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Transcript for 25-05-2019, 18 lines:

07:43:46 adlai: "The Outsiders were traders in information. They bought high and they sold high, but what they bought once they sold again and again..."

07:44:40 adlai: although as all Insiders know: the best indicators are search-and-rescue, and repetitive-stress-injury.

07:46:01 adlai: at the most recent lab, my partner was building some apparatus, and knocked a piece of tubing off the bench

07:46:29 adlai: due to time pressure, she tried blocking its floorwards trajectory... naturally it just took a different trajectory and hit the same floor

07:46:40 adlai: "never catch the falling knife!", says I

07:46:57 adlai: she protested that it wasn't a knife, to which I reminded her never to catch a falling knife.

07:48:24 adlai: the tubing survived admirably, being all metal and exposed mainly to dinitrogen and a smattering of diox; sadly, the O-rings will never be the same again

17:32:32 funkenstein_: is that larry niven?

17:32:58 funkenstein_: i hope you guys aren't in the middle of the 'space shuttle' lab

17:35:35 funkenstein_: pankkake, commendable analysis there

17:35:46 funkenstein_: "Make no mistake, just because you don’t see Okcoin and Huobi putting up big volume numbers in China, doesn’t mean they have stopped serving the Chinese market. The OTC market is vibrant, and these venues have found politically acceptable ways to allow buyers and sellers to meet in China."

17:36:26 funkenstein_: looks that way from where i am sitting too

17:36:55 funkenstein_: but there's one sentence that's kind of a head scratcher

17:37:47 funkenstein_: "The unfortunate part for China is that it lacks a well-functioning consumer economic participation to create homegrown GDP growth. "

17:40:41 funkenstein_: 中国's middle name is consumer economic participation

17:46:34 pankkake: interesting, I wasn't sure if they pulled that otc thing out of their ass :)

18:03:27 funkenstein_: otc.huobi.co and otcbtc.com are some potential examples

18:20:56 pankkake: cool