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Transcript for 20-03-2017, 34 lines:

09:56:30 punkman1: "Your country coined (pun intended) the phrase Time is money, yet your Sorry As A Service department of incapables never seemed to have received this memo. After two months of humiliating process of wire transfer, your unsuccessful operation of delivering a simple transaction has ran our business to the ground!"

09:56:48 punkman: Sorry As A Service!

09:57:21 punkman: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10101600372983034

09:57:21 assbot: ... ( http://bit.ly/2ndu91Z )

15:30:34 funkenstein_: " the blockchain shall be deemed to exist only if has diverged incompatibly from the blockchain defined by Bitcoin Core. If no Bitcoin Unlimited blockchain exists pursuant to these T+Cs, BCU tokens shall be deemed to have a value equal to zero and shall be confiscated and destroyed by Bitfinex. "

15:31:03 funkenstein_: this is quite a narrow scope for a bet.

15:32:43 funkenstein_: in other lulz http://btcpowupdate.org/

15:32:44 assbot: BTC PoW Upgrade Initiative ... ( http://bit.ly/2nKx1S2 )

15:35:09 funkenstein_: BCU tokens still trading at 250 millies or so despite "hard fork before Dec. 31 2017 or we keep all your money" clause

15:38:05 funkenstein_: as I am reading these terms and conditions (wow that wasn't so hard to type out in full), a bet or purchase of BCC tokens means that if no fork occurs, you keep your money.. whereas a bet for BCU means you lose your money in the event of "nothing happens"

15:40:44 funkenstein_: a curious way to set it up, anybody know why they chose this asymmetry?

15:43:15 funkenstein_: https://github.com/dashpay/dash/blob/master/src/main.cpp#L1741 <-- ah it's nice to have simple rules governing your monetary supply

15:43:17 assbot: dash/main.cpp at master · dashpay/dash · GitHub ... ( http://bit.ly/2nKffhA )

15:44:42 kakobrekla: l0l

15:45:43 kakobrekla: isnt there some mechanism which makes dash supply less and less over time

15:45:49 kakobrekla: nfi i heard something like that

15:46:44 funkenstein_: its amazing how people don't look at this stuff

15:46:44 assbot: AMAZING COMPANY!

15:48:28 kakobrekla: ya well its open sores. somebody somewhere sometime somehow looked at it. probably!

15:49:02 funkenstein_: number of shares outstanding? who cares, price is going up don't get left oout

15:49:15 funkenstein_: so er, no, not that I know of kakobrekla

15:49:52 funkenstein_: eth however does has some small "burn" of "gas" though this could hardly offset 18M per annum supply increase in perpetuity

15:51:21 kakobrekla: oh ok

15:51:58 funkenstein_: i never understood that sunny king thing of tying subsidy to difficulty, and i was surprised to see a little of that in the dash code

15:52:49 kakobrekla: oh right, what happened to that guy

15:52:53 kakobrekla: disappeared eh

16:36:09 funkenstein_: in other lulz / exercises woodcoin goes full prb https://github.com/funkshelper/woodcore

16:36:10 assbot: GitHub - funkshelper/woodcore: Woodcoin-core source tree ... ( http://bit.ly/2nKE8tK )

17:25:04 jurov: ['10','10','10','10','10'].map(parseInt)

17:25:16 jurov: result in JS: [ 10, NaN, 2, 3, 4 ]

17:26:15 kakobrekla: wut

17:26:38 jurov: tryi it

17:34:47 funkenstein_: interesting, parseInt takes a second argument as the radix and will get the array index as this parameter by default

17:40:46 kakobrekla: sorry, busy watching strangelove currently :)