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Transcript for 22-10-2014, 2720 lines:

00:00:11 BingoBoingo: ben_vulpes: Valgrind?

00:02:54 jurov: ben_vulpes: paste it?

00:03:26 ben_vulpes: oh sorry, too much brevity.

00:03:32 ben_vulpes: the compiler poops a binary onto disk.

00:03:42 jurov: lol

00:03:43 ben_vulpes: i have no idea what's actually *in* the thing.

00:04:54 Apocalyptic: poops a binary onto disk without anything on stdout or stderr ?

00:05:22 Apocalyptic: what compiler is this

00:05:37 ben_vulpes: no, it makes sensible output.

00:05:38 jurov: make can be set up to be silent

00:05:39 ben_vulpes: i can paste for you.

00:05:41 assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 25400 @ 0.0007406 = 18.8112 BTC [+] {2}

00:06:09 jurov: i dont understand. it's not ./bitcoind but something other?

00:06:20 Apocalyptic: <jurov> make can be set up to be silent // sure, everthing can be

00:06:21 ben_vulpes: no it's fine absolutely fine everything is fine

00:06:31 ben_vulpes: (as fine as the cpp bitcoin turd can be)

00:06:33 jurov: oh you drama queen

00:06:37 Apocalyptic: heh

00:07:53 ben_vulpes: jurov: what was the stack smashing you were talking about recently?

00:08:09 ben_vulpes: -f-stack-protector?

00:08:53 jurov: oh that makes gcc to place a canary on the stack and crash if it's overwritten

00:09:05 jurov: *makes gcc to generate code to...

00:09:29 ben_vulpes: ah k

00:10:05 Apocalyptic: ben_vulpes, have you read the HARDENING section in the makefile ? I think there is one from 0.6.2, not sure before

00:10:14 ben_vulpes: kinda looks like that's in there already, jurov

00:11:00 ben_vulpes: HARDENING=fno-stack-protector -fstack-protector-all -Wstack-protector

00:11:19 ben_vulpes: xCXXFLAGS=....$(HARDENING)

00:11:27 jurov: mkay

00:11:52 jurov: In gcc 4.9, the new option -fstack-protector-strong is supported.

00:12:39 jurov: but you should be fine

00:14:17 ben_vulpes: 1 warning, but i think it's fine: https://www.refheap.com/92127

00:14:19 assbot: anonymous's paste: 92127

00:14:26 *: ben_vulpes doesn't actually know c - the horror!

00:18:54 jurov: ah, nothig that could not be fixed by rm -rf /

00:19:16 ben_vulpes: rm -rf / solves all problems

00:19:21 ben_vulpes: look ma, problems?

00:19:24 joecool: i like rm -fr /

00:19:35 jurov: "french cleaning"

00:19:40 BingoBoingo: i++ solves problems too...

00:19:59 ben_vulpes: ;;ud french cleaning

00:20:00 gribble: http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=pipe%20cleaning | The act of having sexual intercourse with a woman while she is having her period with the intention to help her "clean her pipe".

00:20:06 ben_vulpes: pwahahaha

00:20:46 joecool: rip fleanode

00:25:30 ben_vulpes: irc.serenissima.butts when

00:28:09 assbot: Last 2 lines bashed and pending review. ( http://dpaste.com/3626DAE.txt )

00:28:09 BingoBoingo: !b 2

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00:43:32 ben_vulpes: can we start counting in years since the first coinbase yet?

00:44:00 jurov: what is the "first coinbase"?

00:44:25 ben_vulpes: block zero

00:44:46 ben_vulpes: http://blockexplorer.com/block/000000000019d6689c085ae165831e934ff763ae46a2a6c172b3f1b60a8ce26f

00:44:46 assbot: Block 0 - Bitcoin Block Explorer

00:44:52 ben_vulpes: jan 3rd, 2009

00:45:13 ben_vulpes: puts us in the fifth year of our savior satoshi

00:50:08 ben_vulpes: !up KayTheFlower

00:50:13 ben_vulpes: say please and thank you

00:50:17 cazalla: http://www.washingtonpost.com/news/checkpoint/wp/2014/10/21/u-s-accidentally-delivered-weapons-to-the-islamic-state-by-airdrop-militants-allege/

00:50:18 assbot: U.S. accidentally delivered weapons to the Islamic State by airdrop, militants say - The Washington Post

00:50:27 KayTheFlower: yay

00:50:31 KayTheFlower: ben_vulpes, thank you

00:50:35 jurov: ;;blocks

00:50:35 gribble: 326384

00:50:52 jurov: ;;calc 326384/365/24/6

00:50:52 gribble: 6.2097412481

00:50:54 ben_vulpes: what d'you have for us, KayTheFlower?

00:51:04 KayTheFlower: idk

00:51:06 jurov: sixth year you heretic!

00:51:41 jurov: year has now 52560 blocks

00:51:48 TheNewDeal: asciilifeform how old are ye, if it's ok to ask?

00:52:00 ben_vulpes: ;;calc 2014 - 2009

00:52:00 gribble: 5

00:52:21 jurov: ben_vulpes is weak in the faith

00:52:27 Apocalyptic: ben_vulpes, yeah, but you start at year 1

00:52:57 ben_vulpes: "the first year"

00:53:00 ben_vulpes: year 0

00:53:06 ben_vulpes: i don't think these are exclusive

00:54:10 ben_vulpes: gotta wait for the shartup to come along claiming "zeroth best amazingth" i guess now

00:54:10 assbot: AMAZING COMPANY!

00:54:20 ben_vulpes: foomazingh

00:54:24 ben_vulpes: fooamazingh

00:54:24 assbot: AMAZING COMPANY!

00:54:31 ben_vulpes: foo\amazingh

00:54:31 assbot: AMAZING COMPANY!

00:54:39 Apocalyptic: they are not indeed

00:55:00 ben_vulpes: assbot must run on lisp machines

00:55:01 ben_vulpes: unhackable

00:55:04 jurov: 1 is the penultimate number

00:55:21 Apocalyptic: but it flaws your logic as has been demonstrated

00:55:40 ben_vulpes: ah jesus what happened to my maths

00:55:52 jurov: weak fith, as i said

00:55:55 jurov: *faith

00:55:58 jurov: repent!

00:56:01 ben_vulpes: i plead the fith

00:57:34 BingoBoingo: https://twitter.com/hashtag/TwitterTorLockout?src=hash

00:57:36 assbot: Tweets over #TwitterTorLockout op Twitter.

00:58:11 jurov: http://www.portfolio.hu/en/economy/hungary_to_impose_internet_levy_in_2015_tax_plans_show.28561.html

00:58:11 assbot: PORTFOLIO.HU | Hungary to impose Internet levy in 2015, tax plans show

00:58:43 jurov: about half euro/GB

00:58:52 jurov: such progressive

00:59:19 Apocalyptic: heh

01:00:06 kakobrekla: yea, is not so bad here in somalia

01:01:55 jurov: the Internet tax is estimated to generate HUF 20 bn for the budget

01:02:23 jurov: ;;calc 20000000000/150

01:02:23 gribble: 133333333.333

01:02:49 jurov: 133 exabytes?

01:03:42 Apocalyptic: Orban is expecting the blocksize increase ofc

01:04:10 kakobrekla: log is back up and now works on a 30sec delay

01:04:41 jurov: to prevent naked boob sightings?

01:05:29 kakobrekla: its a different box

01:05:41 kakobrekla: also mirror coming possibly tomorrow

01:06:30 BingoBoingo: Beautiful

01:06:34 kakobrekla: or day after, ill be sorta away tomorro

01:06:43 ben_vulpes: oop kakobrekla making product mistakes

01:06:48 ben_vulpes: features

01:06:51 ben_vulpes: deadlines

01:06:59 ben_vulpes: commitments

01:07:01 kakobrekla: lol

01:07:09 jurov: kako ist the 0th bestest

01:07:17 ben_vulpes: no fith

01:10:02 BingoBoingo: condiments

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01:22:26 kakobrekla: !up paxtoncamaro91

01:22:50 ben_vulpes: http://cascadianhacker.com/blog/2014/10/21_instructions-on-building-bitcoin-053-from-source-on-debian-6-squeeze.html

01:22:51 assbot: Instructions on Building Bitcoin 0.5.3 from Source on Debian 6 (Squeeze)

01:23:42 decimation: kakobrekla: where in somalia do you live? the mog?

01:24:32 kakobrekla: its actually slovenia. i write somalia so mp doesnt get confused.

01:25:18 decimation: lol

01:26:18 asciilifeform: TheNewDeal: ~31

01:26:31 asciilifeform: TheNewDeal: why

01:26:57 TheNewDeal: just curious, was reading loper.os from 2009 and I'm trying to get an idea of author age

01:27:41 jurov: did you guess?

01:27:42 asciilifeform: TheNewDeal: what was your guess?

01:27:57 TheNewDeal: ahhh I hadn't formatted a guess!

01:28:06 TheNewDeal: should have questioned before revealing the answer

01:28:09 asciilifeform: lol

01:28:10 BingoBoingo: TheNewDeal: asciilifeform is old enought to come to his Loper position out of actual bitterness rather than n00b kid delusion, but still young enough to hope he has the decades to realize them.

01:28:27 BingoBoingo: My initial guess placed asciilifeform in his later 30's

01:28:44 asciilifeform: i've had folks write in who guess 50s or even more.

01:29:03 BingoBoingo: I saw them in your comments

01:30:02 jurov: over two decades of such bitterness? hard to imagine

01:30:04 decimation: asciilifeform: you were probably born about 30 years late

01:30:05 TheNewDeal: I wouldnt have been suprised if you said 50

01:30:22 RagnarDanneskjol: I'd bet 42-45

01:30:45 ben_vulpes: lol

01:30:50 ben_vulpes: guessing after the reveal

01:30:57 ben_vulpes: what is this, late bettor hour?

01:30:57 RagnarDanneskjol: ahh I missed it

01:31:06 asciilifeform: i think someone even asked before

01:31:07 kakobrekla: RagnarDanneskjol no refund.

01:31:11 RagnarDanneskjol: ha

01:33:33 jurov: hi othernubs`

01:33:45 jurov: got my torah suggestion?

01:34:05 othernubs`: asciilifeform, you want to include qt source code or leave it out?

01:34:06 BingoBoingo: !up reggiesells

01:34:12 othernubs`: jurov, nod

01:34:16 asciilifeform: othernubs`: out

01:34:34 mircea_popescu: kay the flower ?!

01:34:36 asciilifeform: othernubs`: wait 0.6 is qt already

01:34:36 BingoBoingo: Wait, there's two nubs nao?

01:34:37 asciilifeform: ?

01:34:41 jurov: so, openssl stays in :DDDD

01:34:49 othernubs`: is there an easy way you can tag which files you'd like?

01:34:51 asciilifeform: mebbe we ought to do 0.1 ?

01:34:57 othernubs`: asciilifeform, there's a /src/qt/ anyway

01:35:09 asciilifeform: when exactly did the worthwhile patches end...

01:35:15 *: asciilifeform digs through notes

01:35:16 BingoBoingo: asciilifeform: Maybe I recall wrong but I think the switch from wx widgets to Qt happened ~0.3.X-ish

01:35:35 othernubs`: github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/releases

01:36:06 kakobrekla: if its for masturbation only, then prolly 0.1 is a better call

01:36:19 asciilifeform: kakobrekla: depends

01:36:24 decimation: it would be useful if someone 'hardforked' 0.6 and maintained it

01:36:39 asciilifeform: decimation: i think mircea_popescu does?

01:36:58 kakobrekla: decimation 'hardfork' != 'hard print' :)

01:37:01 decimation: does he? is there a repo?

01:37:14 decimation: heh

01:37:18 *: asciilifeform doesn't recall seeing it, possibly he never bothered publishing

01:37:29 asciilifeform: mircea_popescu: ?

01:42:08 ben_vulpes: decimation: why 0.6?

01:42:30 decimation: ben_vulpes: I donno, I haven't looked into that in detail

01:42:44 decimation: I guess we want a version without idiotic patches

01:43:11 asciilifeform: which'd be the earliest that would interoperate with the majority of extant nodes?

01:43:31 *: ben_vulpes digs through notes as well

01:43:38 decimation: that's a good question, and should be answerable. Don't the clients identify with a string?

01:44:00 othernubs`: asciilifeform, looks like /src/qt has been there since late september 2011

01:44:33 decimation: it's not in 0.1

01:45:27 BingoBoingo: asciilifeform: The earliest is going to probably be 0.4 or late 0.3.x series

01:45:42 othernubs`: 0.4.0 does not have qt, 0.5.0 does

01:45:55 BingoBoingo: patches to the bdb conf because... Hearn sucks

01:45:59 othernubs`: it was merged just before 0.4.1

01:46:25 asciilifeform: ;;later tell mircea_popescu care to share your 0.6 patch set for the paper codex?

01:46:25 gribble: The operation succeeded.

01:46:25 ben_vulpes: my 0.5.3 node hasn't barfed yet

01:46:30 BingoBoingo: othernubs`: qt not necessary to interact with majority of nodes

01:46:38 othernubs`: no, course not

01:46:46 *: asciilifeform never once in his life used the qt ver

01:47:38 othernubs`: you can build either bitcoin-qt or bitcoind with the same codebase

01:47:43 othernubs`: there's instructions for both

01:48:11 othernubs`: (see bitcoin-0.x.x/INSTALL)

01:48:51 asciilifeform: i'd sorta like all the gui-isms snipped

01:49:06 *: asciilifeform would do it himself but lazy, hence the impetus for the whole proposal

01:49:17 decimation: I like how the old releases are marked 'obsolete'

01:49:44 othernubs`: heh yeah

01:49:49 ben_vulpes: they're running out of levers to drive adoption otherwise

01:49:55 othernubs`: not deprecated ;p

01:50:02 othernubs`: OBSOLETE

01:50:35 decimation: which is why a hardfork with a different name is necessary, so the n00bs can be educated

01:51:30 asciilifeform: 'axe-time, sword-time, coming closer...'

01:52:35 othernubs`: 84% of user agents report 0.8.5 or newer

01:53:07 decimation: right but what percent of miners?

01:53:17 decimation: weighted by hash

01:53:38 decimation: !up paxtoncamaro91

01:53:55 decimation: !up ukyo

01:54:08 decimation: !up username0

01:54:15 TheNewDeal: ukyo

01:54:19 asciilifeform: http://cluborlov.blogspot.com/2014/10/how-to-start-war-and-lose-empire.html

01:54:19 assbot: ClubOrlov: How to start a war and lose an empire

01:54:26 othernubs`: decimation, no idea

01:54:29 asciilifeform: '...Obama is still more popular than Ebola, but not by much.'

01:54:30 mod6: ben_vulpes: thanks for putting that script together.

01:54:30 othernubs`: you tell me!

01:54:33 TheNewDeal: like the bitfunder ukyo?

01:54:37 ben_vulpes: decimation: how would one ever know?

01:54:42 ben_vulpes: mod6: glad you like it!

01:54:47 mod6: when it's ready are you gonna put it up on github or some place?

01:54:51 decimation: nothing other than voluntary disclosure I guess

01:54:58 ben_vulpes: what, is my personal site not adequate?

01:55:13 ben_vulpes: it's not meant for curl2sudo broheims

01:55:24 mod6: it's fine im sure. i'll look for the link. just saw the paste from before.

01:55:29 ben_vulpes: hehe

01:55:32 ben_vulpes: yeah, take a look

01:55:37 ben_vulpes: i'd love your code review as well sir

01:55:47 othernubs`: decimation, i'm actually having a hard time finding numbers on miner stats

01:55:58 mod6: ok np. i'll take a look

01:56:00 ben_vulpes: i think its sanely factored. far more so than pankakke's obfuscated bash competition entry.

01:56:11 BingoBoingo: <othernubs`> 84% of user agents report 0.8.5 or newer << Occasional 0.8.x node may be considered polite in allowing certain SPV clients connectivity.

01:56:58 othernubs`: ah, heh.

01:56:59 ben_vulpes: occasional 0.5.3 node may advertise itself as 0.9 for reasons of camoflauge

01:57:11 BingoBoingo: othernubs`> decimation, i'm actually having a hard time finding numbers on miner stats << Pool ops rarely run "stock" parts

01:57:13 othernubs`: ben_vulpes, but to what end

01:57:25 ben_vulpes: why so as to not get whacked

01:57:31 assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 17300 @ 0.00074064 = 12.8131 BTC [+]

01:57:40 ben_vulpes: nail that sticks up gets smacked down, as the nips say

01:57:42 asciilifeform: now if only someone of actual consequence were willing to share what he actually uses...

01:58:45 decimation: X-Rob: you are a miner right? what client do you run?

02:00:55 decimation: " The Americans invaded Afghanistan because the Taleban would not relinquish Osama Bin Laden (who was a CIA operative) unless Americans produced evidence implicating him in 9/11—which did not exist. " lol orlov

02:01:31 decimation: don't tell me orlov is a 'truther'

02:01:41 BingoBoingo: http://www.theangrypharmacist.com/archives/2014/10/norpocalypse.html

02:01:42 assbot: The Angry Pharmacist » Blog Archive » Norpocalypse

02:01:56 BingoBoingo: decimation: Well in the 80's Bin Laden was a CIA asset

02:02:11 *: asciilifeform doesn't buy even half of mr. bush & co.'s fairy tale either.

02:03:53 othernubs`: asciilifeform, you want the JSON code or no? i'd deem it crufty unless you particularly want it

02:04:02 asciilifeform: snipsnip.

02:04:15 asciilifeform: make sure result builds.

02:04:15 othernubs`: makefiles?

02:04:22 asciilifeform: yes

02:04:35 decimation: lol syntax highlight the m4

02:04:41 asciilifeform: result must not only build but actually function

02:04:51 asciilifeform: (e.g. multi-dest sends)

02:05:04 mircea_popescu: and now to logs.

02:05:20 BingoBoingo: othernubs`: What are your printing specs on this looking like?

02:05:39 assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 22525 @ 0.00073982 = 16.6644 BTC [-]

02:05:46 mod6: any reason for deb 6 and not the latest?

02:06:05 othernubs`: BingoBoingo, i'm a few days away from even attempting to answer that

02:06:26 BingoBoingo: othernubs`: Mostly I'm just wondering about the sort of paper you are printing on.

02:06:40 assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 14650 @ 0.00073912 = 10.8281 BTC [-]

02:06:48 ben_vulpes: https://github.com/istib/helm-aws << ahahahaha

02:06:49 assbot: istib/helm-aws GitHub

02:06:50 othernubs`: probably Cougar 65lb white

02:06:56 ben_vulpes: now that just goes too goddamn far i tell you

02:06:59 asciilifeform: ideally this should be precisely the kind of paper found in the 1st edition of kernighan & ritchie's 'c'.

02:07:08 ben_vulpes: configuring instances by hand is not allowed, emacs or no

02:07:20 othernubs`: depends on final page count

02:07:27 asciilifeform: 1978.

02:07:41 othernubs`: asciilifeform, /src/test/* ?

02:07:48 asciilifeform: nope

02:07:53 asciilifeform: just the pieces necessary for function.

02:08:04 othernubs`: barest bones, IOW

02:08:09 asciilifeform: barest that can walk.

02:08:16 othernubs`: 50MB windows install

02:08:29 asciilifeform: lol, was it really?

02:08:45 othernubs`: lel jk

02:09:07 decimation: 65 pound paper is pretty heavy isn't it?

02:09:10 othernubs`: ah, i can only test osx compile

02:09:30 othernubs`: decimation, it's not bad for large sheets. thinner paper rips

02:09:42 asciilifeform: k&r paper.

02:09:45 decimation: yeah I could see that

02:09:48 asciilifeform: glossy, indestructible.

02:09:54 othernubs`: right now i'm thinking like folio size, that may change

02:10:07 othernubs`: k&r paper, hm

02:10:10 asciilifeform: fixed font only, if that needed saying

02:10:30 othernubs`: natch

02:10:42 mod6: ben_vulpes: <+mod6> any reason for deb 6 and not the latest?

02:11:05 othernubs`: you have a preference for thicker or thinner?

02:11:21 othernubs`: say terminal vs courier new

02:11:24 ben_vulpes: mod6: it's what was in production during that 0.5.3 release

02:11:49 mod6: ah. ok.

02:12:32 othernubs`: asciilifeform, the library's closed, care to stab a guess at the paper weight in k&r?

02:13:17 mod6: im gonna build up a vm of this and give your script a try: debian-6.0.10-amd64-CD-1.iso

02:13:29 joecool: i have a copy of that around, is there a way to test?

02:13:39 *: othernubs` shrugs helplessly

02:13:58 ben_vulpes: mod6: i'd be thrilled if you'd test it for me. i've been testing it against an amazon image, but more eyes etc etc etc

02:14:09 ben_vulpes: pull the latest from cascadianhacker.com if you'd be so kind

02:14:10 othernubs`: you have any other paper of known make to compare it to?

02:14:45 mod6: yup, found it over here: http://cascadianhacker.com/blog/2014/10/21_instructions-on-building-bitcoin-053-from-source-on-debian-6-squeeze.html

02:14:46 assbot: Instructions on Building Bitcoin 0.5.3 from Source on Debian 6 (Squeeze)

02:15:11 mircea_popescu: TheNewDeal: mircea_popescu was that AdamIRaway guy really a developer in the MMADX platform? << i have no idea. he said no. one of the guys he lists as associates was involved with it.

02:15:34 TheNewDeal: Gotcha, was curious why the connection was established

02:15:39 mod6: so far, looks ok. im nazi about some spacing, but it looks functional ;)

02:15:51 mod6: let you know more when I know more.

02:16:06 *: BingoBoingo thinks archival paper, /me thinks something like http://www.cometsupply.com/mp/EPSON+AMERICA/pm/EPSSP91203/r/ga/?gclid=CLX1_deXv8ECFcRcMgodfREAqA

02:16:34 decimation: ben_vulpes: that's a helpful blog (your summary of major changes)

02:16:50 assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 19150 @ 0.00073526 = 14.0802 BTC [-] {2}

02:16:54 othernubs`: Cougar is acid-free archival quality ;)

02:16:58 mircea_popescu: TheNewDeal well it;s in the log, but anyway, guy goes "we're doing x with a b c and d". since b worked on x' 5 years ago and x' went nowhere after initial enthusiasm, a reasonable probing.

02:17:16 mircea_popescu: decimation innit.

02:17:28 BingoBoingo: <asciilifeform> glossy, indestructible. << long term problem with glossy paper is it tends to flake.. Not just ink, but white surface...

02:17:29 TheNewDeal: I am catching up the logs, which is why I brought it up

02:18:34 mircea_popescu: yeah maybe a good idea to use low acid paper

02:18:39 decimation: my good bible is printed on very thin but weirdly strong paper. thin paper is nice, in the sense that it tends to lie flat

02:18:48 mircea_popescu: decimation cotton paper. expensive.

02:19:03 othernubs`: BingoBoingo, asciilifeform the paper i've got in mind is almost precisely double the weight of standard white bond paper, acid-free, archival quality, semi-gloss finish, 98 brightness

02:19:07 mod6: i can't believe that pinwheel said he was still gonna hard-fork in the AMA (thx for readers digest qntra) even after this: http://fraudsters.com/2014/usgavin-the-lolcow/ | I suspect that he reads fraudsters too. lollerskates.

02:19:08 assbot: USGavin, the lolcow pe fraudsters - Un blog de Mircea Popescu.

02:19:11 decimation: yeah it wasn't cheap

02:19:44 othernubs`: decimation, mircea_popescu bibles are like fine cigarette papers, made from rice

02:19:57 mircea_popescu: nah, it's cotton/linen

02:20:00 mircea_popescu: ;;google india paper

02:20:01 gribble: India paper - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/India_paper; What is India Paper and How is it Used? - Desktop Publishing: http://desktoppub.about.com/od/glossary/g/India-Paper.htm; India Paper: http://www.indiapaper.com/

02:20:09 othernubs`: brb

02:20:12 BingoBoingo: othernubs`: Ah

02:20:48 mircea_popescu: mod6 the funny thign is that it'll fail, and he'll still bitch and pretend like he's involved in bitcoin

02:20:50 mircea_popescu: even after that

02:21:03 mircea_popescu: i mean, not like either him or hearn quit after the previous failed fork debacle.

02:21:30 mircea_popescu: and, exactly like described in the quoted thing, idiots and imbeciles on reddit will congratulate him for "having saved" bitcoin.

02:21:33 mircea_popescu: weird world, the us.

02:22:22 ben_vulpes: mod6: let me know what style inputs you have

02:22:28 mod6: yea! remember that?! he was all "NO ONE SEND ANY COINZ!!!111 ROLL BACK!"

02:22:36 othernubs`: india paper, how bout that!!

02:22:47 TheNewDeal: ping Ukyo

02:22:47 ben_vulpes: mod6: lol "functional" as in the programming style or "functional" in that "kinda sorta mebbe works"

02:22:47 othernubs`: anyway, OOTQ for this

02:22:49 mircea_popescu: othernubs` i was also briefly in publishing.

02:22:51 *: mod6 bangs head

02:23:24 mod6: ben_vulpes: in the sense that "this looks like it works" :}

02:23:51 othernubs`: mircea_popescu, so you're spilling your seekrit code fork or what?!

02:24:03 mircea_popescu: wait wut ?

02:24:20 BingoBoingo: !up moldysnizz

02:24:23 *: othernubs` scrolls up helplessly

02:24:28 othernubs`: check your ;;later tells

02:24:41 decimation: it also has nice smith-sewn double binding with soft leather

02:24:41 mircea_popescu: oh. no, i've not published a bitcoin fork.

02:24:54 othernubs`: not yet

02:25:18 *: BingoBoingo would like to see more books made of Tyvek and similar

02:25:21 mircea_popescu: the future's not ours to tell...

02:25:37 mod6: the only fork should be rolling back to pre-powerranger derpitude. too bad about atc tho.

02:25:51 othernubs`: well, if a mysterious manuscript shows up here...

02:26:09 othernubs`: mod6, 0.3.19 is last "satoshi code"

02:26:32 mod6: yeah, that was pre-DBD tho iirc.

02:26:37 mod6: bah *BDB

02:26:55 mircea_popescu: lol @the silbert thing and generally bitpay's derpage. seriously, they think they're going to compete with us as a closed source usg-agent ?

02:27:07 othernubs`: BingoBoingo, tyvek is possible with our setup, but golden-toilet-y

02:27:07 mircea_popescu: jesus the things hard drugs do to people.

02:27:43 BingoBoingo: othernubs`: Just think of all of that longetivity though...

02:28:03 othernubs`: pro inks on acid-free paper lasts quite a while too

02:28:22 BingoBoingo: braille punched out of teflon seems super from a machine readable perspective too.

02:28:31 othernubs`: tyvek would be great if you're installing it in an outdoor park

02:29:00 mod6: <+ben_vulpes> mod6: let me know what style inputs you have << once tested, will do!

02:29:17 ben_vulpes: functional inputs vastly more important though

02:29:25 mod6: it's trivial. you'll lul

02:29:28 joecool: othernubs`: could you do a building wrap with it?

02:29:49 BingoBoingo: othernubs`: Well.. you gotta think centuries instead of decades

02:30:01 mircea_popescu: omfg hussling the nubbin!

02:30:21 othernubs`: BingoBoingo, almost sounds like you're footing the bill :)

02:30:43 BingoBoingo: othernubs`: Well if you get this set up I may eventually want a copy.

02:30:52 mod6: me too

02:31:05 mod6: plzkthx

02:31:29 mod6: can you make one out of stone?

02:31:33 *: mod6 laughs

02:32:18 mircea_popescu: gribble: http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=pipe%20cleaning | The act of having sexual intercourse with a woman while she is having her period with the intention to help her "clean her pipe". <<< actually, there's a special cannula procedure for this

02:32:18 assbot: Urban Dictionary: pipe cleaning

02:32:34 ben_vulpes: hussling? is this some odd mix of hassling and hustling?

02:32:52 mircea_popescu: ;;google Karman cannula

02:32:53 gribble: Karman cannula - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Karman_cannula; Karman's cannula and vacuum aspirator in gynecological practice.: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC2607982/; Flexible Karman Cannulae - HPSRx: http://www.hpsrx.com/assets/flexible_karman_cannulae.pdf

02:33:01 othernubs`: so if we're going with 0.6.0, i'm gonna need to know what's required and what's not for a minimum build

02:33:08 mircea_popescu: ben_vulpes no, it's the hustling of hussies.

02:33:27 othernubs`: if anyone's interested in being immortalized in the thank-yous, let me know

02:33:56 mircea_popescu: othernubs` sure, how's that go ?

02:34:27 ben_vulpes: yeah i'll take free credit for no work

02:34:45 othernubs`: heh

02:34:47 mircea_popescu: I READ THE LOG!!!

02:34:49 mircea_popescu: hater.

02:34:54 othernubs`: no free lunch

02:35:00 mircea_popescu: othernubs` well ?

02:35:16 othernubs`: i want a list of files req'd to build a minimal working install

02:36:01 othernubs`: all the news that's fit to print and none that's not

02:36:52 mircea_popescu: lmao @ hungary

02:37:02 mircea_popescu: everything thinks it's a country now.

02:38:31 asciilifeform: othernubs`: see ubiquitous 'lions book' that we're imitating: http://v6.cuzuco.com/v6.pdf

02:38:36 asciilifeform: othernubs`: can we lift font there?

02:39:12 assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 25600 @ 0.00073673 = 18.8603 BTC [+] {2}

02:39:51 mircea_popescu: ben_vulpes: what is this, late bettor hour? <<< asciilifeform will keep his bet now.

02:40:01 othernubs`: asciilifeform, yeah, no prob

02:40:57 mircea_popescu: decimation: it would be useful if someone 'hardforked' 0.6 and maintained it << quite.

02:41:17 mircea_popescu: and actually, i AM looking for binary maintainers for gentoo/debian(ubuntu)/windoze/etc for a bunch of code

02:41:26 mircea_popescu: namely, eulora, btc, there';s a lot of work to do, and it's paid.

02:41:35 mircea_popescu: so how about someone hit me up on it.

02:41:56 asciilifeform: mircea_popescu: pipe << popular in usa in certain circles, in the '70s, i'm told

02:42:01 mircea_popescu: after all, if usgavin wants a fork, he can have a fork, what's the big deal.

02:42:44 mircea_popescu: decimation: does he? is there a repo? << there's no repo.

02:43:18 mircea_popescu: asciilifeform: which'd be the earliest that would interoperate with the majority of extant nodes? << last hard fork was to .4, so technically anything. but i'd say a .6 something'd be the best choice.

02:44:22 mircea_popescu: decimation: which is why a hardfork with a different name is necessary, so the n00bs can be educated << no. the name is bitcoin.

02:44:45 mircea_popescu: usgavin can make usbitcoin, or they can have gavin & mike's extra special bitcoin-identical flavouring "i can't believe it's not blockchain"

02:45:03 decimation: heh yeah that's legit.

02:45:08 mircea_popescu: but the notion that .9 is "bitcoin" is laughable on its face.

02:45:11 decimation: over time the distros will be convinced

02:45:18 assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 25500 @ 0.00074018 = 18.8746 BTC [+] {2}

02:45:24 mircea_popescu: what's next, bitcoin foundation is not a scam parasitizing this space but an actual representative ?

02:45:26 othernubs`: if you're going 0.6 you might as well do 0.6.3

02:45:31 mircea_popescu: there's not enough lsd in the world...

02:46:33 mircea_popescu: and if anyone wants to start a .6 mine, i'll chip in.

02:47:00 mircea_popescu: decimation: rightbut what percent of miners? << better q, what % of coinbase :p

02:47:20 decimation: heh

02:47:33 othernubs`: asciilifeform, v6.pdf appears to be using straight-up courier bold for code

02:47:54 mircea_popescu: you know, just like, "what % of gas station are selling the new gas ?" "dunno, but what % of cars use it ?"

02:48:25 othernubs`: we'll need to put a color name on this

02:48:28 othernubs`: the ____ book

02:48:38 TheNewDeal: mircea_popescu: there's not enough lsd in the world... << agreed

02:48:54 asciilifeform: !s triple power over the forces of hell

02:48:55 assbot: 1 results for 'triple power over the forces of hell' : http://search.bitcoin-assets.com/?q=triple+power+over+the+forces+of+hell

02:49:01 mircea_popescu: The Pink-Violet Book of Bitcoin ?

02:49:14 othernubs`: the blurple book

02:49:19 mircea_popescu: ahahhaha

02:49:23 asciilifeform: vomit book?

02:49:26 othernubs`: compact disc took most of the basic colors

02:50:05 mircea_popescu: The True Book of Bitcoin

02:50:19 Apocalyptic: <othernubs`> if you're going 0.6 you might as well do 0.6.3 // funny thing is, last commit on 0.6.3 is Jun 19, 2012

02:50:19 BingoBoingo: <othernubs`> compact disc took most of the basic colors << Oreilly and pick an animal

02:50:28 mircea_popescu: Bitcoin's Book of Jesus ?

02:50:34 asciilifeform: koraktor!

02:50:38 othernubs`: Apocalyptic, is that indeed funny?

02:50:44 asciilifeform: https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Koraktor

02:50:44 assbot: Koraktor Wikipedia

02:50:46 decimation: theres the rainbow series from nsa

02:50:55 BingoBoingo: <gribble> #21599 || publio || SELL 1.0 ATC @ 1000 Satoshi || None << Interesting

02:51:28 Apocalyptic: othernubs`, nevermind, was gonna compare to the last commit on 0.6.2 which somehow showed me to be in 2011

02:51:31 Apocalyptic: which is nonsense

02:51:40 othernubs`: grey book sounds serious enough and is underutilized

02:51:53 othernubs`: but then the cover has to be grey

02:52:02 Apocalyptic: I guess 0.6.3 should be ok

02:52:29 othernubs`: it seems to be mostly mac bugfixes

02:53:53 othernubs`: okay, informal name and cover art decided

02:53:59 othernubs`: the rest should come together quickly

02:54:05 othernubs`: anyone got that file list yet?

02:54:15 *: asciilifeform surprised how much interest from folks who aren't him

02:54:16 mircea_popescu: it's 3 in the morning and the log is 500 lines ya buncha chatterboxes.

02:54:25 mircea_popescu: asciilifeform you're among friends.

02:54:33 othernubs`: ^

02:54:42 mircea_popescu: also, nubs had decent success with the posters iirc

02:54:51 othernubs`: yep, the forums would eat this book

02:54:54 asciilifeform: who else, i wonder, wishes for one of these

02:54:55 mircea_popescu: which reminds me, The20YearIRCloud any renters yet ?

02:55:11 mircea_popescu: asciilifeform he's prollly going to sell a hundred, you kidding ?

02:55:19 asciilifeform: lol!

02:55:20 asciilifeform: noway

02:55:22 mircea_popescu: my bet is you'll end up with a free book and beer.

02:55:31 *: asciilifeform foretastes beer

02:56:05 othernubs`: are there any useful BIPs we're missing out on?

02:56:17 mircea_popescu: save it for the 2nd edition.

02:56:33 mircea_popescu: ;;ident othernubs`

02:56:34 gribble: Nick 'othernubs`', with hostmask 'othernubs`!~leel@stjhnf0157w-142163081094.dhcp-dynamic.FibreOP.nl.bellaliant.net', is identified as user 'othernubs`', with GPG key id F961A901022D2AFB, key fingerprint 66839483B86EB0955618740DF961A901022D2AFB, and bitcoin address None

02:56:43 mircea_popescu: ugh.

02:56:47 mircea_popescu: what happened there again ?

02:56:54 asciilifeform: where'd they put nubbins` ?

02:57:00 othernubs`: heh

02:57:09 othernubs`: can't go copying keys between machines

02:57:27 othernubs`: ;;gettrust nubbins` othernubs`

02:57:27 gribble: Currently authenticated from hostmask othernubs`!~leel@stjhnf0157w-142163081094.dhcp-dynamic.FibreOP.nl.bellaliant.net. Trust relationship from user nubbins` to user othernubs`: Level 1: 10, Level 2: 0 via 0 connections. Graph: http://b-otc.com/stg?source=nubbins%60&dest=othernubs%60 | WoT data: http://b-otc.com/vrd?nick=othernubs%60 | Rated since: Mon Oct 20 00:55:51 2014

02:57:29 TheNewDeal: can you atleast give yourself a goddamn rating?

02:57:33 mircea_popescu: aok

02:57:36 Apocalyptic: btw mircea, just had a chance to read the usgavin fraudsters piece, it's stunning

02:57:36 mircea_popescu: !up dtr

02:57:40 dtr: hello

02:57:48 mircea_popescu: Apocalyptic you know i got that from a number of ppl ? incl mpoe-pr

02:57:59 mircea_popescu: "gave me goosebumps it's so plainly vivid" she said

02:58:06 Apocalyptic: I saw her comment :)

02:58:19 mircea_popescu: dtr hi. who are you ?

02:58:23 othernubs`: TheNewDeal, how do you think ive had +v all day ;D

02:58:23 Apocalyptic: oh that I didn't know

02:58:35 dtr: i'm me, who are you

02:58:38 TheNewDeal: k, now give me one!

02:58:46 mircea_popescu: !down dtr

02:58:47 mircea_popescu: mkay.

02:59:29 othernubs`: so before i fully dive in here, is it worth asking what's the most recent acceptable version?

03:00:00 mircea_popescu: kinda what ben_vulpes' been working on neh ?

03:00:05 othernubs`: you'd be sad if you paid 1btc for a book that's got a shitty bug, or that's 1 release behind a major improvement

03:00:15 othernubs`: ben_vulpes, speaketh

03:00:25 mircea_popescu: the bug is not so much of a concern, nobody is typing the book into a machine.

03:00:28 mircea_popescu: and a pencil can fix it.

03:00:36 othernubs`: https://bitcoin.org/en/version-history

03:00:37 assbot: Bitcoin Core version history

03:00:47 mircea_popescu: anyway, the consensus seems to be 6.3 ?

03:00:48 asciilifeform: each of us, i suspect, has his own use for book.

03:00:57 BingoBoingo: <mircea_popescu> the bug is not so much of a concern, nobody is typing the book into a machine. << Wait, then what was the purpose again?

03:01:06 mircea_popescu: BingoBoingo crack heads ?

03:01:08 othernubs`: 0.6.3 seems to be the winner

03:01:13 asciilifeform: BingoBoingo: don't confuse this item with phil z's pgp book

03:01:16 mircea_popescu: ;;google and he smithen them with the holy bible

03:01:17 gribble: Chuck Smith :: The Baptism of the Holy Spirit (Part ... - Blue Letter Bible: https://www.blueletterbible.org/Comm/smith_chuck/HolySpirit/hs_05.cfm; Prophecies in the Bible about Joseph Smith - Ensign Jan. 1989 ...: https://www.lds.org/ensign/1989/01/prophecies-in-the-bible-about-joseph-smith?lang=eng; Book of Mormon. A Scripture Testament of Jesus Christ | Mormon.org: (1 more message)

03:01:22 mod6: ben_vulpes's thing is gonna install 0.5.3

03:01:39 mod6: so maybe that version should be bumped up in there, unless I'm missing something.

03:01:46 mircea_popescu: or that.

03:02:44 TheNewDeal: RagnarDanneskjol how long back do these Azelphur logs go?

03:03:32 mircea_popescu: im pretty sure he was here in the first days.

03:04:10 othernubs`: 0.6.0 initial network synchronization is 5x faster than 0.5.3 ;)

03:04:42 asciilifeform: wasn't irc sync phased out then ?

03:05:10 decimation: "irc peer scanning disabled" in 0.6.0

03:05:15 othernubs`: ^

03:05:38 decimation: according to Mr. Vulpes

03:05:47 othernubs`: and .org

03:06:04 mircea_popescu: it wasn't terribly useful by then.

03:06:15 mircea_popescu: it was crucial originally, to ensure against an at the time unknown nsa.

03:06:17 othernubs`: brb fresh air

03:06:24 mircea_popescu: meanwhile it proved worthlessly inept, so whatevs.

03:06:46 asciilifeform: unknown!? lolechelon

03:06:54 mircea_popescu: asciilifeform back in 2010 ? yeah.

03:06:59 mircea_popescu: nobody really knew if they're any good or not.

03:10:51 decimation: sigh bitcoin uses boost

03:11:03 asciilifeform: didn't know this?

03:11:19 mircea_popescu: "At that time the stakes weren't very high yet. There was much noise around a fellow named Magnitsky, a corporate lawyer-crook who got caught and died in pretrial custody. He had been holding items for some bigger Western crooks, who were, of course, never apprehended. The Americans chose to treat this as a human rights violation and responded with the so-called ?Magnitsky Act? which sanctioned certain Russian indi

03:11:19 mircea_popescu: viduals who were labeled as human rights violators. Russian legislators responded with the ?Dima Yakovlev Bill,? named after a Russian orphan adopted by Americans who killed him by leaving him in a locked car for nine hours. This bill banned American orphan-killing fiends from adopting any more Russian orphans. It all amounted to a silly bit of melodrama."

03:11:26 mircea_popescu: this guy is so fucking nuts.

03:11:35 mircea_popescu: seriously, that's what happened there ? o.O

03:11:49 asciilifeform: the public face of what happened

03:11:53 asciilifeform: more or less as described.

03:12:48 mircea_popescu: guy made some allegations of theft, fraud and embezzelment, died in custody without having been charged, a week before the one year (seriously ?!?!?!) term he could be held without trial.

03:13:11 asciilifeform: had problems.

03:13:20 mircea_popescu: reading orlov is like reading j. fest v2.0

03:15:02 asciilifeform: ;;google ideas are soldiers

03:15:03 gribble: Care Packages For Soldiers: A Guide On What To Send: http://www.thesoldiersfamily.com/; CARE PACKAGE IDEAS | Gathering 4 Soldiers: http://gathering4soldiers.wordpress.com/care-package-ideas/; Carepackages for our Soldier on Pinterest: http://www.pinterest.com/kmwillson/carepackages-for-our-soldier/

03:15:07 asciilifeform: fail.

03:15:14 mircea_popescu: lmao

03:15:38 mircea_popescu: asciilifeform were you looking for "The American behavior throughout this succession of defeats has been remarkably consistent, with the constant element being their flat refusal to deal with reality in any way, shape or form." ? :D

03:15:42 mircea_popescu: that sounds about right.

03:15:51 asciilifeform: aha

03:17:39 mircea_popescu: seems the way current bureaucracies are interpreting the "ideas are soldiers" thing is very pedestrian seo : "narratives are soldiers"

03:17:51 mircea_popescu: well... narratives aren't soldiers, narratives are whores. substantially different.

03:18:44 undata: I hear a basket of american-flag cookies cures PTSD.

03:18:53 mircea_popescu: There were even some threats to cut Russia off from the SWIFT system, which would have made it quite difficult to transfer funds between Russia and the West, but what these threats did instead was to give Russia the impetus to introduce its own RUSSWIFT system, which will include even Iran, neutralizing future American efforts at imposing financial restrictions.

03:19:01 asciilifeform: undata: with or without wagner/cyanide ?

03:19:01 mircea_popescu: this, by the way, is factual, and incalculably fucking stupid.

03:19:25 undata: asciilifeform: no no, a kid rock album and beer.

03:19:29 decimation: mircea_popescu: stupid on whose part?

03:19:29 undata: how unamerican

03:19:32 othernubs`: asciilifeform, include INSTALL, README, doc/*, locale/*?

03:19:38 asciilifeform: zapzapzap

03:19:40 mircea_popescu: decimation the us. it literally killed aml bs.

03:20:00 asciilifeform: anyone care to see the turdlets in?

03:20:23 othernubs`: COPYING is required, and i'd suggest including doc/build-*.txt

03:20:37 mircea_popescu: i can now leisurely transfer moneyz from washington to tehran, just hop it off swift into russwift via the national network in any of two dozen different sattelite states.

03:22:02 asciilifeform: mircea_popescu: even plausible that usg permitted this to avoid hastening axe-time, sword-time, bitcoin-time

03:22:05 othernubs`: actually i may include doc/* as an addendum, it's only a few single pages

03:22:20 asciilifeform: crapolade - in, aye, as appendices

03:22:21 mircea_popescu: asciilifeform yeah well, anything's plausible, but unforced mistakes are still stupid.

03:22:36 decimation: european banks hate aml because of the shit they have to go through for us clients

03:22:36 mircea_popescu: just, you know, us bureaucrats do not manage to comprehend they're nobody and need to stfu when actual people are talking.

03:22:55 assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 12597 @ 0.00073744 = 9.2895 BTC [-]

03:23:10 asciilifeform: organisms with simple nervous systems, they are; while on the correct side of the tinted glass, will continue to think they are 'someone.'

03:23:52 mircea_popescu: there is no correct side of tinted glass.

03:23:58 mircea_popescu: once there's tinted glass, the war was lost.

03:24:27 decimation: somehow ever since the late 70's and early 80's when the aml stuff was made law, usg has gotten used to the idea that it can just make transacting money illegal as it wills

03:24:43 asciilifeform: correct side, conventionally, is the one with the chixxors & coke, rather than fleas and reddit

03:25:23 BingoBoingo: http://i.kinja-img.com/gawker-media/image/upload/s--o0Bf43ti--/c_fit,fl_progressive,q_80,w_636/p2sdfkdazwigmabfmrzr.gif

03:25:40 mircea_popescu: decimation nothing's as readily persuasive as a mistake.

03:27:17 decimation: the problem is that it kinda worked for the backwater Caribbean drug runners it was intended to hurt

03:29:26 decimation: but in 1980 usg was a net trade creditor to the world

03:29:43 mircea_popescu: you recall chinese products in 1980 ?

03:29:59 decimation: they were shit, plastic gimmicks

03:30:02 mircea_popescu: so then.

03:30:24 mircea_popescu: yes, 1980 was before "everyone goes to college" and before "we'll outsource" and before all the rest of the crap.

03:30:29 decimation: now the us runs a net trade deficit of >500$bn per year

03:30:35 mircea_popescu: you mean 900

03:30:44 mircea_popescu: or was 900 the fiscal deficit

03:30:52 decimation: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Foreign_trade_of_the_United_States

03:30:53 assbot: Foreign trade of the United States - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

03:31:23 mike_c: BingoBoingo: whoa. that looks disastrous at first

03:31:26 mircea_popescu: yeah, 900bn is the us budget shortfall

03:32:13 decimation: right, and of course these are only 'cashflow' numbers, not debt on the books

03:32:55 undata: 17.8 trillion total debt

03:32:59 decimation: http://www.usdebtclock.org/ depending on how you count there are about $100-$250 trillion in outstanding liabilities

03:32:59 assbot: U.S. National Debt Clock : Real Time

03:33:17 mircea_popescu: "You'd think that Obama has already overplayed his hand, and should behave accordingly. His popularity at home is roughly the inverse of Putin's, which is to say, Obama is still more popular than Ebola, but not by much. He can't get anything at all done, no matter how pointless or futile, and his efforts to date, at home and abroad, have been pretty much a disaster. So what does this social worker turned national masco

03:33:17 mircea_popescu: t decide to do?" <<< ahahaah epic.

03:33:19 undata: and they have a fiddly definition of what counts as debt

03:33:27 mircea_popescu: dude, trust the enemy to give true to life portraits, it always works.

03:33:46 mircea_popescu: decimation nah, there's practically infinity outstanding.

03:34:00 decimation: right, like liberia saving to buy whatsapp

03:34:04 mircea_popescu: this for a number of reasons, chief among which : the reported figures doesn't and hasn't for decades included all sorts of figures.

03:34:09 undata: http://www.forbes.com/sites/realspin/2014/01/17/you-think-the-deficit-is-bad-federal-unfunded-liabilities-exceed-127-trillion/

03:34:10 assbot: You Think The Deficit Is Bad? Federal Unfunded Liabilities Exceed $127 Trillion - Forbes

03:34:31 mircea_popescu: more importantly : if the various cds, swaps and futures unwind, that's a notional .5 to 100 quadrillion dollars gone

03:34:55 decimation: all of which are implicitly on usg's books, because too big to fail

03:34:59 mircea_popescu: exactly.

03:34:59 asciilifeform: at certain point, there is a phase change, and the debt is repayable only in: meat.

03:35:08 mircea_popescu: so quantifying it is pointless. it's never getting paid anyway.

03:35:24 mircea_popescu: like trying to evaluate the weight of the stone around a man's neck who's chained to the castle wall.

03:35:36 mircea_popescu: well, there's the castle, and the rock upon which it rests, and the province in which the rock lies...

03:35:55 asciilifeform: this is precisely what i mean when i say that one thing or another costs $maxint

03:36:30 asciilifeform: meaning, rigorously, that for all valid machine ints i, i <= $maxint

03:38:39 asciilifeform: 'Full fathom five thy father lies; of his bones are coral made; those are pearls that were his eyes...'

03:39:59 *: undata looks at the 11 dollar bill on his desk from the IRS

03:40:01 undata: yeah... that'll help

03:40:33 asciilifeform: donate btc for ze war effort!

03:40:34 mircea_popescu: "For example, it is known that after the end of World War II America's military planners were thinking of launching a nuclear strike against the USSR, and the only thing that held them back was the fact that they didn't have enough bombs, meaning that Russia would have taken over all of Europe before the effects of the nuclear strikes could have deterred them from doing so (Russia had no nuclear weapons at the time, bu

03:40:34 mircea_popescu: t lots of conventional forces right in the heart of Europe)."

03:40:37 mircea_popescu: this is total bs lol.

03:40:45 mircea_popescu: patton wanted to keep going. nobody else did.

03:41:04 decimation: so did most of the captured germans

03:41:06 asciilifeform: dulles

03:41:58 mod6: ben_vulpes: http://dpaste.com/01J9WVB

03:41:59 assbot: dpaste: 01J9WVB

03:42:48 undata: mod6: you need more sources in your sources.list

03:44:05 mircea_popescu: the Federal Reserve is fresh out of magic bullets and faces a choice between crashing the stock market and crashing the bond market. << this is exactly correct by the way.

03:44:27 mircea_popescu: asciilifeform you can tell me anything you wish, but he IS a kgb puppet. there's just no way he could have figured this one on his own.

03:44:27 mod6: perhaps the script should throw a line in /etc/apt/sources.list

03:44:35 mircea_popescu: it's correct, but too valuable for him. he was given notes.

03:44:49 undata: mod6: http://debgen.simplylinux.ch/

03:44:49 assbot: Debian Sources List Generator

03:45:02 asciilifeform: mircea_popescu: no need for muppetry, i get same notes from ru armchair generals

03:45:05 undata: mod6: nah that wouldn't be general across distros

03:45:10 mircea_popescu: anyway, anyone want to bet on whether the stock or the bond market will take it in the ass ? thatr's the major debate in washnington atm. stocks are basically the young libtards, bonds the old ones.

03:45:33 asciilifeform: mircea_popescu: but i have about the same amount of use for the information as a chimp does for pentium

03:46:09 mircea_popescu: asciilifeform anything can be obtained from "the internet". obviously. knowing what to obtain however...

03:46:17 asciilifeform: gotta speak languages.

03:46:23 asciilifeform: at minumum!

03:46:26 asciilifeform: *min

03:46:30 mircea_popescu: even so.

03:46:37 mircea_popescu: he doesn't have the specific knowledge ot discern.

03:46:50 asciilifeform: the folks in his wot - do.

03:46:52 TheNewDeal: http://bitbet.us/bet/1056/bitcoin-to-drop-under-200-before-december/#c4173 << check it out, they managed to break the urls. <<< happened a month earlier as well, no one bitched http://bitbet.us/bet/1046/gold-above-1200-on-november-1st/

03:46:52 assbot: BitBet - Bitcoin to drop under $200 before December :: 2.03 B (10%) on Yes, 17.33 B (90%) on No | closed 3 hours 46 minutes ago

03:46:52 assbot: BitBet - Gold above $1200 on November 1st :: 1.07 B (66%) on Yes, 0.54 B (34%) on No | closed 3 days 3 hours ago

03:47:04 mircea_popescu: anyway, fwiw, i'm convinced, he's gotta be.

03:47:15 asciilifeform: also if i recall he did a tour of duty in u.s. finance derpatronics industry

03:47:18 asciilifeform: and has contacts there.

03:47:39 mircea_popescu: as plausible as all that may be...

03:48:09 asciilifeform: if mr o is shilling, he's an uncommonly frugal and ascetic shill.

03:50:04 mircea_popescu: w. joyce was not particularly luxurious for that matter.

03:50:33 decimation: mircea_popescu: it strikes me that if rates are hiked both stocks and bonds would take a hit

03:50:49 mircea_popescu: decimation nah, they still have the ability to choose one.

03:51:29 decimation: well, I guess the law of bankruptcy handed down from the ancients is that debt is senior to equity

03:52:35 mircea_popescu: it's not a matter of bankruptcy anyway. so debt is senior to equity, facebook implodes leaving a 60 bn hole, what's going to be sold ? watsapp ?

03:52:43 decimation: heh yeah

03:52:46 decimation: and google space

03:52:52 mircea_popescu: five bux, which is a gross estimate of its actual net worth, won't make a difference.

03:53:15 mircea_popescu: no, the solution is purely monetary.

03:54:01 decimation: to paraphrase mr. yarvin, every asset must pass through the bitcoin-hole

03:54:02 mod6: http://dpaste.com/00YBNXZ

03:54:03 assbot: dpaste: 00YBNXZ

03:54:09 mircea_popescu: Financially, Russia's position is so solid that even the three Western credit ratings agencies don't have the gall to downgrade Russia's rating, sanctions notwithstanding. This is a country that is aggressively paying down its foreign debt, is running a record-high budget surplus, has a positive balance of payments, is piling up physical gold reserves, and not a month goes by that it doesn't sign a major international

03:54:09 mircea_popescu: trade deal (that circumvents the US dollar). In comparison, the US is a dead man walking: unless it can continue rolling over trillions of dollars in short-term debt every month at record-low interest rates, it won't be able to pay the interest on its debt or its bills.

03:54:29 mircea_popescu: this is also quite right. either russia or china can in fact raise interest rates causing a collapse.

03:54:41 mircea_popescu: which is actually the major bargaining chip with the eu, not stupid produce import bans

03:54:53 mircea_popescu: half a point could be enough.

03:55:20 decimation: yeah it was the sane move. russia has a sad economy but enormous natural reserves, they should price their money like kuwait

03:55:27 assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 10200 @ 0.00074064 = 7.5545 BTC [+] {2}

03:55:36 mircea_popescu: it's not THAT sad, not anymore.

03:55:49 mircea_popescu: russia moved from 1990 to 2010 about as much as china moved from 1980 to 2005.

03:56:03 decimation: for awhile they were under Portugal

03:56:15 mircea_popescu: see, these things happen but don't last.

03:56:20 mircea_popescu: romania was for a while on par with somalia.

03:56:27 mircea_popescu: but romania is white people, and somalia is black people.

03:56:39 kakobrekla: nah

03:56:48 mircea_popescu: kakobrekla not that somalia, the other somalia.

03:56:55 kakobrekla: a.

03:56:56 Apocalyptic: heh

03:57:47 decimation: lol. yeah according to idiowiki they are about #8 http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_countries_by_GDP_%28nominal%29

03:57:48 assbot: List of countries by GDP (nominal) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

03:57:50 mircea_popescu: this is no figure of speech either. in 1992ish, plenty of romanians working for the state made ~1.20 dollars a day

03:58:44 decimation: russia has lots of white people and lots of resources, asians too

04:05:14 ben_vulpes: <othernubs`> ben_vulpes, speaketh << nothing strictly necessary post 0.5.3

04:05:52 asciilifeform: 1.20 dollars a day << ehehehe - no. not comparable figure with usa 1.20/diem. ro didn't have to pay rent, had no ruinous tax, cheap non-synthetic food even in the depths of collapse

04:06:02 asciilifeform: no mandatory cars to maintain

04:06:02 ben_vulpes: although let's be clear, i was just browsing the release notes. if there were breaking changes merged in since then, this'd be a lulzy way to surface them.

04:06:10 asciilifeform: no confiscatory 'health care' ripoff

04:06:15 asciilifeform: i could go on.

04:06:34 ben_vulpes: <mircea_popescu> anyway, the consensus seems to be 6.3 ? << i've yet to hear a compelling argument for anything past 0.5.3

04:07:29 asciilifeform: ben_vulpes: let's put another way, lowest version you would be willing to use for daily life.

04:08:17 TheNewDeal: 0.6.3 is?

04:08:17 ben_vulpes: i'm transitioning backwards asciilifeform

04:09:08 ben_vulpes: i still depend on the qt client. need to come up with a workflow that works for the 0.5.3 client.

04:09:14 ben_vulpes: but i don't see any roadblocks at this time.

04:09:33 asciilifeform: i never really grasped what the gui was for

04:10:09 asciilifeform: even winblows user could handily pop the dos shell and 'bitcoind sendtoaddress .....'

04:10:25 ben_vulpes: well, consider all the things i've been unlearning

04:10:41 ben_vulpes: you: grew up on lisp machine lore

04:10:48 asciilifeform: nah

04:10:58 asciilifeform: dug it up after uni

04:11:02 asciilifeform: not even during.

04:11:03 ben_vulpes: i: solved quadratics by hand because programming solvers was taught to me to be cheating

04:11:21 *: asciilifeform also solved quadratics by hand because programming is a cheat

04:11:41 ben_vulpes: constraint problems, too?

04:11:50 asciilifeform: ruler, pencil

04:12:03 asciilifeform: not so odd.

04:12:13 ben_vulpes: not at all

04:12:49 ben_vulpes: but when you're taught that the right solution to all problems is to do it by hand, with the tools handed one by authority, unlearning that is hard

04:13:01 ben_vulpes: ergo, qt. at first, at least.

04:13:24 asciilifeform: this seems like a bind until you realize that what is taught now is 'solve with unicorn tears, milked out of your arse'

04:13:28 mod6: ben_vulpes: so the main issue was the deps so far. i went to the deb site and it gave me some to add to the sources.list, but didn't seem to help. i can try something different tomorrow if you have suggestions.

04:14:32 ben_vulpes: mod6: which deps?

04:14:41 othernubs`: so we'll split the difference between 0.5.3 and 0.6.3, go with 0.5.8

04:14:42 othernubs`: ;p

04:14:53 mod6: it's in the pastes.

04:15:10 ben_vulpes: aok

04:15:15 *: asciilifeform still puzzled that mircea_popescu won't pick a favourite here

04:15:24 asciilifeform: what's in his patches anyway.

04:15:48 asciilifeform: death ray plugin support?

04:15:54 othernubs`: maybe we start with defining what's in current that we don't want

04:16:25 asciilifeform: next we become great sculptors. we buy a mountain of marble, and decide what's in there that we don't want.

04:16:43 ben_vulpes: molding bullets...

04:17:52 othernubs`: heh

04:18:24 ben_vulpes: qt gets cut

04:18:29 othernubs`: well, bv says 0.5.3 is minimum that will work

04:19:12 ben_vulpes: wallet retardation gets cut or reimplemented non retardedly

04:19:27 asciilifeform: no cuts without which won't fly.

04:19:50 asciilifeform: picture it's being sent to the past, for your ascension to godhood

04:19:56 othernubs`: publishing job in danger of morphing into coding job

04:20:03 ben_vulpes: oh sorry

04:20:08 ben_vulpes: nubbins i was just opining

04:20:34 ben_vulpes: !

04:20:39 ben_vulpes: also also also also

04:20:51 ben_vulpes: getting command line functionality on os x has been a headache every time i tried it

04:20:58 ben_vulpes: another reason this damn platform's doomed

04:21:04 asciilifeform: wat.


04:21:12 asciilifeform: i thought it had normal posix

04:21:33 othernubs`: ^

04:21:33 *: asciilifeform owns one of these, treats it as a mildly retarded linux box with defective wm

04:21:55 *: asciilifeform blows dust off mac

04:22:10 *: ben_vulpes tries it again

04:23:38 *: asciilifeform begins to wonder if this escapade will end with him maintaining 0.wtf in some dark cloister, for food and water

04:23:44 othernubs`: install yr updates

04:23:59 ben_vulpes: asciilifeform: what release are you targeting?

04:24:10 asciilifeform: that was the whole enigma

04:24:11 othernubs`: that's the question

04:24:28 ben_vulpes: i'm going for 0.5.3

04:24:35 asciilifeform: somebody mentioned slow sync

04:24:52 othernubs`: let's use 0.9

04:25:03 ben_vulpes: slow sync, myriad crapolade

04:25:27 asciilifeform: i was originally gonna ask for 0.1

04:25:29 *: ben_vulpes digs spare hdd out of closet for aux blockchain

04:25:31 othernubs`: let's get some big miners to give up their secret sauce

04:26:22 mircea_popescu: <ben_vulpes> <mircea_popescu> anyway, the consensus seems to be 6.3 ? << i've yet to hear a compelling argument for anything past 0.5.3 << ok, so 5.4

04:26:24 mircea_popescu: 5.3*

04:26:48 othernubs`: isanyone

04:27:18 othernubs`: ...is anyone able to express succinctly yet accurately why current release isn't okay?

04:27:29 asciilifeform: mircea_popescu: care to drop even a small hint of what you're using? gizmo of own authorship? it isn't like you keep it hotwalleted, anyway

04:28:00 Apocalyptic: othernubs`, you're seriously suggesting using the "current" release ?

04:28:10 othernubs`: he creates raw tx using node.js script and sends to network via blockchain.info broadcast

04:28:22 asciilifeform: using soviet mk-61 calculator.

04:28:27 mircea_popescu: <othernubs`> publishing job in danger of morphing into coding job <<< nubsy has antennae, and they're tuned for danger!

04:28:32 Apocalyptic: what's the issue with 0.5.3 ?

04:28:32 othernubs`: Apocalyptic, i'm attempting to guide the conversation towards stating what is and isn't desired in the codebase

04:29:29 asciilifeform: othernubs`: picture if you were sending the damn thing back in time, to blaise p. for implementation on a gigantic Pascaline, or herr babbage, etc

04:29:35 othernubs`: ostensibly later versions have more bugfixes and improvements but also more cruft and potentially introduced attack vectors

04:29:48 mircea_popescu: othernubs` you'll never get there. but anyway : 0.6.3 most recent acceptable ; 0.5.3 i guess, earliest acceptable.

04:29:57 mircea_popescu: pick among these according to which bias (early, late) you want

04:29:59 *: asciilifeform always imagined that a pascaline ought really to be something akin to a guillotine

04:30:18 asciilifeform: pick among << smallest!

04:30:22 asciilifeform: easy.

04:30:27 mircea_popescu: then .5.3

04:30:30 mircea_popescu: also easy.

04:30:37 mircea_popescu: how the fuck it is code never shrinks ?

04:30:44 asciilifeform: mine does.

04:30:55 othernubs`: feature spook

04:30:57 asciilifeform: and herr dr moldbuggr claims that he does

04:31:05 asciilifeform: ;;google kelvin versioning

04:31:06 gribble: Moron Lab: January 2010: http://moronlab.blogspot.com/2010_01_01_archive.html; wintersmith-kelvin - npm: https://www.npmjs.org/package/wintersmith-kelvin; Software Installation & System Requirements | Kelvin TOP-SET ...: http://www.kelvintopset.com/software-installation-system-requirements

04:31:10 asciilifeform: that.

04:31:14 mod6: so .6.3 fixes this: http://cve.mitre.org/cgi-bin/cvename.cgi?name=CVE-2012-3789

04:31:15 assbot: CVE -CVE-2012-3789

04:31:41 othernubs`: .7 prob fixes something else serious

04:31:44 asciilifeform: lol they assign cve for unknown gotcha through unknown mechanism!!?

04:31:45 mircea_popescu: 0.5.6rc3 works

04:32:01 mircea_popescu: asciilifeform remember this suspicion for later.

04:32:23 asciilifeform: 'the doctor saved the patient's ear, but did pluck out his eye i fear'

04:32:27 mod6: ascii: lol i guess so

04:32:37 othernubs`: " and 0.6.x before 0.6.3rc1"

04:32:48 othernubs`: so 0.6.3 affected

04:32:55 othernubs`: wait, no.

04:33:20 Apocalyptic: it's the other way around heh

04:33:22 mod6: also .6.2 fixes some portability issues apparently (FreeBSD): https://bitcoin.org/en/release/v0.6.2

04:33:22 assbot: Bitcoin-Qt version 0.6.2 released

04:33:36 Apocalyptic: that isn't critical imo

04:33:40 mod6: just putting it out there.

04:33:56 asciilifeform: this thing won't need bdb crapolade where it's going.

04:34:10 asciilifeform: but all the semantics of original must be preserved, to begin.

04:34:23 mircea_popescu: asciilifeform and check out the cve link for details, going straight to an unmaintained dump page.

04:34:29 mircea_popescu: pretty funny behaviour huh.

04:34:31 asciilifeform: mircea_popescu: typical, actually

04:34:46 mircea_popescu: no idea who/what it's supposed to help

04:34:56 asciilifeform: mircea_popescu: incidentally, you probably know who 'mitre' is a shill for.

04:35:09 mircea_popescu: no idea.

04:35:12 asciilifeform: ahahaha

04:35:35 asciilifeform: 'nonprofit' that's 99% dhs, dod, nsa by weight

04:35:39 mircea_popescu: MITRE Partners with University System of Maryland to Operate New Cybersecurity R&D Center for the National Institute of Standards and Technology ?

04:35:51 asciilifeform: right here in town, yes

04:36:03 mircea_popescu: hey, more power to 'em.

04:37:36 mircea_popescu: pete_dushenski << http://fraudsters.com/2013/the-future-of-bitcoin-regulation/ tell garzik i said they missed the boat.

04:37:37 assbot: The future of Bitcoin regulation pe fraudsters - Un blog de Mircea Popescu.

04:37:47 mircea_popescu: a billion short a year late ? heh.

04:38:13 pete_dushenski: mircea_popescu lol will do. i remember that article well.

04:38:30 pete_dushenski: please to leave comment perhaps?

04:38:32 mircea_popescu: a quarter bn in 2014 ? seriously ? all into shit ?

04:38:38 mircea_popescu: he's gotta be kidding.

04:38:48 mircea_popescu: my twitter's dead and i don't feel like social media anyway

04:39:24 pete_dushenski: i meant on the blog.. but i see where you're going. i'll drop him a twit.

04:40:04 ben_vulpes: asciilifeform: what in place of bdb?

04:40:10 mircea_popescu: seems kinda redundant/spammy. next time.

04:40:33 asciilifeform: ben_vulpes: now is not the time, i actually suggested the project not imagining it would be picked up so quickly

04:40:37 pete_dushenski: mmok.

04:40:46 asciilifeform: i kinda want this for 6-9 mo. from now

04:40:57 ben_vulpes: i ain't picking up shit

04:40:59 ben_vulpes: just curious

04:41:20 asciilifeform: othernubs` picked up

04:41:28 ben_vulpes: ah.

04:42:58 othernubs`: ball, meet rotational displacement

04:45:00 artifexd: <mircea_popescu> how the fuck it is code never shrinks ? << Code does shrink sometimes. But not due to concentration on features or bugs. If it happens, it happens because the developer grows and improves. One of my favorite days was deleting 60k lines of code that I had written and replacing it with 100 lines. Simpler. Faster. Easier to understand.

04:45:21 mircea_popescu: !s 50 mn

04:45:21 assbot: 3 results for '50 mn' : http://search.bitcoin-assets.com/?q=50+mn

04:45:27 undata: artifexd: it takes willingness to admit one's own stupidity

04:45:27 asciilifeform: code shrinks when a great fire is lit and all things that are vile and repugnant to the righteous are consumed in the flames.

04:45:50 asciilifeform: as it screams, its sins are expurgated

04:47:08 asciilifeform: !s best machine is no machine

04:47:09 assbot: 2 results for 'best machine is no machine' : http://search.bitcoin-assets.com/?q=best+machine+is+no+machine

04:48:03 asciilifeform: 'the tastiest fish in all the seas is called kolbasa [sausage]' -- my grandfather

04:50:09 othernubs`: i have a turkey kolbasa in the fridge

04:58:14 ben_vulpes: i am considering bisecting the codebase for building on os x

04:58:21 ben_vulpes: i also think that building on os x is a bad idea

04:59:24 ben_vulpes: this is where docker starts coming in handy: instead of burning many hours on chasing down platform and architecture details to get the thing to work on os x, i'm leaning towards just running 0.5.3 in a VM.

04:59:56 ben_vulpes: <mircea_popescu> 0.5.6rc3 works << enhanced sync speed?

05:00:30 mircea_popescu: doubt it.

05:00:51 mircea_popescu: but you don't want it to sync anyway, just feed it a preindexed chain.

05:04:17 asciilifeform: preindexed by what?

05:04:18 ben_vulpes: $ cp ~/.bitcoin ~/.bitcoin-test && ./ancient-bitcoind -datadir ~/.bitcoin-test ?

05:04:24 ben_vulpes: surely it's not that easy

05:04:45 asciilifeform: gotta sync

05:05:07 asciilifeform: picture it being sent to earth of the recent past, that had all but bitcoin.

05:05:29 ben_vulpes: your book, sure.

05:05:36 TheNewDeal: cant you download a torrent?

05:05:52 asciilifeform: torrent produced by what?

05:05:59 asciilifeform: and does it result in a new torrent, modified?

05:06:27 TheNewDeal: I've just seen up to block 315k on tpb, but wasn't sure what the file format was

05:06:28 mircea_popescu: ben_vulpes you got no pre-hearn blockchain ?

05:06:32 asciilifeform: what's with this pecular preoccupation with strange half-bitcoins

05:06:50 ben_vulpes: no sir

05:06:58 ben_vulpes: check my arrival date in -assets

05:06:58 mircea_popescu: am i the only one ?!

05:07:05 ben_vulpes: quite likely.

05:07:08 asciilifeform: pre-hearn - what date

05:07:09 mircea_popescu: o.O

05:07:20 mircea_popescu: asciilifeform pre 7

05:07:55 asciilifeform: i've one going since 2011

05:07:59 asciilifeform: for whatever it's worth

05:08:26 mircea_popescu: about 30gb it's worth lol

05:08:30 *: asciilifeform thought blockchain was one for all of us, 'like victory'

05:09:20 mircea_popescu: it is, substantially, but it's indexed differently for the latecomers.

05:09:47 asciilifeform: any semantics not preserved ?

05:09:58 mircea_popescu: well, bdb stuff.

05:10:11 mircea_popescu: and i imagine they probably did all the shitting they can

05:10:22 mircea_popescu: how do you make a torrent anyway ?

05:12:05 ben_vulpes: http://search.bitcoin-assets.com/?q=mircea_popescu&start=5000 << mthreat wouldja be so kind as to expand how far back the search goes?

05:12:05 assbot: Error - search.bicoin-assets.com

05:12:45 mircea_popescu: ben_vulpes i suppose "first otc rating" would be better way to go about it no ?

05:12:53 ben_vulpes: hm

05:13:09 ben_vulpes: well, first words in -assets as proxy for initial blockchain dl

05:13:43 asciilifeform: eh, i suspect that many of us had one long before other

05:14:27 othernubs`: well, i'm gonna sleep on it

05:14:29 mircea_popescu: ben_vulpes anyway, i'll pass you a signed tarball tomorrow ?

05:14:39 othernubs`: nite

05:14:41 mircea_popescu: or what are your goals here.

05:15:38 *: ben_vulpes thinks

05:15:43 ben_vulpes: none that can't wait for the morrow

05:16:02 mircea_popescu: the ideal way would be for you to let the thing sync naturally

05:16:11 ben_vulpes: i agree, yeah.

05:16:15 mircea_popescu: it'll take a few weeks, but what's the rush, and this way you get an authenti ccopy.

05:16:20 ben_vulpes: mhm precisely.

05:16:33 ben_vulpes: i'm not concerned about the speed nearly as much as i am the thing working correctly with the network.

05:16:47 mircea_popescu: so then nm, let it buzz.

05:17:05 ben_vulpes: although if you'd be willing to share your tarball and a version number against which i could build that might show some interesting things on a block-by-block diffing

05:17:35 mircea_popescu: there is one caveat, specifically, that you must make a file named DB_CONFIG that contains a set_lg_dir database set_lk_max_locks 500000

05:17:45 mircea_popescu: or else it'll die once it reaches end of 2013

05:18:06 mircea_popescu: im not running stock, and what would it show ?

05:18:16 mircea_popescu: the client doesn't keep "blocks" exactly, it's messier

05:18:24 ben_vulpes: right.

05:18:38 ben_vulpes: so every blockchain could be a snowflake.

05:18:47 mircea_popescu: notrly, cause we know what's in the zero block

05:19:03 mircea_popescu: but every actual blockchain download is a snowflake

05:19:06 ben_vulpes: i'm thinking in terms of bits on disk

05:19:22 mircea_popescu: you can't mix and match blkxxxx from one install with another's.

05:19:47 ben_vulpes: but if you supply the entire datadir, you can boot one install with another's blockchain?

05:20:34 ben_vulpes: provided set_lk_max_locks type configs are in place?

05:20:46 mircea_popescu: yup.

05:20:54 ben_vulpes: hm.

05:21:00 mircea_popescu: the whole set of xxxx's and blkindex.dat

05:21:12 ben_vulpes: this has been educational indeed.

05:21:18 mircea_popescu: course, you would be relying on the verification done by the op

05:21:22 ben_vulpes: mhm.

05:21:24 mircea_popescu: but i have bootstrapped new nodes in this way

05:21:33 mircea_popescu: (it's actually the point of the torrent palliative back in the day)

05:22:11 ben_vulpes: should la serenissima publish a torrent?

05:22:27 mircea_popescu: anyway, to be perfectly fair : the bdb arrangement wasn't really tenable on the long haul. it had to be replaced with a better db.

05:23:23 mircea_popescu: the noobs aren't really capable of handling the sort of requirements to dld a full chain.

05:23:42 mircea_popescu: so that bitcoin split among a pro and a noob division is scarcely amazing.

05:23:42 assbot: AMAZING COMPANY!

05:27:35 pete_dushenski: https://twitter.com/Outsideness/status/524784098510786560 << best twitter comment in response to "adding value to bitcoin" piece. i'm flattered!

05:27:37 assbot: So are you ready to add value to Bitcoin? http://t.co/QWwe4MG8Ar

05:28:13 pete_dushenski: (i sound like a gangster-rapper in writing, apparently)

05:28:45 mircea_popescu: how's the anon onslaught ? you been made to repent yet ?

05:30:07 pete_dushenski: mircea_popescu i'll repent by updating my "how to run a node" article with ben_vulpes' final work :)

05:30:09 ben_vulpes: gangster-rapper

05:31:12 pete_dushenski: and there hasn't been any anonslaught for the latest piece. but it's only been a few hours.

05:34:04 assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 5023 @ 0.00074072 = 3.7206 BTC [+] {2}

05:34:06 pete_dushenski: mircea_popescu: a quarter bn in 2014 ? seriously ? all into shit ? << lol. tip of the derpberg.

05:35:13 thestringpuller: You didn't link the article on "the problem of too much money"

05:35:23 thestringpuller: ;;google site:fraudsters.com the problem of too much money

05:35:24 gribble: The problem of too much money pe fraudsters - Un blog de Mircea ...: http://fraudsters.com/2012/the-problem-of-too-much-money/; Let's dig a little deeper into this entire deflation “problem” pe fraudsters ...: http://fraudsters.com/lets-dig-a-little-deeper-into-this-entire-deflation-problem; Money, fucking and lying pe fraudsters - Un blog de Mircea Popescu.: http://fraudsters.com/2014 (1 more message)

05:35:24 pete_dushenski: mircea_popescu: this is also quite right. either russia or china can in fact raise interest rates causing a collapse. << their own rates? or just dump some us bonds and trigger us rate increase?

05:35:57 pete_dushenski: thestringpuller i'm well familiar with that one. i linked several other fraudsterss to make my case.

05:36:23 thestringpuller: pete_dushenski: if we were still on gold standard, China could just dump gold and cause a collapse

05:36:39 thestringpuller: seems pretty easy to do in the modern economy

05:36:42 pete_dushenski: but since we

05:36:47 pete_dushenski: 're not...

05:36:56 pete_dushenski: well, "we"

05:37:50 thestringpuller: bonds gold etc.

05:38:08 pete_dushenski: mircea_popescu: romania was for a while on par with somalia. << but romania got "aid"

05:39:30 thestringpuller: I forgot jgarzik was an advocate of GPG in the web browser.

05:39:31 pete_dushenski: thestringpuller so ya, dump bonds = us raises rates to compete with market awash in dumped bonds.

05:39:37 thestringpuller: Kinda...scary...

05:39:48 pete_dushenski: thestringpuller this is the value of having a blog ;)

05:39:58 thestringpuller: "This engineer sees additional PGP problems: (1) ancient C codebase, and (2) lack of a usable lib."

05:40:05 thestringpuller: Aren't those good things?

05:40:46 thestringpuller: ancient C codebase == software that is more hardened over time

05:40:54 pete_dushenski: to quote mp: http://fraudsters.com/2014/a-conceit-or-the-importance-of-blogging/

05:40:54 assbot: A conceit, or the importance of blogging pe fraudsters - Un blog de Mircea Popescu.

05:41:16 thestringpuller: blogging is a muscle. probably why I write for qntra

05:41:35 pete_dushenski: thestringpuller good for la serenissima, bad for usderpcorps.

05:42:02 thestringpuller: "He's Canadian" << lol, the canadians brought us Degrassi and indie rock!

05:42:04 pete_dushenski: news is a different muscle, though still a muscle.

05:42:24 pete_dushenski: yes, yw.

05:42:49 pete_dushenski: meh "canadian"

05:43:01 thestringpuller: hmm. it's ashame all the power rangers are senile

05:44:10 pete_dushenski: mom was born in romania. dad's fam moved from ukraine barely a century ago. thus http://www.contravex.com/2014/08/17/who-are-we-not-nationals/

05:44:11 assbot: Who Are We? Not Nationals | Contravex: A blog by Pete Dushenski

05:45:16 thestringpuller: Ah. oh yea I remember.

05:45:30 thestringpuller: Reminds me a lot of the theory of stateless armies.

05:45:46 thestringpuller: (more metal gear talk)

05:45:54 thestringpuller: of a theory*

05:46:04 pete_dushenski: mercs essentially.

05:46:08 thestringpuller: yessir

05:46:25 thestringpuller: so went to that kryptokit site

05:46:26 pete_dushenski: "will work for treasure"

05:46:54 thestringpuller: vitalik buterin is on the team? kinda figures "javascript in da browser"

05:47:01 RagnarDanneskjol: http://www.thisismoney.co.uk/money/markets/article-2270223/Private-security-group-Typhon-assembles-private-navy-protect-Indian-Ocean-shipping-Somali-pirates.html

05:47:01 assbot: Private security group Typhon assembles private navy to protect Indian Ocean shipping from Somali pirates | This is Money

05:47:45 pete_dushenski: RagnarDanneskjol heh

05:48:16 RagnarDanneskjol: I've recruited mercs for them - they're pretty badass

05:48:28 pete_dushenski: thestringpuller ya, everything vitalik and his co-derp anthony touch are utter nonsense.

05:49:11 thestringpuller: On a side note, I've noticed Roger Ver's bitcoinstore is not...around anymore?

05:49:49 thestringpuller: "Mission Accomplished! We failed but succeeded!"

05:50:27 pete_dushenski: anthony di iorio, very memorably (because i've never seen this before), replied to my gpg-gram... in plaintext. and it included my original email. in plaintext.

05:52:18 pete_dushenski: this was after anthony tried calling me several times, leaving voicemails about how he "didn't know i felt that way about ethereum" and shit.

05:52:22 assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 12471 @ 0.00074123 = 9.2439 BTC [+]

05:52:48 thestringpuller: LOL

05:52:58 thestringpuller: "I don't know how to use GPG, so I'm gonna make my own."

05:53:06 thestringpuller: We saw how that worked out for usagi ~_~

05:53:18 thestringpuller: (in reference to insurance)

05:53:19 pete_dushenski: and i said we're doing pgp or irc. but he'd "lost his key" so had to make another...with kryptokit!

05:54:27 pete_dushenski: interestingly, kryptokit keys are only 2,047 instead of 2,048 rsa keys. odd, no?

05:54:28 thestringpuller: old pete_dushenski will one day think like Jeezy, "Seen't it all"

05:54:57 pete_dushenski: lol

05:55:18 pete_dushenski: it feels like bitcoin is accelerating that process!

05:55:24 pete_dushenski: or maybe it's just b-a.

05:55:39 ben_vulpes: it's a forging of some kind. trial by fire.

05:55:41 thestringpuller: dude this is so bad

05:55:45 thestringpuller: GPG in the browser?

05:55:52 *: pete_dushenski not complaining. doesn't mind a grey or two.

05:56:07 thestringpuller: this is as bad as that keybase.io

05:56:19 thestringpuller: not quite as bad as your private key isn't stored on some fuckers machine in his mom's basement

05:56:42 pete_dushenski: ben_vulpes ow! it's hot in here!

05:56:43 RagnarDanneskjol: i use gpg in browser on airgapped device with wifi physically disabled.. b/c I actually understand java and can audit with my own eyes

05:56:44 thestringpuller: pete_dushenski> it feels like bitcoin is accelerating that process!

05:56:57 thestringpuller: ^ MP must say at least once a day, "i'm too old for this shit"

05:57:23 pete_dushenski: RagnarDanneskjol heh neat.

05:57:24 ben_vulpes: bawww really RagnarDanneskjol ?

05:57:33 RagnarDanneskjol: yup - i dum

05:57:39 ben_vulpes: you make the baby satoshi cry

05:57:55 ben_vulpes: that's a pretty funny self-indictment of javaland if you don't mind my saying so.

05:58:05 RagnarDanneskjol: yes yes

05:58:06 ben_vulpes: "i can read java and stuff, but can't handle cli programs"

05:58:25 ben_vulpes: nothing personal

05:58:36 ben_vulpes: 'cept for the rapier betwixt yer ribs

05:58:41 ben_vulpes: :P

05:58:50 RagnarDanneskjol: none taken - I know my security leaves much to be desired.. why I hired a fulltime tutor

05:58:50 pete_dushenski: en garde!

05:59:06 pete_dushenski: fulltime! like 40h/wk??

05:59:07 ben_vulpes: full time you say

05:59:14 ben_vulpes: lol i wish i had that kind of budget

05:59:27 pete_dushenski: ben_vulpes patience.

05:59:51 RagnarDanneskjol: well - he's not just a tutor - he's building stuff too - talkin bout Azlph

06:00:44 thestringpuller: ;;later tell mircea_popescu I'm glad you can still be young at heart re: http://log.bitcoin-assets.com/?date=18-10-2014#882514

06:00:44 gribble: The operation succeeded.

06:03:49 thestringpuller: ben_vulpes: lol i wish i had that kind of budget << instead of paying for college pay for full time tutor for 4 years?

06:06:00 pete_dushenski: http://www.theregister.co.uk/2014/10/22/android_can_be_tricked_into_loading_malware_obfuscated_in_pngs/ << heh

06:06:00 assbot: NOT OK GOOGLE: Android images can conceal code The Register

06:06:35 pete_dushenski: "The researchers have found that it's possible to trick the Android app wrapping system so that an image can be wrapped up with malware, and delivered inside an innocuous wrapper app, which gets past both security apps and Google's Bouncer. The basis of the attack is a custom encryption package (which they dubbed AngeCrypt) that makes the malicious APK look like a valid PNG image file (other image formats work as

06:06:35 pete_dushenski: well)."

06:09:04 thestringpuller: lol soon there will be botnets on the phone

06:09:07 thestringpuller: hide yo data plan

06:09:50 pete_dushenski: hide yo wife.

06:09:50 RagnarDanneskjol: http://www.zdnet.com/android-botnet-poses-as-google-app-pilfers-email-and-sms-7000024495/

06:09:51 assbot: Android botnet poses as Google app, pilfers email and SMS | ZDNet

06:10:30 pete_dushenski: ya wasn't there a dogecoin mining botnet on android fones too?

06:10:40 assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 10850 @ 0.00074128 = 8.0429 BTC [+]

06:10:46 RagnarDanneskjol: yeppers

06:10:51 pete_dushenski: !s dogecoin botnet

06:10:52 assbot: 0 results for 'dogecoin botnet' : http://search.bitcoin-assets.com/?q=dogecoin+botnet

06:11:01 pete_dushenski: !dogecoin android

06:11:48 pete_dushenski: http://log.bitcoin-assets.com/?date=28-03-2014#587788

06:11:48 assbot: Logged on 28-03-2014 00:41:08; ozbot: Researches find Android apps that covertly mine Dogecoin, one of them with more than a million downl

06:13:32 fluffypony: well

06:13:36 pete_dushenski: but of course smartphones are supersekure and everything and there's no way goog/aapl are letting those pesky feds get in the way.

06:13:47 pete_dushenski: "The FBI director James Comey's bid to have Congress kibosh default encryption appears to have publicly failed after senators said the proposal would be rejected." << uhuh

06:13:55 pete_dushenski: fluffypony hey man.

06:14:08 fluffypony: at least Reddit has its priorities straight

06:14:09 fluffypony: http://i.imgur.com/7t3Ow2A.png

06:14:10 fluffypony: Uncle Pete

06:14:44 fluffypony: pete_dushenski: I'm going to be in LA from next Tue till Nov 2nd, and then in Utah & Las Vegas from Nov 2nd to Nov 17th - any chance you're mosying on down in that vicinity?

06:14:46 cazalla: http://qntra.net/2014/10/bitpay-to-assist-paydici-to-enable-bitcoin-based-recurring-billing/

06:14:46 assbot: BitPay To Assist Paydici To Enable Bitcoin Based Recurring Billing | Qntra.net

06:15:32 pete_dushenski: fluffypony hm did see that. afraid not. looks like i'll be in central canada around then...

06:15:42 fluffypony: o canada

06:16:04 fluffypony: famous around the world for its directional 2.4ghz FPV antennae

06:17:01 fluffypony: cazalla: it's obvious how they're going to do it...you just have to hand over your private keys and they'll totally handle the rest :-P

06:17:02 pete_dushenski: lol

06:17:14 pete_dushenski: like keybase for bitcoin!

06:17:18 fluffypony: exactly!

06:17:54 fluffypony: pete_dushenski: I kid you not about the antenna - this is pretty much the best FPV video receiver antenna on the market, and it's from True RC Canada: http://www.truerc.net/canada/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=30_32_40&products_id=217

06:17:57 assbot: 2.4GHz Gatling - $400.00 : Truerc Canada, Lipos, UHF and antennas for FPV!

06:18:01 fluffypony: it's also $400, so there's that

06:18:12 cazalla: fluffypony, hopefully they get back to me but not likely

06:19:23 pete_dushenski: fluffypony so a btc

06:20:09 fluffypony: pete_dushenski: at present value, yes :-P

06:20:15 pete_dushenski: cheaper than a canada goose down jacket and a bathtub full of maple syrup, i suppose.

06:21:11 fluffypony: lol

06:22:52 pete_dushenski: though i did get a pretty sweet arcteryx winter jacket at the end of last season that i'm looking forward to sporting.

06:23:01 ben_vulpes: https://medium.com/@abrkn/obtaining-and-offline-securing-ether-for-the-upcoming-ethereum-launch-157963b6a456 << so one actually downloads wallets from the etherfolk?

06:23:01 assbot: Obtaining and offline securing ether for the upcoming Ethereum launch Medium

06:23:04 fluffypony: I love Arc'teryx

06:23:09 fluffypony: one of my favourite manufacturers

06:23:24 fluffypony: I have Khard 45s that we use for our go bags

06:23:42 fluffypony: but I keep taking the packs out and using it for hikes and general travel

06:23:46 fluffypony: I should get another one

06:23:49 pete_dushenski: when i first saw this jacket in banff, btc was $350 so it was 2 btc so i balked.

06:24:24 pete_dushenski: went back to the store 5 months later and btc and the jacket's price had converged so it was only 1 btc. i went for it then :D

06:24:49 fluffypony: lol nice

06:25:27 pete_dushenski: i haven't tried their other equipment but it's priced to a point where i certainly have high expectations

06:27:17 pete_dushenski: ben_vulpes as opposed to... lol crafting your own based on imaginary spec?

06:30:19 cazalla: good evening xinxi

06:30:21 ben_vulpes: dude

06:30:42 ben_vulpes: i'm too tired and too deep in unix horseshit to know what to say about ether anymore

06:30:45 cazalla: !up xinxi

06:30:54 xinxi: good evening cazalla

06:31:49 xinxi: oh, it should be afternoon.

06:31:50 pete_dushenski: ben_vulpes say "no thanks!"

06:33:20 pete_dushenski: it's completely wild to see how much the bitcoin network hashrate fluctuates.

06:34:05 pete_dushenski: in the last 2 week alone it's ranged from 160ph to 370ph as per http://bitcoin.sipa.be

06:34:05 assbot: Bitcoin network graphs

06:34:31 pete_dushenski: bananas, son.

06:37:09 ben_vulpes: this suggests a novel attack vector: depress price strategically to drive miners out, drop large amounts of hashpower to rewrite blockchain.

06:37:17 *: ben_vulpes thinks

06:37:19 ben_vulpes: not that novel.

06:38:16 pete_dushenski: mhm.

06:38:23 ben_vulpes: now i want to see the power draw of the btc network.

06:38:36 pete_dushenski: the question is how much rewriting is possible?

06:39:13 pete_dushenski: and who's going to be duped by any transaction large enough for this strategy to pay off?

06:39:43 pete_dushenski: "here's 50,000 btc"

06:39:53 pete_dushenski: (waits 1 conf)

06:40:09 pete_dushenski: "perfect, we have a deal, here's your aircraft carrier."

06:40:43 pete_dushenski: s/aircraft carrier/personal jet.

06:42:16 pete_dushenski: and my eyes are calling it quits for tonight. bon soir tout le monde!

06:42:25 ben_vulpes: my brain's calling it quit

06:46:06 fluffypony: this is actually kinda cool: http://smartdecisionsint.com/products/cryptex

06:46:06 assbot: Cryptex USB flash drive, 16 Gb Smart Decisions International (SDI)

06:59:28 assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 6350 @ 0.00074128 = 4.7071 BTC [+]

07:00:19 ben_vulpes: http://rajensanghvi.com/ << fuck yeah default wpengine template

07:00:20 assbot: rajensanghvi.com | startups, sales and inspiration.

07:01:55 ben_vulpes: fluffypony: now there's an interesting thing to put up someone's pooper

07:02:02 fluffypony: lol

07:02:41 ben_vulpes: looks like i could get it open in about a minute with a decent vise

07:02:48 ben_vulpes: plus a screwdriver. maybe.

07:03:19 ben_vulpes: but you know

07:03:22 ben_vulpes: neat keyfob i guess

07:11:40 assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 2095 @ 0.00074128 = 1.553 BTC [+]

07:12:45 ben_vulpes: using their considerable expertise in implementing a just-in-time (JIT) compiled version of the Ethereum virtual machine and making computationally-complex contracts a reasonably affordable possibility


07:12:55 ben_vulpes: WHY

07:12:58 ben_vulpes: okay who did this to me

07:13:03 ben_vulpes: who nerdsniped me with the etherscam again

07:13:17 ben_vulpes: fuck you medium

07:13:20 ben_vulpes: you're shitbanned

07:13:24 mircea_popescu: ^

07:13:47 mircea_popescu: medium is a turdy pos on the level of coindesk.

07:14:23 ben_vulpes: i

07:14:24 ben_vulpes: but

07:14:25 ben_vulpes: ether

07:18:01 ben_vulpes: anyways, here, ether wallet lulz: http://cascadianhacker.com/blog/2014/10/22_technical-flaws-in-early-ether-wallet-implementations.html

07:18:01 assbot: Technical Flaws in Early Ether Wallet Implementations

07:18:13 mircea_popescu: ben_vulpes no dude, it's a pos libtard venue astroturfing the shit out of the internet.

07:18:17 mircea_popescu: its signal is exactly zero.

07:18:41 ben_vulpes: well it's cost the future one night of my time.

07:19:07 ben_vulpes: i *was* being productive and booting historical versions of bitcoin to run locally.

07:19:08 ben_vulpes: but noooo

07:19:14 ben_vulpes: i had to get scamsniped AGAIN.

07:19:31 ben_vulpes: taleb's really on to something with his noise suppression routine.

07:19:43 ben_vulpes: how though to reconcile noise suppression with -asset logreading...

07:19:46 ben_vulpes: thoughts for bed.

07:22:51 assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 46492 @ 0.0007384 = 34.3297 BTC [-] {2}

07:23:52 assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 19758 @ 0.00073703 = 14.5622 BTC [-] {3}

07:25:10 gabriel_laddel: ;; later tell nubbins I'm not familiar with the btc codebase, but is there any reason not to include diffs from 5.3 to n.m in the appendix?

07:25:10 gribble: The operation succeeded.

07:28:01 mircea_popescu: ;;seen pigeons

07:28:02 gribble: pigeons was last seen in #bitcoin-assets 12 weeks, 2 days, 14 hours, 30 minutes, and 55 seconds ago: <pigeons> so far that seems accurate

07:28:15 thickasthieves: <+othernubs`> let's get some big miners to give up their secret sauce /// yknow a survey of large miners' and pools' sentiment on state of bitcoin dev, what versions they use, etc would be a great qntra article

07:29:26 mircea_popescu: hard to verify miners, easy to get a bunch of derps that love to talk. but yes, it would be.

07:29:51 thestringpuller: couldn't you just ask trustworthy miners like slush for the pool stats?

07:30:07 thestringpuller: or do people have their computers lie about the version of stuff they are running?

07:31:26 mircea_popescu: being a miner is notoriously a "nobody's business" type of affair. there's nothing to be gained really.

07:31:30 mircea_popescu: plenty to be lost.

07:32:04 mircea_popescu: miners willing to talk about their mining are either lying or motivated by something larger than their mining. which could be their own honesty, of course, but could just as well invalidate the entire premise identifying them as miners.

07:32:32 mircea_popescu: cazalla http://www.theregister.co.uk/2014/10/20/no_chokey_for_flannery/ mebbe

07:32:32 assbot: 'LulzSec leader Aush0k' found to be naughty boy not worthy of jail The Register

07:32:45 mircea_popescu: help irritate asciilifeform's ideas about "can do anything"

07:33:01 assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 9950 @ 0.00073633 = 7.3265 BTC [-]

07:35:19 thickasthieves: <+mircea_popescu> being a miner is notoriously a "nobody's business" type of affair. there's nothing to be gained really. /// well, what if we picture the future 10 years out? are representatives of large hash more communicative? or is there 'political' position on bitcoin technicals more known?

07:35:33 mircea_popescu: it's never going to be open.

07:35:37 thickasthieves: there/their

07:35:40 mircea_popescu: why would people in power talk to the public ?

07:35:50 mircea_popescu: the public is welcome to either start mining or stfu.

07:36:07 thickasthieves: so you think itll all just be a total mystery forever

07:36:14 mircea_popescu: only for the public.

07:37:00 thickasthieves: yeah, investigation would be interesting

07:37:06 mircea_popescu: there will be the occasional reports from retired people, obviously. but otherwise, bitcoin mining ~==== fiat espionage.

07:38:06 mircea_popescu: or w/e, "secret services"

07:38:59 thickasthieves: i remember bitfury was very defensive when i asked how much manufactured mining power they represented

07:39:56 mircea_popescu: i suppose the other similar thing is the networking cabal.

07:40:14 mircea_popescu: people may exchange info as to how much switching happens and where and how, on a "need to operate network" basis.

07:40:24 mircea_popescu: but you're not getting a report. nor is congress.

07:40:30 cazalla: mircea_popescu, i remember hearing about this kid, nfi if he actually was part of lulzsec or not

07:41:00 thestringpuller: tactical espionage action

07:41:09 mircea_popescu: cazalla seems not really. but the aussie "secret service" twerps are the better target there. i dun think anyone can point out to ANYTHING they ever achieved, since ww2 onward.

07:41:14 mircea_popescu: not ever. and yet...

07:41:56 cazalla: nah, secret police here are ASIO not AFP

07:42:50 mircea_popescu: there's at least half a dozen of various derp groups, and they're all wasting oxygen & public moneyz.

07:44:30 cazalla: given i live here, i have nothing but praise for all gov departments, advance australia fair

07:45:49 mircea_popescu: pete_dushenski: it's completely wild to see how much the bitcoin network hashrate fluctuates. << you understand those aren't directly measured, but more like calculated after the fact ? it's normal variance, you're trying to guess how many times a coin is tossed by how many heads you see. well...

07:45:55 mircea_popescu: cazalla haha that's a point.

07:46:29 thickasthieves: http://blog.foreignpolicy.com/posts/2014/10/21/sweden_s_military_calls_sub_breach_of_waters_fucked_up

07:46:29 assbot: Sweden's Military Calls Sub's Breach of Waters 'Fucked Up'

07:47:41 mircea_popescu: ben_vulpes: this suggests a novel attack vector: depress price strategically to drive miners out, <<< except miners don't go in and out with the price. the market is amortisation driven, they have the gear and have to use it, so they'll use it.

07:47:53 mircea_popescu: fx risk is handled like any fx risk (hedge and insure).

07:50:45 mircea_popescu: On Sunday, the Swedish media wound itself into a tizzy over a photograph of a man dressed in black wading into the water somewhere in the archipelago. The security services were dispatched to find the man, who turned out to be a pensioner named Ove, out doing some fishing. "I'm no spy, I'm a pensioner," he told Expressen. "You can tell that it's me [in the photo] by my straight jeans, and I usually have a backpack on."

07:50:55 mircea_popescu: how did that theory go... the ideal spy is an old guy with no social contacts ?

07:50:56 bounce: the sweedish sold off their sub hunting helos in 2008. bwahahahaha.

07:51:14 mircea_popescu: bounce sweden is kinda poor these days.

07:52:45 bounce: am I supposed to pity the fools now?

07:52:56 mircea_popescu: they let norway split...

07:53:02 mircea_popescu: birts have more sense with scotland

07:53:26 bounce: norway is doing pretty well, last I heard

07:54:55 mircea_popescu: while reserves last.

08:00:48 bounce: AIUI they potted up their north sea gas proceeds, instead of giving it all away to the unwashed masses. gives them a bit of playroom.

08:02:33 cazalla: thestringpuller: "He's Canadian" << lol, the canadians brought us Degrassi and indie rock! <<< fkn degrassi, to this day i remember claude offing himself in the toilets, i think i was like 10 or 12 and what is this

08:04:41 punkman: re: Norway http://qz.com/252753/norways-gargantuan-sovereign-wealth-fund-by-the-numbers/

08:24:52 assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 3805 @ 0.00073927 = 2.8129 BTC [+]

08:28:56 assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 17558 @ 0.00074135 = 13.0166 BTC [+] {2}

08:37:04 assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 22900 @ 0.00074149 = 16.9801 BTC [+] {3}

08:51:18 assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 11900 @ 0.00074005 = 8.8066 BTC [-]

09:04:31 assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 23800 @ 0.0007416 = 17.6501 BTC [+]

09:15:42 assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 25850 @ 0.00073987 = 19.1256 BTC [-] {2}

10:35:21 jurov: ;;isup log.bitcoin-assets.com

10:35:25 gribble: log.bitcoin-assets.com is down

10:35:33 RagnarDanneskjol: bollocks

10:41:05 davout: ohai

10:44:22 RagnarDanneskjol: hiya dav

11:00:44 jurov: hi davout

11:01:18 davout: hello !

11:21:35 jurov: davout any news? you said there's some stupid french law pending

11:28:17 davout: did i?

11:28:45 jurov: heh all is ok then

11:35:51 davout: not like laws are going to make it not ok anyway

12:31:12 kakobrekla: logs down, ddos up, mirror later

12:33:51 jurov: both logs and freenode are dos'd?

12:40:19 kakobrekla: freenode i dunno

12:41:55 jurov: usually when freenode has problems, it dumps me whole banlist for all channels, that happened 20 mins ago.

12:43:04 *: chetty wishes all these ddosers would find something productive to do with their time

12:44:31 jurov: you know, it is so much fun, feeling of power and whatnot

12:45:58 jurov: i don't know why i did not do more of it myself. only once tried SMB packed of death against neighbor's win machine flooding the ether with all kinds of windoze packets

12:46:39 jurov: got some qualms of remorse, did not continue down that path

12:49:14 kakobrekla: at least assbot is with us.

12:49:21 chetty: well even if ddos is your thing, power trip and all I can think of more interesting things to ddos

12:49:30 kakobrekla: i go for some hours. later

12:53:27 jurov: chetty go on. they're listening

12:57:23 bounce: jurov: like this? http://www.theregister.co.uk/Print/2014/10/17/france_anti_terror_law_war_vs_internet/

12:57:23 assbot: French 'terror law' declares WAR on the INTERNET itself, say digi-rights folks The Register

12:57:47 jurov: !s davout law

12:57:48 assbot: 28 results for 'davout law' : http://search.bitcoin-assets.com/?q=davout+law

12:59:32 jurov: dunno what was then. maybe cia/kgb planted me false memories and whatnot

13:01:24 assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 5600 @ 0.00073695 = 4.1269 BTC [-] {2}

13:02:05 jurov: wtf is "individual terrorist undertaking"?

13:02:25 jurov: thoughtcrime?

13:09:27 davout: ah this

13:09:58 davout: it's because the news is full of teens leaving france to go to syria for djihad and whatnot

13:10:53 *: bounce wishes the politicians would show some spine here. take their local passport, wave goodbye, declare them europe-wide persona non grata for all eternity. problem solved.

13:11:32 bounce: announce that loud and clear and everybody knows what the score is. "if you want to go there, you're dead to us."

13:12:29 davout: bounce why not simply not care about it? wanna go some ideological war somewhere else, well, have fun seeya later

13:12:39 davout: *wage

13:12:55 bounce: because the fucks come back all shell shocked and violent

13:13:31 davout: meh, let them

13:13:58 bounce: I don't care if maladjusted angry youths want to run away and make trouble in a war zone. I do care if they come back, recruit some more kids (to do the same), cause trouble, shoot some jews, what have you.

13:14:01 davout: i'd reckon most would get natural selection'd anyway

13:14:15 bounce: at the very least it ties up secret service manpower to keep an eye on them

13:14:29 davout: what are you gonna do? cage them?

13:14:44 bounce: no, they're spying on the returnees. already.

13:15:14 davout: no, i mean the would-be goers

13:16:12 bounce: I'd do exactly what I said I wanted the politicians to do: let the would-be goers go, at the price of persona non grata status.

13:39:28 jurov: !mpif

13:39:29 assbot: BtcAlpha.com F.MPIF Tracker estimated NAV per share: 0.00021818 B (Total: 477.11 B). Delta: -0.38 B. Last trade for F.MPIF on MPEX was at 0.000195 BTC [-]

13:45:40 asciilifeform: http://www.nydailynews.com/news/world/denver-girls-skipped-school-alleged-attempt-join-isis-article-1.1982931

13:45:40 assbot: Three Denver girls who skipped school in alleged attempt to join ISIS under investigation - NY Daily News

14:09:52 othernubs`: anyone have logs

14:13:51 othernubs`: n/m back up

14:27:27 othernubs`: you guise and your arc'teryx

14:33:20 othernubs`: cazalla:thestringpuller: "He's Canadian" << lol, the canadians brought us Degrassi and indie rock! <<< fkn degrassi, to this day i remember claude offing himself in the toilets, i think i was like 10 or 12 and what is this <<< my sides / my youth

14:57:00 jurov: https://medium.com/the-os-fund/rewrite-the-os-68fb43ddc95f dem movers and shakers and twerkers

14:57:01 assbot: Rewrite the OS, Change the World The OS Fund Medium

14:57:27 jurov: i tweeted them stan's 7 laws but i doubt they'll catch on

15:00:44 bounce: medium.com is such a craphole. like wired, but pessimised for the tablet.

15:01:30 bounce: though that osfund.co website manages to fuck up harder. doesn't even render any content here, just the menu bar.

15:02:18 bounce: wants to change the world. picks sucky venue to promote broken website. makes a splash, it does.

15:03:54 jurov: if you want to get amused, actually read it

15:03:59 jurov: "Autonomous networks of drones are delivering critical supplies to rural African villages."

15:04:05 jurov: can't stop chuckling

15:04:13 othernubs`: i thought medium was the sort of site where literally anyone can publish?

15:04:23 bounce: started to scan it but it looked to be entirely fluff

15:08:37 asciilifeform: jurov: lol!

15:09:22 othernubs`: y'know, aside from the inevitble

15:09:51 othernubs`: ...keyboard issues, this xo-1 is actually a quite capable irc machine

15:10:16 asciilifeform: jurov: i almost think that scamatron was built as a deliberate attempt at personal insult for me

15:10:24 othernubs`: websites are a dice-roll but xchat and a couple terminal windows = no sweat

15:10:30 asciilifeform: that, or terry davis

15:11:32 assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 3100 @ 0.0007365 = 2.2832 BTC [-]

15:11:32 *: asciilifeform reads the actual ad and notices it's simply generic derp, nothing to do with operating systems in the conventional sense of the word

15:13:03 *: othernubs` notices that page 1 of the bookof bitcoin will be the entire contents of a file named COPYING

15:13:19 othernubs`: i think i'll gussy it up

15:14:13 *: jurov sues nubs for GPL violation

15:14:33 jurov: or you can print legalese in tiny font, as supposed to

15:14:36 othernubs`: with images! not chancing text!

15:14:38 asciilifeform: it was bsd afaik

15:14:44 othernubs`: *changing

15:15:12 othernubs`: jurov, i'm going the other way. make it a glorious proclamation

15:15:20 Apocalyptic: 1 page doesn't sound like a big deal

15:15:20 othernubs`: trumpets, cherubim, banners, etc

15:16:13 jurov: isStandard() should feature properly terrifying gargoyles

15:16:49 othernubs`: actually on the fence about illustrating the entire thing, with a slight lean towards 'yes'

15:16:58 asciilifeform: e.g., http://mith.ru/treasury/natio/ireland/kells071.htm

15:17:17 asciilifeform: illustrate in the margins.

15:17:22 asciilifeform: the best kind.

15:17:56 othernubs`: YEAH

15:17:59 othernubs`: book of kells

15:18:14 othernubs`: i don't even need to click that link

15:20:59 mod6: http://cascadianhacker.com/blog/2014/10/20_a-summary-of-changes-to-bitcoin-since-0321.html#fnr.20 << thanks for this write up, this would def. need to be patched in.

15:20:59 assbot: A summary of changes to Bitcoin since 0.3.21

15:21:46 mod6: at least, i'd like to have it. heh.

15:28:15 mod6: so yeah, maybe .5.3 is enough with a few patches added in like your notes say. good work!

15:28:32 ben_vulpes: didja get it running eventually?

15:29:26 Apocalyptic: ben_vulpes, that's a helpful commit summary, well done

15:29:52 jurov: so.. where is the evil in 0.9?

15:30:12 ben_vulpes: Apocalyptic: i have to clear up that it's not a *commit* summary but a changelog summary.

15:30:38 Apocalyptic: indeed, semantics

15:30:41 mod6: ben_vulpes: naw, gave up after the last paste I posted. i'd like to go further here, but need more time, and to somehow find the right source to add to sources.list so I can pull in the requirements correctly.

15:31:55 mod6: when testing this, i don't wanna to "hack" a bunch of stuff together. i'd like to do it in a linear manner so seeing what was required is simple. because I'm sure that I can just start pulling down packages on my own and get it to work. just was trying to keep it simple.

15:32:11 Apocalyptic: ben_vulpes, I guess the next would be to see if actually all the code changes reflect precisely what's been announced in the changelog, to ensure there is no stuff left out, intentionally or not

15:32:14 mod6: not sure if im making any sense.

15:32:18 Apocalyptic: *the next step

15:33:05 mod6: I might not be the right person to test this after all. *shrug*

15:33:10 Apocalyptic: which is a considerable amount of work

15:33:55 jurov: i'm able to do it..if anyone pays

15:34:11 ben_vulpes: mod6: plenty of sense. i was a little startled to see that your debian dist didn't come with sudo.

15:35:00 mod6: me too, that threw me off. but maybe i did something silly with the install by creating a root account? i'm not super clued on deb... but it asked me to make a root account first, then a user account. so that was kinda bizzare to me.

15:35:27 ben_vulpes: Apocalyptic: semantics indeed, but not the reddit-style attempted-argument-ender kind. rather the important kind that conveys significance.

15:35:27 mod6: so thought maybe it left off sudo because I created a root account. not sure.

15:35:38 *: ben_vulpes has no idea

15:35:45 Apocalyptic: ben_vulpes, absolutely, see my next line :)

15:35:59 ben_vulpes: still caffinating can't keep up already

15:37:19 ben_vulpes: Apocalyptic: indeed. piles of work.

15:37:35 bounce: mod6: what're you doing?

15:37:36 ben_vulpes: at this point i'm running the node stock to see what happens

15:37:54 mod6: bounce: just testing ben's script

15:38:21 mod6: created a vm of deb 6.0.10 or w/e and then just tried to run it directly without doing anything else.

15:39:27 mod6: and the apt-get lines in the start of the script failed because the sources.list didn't have the things it's looking for. so I manually added some more that I got from the deb source list thingy, but that didn't seem to help much. it's in the pastes, check the log.

15:40:21 thickasthieves: http://www.etftrends.com/2014/10/europe-listed-bitcoin-etf-in-the-works/

15:40:21 assbot: Europe-Listed Bitcoin ETF in the Works | ETF Trends

15:43:22 mod6: ben_vulpes: anyway, I'll play with it some more later today.

15:45:04 othernubs`: http://cascadianhacker.com/blog/2014/10/20_a-summary-of-changes-to-bitcoin-since-0321.html#fnr.20 << thanks for this write up, this would def. need to be patched in. <<< agreed, great writeup, altho evidence seems to point to 0.6.3 being the right choice

15:45:05 assbot: A summary of changes to Bitcoin since 0.3.21

15:45:05 assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 11984 @ 0.0007365 = 8.8262 BTC [-]

15:46:17 othernubs`: you suggest importing most of the additions in 0.6.0, but 0.6.1-0.6.3 are all just bugfixes

15:46:44 othernubs`: including several osx-specific ones

15:54:29 othernubs`: parliament hill attack: 1 gunman dead after soldier shot at national war memorial

15:55:44 ben_vulpes: othernubs`: i'm not even sold on importprivkey

15:55:49 ben_vulpes: what's the use case there?

15:56:53 othernubs`: several shots fired inside parliament

15:56:57 othernubs`: holy shit brb

15:58:36 thickasthieves: http://www.bbc.com/news/world-us-canada-29724907

15:58:36 assbot: BBC News - Shots fired inside Canada parliament

16:00:02 othernubs`: this is very bad

16:05:16 othernubs`: 3 different locations

16:06:12 mod6: <+ben_vulpes> othernubs`: i'm not even sold on importprivkey << how would you do this otherwise?

16:10:18 ben_vulpes: mod6: create an address and send coins to it?

16:11:13 Apocalyptic: it may be handy to generate a private key outside of the bitcoind mecanism

16:11:32 Apocalyptic: it you want to use it, gotta import it

16:11:39 ben_vulpes: mm.

16:12:12 othernubs`: all canadian forces bases closed to public access nationwide

16:12:18 mod6: and what if you already have a private key that you'd like to import from cold storage? how would you send coins to new said address?

16:12:29 othernubs`: bridges between ottawa and gatineau all shut down

16:12:51 Apocalyptic: wait they close bridges because of that ?

16:12:58 mod6: in other news... i think i fixed my deps problem.

16:12:59 mod6: :)

16:13:18 ben_vulpes: nice! care to share?

16:13:55 mod6: so the debian source list generator thingy didn't put it in there that i need lines that tell me to go to just "squeeze" itself, not just "squeeze-updates" or w/e. will paste.

16:14:29 jurov: othernubs`: did you close the US border, to stop the terrorists?

16:14:33 mod6: "Cloning into bitcoin ..."

16:14:49 othernubs`: it's the most open border in the world :/

16:15:23 mod6: "Checking out v0.5.3"

16:15:33 mod6: looks like there might be an issue with that sed command tho

16:15:58 PinkPosixPXE: if you dpaste/pastebin it, I can assist.

16:16:25 PinkPosixPXE: ^with sed

16:16:46 othernubs`: so how long are we gonna diddle around here before one of us forks 0.5.3 and starts selectively patching?

16:16:49 othernubs`: ;D

16:16:58 mats_cd03: you made isis mad othernubs`

16:16:58 mod6: awe shit. fuckin scrollback only set to 512 by default. gotta run this stuff again. one sec... working on it

16:17:12 ben_vulpes: it initially ended with :=0/d so as to rip the relevant line out. that'll still work.

16:17:34 mats_cd03: time for canada to become part of the caliphate

16:19:19 bounce: wasn't forking the point of the whole thing?

16:19:33 bounce: a list of CVEs and other security problems in bitcoin would be useful

16:20:12 bounce: probably would need to take the full tree and look at the diffs, backport the useful stuff and leave the cruft

16:20:37 mike_c: polish the turd?

16:20:51 bounce: no, not quite

16:22:22 bounce: the usg unfunded liabilities problem is mainly pensions, no?

16:23:22 mod6: so keep in mind that a lot of these packages got pulled successfully the first time. this is the second running after i bumped up the scrollback limit on the term:

16:23:25 mod6: http://dpaste.com/1EHBRNF

16:23:26 assbot: dpaste: 1EHBRNF

16:23:37 mircea_popescu: ben_vulpes btw, if oyu're going to maintain this, change satoshi's warn key.

16:23:41 mod6: Thanks PinkPosixPXE

16:24:10 mircea_popescu: <othernubs`> so how long are we gonna diddle around here before one of us forks 0.5.3 and starts selectively patching? << not long.

16:24:58 mircea_popescu: <othernubs`> all canadian forces bases closed to public access nationwide << russians finally invading ?

16:25:05 mike_c: isn't somebody making a good alternative implementation? why take 0.5.3 as the b-a client.

16:25:17 BingoBoingo: mircea_popescu: ISIS invading, hell of a thing to wake up to.

16:25:35 mircea_popescu: mike_c because gavin wants a fork

16:25:43 mats_cd03: nice knowing you, canada

16:25:54 mircea_popescu: and in general, when little bitches are asking for a thrashing, it's a good idea to give them a thrasing.

16:25:54 othernubs`: ;;google globe footage captures shoot out in parliament building site:youtube.com

16:25:55 gribble: euronews (in English) - YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/user/Euronews; All comments on A Fresh Perspective On "Islamophobia" - YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/all_comments?v=9-4AAc5y86s&page=2; Toronto by Newsreel | culture | Torontoist: http://www.youtube.com/redirect?q=http%3A%2F%2Ftorontoist.com%2F2014%2F04%2Ftoronto-by- (1 more message)

16:26:08 othernubs`: too recent i guess,

16:26:37 mircea_popescu: othernubs` https://www.google.com/search?q=bridges+between+ottawa+and+gatineau+all+shut+down&complete=0&prmd=ivns&source=lnms&tbm=nws << totally.

16:26:37 assbot: bridges between ottawa and gatineau all shut down - Google Search

16:26:54 mircea_popescu: all they got is "How to Be a Devils Fan In Ottawa -- 2014-15 Edition" and "Tune in TONIGHT for "MAKERS: Women in War""

16:26:55 mircea_popescu: as if.

16:27:48 othernubs`: http://youtu.be/XrGqoISd-do

16:27:49 assbot: Globe footage captures shooting in Parliament building - YouTube

16:27:57 mircea_popescu: o hey.

16:28:04 mircea_popescu: sooo.... why military bases then ?

16:28:25 othernubs`: first shot took down a canadian soldier at the nat'l war memorial

16:28:28 mircea_popescu: what's a "police sweep"

16:28:52 Apocalyptic: <mircea_popescu> sooo.... why military bases then ? // didn't get that either

16:29:01 mircea_popescu: dude these schmucks are not trained or something ?

16:29:16 mircea_popescu: is THAT what you do when shots fired ?

16:29:25 mthreat: mircea_popescu: http://imgur.com/a/QdiNV

16:29:25 assbot: Hack - Imgur

16:29:36 bounce: dunno. police pretending to be militaree is all the rage now. has been for a while.

16:29:45 mircea_popescu: mthreat ahahah win.

16:30:17 mircea_popescu: bounce even police tho. it's a basic fucking thing, what is this bullshit "i'ma lower my back in a crouch so as to reduce mobility and improve exposure"

16:30:35 mircea_popescu: for crying out loud. throwing like a girl, but for guns.

16:31:18 thickasthieves: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XrGqoISd-do&list=UUsZYUb8C_19bWOCKF9jRwSg

16:31:18 assbot: Globe footage captures shooting in Parliament building - YouTube

16:31:21 mircea_popescu: i suppose asking the brave&bold to crawl for two hundred yards is way too much huh.

16:31:30 bounce: not everybody has the guts to walk in rod straight with a campaign hat instead of a helmet and going "I love the smell of napalm in the morning", you know.

16:32:26 othernubs`: maybe i should submit a bitbet about the war measures act being enabled again

16:34:54 assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 20406 @ 0.00073761 = 15.0517 BTC [+] {2}

16:35:24 mircea_popescu: bounce and whoever does won't have em for long, you know ?

16:35:32 mircea_popescu: othernubs` sounds legit.

16:42:03 mircea_popescu: http://i.imgur.com/gF4DefU.jpg << the best part is where it says "pantalla tactil" and "together we work for you"

16:42:44 bounce: which is why they like their guns at the ready and their own profile minimised

16:43:22 mircea_popescu: seriously, that's not how it's done. these little bitches would get massacred if anyone seriously went at them.

16:44:06 assbot: Last 3 lines bashed and pending review. ( http://dpaste.com/2XFHE5K.txt )

16:44:06 BingoBoingo: !b 3

16:44:10 bounce: they're police wannabe soldiers, not actual combat vets

16:44:47 mircea_popescu: shocking video, anyway.

16:45:03 bounce: so why is this assad character so completely reviled, beyond resisting the arab spring thing?

16:45:11 BingoBoingo: http://www.allaccess.com/net-news/archive/story/134690/it-was-three-stannard-stations-hit-by-apparent-cry

16:45:13 assbot: Latest Radio News, Talk Shows, Sports, Hosts, Personalities | AllAccess.com

16:45:16 mircea_popescu: bounce he broke the us' back in the middle east.

16:45:35 mircea_popescu: remember that humiliating "chemical weapons" thing ?

16:45:50 bounce: not that that wouldn't have happened a bit later anyway, with the sharia-huggers

16:45:51 mircea_popescu: that was the first of since then numerous times putin shoved his cock in obama's butt.

16:45:52 BingoBoingo: bounce: He married a white girl is as far as I can tell.

16:46:09 mircea_popescu: he's not much more middleeastern-y-er than obam.

16:48:59 mircea_popescu: thestringpuller: On a side note, I've noticed Roger Ver's bitcoinstore is not...around anymore? << well it wasn't really making all that much.

16:49:38 mircea_popescu: pete_dushenski: anthony di iorio, very memorably (because i've never seen this before), replied to my gpg-gram... in plaintext. and it included my original email. in plaintext. <<< ahahahh.this is like, what, built from the ground up with derpidity in mind ?

16:49:40 mircea_popescu: lmao.

16:53:22 bounce: stupid s/w and clueless user. it's what you get when most of the userbase is clueless: the writers of mailclients will also be clueless.

16:55:27 mircea_popescu: o so basically the idea is, client autodecrypted and then appended it to email history as per usual ?

16:55:40 thickasthieves: http://www.blockstream.com/sidechains.pdf

16:55:43 mircea_popescu: i suppose it's a good filter for the killfile.

16:56:28 bounce: dunno what happened. any user-agent headers in the original?

16:56:42 mircea_popescu: good q.

16:57:02 *: bounce has way too much to read. *sigh*

16:58:15 mircea_popescu: "339,192 US rank. This site reaches over 858 monthly people" << holy shit, it's not fucking possible that 1k people reading you on a monthly basis puts you in the top 300k sites on the internets.

16:58:43 bounce: them 'merkins really can't keep their fingers out of anything and they manage to fsck up everywhere. not a new observation, but it hasn't ceased to be painfully true either.

16:59:30 mircea_popescu: cazalla BingoBoingo : didja see quantcast's "affinity index" ? wired.com 32.7x reddit.com 26.2x zerohedge.com 26.1x theverge.com 20.8x wsj.com 19.3x. made to own, that thing.

17:00:27 BingoBoingo: Yeah

17:00:59 mircea_popescu: $depth S.QNTR

17:00:59 empyex: mircea_popescu: Want a bash? http://bash.bitcoin-assets.com/?quote=38 Or use a valid MPSIC!

17:01:02 bounce: mind the "us" part. that's only some large fraction of 310M people. there's at least as many people online in china, and europe again, and so on.

17:01:28 mircea_popescu: bounce but 1k ? it's like... anything is seen by a thousand people in a month.

17:01:32 mircea_popescu: it's thirty a day for crissakes

17:02:13 bounce: you got the same numbers but for log.bitcoin-assets.com, just for comparison?

17:02:51 bounce: though that'd be the wrong thing to compare with. the other 'bitcoin'-news services would be better to compare with

17:03:45 mod6: ok ben_vulpes: works! http://dpaste.com/3RHJW3S

17:03:46 assbot: dpaste: 3RHJW3S

17:04:16 mircea_popescu: anyway, i was saying earlier i love varnish ? pre varnish, 89,441 pages, 207,229 hits. post varnish ? 58,692 pages 58,707 hits. saved 100k hits or so.

17:04:27 mircea_popescu: bounce nah, qntra is the only thing on quantcast.

17:04:59 mircea_popescu: i am serious, there's just no way to run a web server w/o it.

17:05:39 mod6: there was 2 very minor changes to your sed command in there that PinkPosixPXE helped me with. needs to be: sed -i 's/USE_UPNP:=0/USE_UPNP=/1'

17:05:48 mod6: I'll paste the entire thing, just a sec.

17:06:42 BingoBoingo: http://www.computerhistory.org/_static/atchm/xerox-alto-source-code/ << Looky

17:06:43 assbot: Xerox Alto Source Code | Computer History Museum

17:06:43 mod6: ;;rate PinkPosixPXE 1 Helped me out testing ben_vulpes install script.

17:06:44 gribble: Rating entry successful. Your rating of 1 for user PinkPosixPXE has been recorded.

17:07:37 []bot: Bet created: "Bitcoin difficulty to fall before Mar 2015" http://bitbet.us/bet/1058/

17:07:48 PinkPosixPXE: Thanks! :)

17:08:54 BingoBoingo: ;;rate PinkPosixPXE Contributed text to qntra

17:08:54 gribble: Error: 'Contributed' is not a valid integer.

17:09:11 BingoBoingo: ;;rate PinkPosixPXE 1 contributed text to qntra

17:09:11 gribble: Error: For identification purposes, you must be authenticated to use the rating system.

17:09:22 jurov: http://www.kommersant.ru/doc/2595277 << putin already saving oil companies from pension funds? happens rather quickly

17:09:23 assbot: -

17:09:47 mod6: ben_vulpes: http://dpaste.com/0BX9YV5

17:09:47 assbot: dpaste: 0BX9YV5

17:10:40 mircea_popescu: mod6 ben_vulpes would you two be interested in cochairing an ACTUAL bitcoin foundation ? dedicated to ~actually~ maintaining the bitcoin core etc ?

17:12:11 mod6: it'd be an honor, Sir.

17:12:58 mircea_popescu: draft a charter, then it gets gpg signed and that's it ? i'd donate

17:13:01 mircea_popescu: prolly not teh only one.

17:13:02 jurov: what about Chief Scientist and 5 econ muppets positions?

17:13:34 mircea_popescu: jurov none of that, i'm thinking more of, have two co-chairs, then when one wants to go out they vote unanimously to add a third, and after 6 months the retiring one can leave.

17:13:48 mircea_popescu: stable indefinitely like that.

17:14:15 jurov: i see. deaths are to be announced 6 moths prior, too.

17:14:16 thickasthieves: i had same idea this morning actually

17:14:24 mircea_popescu: thickasthieves good for you :)

17:14:28 []bot: Bet placed: 2 BTC for No on "Bitcoin difficulty to fall before Mar 2015" http://bitbet.us/bet/1058/ Odds: 1(Y):99(N) by coin, 1(Y):99(N) by weight. Total bet: 2.1 BTC. Current weight: 99,996.

17:14:33 TheNewDeal: Ooo can I be fundraising chair?

17:14:40 TheNewDeal: I'll pledge a donation :D

17:14:46 mircea_popescu: jurov well, ideally people on death's door aren't in the chair position.

17:14:57 mircea_popescu: TheNewDeal i dun thyink so. you see, it's by doing shit.

17:15:21 TheNewDeal: securing finances is just part of the mo?

17:15:24 *: xanthyos

17:15:26 mircea_popescu: notrly.

17:15:35 mircea_popescu: i think that'd be the other one.

17:15:49 jurov: ok srs. mod6 is a C++ programmer? or do you have any?

17:15:50 TheNewDeal: ooo the scamcoin foundation?

17:16:10 thickasthieves: should also require signed, narrated gpg for all distributions of funds

17:16:12 mircea_popescu: they can hire/work with whoever the fuck they want.

17:16:14 thickasthieves: run it totally transparently

17:16:18 mircea_popescu: thickasthieves absolutely.

17:16:21 mod6: i've done a fair amount of C++ in the past. a lot more C though, I must admit.

17:16:26 mircea_popescu: hire people like eulora hires people, on gpg contract.

17:16:44 mats_cd03: this sounds like something i want to be involved in

17:16:58 mircea_popescu: cool!

17:17:36 assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 17388 @ 0.00073629 = 12.8026 BTC [-]

17:17:55 bounce: mod6: what'd you work on?

17:18:00 jurov: where do you accept patches? i have one pending (for multiple walletsw)

17:18:31 jurov: it's against 0.8, tho

17:18:38 mircea_popescu: well once they actually get the charter signerd i suppose there's going to be a geethoob

17:18:43 jurov: and i was told the code was refactored quite

17:18:56 bounce: they're starting to bitch about browser versions

17:18:57 mircea_popescu: jurov not unfixable, that.

17:19:16 mircea_popescu: how, they ?

17:19:18 mircea_popescu: who*

17:19:25 bounce: perhaps not a good idea to rely on them. then again, hosting a git repo isn't exactly difficult.

17:19:28 jurov: bluematt iirc

17:19:44 mod6: bounce: noting in C++ that i can point to right this minute in OS space. Mostly C stuff is out there... my freebsd port I created is in C.

17:20:11 jurov: what about boost?

17:20:16 mircea_popescu: ah git. well u dunno man, that's why there's foundation chairs. sort this shit out.

17:20:56 bounce: what'd you port then?

17:21:48 mod6: oh a million years ago i created a port called 'destroy'

17:22:20 mod6: but been a freebsd guy for a long time, helped out on a lot of various things.

17:22:32 mod6: in user & kern

17:22:41 assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 5254 @ 0.00073885 = 3.8819 BTC [+]

17:24:28 *: mod6 fbsd since 4.2, obsd since 2.6

17:25:04 bounce: freebsd 4 best freebsd

17:25:22 mod6: ^

17:26:13 thestringpuller: you don't know if you're on death's door if you get assinated

17:26:40 thestringpuller: assassinated*

17:26:41 thestringpuller: wow

17:26:50 bounce: twice the ass

17:28:58 mircea_popescu: thestringpuller yeah, okay, if anyone gets ass-assinated we'll ad-hoc it k ?

17:29:17 mircea_popescu: no point in having pre-compiled code in case of exceptions. pre-compiled is for non exceptional stuff.

17:30:49 assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 13750 @ 0.00074037 = 10.1801 BTC [+] {2}

17:36:48 bounce: do we have sources on us vs ru jet fighter quality other than herr orlov?

17:36:57 mircea_popescu: me ?

17:37:27 bounce: how'd that go? o_O

17:37:58 mircea_popescu: tis in the logs, i wonder how it's keyed

17:38:02 mircea_popescu: !s sukhoi

17:38:03 assbot: 1 results for 'sukhoi' : http://search.bitcoin-assets.com/?q=sukhoi

17:38:42 mircea_popescu: a there we go. cool!

17:40:01 othernubs`: mircea_popescu> draft a charter, then it gets gpg signed and that's it ? i'd donate <<< me too

17:40:19 othernubs`: a single distro shames us all

17:40:48 mircea_popescu: especially a shitty one run in circles through featuritis swamp by idiots

17:41:45 othernubs`: SatoshiCore: don't run with the chumps

17:42:19 mircea_popescu: cazalla by the way, intel sez that the reason you've not heard from sgornick nor will you is that the guy meanwhile figured out i'm involved, and doesn't like me either because i said nigger or cunt at some point in the past.

17:42:52 mircea_popescu: othernubs` there's really no cause to fork the name too. let the gavin-mike-dorkteam run into obscurity and that's that.

17:42:55 bounce: ;;seen mistere

17:42:57 gribble: mistere was last seen in #bitcoin-assets 27 weeks, 5 days, 0 hours, 28 minutes, and 25 seconds ago: <MisterE> Deer Hunter was masterpiece

17:43:05 othernubs`: yeah fair enough

17:43:20 mircea_popescu: this is bitcoin. that some other derps are calling their derpage bitcoin too... well who cares.

17:43:30 othernubs`: shit, drop the core and just call it Bitcoin.

17:43:34 mircea_popescu: the us congress calls itself sovereign. anyone can call anything

17:43:46 RagnarDanneskjol: spkg of name *motion to rename 'ACTUAL bitcoin foundation' to homebrew bitcoin club

17:43:58 othernubs`: aye

17:44:01 mircea_popescu: ;;ud spkg

17:44:02 gribble: Google found nothing.

17:44:07 RagnarDanneskjol: speaking

17:44:25 mircea_popescu: hardly. it'd be the bitcoin foundation. because it's what it is.

17:44:33 mircea_popescu: some other scamthing notwithstanding.

17:47:36 *: jurov regs therealbitcoinfoundation.org

17:47:58 mircea_popescu: bitcoin.foundation too ?

17:48:12 RagnarDanneskjol: ugh

17:48:19 jurov: taken

17:48:28 othernubs`: heh

17:48:37 mircea_popescu: which is my fucking point. this "name and logo" approach to "ideas" is for the birds.

17:48:42 mircea_popescu: what the fuck does it need a website for even.

17:49:16 jurov: it'll just be project on github?

17:49:32 BingoBoingo: http://qntra.net/2014/10/bitfury-capital-announces-investment-in-gocoin/

17:49:32 assbot: BitFury Capital Announces Investment in GoCoin | Qntra.net

17:49:35 mircea_popescu: if they even decide to use github

17:49:45 othernubs`: mod6 ben_vulpes put this book thing to rest once and for all; merge useful changes from 0.6.3 into 0.5.3 and call that your baseline

17:49:56 othernubs`: we'll publish the goddamn thing

17:50:03 othernubs`: sanity prevails

17:50:08 jurov: will be hosted on an obscure ipv6 addy :DDD

17:50:17 mircea_popescu: othernubs` "Bitcoin, the definitive edition" ?

17:50:25 mircea_popescu: jurov can be foundation.bitcoin-assets.com

17:50:30 mircea_popescu: or whatevs.

17:50:47 othernubs`: Bitcoin v6

17:51:47 othernubs`: canadian forces warning personnel not to wear their uniforms off-base?!

17:51:54 othernubs`: what madness is this

17:52:26 jurov: btcfoundation.org is regged to some "Matthew Campbell","Bryan Thomas Campbell Foundation", Scottsdale, US

17:52:29 othernubs`: soldier gets shot, solution is for all other soldiers to get naked

17:52:43 othernubs`: jurov, the basdard

17:52:47 Apocalyptic: that's a weird announcement to make...

17:53:04 othernubs`: truly bizarre

17:53:24 mod6: <+othernubs`> mod6 ben_vulpes put this book thing to rest once and for all; merge useful changes from 0.6.3 into 0.5.3 and call that your baseline << agreed.

17:54:12 assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 19850 @ 0.00073584 = 14.6064 BTC [-] {2}

17:56:41 othernubs`: i'd recommend the next few minor releases merge as many non-crufty fixes from core as possible, but that's just one man's opinion

17:56:50 othernubs`: copy the cream, chuck the crap

18:00:18 assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 8800 @ 0.00073506 = 6.4685 BTC [-]

18:01:36 BingoBoingo: ;;ticker

18:01:38 gribble: Bitstamp BTCUSD ticker | Best bid: 385.41, Best ask: 386.4, Bid-ask spread: 0.99000, Last trade: 385.26, 24 hour volume: 8718.21347780, 24 hour low: 380.0, 24 hour high: 389.39, 24 hour vwap: 384.929848633

18:02:34 asciilifeform: maintain << i will, sure. if someone actually wants this.

18:03:02 asciilifeform: mainly because this involves virtually no work.

18:03:17 assbot: Last 2 lines bashed and pending review. ( http://dpaste.com/1M6XPHG.txt )

18:03:17 BingoBoingo: !b 2

18:03:22 othernubs`: heh

18:03:51 othernubs`: asciilifeform, you okay with yr manuscript elucidating the forthcoming Real Bitcoin 0.6?

18:04:03 jurov: heh..wait till they break boost compat

18:04:21 asciilifeform: my manuscript, lol!?

18:04:25 bounce: how much boost is in there anyway?

18:04:28 othernubs`: ;D

18:04:48 asciilifeform: i'll breathe on it and bless it, promise.

18:04:50 othernubs`: calling it a book seems to boorish at this point

18:04:57 othernubs`: *too

18:05:02 othernubs`: these rubber keys..

18:05:50 othernubs`: can't wait to see the charter

18:08:28 asciilifeform: i refuse to build the winblows gui ver., though.

18:08:58 asciilifeform: (all others - sure, fuk, why not)

18:10:18 mike_c: charter ideas: 1) maintain a workable core with no shit in it. 2) specify bitcoin 3) write a new implementation because you can't polish a turd.

18:11:02 othernubs`: i don't think gui should be a priority, at all.

18:11:23 mod6: these are good ideas mike_c.

18:11:29 mod6: othernubs`: *nod*

18:11:44 othernubs`: i'll donate 1btc specifically to guarantee no gui for 0.6-0.7

18:11:58 mod6: gotta make it work, before we make it pretty right

18:12:14 othernubs`: ^

18:12:21 bounce: a workable api would be nice. the current js stuff is... er, open for improvement.

18:12:29 othernubs`: heh

18:12:40 othernubs`: bitcoinjs is actually not bad

18:13:04 othernubs`: but you're right

18:13:16 asciilifeform: donate... to guarantee no gui << Deal!! pay to xxxxx....

18:14:35 othernubs`: let others extend. i don't want gpg to incorporate curl libs so it can automatically grab otps from gribs

18:14:43 bounce: it's quite a lot useless if you're trying to build scripts with it, unless they're browser-based in some way

18:14:54 othernubs`: i don't want real bitcoin to come default w/ candy

18:15:11 othernubs`: bounce, node.js runtime

18:15:19 asciilifeform: and, naturally, replicable build setup (i'd suggest 'qemu' image. easy.)

18:15:45 othernubs`: open a bash prompt and type node wallet.js or w/e

18:15:45 bounce: yeah, that's the point. useless on the cli, where you'd throw awk at it instead.

18:16:27 othernubs`: !up omg_hax

18:16:50 asciilifeform: no, that's braindamaged. qemu image - complete minimal bsd with all components, boots up (emulated) on any arch from any culture.

18:17:02 jurov: well.. seems like we need to draft a roadmap

18:17:31 jurov: and if without gui, then it should work fine on cygwin, no?

18:17:38 jurov: qemu has poor i/o perf

18:17:46 asciilifeform: forget maps - if someone actually wants this, no joke, i'll simply crap it out. just say where we'll keep it.

18:17:52 bounce: no usage, no manpage, unobvious naming.

18:18:16 asciilifeform: poor i/o performance << not for using!! for building.

18:18:25 bounce: oh, and deceptive. recall that shop that relied on its "accounting" features, then found out the hard way they're useless for keeping track of accounts?

18:19:17 bounce: they got derided for that, but really, the feature shouldn't have been in there in the first place. that, or something that actually did what it said it'd do.

18:19:37 assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 20900 @ 0.00074076 = 15.4819 BTC [+] {3}

18:19:42 asciilifeform: 'qemu' is simply a machine emulator (x86, mips, sparc, a few others) - we can use another if someone has a good reason to dislike qemu

18:20:07 bounce: how available is it?

18:20:43 asciilifeform: eveveryone please try to grasp why i suggest emulator. this gives a complete self-contained block of bits which reliably builds the apparatus. no external anything, ever.

18:21:16 The20YearIRCloud: mircea_popescu: - I've passed out a few, not to all tenants though due to the baby being born on last rent cycle

18:21:34 asciilifeform: available << gpl2

18:21:36 bounce: the problem with that is that the emulator itself should be widely available too.

18:21:54 BingoBoingo: qemu is available just about anywhere

18:22:08 mircea_popescu: <othernubs`> can't wait to see the charter << me2

18:22:10 jurov: i am fine with qemu... but... it builds and then what?

18:22:29 jurov: you have to feed it a blockchain to avoid endless waiting?

18:22:33 mircea_popescu: othernubs`> i don't think gui should be a priority, at all. << prolly not. if they kill the qt branch it would be no loss anyway

18:22:36 asciilifeform: plus, a snapshot of ordinary x86 bsd install 'for qemu' could be booted on a physical machine. the suggested distribution mechanism is just a way to keep the thing reliably portable without having folks dependency-hunt.

18:22:44 bounce: the bitcoin source is actually reasonably portable and doesn't depend on "helpful" stuff like cmake

18:23:00 mircea_popescu: othernubs`> let others extend. i don't want gpg to incorporate curl libs so it can automatically grab otps from gribs << EXACTLY. do one thing, do it well.

18:23:16 bounce: probably should do multiple image formats for the time being though

18:23:25 asciilifeform: it builds and then what << damned if i know. then, folks who actually use bitcoin for something, can, presumably, use this one if they so wish

18:23:28 mircea_popescu: all this non-unix bs, "gotta make an application to join curl and awk EACH WAY THEY COULD BE JOINED". for fiddy billion "different" aps.

18:24:26 asciilifeform: mircea_popescu: the term you're looking for is 'non-orthogonality' - ancient lament on my site

18:24:56 bounce: one thing that would be useful but is probably not that trivial to implement is a way to split keeping the chain and keeping the keys

18:27:22 mircea_popescu: The20YearIRCloud o happy bday.

18:27:23 ben_vulpes: mod6, othernubs`: i'm behind on logs, but this is amenable.

18:27:29 ben_vulpes: ugh amenable

18:27:34 ben_vulpes: it's fine and great i mean to say

18:27:40 The20YearIRCloud: mircea_popescu: thanks, although you're a few weeks late :D

18:27:43 othernubs`: copacetic

18:27:48 jurov: bounce this is nowallet=1 parameter since 0.9

18:27:51 mircea_popescu: <jurov> and if without gui, then it should work fine on cygwin, no? << probably.

18:28:25 asciilifeform: so does someone actually want this for anything? and othernubs has a tree up for comment?

18:28:45 mircea_popescu: <bounce> oh, and deceptive. recall that shop that relied on its "accounting" features, then found out the hard way they're useless for keeping track of accounts? << yeah and definitely must fix, but that'll be hard to do on the first pass. an excellent thing to do for first revision tho, take out "labels" implement accounts correctly (or merge coin control in, either way)

18:28:50 bounce: so how do the wallets relying on it then ascertain the validity of the chain that instance serves?

18:29:08 mircea_popescu: <BingoBoingo> qemu is available just about anywhere << this is true.

18:29:34 mircea_popescu: <jurov> you have to feed it a blockchain to avoid endless waiting? << not like we can't keep an official copy for bootstrapping, or else people who have the patience can just make their own

18:29:39 bounce: it's still going to be a bitch for shops that're running, say, xen or vmware or whatnot.

18:29:54 mircea_popescu: <bounce> the bitcoin source is actually reasonably portable and doesn't depend on "helpful" stuff like cmake << also true.

18:30:05 jurov: you can run qemu under xen and whatnot fine

18:30:11 mircea_popescu: ^

18:30:17 bounce: though boost is a right pain and bloody big.

18:30:23 asciilifeform: even contemplating basic auditability requires a 'capsule' that does not need to milk anything (save mains current) from the outside world, during build setup

18:30:43 mircea_popescu: which is another very valid 2nd step, audit the motherucker.

18:30:44 asciilifeform: hence emulator with expected 'gcc', known libs, etc

18:31:07 mircea_popescu: ben_vulpes mod6 so draft a charter, then we can bitch at it.

18:31:08 othernubs`: yeah, that's valid

18:31:14 jurov: how it is better as distributing signed binaries?

18:31:29 othernubs`: ^ also valid

18:31:46 mircea_popescu: true.

18:32:05 asciilifeform: how it is better as distributing signed binaries? << iron correspondence btween claimed source and claimed binaries. only one way to achieve this reliably - the one suggested above.

18:32:24 othernubs`: maybe it's fair to put the burden of the system's basic integrity on the user

18:32:42 ben_vulpes: i've never written a charter, are there good examples out there?

18:32:47 mircea_popescu: and since we're doing this : asciilifeform the one thing you'd be most halpful with would be, look into the god damned rand code/crypto uses thereof.

18:32:51 othernubs`: boot up a vm!

18:33:12 mircea_popescu: there HAVE been cases where bitcoin used shitty entropy.

18:33:22 asciilifeform: vm << no vm. known emulated cpu for known state, always.

18:33:22 jurov: yes, you can make the qemu image available for reproducible builds, but dunno if to advertise as sop for everyone

18:33:40 mod6: <+mircea_popescu> ben_vulpes mod6 so draft a charter, then we can bitch at it. << okay :)

18:33:41 mircea_popescu: jurov b-a is not for everyone.

18:33:48 ben_vulpes: http://www.nhplace.com/kent/CL/x3j13-sd-05.html

18:33:48 assbot: X3J13 Charter

18:34:09 asciilifeform: qemu only for builders / paranoiacs. ordinary mortals can use the resulting binaries.

18:34:11 mod6: <+ben_vulpes> i've never written a charter, are there good examples out there? << me either, but we can work on it. no sweat.

18:35:08 asciilifeform: i'll happily take a weekend off to read the rng gibblets, once you lot draft a proclamation of Giving A Fuck

18:35:48 othernubs`: if you guys need assistance editing it, i may be of some help

18:36:00 BingoBoingo: I have a feeling the great use of Deedbot will be proclamations of giving a fuck.

18:36:05 asciilifeform: oh and yes, i'll crap out a qemu (or bochs - does anyone prefer bochs?) image.

18:36:23 othernubs`: highest grade i ever got in a math degree was 98% in a technical writing course ;0

18:36:28 jurov: vakgrind can use either?

18:36:33 jurov: *valgrind

18:36:45 mircea_popescu: <mod6> <+ben_vulpes> i've never written a charter, are there good examples out there? << me either, but we can work on it. no sweat. << you've read plenty of mpex contracts, good enough. keep it direct, plain and simp,le.

18:36:57 othernubs`: qemu sounds like a start

18:37:00 mircea_popescu: asciilifeform hopefully that's done by fri.

18:37:10 mike_c: <+ben_vulpes> http://www.nhplace.com/kent/CL/x3j13-sd-05.html << this seems like a good, simple, plain example.

18:37:33 asciilifeform: valgrind << will run inside. it attaches to a process. if you want out-of-band (say, kernel diddling) both emulators present 'gdb' interface to the outside, stop cpu, play

18:37:41 mircea_popescu: certainly the cl is a good antecessor.

18:38:44 bounce: redo the whole thing in cl in a night already

18:38:51 mod6: mircea_popescu: ok thanks, good point.

18:38:56 mircea_popescu: except it should be explicitly exclusive rather than inclusive. "We will NOT work with unqualified third parties, which is to say parties that have not satisfied their log reading and wot presence prequalifications."

18:39:19 asciilifeform: mircea_popescu: care to upload a favourite and signed openbsd installer? then we roll tonight.

18:39:24 mod6: we'll draft up something, probably have something for all to look at by end of tomorrow or friday? hope that's not too long.

18:39:37 mircea_popescu: asciilifeform i rarely if at all run openbsd tho ?

18:39:56 mircea_popescu: mod6 if it's by friday it's perfect.

18:40:10 mod6: ok. sounds good. we'll dig in. :)

18:40:37 mircea_popescu: if lenin were alive today lenin would be begging us to let him in this chan.

18:42:01 asciilifeform: who has the bitcoind tree? othernubs?

18:42:26 mircea_popescu: asciilifeform you mean the source tarballs ?

18:42:45 asciilifeform: deturdified src

18:42:50 mircea_popescu: ben_vulpes prolly.

18:43:06 mircea_popescu: punkman yeah speaking of all this comotion, any chance we get the deedbot up by fri ?

18:43:30 mircea_popescu: !up FabianB

18:44:37 asciilifeform: redo the whole thing in cl in a night already << ask me again in peacetime

18:45:41 *: jurov just snatched therealbitcoin.org/.com . we'll see.

18:46:15 bounce: can throw a git repo at it for starters

18:47:07 mircea_popescu: can';t hurt.

18:47:34 jurov: just http for now?

18:47:48 bounce: why not

18:48:16 mircea_popescu: https is about as useful as tits on a boar.

18:48:28 bounce: though no, best put a ssh thingy for commit on it

18:48:36 jurov: yes, ssh i meant

18:48:40 mircea_popescu: gpg commits!

18:48:46 mircea_popescu: get everyone used to checking sigs.

18:48:49 mircea_popescu: nonw of this ssh bs

18:48:55 mircea_popescu: none*

18:49:03 jurov: via irc bots! bring the noize!

18:49:03 asciilifeform: mircea_popescu: i rarely if at all run openbsd tho << now we know, he has personal os and btc apparatus! with alien technology.

18:49:43 bounce: no idea how that works. you'd have to have git check against valid gpg sigs from blessed keys or something?

18:49:45 asciilifeform: gpg commits << yay! somebody Gets It

18:49:46 mircea_popescu: jurov might be a good idea via bots, so people can commit from here directly, but even w/o that : a contrib that is signed is signed permanently.

18:49:57 mircea_popescu: a contrib that is submitted via ssh WAS, maybe, perhaps, signed at some point.

18:50:18 bounce: no real point trying to go through bots when git can do it right away

18:50:22 jurov: i have to look into how signed commits are done

18:50:31 mircea_popescu: bounce only because people see it in the logs.

18:50:40 mircea_popescu: jurov it can just be wrapped in gpg --clearsign you know ?

18:51:03 bounce: you can have git trigger a log whatnot and feed that to the other end of a bot

18:51:11 mircea_popescu: certainly.

18:51:30 jurov: mircea_popescu: but iirc it signs the diff, not just commit message

18:51:42 asciilifeform: how to do signed commits << the barbarian way. everyone who read a patch file (yes) and is willing to sign under it, signs. this gets posted. whoever wants, can apply the patches to get a merged turdball.

18:51:44 punkman: mircea_popescu: yeah should be up by friday

18:51:46 mircea_popescu: i have no idea, never looked that closely.

18:51:48 mircea_popescu: !up Plaxant

18:51:49 BingoBoingo: !up Plaxant

18:51:55 mircea_popescu: too slow bingo

18:52:00 mircea_popescu: punkman ideal.

18:52:08 BingoBoingo: Yeah, I'm slowing in my old age

18:52:16 mircea_popescu: <asciilifeform> how to do signed commits << the barbarian way. everyone who read a patch file (yes) and is willing to sign under it, signs. this gets posted. whoever wants, can apply the patches to get a merged turdball. << i think this is exactly how it should go.

18:52:30 mircea_popescu: we need to create that "have read" accounting scheme i was talking about weeks ago.

18:52:35 mircea_popescu: there's no other way to trust software.

18:53:04 kakobrekla: (while pretending you can run 'safe' sw)

18:53:06 asciilifeform: this is all quite trivial, so far (until someone starts insisting on actual work)

18:53:07 mircea_popescu: it's one thing to trust this rnd function because asciilifeform and 25 others signed on reading it.

18:53:35 mircea_popescu: it's another to trust it because asciilifeform commited it, and therefore perhaps read it, and it's open source so therefore "billions of eye pairs"

18:53:57 asciilifeform: !s eyes flies

18:53:57 assbot: 4 results for 'eyes flies' : http://search.bitcoin-assets.com/?q=eyes+flies

18:54:09 kakobrekla: meant doesnt mean shit

18:54:15 kakobrekla: meat*

18:54:25 mircea_popescu: depends how long it has in the sun

18:54:47 kakobrekla: anyway, some years at the future

18:54:58 kakobrekla: all will be same, just you will be pissed at other people

18:55:09 mircea_popescu: kakobrekla bitbet ?

18:55:16 kakobrekla: only goes 1year

18:55:22 mircea_popescu: so then say this again later we see ? :D

18:55:30 kakobrekla: anytime

18:55:35 asciilifeform: incidentally, reserving signature for 'i approve this message' is braindamaged. should sign with comments like 'this line is ok unless goldbach's conjecture is proven false, then yer phucked' etc.

18:55:37 mircea_popescu: ;;ident kakobrekla

18:55:37 gribble: Nick 'kakobrekla', with hostmask 'kakobrekla!~kako@unaffiliated/kakobrekla', is not identified.

18:55:41 mircea_popescu: ha! SCAEM

18:55:56 kakobrekla: sec

18:56:19 mircea_popescu: asciilifeform commenting the source code is never a bad idea.

18:56:45 mircea_popescu: commenting it to show when it won't work rather than "what you imagine it does" is even more useful.

18:56:56 kakobrekla: ;;everify freenode:#bitcoin-otc:29b32a6e9c213016f07aaf303a9adac1b91adf57541c8ff3d298f2fc

18:56:58 gribble: You are now authenticated for user kakobrekla with key 27AF75321F2489E8

18:57:10 mircea_popescu: people need a lot more negativity in their life to be happy and productive and members of society.

18:57:22 asciilifeform: ^^^^

18:57:47 Plaxant: mircea_popescu agree, if you have no negativity in your life you skate and just don't care about doing better.

18:58:00 Plaxant: it's like trying to eliminate stress, never going to happen.

18:58:01 asciilifeform: and why did this have to wait for crackpot to ask for a printed satoshi turd, i wonder.

18:58:15 assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 11150 @ 0.00073623 = 8.209 BTC [-]

18:58:19 bounce: I'd probably want a mailinglist to toss patches around, though

18:59:08 asciilifeform: bounce: toss them around by carrier pigeon or catapult if you like. if they're signed, they're signed.

18:59:39 kakobrekla: yeah well i wonder why is anyone still connected to irc being all idealistic and shit

19:00:07 []bot: Bet created: "Light Sweet Crude Oil (WTI) Feb 2015 to drop under $70 before 2015" http://bitbet.us/bet/1059/

19:02:11 asciilifeform: kakobrekla: why is anyone still connected to irc << priced pigeons lately?

19:02:19 assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 12250 @ 0.00073501 = 9.0039 BTC [-] {3}

19:03:05 jurov: i vote for patch delivery via ICBMs

19:03:24 kakobrekla: pigeons are more idealistic?!

19:03:30 asciilifeform: submarine.

19:04:06 kakobrekla: so, my point did not get across?

19:04:23 asciilifeform: ;;google RFC 1149

19:04:24 gribble: RFC 1149 - Standard for the transmission of IP datagrams on avian ...: https://tools.ietf.org/html/rfc1149; IP over Avian Carriers (1149) - Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/IP_over_Avian_Carriers; RFC1149 avia - Internet FAQ Archives: http://www.faqs.org/rfcs/rfc1149.html

19:06:41 mircea_popescu: asciilifeform cause it's how things run in this life.

19:06:49 mircea_popescu: never underestimate the importance of crackpot demands.

19:07:23 mircea_popescu: kakobrekla didn't, no. you're too dry for this language :)

19:10:10 thickasthieves: "US will monitor travelers for three weeks when arriving from Ebola-stricken countries" it begins...

19:10:41 bounce: *nobody able to discern any change*

19:12:11 mircea_popescu: !up bradedwards

19:12:33 kakobrekla: ircing on a broken sw stack running on a broken hw stack

19:12:43 kakobrekla: weird some nuke doesnt go off when i do !up

19:13:34 mircea_popescu: kakobrekla yet./

19:13:44 asciilifeform: kakobrekla: lol. if all the hatemail i got, on this specific theme, were to be printed, it would be as tall as my leg.

19:14:06 bradedwards: Hey room, I was told about you all by a friend of mine Mitch Callahan. He showed me Qntra, and I like your approach. Less corporate news, more honest. Less polished, mroe of the harsh truths the community needs to hear. Just wanted to stop by and voice my appreciation and support

19:14:11 asciilifeform: 'you lamer, betcha own x86 boxes and like it, trololol'

19:14:11 kakobrekla: why 'hate' mail ?

19:14:20 kakobrekla: heh

19:14:21 mircea_popescu: asciilifeform you got tall legs ?

19:14:36 punkman: interesting https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=252674.0 https://blockchain.info/address/1FYMZEHnszCHKTBdFZ2DLrUuk3dGwYKQxh

19:14:36 assbot: First post and an interesting observation about ECDSA

19:14:36 assbot: Bitcoin Address 1FYMZEHnszCHKTBdFZ2DLrUuk3dGwYKQxh

19:14:36 asciilifeform: reasonably.

19:14:37 mircea_popescu: bradedwards that's nice. now get in the wot ?

19:14:43 []bot: Bet placed: 1 BTC for Yes on "Light Sweet Crude Oil (WTI) Feb 2015 to drop under $70 before 2015" http://bitbet.us/bet/1059/ Odds: 96(Y):4(N) by coin, 96(Y):4(N) by weight. Total bet: 1.1 BTC. Current weight: 99,982.

19:15:05 bradedwards: the wot?

19:15:06 kakobrekla: its more of a 'truth' mail

19:15:06 kakobrekla: :D

19:15:08 mircea_popescu: <asciilifeform> 'you lamer, betcha own x86 boxes and like it, trololol' << pete got a bunch of that on his software doesn't fail recent thing too

19:15:19 mircea_popescu: ;;google what the wot is, how it works and how to use it

19:15:20 gribble: How WOT ratings work | Help Center | WOT (Web of Trust): http://www.mywot.com/en/faq/website/rating-websites; Why WOT works | WOT (Web of Trust): http://www.mywot.com/en/support/how-wot-works; What the WoT is for, how it works and how to use it. pe fraudsters - Un ...: http://fraudsters.com/2014/what-the-wot-is-for-how-it-works-and-how-to-use-it/

19:15:28 mircea_popescu: ;;google first steps in bitcoin-assets

19:15:29 gribble: start [bitcoin assets wiki]: http://wiki.bitcoin-assets.com/; Why the IRS Is Taxing Bitcoins as an Asset - The Motley Fool: http://www.fool.com/investing/general/2014/03/26/why-the-irs-is-taxing-bitcoins-as-an-asset.aspx; Bitcoin fund launches - Futures: http://www.futuresmag.com/2014/09/22/bitcoin-fund-launches

19:15:31 mircea_popescu: bradedwards ^

19:15:39 kakobrekla: not the lamer part, but the x86.

19:16:33 assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 5432 @ 0.00073465 = 3.9906 BTC [-]

19:17:23 asciilifeform: we did talk about this.

19:17:30 kakobrekla: no need to rehash.

19:17:32 asciilifeform: !s bitsquatting

19:17:33 assbot: 5 results for 'bitsquatting' : http://search.bitcoin-assets.com/?q=bitsquatting

19:17:45 kakobrekla: ah that

19:17:47 kakobrekla: nvm

19:18:08 asciilifeform: ^ re: the evil addr thing

19:18:49 asciilifeform: re: x86 << remember the stories of downed pilots dining on insects? that.

19:19:25 kakobrekla: myea

19:19:44 kakobrekla: dunno when the dignity kicks in

19:19:54 mircea_popescu: if you ended up stranded on the island of ugly women, you WOULD fuck ugly women, until they had some less ugly daughters to fuck

19:20:06 mircea_popescu: incest selection!

19:20:13 asciilifeform: there we go.

19:20:35 mircea_popescu: then you'd make the two least ugly make out together, too.

19:20:37 kakobrekla: personal decision really.

19:20:39 mircea_popescu: which is kinda what we're doing here.

19:20:57 mircea_popescu: kakobrekla no homo ?

19:21:05 kakobrekla: no homo.

19:21:14 mircea_popescu: nttawwi

19:22:07 kakobrekla: you can as well not fuck.

19:22:14 kakobrekla: and i mean anything.

19:22:19 mircea_popescu: right. but you are here.

19:22:29 asciilifeform: you can as well not fuck << the perelman solution, yes.

19:22:37 kakobrekla: yup

19:22:58 asciilifeform: i personally know fine folks who've perelmanned. e.g., al schwartz. i miss them, but understand.

19:23:01 kakobrekla: i guess he has the dignity.

19:23:15 mircea_popescu: http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_nqnZJRUl4zU/TAz29K6wHXI/AAAAAAAADh8/W2G-zn0Sq3Y/s400/Meet+the+Tiger+Dog+Chinese+pet+owners+dye+pets+to+look+like+wild+animals+in+new+craze+1.jpg

19:23:26 mircea_popescu: kakobrekla the dignity of virgins is a metaphysical subject.

19:23:42 kakobrekla: cool, i like meta.

19:27:01 bounce: tiger dogs. very chinese thing to do.

19:27:28 kakobrekla: only if they are eaten

19:27:32 mircea_popescu: assbot: NOT OK GOOGLE: Android images can conceal code The Register << steganography strikes again. hard as shit to filter.

19:28:04 mircea_popescu: fluffypony: http://i.imgur.com/7t3Ow2A.png <<< lol this is just about right.

19:28:08 asciilifeform: hard as shit to filter << rigorously provably impossible.

19:28:32 asciilifeform: in the general case.

19:28:45 assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 8900 @ 0.00073632 = 6.5532 BTC [+] {2}

19:28:59 mircea_popescu: well sure, but the general case is uncommon :D

19:29:46 assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 7492 @ 0.00073769 = 5.5268 BTC [+]

19:30:29 asciilifeform: obligatory: https://code.google.com/p/corkami <<<< and grep for 'polyglot'

19:30:29 assbot: corkami - Reverse engineering & visual documentations - Google Project Hosting

19:31:11 fluffypony: mircea_popescu: ikr

19:31:27 bounce: how do they manage to take a picture and end up feeding it to the package installer? o_O

19:31:47 mircea_popescu: because user friendly ?

19:31:58 mircea_popescu: pretty sure the paclkage manager handles pics on a routine basis

19:32:30 bounce: then I'd say "user friendly" is the security vulnerability here

19:33:16 mircea_popescu: well yes, idiot user is the vulnerability.

19:33:28 bounce: similarly with some of the vectors to use shell shock. how does a dns lookup request end up on the server being fed to a bash process, exactly?

19:33:49 mircea_popescu: that was biw.

19:33:54 mircea_popescu: ;;ud biw

19:33:54 gribble: http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=biw | Apr 28, 2012 ... biw. A common used phrase on the internet in the Netherlands. It means 'ben ik weer' - 'i'm back'. 'Biw, is er iets mis?' - 'Biw, is there something ...

19:33:58 asciilifeform: ultimately, looking for vulns in a system that doesn't fit in a head is rather like looking for particular health problems in a fresh corpse.

19:34:02 mircea_popescu: mno. "because it works"

19:35:36 bounce: "idiot user" is too easily said. the real problem is lack of education and devs going "oh we'll make the software SMRT so you don't have to think at all!"

19:37:10 asciilifeform: for idiot users - idiot vulns. for clever users - clever ones. to each - his own.

19:37:48 mircea_popescu: bounce you mayhap have a point. iirc this vuln was writing past the end tag and adding a 2nd spurious end tag.

19:37:56 mircea_popescu: could have been used to exploit say tar just as well.

19:38:03 mircea_popescu: so not really user's fault in any sense. bad parsers.

19:38:49 mircea_popescu: $depth S.QNTR

19:38:49 empyex: mircea_popescu: Want a bash? http://bash.bitcoin-assets.com/?quote=86 Or use a valid MPSIC!

19:38:54 mircea_popescu: $depth S.MPOE

19:38:59 empyex: mircea_popescu: [S.MPOE] Bids: 13705 @ 0.00073465 27750 @ 0.00073452 14087 @ 0.00073449 13975 @ 0.00073433

19:39:00 empyex: mircea_popescu: [S.MPOE] Asks: 3774 @ 0.00073585 2768 @ 0.00073769 40436 @ 0.00074160 5200 @ 0.00074177

19:39:47 mircea_popescu: FabianB any idea why it doesn't like qntr ?

19:40:07 kakobrekla: prolly nothing the the your feed

19:40:12 kakobrekla: -the

19:40:20 kakobrekla: wtf

19:40:29 kakobrekla: i cant even type

19:40:37 mircea_popescu: http://mpex.co/mpex-mktdepth.php << it's there.

19:40:55 kakobrekla: !t m s.qntr

19:41:08 assbot: Some are born to endless night.

19:41:08 kakobrekla: emmm

19:41:11 mircea_popescu: well no tickers it never traded yt

19:41:16 mod6: mpex seems down for me.

19:41:25 mircea_popescu: $proxies

19:41:26 empyex: mircea_popescu: Proxies: mpex.co mpex.biz mpex.ws mpex.bz mpex.coinbr.com Current MPEx GPG-Key-ID: 02DD2D91

19:41:36 kakobrekla: !t m s.mpoe

19:41:36 assbot: [MPEX:S.MPOE] 1D: 0.00073465 / 0.00073821 / 0.0007416 (1074379 shares, 793.12 BTC), 7D: 0.0007342 / 0.00073847 / 0.00074252 (7160396 shares, 5,287.81 BTC), 30D: 0.00073316 / 0.0007424 / 0.00075684 (26086000 shares, 19,366.28 BTC)

19:41:39 mod6: lemme check.biz

19:41:46 kakobrekla: that werks

19:41:55 empyex: mircea_popescu: MPEx-Status: mpex.co (94 milliseconds), mpex.coinbr.com (446 milliseconds), mpex.ws (4839 milliseconds), mpex.biz (error), mpex.bz (error)

19:41:56 mircea_popescu: kakobrekla yes becasuse s.mpoe traded.

19:41:57 empyex: mircea_popescu: Health-Indicators: Homepage: √ MK Depth JSON: √ VWAP JSON: √

19:41:58 mod6: huh

19:42:07 BingoBoingo: ;;isup mpex.ws

19:42:09 gribble: mpex.ws is up

19:42:27 mod6: hmm. i can't get to any of 'em, maybe i r blocked

19:42:28 kakobrekla: yes i understand, i was just checking if there something wrong with the feed when mod6 mentioned 'down'

19:42:30 jurov: bz/biz up here

19:42:30 mircea_popescu: ;;isup mpex.biz

19:42:36 gribble: mpex.biz is up

19:42:41 mircea_popescu: mod6 possibly a dns isasue ? nobody;'s blocked.

19:42:51 mircea_popescu: pls to check for cache poisonings!

19:42:55 mod6: hmm. ill see.

19:42:56 mircea_popescu: and let me know

19:43:38 kakobrekla: im listening to some french dude and can hardly assemble sentences at same time

19:43:44 kakobrekla: doesnt happen with englishmen

19:44:21 mircea_popescu: maybe he's a rapper ?

19:44:22 bounce: how about trying to assemble french sentences?

19:44:38 kakobrekla: takes too much brainpower to parse and decrypt frenchmen

19:44:58 mircea_popescu: lol

19:45:08 mircea_popescu: this is how they went from world empire to belgian suburb.

19:46:05 diametric: http://money.cnn.com/2014/10/21/investing/warren-buffett-berkshire-lost-2-billion/index.html?hpt=hp_t2

19:46:06 assbot: Warren Buffett's Berkshire loses $2 billion in two days - Oct. 21, 2014

19:46:07 diametric: lolz.

19:46:13 mircea_popescu: o noes ?!

19:47:31 kakobrekla: no link to bitbet?

19:48:04 mircea_popescu: llol

19:48:17 mircea_popescu: cnn is a libtard venue i read somewhere.

19:49:02 mircea_popescu: but i mean big fucking deal, when bitcoin went from 1200 to 600 i "lost" like a bn too.

19:49:09 asciilifeform: no link to bitbet << It Would Be Wrong! (TM)

19:49:53 mircea_popescu: But it's not all bad news for Berkshire. Investors are sticking with their icon. Berkshire stock climbed slightly on Monday and Tuesday, and is up more than 17% this year -- far outpacing the broader market. <<< consider this lulz.

19:50:23 mircea_popescu: ko missed, tesco lost 50% yoy, ibm just paid a bn to gut itself. so now it's basically a real estate agent (as previously discussed, in these very logs, before the news hit)

19:50:31 mircea_popescu: yet the berkshire stock is... up. because logics.

19:50:51 undata: "sticking with their icon" captures it

19:51:12 mircea_popescu: so i guess we'll be... sticking it to them ?

19:51:15 mircea_popescu: with their iron ?

19:52:05 mike_c: berkshire isn't a holding company.

19:52:18 mike_c: or, an investment fund.

19:52:37 mike_c: couple stock holdings taking a hit isn't that big a deal

19:52:53 mircea_popescu: how isn't it a holding company ?!

19:53:07 mike_c: s/holding company/investment fund/

19:53:12 mircea_popescu: ah

19:53:48 mircea_popescu: if it loses the usg bezzle lifeline (wf) it's gonna be "all" rather than "some" tho.

19:53:51 mike_c: your FUD won't win you that bitbet ;)

19:54:56 mircea_popescu: lolk

19:56:23 assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 9650 @ 0.00073459 = 7.0888 BTC [-] {2}

19:56:36 mircea_popescu: anyway, i wonder if his continued purchases as the stock market goes down indicate that the bonds will get axed or that he's out of the loop

19:57:19 BingoBoingo: ;;isup qntra.net

19:57:24 mike_c: berkshire wells fargo holdings are currently worth $24B

19:57:24 gribble: qntra.net is down

19:57:29 mircea_popescu: look at that, dow is only down 1.5% today

19:57:36 mircea_popescu: nowai again ?!

19:57:51 BingoBoingo: Again

19:58:00 mike_c: which represents 7% of brk.a market cap

19:58:18 mike_c: plus he would get good tax benefits if it went to 0

19:58:29 mircea_popescu: BingoBoingo there's a dns issue in progress.

19:58:40 BingoBoingo: Ah, ic

19:58:41 mircea_popescu: can you reach it via ip ?

19:58:49 mike_c: warren has a fortress. not easily assailable.

19:59:09 mircea_popescu: mike_c except if the dow continues doing 1-2 percents a day for the next three months.

19:59:47 kakobrekla: asciilifeform iirc you mentioned some skin irritation/allergies and the lack of those in ro?

19:59:49 BingoBoingo: IP Address - 149,233 other sites hosted on this server per http://whois.domaintools.com/qntra.net

19:59:53 mike_c: last 3 months: dow -5%, brk +7%

19:59:59 mircea_popescu: BingoBoingo dns poisoned!

20:00:19 BingoBoingo: I dunno just quoting site that calls itself "domain tools"

20:00:25 mircea_popescu: nuts.

20:00:31 BingoBoingo: the may simply be a historical record

20:00:36 asciilifeform: kakobrekla: yes. i've a year-round allergy from 1993 or so to present time, with small break during trip to Ro

20:00:57 kakobrekla: at least now _we_ know the cause.

20:01:05 mircea_popescu: BingoBoingo http://pastebin.com/JUFBdyyp << that's how dns response should look

20:01:06 assbot: ;; QUESTION SECTION: ;qntra.net.INA ;; ANSWER SECTION: qntra.net.0IN - Pastebin.com

20:01:08 gribble: Error: "QUESTION" is not a valid command.

20:01:18 mircea_popescu: BingoBoingo is localhost.

20:01:31 BingoBoingo: Website works

20:01:44 mike_c: *** google-public-dns-a.google.com can't find qntra.net: Server failed

20:01:45 mircea_popescu: there's some sort of dns attax at work.

20:01:47 BingoBoingo: mircea_popescu: I know local host, but didn't qntra.net point there at one point?

20:02:00 mircea_popescu: BingoBoingo not recently tho

20:02:05 bounce: SERVFAIL. oopsie.

20:02:26 mircea_popescu: da fuck.

20:02:54 mircea_popescu: well, until i hear any better this is neither malicious nor qntra/polimedia ns specific.

20:03:05 mircea_popescu: some dns infrastructure just caught fire and fell over it seems

20:03:21 mike_c: yeah, your nameservers

20:03:32 mircea_popescu: mike_c no, because they answer me.

20:03:51 bounce: you may have a local cache that hasn't timed out yet

20:04:04 mircea_popescu: hm.

20:04:18 kakobrekla: asciilifeform its x86.

20:04:24 bounce: what was that across-the-globe dns thingy again?

20:04:42 asciilifeform: kakobrekla: the cause << lol, berkshire?

20:04:51 mike_c: nslookup qntra.net

20:04:57 Apocalyptic: bounce, https://www.whatsmydns.net/ ?

20:04:57 assbot: Global DNS Propagation Checker - What's My DNS?

20:04:58 mike_c: Server failed

20:05:06 kakobrekla: asciilifeform x86, transmittable over irc

20:05:25 asciilifeform: kakobrekla: loltron. nah, we had an 'iskra' (8086 clone originally built for soviet tanks.) so no dice.

20:05:49 kakobrekla: well viruses and bacteria evolve.

20:05:57 bounce: yes, thanks. broken everywhere.

20:06:52 mircea_popescu: yeah it's broken.

20:12:39 assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 18492 @ 0.00073708 = 13.6301 BTC [+] {3}

20:22:31 mircea_popescu: i dunno how the fuck i keep getting spam then, hesus.

20:27:42 cazalla: qntra down eh

20:28:35 mircea_popescu: cazalla some dns issue i dunno wtf it is but being workt on

20:30:14 asciilifeform: does nubs have a deturdified bitcoind src?

20:31:47 jurov: mkay...so is there a consensus what should therealbitcoin host? only http git repo for now?

20:31:58 kakobrekla: host the real altcoin?

20:32:22 kakobrekla: i make a joke see

20:32:49 bounce: oh. ha ha. so, [x] laughed. next item.

20:33:15 mike_c: in short order it will be hosting the charter i assume.

20:33:37 kakobrekla: jurov is gonna get ddosed

20:33:59 asciilifeform: i suggest going with whoever had the mailing list idea. emphasize the 'we sign things and so mechanism doesn't matter' aspect.

20:34:48 FabianB: $depth S.QNTR

20:34:49 empyex: FabianB: [S.QNTR] Bids: 1000 @ 0.00014000 10000 @ 0.00013514 20000 @ 0.00012995 100000 @ 0.00009995

20:34:50 empyex: FabianB: [S.QNTR] Asks:

20:34:51 asciilifeform: -- and that way the www site can be 100 percent static.

20:35:46 FabianB: mircea_popescu: ^^ fixed

20:36:05 FabianB: $mpexstatus

20:36:06 empyex: FabianB: Proxies: mpex.ws mpex.coinbr.com mpex.co mpex.bz mpex.biz Current MPEx GPG-Key-ID: 02DD2D91

20:36:34 empyex: FabianB: MPEx-Status: mpex.coinbr.com (706 milliseconds), mpex.co (947 milliseconds), mpex.ws (error), mpex.bz (error), mpex.biz (error)

20:36:35 empyex: FabianB: Health-Indicators: Homepage: √ MK Depth JSON: √ VWAP JSON: ✗

20:37:15 jurov: okay, so i'll go make s3 bucket for it. if someone throws terabytes/day on it and makes it expensive for me then we'll see what next

20:37:23 kakobrekla: depth up vwap down ??

20:38:15 kakobrekla: well it doesnt need to be up at all times

20:38:20 kakobrekla: just that host doesnt kick you

20:38:28 FabianB: jurov: mircea_popescu: why is http://mpex.co/mpex-vwap.php and http://mpex.coinbr.com/mpex-vwap.php different?

20:38:41 kakobrekla: cause one is coinbr

20:38:44 kakobrekla: and the other is mpex

20:38:45 kakobrekla: :)

20:38:45 jurov: FabianB: mircea asked for it to be cached

20:38:57 FabianB: ic, so coinbr is older

20:38:57 jurov: so it is 5 mins or so.

20:39:05 assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 9400 @ 0.00073942 = 6.9505 BTC [+]

20:39:53 FabianB: jurov: but http://mpex.co/mpex-mktdepth.php and http://mpex.coinbr.com/mpex-vwap.php look identical

20:40:01 FabianB: jurov: is vwap and depth mixed up?

20:40:18 jurov: obv they aren't cached/invalidated at the same time

20:40:39 FabianB: jurov: no, coinbr vwap.php shows mktdepth.php content

20:40:49 jurov: ahhh

20:41:16 FabianB: that's why mpexstatus shows vwap as being broken i think

20:41:53 FabianB: it only checks the health indicator line for the first proxy (fastest ping proxy), which above was coinbr proxy

20:42:01 mircea_popescu: <FabianB> mircea_popescu: ^^ fixed < ty!

20:43:07 mircea_popescu: oh interesting huh

20:43:10 asciilifeform: i dare suggest a simple antisp4mz0r filter for mailing list - only messages signed from +v #b-a folks accepted.

20:43:24 mircea_popescu: what, just like deeds registrar ?

20:43:36 kakobrekla: bitbet - worst support ever!

20:43:38 mircea_popescu: so basically... deeds-based mail list ?

20:43:39 asciilifeform: aha.

20:44:03 kakobrekla: just like asciilifeform slaves in the us i must talk to strangers over email :(

20:44:41 mircea_popescu: kakobrekla at least you don;t have to moderate for child porn.

20:44:49 kakobrekla: yet

20:44:59 kakobrekla: i was assbot the other day

20:45:03 kakobrekla: recall that?

20:45:25 mircea_popescu: oh

20:45:46 asciilifeform: i should clarify, not literal +v, incl. 'up' folks. the magic 29 pubkeys.

20:46:36 asciilifeform: will work, fleanode or no fleanode

20:47:13 assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 5200 @ 0.00073942 = 3.845 BTC [+]

20:48:37 kakobrekla: better than ignoring the sender would be making the sender unable to send in the first place.

20:50:17 mircea_popescu: gotta start somewhere

20:50:56 asciilifeform: i confess that i rather like the mailing list idea. readily convertible to 'apocalyptic' shortwave radio...

20:51:59 bounce: shortwave radio mailing lists? o_O?

20:52:05 asciilifeform: if you can get a signed gibblet in, by land, by sea, by pigeon - and signature is one of the chosen - message is in next broadcast. 'cheap and angry' - like 'mpex' et al.

20:52:40 *: bounce would like bitcoin address-signed mail. if you're going ahead with the signage requirement, lemme see if I can whip up a verifier for that.

20:53:17 cazalla: mircea_popescu: cazalla by the way, intel sez that the reason you've not heard from sgornick nor will you is that the guy meanwhile figured out i'm involved, and doesn't like me either because i said nigger or cunt at some point in the past. <<< what a fucking cunt

20:53:34 Apocalyptic: "bitcoin address-signed mail" // meh, what's wrong with gpg keys ?

20:53:53 asciilifeform: bad enough that btc uses ecdsa. i rather wish it were something that could be discouraged, rather than we were to depend yet more on it.

20:54:00 BingoBoingo: ^ this

20:54:01 Apocalyptic: ^

20:54:02 bounce: the email signage is clunky. both kinds. all kinds, really.

20:54:09 mircea_popescu: ;;isup qntra.net

20:54:15 gribble: qntra.net is up

20:54:31 bounce: the ecdsa stuff is short enough to fit conveniently in a header or two

20:54:32 mircea_popescu: okay. i have nfi what happened there, but rolled new dns servers and all seems well ?

20:55:05 mircea_popescu: bounce what'd be the benefit ?

20:55:14 asciilifeform: bounce: re: short & convenient ecdsa keys << 'the easy cheese lives - in the mousetrap.'

20:55:50 nubbins`: someone more familiar with github than I should probably set up the repository

20:56:08 nubbins`: just clone 0.5.3 into it for now and we can identify what gets chucked from there

20:56:10 mircea_popescu: wow the oiriginal nubbins!

20:56:10 Apocalyptic: nubbins`, I think jurov is on it

20:56:15 mircea_popescu: hey listen we had an impostor here for days

20:56:16 bounce: no ugly as fuck crap added to the body, basically. proper integration with email by using its facilities instead of reinventing them, clunkily.

20:56:21 nubbins`: mircea_popescu am i even better in person?!

20:56:24 mircea_popescu: it was like... let's string him along guyse

20:56:46 nubbins`: mp i hope you tricked him into thinking he was gonna print a bunch of stuff

20:56:48 mircea_popescu: bounce i was talking about "sign with bitcoin address"

20:56:57 mircea_popescu: nubbins` no, asciilifeform did that.

20:57:09 mircea_popescu: it was a riot, you shoulda seen

20:57:13 nubbins`: heh

20:57:13 bounce: and so was I

20:57:26 nubbins`: imagine!

20:57:28 mircea_popescu: bounce i do not use an "email client" that's gpg able

20:57:29 BingoBoingo: My worry with ECDSA for signing critical things is using the same keypair too many times increases the chances a bad k can enter the mix

20:57:34 mircea_popescu: nor do i think it's a half -good idea.

20:57:53 mircea_popescu: BingoBoingo quite.

20:58:11 nubbins`: actually i suppose a better idea is to deturdify 0.5.3 first

20:58:11 mircea_popescu: perhaps as important : bitcoin addresses are for getting paid. NOT for proving your identity

20:58:19 mircea_popescu: mixing these two is antidesign.

20:58:22 nubbins`: no sense including turds in first commit

20:58:52 mircea_popescu: sign with your signature, pay with your wallet.

20:58:59 asciilifeform: no sense including turds in first commit << surprisingly, i must disagree. we gotta show the pedigree from classical bitcoind.

20:59:08 nubbins`: a-ha, that's also fair

20:59:08 mircea_popescu: lol yeap.

20:59:26 nubbins`: so clone 0.5.3 to our tree as 0.5.3

20:59:45 nubbins`: remove qt etc, add non-shit additions from 0.6-0.6.3

20:59:52 nubbins`: release it as real 0.6

21:00:10 asciilifeform: first someone please unearth a genuine vintage tarball of 0.5.3. github of poundation sc4mz0rz could be doctored.

21:00:10 nubbins`: dance into the sunset holding hands

21:00:20 mike_c: why not release it as real 0.1

21:00:27 mircea_popescu: cuz it's not teh 0.1 not rly.

21:00:37 mike_c: it's not 0.6 rly either

21:00:42 mircea_popescu: i could see an argument for releasing it as the real 0.9 tho

21:00:48 nubbins`: sure it is

21:00:53 mircea_popescu: or w/e the derps are doing currently.

21:01:04 nubbins`: haha head 'em off

21:01:06 nubbins`: bitcoin x

21:01:31 mike_c: hey thickasthieves, wake up and back me up. this things needs different branding.

21:01:36 nubbins`: i'd be more in favor of mirroring derp release numbers for now

21:01:52 nubbins`: http://log.bitcoin-assets.com/?date=22-10-2014#888296

21:01:52 assbot: Logged on 22-10-2014 17:56:50; othernubs`: copy the cream, chuck the crap

21:02:18 nubbins`: next release, 0.7, takes actual improvements from 0.7.* series and weeds out crud

21:02:20 nubbins`: etc

21:02:27 mike_c: uh, like all of it?

21:02:37 mike_c: why the fuck would this project follow in derpy footsteps?

21:02:45 mircea_popescu: yeah srsly.

21:02:51 asciilifeform: first - we pillage. Then - we burn.

21:02:55 nubbins`: heh

21:03:01 bounce: guy got the order right

21:03:01 mircea_popescu: asciilifeform but pillage the whole thing in one go.

21:03:10 nubbins`: this is assuming there are useful bugfixes in 0.7-0.9

21:03:12 mike_c: right, which is v0.1 - pillaging.

21:03:13 asciilifeform: yes.

21:03:16 nubbins`: i'm sure there must be

21:03:18 nubbins`: however few

21:03:28 mircea_popescu: mike_c why "different branding" ?

21:03:29 nubbins`: this is what, a couple weeks of sifting to identify em

21:03:35 nubbins`: we'd be at 0.9 by xmas

21:03:49 mike_c: because it will be different (and better)

21:04:01 nubbins`: no, core is different :D

21:04:04 PeterL: but it will still be "bitcoin"

21:04:12 mike_c: and that is worth signifying, instead of looking like a clone.

21:04:16 mircea_popescu: mike_c usgavin's crap is the different

21:04:17 mircea_popescu: and worse.

21:04:33 mircea_popescu: that's the message here. we got the brand.

21:04:39 mike_c: exactly, so why follow their lead?

21:04:43 asciilifeform: reactionary deeds, not mere words, yes.

21:04:49 mircea_popescu: the wanna-bes on the outskirts of bitcoin are making baseless claims to a continuity that doesn't exist.

21:05:05 mike_c: i would rather use b-a bitcoin v0.1 over derpy bitcoin v0.9

21:05:17 mircea_popescu: mike_c the crocodile that opens maw to let stuff in, then lets water back out is not following toads lead.

21:05:21 mircea_popescu: it's merely eating toads.

21:05:48 mike_c: yeah, and to follow this odd analogy, it doesn't call itself "toad". it calls itself "crocodile"

21:06:01 nubbins`: anyway, getting ahead of ourselves

21:06:02 mircea_popescu: which is what we're calling ourselves. bitcoin.

21:06:08 nubbins`: first step, 0.5.3->real 0.6

21:06:08 cazalla: bounce wishes the politicians would show some spine here. take their local passport, wave goodbye, declare them europe-wide persona non grata for all eternity. problem solved. <<< they sorta did that here but cancelled the passports so that they couldn't leave australia and not after

21:06:36 asciilifeform: ditch the fractional versions. 1, 2, 3, infinity. natural numbers.

21:06:55 mircea_popescu: mike_c think of it strategically. won't it be funny when usgavin is stuck arguing that a) he's forking bitcoin and b) it's the real bitcoin ?

21:06:58 mike_c: fractional versions serve purpose normally (not in bitcoincore fantasyland)

21:06:58 PeterL: why not just call it 1.0?

21:07:05 mircea_popescu: put usg people in usg type positions.

21:07:10 mircea_popescu: PeterL mostly cause not mature.

21:07:20 PeterL: what does it need to be mature?

21:07:29 mircea_popescu: to be 1.0 ? tradition.

21:07:42 PeterL: a specification?

21:07:42 mircea_popescu: ;;google tradition tradition!

21:07:42 gribble: Tradition!Tradition! - Jewish Gifts and Fine Judaica: http://www.traditiontradition.com/; Fiddler on the roof - Tradition ( with subtitles ) - YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gRdfX7ut8gw; Tradition (song) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tradition_(song)

21:07:45 BingoBoingo: The ubuntu naked people from 4.10 http://geekfeminism.wikia.com/wiki/Ubuntu_Warty_visual_theme/Image_archive

21:07:46 assbot: Ubuntu Warty visual theme/Image archive - Geek Feminism Wiki

21:07:47 mike_c: 1.0 can be the first version that has no more bitcoincore legacy code in it

21:08:02 mircea_popescu: that won't likely ever happen.

21:08:18 mircea_popescu: what may perhaps happen is a day when gavin, mike and co finally go full-ethereum

21:08:26 mircea_popescu: and make a "bitcoin" that has no more bitcoin in it at all.

21:09:07 asciilifeform: i confess - i actually like moldy's 'kelvin versioning.'

21:09:20 mircea_popescu: asciilifeform on the c machine tho ?

21:09:28 mircea_popescu: and also, it's kuhns

21:09:41 asciilifeform: start at temperature, e.g., 500K. then 'cooling'. theoretically 0K means it will -never- be reasonable to change it. ever.

21:09:49 undata: BingoBoingo: I remember that; bizarre

21:09:53 nubbins`: do the java thing and call it Bitcoin 6

21:09:54 nubbins`: fuck everything

21:10:17 PeterL: windows thing and call it Bitcoin 2014

21:10:22 mircea_popescu: asciilifeform seriously, donald kuhn did that.

21:10:28 mike_c: my instinct is that any versioning system other than following the derps would be better

21:10:35 asciilifeform: on anything, hell, univac. kelvin versioning doesn't mean you will never throw the whole thing away. just experesses the concept that code must cool down to pefect crystalline form, rather than accumulating turdacles.

21:10:52 mod6: <+nubbins`> do the java thing and call it Bitcoin 6 << haha

21:11:03 asciilifeform: knuth's 'pi versioning' of TeX, yes

21:11:19 mircea_popescu: why do i keep calling the poor man kuhn

21:11:27 mircea_popescu: dylsexiaday.

21:11:44 mircea_popescu: fuck.

21:12:08 los_pantalones: mircea_popescu you may get gavin & co to ethereum mode sooner rather than later

21:12:08 mircea_popescu: mike_c not a bad instinct generally, but gotta start somewhere.

21:12:11 undata: asciilifeform: would the "crystalline" form only describe features? this seems to fly in the face of the "provably correct" conversation of the other day

21:12:16 mircea_popescu: los_pantalones apparently.

21:12:19 los_pantalones: just heard these guys closed 50mm

21:12:20 los_pantalones: http://blockstream.com/

21:12:21 assbot: Blockstream

21:12:22 undata: in that there will always be ways to break things, and always a need for fixes

21:12:34 mircea_popescu: los_pantalones ahahaha with whom

21:12:36 undata: 0.0001K -> 0.00009K ?

21:12:53 los_pantalones: standard vc collective

21:12:54 BingoBoingo: mircea_popescu: Kuhn is the one who tried the versioning things with science http://www.amazon.com/The-Structure-Scientific-Revolutions-Edition/dp/0226458083

21:12:55 assbot: The Structure of Scientific Revolutions, 3rd Edition: Thomas S. Kuhn: 9780226458083: Amazon.com: Books

21:13:07 mike_c: <+undata> in that there will always be ways to break things, and always a need for fixes << yeah.. one way to break things is to add "fixes"

21:13:23 mircea_popescu: should be fun to watch.

21:13:31 los_pantalones: it always is

21:13:33 asciilifeform: we aren't doing 'provably correct' or even 'fits in head' quite yet. just a reasonably sane janitorial job on classical bitcoind. downed pilot has to eat, whether the fauna have four legs, six, or a thousand.

21:14:04 undata: mike_c: yes one way, but certainly not the only

21:14:07 mircea_popescu: los_pantalones so basically.. maxwell, wuille towards the end, and WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE lol

21:14:39 los_pantalones: on the phone was told 'a bunch of people from bitcoin core dev'

21:14:43 los_pantalones: then i looked at the site

21:14:45 BingoBoingo: Wait, isn't sidechains just namecoin or any other merge mined thing, but without history?

21:14:46 los_pantalones: and had the same reaction

21:14:47 mircea_popescu: "Francesca Hall Co-Founder Since joining Blockstream as team coordinator, she has become an expert in complex systems, chaos theory, system automation, and large scale organizational challenges"

21:14:49 mircea_popescu: no, seriously ?

21:15:00 los_pantalones: so possibly some others in the works

21:15:17 los_pantalones: but that's pure speculation from a game of telephone

21:15:19 mircea_popescu: BingoBoingo vaguely seems like that.

21:15:28 mircea_popescu: los_pantalones so who is francesca hall lol.

21:15:33 los_pantalones: you tell me

21:15:36 los_pantalones: ol wise one

21:15:40 BingoBoingo: Except each side chain gets their own deedbot?

21:15:43 mircea_popescu: i want some smart chicks that become experts in complex systems and chaos theory over a semester

21:15:45 mircea_popescu: i never met one irl.

21:15:53 thickasthieves: <+mike_c> hey thickasthieves, wake up and back me up. this things needs different branding. /// well i think the whole .0.0 whatever shit is retarded

21:16:28 asciilifeform: .0.0... retarded << very much

21:16:29 mircea_popescu: los_pantalones well, prolly not the same, but intel has "The latest Tweets from Francesca Hall (@FrancescaHRH). In the semi final heat for Miss England 2015 " to share.

21:16:45 los_pantalones: haha, if only

21:16:48 thickasthieves: <+asciilifeform> ditch the fractional versions. 1, 2, 3, infinity. natural numbers. /// yeah, see

21:17:01 thickasthieves: you give it a name, and the first version is 1

21:17:02 kakobrekla: .0.0... retarded << very much << yes it does look like retarded emoticon

21:17:15 asciilifeform: i like the 'kelvin' variant, but this is a matter of taste.

21:17:36 mircea_popescu: los_pantalones o no fucking way, they got like a dozen and they're all co founders and supposedly equally so ?!

21:17:41 BingoBoingo: Oh badusb got commercialized http://hardware.slashdot.org/story/14/10/22/185244/ftdi-reportedly-bricking-devices-using-competitors-chips

21:17:42 assbot: FTDI Reportedly Bricking Devices Using Competitors' Chips. - Slashdot

21:17:51 asciilifeform: that can be mr mold's contribution to civilization. we can credit him.

21:17:53 *: mircea_popescu is seriously considering expanding the derps. this is good shit.

21:18:51 mircea_popescu: "Jorge Tim?n Co-Founder Jorge Tim?n is a software engineer with 4 years of experience at Indra, working on big international projects including software for several insurance companies."

21:18:54 kakobrekla: blockstream has nice logo

21:19:03 mircea_popescu: i see the "3 year's experience" thing got a ++ ?

21:19:52 asciilifeform: why the everliving fuck is usbid on any ftdi - genuine or chinese - reflashable inband ?!?!

21:19:56 thickasthieves: <+kakobrekla> blockstream has nice logo -- not bad, i'd have gone for less segments in the icon

21:19:59 mircea_popescu: los_pantalones uhm... from what i hear the 50 mn reports may be grossly exaggerated.

21:20:09 los_pantalones: possible

21:20:11 los_pantalones: was a single call

21:20:13 kakobrekla: thickasthieves more segments, more mm.

21:20:14 asciilifeform: i always wondered

21:20:20 mircea_popescu: in the sense that if i donate to the bitcoin foundation a btc and consider maybe donating another 100 in time

21:20:21 los_pantalones: guy should know

21:20:25 thickasthieves: i cant argue with more is more

21:20:30 mircea_popescu: it has not in fact received 101 btc financing.

21:20:43 *: kakobrekla learns from best chumpatrons

21:20:47 los_pantalones: understood, ty for the clarification

21:20:56 asciilifeform: waitasec, this is funded project? why?

21:20:57 bounce: actually bricking? oh dear. that is maybe a little too enthousiastic. but the poor chinese copies claiming to be ftdi then only implementing half the stuff and causing trouble that reflects badly on ftdi would tire me out, honestly.

21:21:28 *: bounce wouldn't be surprised to learn the chips bricked themselves because they're not up to spec

21:21:41 mircea_popescu: sounds like a distinct possiblity bounce

21:23:10 bounce: setting product id to 0. didn't know they even had programmable vid/pid

21:24:05 asciilifeform: yes reprogrammable, it's intended as a prototype aid. but why inband?!?!

21:24:26 bounce: and, hm, if the device proclaims to be vendor x / product y, then does the vendor have a right to say "but I didn't make this, this is fake. not my product" and set product id to 0?

21:24:34 asciilifeform: i always hated inband reflashable fw in consumer products. invitation for mice.

21:25:20 bounce: first sale doctrine probably says "no" though. but oh so tempting.

21:26:13 mircea_popescu: how does first sale doctrine say no ?

21:26:48 bounce: by the time the driver hits the owner is the client, not the fake vendor nor the real vendor

21:26:52 assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 22600 @ 0.0007413 = 16.7534 BTC [+] {2}

21:26:58 mircea_popescu: so ?

21:27:07 mircea_popescu: you may recall a deffective automobile even if the owner is the owner not you

21:27:44 bounce: the owner will still have to voluntarily submit the product back to the vendor.

21:27:55 mircea_popescu: which he allegedly did by allowing it to be 0'd ?

21:28:25 cazalla: bounce: ;;seen mistere <<< after #b-a went +m, he said he was leaving

21:28:29 bounce: er. how did the owner say "yes please?", given that they evidently didn't see it coming?

21:28:39 bounce: oh, alright.

21:28:41 mircea_popescu: well, evidently.

21:29:38 mircea_popescu: for that matter, it'd be funny if the first sale doctrine protected the owners of counterfit gucci bags.

21:30:16 nubbins`: counterfiat

21:30:32 mircea_popescu: be like, "yeah, it's a fake, but you can't do jack because this guy paid that guy ten bux for it."

21:30:44 bounce: hm. I don't think they've been gone after, have they?

21:30:52 BingoBoingo: Maybe I prefer bootleg USB controllers?

21:31:18 mircea_popescu: bounce no idea, prolly not. kinda fringe

21:31:55 bounce: not sure if it'd make sense to even put the defense on first sale, but worth a shot.

21:31:57 assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 9200 @ 0.0007416 = 6.8227 BTC [+]

21:32:45 bounce: anyhow, I get where they're coming from but it's still a dodgy move.

21:32:56 mircea_popescu: well sure it is, no argument there.

21:33:08 mircea_popescu: my point was entirely that the first sale thing prolly won't take you far.

21:36:23 bounce: prolly not. tortuous to say the least. but lots of legal wrangling is exactly that.

21:36:34 mircea_popescu: inexactly that :)

21:36:57 bounce: you're saying legal eagles are a bunch of sloppy cunts?

21:37:32 mircea_popescu: you know, the same way "phenotypically divergent" does not necessarily mean an extremely skinny chick with extremely large tits and improbably long legs. it could also mean disproportionately large head

21:37:48 BingoBoingo: Magnuson?Moss Warranty Act would prolly be the way to protect your bootleg usb chips in US court

21:37:56 mircea_popescu: no, im just saying yours is the bad kind of tortured.

21:38:18 mircea_popescu: bingo's just as tortured, but it looks maybe more fit to thrive.

21:38:23 asciilifeform: http://hardware.slashdot.org/story/14/09/20/1651241/why-you-cant-manufacture-like-apple << not entirely unrelated

21:38:24 assbot: Why You Can't Manufacture Like Apple - Slashdot

21:38:30 bounce: ``The licence only allows use of the Software with, and the Software will only work with Genuine FTDI Components (as defined in the Licence Terms). Use of the Software as a driver for a component that is not a Genuine FTDI Component MAY IRRETRIEVABLY DAMAGE THAT COMPONENT.'' -- well, they did do and went covered their arse.

21:38:38 mike_c: holy shit i just wasted 5 minutes of my life.

21:38:43 mike_c: http://blockstream.com/sidechains.pdf

21:38:57 mircea_popescu: mike_c how many times did i say not to pdf :D

21:39:04 mike_c: you don't want to read it anyway

21:39:17 mircea_popescu: if someone makes a powerpoint they may be worth a fuck, but if someone makes a pdf its not worth your time.

21:39:18 bounce: so save us four minutes and tell us why?

21:40:01 mike_c: sidechains! pegged to bitcoin! don't worry about the fact that it won't fucking work and the sidechains will collapse. we'll figure something out.

21:40:26 bounce: this that old thing again or did someone do a similar thing anew?

21:40:29 mike_c: also requires a "soft-fork" of bitcoin, but don't worry, that's not as bad as a hard fork.

21:40:38 bounce: not that I paid attention the first time around, mind.

21:40:43 mircea_popescu: seems like the old tihng again.

21:40:57 mircea_popescu: re-ethereum

21:41:02 mircea_popescu: which was re-ripple

21:41:05 mircea_popescu: which was re-etc.

21:41:11 mike_c: yeah but they didn't have symmetric two way pegs.

21:41:16 mircea_popescu: oh sorry.

21:41:23 mircea_popescu: DOUBLE DONGS SAVE THE DAY

21:42:33 mircea_popescu: http://www.reddit.com/r/TakeBack4chan/comments/2gsppl/our_plan_of_action/ << in other news.

21:42:34 assbot: Our plan of action : TakeBack4chan

21:44:09 assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 12400 @ 0.00073942 = 9.1688 BTC [-]

21:45:31 bounce: I'm oblivious as to the drama that spawned this

21:46:32 asciilifeform: re: FTDI scandal - the real sc4mz0rz are the usb standard phoundation folks, who charge for IDs. the only reason any of this is happening.

21:46:52 mircea_popescu: ^

21:47:06 mircea_popescu: bounce it's like the previous one with some sed

21:47:07 bounce: uh, no. they're faking the ftdi vid/pid so the driver'll work

21:49:20 asciilifeform: they fake it because even if you implement a standard device class (e.g. HID) you have to fake someone's. or you fork over ~4k usd to parasite scum for a 'legit' id.

21:50:06 bounce: well, yes, they probably should sell, say, fractional VIDs (VID+16 PIDs or so) for a nicely small fraction of the cost

21:50:07 mircea_popescu: like domain names ?

21:50:40 bounce: (there was a guy that did exactly that, expressly for hobbyist purposes, but he got shot down, I think)

21:50:51 asciilifeform: like domain names would be were there zero downward pressure on prices, and a single registrar.

21:51:10 bounce: domain names have a slightly bigger available space

21:51:13 BingoBoingo: asciilifeform: So like ISBN?

21:51:29 bounce: for comparison, OUIs cost $1250 last time I checked

21:51:40 asciilifeform: 16 bits of usb vendor id. that's it.

21:52:02 bounce: ISBN blocks come in variable sizes. forgot the size of the price structure.

21:52:35 mircea_popescu: it's about like a domain name, isbn

21:52:55 BingoBoingo: https://www.myidentifiers.com/get-your-isbn-now << bounce now for more than 100 blocks you need to inquire

21:52:56 assbot: Bowker | Identifier Services

21:53:15 asciilifeform: http://www.linux-usb.org/usb.ids

21:53:24 mircea_popescu: http://i.imgur.com/8XqmkJM.jpg

21:53:37 bounce: they're apparently about to run out of numbers. so they tack on three digits for a net gain of one bit

21:53:43 *: bounce wasn't too impressed by that move

21:53:53 undata: death to centralized number peddlers

21:54:39 undata: what prevented device IDs being uuids?

21:54:46 bounce: well, there's these cheap chinese boxes that come without MAC assigned; somewhere on bootup it'll just make one up

21:54:52 cazalla: http://log.bitcoin-assets.com/?date=06-10-2014#861596 << so what does he do? tries to cause the grief he intended to stop

21:54:52 assbot: Logged on 06-10-2014 21:06:55; gribble: Sent 7 minutes ago: <sgornick> Re: Qntra.net, I registered @Qntra on Twitter before some griefer /squatter did. Then put a Twitterfeed to push tweets from the RSS feed. When you want the twitter acct, let me know what e-mail to assign it to. It can't be an e-mail already used for any other twitter account.

21:54:58 asciilifeform: mircea_popescu: http://i.imgur.com/8XqmkJM.jpg << ever read the infamous 'spoons' essay?

21:55:01 bounce: that's like, really useful if you're trying to manage your shop over dhcp

21:55:06 mircea_popescu: have not, no.

21:55:55 asciilifeform: mircea_popescu: http://www.butyoudontlooksick.com/articles/written-by-christine/the-spoon-theory

21:55:56 assbot: But You Dont Look Sick? support for those with invisible illness or chronic illness The Spoon Theory written by Christine Miserandino - But You Dont Look Sick? support for those with invisible illness or chronic illness

21:56:12 mircea_popescu: invisible illness ?

21:56:29 mircea_popescu: wait, this is a disease you don;t have but gets you welfare ?

21:56:32 asciilifeform: mircea_popescu: e.g., 'aids'

21:56:40 mircea_popescu: o

21:56:49 BingoBoingo: mircea_popescu: You know invisible illness like schizophrenia of HIV++

21:56:58 mircea_popescu: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2803444/Florida-man-weighs-500-POUNDS-big-fit-police-car-resists-arrest-sitting-ground.html

21:56:58 assbot: Florida man Howard Hendrix resists arrest by sitting on the ground | Daily Mail Online

21:57:10 BingoBoingo: asciilifeform: AIDs is visible, not very, but visible

21:57:28 undata: mircea_popescu: was born in florida; this checks out

22:00:08 bounce: you can take the man out of florida, but can you take florida out of the man?

22:00:22 undata: bounce: I chant "outlier" at night to help myself sleep.

22:00:39 BingoBoingo: Oh, working for USG no immunity from usg http://abcnews.go.com/Politics/wireStory/jury-reaches-verdict-blackwater-guards-trial-26373170

22:00:40 assbot: Blackwater Guards Found Guilty in Iraq Shootings - ABC News

22:00:48 bounce: until your neighbours call the cops to report a disturbance of the peace?

22:01:06 mircea_popescu: http://i.imgur.com/HugAGqg.png

22:02:35 nubbins`: i uh...

22:02:39 nubbins`: o.O

22:02:46 bounce: too clean to understand this

22:02:50 nubbins`: ^

22:02:57 asciilifeform: mircea_popescu is wallowing with the eagles? mega-lol though

22:02:58 nubbins`: fuckin smell shamer

22:03:21 mircea_popescu: well i somehow ended up looking for internets drama

22:03:28 assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 15651 @ 0.00073811 = 11.5522 BTC [-] {2}

22:03:32 mircea_popescu: for my sins, this query is readily but abundantly satisfied.

22:05:27 nubbins`: asciilifeform you familiar with https://gitian.org/ ?

22:05:27 assbot: Gitian: a secure software distribution method

22:05:34 TheNewDeal: hey nubbins` , good sir, can I get a rating for purchasing them posters :D?

22:05:36 asciilifeform: http://zeptobars.ru/en/read/FTDI-FT232RL-real-vs-fake-supereal << entirely different silicon. from this we learn!! that a) they copied it because usb id is charged for by rent-seeking scumz0rs b) winblows includes ftdi driver already. relationship with microshit. so chinese were forced into this.

22:06:24 nubbins`: TheNewDeal, i'm very parsimonious with my ratings

22:06:45 nubbins`: i'm sure you'll understand :/

22:06:51 asciilifeform: (how did i make this inference? simply from the fact of the actual die not being a copy. which would have been the obvious explanation.

22:07:00 TheNewDeal: understood, but I'm in dire need

22:07:18 nubbins`: understood!

22:07:18 BingoBoingo: ;;rated TheNewDeal

22:07:19 gribble: You have not yet rated user TheNewDeal

22:07:34 mircea_popescu: ;;gettrust assbot TheNewDeal

22:07:35 gribble: Currently authenticated from hostmask TheNewDeal!ce2d690b@gateway/web/cgi-irc/kiwiirc.com/ip. Trust relationship from user assbot to user TheNewDeal: Level 1: 0, Level 2: 1 via 1 connections. Graph: http://b-otc.com/stg?source=assbot&dest=TheNewDeal | WoT data: http://b-otc.com/vrd?nick=TheNewDeal | Rated since: Sun Apr 13 12:56:09 2014

22:07:39 nubbins`: ;;ratingsystem getratings TheNewDeal

22:07:39 gribble: Error: The "RatingSystem" plugin is loaded, but there is no command named "getratings" in it. Try "list RatingSystem" to see the commands in the "RatingSystem" plugin.

22:07:41 mircea_popescu: you got one, what do you need em for ?

22:07:42 asciilifeform: gitian << do not want.

22:07:44 nubbins`: ;;ratingsystem getrating TheNewDeal

22:07:44 gribble: Currently authenticated from hostmask TheNewDeal!ce2d690b@gateway/web/cgi-irc/kiwiirc.com/ip. . User TheNewDeal, rated since Sun Apr 13 12:56:09 2014. Cumulative rating 4, from 3 total ratings. Received ratings: 3 positive, 0 negative. Sent ratings: 10 positive, 0 negative. Details: http://b-otc.com/vrd?nick=TheNewDeal

22:07:45 BingoBoingo: TheNewDeal: Care to do a tour in the newsmines?

22:08:04 TheNewDeal: is that an invitation to write an article?

22:08:05 TheNewDeal: yes

22:08:11 nubbins`: TheNewDeal you know those are better ratings than i had for a long time :P

22:08:45 BingoBoingo: TheNewDeal: Find news submit draft

22:08:47 TheNewDeal: but I did purchase 2 posters from you. Want everyone to know I'm a bitcoin art connoisseur

22:08:51 BingoBoingo: !up reggiesells

22:09:00 asciilifeform: gitian << first of all, want bsd - floppy disk image is what i'm playing with now - plus gcc, other deps - pre-baked. minimal size. second, what is this nonsense, it needs an internet connection?!?!

22:09:26 mircea_popescu: !up reggiesells

22:09:47 nubbins`: TheNewDeal, a man's gotta have criteria and you don't meet it, sorry

22:09:51 BingoBoingo: Oh mircea_popescu was slow this time, probably becaus more age

22:09:52 nubbins`: nothing personal

22:10:07 nubbins`: i give out ratings like candy, they'll be worthless

22:10:24 mircea_popescu: moar cognac.

22:10:52 nubbins`: you want everyone to know you're a connoisseur, post some pics of your poster to the thread ;D

22:10:53 *: BingoBoingo is really liking this switch to just ETOH+mixer

22:10:53 TheNewDeal: I don't see how it'd be worthless. In fact, if someone wanted to do business with me, they could literally ask you how it went

22:11:00 reggiesells: noob here, what the heck did you guys just do with those irc commands?

22:11:09 TheNewDeal: I'm distancing myself from the forum

22:11:12 TheNewDeal: too much wasted time

22:11:13 BingoBoingo: reggiesells: We gave you voice!

22:11:27 nubbins`: reggiesells, gribble manages our web of trust for us

22:11:38 reggiesells: thanks! @BingoBoingo, i almost lost my voice earlier

22:11:46 kakobrekla: !up to heaven

22:11:51 mircea_popescu: http://i.imgur.com/6464LM2.png <<< check out this land where thermodynamics never happened.

22:11:52 reggiesells: oohh okay, i know about WoT.

22:11:54 nubbins`: TheNewDeal and i'd say "yeah, guy sent me btc, i sent him a poster" and they would not have any new information upon which to judge your character

22:12:00 reggiesells: thanks @nubbins'

22:12:07 BingoBoingo: reggiesells: Well it happens on a 30 minute timers. assbot rules over us all unequally

22:12:10 bounce: this is twittar now?

22:12:18 reggiesells: haha yes

22:12:30 reggiesells: now i feel less special lol

22:12:41 TheNewDeal: mkay, I'll tell them it's in the logs https://imgflip.com/i/9iu9z

22:12:41 assbot: Image tagged in lawgs - Imgflip

22:14:32 asciilifeform: ok looks like author pointed it out: 'What's the economic reason of making software fake of well-known chip instead of making new one under your own name? This way they don't need to buy USB VID, sign drivers in Microsoft, no expenses on advertisement. This fake chip will be used right away in numerous mass-manufactured products.'

22:16:42 bounce: what's the cost of getting a driver signed and added to the store by redmond?

22:16:56 nubbins`: $$$$

22:17:56 mircea_popescu: a coupla k's it was

22:18:13 nubbins`: wait, well.

22:18:28 nubbins`: like $4k for vendor id and driver signing

22:18:59 nubbins`: with the bulk of that being for the VID

22:20:22 jurov: git clone http://therealbitcoin.org/test/bitcoin.git just trying out the setup... works, but with mysterious 403 thrown for good measure

22:20:48 *: mircea_popescu is not impressed by this spoon theory.

22:22:05 bounce: stopped reading the thing. too wordy, going nowhere.

22:22:31 mircea_popescu: basically it's a "hey, homeostatic systems have finite recourse"

22:22:35 asciilifeform: mircea_popescu: it wasn't an intellectual breakthrough of any kind whatsoever - but is apparently 'canonical' among the community of the Officially Sad.

22:22:50 mircea_popescu: yeah bitch, they do. nevertheless, ever since i can recall my process was to stay up until i was sleepy and then sleep until i woke up.

22:23:16 mircea_popescu: and then eat when hungry and so on. caesar's method.

22:23:40 asciilifeform: mircea_popescu: that only works if you're caesar - or at least, a free man.

22:23:48 mircea_popescu: yeah, well...

22:23:53 mircea_popescu: i am.

22:23:57 mircea_popescu: i was when i was 6, too.

22:24:13 jurov: i guess parents did not destroy your endocrine system by placating you with sweets

22:24:20 asciilifeform: mircea_popescu: was 6 << easy then

22:25:44 mircea_popescu: jurov no, actually, i ate so much sugar it was scary.

22:26:15 mircea_popescu: one of the things in family folklore re my childhood is this one time when they got a large jar of homemade jam from up in the pantry where it was kept (why ?) and while discussing if to make it crepes or what

22:26:16 mircea_popescu: i ate it.

22:26:32 mircea_popescu: 50lb kid, 1lb apricot jam, 50% sugar by weight.

22:27:31 asciilifeform: in usa, food (at least if you like recycled food!) is free as air. sleep - is for royalty.

22:28:03 mircea_popescu: i dunno, i slept pretty well there. nice idea the boxspring

22:28:36 asciilifeform: mircea_popescu: again, you. not us inmates.

22:28:44 mircea_popescu: but i am not royalty!

22:29:04 asciilifeform: mircea_popescu: but - yer not an inmate.

22:29:57 mircea_popescu: anyway, there is some merit to this entire "sucks to be me" approach to obesity. while i have been catching on a little weight as an adult male, it's still mostly a case of, if i overeat my body just turns it to heat, usually on the spot.

22:30:37 mircea_popescu: "why am i so hot ? a wait, that was a third desert wasn't it. plus alcohol."

22:31:07 asciilifeform: at some point we'll learn the secret of adjusting the thermostat, so to speak, of the body - and then people will blast themselves to hell with free radicals instead of dying of fat. choose ice vs. fire death, yes.

22:31:34 bounce: spontaneous combustion and so on

22:31:55 asciilifeform: combustion << nah, just regular cellular aging.

22:31:56 assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 11165 @ 0.00073488 = 8.2049 BTC [-]

22:32:58 nubbins`: box spring is best spring

22:33:57 asciilifeform: my mental concept of freedom is more or less synonymous with never setting an alarm clock again.

22:35:15 nubbins`: jurov 403 forbidden indeed!

22:35:41 jurov: but it doesn't say which url exactly

22:35:58 asciilifeform: food? sex? slave can get these. sleep ad libitum - is the mark of the free man.

22:36:15 nubbins`: http://dpaste.com/10SKRWS

22:36:16 assbot: dpaste: 10SKRWS

22:36:19 undata: as long as you're somewhere where the sun will wake you up

22:36:41 undata: side note: I happen to be an inmate that sleeps when he pleases

22:36:42 nubbins`: jurov what do server logs say

22:36:49 undata: americans are just lazy; you can still have freedom here

22:36:56 bounce: that hungarian "internet tax", 150 forints / gigabyte (or part thereof). that's .49 euro / gigabyte.

22:37:20 nubbins`: wow

22:37:21 bounce: doesn't say if that's for mobile only or fixed too.

22:37:29 undata: speaking of inmates.

22:37:34 asciilifeform: you - which you. herr buffett can sleep when he pleases, likewise, i hear.

22:37:51 undata: it doesn't take that much wealth to self-sustain

22:38:02 nubbins`: ^

22:38:04 undata: again: laziness.

22:38:15 nubbins`: it's more a function of what you consume than what your income is

22:38:20 asciilifeform: it doesn't take that much wealth to self-sustain << Mega-Lol!

22:38:37 undata: segue to circle-jerk

22:39:47 BingoBoingo: ;;google extreme early retirement

22:39:48 gribble: Early Retirement Extreme: — a combination of simple living ...: http://earlyretirementextreme.com/; Early Retirement Extreme Forums • Index page: http://forum.earlyretirementextreme.com/; What 30-Year-Old Retirees Can Teach The Rest Of Us - Forbes: http://www.forbes.com/sites/nextavenue/2014/03/21/what-30-year-old-retirees-can-teach-the-rest-of-us/

22:39:57 undata: I suppose all 320mil of us work at McDonalds leaving only to go through the drive-through at Burger King in your fantasy.

22:40:15 asciilifeform: the only 'early retirement' available to everyone is the 'last bullet retirement fund.'

22:40:32 undata: asciilifeform: you said you were russian, right?

22:40:47 undata: speaking of countries filled with useless people

22:40:59 asciilifeform: undata: usa 1992-present

22:41:06 nubbins`: ;;google freedom 35

22:41:07 gribble: freedom 35: http://www.freedomthirtyfiveblog.com/; Freedom 35 | Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Freedom35Clothing; Is Freedom 35 possible? - Retire Happy: http://retirehappy.ca/is-freedom-35-possible/

22:41:31 undata: asciilifeform: I share the distaste for merkuh, but... broad brush.

22:41:35 nubbins`: 1992, the year punk broke

22:41:45 nubbins`: asciilifeform came to see a sonic youth show and never left

22:41:57 asciilifeform: undata: my criticism here is not usa-specific. applies to all industrial nations.

22:42:05 undata: then granted

22:42:27 bounce: "broad brush" "no broader brush" "oh okay"

22:42:34 asciilifeform: undata: except that in usa and its colonies, the slaves derp on about being some kind of 'free' despite not even being permitted to sleep.

22:42:55 undata: bounce: as long as we're all covered in shit.

22:43:05 undata: some socialist logic for you

22:43:06 bounce: you pinko commie socialist, you

22:43:11 undata: ha beat you

22:43:53 mircea_popescu: <asciilifeform> my mental concept of freedom is more or less synonymous with never setting an alarm clock again. << ha! not even for say, a comet ?

22:43:55 bounce: yeah yeah you're first, you win

22:44:11 undata: bounce: trying to balance out the socialism, ok?

22:44:27 asciilifeform: ok alarm clock, but only if i want. for comet. that's it.

22:44:30 mircea_popescu: <bounce> that hungarian "internet tax", 150 forints / gigabyte (or part thereof). that's .49 euro / gigabyte. <<< it's al ulzfest. the gb costs about 1 cent or so atm.

22:44:52 mircea_popescu: <asciilifeform> you - which you. herr buffett can sleep when he pleases, likewise, i hear. << not so. not when the dow is ding ding dinging downwards.

22:44:57 bounce: depends on where you get it. mobile or fixed or wholesale

22:45:09 assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 24600 @ 0.00073488 = 18.078 BTC [-]

22:45:54 mircea_popescu: well in the same sense brent is 100 bux a barrel

22:46:01 mircea_popescu: sure, "depoends where you get it".

22:46:23 mircea_popescu: <nubbins`> asciilifeform came to see a sonic youth show and never left << lol too funnay.

22:46:26 asciilifeform: i'll feel sorry for herr b when he has to live in a rented hovel and wake to an alarm bell. and follow orders.

22:46:40 *: BingoBoingo wishes for gas station gift card deniminated in gallons of gas rather than dollars of gas.

22:47:10 mircea_popescu: now that's a good one

22:47:42 BingoBoingo: I'd simply hodl it and use the appreciation to get the liquor

22:48:41 *: bounce didn't catch where they were levying that tax, or what they were imagining the prices currently paid to be

22:48:50 asciilifeform: came to see a sonic << if only. brought as a boy and ended up with no other citizenship just like parents (no automagic su->ru citizenship for folks who packed up prior to '94, if i recall)

22:49:31 mike_c: BingoBoingo: this exists. http://www.mygallons.com/

22:49:32 assbot: MyGallons.com. Tomorrow’s gas. Today’s prices.

22:50:35 nubbins`: <+mircea_popescu> <asciilifeform> my mental concept of freedom is more or less synonymous with never setting an alarm clock again. << ha! not even for say, a comet ? <<< i'm down to one alarm a week

22:51:51 nubbins`: amazing the effect this has on one's attitude and outlook

22:51:51 assbot: AMAZING COMPANY!

22:52:50 []bot: Bet placed: 1 BTC for No on "20% difficulty increase before 2015" http://bitbet.us/bet/1036/ Odds: 34(Y):66(N) by coin, 38(Y):62(N) by weight. Total bet: 27.73541987 BTC. Current weight: 43,652.

22:52:57 bounce: http://cve.mitre.org/cgi-bin/cvekey.cgi?keyword=bitcoin

22:52:57 assbot: CVE -Search Results

22:53:16 mircea_popescu: asciilifeform but you were born in odessa ? then you do have ru citizenship no ?

22:53:25 BingoBoingo: Everyone look and see if you can spot the new design++ http://qntra.net/

22:53:25 assbot: Qntra.net | Bitcoin News, Views & Commentary

22:54:33 BingoBoingo: mike_c: Seems shady, 404 on the "how this works" page

22:54:53 mike_c: yeah, i ran into it a couple years ago. seems to have lost steam with falling gas prices (shocking).

22:55:19 assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 6250 @ 0.00073765 = 4.6103 BTC [+] {2}

22:55:55 nubbins`: incidentally, this: http://imgur.com/a/8f0ge is the man who killed the armed gunman at the canadian parliament today

22:55:56 assbot: imgur: the simple image sharer

22:56:03 BingoBoingo: I'd more prefer a solution offered by a conveniece store chain I despise.

22:56:14 nubbins`: and yes he wears that sword every day

22:56:40 BingoBoingo: nubbins`: Did he kill him with the mace?

22:58:37 mircea_popescu: who killed the unarmed gunman ?

22:59:28 BingoBoingo: mircea_popescu: Looks like the Seargent at Arms

22:59:38 BingoBoingo: From nubbins` pic

22:59:39 mircea_popescu: ahahahaha fucked him with the mace of office ?

22:59:51 BingoBoingo: I hope

23:01:08 nubbins`: BingoBoingo indeed the sgt at arms

23:01:24 nubbins`: apparently emptied his weapon, went back to his office to grab more bullets

23:01:26 nubbins`: ;0

23:01:40 *: BingoBoingo knew Model UN would be useful for something

23:01:47 nubbins`: heh

23:01:53 nubbins`: i was ethiopia

23:02:27 BingoBoingo: I chaired the Science and Technology committee.

23:02:58 BingoBoingo: Was a $1000 a year discount on tuition

23:03:23 mircea_popescu: "The engineNextBytes function in classlib/modules/security/src/main/java/common/org/apache/harmony/security/provider/crypto/SHA1PRNG_SecureRandomImpl.java in the SecureRandom implementation in Apache Harmony through 6.0M3, as used in the Java Cryptography Architecture (JCA) in Android before 4.4 and other products, when no seed is provided by the user, uses an incorrect offset value, which makes it easier for attackers

23:03:23 mircea_popescu: to defeat cryptographic protection mechanisms by leveraging the resulting PRNG predictability, as exploited in the wild against Bitcoin wallet applications in August 2013."

23:03:51 mircea_popescu: quite. mp still recalls the profusely apologetic "we fucked up the init and consequently ppl got pwned" stuff coming out of the chief scientists

23:04:35 mircea_popescu: "The HTTPAuthorized function in bitcoinrpc.cpp in bitcoind 0.8.1 provides information about authentication failure upon detecting the first incorrect byte of a password, which makes it easier for remote attackers to determine passwords via a timing side-channel attack."

23:04:42 mircea_popescu: easier ? lolk.

23:05:13 nubbins`: lel does it really?

23:05:33 nubbins`: "what's your password?" "P-A-S-S-Q.." "WRONG"

23:05:43 BingoBoingo: Real Journalism in two examples: http://deadspin.com/tim-lincecum-missed-the-world-series-intros-because-he-1649546885 http://deadspin.com/cops-substitute-teacher-gave-h-s-footballer-oral-sex-1649426335

23:05:43 assbot: Tim Lincecum Missed The World Series Intros Because He Was Barfing

23:05:44 assbot: Cops: Substitute Teacher Gave H.S. Footballer Oral Sex During Pep Rally

23:07:25 BingoBoingo: Also www.thesmokinggun.com/documents/haunted-house-assault-lawsuit-786543

23:07:47 bounce: which reminds me. there need to be automated regression tests.

23:08:08 pete_dushenski: time to chime in on the new bitcoin name:

23:08:21 pete_dushenski: asciilifeform:ditch the fractional versions. 1, 2, 3, infinity. natural numbers. << except we use.... roman numerals.

23:08:27 mircea_popescu: the substitute head seems a good idea.

23:08:29 pete_dushenski: i, ii, iii, vi, v, etc.

23:08:47 nubbins`: gross

23:08:59 nubbins`: bitcoin MCMXLVIII

23:09:05 BingoBoingo: So... anyone spot the new qntra design++ yet?

23:09:28 ben_vulpes: <nubbins`> bitcoin x << ah, this

23:09:29 jurov: gray background?

23:09:30 pete_dushenski: nubbins` jeez lowercase.

23:09:41 nubbins`: ben_vulpes 8)

23:09:43 BingoBoingo: jurov: Close, look higher

23:09:45 pete_dushenski: ben_vulpes rite.

23:10:12 jurov: the "menu"?

23:10:20 BingoBoingo: higher...

23:10:30 nubbins`: i'd guess the favicon even though it hasn't loaded for me yet

23:10:30 mircea_popescu: tits ?

23:10:36 pete_dushenski: eh qntra is down for me.

23:10:46 BingoBoingo: nubbins`: It is the favicon

23:10:48 jurov: i see no favicon

23:10:51 *: nubbins` claps

23:10:58 BingoBoingo: jurov: Using Firefox?

23:10:59 nubbins`: http://qntra.net/favicon.ico

23:11:02 jurov: y

23:11:08 mircea_popescu: http://qntra.net/favicon.ico << this thing ?

23:11:16 BingoBoingo: jurov: Won't show until you restart firefox

23:11:19 BingoBoingo: mircea_popescu: yes

23:11:41 mircea_popescu: what is it, like a coil of rope ?

23:12:16 BingoBoingo: mircea_popescu: It's Just a Q and an n

23:12:26 pete_dushenski: los_pantalones: just heard these guys closed 50mm << inching closer to that magic $bn

23:13:34 pete_dushenski: lol blockstream has "gregory maxwell" on its list of founders.

23:14:03 BingoBoingo: pete_dushenski: Do you know what the truly beautiful thing about softforks is?

23:14:21 nubbins`: jurov git works now. what version is this?

23:14:26 BingoBoingo: Maybe not beautiful, but sublime?

23:14:33 pete_dushenski: BingoBoingo that b-a is behind them?

23:14:48 jurov: nubbins` just a clone of github

23:14:53 nubbins`: ah kk

23:15:00 jurov: git does not like getting 403 instead of 404

23:15:12 BingoBoingo: pete_dushenski: No, that they prevent people using newer software from making or recognizing certain transactions.

23:15:41 jurov: nubbins` an idea: what about making the Q more like opinion bubble?

23:15:58 jurov: like speech in comics

23:16:04 nubbins`: nice idea

23:16:19 pete_dushenski: BingoBoingo heh.

23:16:34 mircea_popescu: qntra needs a bikshed.

23:16:46 jurov: and trollbox!!!1

23:16:48 BingoBoingo: pete_dushenski: That is the literal reading of the Thermos bitcoin wiki definition of softfork

23:17:01 BingoBoingo: jurov: But this is trollbox

23:17:10 pete_dushenski: so i'm guessing no spv will work on the bitcoin i ? so no more multibit?

23:17:33 BingoBoingo: pete_dushenski: Older version of Multibit don't need bloom filters...

23:17:55 BingoBoingo: Also as I said last night, running the occasional 0.8.x node is polite...

23:19:13 jurov: and i asked last night, what's so evil about 0.8/9?

23:19:25 pete_dushenski: BingoBoingo ok. so up to what version of multibit are we talking here?

23:19:37 *: pete_dushenski surfs multibit github

23:20:05 BingoBoingo: pete_dushenski: Well I use 0.5.11 because it is what still lets me use higher than pennies tx fees

23:21:02 BingoBoingo: jurov: I think the evil is simply the distance + proximity to Hearn

23:21:31 BingoBoingo: jurov: At least as far as concretes can be found

23:22:27 BingoBoingo: mircea_popescu: Qntra already has n=1 bikeshed http://qntra.net/2014/10/cryptocoinsnews-is-anything-but/#comment-120

23:22:27 assbot: CryptoCoinsNews Is Anything But | Qntra.net

23:22:32 jurov: seems rather superstitious to me... but yes, starting at 0.5 and adding new stuff only after review is a plan

23:23:18 BingoBoingo: Superstitious in itself is not ideal, but... Hearn did trigger a hardfork...

23:23:38 pete_dushenski: BingoBoingo ya i'm rocking 0.5.14

23:24:38 nubbins`: jurov http://i.imgur.com/8UeXsPU.png

23:24:46 nubbins`: ;D

23:24:56 jurov: hue

23:25:33 mircea_popescu: jurov the major code reorg that caused a fork. factual.

23:25:34 BingoBoingo: nubbins`: The idea I floated last week was purple and orange, but cazalla reminded me colorblindness is a thing.

23:25:49 nubbins`: sure is

23:26:00 nubbins`: so, green on red?

23:26:03 jurov: iirc bdb caused a fork, no?

23:26:11 mircea_popescu: jurov no.

23:26:24 BingoBoingo: jurov: Leveldb caused fork nominally

23:26:37 mircea_popescu: leveldb / poorly understood / not tested new code caused a fork

23:26:44 mircea_popescu: supposedly this was accidental. i never bought it.

23:27:14 BingoBoingo: nubbins`: Honestly, prolly best to remain greyscal friendly

23:27:34 mircea_popescu: leveldb in and of itself is whatever, maybe not the first choice for a db. leveldb as implemented by hearn was an attack on bitcoin.

23:27:45 mircea_popescu: the fact that we survived does not mean they didn't try.

23:27:47 BingoBoingo: ^

23:28:30 BingoBoingo: Leveldb google turd does actually seem to be higher performance than the BDB oracle turd, but... yes consequences.

23:29:22 BingoBoingo: ;;bc,stats

23:29:24 gribble: Current Blocks: 326536 | Current Difficulty: 3.500248202613323E10 | Next Difficulty At Block: 326591 | Next Difficulty In: 55 blocks | Next Difficulty In About: 8 hours, 5 minutes, and 53 seconds | Next Difficulty Estimate: 36054837706.0 | Estimated Percent Change: 3.00652

23:29:31 jurov: okay i see, there's lot of new code not properly reviewed

23:29:31 pete_dushenski: BingoBoingo MultiBit Version 0.5.11 Changes + Implemented issue 96 - Sign and Verify message. << that's it!

23:30:39 BingoBoingo: pete_dushenski: And after that I wanted for nothing more from an SPV client

23:30:48 BingoBoingo: Just to verify messages

23:31:36 BingoBoingo: !up xinxi

23:31:39 BingoBoingo: %d

23:31:42 atcbot: [ATC Diff] Current Diff: 469547.73 Est. Next Diff: 634748.22 in 1303 blocks (#48384) Est. % Change: 35.18

23:31:42 BingoBoingo: %p

23:31:45 atcbot: >> No data returned from CoinMiner.net << [PityThePool Hashrate]: 1502.67 GH/s [iSpace Pool Hashrate]: 1.38 TH/s [P2P Hashrate]: 0.00 TH/s

23:32:59 pete_dushenski: BingoBoingo the only interesting one you're missing out on is "#181. Improved build to check dependencies using Gary's dependency checker." lol

23:33:53 BingoBoingo: pete_dushenski: It's a java turd. I holds keys with decreasing amounts of funds and handles a few adresses funds might still come to.

23:34:35 ben_vulpes: was someone hosting some git repos?

23:34:40 BingoBoingo: It's more private than using electrum on a public server, but far from using an actual client

23:34:43 pete_dushenski: ;;bc,stats

23:34:45 gribble: Current Blocks: 326536 | Current Difficulty: 3.500248202613323E10 | Next Difficulty At Block: 326591 | Next Difficulty In: 55 blocks | Next Difficulty In About: 8 hours, 5 minutes, and 53 seconds | Next Difficulty Estimate: 36054837706.0 | Estimated Percent Change: 3.00652

23:35:04 pete_dushenski: BingoBoingo ya i don't mind it at all :)

23:35:16 mircea_popescu: http://www.nhplace.com/kent/index.html << check out kent pitman allll over salon.com with the "global warming" thingee

23:35:16 assbot: Kent Pitman's Home Page

23:35:20 mircea_popescu: this is so lulzy.

23:35:31 BingoBoingo: pete_dushenski: Sort of thing you might use on a netbook with just enough BTC to pay your own ransom

23:35:35 pete_dushenski: mircea_popescu did you see piketty's letter about gw?

23:35:43 mircea_popescu: prolly not ?

23:36:14 bounce: another interesting task: figure out what the db really needs to be doing then find well-tested code that can do it

23:36:14 pete_dushenski: https://twitter.com/LeoHickman/status/524843439331246081

23:36:16 assbot: I was wondering when the rockstar economist Thomas Piketty would enter the climate debate... http://t.co/V2aOWzwWPQ http://t.co/vpt4SBE2w9

23:36:53 pete_dushenski: ^first link is for ft, second to photograb

23:37:11 nubbins`: http://i.imgur.com/TGgEW94.png

23:37:25 nubbins`: ben_vulpes therealbitcoin.org

23:37:39 mircea_popescu: ah, that guy. meh, whatever.

23:37:47 nubbins`: http://therealbitcoin.org/test/bitcoin.git

23:37:52 *: mircea_popescu couldn't give less of a shit about whatever "star" the ustardians have produced this week.

23:38:05 mircea_popescu: i might review what this guy has to say sometime in 21xx, maybe.

23:38:10 mircea_popescu: probably not.

23:38:40 pete_dushenski: BingoBoingo paying your own ransom?

23:38:52 pete_dushenski: mircea_popescu i'd be highly surprised.

23:39:10 BingoBoingo: pete_dushenski: Well, if you can.

23:39:37 BingoBoingo: Has wallet encryption. You can "given them your last penny" to the extent they can see it...

23:40:55 BingoBoingo: Paying one's own ransom as a protocol probably won't be perfected though until assbot's level 1 consists entirely of nuclear powers.

23:41:50 mircea_popescu: jurov: wtf is "individual terrorist undertaking"? << basically, what you're doing here.

23:42:36 pete_dushenski: BingoBoingo a yes, the $900k coin!

23:43:04 BingoBoingo: "Data Center that can't be disconnected" from a safe range

23:43:26 mircea_popescu: chetty incidentally, the french are also building their own gulag, huh

23:43:30 BingoBoingo: After that we just need a few super mutants and then New Reno

23:43:56 mircea_popescu: bounce: announce that loud and clear and everybody knows what the score is. "if you want to go there, you're dead to us." << it won't work.

23:43:56 BingoBoingo: Nah, they are just aping the us like the monkeys those frogs really are

23:44:01 mircea_popescu: france is dead, notjust ot them, to everyone.

23:44:41 mircea_popescu: bounce: I don't care if maladjusted angry youths want to run away and make trouble in a war zone. I do care if they come back, recruit some more kids (to do the same), cause trouble, shoot some jews, what have you. << how else do you expect the shithole to be fixed ?

23:46:21 mircea_popescu: "Three Colorado high school students may have been playing hooky so they could run away and join ISIS ? apparently seduced by their twisted campaign of terror and hatred. The girls, ages 15, 16 and 17, never showed up to their Denver-area school on Friday because they were en route to Turkey via Germany," <<< much better chicks than any "feminist" or w/e.

23:46:22 BingoBoingo: mircea_popescu: White kids from ladue studying with Black kids from Ferguson and North City?

23:46:27 mircea_popescu: these are the generation leaders.

23:47:10 assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 11336 @ 0.00073881 = 8.3752 BTC [+] {2}

23:47:27 BingoBoingo: Oh invoking ISIS raises MPOE?

23:47:46 mircea_popescu: lol

23:48:03 BingoBoingo: !up AdamIRAway

23:48:17 mircea_popescu: apparently you can void passports for truancy now, in the bestest america.

23:48:57 undata: you can void life without due process; what's a passport?

23:49:10 BingoBoingo: You can apparently void passports for angry county courts in Usia

23:49:49 mircea_popescu: undata the same obnoxious farts that create this "passport" that means no rights are also wondering why even a teenager if she has any sense wants to bomb them off the planet.

23:50:05 mircea_popescu: year, really, i wonder why the fuck is it that the best kids that the us can produce want to go help isis burn the whole world.

23:50:16 mircea_popescu: it certainly couldn't be because the world sucks, right ?

23:50:38 undata: mircea_popescu: that's that suicidal streak I was talking about

23:51:30 undata: US culture is as ready to kill itself as the rest of the world is to help it do so.

23:52:02 mircea_popescu: othernubs`: i thought medium was the sort of site where literally anyone can publish? <<< medium is, essentially, the sort of venue created to give the impression of a #b-a to the 99% idiots who can't tell the difference.

23:52:29 mircea_popescu: so as to create the illusion that there's no actual support for simple stuff like "either you renounce ALL your laws or we burn you to the ground."

23:53:06 mircea_popescu: i forget what this is called in us politics, but o yeah, "splitting the vote"

23:53:47 asciilifeform: mircea_popescu: but you were born in odessa ? then you do have ru citizenship no? << lol! the whole city would've emptied in '92 or even earlier, if this were so.

23:54:27 mircea_popescu: but... wait dude.

23:54:31 mircea_popescu: you were born there. what more ?

23:54:58 pete_dushenski: mircea_popescu "either you renounce ALL your laws or we burn you to the ground." << now here's a radical concept. probably the same one that was invoked at parliament hill today

23:55:50 jurov: mircea_popescu: odessa changed country meanwhile

23:55:58 pete_dushenski: i'm off to watch grown ass men with skates chase a black disk around a frozen pond. enjoy your eve b-a!

23:56:15 *: BingoBoingo impressed that Argentine citizenship merely requires two years residence and an income, true land of the free

23:56:42 BingoBoingo: ;;later tell pete_dushenski I think the game was postponed

23:56:42 gribble: The operation succeeded.

23:56:43 jurov: !s asciilifeform passport

23:56:44 assbot: 35 results for 'asciilifeform passport' : http://search.bitcoin-assets.com/?q=asciilifeform+passport

23:56:56 jurov: !s asciilifeform russian passport

23:56:56 assbot: 5 results for 'asciilifeform russian passport' : http://search.bitcoin-assets.com/?q=asciilifeform+russian+passport

23:57:02 kakobrekla: and thats how doxing is done

23:57:05 mircea_popescu: jurov oh i see

23:57:56 jurov: !dox asciilifeform

23:58:20 assbot: !s asciilifeform russian passport

23:59:36 asciilifeform: mircea_popescu: you were born there. what more << ussr kaput