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Transcript for 27-06-2014, 1687 lines:

00:00:15 dub: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=271494.0

00:00:15 assbot: FU all you trolls and doubters where are you now??????????/

00:00:34 RSM: no, but they scrapped the internal PSU and are usuing offshelf already ceritifed PSU's now. So we're hopping they can do waht KNC did with Jupiters from recieving chips to shipping within a week

00:00:43 dub: bitches better recognize

00:00:48 Mats_cd03: been hear huh? i am compelled by your education

00:01:21 bitstein: The Last Psychiatrist is one of the best things on the Internet.

00:01:28 dub: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4ecp7UruLZI

00:01:28 assbot: Rhythm Quest - Closer To All Your Dreams - YouTube

00:01:33 mike_c: in my brief mining career i blew out a PSU. mining is such a wretched activity.

00:01:46 Mats_cd03: be forewarned, asset-ers are not friendly to mining ventures as a general rule

00:01:47 thestringpuller: but it's so much fun

00:02:07 thestringpuller: Mats_cd03: pfft ThickAsThieves started his hustle mining

00:02:21 Mats_cd03: and when was that

00:02:24 mike_c: but not actually mining

00:02:26 Mats_cd03: two years ago?

00:02:28 thestringpuller: 2013

00:02:35 thestringpuller: Like Spring?

00:02:40 thestringpuller: check logs son

00:02:43 mike_c: just pretend mining. lot harder to blow out psu's that way

00:02:45 Mats_cd03: aite

00:02:49 kakobrekla: !s test

00:02:50 assbot: 879 results for 'test' : http://search.bitcoin-assets.com/?q=test

00:02:55 mircea_popescu: yay

00:03:00 thestringpuller: dope

00:03:01 Mats_cd03: nice

00:03:02 asciilifeform: neato

00:03:06 mike_c: !s from:kakobrekla test

00:03:07 assbot: 16 results for 'from:kakobrekla test' : http://search.bitcoin-assets.com/?q=from:kakobrekla+test

00:03:18 mike_c: awesome

00:03:50 Mats_cd03: !s from:ThickAsThieves

00:03:50 assbot: 37982 results for 'from:ThickAsThieves' : http://search.bitcoin-assets.com/?q=from:ThickAsThieves

00:03:54 RSM: our main paln is to hopefully at least ROI on the 19GH/s) of scrypt and the current 5(TH/s). that's give us at least 150BTC then wait for then next bubble. We have dividends already covered for at least the next twelbve months.

00:04:12 RSM: sorry 1(GH/s) of scrypt

00:04:14 kakobrekla: problem with from is it works on ":" only and well many use comma instead

00:04:17 dub: dude fuck off back to the forum

00:04:19 thestringpuller: http://en.bitcoinwiki.org/Namecoin << Lol "Relationship to Bitcon" what a typo

00:04:20 assbot: Namecoin - Bitcoin Wiki

00:05:57 kakobrekla: dunno if we should all switch to colon or make search use comma to parse 'to' as well

00:06:13 assbot: [HAVELOCK] [PETA] 25 @ 0.04101311 = 1.0253 BTC [-] {4}

00:06:16 mike_c: who uses comma?

00:06:42 kakobrekla: i used to it seem, now im down to nothing

00:06:46 bitcoinpete: thestringpuller: like this bitcon? http://canadianbullionservices.com/silver-coins-2/1-oz-2014-bitcon-silver-round

00:06:47 assbot: CanadianBullion - 1 oz 2014 BitCON Silver Round

00:06:53 kakobrekla: blah

00:07:40 RSM: we own the bragging rights to being the oldest publicly traded bitcoin security afaik or at least mining stock. IPO started january 2012

00:07:55 mike_c: meh. "to" seems unreliable regardless. not sure it adds much over simple "from + name" search anyway

00:08:15 mike_c: !s from:kakobrekla mike_c

00:08:15 assbot: 74 results for 'from:kakobrekla mike_c' : http://search.bitcoin-assets.com/?q=from:kakobrekla+mike_c

00:08:24 mike_c: !s from:kakobrekla to:mike_c

00:08:25 assbot: 1 results for 'from:kakobrekla to:mike_c' : http://search.bitcoin-assets.com/?q=from:kakobrekla+to:mike_c

00:08:29 mike_c: whoa

00:09:16 kakobrekla: see, there is comma a few times

00:09:20 asciilifeform: 'six landscapes' film << neat. wonder if the author has already fellated a nailgun.

00:09:30 kakobrekla: and mostly nothing.

00:09:47 mike_c: yeah. i don't think 'to' needs improving, just ignoring.

00:12:14 mircea_popescu: http://fraudsters.com/2014/ill-pay-for-your-tits/ << somebody with a reddit account please drop this in the whatever sluts subreddit

00:12:15 assbot: I’ll pay for your tits pe fraudsters - Un blog de Mircea Popescu.

00:12:27 mircea_popescu: and anyone that does a lot of camsites or whatever - spread it wouldja.

00:12:54 kakobrekla: ;;rate mthreat 1 spammicide searchinator

00:12:54 mthreat: <kakobrekla> see, there is comma a few times << I see what you mean. For the "to", I just extracted using regex: "^([a-zA-Z0-9\-\_]+): "

00:12:55 gribble: Rating entry successful. Your rating of 1 for user mthreat has been recorded.

00:13:02 RSM: I want to move RSM trading potentially on to Counterparty, but afaik there's no way to ever halt trading if we want to move. Offtopic my speculation is that Etherum is taking so long as their trying to wait for side-chains possibly?

00:13:20 mircea_popescu: <mike_c> ;;ident RSM << guy's like nefario's oldest chav friend.

00:13:28 mircea_popescu: his spelling's not much improved over the years either.

00:13:41 RSM: why Chav coz i can't spell?

00:13:44 kakobrekla: mthreat dunno if theres a better solution, dont worry about it

00:14:06 RSM: I'm dsylexic too fu@k and you should see my handwriting

00:14:25 mircea_popescu: pretty much yeah

00:14:29 mike_c: dyslexia makes you replace 'c' with '@'? that sucks.

00:14:46 kakobrekla: the keys are right next to each other

00:14:56 RSM: I studied fast Fourier transforms and matrix manipulation as an under grad though so at least i can count

00:15:19 mike_c: you can manipulate the matrix?? that is impressive.

00:15:32 kakobrekla: the agents. they are here.

00:15:35 RSM: it's just patens to foloow

00:15:42 mircea_popescu: "We have dividends already covered for at least the next twelbve months." << what sense does this make ?

00:15:44 kakobrekla: ascii and mp were right all along.

00:15:56 mircea_popescu: do you provision for dividends orsometing ?

00:16:16 RSM: yeah currently about ~5.5BTc in the div fund

00:16:35 mircea_popescu: moiety you got a reddit hon ?

00:17:02 RSM: I'm starting a motion to raise the salry fund as the two current Linux system admins are paid peanuts

00:17:35 Mats_cd03: lol

00:18:00 RSM: one of them is an abosulte CLI genuis. he's a slackware guru for the last four years

00:18:59 Mats_cd03: im sure you think so

00:19:10 RSM: currently building a 05 fee LTC P2Pool node with a dedicated server going in the DCtomorow gonna make it public based in Kansas City

00:19:17 RSM: sorry 0% fee

00:20:07 RSM: they've got it merged-mining ten chains so far lolz

00:20:35 moiety: mircea_popescu: I do. Just for posting about derp.net

00:21:21 hanbot: moiety, he prolly means http://log.bitcoin-assets.com/?date=27-06-2014#734588

00:21:22 assbot: #bitcoin-assets log

00:22:29 assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 21200 @ 0.00082487 = 17.4872 BTC [+]

00:23:32 moiety: lol np

00:28:05 asciilifeform: 'agents, they are here' << 'we had no doubts that the dacha [place of n. s. khruschev's forced retirement] was festooned with microphones, but as to where the receiving devices and tape reels were emplaced - no one had any idea. somehow this did not interest us... ... i must say that the apparatus worked in a rather mediocre way, and the eavesdropping was conducted so shabbily, especially in the latter years of

00:28:06 asciilifeform: father's life. the guards who had replaced melnikov, often, instead of switching the tape reel to record, confused the buttons. then, from father's walls, you could hear muffled singing, instrumental pieces, stage concerts - the microphones had turned into speakers. sometimes, i allowed myself a laugh - would feign surprise at the ghostly music and offer to locate its source. in a moment, silence would always fa

00:28:06 asciilifeform: ll.'

00:28:22 penguirker: New blog post: http://fraudsters.com/2014/ill-pay-for-your-tits/

00:28:45 asciilifeform: (bio of n. s. khruschev, by his son. translation mine.)

00:29:21 asciilifeform: ('Никита Хрущев. Пенсионер союзного значения.' Сергей Хрущев.)

00:32:24 kakobrekla: amazing.

00:32:24 assbot: AMAZING COMPANY!

00:33:25 thestringpuller: ;;google site:fraudsters.com dr. foreskin

00:33:26 gribble: These fucktards have to be immortalised, they're worse than Dr ...: http://fraudsters.com/2014/these-fucktards-have-to-be-immortalised-theyre-worse-than-dr-foreskin-even/; Bitcoin pe fraudsters - Un blog de Mircea Popescu.: http://fraudsters.com/category/bitcoin/; The psychology of the bagholder pe fraudsters - Un blog de Mircea ...: http://fraudsters.com/2014/the-psychology-of-the- (1 more message)

00:33:36 thestringpuller: ;;more

00:33:36 gribble: bagholder/>

00:33:54 mircea_popescu: !up greencabbige

00:33:55 mircea_popescu: lol

00:33:58 mircea_popescu: cabbige

00:34:39 greencabbige: can I talk now?

00:34:41 assbot: [HAVELOCK] [AM1] 5 @ 0.194 = 0.97 BTC [-]

00:34:54 mircea_popescu: yes, for 30 minutes

00:34:59 greencabbige: looks like it

00:35:11 greencabbige: oh thought you lot wanted rid of me?

00:35:32 mircea_popescu: !s #bitcoin-assets +m

00:35:32 assbot: Search the #bitcoin-assets log : http://search.bitcoin-assets.com/?q=#bitcoin-assets++m

00:35:48 mircea_popescu: hm

00:35:55 mircea_popescu: ;;google #bitcoin-assets +m

00:35:55 gribble: #bitcoin-assets +m pe fraudsters - Un blog de Mircea Popescu.: http://fraudsters.com/2014/bitcoin-assets-m/; NEXT: 02-05-2014 - #bitcoin-assets log: http://log.bitcoin-assets.com/?date=02-05-2014; NEXT: 06-05-2014 - #bitcoin-assets log: http://log.bitcoin-assets.com/?date=06-05-2014&bots=true

00:36:15 kakobrekla: + is a special char

00:36:34 greencabbige: RSM is www.796.com and I had a bit of gossip for you's in that IBWT is potentially working on a UK based securities exchange. he wants me to bring some shares over and manage it, but rsm board very worried of uk regulators.

00:36:47 kakobrekla: !s "+m"

00:36:48 assbot: 1050 results for '" m"' : http://search.bitcoin-assets.com/?q="+m"

00:36:55 kakobrekla: lolk

00:37:00 mthreat: may need to URL encode it

00:37:03 mthreat: !s %

00:37:03 assbot: Error - search.bicoin-assets.com : http://search.bitcoin-assets.com/?q=%

00:37:09 mthreat: yep

00:37:39 mircea_popescu: edge case anyway

00:37:41 kakobrekla: but if if visit http://search.bitcoin-assets.com/?q="+m" in my browser

00:37:42 assbot: 1050 results for '" m"' - #bitcoin-assets search

00:37:48 kakobrekla: the search sez " m"

00:38:34 mthreat: the "+" would be %2B url-encoded

00:39:01 mircea_popescu: greencabbige so your 12 months dividends are going to be 5.5 btc in the future ?

00:39:18 kakobrekla: !s "+m"

00:39:19 assbot: 1050 results for '"+m"' : http://search.bitcoin-assets.com/?q=%22%2Bm%22

00:39:31 kakobrekla: aha

00:39:36 kakobrekla: werks

00:39:59 mthreat: yep

00:40:18 mircea_popescu: 25-06-2014 17:04:04 <mircea_popescu> !t m d.bpay > ?

00:40:18 mthreat: now my [broken] terminal client (SecureCRT) double-url-encodes it. heh

00:40:41 kakobrekla: heh

00:41:12 kakobrekla: thats your reward for making the thing

00:41:17 kakobrekla: it will never work for you.

00:41:20 mircea_popescu: lmao

00:41:33 mthreat: it's ok, i'm stoic

00:42:06 mircea_popescu: whoa!

00:42:12 mircea_popescu: that'd be an excellent epitaph

00:43:00 greencabbige: if you divide the current RSM wallet by the amount of shares rsm doesn't own then that's a value of over 0.0010btc alone. While current lowest offer is 0.0006btc. Once we get a tracking code for 1(GH/s) of scrypt supposedly and hopefully within the next three to five weeks we're moving and buying all shares back below 0.0010. Where's the days of BTCT sepecualtion i share price went over 0.015 last summer our wallet w

00:43:30 mthreat: http://www.myplates.com/Images/Plates/PLPC001?plateText=STOIC

00:44:27 mircea_popescu: greencabbige you got your 2012 books published anywhere ?

00:44:39 mircea_popescu: mthreat yours?

00:46:10 assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 12000 @ 0.00082525 = 9.903 BTC [+] {2}

00:46:10 kakobrekla: hm mthreat , "+m" will match "m"

00:46:31 mthreat: mircea_popescu: nope. mine is https://pbs.twimg.com/profile_banners/7923842/1402238460/1500x500

00:46:58 mthreat: kakobrekla: yeah, +m just means "m is required" in the search language

00:47:07 greencabbige: possibly somewhere although i did it all my self then so very messy. Like I said our share price was 0.015 what saved us is I offered 0.002 per share for new funds to buy three KNC Jupiters. the shareholders we mostly against it, but i new those bfl's wernt worth shit. So it kind saved our bacon, but drastically lowered share price as I bought in 200% more shares and there's no knew buyers on 796.

00:47:08 mircea_popescu: kinda loud neh ?

00:47:10 kakobrekla: yes, but even when quoting it

00:47:28 kakobrekla: im not saying '+m' but '"+m"'

00:47:29 mthreat: kakobrekla: right. there's no way to search for the plus sign.

00:47:34 bitcoinpete: http://mineforeman.com/2014/06/27/brainwallet-org-exploited-and-bitcoins-stolen/ << a matter of time

00:47:35 assbot: BrainWallet.org exploited and bitcoins stolen | Mineforeman

00:47:38 kakobrekla: aha ok

00:47:40 mthreat: kakobrekla: all text gets tokenized

00:47:46 kakobrekla: rgr

00:48:02 mircea_popescu: greencabbige so you started a mining security in jan 2012 at 0.015, now trading at 0.006 and don't have any books.

00:49:15 bitstein: mthreat: love that plate

00:50:00 greencabbige: we've been on three exchanges now everything is fully recorded in our old thread. yes i have loads of old spreadsheets. Although the accounts guy didn't comne on board until last summer We orginally raised 200BTC in early 2012 then 120BTc last summer.

00:51:04 mthreat: bitstein: thx

00:51:08 asciilifeform: Math.random() << lol!

00:51:15 assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 21800 @ 0.00082758 = 18.0412 BTC [+] {2}

00:51:25 bitstein: Both of them.

00:51:29 greencabbige: I think our intial seed funding from the orgianlly IPO was about $2.5k we now about 480k in bitcoins alone, a server, 5TH/s and a 30% depsoit on 1(GH/s) of scrypt.

00:51:40 greencabbige: sorry

00:51:50 greencabbige: $80k in the wallet

00:51:53 asciilifeform: 'the morel [sic] equivalent of opening other peoples physical wallets and taking the cash found within.' << more like digging out a bag of gold some anonymous idiot buried under park bench

00:52:18 mircea_popescu: ^

00:52:24 Mats_cd03: if you want to be in the black a year from now, sadly your best play is just to take off with the funds

00:52:47 Mats_cd03: the sad state of being involved in an enterprise you can't control and don't understand

00:53:26 greencabbige: no we can get 200BTC by next year and bitcoin could go to $5k. We have a cool $1million to play with then.

00:54:03 mthreat: amazing plan!

00:54:03 assbot: AMAZING COMPANY!

00:54:15 kakobrekla: why am i hearing dollars, who said that?

00:54:31 greencabbige: better than fu~k all if you ask me

00:54:34 asciilifeform: amazing currency!

00:54:34 assbot: AMAZING COMPANY!

00:54:38 greencabbige: as hardware is priced in dollars

00:55:06 greencabbige: during a bubble all the current in stock gear that won't roi will easily roi

00:55:39 mircea_popescu: this would be the epitome of do it yourself finance / citizen dentistry.

00:55:52 Mats_cd03: whats your plan when hash goes to 1000ph and all your gear makes fractions of a penny?

00:55:57 asciilifeform: citizen appendectomy.

00:56:06 benkay: <asciilifeform> 'the morel [sic] equivalent of opening other peoples physical wallets and taking the cash found within.' << more like digging out a bag of gold some anonymous idiot buried under park bench // or...morels

00:56:24 mircea_popescu: also i am noticing in disbelief i missed out a 0. it's not 0.015 to 0.006 but to 0.0006

00:56:38 assbot: Last 1 lines bashed and pending review. ( http://dpaste.com/19MV24T.txt )

00:56:38 benkay: !b 1

00:56:46 greencabbige: ffs matt do you think I can't use a calcualtor or know anything about any of that sh~t I've been hear since 2011. So aint even gonna answer that.

00:56:46 mircea_popescu: ;;calc 0.0006 / 0.015

00:56:47 gribble: 0.04

00:57:21 assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 20579 @ 0.00082812 = 17.0419 BTC [+] {2}

00:57:27 benkay: four hundredths your money back in two years!

00:57:44 kakobrekla: ognasty did better.

00:57:50 kakobrekla: only 65% loss there.

00:57:59 mircea_popescu: but that's a social club

00:58:21 greencabbige: ok if you really wanna know with all our old gear we've sold it on ebay for more than we calcualted we'd a flogged out of it in the endz

00:58:39 mircea_popescu: greencabbige so is it true that nefario used you to launder all the fraudulent claims he made for various holdings on his own exchange after he closed it down ?

00:59:09 greencabbige: ?

00:59:23 assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 24067 @ 0.0008282 = 19.9323 BTC [+]

00:59:24 greencabbige: news to me

00:59:35 Mats_cd03: if selling burned gear is how you anticipate roi, you're in for a bad time

00:59:40 greencabbige: i hardley now the guy, I met him once briefly

00:59:43 mircea_popescu: that it can't be, as the charge was levied back in 2012.

00:59:50 mircea_popescu: well, no, not really.

01:00:15 Mats_cd03: GL finding a bagholder, that will surely be a feat of strength if you can manage it again

01:01:07 mircea_popescu: https://bitcointa.lk/index.php?topic=271494.msg2909807#msg2909807 << for that matter here you go, august 2013.

01:01:07 assbot: FU all you trolls and doubters where are you now??????????/ | Page 2 | Bitcointa.lk

01:01:18 greencabbige: ffs getting tired of this shit now. for a start if we sell it on ebay then people can buy it with a credit card to gety into a bitcoin. one of the only the ways to get in to bicoin safely with a credit card. Why all the attacks?

01:02:05 mircea_popescu: i think seinfeld has the answer to that.

01:02:21 mircea_popescu: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F7bKly7Od8M

01:02:21 assbot: Seinfeld: No Resources, No Skills, No Talent, No Ability, No Brains. . . - YouTube

01:02:49 greencabbige: ok if oyu're all gonna tag team on me with your littel club I'll just leave then should and carry on. We don't need any new money. we're currently in the strongest position we've ever been.

01:03:25 Mats_cd03: greencabbige: because mining now is a net loss. i hope you come back to this conversation when you have toasted your runway

01:03:46 Mats_cd03: and consider the cacophony of voices insisting you're fucking wrong.

01:05:09 mircea_popescu: if this club is littel i shudder to think what bigness looks like.

01:07:06 benkay: disregard them greencabbige it's an echo chamber

01:07:18 benkay: they just reinforce the same set of tired old mantras

01:07:21 benkay: "business is hard"

01:07:25 benkay: "mining is -ev"

01:07:36 benkay: fn cult i tell ya

01:08:20 mircea_popescu: actually it was more like "where's your books" and "why are you -96%"

01:08:23 mircea_popescu: but same principle.

01:10:28 assbot: RagnarDanneskjol +v failed; L1: 0, L2: 0

01:10:34 mircea_popescu: !up RagnarDanneskjol

01:10:52 benkay: is danneskjol some sort of proxy for "bitch of"?

01:10:58 benkay: linguistic transform

01:11:09 RagnarDanneskjol: bitch is my phone

01:11:37 benkay: right on

01:17:05 mircea_popescu: tlb brings a good point. how come in the war between spooks and techs, it's the TECHS that get accused of being mysogynistic ?

01:17:25 mircea_popescu: im pretty certain fewer women work for the nsa and generally for the us secret service community than for silicon valley firms

01:17:44 mircea_popescu: at least from the supposedly secret usg employment rolls i've seen to date.

01:19:43 assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 31042 @ 0.00082822 = 25.7096 BTC [+] {4}

01:22:11 mircea_popescu: "If I had to put my chips and my children against an 8 year rotation of civil service nincompoops vs. some nerd with an open marriage who spent $15M on a "bachelor pad" so he could score chicks of questionable emotional stability, I'm going with the group my private sector lawyers have an outside chance of pwoning."

01:22:15 mircea_popescu: somebody fundamentally gets it.

01:22:28 mircea_popescu: you don't fuck with people with bachelor pads and open relationships.

01:22:43 RagnarDanneskjol: HA

01:23:09 benkay: http://otakugangsta.com/post/90000203350

01:23:09 assbot: OTAKU GANGSTA

01:23:47 assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 9642 @ 0.00082416 = 7.9466 BTC [-]

01:26:28 dub: is there bitcoin for iphone yet?

01:26:50 assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 5200 @ 0.00082372 = 4.2833 BTC [-]

01:27:26 mircea_popescu: iphcoin coming soon

01:27:48 benkay: man okay guys talk me off this cliff

01:27:53 benkay: iphone wallet

01:27:57 benkay: spv makes it possible right?

01:28:27 dub: blockchain has an iphone-app page

01:28:38 dub: clearly I dont have an iphone to check with

01:29:31 benkay: but a non api app

01:29:36 benkay: this is doable, i b'leev.

01:29:38 mike_c: https://github.com/voisine/breadwallet

01:29:39 assbot: voisine/breadwallet GitHub

01:29:59 benkay: k nm saved by the market

01:30:41 benkay: "WARNING: installation on jailbroken devices is strongly discouraged

01:30:42 benkay: "

01:30:58 dub: friend wants to accept buttcoin but suffer appleblight

01:31:45 dub: alternative is $50 droidphone i guess

01:32:43 bloctoc: dub coinpocket works

01:38:00 RagnarDanneskjol: tell him to try airwallet [disclosure, its hosted by me]. doesnt seem wise using appstore wallets as they might disappear tomorrow

01:42:03 bloctoc: coinpocket can export private key. not disparaging airwallet - just never used it.

01:42:05 assbot: [HAVELOCK] [PETA] 29 @ 0.04299997 = 1.247 BTC [+]

01:43:38 assbot: alecpap +v failed; L1: 0, L2: 0

01:43:59 kakobrekla: !up alecpap

01:44:07 alecpap: kakobrekla, thanks

01:46:27 moiety: brb, imma actually have to add a pic on reddit to post.

01:53:16 assbot: [HAVELOCK] [B.MINE] 37 @ 0.01561 = 0.5776 BTC [-] {2}

02:01:24 assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 74350 @ 0.00082112 = 61.0503 BTC [-] {5}

02:03:59 punkman: http://np.reddit.com/r/bestof/comments/296zn4/redditor_lost_20000_worth_of_bitcoin_due_to/

02:04:01 assbot: Redditor lost ~$20,000 worth of bitcoin due to insecure wallet generator. /u/BtcRobinHood steps in and return the money to its rightful owner. : bestof

02:05:47 punkman: http://www.reddit.com/r/Bitcoin/comments/266hdb/psa_brainwalletorgs_random_button_uses_lowentropy/chovb50

02:05:47 assbot: btclittlejohn comments on PSA: brainwallet.org's "random" button uses low-entropy Math.random()

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02:12:10 thestringpuller: lulz

02:12:13 thestringpuller: moar lulz

02:14:37 mircea_popescu: lol

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02:17:41 mircea_popescu: Why would the The Economist's rich and powerful demo want to be ruled? Because they aren't powerful, only rich, all that time getting rich did not translate to any power, only the trappings of power. So they've postulated a fantasy power structure/NBA owners that explains why they can't enjoy their lives as they think they should-- to absolve themselves of the guilt they feel for having money/intellect/opportunities an

02:17:42 mircea_popescu: d NOT being able to do anything with it except spend it on the system-wide approved gimmicks: Trading Up, college educations, the National Bank of S&P 500.

02:18:03 mircea_popescu: ok, quite splendid. the us is chock full of supposedly rich people who are about as powerless as a random south american whore

02:18:29 mircea_popescu: the notion that you can somehow be rich without being powerful is perhaps the lulziest part of the bezzle system.

02:18:57 thestringpuller: damn transaction scripts are hard to grasp at first

02:20:03 asciilifeform: the notion that you can somehow be rich without being powerful << actually the u.s. system is quite like the classical soviet world of 'special access' groceries, gov.-issued dachas, official limousines

02:20:41 asciilifeform: bureaucrat gets fellated in various little ways, in exchange for... a readiness to get down on his knees, ready to please.

02:20:52 mircea_popescu: RagnarDanneskjol think you know someone wanna do http://log.bitcoin-assets.com/?date=14-06-2014#718932 ?

02:20:52 assbot: #bitcoin-assets log

02:21:24 mircea_popescu: that'd be the exact antithesis of power.

02:21:31 asciilifeform: correct

02:21:57 asciilifeform: i.e. liveried servitude

02:23:04 mircea_popescu: !up RagnarDanneskjol

02:23:06 asciilifeform: american apparatchik gets a bag of bezzlars, 'his' to use to 'buy' manhattan penthouse. but same purpose as dacha near moscow issued to a similar creature

02:23:18 RagnarDanneskjol: I'm on it. pls standby

02:23:31 mircea_popescu: asciilifeform also with a sort of paper cert.

02:23:46 mircea_popescu: RagnarDanneskjol that's what i do all day anyway :D

02:23:59 punkman: http://www.crikey.com.au/2012/06/14/sportsbet-derails-betting-on-trains-after-metro-demands-cancellation/

02:24:01 assbot: Sportsbet stops offering odds on Metro Trains | Crikey

02:24:19 RagnarDanneskjol: ha

02:32:47 decimation: re: liveried servitude << why? http://www.eurocanadian.ca/2014/06/the-great-fear-ethnocentrism-why-do.html

02:32:47 assbot: Council of European Canadians: The Great Fear --- Why do Whites Fear their own Ethnicity?

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02:32:55 asciilifeform: https://twitter.com/keystricken/status/481292361180258306 << that old rusty gizmo, still generating lulz

02:32:56 assbot: This is AMAZINGLY engrossing. http://t.co/TSOiUtbtwX

02:33:51 decimation: I find the main human weakness w.r.t. generating randomness is a great aversion to repeated outcomes

02:35:24 asciilifeform: for some reason, it's mostly female names/portraits linking to it these days. maybe mircea_popescu can shed light on why.

02:36:22 mircea_popescu: asciilifeform males got selected for decisive action, females for an ability to withstand brainhacking.

02:36:37 mircea_popescu: (the better ones get hacked by better guys thus make offspring that suvives better)

02:36:54 mircea_popescu: that thing doesn't look appealing to decisive action, but it does look insidiously like brain hacking.

02:37:18 *: asciilifeform made pet female play the 'game' shortly after first met. she beat the machine in about two minutes, by counting letters in words from memory, objects in surroundings, etc.

02:37:36 mircea_popescu: "Here's a transcript of an illegal recording not done by the NSA that therefore everyone is ok with, consistent with our new standard of conduct: it is not illegal to make an illegal recording as long as it is given to the media and they profit from it and we can use it to rationalize our lives. Got it." lulzy

02:37:52 decimation: "Of these speakers, Jeffrey Sachs, leading international economic adviser and director of the Earth Institute, is the most articulate in his explicit admission that we must follow the ideology of diversity regardless of what the scientific evidence says."

02:38:00 assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 31100 @ 0.00081924 = 25.4784 BTC [-] {2}

02:38:32 decimation: mircea, in many US states it is illeagal to record conversations without both party's explict permission

02:38:41 asciilifeform: (the cpp version thereof)

02:39:50 mircea_popescu: decimation well yes.

02:40:15 decimation: the primary purpose of such laws is to protect corrupt politicians from being exposed, of course

02:40:17 mircea_popescu: in those same other states it's illegal to present yourself as a "leading international adviser" while you're a sort of rsm.

02:40:56 decimation: rsm ?

02:41:11 mircea_popescu: !s from:rsm

02:41:12 assbot: 5 results for 'from:rsm' : http://search.bitcoin-assets.com/?q=from%3Arsm

02:42:19 decimation: are you propsing that Professor Sachs belongs in the same category as bitcoin scammers?

02:44:06 assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 8511 @ 0.00082398 = 7.0129 BTC [+]

02:44:09 mircea_popescu: i do, yes.

02:44:14 mircea_popescu: what's he done ?

02:44:44 mircea_popescu: i mean other than running the markov chain apparatus of opinion.

02:44:50 decimation: actually I think that's kind of an insult to the scammers

02:45:01 decimation: at least they ran some risk, he just collects his tenure pay

02:45:22 mircea_popescu: notrly. they don't run any risk if they can help it. and besides, he was young once, he ran the risk of no tenure.

02:45:26 mircea_popescu: a very bad risk, from what i hear.

02:45:51 decimation: true. getting tenure in the us university is a nightmare, from what I've heard

02:46:13 decimation: in fact his entire behavior seems perfectly consistant with your quote from ascii's link http://log.bitcoin-assets.com/?date=23-06-2014#729369

02:46:13 assbot: #bitcoin-assets log

02:46:45 mircea_popescu: actually, i will readily PROVE to you he's exactly in the same category.

02:46:49 mircea_popescu: http://blockchain.info/address/1Bbu9uvaNMWmAGj6sPF3edaA4u1wY2DLtZ know what this is ?

02:46:49 assbot: Bitcoin Address 1Bbu9uvaNMWmAGj6sPF3edaA4u1wY2DLtZ

02:47:54 decimation: interestingly it pops up in a link on the last pscyhiactrist's blog

02:48:06 mircea_popescu: interestingly, it's his donation address. with 6 bitcents in it.

02:48:29 mircea_popescu: tlp makes less than fraudsters. that's my proof sachs = rsm.

02:48:32 mircea_popescu: acceptable ?

02:48:41 RagnarDanneskjol: http://www.independent.co.ug/column/comment/9022-why-jeffrey-sachs-matters

02:48:42 assbot: Why Jeffrey Sachs matters

02:49:00 RagnarDanneskjol: Sachs is the Bono of economics - LOL

02:49:15 decimation: so to be clear, you are pointing out that someone who actually has original thoughts has a few bitcents, while sachs is raking in the speaking fees?

02:49:40 mircea_popescu: no. i am pointing out that someone whose brain works quite well but who wastes his time THERE rather than hire makes piddly squat.

02:49:45 mircea_popescu: and the THERE is the there of sachs.

02:49:59 mircea_popescu: s/hire/here, apparently dyslexia is contagious

02:51:43 mircea_popescu: so, the argument goes, invest your btc with rsm, 4% left in three years

02:51:54 mircea_popescu: or invest your intelligence with the bezzle, 4% left in thirty years ?

02:52:02 mircea_popescu: in the end, the fuck's the difference.

02:52:58 extra: hey guys so

02:53:07 extra: i'm meeting the coinbase co-founders at a Q&A tomorrow

02:53:13 extra: any questions you want me to ask them ?

02:53:49 mircea_popescu: what's their burn rate, or alternatively how long they got.

02:55:33 decimation: are they planning on actually making a real exchange on us soil?

02:56:22 extra: good Q

02:56:37 decimation: if so, how many regulators in how many states have they met with? how many lawyers retained?

02:56:44 decimation: because if the answer is 0, they are just dicking around

03:00:21 bloctoc: if the answer is more than 0 they are double plus dicking around

03:00:43 mircea_popescu: http://fraudsters.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/06/flyers-12.jpg << this just in

03:01:26 decimation: bloctoc: you might be right, but I suspect the "floor price" of buying into the entire us regulatory system is somewhere in the 10's of millions of dollars, perhaps low hundreds

03:01:53 decimation: it's interesting that this kind of wealth exists today in bitcoin yet no one is willing to spend it on bureaucracy

03:02:39 mircea_popescu: decimation nah, it's not that bad

03:02:47 decimation: mircea what portion of the youth in argentina speak english well enough to read fraudsters?

03:02:59 mircea_popescu: bout half ?

03:03:13 mircea_popescu: doesn't really matter anyway, a kid that's not bilingual is not literate anyway

03:03:28 decimation: there's much truth to that

03:03:46 mircea_popescu: letters used to come with latin in a package for this reason

03:05:23 decimation: mircea I'm just amazed that there is clearly an opportunity to make a profitable exchange on US soil, yet it appears no one is trying

03:05:29 decimation: at least, not without making any noise about it

03:05:44 mircea_popescu: it[s not that clearly profitable.

03:06:07 decimation: well, there's the issue of the usg taking 96% of your assets at a point of their choosing

03:06:09 mircea_popescu: you're grossly overestimating what it'd cost, it's maybe over 1mn but pretty sure under 10.

03:06:30 decimation: you would have to engage lawyers in 50 states and DC for sure

03:06:36 decimation: or start small and build up

03:06:40 mircea_popescu: nevertheless, do the math. if 100 mn us citizens spend 10 bux to buy from you over a year, out of the 0.2% you charge them you've made... 2mn

03:06:57 mircea_popescu: well done, almost paid with your legalese bill. let's hope all advertising was free

03:07:16 decimation: surely the bezzleers on wall street want a place to play

03:07:17 mircea_popescu: but it won't be free, because there's better way to extract value from the us consumer than taking 2 cents out of his 10 bux

03:07:27 mircea_popescu: yah, and they'll use your exchange

03:07:29 mircea_popescu: because why ?

03:07:34 decimation: heh good point

03:08:28 mircea_popescu: the us "market" is underserved for a reason. you can't get good wine, either, nor good cheese

03:08:43 mircea_popescu: nor good bread nor actual linen shirts nor steel engine blocks.

03:08:54 mircea_popescu: none of these'd be hard to do, legally.

03:13:26 mircea_popescu: the practicalities of a healthy sex life in argentina : as everywhere in south america, abortions are illegal here.

03:13:46 mircea_popescu: the one exception is uruguay, where they're not. so if you manage to knock up a girl in buenos aires, you have to ship her across the river.

03:14:42 asciilifeform: wine... cheese... bread... linen... steel engine << you can get them. just pay and pay.

03:15:21 decimation: what about portable nuclear reactors? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Army_Nuclear_Power_Program

03:15:21 assbot: Army Nuclear Power Program - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

03:15:49 *: asciilifeform doesn't own one

03:16:02 moiety: any redditors around?

03:16:13 decimation: So the US Dod in the past had a program to put a 2.5 mw generator on a truck and put it in a combat zone

03:16:14 asciilifeform: wtf is a redditor

03:16:22 moiety: people who reddit

03:16:27 mircea_popescu: decimation those aren't really something you'd want

03:16:30 moiety: apparently

03:16:33 *: asciilifeform did once

03:16:39 decimation: then use the energy to convert carbon via fischer-troph to synthetic fuel

03:16:41 mircea_popescu: did you get banned ?

03:16:48 moiety: not yet

03:16:53 moiety: oh asciilifeform lol

03:17:10 asciilifeform: http://www.reddit.com/user/asciilifeform

03:17:11 assbot: overview for asciilifeform

03:17:15 asciilifeform: apparently not banned yet

03:17:31 decimation: they even put one in a snow fort in Greenland in the '50s http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Project_Iceworm

03:17:31 assbot: Project Iceworm - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

03:18:30 decimation: my point is that many americans and 'allies' died in Afghanistan and Iraq transporting fuel to bases

03:19:00 decimation: they can't have a portable nuclear reactor because it would make the evrionmentalists batty

03:19:44 mircea_popescu: more like because it doesn't work so well.

03:20:02 decimation: what, nuclear fission?

03:20:10 mircea_popescu: portable nuclear reacors

03:20:54 decimation: well, like any engineering project it depends on the design

03:22:03 mircea_popescu: So what went wrong? For one thing, the villages that Sachs picked experienced all kinds of problems ? from drought to political unrest. For another, the MVP took an idealistic ?Field of Dreams? approach. MVP leaders encouraged farmers to switch to a series of new crops that were in demand in richer countries, and experts on the ground did a good job of helping farmers to produce good crop yields by using fertilis

03:22:03 mircea_popescu: er, irrigation, and better seeds.

03:22:03 mircea_popescu: But the MVP didn?t simultaneously invest in developing markets for these crops. According to Munk, ?Pineapple couldn?t be exported after all, because the cost of transport was far too high. There was no market for ginger, apparently. And, despite some early interest from buyers in Japan, no one wanted banana flour.? The farmers grew the crops, but the buyers didn?t come.

03:22:06 mircea_popescu: ahjahahaha o god.

03:22:35 mircea_popescu: i wonder how long until these schmucks can earnestly admit "we like going to poor villages in africa because it is enjoyable to peruse in detail the troglodytism of lesser people"

03:22:58 mircea_popescu: all this disavowing pretense of "helping them" and "world better place" bs.

03:23:37 asciilifeform: incidentally, this is the only kind of 'charity' that exists in u.s. - and that their 'export product' is similar, should surprise no one.

03:24:03 mircea_popescu: Of course, Sachs knows that it?s critical to understand market dynamics; he?s one of the world?s smartest economists. But in the villages Munk profiled, Sachs seems to be wearing blinders.

03:24:03 mircea_popescu: Warren Buffett likes to say, ?The rearview mirror is always clearer than the windshield.? Through that rearview mirror, we can see that the project never had an economic model that could sustain successes once the MVP dollars ran out.

03:24:03 mircea_popescu: All of the interventions involved ? health, agriculture, infrastructure, education, and business seed money ? make sense if carried out carefully, over time. But I am surprised by how little Sachs dug into country budgets, and that he didn?t work to convince governments to commit to additional taxation

03:24:13 mircea_popescu: dude wants more taxes. that's the way!

03:24:43 mircea_popescu: and nobody could have predicted that nobody wants crap in the middle of nowhere.

03:24:53 mircea_popescu: this sort of prose should be a penal offense.

03:26:15 decimation: "Another reason Sachs offers for the benefits of diversity is the rather common one that the more contact we have with other ethnic groups, the more we develop trust, forgetting his own previous observation that trust declines in diverse societies, but calling attention instead to some research about the amicable ways in which individuals from different ethnic groups, jet set businessmen and academics, interact with different ethnic

03:26:17 decimation: individuals inside hotels, restaurants, and conferences. "

03:26:47 mircea_popescu: heh

03:27:05 mircea_popescu: yeah dude, some guy in a five star hotel is so very likely to butcher some other guy in a five star hotel.

03:27:35 mircea_popescu: they have all these points of conflict all over the environment, such as who fucked the blonde escort last

03:27:41 mircea_popescu: and left the flap up

03:27:57 decimation: right but they can sit and chat amicably for a few hours

03:28:19 decimation: so therefore, open the third world's floodgates

03:28:53 mircea_popescu: the benefit of diversity is quite plainly that anytihng that can be butchered should be butchered.

03:29:28 mircea_popescu: "But that?s not his style. He rolls up his sleeves. He puts his theories into action. He drives himself as hard as anyone I know." gates now a "hard work" apologist ?

03:29:43 mircea_popescu: "dude failed but that's ok, he worked hard". wtf just how rotten is that mental space.

03:29:57 decimation: there's no other conclusion than: white people in the west "want" to be invaded, crushed, and forgotten

03:31:17 decimation: in the same way that ascii's hunter finds that the deer walk up to him and lay down

03:39:33 decimation: mircea: re: "pretend-alodial" from your blog: the wikipedia is quite helpful on explaining the current situation: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fee_simple

03:39:34 assbot: Fee simple - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

03:39:47 decimation: "In English law, a fee simple (or fee simple absolute) is an estate in land, a form of freehold ownership. It is the way that real estate is owned in common law countries, and is the highest ownership interest possible that can be had in real property. Allodial title is reserved to governments under a civil law structure"

03:40:32 mircea_popescu: why's that so helpful ?

03:43:31 decimation: it makes the situation plain as day: there is no allodial title outside the government

03:43:55 decimation: plenty of people in the west think that they 'own' their land

03:45:08 decimation: in Hawaii, there are six layers of bureaucracy from the state down to the county level, each of which is empowered to tell you what you can do with "your" land

03:45:57 mircea_popescu: sucks for hawaii

03:46:08 assbot: [HAVELOCK] [PETA] 15 @ 0.0420004 = 0.63 BTC [-]

03:46:50 mircea_popescu: anyway, fee tail used to exist, as the practical consequence of alodial title

03:46:57 mircea_popescu: it was phased out mostly at the owner's request.

03:46:58 decimation: Herr Walker has a new book review: http://www.fourmilab.ch/fourmilog/archives/2014-06/001521.html

03:46:58 assbot: Reading List: The Death of Money (Fourmilog: None Dare Call It Reason)

03:48:25 decimation: I imagine the arguments in court over long-lived estate's fee tails would be amusing

03:48:28 mircea_popescu: omfg the blue

03:48:54 decimation: browse in 'links'

03:50:12 assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 34034 @ 0.00082246 = 27.9916 BTC [-] {4}

03:52:05 decimation: the author does agree with your earlier point about having 4% of your remaining assets: "Well, that's far from clear. The one thing one shouldn't do is assume the present system will persist until you're ready to retire, and invest your retirement savings entirely on the assumption nothing will change."

03:52:37 decimation: I'm surprised he hasn't got on the bitcoin bandwagon, he seems to be a likely suspect

03:53:17 mircea_popescu: maybe he doesn't want to advertise it, or maybe he ran off with who knows what braindamage on the topic

04:03:49 mircea_popescu: the guy does have one excellent point tho : if you're concerned about a collapse, the marginal utility of putting 10% of your assets into a hedge probably far exceeds the marginal utility of putting the other 90%

04:06:10 mircea_popescu: "Roughly half the counties in our nation lack a single OB/GYN physician to care for women."

04:06:14 mircea_popescu: guess the country.

04:06:28 assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 35900 @ 0.00081919 = 29.4089 BTC [-] {2}

04:06:52 asciilifeform: usa

04:08:21 decimation: yeah ob/gyn is a known target for legal scammers in the us

04:08:29 decimation: your kid comes out a 'tard - it's the doctor's faul

04:11:42 asciilifeform: mircea_popescu: if you're concerned about a collapse, the marginal utility of putting 10% of your << there is another possible observation here. quite a few of the folks who might otherwise take an interest in bitcoin are 'collapse pessimists' - i.e. believe in the 'lead standard.'

04:12:30 decimation: yeah it's interesting that the "lead standard" crowd seems to have not adopted bitcoin

04:12:34 assbot: [HAVELOCK] [PETA] 52 @ 0.04113518 = 2.139 BTC [-] {4}

04:12:44 asciilifeform: (why a fellow who could afford to mount some semblance of adequate preparation for lead standard would stay in usa, is a question for them - not me)

04:13:10 asciilifeform: best hypothesis i know of - some folks want to 'die well' rather than live

04:14:20 penguirker: New blog post: http://fraudsters.com/2014/patriarchy-is-a-thing-because-nobody-likes-living-in-a-world-populated-by-little-girls/

04:14:44 decimation: yeah the amusing thing about most of those types is that they seem to want to "own" their own own bunker or whatever, rather than the more obvious strategy of "recruit army, train"

04:15:08 asciilifeform: 'recruit army' in peacetime generally gets you 'hutareed'

04:15:13 asciilifeform: ;;google hutaree

04:15:14 gribble: Hutaree - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hutaree; Judge acquits 7 Hutaree militia members accused of terrorist ...: http://www.freep.com/article/20120327/NEWS06/120327048/Judge-dismisses-critical-charges-in-Hutaree-case; hutaree - YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/user/hutaree

04:15:41 asciilifeform: (minus the acquittal, normally)

04:15:43 decimation: well, you certainly cannot make usg your enemy either

04:16:15 asciilifeform: if you organize anything in usa that even vaguely resembles an army from a distance, you've made the enemy

04:18:11 asciilifeform: i dare say the folks who want to stick around to enjoy a hypothetical north american zimbabwe (usa minus mains current, sewer, water) are justifiably disinterested in btc

04:19:50 asciilifeform: speaking of sewage, i recently had occasion to learn the details behind herr orlov's assertion that usa minus mains current will drown in own shit

04:20:17 asciilifeform: walking trails in public parks here are, for various reasons, built on top of sewer mains (cheap right of way?)

04:20:45 asciilifeform: sometimes, you'll encounter a structure that looks like this:

04:20:46 asciilifeform: http://www.cityofoviedo.net/files/Utility%20Water-Wastewater%20Pictures%20008.jpg

04:21:13 asciilifeform: that's a 'lift station.' normally sewer is operated by gravity. but often, for reasons of cost, a pipe will be laid uphill.

04:21:22 asciilifeform: and one of these (electric pump) is built.

04:21:40 asciilifeform: no mains current - no flow.

04:23:57 decimation: this is a big problem in the maryland/dc area because it's a swamp

04:24:08 decimation: there's not much "downhill" to be had

04:24:08 asciilifeform: correct.

04:25:48 decimation: my own understanding of many of the 'trails' the DC area is that they were mostly railroad right-of-ways

04:26:08 asciilifeform: mostly from the (destroyed) trolley system from the first half of 20th c.

04:26:41 decimation: yep. here's an example: https://www.traillink.com/trail/wba-trail.aspx

04:26:43 assbot: WB&A Trail | Maryland Trails | TrailLink.com

04:27:33 decimation: they only reason the right-of-ways survived coherently is because utilities like power were still in use long after the railroads went bankrupt

04:27:49 assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 25200 @ 0.00081854 = 20.6272 BTC [-] {2}

04:30:36 decimation: it's quite enlightening to study the ownership path of the right-of-way deeds. One realizes that us infrastructure is pretty much like openssl: everyone knows it's a horrible pit, everyone uses it, no will to 'fix' it

04:30:49 asciilifeform: this, incidentally, is also where you find fiber.

04:30:57 asciilifeform: conveniently marked for enemy saboteurs.

04:32:11 asciilifeform: (usg likes to lay unmarked fiber for seekrit skvirrel use. what happens? it gets cut. as the recent case of a new branch of wash. dc metro)

04:33:38 decimation: there was another amusing example in the DC area a few years ago, after the "derecho" thunderstorm. power was out everywher - why? because none of the treehuggers would let the power-line clearances be maintained

04:33:52 decimation: result: constant loss of power (especially in older neighborhoods like in PG county)

04:34:14 asciilifeform: more complicated. the tree trimmers routinely cut fiber (likewise strung overhead)

04:34:17 asciilifeform: and so people resist them.

04:34:35 asciilifeform: (trunk lines are buried; houses usually have pole connections)

04:34:55 decimation: yeah most cable companies "rent" the low wire on power poles

04:35:09 asciilifeform: http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2009/05/30/AR2009053002114.html

04:35:09 assbot: The One Fiber Optic Cable No One on the Dig for Tysons Rail Wants to Hit

04:35:13 asciilifeform: ^ incident in question

04:36:58 assbot: [HAVELOCK] [PETA] 25 @ 0.041 = 1.025 BTC [-] {2}

04:38:45 decimation: I found the metro to be generally useless

04:39:01 decimation: it takes an hour to get downtown, stopping at every useless ghetto on the way

04:39:27 mircea_popescu: * RUchamp_ (a2e354cb@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #bitcoin-assets << dear chan, since i've made that 0.1 btc for titties post, mind voicing new names off webchat for a while ?

04:39:30 asciilifeform: city can't really exist without something like metro. (trivial arithmetic - calculate what fraction of city would have to be demolished for parking lots if every bureaucrat had to drive in.)

04:39:36 mircea_popescu: it's in the interest of greater titage.

04:40:40 decimation: I guess my real point is that much of DC is an uninhabitable mad max land

04:40:51 decimation: and the parts that aren't are bezzle-priced

04:42:39 mircea_popescu: why are survivalist group womenz always so a) rare and b) unattractive

04:43:33 decimation: I think most women (quite practically) would rather die than live in mad max land

04:44:05 mircea_popescu: why ?

04:44:42 decimation: what portion of humanity would commit suicide if they were transported to 100 AD sans iphones?

04:45:43 mircea_popescu: i imagine more boys than girls at any rate.

04:45:51 mircea_popescu: no porn right ?

04:45:59 decimation: heh good point

04:47:02 decimation: !up mgio

05:00:14 mircea_popescu: I can get 1 CME every 25-50 seconds, depending on my ability to click "b".

05:00:16 mircea_popescu: ahaha o boy

05:01:52 decimation: as in "continuing medical education"?

05:02:20 mircea_popescu: yea

05:02:37 dub: hey, doing drugs is studying medicine

05:02:55 mircea_popescu: press b

05:03:01 decimation: too bad you can't sell your credits

05:03:24 assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 11500 @ 0.00081831 = 9.4106 BTC [-]

05:04:53 decimation: are you working on maintaining your medical license with the state?

05:05:16 mircea_popescu: who me ?!

05:06:09 decimation: well, why else would you be trying to hoard CME credits?

05:06:23 mircea_popescu: im just reading this dude's site

05:06:56 decimation: ah the last pscychiatrist guy?

05:07:00 mircea_popescu: ya

05:07:44 mircea_popescu: i really can't see myself getting a license from anyone to anyting.

05:09:31 assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 12300 @ 0.00081799 = 10.0613 BTC [-] {2}

05:12:49 mgio: hello everyone

05:13:01 mircea_popescu: hi

05:15:12 mircea_popescu: The logic of a 10 year MOC exam is to keep us up to date, so it's fair to ask: what in psychiatry has changed in ten years, what are the major advances? Depakote was discovered to be the default maintenance mood stabilizer despite no evidence supporting this, but that fell into disuse at a time oddly coinciding with its patent expiration, which is suspicious but I'm no epidemiologist. Anyway, it wasn't on the test. Any

05:15:12 mircea_popescu: thing else? A few new medicines have come out, though none of them appeared on the test either. There's money to be made on the west coast using giant magnets, (fortunately) also not on the test. So? Was the ABPN worried I'd forget how to use MAOIs? I'm never going to use them, I have enough problems monitoring Xanax. The astonishing truth is that despite millions of dollars and hundreds of academic careers psychiatry

05:15:13 mircea_popescu: has made no progress in almost 20 years, let alone ten, a claim no other medical specialty can make, and the truth which cannot be spoken out loud. Hence an exam.

05:15:16 mircea_popescu: there.

05:15:30 mircea_popescu: maybe i should spend my money printing fliers of this guy's blog instead.

05:19:24 mircea_popescu: most of the comments are derping about the guy's identity

05:19:29 mircea_popescu: i wasn't aware this was a secret

05:20:24 decimation: the history of medicene is mostly about trying to heal people but failing miserably

05:20:46 decimation: why should someone in this age have a different conceit?

05:21:07 mircea_popescu: depends how you look at it.

05:21:43 mircea_popescu: do you suppose medicine is responsible for all health ? or just for those cases it picks up ?

05:22:02 decimation: well no one can be responsible for everything

05:22:10 decimation: so the latter

05:22:24 mircea_popescu: but currently it's mostly regarded as "the health of the population" is a thing.

05:23:02 mircea_popescu: by the latter criterion i'd guess medicine is mostly successful

05:23:18 mircea_popescu: just as long as you don't try curing things that don't have a cure

05:24:16 decimation: like for instance, your brain has the crazy

05:24:39 decimation: !up Cory

05:25:13 mircea_popescu: i'd be kinda curious to see how a country worked where the cure for insanity was 2 years in parliament.

05:25:39 mircea_popescu: and they put in padded cells the sorts of idiots that wish to spend their time running for an office instead.

05:27:24 decimation: I'd say most democratic systems have created this situation anyway. What kind of person wants to be a bureaucrat who appears to be in charge yet can affect nothing?

05:28:13 mircea_popescu: actually that's the most appealing.

05:28:35 mircea_popescu: ask anyone, would they rather fuck a bunch of women, or would they rather not fuck at all but be regarded by their peers as a modern casanova ?

05:29:07 decimation: good point, except in the former case they would be considered pond scum

05:29:17 mircea_popescu: hardly.

05:29:34 mircea_popescu: maybe by racist xenophobe male chauvinist reactionaries

05:30:09 decimation: lol

05:30:19 mircea_popescu: y con queso

05:30:19 decimation: Congress has a 5% approval rating

05:30:28 decimation: yet most congressmen get re-elected

05:30:52 decimation: I guess the shame of the institution doesn't attach to its individual members

05:32:07 decimation: I suppose there's a reason that the Washington Monument is a giant phallus, welcoming the incoming classes of young interns

05:35:30 mircea_popescu: lol the only reason they get re-elected is the seniority system

05:37:12 decimation: you think the median voter knows about committee appointments?

05:38:59 assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 5100 @ 0.00082031 = 4.1836 BTC [+]

05:40:17 mircea_popescu: no, but it makes no difference

05:40:31 mircea_popescu: it's like asking me if the median fridge user knows about the carnot cycle

05:41:09 decimation: people vote the party their parents voted generally

05:41:16 decimation: so it's a demographic thing, seems to me

05:41:31 FabianB: "<+mircea_popescu> FabianB what's unconfirmed do again ?" << number of unconfirmed transactions in btc network

05:42:26 mircea_popescu: i think it only appears demographic because there's allignment between the actual causes and demographics.

05:42:30 mircea_popescu: FabianB a nice!

05:42:34 mircea_popescu: $unconfirmed

05:42:34 empyex: mircea_popescu: 2039

05:42:57 mircea_popescu: are you well connected enough to do a $dblspent ?

05:43:03 assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 14500 @ 0.00082031 = 11.8945 BTC [+]

05:45:56 FabianB: mircea_popescu: source is not one of my own bitcoind but blockchain.info currently

05:46:21 mircea_popescu: ah

05:46:40 mircea_popescu: well it may be useful if you're into the nitty gritty of it, merchants could always query your service if in doubt

05:46:59 mircea_popescu: kinda larger sort of investment to make it go, i guess.

05:47:01 FabianB: hmm.. will think about dblspent

05:47:07 assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 40200 @ 0.00081835 = 32.8977 BTC [-]

05:48:16 mircea_popescu: having a few dedicated trusted watchers certainly cheaper than "everyone" doing their own watching, and certainly better than current situation (where most everyone doesn't do any)

05:55:00 FabianB: yeah, source should be more decentralized for that than https://blockchain.info/double-spends probably

05:55:00 assbot: Bitcoin Double Spends - Blockchain.info

05:57:12 mircea_popescu: well if you run your own node(s) with good peerage it'd come from there

05:57:31 mircea_popescu: otherwise tgere;'s little value to just you know, making a web url alias

05:57:59 FabianB: yeah

05:58:34 mircea_popescu: so romania's other great blogger switched to english : http://www.jeg.ro/adrian-ghenie-pace-gallery-london-golems-looking-at-the-art-world-over-adrian-ghenie-s-shoulder-and-why-i-hate-i-or-love-it-not-sure/

05:58:36 assbot: Looking at the art world over Adrian Ghenies shoulder and why I hate it or love it. Not sure.

05:58:46 mircea_popescu: romania now has pretty much no bloggers left at all.

05:59:43 decimation: would you say the portion of youth in romania who speak english is equal to argentina's portion?

05:59:52 mircea_popescu: pretty much

06:00:03 mircea_popescu: i never met an intelligent young man that couldn't read it

06:00:10 mircea_popescu: now actually speaking it...

06:02:22 assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 12946 @ 0.00081804 = 10.5903 BTC [-] {2}

06:02:33 mircea_popescu: ?It?s so dark? a still ignorant third friend completed. Couldn?t see her complexion, probably because it was in fact so dark. She wasn?t black, but that?d be something, right?

06:02:35 mircea_popescu: !up conwke

06:06:46 decimation: wtf does that mean?

06:07:00 mircea_popescu: it's a quoter

06:07:16 decimation: hehe

06:08:15 conwke: I haven't used IRC in years, its strange being back on

06:09:07 mircea_popescu: enjoi.

06:09:49 mircea_popescu: and im off. nn ppls!

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06:59:18 assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 19900 @ 0.00081783 = 16.2748 BTC [-]

07:06:25 assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 20550 @ 0.00081845 = 16.8191 BTC [+]

07:13:32 assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 5216 @ 0.00081783 = 4.2658 BTC [-]

07:16:35 assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 48394 @ 0.00081912 = 39.6405 BTC [+] {3}

07:36:55 assbot: [HAVELOCK] [PETA] 15 @ 0.043 = 0.645 BTC [-]

07:42:00 assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 20172 @ 0.00081871 = 16.515 BTC [-] {3}

07:47:56 fluffypony: xmj:fluffypony: are you on skype? <- yes, fluffypony on Skype

07:48:06 assbot: [MPEX] [FT] [X.EUR] 595 @ 0.00237886 = 1.4154 BTC [+] {2}

08:02:00 BingoBoingo: fluffypony: How's the thing?

08:02:00 pankkake: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=405986.msg7531748#msg7531748

08:02:01 assbot: {BFL} Here's a LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOK at your Monarch!

08:02:29 fluffypony: BingoBoingo: quite nice so far, but all I've really done is arrive, have a few drinks, and then have breakfast

08:02:38 fluffypony: will put up a blog post later today when I get a moment

08:02:39 pankkake: if someone still doubted this guy had serious mental troubles

08:03:54 fluffypony: lolwut

08:04:02 BingoBoingo: pankkake: How trollish are you feeling today?

08:04:30 pankkake: I've trolled all week, I'm nearing the end of my streak

08:04:31 pankkake: why?

08:06:03 BingoBoingo: pankkake: An experiment details in PM

08:06:24 assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 19625 @ 0.00082158 = 16.1235 BTC [+]

08:10:29 pankkake: https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=7953134

08:10:29 assbot: DogeCoin and Dystopia | Hacker News

08:15:33 assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 15934 @ 0.00082158 = 13.0911 BTC [+]

08:18:06 BingoBoingo: Church collapses http://www.chron.com/news/article/People-trapped-after-building-collapse-near-Katy-5582104.php

08:18:07 assbot: Dozens hurt at house party as room over garage collapses - Houston Chronicle

08:22:01 punkman: do you guys make floors out of drywall

08:23:20 BingoBoingo: punkman: Maybe...

08:30:50 punkman: why can't I have something like this on *nix, http://poshconsole.codeplex.com/

08:30:51 assbot: PoshConsole - Home

08:40:56 pankkake: http://slashdot.org/firehose.pl?op=view&type=submission&id=3657661

08:40:57 assbot: Jackson Palmer leaving Dogecoin - Slashdot

08:42:57 pankkake: punkman: https://www.enlightenment.org/p.php?p=about/terminology

08:42:58 assbot: Terminology

08:43:50 pankkake: but yeah, I wish we had consoles with non-text elements

08:44:22 pankkake: you might say "GUIs", but I want them in screen, in ssh, and be keyboard driven only

08:44:34 pankkake: or at least, mainly, since you can use the mouse in some console applications…

08:45:09 punkman: I just figured out how to do clickable text that opens a URL in browser

08:45:52 punkman: guess I'll have to popup another window for graphs

08:46:04 punkman: or save to image file

08:48:29 pankkake: http://www.reddit.com/r/dogecoin/comments/1x0ncb/rdogecoin_is_turning_into_rbitcoin/ lol

08:48:30 assbot: r/dogecoin is turning into r/bitcoin : dogecoin

08:48:44 pankkake: I love browsing with the "controversial" sort

08:49:42 pankkake: http://www.reddit.com/r/dogecoin/comments/2586pm/censorship_in_rdogecoin/

08:49:44 assbot: Censorship in r/dogecoin : dogecoin

08:50:07 assbot: [HAVELOCK] [PETA] 15 @ 0.0404469 = 0.6067 BTC [-]

08:51:08 assbot: [HAVELOCK] [PETA] 13 @ 0.0404469 = 0.5258 BTC [-]

08:55:53 punkman: http://acko.net/blog/on-termkit/

08:55:54 assbot: On TermKit Acko.net

08:56:38 punkman: node.js + webkit what could go wrong

08:59:13 pankkake: right, I've seen that one before. but as I understand it, he merged the shell and the terminal emulator

09:00:17 pankkake: some friends tried to do something similar (though it was to use existing applications), but it went nowhere too

09:05:53 punkman: pankkake: also found a hack I could copy from another app. It checks window size, makes a full-sized background, then pastes your smaller image on the right coordinates.

09:06:35 punkman: but fuck it, I'm just gonna pop up a window with matplotlib

09:28:45 assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 8500 @ 0.00082295 = 6.9951 BTC [+]

09:36:53 assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 17998 @ 0.00081767 = 14.7164 BTC [-] {2}

09:39:38 jurov: "yes i have loads of old spreadsheets." yay, the stuff that makes plants grow

09:41:58 assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 13300 @ 0.0008175 = 10.8728 BTC [-] {2}

09:46:27 ThickAsThieves: "The weakest point of my company was management," said Mr. Karpelès, who was the sole executive of the company.

09:47:52 ThickAsThieves: http://origin-www.bloomberg.com/quote/0881422D:US

09:47:53 assbot: 0881422D: Stock Quote - Winklevoss Bitcoin Trust - Bloomberg

09:51:07 assbot: [HAVELOCK] [PETA] 25 @ 0.0404469 = 1.0112 BTC [+]

10:02:18 assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 31650 @ 0.00082303 = 26.0489 BTC [+] {3}

10:09:26 assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 26650 @ 0.00081701 = 21.7733 BTC [-] {3}

10:10:40 davout: ThickAsThieves: lulzy

10:13:48 punkman: "How much the hippos like Colombia can be judged from how much sex they are having. In Africa they usually become sexually active between the ages of seven and nine for males, and nine and 11 for females, but Pablo Escobar's hippos are becoming sexually active as young as three."

10:14:09 punkman: pedohippo

10:14:45 davout: hippos are very horny

10:14:53 punkman: "One hippo is to blame for the move upriver. Hippos live in harems. The alpha male at the Hacienda is known as El Viejo - The Old Man - and he is very powerful"

10:21:34 []bot: Bet placed: 3.9794 BTC for Yes on "BTC network hashrate will exceed 1 Exahash/s before 2015" http://bitbet.us/bet/713/ Odds: 59(Y):41(N) by coin, 54(Y):46(N) by weight. Total bet: 10.66613193 BTC. Current weight: 51,289.

10:25:18 punkman: 120 petahashes now

10:33:57 BingoBoingo: http://www.reddit.com/r/CryptoCurrency/comments/298byf/fderp_a_new_bitcoin_shortonly_hedge_fund/

10:33:57 assbot: F.DERP, A New Bitcoin Short-Only Hedge Fund Targeting Major Bitcoin Startups : CryptoCurrency

10:35:17 BingoBoingo: ^ hopefully lulz accumulate

10:35:28 pankkake: why on this subreddit?

10:37:24 BingoBoingo: pankkake: Lower traffic, lingers on the front page longer...

10:59:21 pankkake: http://bitcoinist.net/appcoins-are-fraudulent/

10:59:22 assbot: Appcoins Are Fraudulent ‹ Bitcoinist.net

11:01:27 Mats_cd03: ;;bc,stats

11:01:29 gribble: Current Blocks: 308095 | Current Difficulty: 1.346258011452534E10 | Next Difficulty At Block: 308447 | Next Difficulty In: 352 blocks | Next Difficulty In About: 1 day, 22 hours, 40 minutes, and 26 seconds | Next Difficulty Estimate: 16687183806.1 | Estimated Percent Change: 23.95235

11:07:45 punkman: another 25%, damn

11:16:52 BingoBoingo: Fuck

11:18:40 Mats_cd03: lol

11:19:17 Mats_cd03: lost a bitbet?

11:21:36 assbot: [HAVELOCK] [PETA] 200 @ 0.04047873 = 8.0957 BTC [-] {10}

11:22:28 BingoBoingo: Looks like the Bastille day one...

11:22:37 assbot: [HAVELOCK] [PETA] 14 @ 0.04 = 0.56 BTC [-]

11:30:31 cazalla: http://www.reddit.com/r/Bitcoin/comments/298dkp/mircea_popescu_promoting_rape_what_an_excellent/

11:30:32 assbot: Mircea Popescu, promoting rape. What an excellent PR for the community. : Bitcoin

11:32:57 BingoBoingo: Prolly the best TLP article http://thelastpsychiatrist.com/2007/07/the_most_important_article_on.html

11:32:58 assbot: The Last Psychiatrist: The Most Important Article On Psychiatry You Will Ever Read

11:34:49 assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 13550 @ 0.00082241 = 11.1437 BTC [+]

11:35:26 BingoBoingo: Also http://thelastpsychiatrist.com/2011/08/4_unintended_consequences_of_s.html

11:35:27 assbot: The Last Psychiatrist: 4 Unintended Consequences of Seroquel's Adjunct to Antidepressants Indication

11:38:54 assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 24400 @ 0.0008234 = 20.091 BTC [+]

11:43:06 Mats_cd03: lol 'classic alpha male'

11:43:26 Mats_cd03: dummy need to read a biology book

11:43:37 Mats_cd03: ^needs

11:44:48 BingoBoingo: Hmmm... pankakke's masterpiece of #b-a blogs pissing on Doge seems to be a Maybe, but it is a slow news day...

11:44:59 assbot: [HAVELOCK] [PETA] 19 @ 0.04397803 = 0.8356 BTC [+] {2}

11:46:00 assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 25500 @ 0.00082311 = 20.9893 BTC [-] {2}

11:46:04 ThickAsThieves: mp just gets extra-provocative on a New Moon

11:47:01 assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 27041 @ 0.00082206 = 22.2293 BTC [-] {2}

11:47:25 BingoBoingo: ThickAsThieves: Sh... If reddit ever found out he had a lunar cycle...

11:48:06 ThickAsThieves: the WereBaron

11:48:15 pankkake: :D

11:48:35 BingoBoingo: Oh, I was thinking the other 28 day cycle...

11:49:04 Mats_cd03: har

11:49:08 assbot: Last 5 lines bashed and pending review. ( http://dpaste.com/2EVVH1E.txt )

11:49:08 BingoBoingo: !b 5

11:49:52 Mats_cd03: as far as alpha male goes..

11:50:06 ThickAsThieves: chetty think of it this way, do you believe that mp thinks women should literally be raped? I assume you'd answer No. In that case, what is he really trying to say? Or, at worst, what point can be extracted from the trolling. This is the nature of most mp rants and provocation. Each a test of your filters.

11:50:38 Mats_cd03: my poor american education tells me you have to be wed and spawn to be classed so

11:50:55 pankkake: "a test of your filters". eh, I guess this is one of the best descriptions so far

11:51:10 pankkake: (I haven't read the article yet, I'm 3 behind…)

11:52:02 chetty: well I think that article is a prime example of the confusion between sex/rape and assault/rape. he makes the long standing point about not knowing what you dont know but then it gets messy

11:52:06 assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 19100 @ 0.00081975 = 15.6572 BTC [-]

11:52:58 chetty: I think rape is a topic he should stay off, at least until he gets raped and knows what it is

11:53:00 Mats_cd03: http://us.wsj.com/articles/google-starts-removing-search-results-under-europes-right-to-be-forgotten-1403774023 courts corrupted by nonsense, again

11:53:34 ThickAsThieves: he's playing to your sensitivities, which, by nature, is bound to be insensitive

11:53:44 Mats_cd03: oops wsj.com/articles/google-starts-removing-search-results-under-europes-right-to-be-forgotten-1403774023

11:53:45 ThickAsThieves: I try not to do that, but mp loves it

11:54:48 chetty: normally I support the way he does that, it really does make people think. But everything has limits

11:57:30 chetty: http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2014-06-26/nirp-strikes-spain-create-tax-bank-deposits

11:57:30 assbot: NIRP Strikes: Spain To Create Tax On Bank Deposits | Zero Hedge

11:58:28 chetty: translation: banksters can't have it all, we gubermint types get our cut first

11:58:32 ThickAsThieves: You could flip it on him; what insecurities put him in a position to be insensitive and provocative? In what ways is he enslaved by his nature? Why is he trying to understand the nature of rape and taboos?

11:59:16 pankkake: chetty: this is funny how the Euro really doesn't work; countries resort to things that have the same effects as printing money themselves

12:00:12 ThickAsThieves: maybe he just wants to be loved and the world he's created for himself leaves no room for it, and thus maybe constructs one that makes his seem ideal

12:00:18 penguirker: New blog post: http://pankkake.headfucking.net/2014/06/27/fullnode-co-is-a-scam/

12:00:27 ThickAsThieves: just thinking out loud

12:00:52 chetty: deconstructing MP, fun pastime

12:03:17 assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 7900 @ 0.00081975 = 6.476 BTC [-]

12:03:49 chetty: pankkake, its fun to watch the lament about the poor 'unbanked' while they drive people away from banks

12:04:49 pankkake: MP just wants to be loved.

12:06:15 chetty: hmm or perhaps worshiped

12:19:33 assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 28900 @ 0.00081753 = 23.6266 BTC [-]

12:22:15 ThickAsThieves: "I doubt even 0.1% people here support rape of any kind." lol

12:22:59 Mats_cd03: It’s the dream of every living creature. The desire that is the very root of life itself: to grow until all the space you can see is part of you, under your control. It’s the desire for greatness. There are two ways, though, to fulfill it. One way is to kill anything that is not yourself, to swallow it up or destroy it, until nothing is left to oppose

12:22:59 Mats_cd03: you. You say to all the universe, Only I will be great, and to make room for me the rest of you must give up even what you already have, and become nothing.

12:23:50 Mats_cd03: The other way is an exercise for the reader.

12:25:16 ThickAsThieves: ;;google What percentage of people support rape?

12:25:16 gribble: The Offenders | RAINN | Rape, Abuse and Incest National Network: https://www.rainn.org/get-information/statistics/sexual-assault-offenders; Who are the Victims? - Rape, Abuse and Incest National Network: https://www.rainn.org/get-information/statistics/sexual-assault-victims; Rape statistics - The Hathor Legacy: http://thehathorlegacy.com/rape-statistics/

12:25:39 assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 4100 @ 0.00081657 = 3.3479 BTC [-]

12:35:33 BingoBoingo: Node behavior battles have begun: http://www.reddit.com/r/Bitcoin/comments/298gmv/bitcoin_miner_txselection_prioritisation_as_a/

12:35:33 assbot: Bitcoin miner TX-selection: "prioritisation as a business model encourages centralisation and is incompatible with p2pool. Very harmful patch" : Bitcoin

12:36:19 pankkake: lol that peter todd…

12:37:02 BingoBoingo: It hasn't been a good month for him, next should be worse

12:37:08 pankkake: the patch isn't harmful in the sense at it's just an user interface option. it always was possible, and pools are offering it already

12:39:42 pankkake: hm apparently OP_RETURN is by default not relayed. but if it ever is, I might patch my node :)

12:42:56 assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 28617 @ 0.00081644 = 23.3641 BTC [-] {2}

12:42:56 assbot: [HAVELOCK] [PETA] 35 @ 0.0400008 = 1.4 BTC [-] {4}

12:43:10 pankkake: feminists selling S.MPOE

12:45:55 chetty: pankkake, hey don't insult folks, feminist is a dirty word no matter what you think of rape

12:46:08 pankkake: I'm in a trolly mood

13:15:57 BingoBoingo: Things that WTF https://github.com/btcrobinhood/bips/blob/master/bip-1337.mediawiki

13:15:58 assbot: bips/bip-1337.mediawiki at master btcrobinhood/bips GitHub

13:16:26 nubbins`: re:anonymity, can't be abolished

13:16:34 nubbins`: you can restrict it in certain contexts, sure

13:22:21 BingoBoingo: !up Corey

13:22:28 BingoBoingo: !up Poffertje

13:25:33 nubbins`: ;;view 20908

13:25:35 gribble: #20908 Fri Jun 27 09:21:50 2014 freewil SELL 973.5 BTC @ 565 USD (escrowed wire)

13:26:18 xmj: Gentlemen.

13:26:48 nubbins`: hi

13:27:40 assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 57100 @ 0.00081573 = 46.5782 BTC [-] {3}

13:28:11 punkman: nubbins`, you ever try printing on wool tshirts?

13:28:39 nubbins`: hmm, no

13:28:58 nubbins`: i guess if the weave was fine enough, it'd work

13:29:03 nubbins`: like merino wool

13:29:25 punkman: yeah shirts like these: http://frozenlabs.com/merino-tshirts-roundup

13:29:25 assbot: Frozenlabs: Merino tshirts roundup

13:30:35 nubbins`: i feel like maybe merino has some sort of natural coating on it, but i'd say between the few types of ink we have, something would stick

13:30:54 nubbins`: artificial fibers like polyester and nylon are the shitty ones

13:35:19 davout: ok, so peter todd is officially braindamaged

13:35:42 davout: https://twitter.com/petertoddbtc/status/482517060019175424

13:35:43 assbot: Just-merged /hashtag/Bitcoin?src=hash Core feature enables easier miner TX-selection, private-submit policy experimentation: https://t.co/LzQRIXHtb9

13:36:04 pankkake: http://www.reddit.com/r/Bitcoin/comments/28xp8u/lets_clear_this_up_peter_todd_is_not_a_bitcoin/

13:36:05 assbot: Let's clear this up: Peter Todd *is not* a Bitcoin core dev, just a contributor. : Bitcoin

13:36:15 pankkake: can someone ban reddit from the internet

13:36:24 cazalla: upboat

13:42:34 ThickAsThieves: !down reddit

13:43:37 nubbins`: USMS should liveblog the auction

13:48:04 ThickAsThieves: it's silent, no?

13:53:58 mod6: %p

13:54:00 atcbot: [CoinMiner Hashrate]: 1.77 TH/s [PityThePool Hashrate]: 49.25 GH/s

13:54:55 pankkake: %diff

13:54:56 atcbot: [ATC Diff] Current Diff: 511511.43 Est. Next Diff: 391405.45 in 1648 blocks (#38304) Est. % Change: -23.48

13:56:12 BingoBoingo: %b

13:58:10 assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 1206 @ 0.00081628 = 0.9844 BTC [+]

13:59:11 assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 24144 @ 0.0008172 = 19.7305 BTC [+] {3}

13:59:33 BingoBoingo: t

14:04:16 assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 41500 @ 0.00081497 = 33.8213 BTC [-] {2}

14:06:05 BingoBoingo: %t

14:06:07 atcbot: [X-BT] Bid: 199 Ask: 238 Last Price: 199 24h-Vol: 2k High: 199 Low: 199 VWAP: 198

14:10:27 BingoBoingo: %book

14:10:28 atcbot: 45k@277 48k@275 60k@238 | 970k@199 750k@175 216k@160

14:13:18 ThickAsThieves: “Normally, we would expect the price to hit bottom around the time of the auction or soon after. Bitcoin isn’t that liquid so the sale will be hard to swallow. It is unlikely that anyone will bid above the market price – it would make more sense to just to buy in the market in bits and pieces and it’s not as if there is indication that there is bitcoin demand that is unmet

14:13:18 ThickAsThieves: because it is hard to buy lumpy amounts. There is simply little demand for lumpy amounts.” ~ Citi Propaganda Dept

14:13:49 ThickAsThieves: i guess theull be bidding too

14:14:08 pankkake: it is true that bitcoin isn't that liquid, but I don't see how the other pieces fall into place

14:14:16 BingoBoingo: ;;buy 25000

14:14:16 gribble: (buy [--long] <amount> <thing> [at|@] <priceperunit> <otherthing> [<notes>]) -- Logs a buy order for <amount> units of <thing>, at a price of <price> per unit, in units of <otherthing>. Use the optional <notes> field to put in any special notes. <price> may include an arithmetical expression, and {(mtgox|bitstamp)(ask|bid|last|high|low|avg)} to index price to mtgox ask, bid, last, (1 more message)

14:14:52 pankkake: for the same reason I don't understand the "they will dump it on the open market". the open market probably can't handle it

14:14:57 pankkake: ;;market buy 25000

14:14:57 gribble: Bitstamp | This order would exceed the size of the order book. You would buy 16329.832 bitcoins, for a total of 23682810.1935 USD and take the price to 99999.9900. | Data vintage: 90.7398 seconds

14:15:05 pankkake: ;;market sell 25000

14:15:06 gribble: Bitstamp | A market order to sell 25000 bitcoins right now would net 10519377.0202 USD and would take the last price down to 111.2300 USD, resulting in an average price of 420.7751 USD/BTC. | Data vintage: 99.1681 seconds

14:15:16 pankkake: yeah. not gonna happen

14:15:19 BingoBoingo: And this is why they can't be bought piecemeal

14:15:31 BingoBoingo: Not in that quantity, not anymore

14:17:15 ThickAsThieves: i wish i could find the original text from Citi

14:17:33 ThickAsThieves: seems odd everyone is quoting Englander with no source

14:17:42 thestringpuller: ;;ticker

14:17:43 gribble: Bitstamp BTCUSD ticker | Best bid: 588.04, Best ask: 588.12, Bid-ask spread: 0.08000, Last trade: 589.93, 24 hour volume: 6760.55725360, 24 hour low: 564.23, 24 hour high: 589.97, 24 hour vwap: 578.979584755

14:17:52 thestringpuller: !mpif

14:17:53 assbot: BtcAlpha.com F.MPIF Tracker estimated NAV per share: 0.00021746 BTC (Total: 434.93 BTC). Last trade for F.MPIF on MPEX was at 0.00023849 BTC [+]

14:18:50 ThickAsThieves: “We have no discretion,” Mr. Silbert said. “We are bidding based on where all the bids come in into our syndicate.” I guess 2ndmkt aint getting any coins

14:20:14 BingoBoingo: Or perhaps all of them

14:22:43 BingoBoingo: http://arstechnica.com/science/2014/06/tiny-elephant-like-mammal-discovered-in-namib-desert/

14:22:44 assbot: Tiny elephant-like mammal discovered in Namib Desert | Ars Technica

14:23:00 BingoBoingo: ;;market buy 1000

14:23:01 gribble: Bitstamp | A market order to buy 1000 bitcoins right now would take 593471.4254 USD and would take the last price up to 595.8300 USD, resulting in an average price of 593.4714 USD/BTC. | Data vintage: 0.0304 seconds

14:23:18 BingoBoingo: ;;market buy 2000

14:23:18 gribble: Bitstamp | A market order to buy 2000 bitcoins right now would take 1193776.1987 USD and would take the last price up to 604.4400 USD, resulting in an average price of 596.8881 USD/BTC. | Data vintage: 17.1216 seconds

14:23:29 BingoBoingo: ;;market buy 10000

14:23:30 gribble: Bitstamp | A market order to buy 10000 bitcoins right now would take 6421070.0506 USD and would take the last price up to 749.0000 USD, resulting in an average price of 642.1070 USD/BTC. | Data vintage: 28.3633 seconds

14:23:43 BingoBoingo: ;;market buy 15000

14:23:43 gribble: Bitstamp | A market order to buy 15000 bitcoins right now would take 11054841.5105 USD and would take the last price up to 1200.0000 USD, resulting in an average price of 736.9894 USD/BTC. | Data vintage: 42.5405 seconds

14:24:20 ThickAsThieves: so yeah $650+

14:24:27 pankkake: You can also change the market. however, the supposedly higher volume markets have much smaller books

14:24:44 ThickAsThieves: the volume is largely traders

14:24:59 ThickAsThieves: the larger shifts in price are "real" buyers & sellers

14:25:19 BingoBoingo: Right, and I'd imagine more orders get cancelled than actually fulfilled

14:25:32 ThickAsThieves: that's why your buy 1000 works fine, but starts to break afte rthat

14:25:42 ThickAsThieves: cuz the traders post walls in the OTE zones

14:28:40 assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 26950 @ 0.00081486 = 21.9605 BTC [-] {2}

14:30:11 pankkake: OTE?

14:30:33 ThickAsThieves: optimal trade entry (fibonacci)

14:33:21 ThickAsThieves: .618 thru .786

14:33:49 ThickAsThieves: still learning fib stuff though

14:33:55 ThickAsThieves: it's used all over the place

14:38:03 mike_c: TaT, you know this technical crap is snake oil, right?

14:38:20 mike_c: fibonacci your tea leaves

14:39:01 mike_c: ;;8ball should i buy or sell?

14:39:01 gribble: Yes!

14:39:06 ThickAsThieves: well i'd say it's got at least some potency

14:39:23 ThickAsThieves: cant know much about where youre going when you dont know where youve been

14:39:44 mike_c: hehe. you going to report results?

14:39:48 ThickAsThieves: rape me

14:39:51 assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 5450 @ 0.00081777 = 4.4568 BTC [+]

14:40:01 ThickAsThieves: i'll report them if i do well, obv

14:40:07 ThickAsThieves: ;)

14:40:25 ThickAsThieves: so far so good

14:40:25 mike_c: that would be a good blog series. include results on some normalized scale with each post.

14:41:00 ThickAsThieves: i keep a daily mark with minimal notes, i also publish a chart every few days at least

14:41:24 mike_c: publish where?

14:41:31 ThickAsThieves: watch me tiptoe through the tulips here: https://www.tradingview.com/u/BitcoinAssets/#published-charts

14:41:33 assbot: BitcoinAssets - TradingView

14:41:33 BingoBoingo: ;;8ball

14:41:34 gribble: No clue.

14:41:47 ThickAsThieves: the daily mark is not published

14:41:50 ThickAsThieves: may never be

14:42:03 ThickAsThieves: but if there's useful info i'll find a way to convey it

14:42:54 assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 18000 @ 0.00081462 = 14.6632 BTC [-] {2}

14:42:57 ThickAsThieves: i dont necessarily trade exactly to my published charts, but you can at least see me learn over time

14:43:17 ThickAsThieves: i can say i will never post a chart to manipulate

14:44:39 mike_c: and the fact that you can put your fibonacci elliot waves on a random walk chart doesn't bother you?

14:45:08 ThickAsThieves: bother may be the wrong word, but i make no claim to being expert

14:45:26 mike_c: expert in what?? predicting randomness?

14:45:41 mike_c: </rant>

14:45:51 ThickAsThieves: humans are random?

14:47:40 mike_c: that's a big question obv. but i do believe short term price movements are random.

14:51:59 ThickAsThieves: It's not a question to me, humans are not random, nor is a marketplace. Sure, anything CAN happen, but some things are more likely to happen than others and there are ways to approximate that. You could even go in another direction and consider that if traders believe this shit, it self-manifests to some degree. Is it better to know the script, with option to follow it, or not know it

14:51:59 ThickAsThieves: at all?

14:53:16 ThickAsThieves: the option to learn and practice this is only as expensive as i permit it to be

14:53:45 mike_c: if traders are all following the same script there is no profit to be made..

14:54:06 ThickAsThieves: in that rigid example, of course

14:54:16 ThickAsThieves: but it's all things, not one

14:57:26 artifexd: mircea_popescu: No, she can't. Give me an example of how you would use it and what you would expect in return and I'll see what I can do.

14:57:56 mircea_popescu: artifexd http://bitbet.us/browse/ << fill in those fields hit search

14:57:56 assbot: Browse BitBet

14:59:36 artifexd: For example: "[]bb earthquakes" would return the bet closing soonest and a bet odds summary

15:00:00 punkman: mthreat could grab my bitbet database if he wanted to add it to the main search

15:00:17 artifexd: Or do you want the biggest? A link to a dpaste with links? I mean, what do you want her to show in here?

15:00:53 artifexd: Should she take sorting options? Return the top 5 bets and links? Only the top bet in the search?

15:00:54 TheNewDeal: eathquales, wtf?

15:01:40 artifexd: Just an example. :)

15:02:03 artifexd: "[]bb world cup" could return a whole lot of results.

15:04:11 pankkake: there actually was a bet about earthquakes

15:04:28 pankkake: actually, there are 3 open

15:06:45 TheNewDeal: ahh I gotcha

15:07:03 TheNewDeal: I thought you were saying earthquake was the command to return the closing soonest and odds summary...

15:07:57 TheNewDeal: ;;nethash

15:07:58 gribble: 1.72688358042

15:07:58 artifexd: Oh. Nah.

15:08:03 TheNewDeal: what is that?

15:08:33 TheNewDeal: thought nethash usualy returns something like 1.17E10 or whatever

15:09:34 mircea_popescu: o hey that patriarchy article yielded quite the scandal huh

15:11:04 mircea_popescu: punkman he could but this has params

15:12:43 punkman: yeah, easier to query the SQL than html search

15:13:02 punkman: but I can add search function to the library, was planning to anyway

15:13:39 mircea_popescu: ah yeah

15:13:48 mircea_popescu: wait which lib is this ?

15:14:04 punkman: the lib bitbet.py uses

15:14:09 mircea_popescu: o hey cool.

15:14:30 mircea_popescu: is artifexd's bot based onm bitbet.py ?

15:14:40 mircea_popescu: (sorry for the noob questions, i'm new here and i don't even code)

15:14:49 punkman: nah

15:15:12 mircea_popescu: !up _biO_

15:15:34 punkman: he made the bot before I published bitbet.py

15:15:40 mircea_popescu: artifexd take a param. nth

15:16:01 mircea_popescu: defaults to 1

15:16:21 artifexd: My bot is written from scratch by me.

15:16:50 mircea_popescu: wd!

15:17:01 artifexd: Bitbet's search can return json so it isn't a problem. Just add /.json to the end.

15:17:26 mircea_popescu: i always wondered what "from scratch" really means. like, someone got an itch and so the software is written from scratch ? :D

15:17:37 mircea_popescu: a that's right.

15:18:24 mircea_popescu: The things he said, like "Josh is not gay, he's bi" or "Sonny fucked the girls from the production line" sound more like irrelevant bullshit from a crazy person than credible information.

15:18:41 mircea_popescu: wait, sonny doesn't fuck the production line girls ?! that lozer.

15:18:54 _biO_: seems like I have voice

15:18:57 _biO_: what do i do now, halp

15:19:24 mircea_popescu: lol. who're you ?

15:19:53 _biO_: I am _biO_, obviously

15:20:08 _biO_: soon to be voiceless, I guess.

15:20:36 mthreat: everyone gets their 30 minutes of fame

15:20:44 mircea_popescu: pankkake: you might say "GUIs", but I want them in screen, in ssh, and be keyboard driven only << kinda like all glyphs no ?

15:20:57 mircea_popescu: back in the day on the z80 you could define the 8x8 bitmap of a glyph

15:21:07 mircea_popescu: use special glyph sets as poor man's grapics.

15:21:21 mircea_popescu: resulting in these bitmaps that could only be colored in 8x8 chunks

15:21:22 punkman: ;;view 20793

15:21:24 gribble: #20793 Wed Jun 18 21:37:08 2014 punkman SELL 1.0 app @ 2 BTC (Interactive commandline application, written in Python, using curses/ncurses.)

15:21:29 _biO_: i once build a window manager in basic

15:21:30 _biO_: :(

15:21:45 _biO_: with ASCII art etc

15:21:46 mircea_popescu: _biO_ so yu worked for windows 2.0 ?

15:21:52 pankkake: that looks like a cool solution

15:22:21 mircea_popescu: i made so many 8x8 tanks and rockets...

15:22:27 pankkake: punkman: so you're selling the application, but the library it uses is open, is that right?

15:22:37 punkman: no that's bespoke application

15:22:44 punkman: bitbet.py is free

15:23:15 mircea_popescu: he's doing the red hat thing

15:23:45 punkman: like if you hate namecheap, I could make a custom namecheap app to reduce the suffering

15:24:07 pankkake: ooh you're selling dev ok

15:25:27 mike_c: how good are you at DNS :)

15:25:51 mircea_popescu: lol

15:26:20 TheNewDeal: what's going on with gribble's nethash?

15:26:25 mircea_popescu: mike_c you should prolly pester dub. i'd love nothing more than to see him abjectly slaving away for a group of internet funbuxfans

15:26:55 punkman: mike_c, only incidental experience with DNS stuff

15:28:10 kakobrekla: http://blogs.wsj.com/japanrealtime/2014/06/27/qa-with-mt-goxs-karpeles-what-went-wrong/

15:28:12 assbot: Q&A With Mt. Goxs Karpels: What Went Wrong? - Japan Real Time - WSJ

15:29:21 mircea_popescu: ThickAsThieves: "The weakest point of my company was management," said Mr. Karpel?s, who was the sole executive of the company. << lol

15:29:29 artifexd: http://english.stackexchange.com/questions/39551/where-does-the-saying-made-from-scratch-originate

15:29:29 assbot: meaning - Where does the saying "made from scratch" originate? - English Language & Usage Stack Exchange

15:29:54 mthreat: physical attacks...

15:30:41 assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 19000 @ 0.00081489 = 15.4829 BTC [+]

15:31:24 mircea_popescu: o hey boxing

15:31:30 nubbins`: kako, i read that earlier

15:31:31 nubbins`: so cringe

15:32:08 punkman: that's a lot of quit:

15:33:20 mircea_popescu: wtf that reddit link BingoBoingo posted... who the fuck designs those headers.

15:33:40 ThickAsThieves: probly theymos

15:34:00 mircea_popescu: cazalla: http://www.reddit.com/r/Bitcoin/comments/298dkp/mircea_popescu_promoting_rape_what_an_excellent/ << wait im in the "community" nao ?

15:34:01 assbot: Mircea Popescu, promoting rape. What an excellent PR for the community. : Bitcoin

15:34:05 mircea_popescu: i thought they were over there.

15:34:29 ThickAsThieves: you cant escape the community

15:37:48 assbot: [HAVELOCK] [AM1] 5 @ 0.1955002 = 0.9775 BTC [-]

15:38:04 artifexd: Just a reminder: []bot only reports bets over 1BTC in here. If you want to see them all, join ##bitbet-rt.

15:38:49 assbot: [HAVELOCK] [AM1] 4 @ 0.1942 = 0.7768 BTC [-]

15:39:42 TheNewDeal: there's no one in ##bitbet-rt

15:40:07 TheNewDeal: nvm

15:40:09 artifexd: Uh...

15:40:16 TheNewDeal: client was grabbing the period

15:40:31 artifexd: Oh

15:41:53 assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 27750 @ 0.00081777 = 22.6931 BTC [+]

15:43:44 ThickAsThieves: http://www.bloombergview.com/articles/2014-06-27/trade-of-the-day-buy-a-bitcoin so horrible

15:43:44 assbot: Trade of the Day: Buy a Bitcoin - Bloomberg View

15:49:02 TheNewDeal: agreed, that was horrid

15:51:10 FabianB: $traded

15:51:10 empyex: FabianB: Traded in last 24 hours: D.BPAY S.MPOE S.WOL X.EUR

15:53:04 ThickAsThieves: S.WOL is currently priceless

15:53:13 ThickAsThieves: such investment

15:54:03 TheNewDeal: Science ! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ibUG-GiwJ80

15:54:04 assbot: SanWe sperm collector - YouTube

15:54:05 assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 20950 @ 0.00081777 = 17.1323 BTC [+]

15:57:51 chetty: http://lasvegas.cbslocal.com/2014/06/27/report-mexican-military-chopper-crosses-into-us-shoots-at-border-agents/

15:57:51 assbot: Report: Mexican Military Chopper Crosses Into US, Shoots At Border Agents « CBS Las Vegas

15:57:52 mircea_popescu: $depth s.wol

15:57:52 empyex: mircea_popescu: [S.WOL] Bids: 51900 @ 0.00003999 30000 @ 0.00003513 500000 @ 0.00003500

15:57:53 empyex: mircea_popescu: [S.WOL] Asks:

15:57:58 mircea_popescu: nuts, nobody selling ?

15:58:08 assbot: [HAVELOCK] [AM1] 4 @ 0.1941 = 0.7764 BTC [+]

15:58:12 mircea_popescu: much investors.

15:59:09 assbot: [HAVELOCK] [AM1] 4 @ 0.194 = 0.776 BTC [-] {2}

16:00:10 assbot: [HAVELOCK] [AM1] 6 @ 0.19310353 = 1.1586 BTC [-] {2}

16:00:11 assbot: [HAVELOCK] [B.MINE] [PAID] 1.80475851 BTC to 9`663 shares, 18677 satoshi per share

16:00:11 pankkake: bagholders

16:01:43 rithm: Rainbow Thor, wtf is that

16:02:30 mircea_popescu: whoa i just had an epiphany. someone linked the tlp blog just as i was reading davout's comment on rettardit and it struck me.

16:02:39 mircea_popescu: listen to this : "There are a few popular people that most of the community agree with, like Andreas Antonopoulos, but he is just a presenter, a tech-evangelist."

16:03:01 mircea_popescu: this, read through tlp's eyes, says "we only accept those who have no power, merely the trappings of power"

16:03:13 assbot: [HAVELOCK] [AM1] 13 @ 0.1931003 = 2.5103 BTC [-]

16:03:30 mircea_popescu: that's the fucking problem at the bottom of it : a class of people that have been trained to equate power with badness and powerlessness with goodness.

16:03:56 mircea_popescu: the perfect ideology, especially from the pov of the shepherd, for the use of domestic sheep.

16:04:07 nubbins`: all hail the queen

16:04:12 rithm: badness and goodness are moral constructs

16:04:13 mircea_popescu: no fucking wonder faux feminism is all the rage.

16:04:18 mircea_popescu: nubbins` heya.

16:04:23 nubbins`: hi

16:04:45 chetty: well its the way things are, we mostly never see the puppet masters, just the puppets

16:05:10 mircea_popescu: i wonder if lovecraft;'s intuition is correct, if the mere sight of chtulhu would drive one mad.

16:08:07 nubbins`: the whole thing about angles that didn't make sense always made me feel funny

16:08:18 mircea_popescu: "If he is a left winger he will get a pass from the feminist community, maybe a slap on the wrist. If not then the mighty thunder of Rainbow Thor and his unicorn shaped hammer will hit him bad. Let's wait and see..."

16:08:22 mircea_popescu: pity it can't be a bitbet.

16:08:41 mircea_popescu: i don't think the feminist was born with the guts to engage me.

16:10:16 pankkake: source?

16:11:02 mircea_popescu: btctalk thread the reddt thing lnks to

16:13:41 kakobrekla: !up _biO_

16:13:49 chetty: we should ban the word community, I am offended

16:14:36 xmj: chetty: please talk more about your feelings

16:15:16 ThickAsThieves: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pPhbT73ZG2Q&feature=kp

16:15:16 assbot: Depeche Mode - I Feel You (HQ) - YouTube

16:15:22 chetty: well my butt is numb from sitting too long, does that count?

16:15:55 HeySteve: <+mircea_popescu> that's the fucking problem at the bottom of it : a class of people that have been trained to equate power with badness and powerlessness with goodness. <- Nietzche described it as slave morality, as opposed to master morality

16:16:01 mircea_popescu: indeed.

16:17:04 xmj: harrumpf

16:17:08 xmj: once i agree with mircea_popescu

16:17:21 HeySteve: I believe he was speaking about Christianity, but it applies equally well to the religion of equalism

16:17:53 mircea_popescu: the thing is, christianity is old. equalitarianism is young.

16:18:09 kakobrekla: xmj watch it, soon you wont be able to stop.

16:18:14 nubbins`: ;;google egalitarianism

16:18:15 gribble: Egalitarianism - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Egalitarianism; Egalitarianism - Merriam-Webster Online: http://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/egalitarianism; Egalitarian | Define Egalitarian at Dictionary.com: http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/egalitarian

16:18:16 nubbins`: you were both so close

16:18:17 asciilifeform: as i recall, he applied it as a general principle - christianity being an example of the clusterfuck that happens when 'the slaves win.'

16:18:17 mircea_popescu: as such, for a short time 19th-20th century christianity was forced out of shape for the needs of the equalitarian ideology of the time

16:18:32 xmj: kakobrekla: I doubt that.

16:18:35 mircea_popescu: now that religion is no longer useful pushing the cart of state, it's slowly getting back into its original shape

16:18:36 HeySteve: mircea_popescu sure, but I believe the roots of equalism are in Christian universalism

16:18:44 mircea_popescu: except thatr's unchristian.

16:18:52 HeySteve: everyone being equal before God, and such notions

16:18:57 mircea_popescu: it's episcopalian or w/e bullshit neoprotestant sect

16:19:05 mircea_popescu: that's christian in the sense the us is european

16:19:23 HeySteve: iow not any more :P

16:19:23 BingoBoingo: <HeySteve> <+mircea_popescu> that's the fucking problem at the bottom of it : a class of people that have been trained to equate power with badness and powerlessness with goodness. <- Nietzche described it as slave morality, as opposed to master morality << You mispelled Hegel

16:19:36 mircea_popescu: BingoBoingo and also kant.

16:19:48 asciilifeform: (christianity has a rather wide operating envelope - e.g. conquistador was permitted to behead untermenschen so long as they're baptized first, etc)

16:19:49 mircea_popescu: he misspelled anyone with a clue, what's he to do.

16:19:56 mircea_popescu: asciilifeform see ?

16:20:04 BingoBoingo: mircea_popescu: Sure, I'm wondering how far the chan could walk this back...

16:20:21 mircea_popescu: kyon.

16:20:36 BingoBoingo: Sucks that by jumping ahead to Kant we skipped Fichte

16:20:42 mircea_popescu: actually is that even meaningful

16:20:46 mircea_popescu: ;;google kyon

16:20:47 gribble: Kyon - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kyon; KYON Veterinary Surgical Products | Cruciate Repair, Total Hip ...: http://www.kyon.ch/; Kyon - Haruhi Wiki: http://haruhi.wikia.com/wiki/Kyon

16:20:50 mircea_popescu: meh.

16:21:04 mircea_popescu: ;;google diogene of sinope

16:21:05 gribble: Diogenes of Sinope - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Diogenes_of_Sinope; Diogenes of Sinope [Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy]: http://www.iep.utm.edu/diogsino/; Diogenes of Sinope - Wikiquote: http://en.wikiquote.org/wiki/Diogenes_of_Sinope

16:22:01 BingoBoingo: This prolly goes back to the Serpent's argument to Eve about the Apple.

16:22:03 HeySteve: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dJNZNwxEzE4 :D

16:22:03 assbot: Monty Python-Philosopher's Beer Drinking Song - YouTube

16:26:22 BingoBoingo: %book

16:26:23 atcbot: 45k@277 48k@275 60k@238 | 970k@199 750k@175 216k@160

16:27:47 pankkake: "All backers still waiting on their rings to ship will have received an email from us yesterday." no I haven't!!!

16:28:07 pankkake: (nfc ring kickstarter)

16:30:53 nubbins`: no, you WILL have

16:30:57 nubbins`: ;D

16:31:37 kakobrekla: >When Plato gave Socrates' definition of man as "featherless bipeds" and was much praised for the definition, Diogenes plucked a chicken and brought it into Plato's Academy, saying, "Behold! I've brought you a man." After this incident, "with broad flat nails" was added to Plato's definition.

16:31:44 kakobrekla: dat trollage.

16:38:46 ThickAsThieves: <+pankkake> (nfc ring kickstarter) /// i got mine last week

16:39:05 thestringpuller: ;;bc,stats

16:39:08 gribble: Current Blocks: 308135 | Current Difficulty: 1.346258011452534E10 | Next Difficulty At Block: 308447 | Next Difficulty In: 312 blocks | Next Difficulty In About: 1 day, 17 hours, 22 minutes, and 12 seconds | Next Difficulty Estimate: 16657399281.8 | Estimated Percent Change: 23.73111

16:40:56 ThickAsThieves: it arrives not assembled or something, so i havent bothered to sort it out yet

16:41:39 BingoBoingo: http://www.reddit.com/r/Bitcoin/comments/295las/35_of_my_btc_gone_pc_not_compromised/

16:41:39 assbot: 35 of my BTC gone. PC not compromised. : Bitcoin

16:41:51 assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 643 @ 0.00081534 = 0.5243 BTC [-]

16:42:52 assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 72395 @ 0.00081355 = 58.897 BTC [-] {4}

16:43:15 ThickAsThieves: "This is exactly why we need Mycelium Entropy."

16:43:51 nubbins`: btc robin hood to the rescue

16:44:01 nubbins`: !up darlidada

16:46:56 assbot: [HAVELOCK] [PETA] 12 @ 0.04299999 = 0.516 BTC [-]

16:54:36 BingoBoingo: %t

16:54:37 atcbot: [X-BT] Bid: 199 Ask: 238 Last Price: 199 24h-Vol: 2k High: 199 Low: 199 VWAP: 198

16:54:40 BingoBoingo: %d

16:54:42 atcbot: [ATC Diff] Current Diff: 511511.43 Est. Next Diff: 388489.39 in 1635 blocks (#38304) Est. % Change: -24.05

16:56:09 kakobrekla: this is what Stanford gets you : http://shrani.si/f/33/CQ/16VLLSAv/stanford.png

16:57:37 ThickAsThieves: Awesome

16:57:54 mircea_popescu: <kakobrekla> dat trollage. << yup

16:58:34 ThickAsThieves: you shouldve asked them how much to print a bitcoin FUD article

16:58:50 kakobrekla: feel free, the apps are still open

17:00:49 mircea_popescu: kakobrekla wtf first time lol

17:00:54 mircea_popescu: i got the same in 2012.

17:01:05 nubbins`: haha

17:01:17 mircea_popescu: back when sara wood was still a guy

17:01:37 nubbins`: if you can't buy an ad it'll be hard for us to not call you a piece of shit in our rag

17:01:57 mircea_popescu: lol

17:02:04 nubbins`: "Sincerely, X, Major I completed two fuckin years ago"

17:02:42 ThickAsThieves: <+mircea_popescu> back when sara wood was still a guy /// lolz

17:02:59 mircea_popescu: wait that's a different wood

17:03:02 nubbins`: imagine being so creatively bankrupt and without skill that you have to put your university, major, and graduating year in your email sig

17:03:03 kakobrekla: so its first time _as a female_

17:03:31 kakobrekla: thats kate wood rite

17:03:42 nubbins`: ^ that sounds familiar

17:03:45 mircea_popescu: craig/cringe wood

17:04:00 kakobrekla: nubbins` dont tell me you fucked him?!

17:04:07 mircea_popescu: lol

17:04:18 nubbins`: hey, it's all anus in the dark

17:04:27 kakobrekla: hehe

17:04:29 mircea_popescu: no its not

17:04:33 mircea_popescu: man anus feels different

17:04:35 mircea_popescu: oshit.

17:04:36 nubbins`: :0

17:04:41 kakobrekla: lel

17:04:41 assbot: Last 6 lines bashed and pending review. ( http://dpaste.com/3FYC37H.txt )

17:04:41 nubbins`: !b 6

17:05:09 kakobrekla: you need to put some padding on b

17:05:11 ThickAsThieves: manus

17:05:16 assbot: Last 10 lines bashed and pending review. ( http://dpaste.com/27BWB49.txt )

17:05:16 kakobrekla: !b 10

17:06:03 ThickAsThieves: someone should discover an exotic fruit and name it mananus

17:06:28 mircea_popescu: totally.

17:06:39 mircea_popescu: maybe we should run a campaign to rename ananas

17:06:57 ThickAsThieves: banalanus

17:07:10 mircea_popescu: this could be a decent mp sketch.

17:07:22 mircea_popescu: the florist shop where they only sell anus-renamed fruit

17:07:29 mircea_popescu: right across the street from the famous cheese shop

17:07:30 penguirker: New blog post: http://www.bcoinnews.com/part-2-bitcoin-difficulty-hash-target/

17:09:18 assbot: [HAVELOCK] [PETA] 30 @ 0.04049409 = 1.2148 BTC [-] {7}

17:10:05 asciilifeform: mircea_popescu: misread sentence as 'maybe we should run a campaign to rename antennas. ThickAsThieves: balunus'

17:10:13 mircea_popescu: lol

17:10:19 asciilifeform: ;;ud balun

17:10:20 gribble: http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=Balun | trending. strikeout · wcw · bae · sapiosexual · mc 10:35 · swag · bougie · catfish · poopsterbate · surfboard. categories. gaming · sports · food · sex · tv · film ...

17:10:24 asciilifeform: fail

17:10:35 nubbins`: ;;ud sapiosexual

17:10:36 gribble: http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=sapiosexual | sapiosexual. One who finds intelligence the most sexually attractive feature. "I want an incisive, inquisitive, insightful, irreverent mind. I want someone for whom  ...

17:10:43 mircea_popescu: you're too cuntercultural for urban dictionrary

17:12:39 asciilifeform: mycelium machine << it still isn't clear to me - are they actually sampling an sram, or just using atmel's turd which purports to do so internally

17:13:02 asciilifeform: (i investigated the sram method personally, was not satisfied with the results)

17:13:54 mircea_popescu: "Ratchet is If Ghetto and Hot Shitty Mess had a baby, and that baby had no father, and became a stripper, then made a sex tape with an athlete, then became a reality star!"

17:14:13 mircea_popescu: dude look at that, they just described pink

17:14:40 pankkake: ;;ud TRP

17:14:41 gribble: http://sv.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=TRP | Tentacle Rape Porn. A form of Japanese erotica in which tentacled creatures ( octopuses, squids, etc.) have sex with people. "Dude, I saw some awesome TRP  ...

17:16:30 pankkake: "You posted another of his articles on a submission of mine, and I ignored it because I thought the article was terrible, un-self-aware TRP crap, but it wasn't worth replying to" I'm not sure this is it

17:17:18 pankkake: oh, "TRP reddit" gives me The Red Pill

17:21:39 mircea_popescu: whats trp ?

17:21:54 mircea_popescu: oic

17:23:32 assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 36850 @ 0.00081455 = 30.0162 BTC [+]

17:28:13 benkay: wannabe alphas teaching wannabe alphas to be wannabe alphas

17:29:22 mircea_popescu: ipo yet ?

17:29:38 assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 7500 @ 0.00081777 = 6.1333 BTC [+]

17:32:00 benkay: ipo's are pososphere feminist brainwashing man

17:34:03 mircea_popescu: what's poso- ?

17:34:12 mircea_popescu: dude i learn more new words here than in #new-words

17:35:12 mircea_popescu: ThickAsThieves: chetty think of it this way, do you believe that mp thinks women should literally be raped? I assume you'd answer No. In that case, what is he really trying to say? Or, at worst, what point can be extracted from the trolling. This is the nature of most mp rants and provocation. Each a test of your filters. << y u trolling me1

17:35:39 mircea_popescu: pankkake: (I haven't read the article yet, I'm 3 behind?) << peed on the test yet ?

17:35:44 assbot: [HAVELOCK] [AM1] 4 @ 0.1931003 = 0.7724 BTC [-]

17:36:43 mircea_popescu: ThickAsThieves: I try not to do that, but mp loves it << why, incidentally ?

17:36:45 assbot: [HAVELOCK] [PETA] 67 @ 0.03757314 = 2.5174 BTC [-] {15}

17:38:31 mircea_popescu: pankkake "more than four times as much nodes" > as many. much works as a comparative for uncuntable items only. as much money, as much police. if the substance is discrete, more. more nodes, more tits.

17:38:45 mircea_popescu: bah. i mean, many nodes, many tits.

17:38:53 pankkake: peed on what?

17:39:09 mircea_popescu: ;;google pregnancy test

17:39:10 gribble: When to Take Pregnancy Tests - WebMD: Home Tests, False ...: http://www.webmd.com/baby/guide/pregnancy-tests; Early Results Pregnancy Test | FIRST RESPONSE™: http://www.firstresponse.com/early-pregnancy-test; Pregnancy test - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pregnancy_test

17:39:25 pankkake: good catch, I know the difference, but didn't reread myself

17:39:39 pankkake: oh, being behind, I get it

17:40:00 mircea_popescu: SSH into it, and run ?apt-get install bitcoind?. Forget about it. << they need to run it too no ?

17:44:15 pankkake: no, debian usually runs the daemon by default, but not all packages

17:44:20 pankkake: I haven't checked

17:44:54 pankkake: sometimes you need to edit /etc/conf.d/<name>

17:45:02 pankkake: or is it /etc/defaults

17:45:46 mircea_popescu: right

17:45:59 mircea_popescu: just saying, about 1/3 or more of ppl doing what you say don't do anything at all

17:46:30 mircea_popescu: BingoBoingo: It hasn't been a good month for him, next should be worse << oddly, too. i kinda like the guy, but he's been acting erratically of late.

17:47:07 BingoBoingo: He's only lately started going off the deep end. I hope he didn't catch anything from tortilla

17:47:26 ThickAsThieves: <+mircea_popescu> ThickAsThieves: I try not to do that, but mp loves it << why, incidentally ? /// I have an different appreciation for the human condition? A skepticism for anything leaning too far in any direction? I didnt end up in art, music, design and marketing and such by accident, my brain tries to tune to empathy for some reason. I don't always behave in kind, but it's probably

17:47:26 ThickAsThieves: my initial state of response. Also probably why I try to question things and myself in new ways. Also maybe why I'm vegan, etc. Or something else, fukt if i know.

17:48:35 mircea_popescu: that's your response as to why you try not to touch people ?!

17:48:50 ThickAsThieves: touch?

17:49:03 mircea_popescu: well yes. as in "a touching remark"

17:49:20 ThickAsThieves: no, i meant i try not to assualt the individual as a means of communication

17:49:37 ThickAsThieves: verbally or otherwise

17:49:40 chetty: different people respond to different levels of touch

17:49:41 mircea_popescu: well... can't have one w/o the other can you.

17:49:50 mircea_popescu: but fundamentally, it'll have to be touch.

17:50:00 ThickAsThieves: maybe it's a point of finesse or just of preference

17:50:17 ThickAsThieves: i dont mine saying ideas that some might find offensive

17:50:27 ThickAsThieves: but i also wouldnt use rape as a metaphor

17:50:28 mircea_popescu: maybe you're just used to talking to people who speak the same language.

17:50:38 ThickAsThieves: mind*

17:50:46 chetty: the person that responds to a light touch may be further put off by brute force and the reverse

17:51:01 mircea_popescu: chetty how would you know apriori what's what ?

17:51:22 mircea_popescu: i mean, if you're racist, ie, strictly intend to live within your subgroup, then yea, just look up the official subgroup table.

17:51:29 ThickAsThieves: note, i never said MP should not write this way

17:51:34 mircea_popescu: but if you're not, you're stuck, there's no good translation.

17:51:36 ThickAsThieves: simply that i wouldnt

17:51:43 mircea_popescu: ThickAsThieves i know, i know.

17:51:53 ThickAsThieves: i enjoy the challenge of reading your work

17:52:00 ThickAsThieves: whether i agree or not

17:52:06 chetty: And I was just sayin both have their place

17:52:21 mircea_popescu: so then we have no substantial disagreement on the table at all ?

17:52:40 ThickAsThieves: not really, i was mostly trying to interpret your being to chetty

17:52:52 ThickAsThieves: hold him, as it were

17:52:54 ThickAsThieves: :)

17:52:57 mircea_popescu: lol

17:53:08 chetty: her*

17:53:13 ThickAsThieves: aha!

17:53:16 ThickAsThieves: i wasnt sure

17:53:26 mircea_popescu: nubbins`: USMS should liveblog the auction << sadly, the website to do that wouldcost the usg more than the auction's worth

17:56:02 mircea_popescu: mike_c: TaT, you know this technical crap is snake oil, right? << but he likes it.

17:56:29 mircea_popescu: consider this : it's a scientific fact that you having sex does exactly 0 for your team. but what if you had sex during all the games, on the conviction that a good fuck will make your team win ?

17:56:36 mircea_popescu: wouldn't the win be pretty enjoyable then ?

17:56:57 mircea_popescu: in an economy of subjective utility, snake oil is economically relevant.

17:58:06 rithm: when does the auction happen again

17:58:09 rithm: next month?

17:58:24 mike_c: the wins would be enjoyable. not sure how the losses would affect my conviction.

17:58:37 mike_c: *effect

17:58:42 mike_c: whichever

17:58:52 benkay: go long, dca, forget trading.

17:59:06 mike_c: rithm: right now.

17:59:11 benkay: unless you're on someone else's book and getting paid for it.

17:59:13 rithm: oh

17:59:19 rithm: link?

17:59:31 rithm: anything to watch?

17:59:42 mike_c: nothing to watch. it's private.

17:59:49 rithm: snooze

18:00:00 BingoBoingo: ;;ticker

18:00:01 gribble: Bitstamp BTCUSD ticker | Best bid: 588.41, Best ask: 589.51, Bid-ask spread: 1.10000, Last trade: 588.41, 24 hour volume: 6799.05133464, 24 hour low: 566.25, 24 hour high: 590.0, 24 hour vwap: 581.060682823

18:00:08 assbot: [HAVELOCK] [PETA] [PAID] 110.72909372 BTC to 77`492 shares, 142891 satoshi per share

18:01:04 mircea_popescu: <mike_c> the wins would be enjoyable. not sure how the losses would affect my conviction. << precisely. producing overall a net gain.

18:01:13 benkay: ;;later tell princesnell mircea_popescu wants to know more about poso*

18:01:13 gribble: The operation succeeded.

18:01:27 benkay: ask the anthropologist.

18:01:55 mike_c: well, that wasn't entirely accurate. i do know how the losses would affect my conviction. it would change it.

18:02:15 mircea_popescu: yours.

18:02:25 mircea_popescu: but you're not a subjective utilitatirst. maybe

18:02:34 mircea_popescu: maybe you don't even respond to placebo worth a crao

18:03:00 mike_c: i'll start taking them and report back.

18:03:09 mircea_popescu: lol

18:04:44 mircea_popescu: ThickAsThieves: It's not a question to me, humans are not random, nor is a marketplace. Sure, anything CAN happen, but some things are more likely to happen than others and there are ways to approximate that. You could even go in another direction and consider that if traders believe this shit, it self-manifests to some degree. Is it better to know the script, with option to follow it, or not know it << this is like re

18:04:45 mircea_popescu: ading calvin.

18:06:14 assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 12736 @ 0.00081685 = 10.4034 BTC [-]

18:06:54 mircea_popescu: "One of the central themes of the postmodern critique of our values is that aesthetics must trump truth as long as aesthetics remains undefined. That?s the semiotic conundrum, why psychiatry is politics: the truth is demanded only when it supports a preset ideology."

18:06:56 mircea_popescu: heh

18:09:17 assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 11114 @ 0.00081685 = 9.0785 BTC [-]

18:10:18 assbot: [HAVELOCK] [SCRYPT] [PAID] 7.63386216 BTC to 29`438 shares, 25932 satoshi per share

18:12:44 pankkake: http://fraudsters.com/2014/ill-pay-for-your-tits/ <= why didn't this make any noise?

18:12:46 assbot: I’ll pay for your tits pe fraudsters - Un blog de Mircea Popescu.

18:13:26 pankkake: could be posted on girlsgonebitcoin too

18:13:43 mircea_popescu: pls do.

18:13:52 mircea_popescu: i was asking yest for it. i thought moiety posted it ?

18:16:27 mircea_popescu: mircea_popescu:

18:16:28 mircea_popescu: http://fraudsters.com/2014/ill-pay-for-your-tits/ << somebody with a reddit account please drop this in the whatever sluts subreddit and anyone that does a lot of camsites or whatever - spread it wouldja.

18:16:29 assbot: I’ll pay for your tits pe fraudsters - Un blog de Mircea Popescu.

18:17:08 pankkake: probably shouldn't do it with my current troll account, but i'll uptits it

18:17:48 pankkake: btw, YOU have a reddit account

18:20:21 ThickAsThieves: John Calvin?

18:20:55 chetty: http://www.newsforage.com/2014/06/red-cross-how-we-spent-sandy-money-is.html

18:20:55 assbot: Red Cross: How We Spent Sandy Money Is a ‘Trade Secret’ - The charity is fighting a public records request for information on how it raised and spent money after the superstorm ~ News Forage

18:27:11 mircea_popescu: i do ?

18:27:29 mircea_popescu: ThickAsThieves yea

18:29:50 ThickAsThieves: all i know is from skimming the wiki

18:30:13 mircea_popescu: they had this p[redetermination doctrine.

18:30:15 ThickAsThieves: beieved destiny is predetermined, god knows all, incl future

18:31:05 mircea_popescu: ya

18:31:24 ThickAsThieves: so i'm aspiring to be godlike, big deal

18:31:32 ThickAsThieves: who isnt

18:32:54 Mats_cd03: i aspire to godhood.

18:33:11 mircea_popescu: not exactly. more like you aspire to be godlike on the theory that the world's a sausage press.

18:33:42 mircea_popescu: that's kinda what the reformation was, the rebellion of sausage makers against all this bs latin learning.

18:33:47 mircea_popescu: citizen theory.

18:35:43 assbot: [HAVELOCK] [SCRYPT] 20 @ 0.02688262 = 0.5377 BTC [+]

18:35:53 mircea_popescu: It's not adding more of the same drug, it is like adding a second drug. It's not more Effexor; it's taking a maxed out SSRI, and adding a NRI. It's like being with Princess Leia, but then adding Princess Ardala. And if you understood that joke, you should put down Yars' Revenge and kill yourself.

18:36:00 mircea_popescu: anyone wish to explain the joke to me ?

18:36:44 assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 1036 @ 0.00081712 = 0.8465 BTC [+]

18:37:07 ThickAsThieves: i think it's Princess Armadala

18:37:11 ThickAsThieves: both from Star Wars

18:37:19 ThickAsThieves: and Yars is an old atari game

18:37:57 ThickAsThieves: i think it says, for a nerd, this is totally awesome

18:38:19 ThickAsThieves: that, or totally impossible

18:38:20 ThickAsThieves: not sure

18:39:24 mircea_popescu: not yet a joke tho

18:39:37 mircea_popescu: i guess maybe he means "chuckle worthy reference" = joke

18:39:53 ThickAsThieves: absurd

18:39:54 BingoBoingo: Well, symptom of being American...

18:39:56 ThickAsThieves: maybe

18:41:49 assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 12948 @ 0.00081455 = 10.5468 BTC [-]

18:43:44 ThickAsThieves: “BTCjam has been a great resource, connecting me with investors globally, and allowing me to expand my business in ways I hadn't even thought were possible. Thanks!”

18:44:14 chetty: <mircea_popescu> It's not adding more of the same drug, it is like adding a second drug. It's not more Effexor; it's taking a maxed out SSRI, and adding a NRI. It's like being with Princess Leia, but then adding Princess Ardala. And if you understood that joke, you should put down Yars' Revenge and kill yourself.//bad nerd attempt to make an inside joke

18:44:52 benkay: in america, the joke has been reduced to the reference

18:45:01 benkay: "how about them TSA lines?!?!?!?!" har har har

18:45:11 benkay: and audiences reduced to ovations over laughter

18:45:14 benkay: it's a travesty

18:45:37 ThickAsThieves: BTCJam has loaned out more than 23,000 BTC to people like you. Simple and Fast online application process.

18:45:38 ThickAsThieves: Great low rates - independent of your FICO score!

18:45:58 ThickAsThieves: Facebook ads from BTCJam

18:46:20 Namworld: ...

18:48:57 assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 45600 @ 0.00081616 = 37.2169 BTC [+] {2}

18:49:21 pankkake: http://www.reddit.com/r/GirlsGoneBitcoin/comments/299ee9/opportunity_to_get_01btc_for_your_tits_on_irc/ http://www.reddit.com/r/deCrypto/comments/299gau/opportunity_to_get_01btc_for_your_tits_on_irc/ upboobage request

18:49:21 assbot: reddit.com: over 18?

18:49:21 assbot: reddit.com: over 18?

18:51:59 assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 19963 @ 0.00081874 = 16.3445 BTC [+] {2}

18:54:30 pankkake: http://www.reddit.com/r/Bitcoin/comments/2997du/warning_the_bitcoin_journal_is_a_fraud/ MP was right, Sara is likely not a girl

18:54:31 assbot: WARNING: The Bitcoin Journal is a fraud : Bitcoin

18:56:09 BingoBoingo: kakobrekla always spots the scammers

18:57:04 assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 8246 @ 0.00081455 = 6.7168 BTC [-]

18:57:06 kakobrekla: an hour ago

18:57:16 kakobrekla: ba beats reddit

18:58:05 assbot: [HAVELOCK] [PETA] 15 @ 0.03671218 = 0.5507 BTC [-] {6}

19:16:16 mircea_popescu: !up Menno

19:16:18 mircea_popescu: !up diatonic

19:16:48 mircea_popescu: <ThickAsThieves> Facebook ads from BTCJam << i wonder if they fiat roi, those fb ads :D

19:17:50 mircea_popescu: pankkake danke

19:19:23 mircea_popescu: http://38.media.tumblr.com/6c8929d97e29476c98fe514cbd1c866d/tumblr_mj7ikq5jYs1ryigg2o1_500.jpg << sarah/kate/simon/craig woods further stock footage

19:21:41 pankkake: you posted that one already

19:21:48 benkay: i've seen that like three times this week

19:21:56 pankkake: more dildopants please

19:22:04 benkay: at least different ones

19:22:29 assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 11000 @ 0.00081902 = 9.0092 BTC [+]

19:24:40 mircea_popescu: now you get to knowwhat marriage's like.

19:29:36 assbot: [HAVELOCK] [PETA] 17 @ 0.03412 = 0.58 BTC [-]

19:32:23 benkay: what, no new panties?

19:32:31 Mats_cd03: 10btc buttcoin

19:32:42 Mats_cd03: such privilege

19:33:42 Mats_cd03: idk many people that would say no esp if they remained anon

19:40:47 assbot: [HAVELOCK] [PETA] 17 @ 0.0340294 = 0.5785 BTC [-] {3}

19:43:50 assbot: [HAVELOCK] [PETA] 43 @ 0.03110569 = 1.3375 BTC [-] {8}

19:44:52 assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 10050 @ 0.00081622 = 8.203 BTC [-]

20:01:07 assbot: [HAVELOCK] [PETA] 45 @ 0.03699758 = 1.6649 BTC [+] {2}

20:19:07 BingoBoingo: %ob

20:19:08 atcbot: 45k@277 48k@275 60k@238 | 970k@199 750k@175 216k@160

20:19:17 BingoBoingo: %diff

20:19:18 atcbot: [ATC Diff] Current Diff: 511511.43 Est. Next Diff: 385242.46 in 1620 blocks (#38304) Est. % Change: -24.69

20:19:26 BingoBoingo: ;;bc,stats

20:19:28 gribble: Current Blocks: 308160 | Current Difficulty: 1.346258011452534E10 | Next Difficulty At Block: 308447 | Next Difficulty In: 287 blocks | Next Difficulty In About: 1 day, 13 hours, 13 minutes, and 56 seconds | Next Difficulty Estimate: 16651563644.6 | Estimated Percent Change: 23.68776

20:20:47 thestringpuller: Sunday 5am EDT

20:23:33 thestringpuller: ;;ticker

20:23:34 gribble: Bitstamp BTCUSD ticker | Best bid: 585.01, Best ask: 587.44, Bid-ask spread: 2.43000, Last trade: 587.44, 24 hour volume: 6960.37322975, 24 hour low: 568.04, 24 hour high: 590.0, 24 hour vwap: 582.330245983

20:24:12 BingoBoingo: ;;ticker --market USMS auction

20:24:13 gribble: (ticker [--bid|--ask|--last|--high|--low|--avg|--vol] [--currency XXX] [--market <market>|all]) -- Return pretty-printed ticker. Default market is Bitstamp. If one of the result options is given, returns only that numeric result (useful for nesting in calculations). If '--currency XXX' option is given, returns ticker for that three-letter currency code. It is up to you to make sure (1 more message)

20:24:43 BingoBoingo: ;;more

20:24:43 gribble: the code is a valid currency on your target market. Default currency is USD.

20:39:47 assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 22874 @ 0.00081647 = 18.6759 BTC [+] {2}

20:40:47 assbot: [HAVELOCK] [PETA] 25 @ 0.03101 = 0.7753 BTC [-]

20:54:22 BingoBoingo: ;;tslb

20:54:24 gribble: Time since last block: 1 minute and 35 seconds

20:54:27 BingoBoingo: %tslb

20:54:30 atcbot: 19 minutes and 26 seconds

21:01:06 assbot: [HAVELOCK] [PETA] 61 @ 0.03002785 = 1.8317 BTC [-] {5}

21:03:08 assbot: [HAVELOCK] [PETA] 39 @ 0.02899861 = 1.1309 BTC [-] {5}

21:13:18 assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 12750 @ 0.00081821 = 10.4322 BTC [+]

21:20:25 assbot: [HAVELOCK] [SCRYPT] 35 @ 0.02505931 = 0.8771 BTC [-] {5}

21:30:02 Namworld: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=668378.0

21:30:02 assbot: Flawed Provably Fair Systems

21:30:18 Namworld: And it's live.

21:35:13 Mats_cd03: cape cod is filled to the brim with peasants this time of year

21:35:40 assbot: [HAVELOCK] [PETA] 49 @ 0.028 = 1.372 BTC [-] {4}

21:37:06 nubbins`: fun

21:37:38 nubbins`: hey, do you guys get seasonal homeless where you live?

21:38:51 bitcoinpete: ThickAsThieves:"The weakest point of my company was management," said Mr. Karpelès, who was the sole executive of the company. << lulz!

21:38:58 nubbins`: :D

21:39:20 bitcoinpete: punkman: 120 petahashes now << and then some

21:39:21 nubbins`: the weakest point of our basketball team was athletic ability

21:39:22 bitcoinpete: ;;nethash

21:39:23 gribble: 1.72688358042

21:39:44 assbot: [HAVELOCK] [PETA] 50 @ 0.02698 = 1.349 BTC [+] {2}

21:39:51 Mats_cd03: seasonal homeless exist everywhere its warm during the summer

21:40:01 jurov: weakest point of the porn performance was the dick

21:40:49 jurov: nubbins`: yes i know two dudes that live whole summer in tent

21:40:53 bitcoinpete: wtf gribble...

21:41:38 jurov: heh gribble overflowed?

21:41:50 Mats_cd03: i wonder why that is. needs to be bigint?

21:42:08 kakobrekla: ;;bc,stats

21:42:10 gribble: Current Blocks: 308176 | Current Difficulty: 1.346258011452534E10 | Next Difficulty At Block: 308447 | Next Difficulty In: 271 blocks | Next Difficulty In About: 1 day, 10 hours, 13 minutes, and 53 seconds | Next Difficulty Estimate: 16703666692.6 | Estimated Percent Change: 24.07478

21:42:21 bitcoinpete: jurov: must be. pretty sure there more than 1.72 Ghps

21:42:38 jurov: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=668378 namworld finally published his rant

21:42:38 assbot: Flawed Provably Fair Systems

21:42:43 kakobrekla: nethash molests the sci notation ?

21:42:48 bitcoinpete: closer to 121,860,978 GH/s

21:43:08 bitcoinpete: kakobrekla: it seemed to be working properly yesterday

21:43:17 bitcoinpete: now it's guessing next diff or something

21:43:19 fluffypony: nubbins`: apparently t-shirts arrived today

21:43:26 fluffypony: I asked the wife to take pics and send to me

21:43:30 bitcoinpete: provably fair t-shirts!

21:43:33 nubbins`: great! good news

21:43:36 kakobrekla: nanotube you might want to get that looked at.

21:44:24 nubbins`: check the timestamp on the postage, curious to know how long it took

21:44:32 fluffypony: nubbins`: will do

21:45:06 fluffypony: ugh, OgNasty's posts in the "Why Do You Invest?" thread make me want to smack him upside the head

21:45:20 fluffypony: "What if BTC drops from $560 down to $0.01 while your BTC investment doubles? Would you be happy your $560 investment is now worth $0.02, or would you be angry that you lost all the real value of your investment?"

21:45:44 fluffypony: I'd be fucking ecstatic if I double'd my BTC regardless of what some shitty fiat market thinks a BTC is worth in 'Murka

21:45:48 kakobrekla: but at 0.01$'s difficulty, he will be mining 22mio btc a day.

21:46:24 fluffypony: heh

21:46:41 fluffypony: Team Nasty Fans (or whatever they're called) would love that

21:46:42 kakobrekla: dun worry my comment contains at least two fails

21:47:44 bitcoinpete: french money sign..

21:47:47 fluffypony: you're just using gribble arithmetic

21:48:06 bitcoinpete: gribmath

21:48:10 fluffypony: LOL

21:48:14 fluffypony: phpGribMath

21:48:23 kakobrekla: but i think i know why nasty fans invest. so ognasty can pay rent without actually doing anything.

21:48:27 fluffypony: "As used by Karpeles!"

21:48:28 bitcoinpete: phpGribMath.random

21:48:46 jurov: ;;calc 1.346258011452534E10

21:48:46 gribble: Error: unexpected EOF while parsing (<string>, line 1)

21:48:48 fluffypony: bitcoinpete: is that function provably fair?

21:48:51 bitcoinpete: as used by brainwallet.org

21:48:54 jurov: ;;calc 1.346258011452534E10*1.0

21:48:55 gribble: Error: invalid syntax (<string>, line 1)

21:49:14 jurov: well..

21:49:20 kakobrekla: ;;rand

21:49:20 gribble: Error: "rand" is not a valid command.

21:49:25 kakobrekla: ;;calc rand

21:49:25 gribble: Error: 'rand' is not a defined function.

21:49:26 bitcoinpete: ;;calc 1.346258011452534**10

21:49:27 gribble: 19.5561341426

21:49:35 kakobrekla: meh , ill seed the wallet with that anyway.

21:50:06 bitcoinpete: dat entropy

21:50:27 bitcoinpete: we should do a brainwallet hacktest of "rand"

21:51:12 bitcoinpete: http://letstalkbitcoin.com/blog/post/introducing-ltbcoin-our-new-crypto-rewards-program-for-ltb-creators-and-community

21:51:14 assbot: Introducing LTBCOIN, our new crypto-rewards program for LTB Creators and Community | Lets Talk Bitcoin

21:51:38 bitcoinpete: "Why is LTBCOIN Valuable? Effective July 1st, 2014 LetsTalkBitcoin.com, the Let’s Talk Bitcoin! show, and the LTB network will only sell sponsorship space (on the web properties) or airtime (on the show) for LTBCOIN, to the highest bidder, in LTBCOIN, at our regular auction events."

21:52:02 fluffypony: wait what

21:52:07 fluffypony: they're issuing an altcoin?

21:52:16 jurov: Crypto.SHA256(window.screen.height, window.screen.width, window.screen.colorDepth, window.screen.availHeight, window.screen.availWidth, window.screen.pixelDepth, date, timeZoneOffset, navigator.userAgent, all browser plugins, all mime types of the browser, cookies, language, browser history, browser url) to xor that in to the random bytes.

21:52:29 bitcoinpete: fluffypony: on counterwallet or w/e

21:52:31 jurov: ^ use this. totally sikrit

21:54:27 bitcoinpete: https://twitter.com/EIAgov/status/482590503511130112

21:54:28 assbot: US crude /hashtag/oil?src=hash production in April 2014= 8.38 MMbbl/d; most since Nov 1987 http://t.co/ne91CvzzQu /hashtag/tightoil?src=hash /hashtag/energy?src=hash http://t.co/zkc4O82Cu0

21:55:01 bitcoinpete: pumping black gold, hoarding germany gold gold...

21:55:07 bitcoinpete: good times in the gasenwagen!

21:56:42 bitcoinpete: penguirker: New blog post: http://pankkake.headfucking.net/2014/06/27/fullnode-co-is-a-scam/ << pankkake, i like

21:56:43 assbot: Fullnode.co is a scam | pankkake

21:56:50 bitcoinpete: good to see you blogging more

21:59:03 assbot: [HAVELOCK] [PETA] 29 @ 0.02794968 = 0.8105 BTC [-] {2}

22:00:18 bitcoinpete: nubbins`: USMS should liveblog the auction << yes! wonder what's going on there atm..

22:01:07 mike_c: nuttin, auction's over.

22:01:11 fluffypony: just about to close isn't it?

22:01:14 fluffypony: there you go

22:02:42 BingoBoingo: ;;ticker --market USMS

22:02:42 gribble: Error: This is not one of the supported markets. Please choose one of ['bcent', 'okc', 'btcn', 'coinbase', 'cbx', 'bitmynt', 'btsp', 'btcavg', 'krk', 'btcde', 'btce', 'bfx'] or 'all'

22:02:42 bitstein: You know, it would be a lot easier if we just listed what Bitcoin businesses _aren't_ scams.

22:03:01 fluffypony: bitstein: would be a very short list

22:03:07 jurov: ;;ticker --market noscam

22:03:07 gribble: Error: This is not one of the supported markets. Please choose one of ['bcent', 'okc', 'btcn', 'coinbase', 'cbx', 'bitmynt', 'btsp', 'btcavg', 'krk', 'btcde', 'btce', 'bfx'] or 'all'

22:03:10 bitcoinpete: bitstein: … we do

22:03:22 bitcoinpete: those in the wot are not scams

22:03:34 jurov: you see... gribble does nto support such markets

22:03:35 bitcoinpete: until proven otherwise

22:03:51 bitcoinpete: those outside the wot are scams… until proven otherwise

22:04:12 bitstein: Yes, that's a good way to filter through.

22:04:21 bitcoinpete: ThickAsThieves: rape me << reminds me of maebe bluth's "marry me"

22:04:27 jurov: the only non-scam is death

22:04:44 BingoBoingo: Death is a scam.

22:05:08 jurov: lol howso?

22:06:41 bitcoinpete: afterlives, souls, etc ?

22:07:05 bitcoinpete: "we are all but energy that can neither be created nor destroyed" ?

22:07:28 jurov: afterlives concern only scammers who sell death derivatives

22:08:38 bitcoinpete: like churches

22:08:47 bitcoinpete: please to tithe

22:08:48 jurov: no one ever came after the death like "yeah i did this good investment while i lived"

22:09:13 assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 58200 @ 0.00081913 = 47.6734 BTC [+] {3}

22:09:35 bitcoinpete: ;;rate jurov 2 coinbr

22:09:36 gribble: Rating entry successful. Your rating for user jurov has changed from 1 to 2.

22:09:51 jurov: ;;rated bitcoinpete

22:09:52 gribble: You have not yet rated user bitcoinpete

22:10:42 jurov: ;;rate bitcoinpete 1 spiffy blog. coinbr trader.

22:10:43 gribble: Rating entry successful. Your rating of 1 for user bitcoinpete has been recorded.

22:10:55 bitcoinpete: a ty

22:11:18 bitcoinpete: ;;rated kakobrekla

22:11:19 gribble: You rated user kakobrekla on Wed Apr 16 20:43:33 2014, with a rating of 1, and supplied these additional notes: greaser of #bitcoin-assets wheels.

22:11:29 bitcoinpete: hm needs more

22:11:47 jurov: lol do you know what's meant by "greasing the wheels" around here?

22:12:11 jurov: a nice little bribe

22:12:12 bitcoinpete: jurov: lol i could almost guess but what is it actually?

22:12:16 assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 69100 @ 0.00082063 = 56.7055 BTC [+] {5}

22:12:18 bitcoinpete: o ha

22:12:26 bitcoinpete: ya means the same here too

22:12:42 bitcoinpete: sorta the joke ;)

22:13:20 bitcoinpete: ;;rate kakobrekla 2 greaser of #bitcoin-assets wheels. hasn't run off with bitbets

22:13:21 gribble: Rating entry successful. Your rating for user kakobrekla has changed from 1 to 2.

22:14:06 bitcoinpete: ;;rate 1 bitstein bright kid. runs nakamoto institute.

22:14:06 gribble: Error: 'bitstein' is not a valid integer.

22:14:08 kakobrekla: imma need to order http://www.amazon.com/Passion-Natural-Water-Based-Lubricant-Gallon/dp/B005MR3IVO nao

22:14:10 assbot: Amazon.com: Passion Natural Water-Based Lubricant - 55 Gallon: Health & Personal Care

22:14:22 jurov: shoulda also rate lampelina as subgreaser, no?

22:14:25 bitcoinpete: ;;rate bitstein 1 bright kid. runs nakamoto institute.

22:14:26 gribble: Rating entry successful. Your rating for user bitstein has changed from 1 to 1.

22:14:43 bitcoinpete: o i c

22:14:54 bitstein: "Error: 'bitstein' is not a valid integer." Good to know I'm not just a number.

22:15:11 benkay: https://twitter.com/garybernhardt/status/482295995380690944 // oop is seductively rational, only disclosing its insanities after much research by way smart people

22:15:12 assbot: I feel like I wasted much of the last decade by trying to make sense of programming fashion (mostly OO) rather than trusting my instincts.

22:15:12 bitcoinpete: fluffypony: there's nothing natural about unnatural lube

22:15:26 bitcoinpete: o hey benkay !

22:15:32 benkay: hey bitcoinpete

22:15:37 benkay: how are you today?

22:15:57 bitcoinpete: quite well, i'd say

22:16:03 bitcoinpete: and yourself?

22:16:22 bitcoinpete: bitstein: and don't let them turn you in to one either ;)

22:17:26 bitcoinpete: ;;rate mthreat 1 maker of supremely useful #bitcoin-assets search

22:17:27 gribble: Rating entry successful. Your rating of 1 for user mthreat has been recorded.

22:17:35 bitstein: It'd be like in Anthem. We would be called Equality 7-2521.

22:19:01 bitcoinpete: mircea_popescu: cazalla: http://www.reddit.com/r/Bitcoin/comments/298dkp/mircea_popescu_promoting_rape_what_an_excellent/ << wait im in the "community" nao ? << you're also "an excellent PR" !

22:19:01 assbot: Mircea Popescu, promoting rape. What an excellent PR for the community. : Bitcoin

22:21:23 benkay: bitcoinpete: slaying aws clusters allllll dayyyyyy and taking a contractor out for dinner after

22:22:05 bitcoinpete: mircea_popescu: that's the fucking problem at the bottom of it : a class of people that have been trained to equate power with badness and powerlessness with goodness. << this, for 150 years. what nietzsche was on about with master-slave morality.

22:22:17 bitcoinpete: benkay: the high life!

22:22:25 benkay: and writing documentation.

22:22:30 bitcoinpete: are you boys finding a nice rooftop patio somewheres downtown?

22:22:31 benkay: always with the documentation.

22:22:51 benkay: that'd be nice, but we're keeping overhead to negligible levels for the immediate future.

22:23:09 benkay: instead of renting an office, we have a running tab with a rather nice local cafe

22:23:35 benkay: my partner does have a large porch upon which we work when the weather's nice

22:23:53 bitcoinpete: fuckin heysteve stole my shit… or I, his

22:24:16 bitcoinpete: fuckin logs

22:24:41 bitcoinpete: benkay: and for apres diner drinks?

22:24:58 bitcoinpete: and wd keeping costs down. fuck rent

22:25:05 BingoBoingo: Death is a scam, because it Gox's your wallet

22:27:01 benkay: bitcoinpete: apres dinner malarkey of all sorts

22:29:33 assbot: [HAVELOCK] [PETA] 20 @ 0.0299995 = 0.6 BTC [+] {2}

22:36:33 bitcoinpete: mircea_popescu: not exactly. more like you aspire to be godlike on the theory that the world's a sausage press. << lulz! dat analogy.

22:37:12 bitcoinpete: alright beer time..

22:37:29 kakobrekla: benkay here is your answer : https://github.com/WordPress/WordPress/blob/fd838ccb2b1d37bda02eecdf09c324863f050812/wp-admin/setup-config.php#L211

22:37:30 assbot: WordPress/wp-admin/setup-config.php at fd838ccb2b1d37bda02eecdf09c324863f050812 WordPress/WordPress GitHub

22:41:03 benkay: http://www.lustocracy.com/

22:41:03 assbot: Lustocracy | Error!

22:41:34 benkay: well that's downright inspirational, kakobrekla

22:41:54 benkay: http://codex.wordpress.org/Function_Reference/wp_remote_get

22:41:55 assbot: Function Reference/wp remote get « WordPress Codex

22:41:58 benkay: not even https?

22:42:28 Mats_cd03: its brilliant in its simplicity

22:42:34 benkay: i guess ssl_verify might help...

22:42:39 benkay: sslverify i mean

22:42:47 assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 13800 @ 0.00081901 = 11.3023 BTC [-] {2}

22:42:54 Mats_cd03: hue.

22:42:57 benkay: but how do you force wp_remote_get to use https?

22:43:27 kakobrekla: i see https in the sauce

22:43:29 kakobrekla: but regardless.

22:43:43 benkay: kinda bunk.

22:43:59 kakobrekla: someone failed at the auction - now buying buttstamp coins

22:44:11 benkay: so...what is that used for internally to wordpress?

22:44:15 benkay: ;;ticker --market bitstamp

22:44:16 gribble: Bitstamp BTCUSD ticker | Best bid: 595.99, Best ask: 598.02, Bid-ask spread: 2.03000, Last trade: 598.0, 24 hour volume: 9246.56975719, 24 hour low: 573.52, 24 hour high: 598.02, 24 hour vwap: 583.841306381

22:45:07 kakobrekla: hey its from your guy (i think) https://twitter.com/garybernhardt/status/480105287689314305

22:45:08 assbot: TIL: Good random number generation is hard in PHP, so Wordpress HTTP GETs random salt from http://t.co/LFH4pAKh5U. https://t.co/57TTgbCEKj

22:45:28 benkay: yup

22:45:54 benkay: lol "SecureRandom is so slow!"

22:46:04 benkay: berhardt's pretty great, kakobrekla.

22:47:58 kakobrekla: not bad ye

22:48:52 assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 20800 @ 0.00082117 = 17.0803 BTC [+] {3}

22:49:06 mike_c: maybe the auction bids leaked. anyone check USMS twitter feed?

22:49:30 BingoBoingo: ;;ticker --market USMS

22:49:30 gribble: Error: This is not one of the supported markets. Please choose one of ['bcent', 'okc', 'btcn', 'coinbase', 'cbx', 'bitmynt', 'btsp', 'btcavg', 'krk', 'btcde', 'btce', 'bfx'] or 'all'

22:49:45 BingoBoingo: Still not sync'd with gribble...

23:02:22 mircea_popescu: o hai

23:02:31 mircea_popescu: !up Pilate

23:03:06 assbot: [HAVELOCK] [PETA] 89 @ 0.033 = 2.937 BTC [+]

23:06:09 assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 15799 @ 0.00081753 = 12.9162 BTC [-] {2}

23:07:10 assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 18600 @ 0.00082064 = 15.2639 BTC [+] {2}

23:10:58 mircea_popescu: Mats_cd03: seasonal homeless exist everywhere its warm during the summer << i just walked by a guy who was sleeping on the sidewalk.

23:11:07 mircea_popescu: he had a matress, and a cover, and a nice sleeping HAT

23:11:18 mircea_popescu: by no means a rare sight.

23:12:05 mircea_popescu: fluffypony: I'd be fucking ecstatic if I double'd my BTC regardless of what some shitty fiat market thinks a BTC is worth in 'Murka << duh.

23:12:23 mircea_popescu: i so very much cared when my btc holdings "collapsed" from 15 per btc to 2 per btc.

23:12:38 mircea_popescu: there's prolly still logs of me crying all over it back in 2012.

23:12:51 BingoBoingo: http://www.reddit.com/r/dogecoin/comments/2997fe/this_phenomenon_where_in_alternatives_to_bitcoin/ciiwn85

23:12:52 assbot: This phenomenon where in alternatives to Bitcoin attract increasingly homogenous groups is perhaps most evident in Dogecoiners who seemingly want to make the Dystopia depicted below to become a reality : dogecoin

23:13:29 BingoBoingo: ^ pankkake

23:13:56 mircea_popescu: the notion that cheap highway whores or mcdonalds "attract" anyone is kinda lulzy.

23:14:09 mircea_popescu: they're not attracted, they just don't got money to go anywhere better.

23:14:44 mircea_popescu: "homelessness attracts an increasingly homogenuous population of social studies postdocs that simply couldn't afford a home"

23:14:49 pankkake: BingoBoingo: the comment linked appears to be deleted

23:15:08 pankkake: if it's yours, it might be the stealth deletion feature and you still see it

23:15:20 BingoBoingo: pankkake: Already?

23:16:19 assbot: [HAVELOCK] [PETA] 126 @ 0.03002462 = 3.7831 BTC [+] {5}

23:16:46 BingoBoingo: mircea_popescu: Sure, but this is the internet so the poor can hitch their nothing to Dogecoin, Darkcoin, or whatever reflects their particular type of poor as they imagine it best

23:17:28 mircea_popescu: dogecoin is like libertard, darkcoin like republican ?

23:18:38 mircea_popescu: kakobrekla: imma need to order http://www.amazon.com/Passion-Natural-Water-Based-Lubricant-Gallon/dp/B005MR3IVO nao << i go to local 7/11. buncha teenage chicks bothering the clerk with their inane teenage bs.

23:18:40 assbot: Amazon.com: Passion Natural Water-Based Lubricant - 55 Gallon: Health & Personal Care

23:18:48 BingoBoingo: darkcoin's prolly more like green party

23:18:51 mircea_popescu: i order 12 packs of condoms. he's all flustered. says he doesn't have em.

23:18:53 mircea_popescu: i point.

23:19:10 mircea_popescu: he gets even more flustered. "how many ?" "doce."

23:19:20 mircea_popescu: he picks two packs. "dos ? o doce ?" "doce."

23:19:35 mircea_popescu: he's ready to call the cops because this should not be fucking allowed.

23:20:00 mircea_popescu: i regret it didn't occur to me to ask for passion natural water lubricant too

23:20:03 mircea_popescu: half galon.

23:20:58 mircea_popescu: bitcoinpete: ;;rate mthreat 1 maker of supremely useful #bitcoin-assets search << btw mthreat how many searches does it serve a day ?

23:21:24 assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 21677 @ 0.00081794 = 17.7305 BTC [-] {2}

23:21:51 kakobrekla: well

23:21:56 BingoBoingo: pankkake: Apparently reddit butchers GPG signatures too

23:21:56 kakobrekla: !s !s

23:21:56 assbot: 4021 results for '!s' : http://search.bitcoin-assets.com/?q=%21s

23:22:10 kakobrekla: !s "!s"

23:22:11 assbot: 4021 results for '"!s"' : http://search.bitcoin-assets.com/?q=%22%21s%22

23:22:14 kakobrekla: meh

23:23:10 kakobrekla: i would guess between 2 and 7

23:23:35 mircea_popescu: im curious if 100s or 1000s

23:24:01 kakobrekla: imo way way less. doesnt mean its any less awesome

23:25:20 mircea_popescu: yes it does! like before taking 100+ cox kim kadashian was kinda not so awesome. but then she took 1000+ cox and was almost as awesome as that other chick

23:25:28 assbot: [HAVELOCK] [PETA] 41 @ 0.02701825 = 1.1077 BTC [-] {5}

23:25:52 mthreat: mircea_popescu: it's 100s or less

23:26:18 mircea_popescu: well there goes tjhat theory.

23:26:25 mthreat: 1719 hits since june 20 9pm

23:26:29 mthreat: including some bots

23:26:42 mircea_popescu: ;;calc 1719 / 7

23:26:43 gribble: 245.571428571

23:26:49 mircea_popescu: it would seem to me your math is teh suk

23:27:43 mthreat: 245 is hundreds, eh? or did you mean total, not per day

23:28:15 mircea_popescu: ah you meant 100s or less inclusive

23:28:18 mircea_popescu: i see now

23:28:23 mthreat: O(100)

23:29:46 mthreat: in any case, not enough traffic for an IPO

23:30:11 chetty: http://news.yahoo.com/blackout-hits-venezuela-interrupts-presidential-broadcast-204030360.html

23:30:13 assbot: Venezuela blackout leaves commuters scrambling, silences president - Yahoo News

23:30:29 mircea_popescu: lol

23:31:05 ThickAsThieves: he drank too much!

23:32:49 kakobrekla: 250 hits a day?

23:32:55 kakobrekla: but how many searches?

23:33:06 mircea_popescu: does the new venezuela guy drinkj ?

23:34:06 mthreat: kakobrekla: looks like 864, filtering out .css hits

23:34:17 mthreat: ;;calc 864 / 8

23:34:18 gribble: 108

23:34:34 mthreat: I was close1

23:34:37 assbot: [HAVELOCK] [PETA] 53 @ 0.025 = 1.325 BTC [-] {4}

23:34:39 kakobrekla: unberivabru

23:35:29 BingoBoingo: Is Venezuala like Argentina lacking a liquor to call its own?

23:35:38 assbot: [HAVELOCK] [AM1] 3 @ 0.20109999 = 0.6033 BTC [-]

23:36:32 mircea_popescu: BingoBoingo actually that's bs. just found the local cognac

23:36:37 mircea_popescu: "reserva san jose". pretty decent

23:36:39 assbot: [MPEX] [FT] [X.EUR] 750 @ 0.00234684 = 1.7601 BTC [-] {4}

23:36:42 BingoBoingo: Cool

23:36:59 mircea_popescu: the problem with this country is that people believe it's okay to say no.

23:37:02 BingoBoingo: Last time you mentioned the subject, the conversation was troubling

23:37:17 mircea_popescu: like, if they don't understand what you're saying, or iuf they deem it too much effort, they figure thery may just pretend it doesn't exist.

23:37:33 mircea_popescu: so a lot of tourists form wrong ideas about what exists and is available.

23:37:40 assbot: [MPEX] [FT] [X.EUR] 334 @ 0.00234581 = 0.7835 BTC [-] {2}

23:37:54 mircea_popescu: you gotta ask properly. don't go "do you have..." like a fucking retard. go "either you bring me x or i'll beat you to death."

23:38:02 mircea_popescu: that, they get.

23:39:10 ThickAsThieves: This Coindesk high of the day might get written in the last minute

23:39:34 BingoBoingo: ;;ticker --market USMS

23:39:34 gribble: Error: This is not one of the supported markets. Please choose one of ['bcent', 'okc', 'btcn', 'coinbase', 'cbx', 'bitmynt', 'btsp', 'btcavg', 'krk', 'btcde', 'btce', 'bfx'] or 'all'

23:39:51 BingoBoingo: ^nanotube why isn't gribble tied into the auction?

23:40:02 BingoBoingo: ;;ticker --market all

23:40:06 ThickAsThieves: because he's outta string

23:40:08 gribble: Bitstamp BTCUSD last: 598.17, vol: 9033.26041319 | BTC-E BTCUSD last: 595.0, vol: 5896.42504 | Bitfinex BTCUSD last: 601.0, vol: 7073.33692063 | CampBX BTCUSD last: 604.9, vol: 44.27179999 | BTCChina BTCUSD last: 608.304792, vol: 4766.72410000 | Kraken BTCUSD last: 597.69266, vol: 21.76241551 | Bitcoin-Central BTCUSD last: 574.5808, vol: 113.26259978 | Volume-weighted last average: (1 more message)

23:40:10 BingoBoingo: ;;more

23:40:10 gribble: 599.923361702

23:40:59 asciilifeform: http://cryptome.org/2014/06/wmd-4th-gen-quest.pdf << for fissionless nuke fans

23:42:21 asciilifeform: http://cryptome.org/2014/06/gao-14-496.pdf << us dhs derp on btc

23:42:45 assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 21750 @ 0.00081583 = 17.7443 BTC [-]

23:46:05 BingoBoingo: !up chax

23:46:49 assbot: [HAVELOCK] [PETA] 21 @ 0.026 = 0.546 BTC [+] {2}

23:46:50 assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 11800 @ 0.00081849 = 9.6582 BTC [+] {2}

23:46:50 BingoBoingo: !up Cosmos

23:47:14 BingoBoingo: !up ninjashogun

23:47:45 BingoBoingo: !jd mpif

23:47:46 assbot: Bad JD response.

23:47:51 BingoBoingo: !jd

23:47:51 assbot: Just-Dice stat: 19098 BTC profit, 0.0k BTC invested, 1269.21 mio bets, 5.32 mio BTC wagered

23:54:53 nanotube: <kakobrekla> nanotube you might want to get that looked at. <- what am i looking at?

23:55:05 kakobrekla: ;;nethash

23:55:06 gribble: 1.72688358042

23:55:20 kakobrekla: should be at least 2.

23:57:10 nanotube: hm also i guess the data source changed from ghps to phps ...

23:57:50 kakobrekla: oh noes not the PHPs

23:58:13 nanotube: lol