

22:30:00 ascii_butugychag: this is unpleasantly reminiscent of the unicode faces thread

22:30:13 mod6: back in the day there were laws that said 'you must wear neon pink'.

22:30:35 BingoBoingo: Depends on if deer actually are more blind to pink chosen as Blaze2

22:31:27 ascii_butugychag: iirc deer sees in greyscale

22:31:44 mod6: if not wearing a suit (basically, weekends) i wear this coat: http://www.fleetfarm.com/detail/Mount%27N-Prairie-Buck-Soft-Parka---Naked-North-Blaze/0000000036897?utm_source=googleps&utm_medium=shopping%2Bsearch&utm_campaign=google%2Bproduct%20search&gslfah&gclid=CJrjq9y4ucoCFQesaQod8UgMTQ

22:31:46 assbot: Mount'N Prairie Buck Soft Parka - Naked North Blaze - Mills Fleet Farm ... ( http://bit.ly/20fvHUe )

22:33:02 mod6: and a blaze stocking cap. nothing else i have in the jacket/hat department is warm enough for dec/jan/feb

22:33:06 BingoBoingo: ascii_butugychag: Something like that

22:43:45 BingoBoingo: https://archive.is/wgC6B << Tesla does the Avalon pre-Order scam if you try to buy used

22:43:46 assbot: How Elon Musk Stole My Car | Atlantic.Net ... ( http://bit.ly/20fxU1V )

22:46:44 mircea_popescu: lol!

22:46:58 mircea_popescu: it's not a scam, it's consensus!

22:47:48 mircea_popescu: "After working with Kevin for a few weeks, I was able to find a car that met my needs in Pasadena, California."

22:48:11 mircea_popescu: holy shit the attention span of these derps ?! they actually will fuck around for weeks over a product they're not even that interested in with some random salesdude ?

22:48:50 BingoBoingo: Well, interested enough to have put down a deposit

22:49:36 mircea_popescu: no, that was after.

22:49:40 BingoBoingo: Aha

22:50:12 BingoBoingo: But yes, this is what selling to the derps who have paper wealth is like

22:51:04 BingoBoingo: !up ascii_butugychag

22:51:13 ascii_butugychag: it still boggles my mind that somebody would buy, for personally sitting in, a $100k machine that doesn't fly.

22:52:02 mircea_popescu: ascii_butugychag it's actually less than what it costs to makew by a long shot. im surprised you'e not buying one.

22:52:18 mircea_popescu: try buying electric engine + battery apart, same specs, an see

22:52:38 mircea_popescu: now, driving this assemblage as if it were a car is the height of ridiculousness.

22:52:51 ascii_butugychag: dafuq would i do with such a thing l0l

22:52:57 mircea_popescu: however, uses for either item are readily apparent in a minifactory/macrolab the sort a boy genius may have built himself.

22:52:59 ascii_butugychag: for one thing you need a garage.

22:53:04 ascii_butugychag: for another, money

22:53:16 mircea_popescu: no, you actually need a warehouse

22:53:21 mircea_popescu: a, yes, you do need money.

22:54:12 ascii_butugychag: and my petrol car works great

22:54:24 mircea_popescu: "If Tesla is logging interactions with their customers (like phone-calls) to a national database, why didn?t they notice that someone was calling in and only getting voicemail. Shouldn?t this be a red-flag, or shouldn?t someone at Telsa HQ be reaching out to find out why/whats going on/why someone keeps calling so often?"

22:54:25 mircea_popescu: ahahaha

22:54:34 mircea_popescu: tesla should run a sexphone service for boring ustards!

22:54:42 mircea_popescu: USTARD LIVES MATTER!111

22:54:45 mircea_popescu: not in this world, bub.

22:55:49 ascii_butugychag: actually i will point out, re: earlier observation, that the battery and motor are worth, using the free market (ebay) metric, 10k max

22:56:05 ascii_butugychag: the rest, as with other idiot golden toilets, is for 'intellectual proooooperty'

22:56:08 ascii_butugychag: pooperty.

22:56:12 *: BingoBoingo just like the Irony of Musk personally wrecking derps car into undeliverability after deposit placed

22:56:17 mircea_popescu: no wae ?!

22:56:36 mircea_popescu: ascii_butugychag what did you look at ?

22:56:44 ascii_butugychag: folks have been building electromobiles for decades

22:56:46 ascii_butugychag: out of scrap

22:56:55 ascii_butugychag: a century, even

22:57:05 mircea_popescu: but what did you look at ?

22:57:43 mircea_popescu: https://www.teslamotors.com/support/model-s-specifications << imbeciles don't list battery capacity. wtf is with these people.

22:57:44 assbot: Model S Specifications | Tesla Motors ... ( http://bit.ly/1S5krH2 )

22:58:00 ascii_butugychag: take, say,

22:58:01 ascii_butugychag: http://www.ebay.com/itm/200-HP-RELIANCE-ELECTRICAL-MOTOR-TYPE-T-R-U326781-T1-/252252847844

22:58:02 assbot: 200 HP Reliance Electrical Motor Type T R U326781 T1 | eBay ... ( http://bit.ly/1S5kt1G )

22:58:03 mircea_popescu: "70 kWh or 85 kWh microprocessor controlled, lithium-ion battery". what the fuck does this mean.

22:58:34 BingoBoingo: mircea_popescu: Why list a capacity that is just going to rapidly decay as soon as it leaves the lot?

22:58:51 ben_vulpes: > thought questions

22:58:54 ben_vulpes: wth

22:59:03 BingoBoingo: Li-ion decays much faster than RTG

22:59:05 mircea_popescu: so what do you think is a fair price per li/ion kWh, ascii_butugychag ?

22:59:11 mircea_popescu: new.

23:00:08 mircea_popescu: seems about 10 bux per Wh, off the boat ?

23:00:41 ascii_butugychag: for very small, prepackaged cells

23:00:45 mircea_popescu: even at 1/10 that, 70kWh battery is then 70k.

23:00:53 mircea_popescu: these are kinda small, prepackaged.

23:01:14 mircea_popescu: anyway, "very small" as in 1-10 Ah, 12-18 V sort of thing. medium

23:01:28 mircea_popescu: very small is 4.95 for .6 Ah or such

23:01:47 mircea_popescu: .06*

23:02:24 ascii_butugychag: incidentally, i sure as fuck wouldn't use li ion

23:02:28 ascii_butugychag: mega-scam.

23:02:37 ascii_butugychag: decays rapidly.

23:02:45 mircea_popescu: well i guess there's that.

23:02:53 mircea_popescu: but still, Three phase, four pole AC induction motor with copper rotor << this thing is well over 10k at that power.

23:03:04 ascii_butugychag: i linked to the motor.

23:03:04 mircea_popescu: so, yeah, just the scavengeable parts retail for less in the tesla than they would outside.

23:03:12 ascii_butugychag: and why the fuck would i buy a new one?!

23:03:31 mircea_popescu: and you also get a chassis in which you could perhaps put a sane engine.

23:03:40 ascii_butugychag: mno, no transmission

23:03:52 mircea_popescu: dude that shit you linked... jesus god. yes, you can get a zamac thing for "1500".

23:04:08 mircea_popescu: used. no copper. etc.

23:04:20 ascii_butugychag: mircea_popescu: i think these pre-date the zamac thing

23:04:25 mircea_popescu: lol

23:04:25 ascii_butugychag: hell, i'd buy a soviet motor

23:04:28 ascii_butugychag: built for lifts.

23:04:52 deedbot-: [Ossasepia] Making Patterns on Euloran Soil - http://www.dianacoman.com/2016/01/21/making-patterns-on-euloran-soil/

23:04:56 ascii_butugychag: but this is lunacy, i will build own car right after i build own woman.

23:05:23 mircea_popescu: some people like it.

23:06:31 ascii_butugychag: no doubt.

23:06:43 ascii_butugychag: i even would like it, if i liked being in cars.

23:06:48 ascii_butugychag: which i don't.

23:12:16 mod6: !up hanbot

23:12:21 mod6: !up shinohai

23:13:03 hanbot: howdy

23:13:13 mod6: how's it goin?

23:16:23 hanbot: eh, can't complain. got a sunburn, acquired another deskbox...speaking of which i'ma want to test trinque's makefile bonanza soon, may be firing derpquestions.

23:18:14 trinque: fire away

23:23:03 mod6: <+hanbot> eh, can't complain. got a sunburn, acquired another deskbox...speaking of which i'ma want to test trinque's makefile bonanza soon, may be firing derpquestions. << cool! i need some sunshine myself.

23:23:10 assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 92253 @ 0.00055802 = 51.479 BTC [-] {2}

23:23:20 mod6: is this an x86-64 box?

23:26:27 mod6: 'sgottabe if its new

23:26:35 mod6: win

23:27:21 hanbot: mhm

23:29:13 mod6: https://adamsarson.files.wordpress.com/2013/06/riding-the-bull.gif

23:29:18 assbot: ... ( http://bit.ly/1SxTwoV )

23:42:17 mod6: who wants to help ole mod6?

23:42:41 mod6: !up shinohai

23:43:04 shinohai: heh I need to verify

23:43:08 mod6: i need separate sets of eyes to review this logic part here for low-s:

23:43:10 mod6: http://dpaste.com/2MRYCCX.txt

23:43:11 assbot: ... ( http://bit.ly/1KrJpu3 )

23:44:03 mod6: the first line is the actual tx, and this part "DEBUG DER S: <hex S value>" comes from: printf("DEBUG DER S: 0x%s\n", BN_bn2hex(sig->s));

23:45:12 mod6: so anyway, i *think* that one is correct.

23:46:05 shinohai: Also mod6 re: version strings, placing flags first had zero effect so I probably did something wrong. :/

23:46:41 mod6: paste your command string in here.

23:46:50 mod6: we'll get it figured out

23:48:17 shinohai: nohup bitcoind -setverstring=bitcoind -setvernum=99997 -conf=/home/shinohai/.bitcoin/bitcoin.conf -datadir=/home/shinohai/.bitcoin/ -logtimestamps -myip= -verifyall 2>&1 &

23:48:51 mod6: asciilifeform: ^^

23:49:06 mod6: does bitcoind start, even if the verstring doesn't change?

23:49:22 shinohai: Yeah it starts and shows no errors in logs or anything.

23:49:37 mod6: just still has version 9.99.99 or whatever it is?

23:49:56 mod6: (instead of 9.99.97) ?

23:50:03 shinohai: yup. still shows 9.99.99 in start and when I do getinfo

23:50:16 mod6: hmm.

23:51:06 shinohai: But - needless distraction for I am sure you need to concentrate the real effort on this S value problem. >.>

23:51:37 shinohai: If it comes back with a version of "Bitcoin Classic XT" I'm done.

23:53:40 mod6: lel

23:58:39 pete_dushenski: ;;ticker

23:58:41 gribble: Bitfinex BTCUSD ticker | Best bid: 418.51, Best ask: 419.95, Bid-ask spread: 1.44000, Last trade: 419.0, 24 hour volume: 82673.72424267, 24 hour low: 375.01, 24 hour high: 428.0, 24 hour vwap: None

23:58:59 thestringpuller: Announcing Bitcoin Classic Lite

23:59:45 jurov: 80 kWh in "consumer" li-ion cells is ~60k

23:59:48 assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 32200 @ 0.00055802 = 17.9682 BTC [-]

23:59:51 jurov: 60k$