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Transcript for 23-06-2016, 46 lines:

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09:25:41 jurov: In most groups the craziest person is in control. It starts because no one wants the problems that come from pissing off a crazy person. It’s just smarter and easier sometimes to let the crazy person have his or her way.

09:26:31 jurov: Cults are a good example of insanity being viewed as leadership. Suppose you’re not insane. Can insanity help you? The answer is yes, but you want to

09:26:32 jurov: use a calculated, emotional type of insanity. In any kind of negotiation, the worst thing you can do is act reasonable.

09:31:37 jurov: If you believe people use reason for the important decisions in life, you will go through life feeling confused and frustrated that others seem to have bad reasoning skills. The reality is that reason is just one of the drivers of our decisions, and often the smallest one.

09:33:12 jurov: ^ from How to Fail at Almost Everything - Scott Adams. I had aha moments, even self-pillow-fight, recommend

09:33:43 jurov: readily available on amazon or thepiratebay

09:35:20 Framedragger: nice. i'm sensing kahneman-with-a-pint/less-formal vibes

09:35:39 Framedragger: (though i never got around to reading 'thinking fast and slow', but still recommend it to people heh)

09:36:00 jurov: no it's very different from thinking fast and slow

09:36:19 Framedragger: what do you think of the latter btw?

09:36:43 jurov: TFS is good, but uses much less train-hitting-your-head real-life examples

09:37:24 jurov: and has narrower span, too

09:38:04 Framedragger: mkay, 'how to fail' sounds pretty cool, then

09:59:42 punkman: jurov, is that the dilber guy?

09:59:45 punkman: *dilbert

10:00:17 punkman: ah yean, nvm

10:57:03 kakobrekla: since we are talking about mps-leading-nowhere-bunch-of-delusional-idiots-cult, here is the basic how-to employed http://dpaste.com/16WQEP7.txt (the likeliness is undeniable, credit for link goes to punkman)

10:57:04 assbot: ... ( http://bit.ly/28ZiWdv )

11:04:46 Framedragger: i agree that likeliness is undeniable :)

11:04:55 Framedragger: pretty amusing

11:09:29 kakobrekla: ftr when he joined this place, it was purely about business and so was he. later he was wrapping business in propaganda, which is tolerable, as the core is solid. now he is wrapping propaganda in business wrap, at which point it becomes intolerable for any reasonable mind.

11:30:05 jurov: tbh if anyone mastered the delusions, it was Milo Minderbinder, no?

11:48:59 jurov: Yossarian was in the end still stuck with paddling to norway...

11:55:08 kakobrekla: :D

11:55:36 kakobrekla: unrelated lulz, you can now buy buttcoins on slovenian gas stations

11:57:11 pankkake: with cash?

11:57:19 kakobrekla: yes

11:57:30 pankkake: but that's terrorism

11:57:43 kakobrekla: nukes on the way!

11:57:58 punkman: do you have unregistered cellphones too?

11:58:04 kakobrekla: yes

11:58:08 punkman: omg, doom

11:58:30 kakobrekla: endoftheworld.swf

12:00:12 jurov: who operates it? cans + string?

12:15:28 kakobrekla: 'BitIns Ltd' whoever the fuck they are

12:16:00 kakobrekla: https://www.bitins.net

12:16:01 assbot: BitIns ... ( http://bit.ly/28ZpFEm )

12:18:43 kakobrekla: apparently you buy x-worth voucher which is not in btc until you redeem it on website

12:18:44 kakobrekla: meh

13:09:20 punkman: http://realhistoryww.com/

13:09:21 assbot: The Worlds First Civilizations Were All Black Civilizations ... ( http://bit.ly/28RbZyA )

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13:57:43 kakobrekla: >TREZOR can now securely generate GPG keys for signing of emails or documents (using the NIST256P1 and Ed25519 curves). Currently, this update does not allow for GPG decryption, a feature planned for next firmware update. For more information check out the great TREZOR Agent by Roman Zeyde.

14:04:03 asciilifeform: lel shitcrypto

14:24:44 asciilifeform: kakobrekla: incidentally if you want a gadget that signs really short strings, using closed cpu with crappy rng, the openpgp folks have been selling this for, what, 20 yrs