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Transcript for 26-12-2019, 35 lines:

09:20:39 funkenstein_: https://card.weibo.com/article/m/show/id/2309404450996397932594?_wb_client_=1

09:20:41 assbot: 头条文章 ... ( http://bit.ly/35TNxEO )

09:37:39 funkenstein_: otcbtc problems may have mostly stemmed from issuing a "house token" which eventually crashed hard

09:38:02 funkenstein_: in other news, two bit idiot is back with some good analysis

09:38:04 funkenstein_: https://messari.io/report/crypto-theses-for-2020

09:38:05 assbot: Messari - Bitcoin & crypto price, news, charts, and research ... ( http://bit.ly/37aylmU )

23:04:50 kakobrekla: hey, asciilifeform since you enjoy talking about me so much in your corner of internets, i would warmly suggest you to stop making a fool of yourself and refresh your memory with *facts*, which i assume were brainwashed out of you while under the influence of mp delusions

23:05:31 asciilifeform: oh hey kakobrekla . y'know you can tune into #a and disagree, there's no ban there

23:07:01 kakobrekla: so you suggest that every time you feel like talking nonsense i should come there to set you straight?

23:07:09 kakobrekla: doesnt sound very workable solution

23:07:54 kakobrekla: but if you are going to lie on, at least make it more fun

23:08:04 asciilifeform: kakobrekla: alternatively could have own thrd, here, re ' asciilifeform is lamer '. or ignore.

23:09:10 kakobrekla: generally i do ignore indeed, but oddly im getting more and more popular over there

23:10:10 kakobrekla: but you are helping no cause with your distorted stories

23:10:24 asciilifeform: kakobrekla: seems like you're immortally popular w/ certain folx, oughta consider coming in.

23:10:37 kakobrekla: yay!

23:10:42 asciilifeform: i dun share mp's fondness for flaming folx 'in absentia', much prefer that they show face.

23:10:54 kakobrekla: your log disagrees

23:13:45 asciilifeform: kakobrekla: in re 'btc early adopters', asciilifeform is 'equal opportunity hater'. made, at one pt, an unprincipled exception for mp; was mistake.

23:14:04 asciilifeform: kakobrekla: the invitation to come & flame back, stands. if you feel like it at some pt.

23:22:23 kakobrekla: i have no strong wish for flames

23:23:56 asciilifeform: kakobrekla: initially you had credibility, but from my pov lost it when started monkeying with your log. so i won't link anyone to your log. but yer welcome to come & flame in mine, and i have no intention to censor.

23:24:52 kakobrekla: lame attempt, im well aware how your moving the credibility goalpost works

23:25:17 asciilifeform: and redirecting noobs to '#scammers' not lame ?

23:25:56 asciilifeform: ( btw phf at one pt actually registered '#scammers' chan, had some fun w/ yer patients )

23:26:00 kakobrekla: first of all, the scamers part is true, second how many noobs do you see lol

23:26:15 kakobrekla: good for you

23:27:00 kakobrekla: it was a response to an attempt to rewrite history from your side btw

23:27:24 kakobrekla: which im well aware is written by the victors, which in this case would be "the one that keeps talking for longest" i suppose :)

23:28:02 asciilifeform: kakobrekla: as yer well aware, there aint , in the end, 'victors'. and any time you want to come and 'refute the evil libel', c'mon over.

23:35:38 kakobrekla: you know, on second thought, if anything you should thank me if i by some magic stopped some noob from falling into mps gulag or whatever you describe it now, which i honestly believe i didnt, not by that means anyway

23:36:51 asciilifeform: lol, kakobrekla , carry on then the good work, of helping noobs straight to vodka bottle and pistol.

23:37:43 kakobrekla: again with this pulling random nonsense from ass. i r dissapoint.

23:40:58 kakobrekla: it makes sense why mp just goes "yeah im the authority cause my momma said so, therefore listen to me"

23:41:09 kakobrekla: much easier than trying to explain shit to you.