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Transcript for 27-08-2017, 97 lines:

12:06:30 adlai: ;;later tell Risky2 back to the spamming, eh?

12:06:31 gribble: The operation succeeded.

12:06:48 adlai: "can run most GNU+Linux distributions" << at least they've been reading their daily stallman

12:10:58 adlai: in other noose, bitcoin is back to being the most profitable coin to mine

12:11:38 *: adlai guesses we have about a day of this, until BCH EDA retargets... unless perhaps the market kils BCH first

12:18:50 kakobrekla: still well above 0.1

12:18:58 kakobrekla: which is ~insane

12:19:25 adlai: something something irrational solvent

12:20:38 adlai: a surprising amount of bitcoin-ownership evidently doesn't consider the trouble of selling bch, worth even the current offer

12:21:26 kakobrekla: the feedback i got is different

12:23:05 adlai: i know many purported bitcoin-owners who purport to not yet having bothered to even check they know how to access their bch

12:23:18 adlai: then again, all it takes to purportedly own bitcoin is purportion

12:24:08 kakobrekla: i dont hang around with such so i wouldnt know

12:24:50 adlai: ah well, we can't all spend our days with meta-NSA-provided exotic hookers, or whatever they have in sangri-brek-la

12:25:04 kakobrekla: but some are still in the process of collecting the bch, some think of it as 'bch+btc is now worth 3500+350' or whatever the numbers are, and some are waiting for rogerpemp

12:25:27 kakobrekla: ;;bc,convert eur

12:25:27 gribble: 1 BTC = 4341.67 USD = 3639.187794 eur

12:25:42 kakobrekla: 4300+430 usd i guess

12:26:00 adlai: iirc some bunch of goxen haven't bothered acknowledging the fork's existence

12:26:30 kakobrekla: coinbase will release them by the end of the year or something like that

12:26:34 kakobrekla: to their users

12:26:41 kakobrekla: i think anyway

12:26:46 kakobrekla: and on it goes

12:26:48 adlai: how about whatsisname that has the real gox coins

12:26:57 kakobrekla: kraken?

12:27:07 adlai: no, the japanese bankruptcy trustee

12:27:31 kakobrekla: ah

12:27:34 adlai: he's sitting on a nice little service fee, if he moves quickly enough

12:29:31 kakobrekla: we should fork like this more often, in hope to make exchanges ignore such events

12:29:47 kakobrekla: i mean

12:29:50 kakobrekla: WHERE IS MY CLAM!??!?!?!

12:31:03 adlai: and lumen, and bytes, and other assorted shites

12:31:22 kakobrekla: i have those too? lol.

12:31:49 adlai: iirc you need to link them to either your facebook or mitochondrial dna

12:32:07 kakobrekla: eh

12:32:24 adlai: BUT, if you had your coins deposited at a gox, and the gox convinced Jed McCaleb that it's a proper gox, then you just got them credited into your account

12:32:53 adlai: because they assume that the gox has your various details

12:33:01 kakobrekla: O_o

12:33:18 *: adlai gave up on figuring all the details out

13:43:53 punkman: https://twitter.com/cnLedger/status/901750592015446016

13:43:54 assbot: cnLedger sur Twitter : "CN graphic card sellers (Inno3D, ZOTAC): We can detect if you used gpu to mine coins. You may lose warranty for that https://t.co/kc22Bk8dce" ... ( http://bit.ly/2vidhfV )

14:01:08 punkman: another one https://www.theverge.com/2017/8/25/16202560/satoshi-nakamoto-bitcoin-blockchain-cryptocurrency

14:01:09 assbot: A sketchy Satoshi has popped up to promote his new blockchain - The Verge ... ( http://bit.ly/2vhGZlk )

14:01:56 punkman: it's a coin called "Coin"

14:02:48 punkman: " He claimed that, on leaving the project in 2010, he had deleted all the private keys linked to Satoshi, hoping to destroy any evidence of his role in Bitcoin’s origin. As a result, it was impossible to present any cryptographic proof of his identity."

14:42:17 adlai: my favorite satoshism is still CSW's dual meaning of "running bitcoin for the past two years"

14:42:29 adlai: the man's been running bitcoin, what more do you need?

14:53:36 punkman: https://pbs.twimg.com/media/DILb11kUIAExcaT.jpg:large

14:53:37 assbot: ... ( http://bit.ly/2vhNlkG )

14:57:17 punkman: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BTHR_omZtXc

14:57:18 assbot: "Stupid Foreigners" (Gua Laowai)ENGLISH TRANSLATION - Fat Shady (Xie Di) - YouTube ... ( http://bit.ly/2vibyXW )

15:37:10 pankkake: I love the Chinese

15:37:42 pankkake: https://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=baizuo

15:37:43 assbot: Urban Dictionary: baizuo ... ( http://bit.ly/2vijuZ8 )

15:42:24 funkenstein_: flyyyy chikun

15:44:02 funkenstein_: 好多瓜老外 lol nice find

15:47:01 funkenstein_: http://log.bitcoin-assets.com/?date=26-08-2017#1475782 < "Implied Watts per GH/s - 0.292"

15:47:01 assbot: Logged on 26-08-2017 20:53:17; kakobrekla: https://digiconomist.net/bitcoin-energy-consumption

15:47:27 funkenstein_: meanwhile bitmain is shipping rigs that get < 0.1 W per GH/s

15:47:46 asciilifeform: funkenstein_: figure might include cooling, neh

15:48:09 kakobrekla: that wouldnt make sense

15:48:23 asciilifeform: ( the 0.292 figure, that is )

15:48:29 kakobrekla: cooling could be anything

15:48:34 kakobrekla: rand()

15:48:57 funkenstein_: one would expect some miners to be doing substantially better than units being shipped off

15:49:20 kakobrekla: where elec is free it efficency doesnt matter

15:49:22 *: asciilifeform had nfi that anyone were still selling mining iron on open market

15:49:23 kakobrekla: 'free'

15:50:19 funkenstein_: as in beer

15:51:33 pankkake: what if you're running your miners in Siberia?

15:51:56 asciilifeform: pankkake: recall the 'miners in the arctic' thread from past years

15:52:16 asciilifeform: ( and the 'miners under ocean', for good measure )

15:54:45 asciilifeform: ( tldr : if it were +ev, it would've happened ages ago )

16:13:37 funkenstein_: 白左 - libtard (derogatory term for a person, usually American, with left-wing views) (internet slang since 2015)

16:13:44 funkenstein_: from Pleco dictionary

16:14:14 punkman: baizuo a lot easier to say than sjw isn't it

16:15:41 punkman: https://www.zhihu.com/question/51331837 is this the chinese quore?

16:15:59 assbot: ... ( http://bit.ly/2vhWoCd )

16:15:59 punkman: *Quora

16:16:51 punkman: http://www.globaltimes.cn/content/1059080.shtml

16:16:52 assbot: Laowai lose appeal in marriage market? - Global Times ... ( http://bit.ly/2viqrtu )

16:17:40 punkman: "Peter's earnings in Beijing provide him a very comfortable and quality life, which includes an 80-square-meter rental apartment in the downtown area, several trips around the world a year and dining at every new restaurant in the city, but apparently, that is not enough to convince the Chinese mother-in-laws."

16:17:42 punkman: heh

16:18:05 punkman: 80 sq meters!

16:21:13 funkenstein_: "the downtown area"

16:21:47 funkenstein_: i like that "every new restaurant in the city". This is probably >100 per day

16:27:46 funkenstein_: 400人民币!

21:39:35 luke-jr: https://twitter.com/LukeDashjr/status/901920245446832129

21:39:36 assbot: Luke Dashjr sur Twitter : "Who should be in charge of #Bitcoin??? ?????" ... ( http://bit.ly/2vAUmIy )

22:18:11 pankkake: who's Wladimir?

22:18:40 pankkake: too bad you have to sign up to Twitter to vote or see results

22:23:25 punkman: https://git.gnupg.org/cgi-bin/gitweb.cgi?p=libgcrypt.git;a=commit;h=da780c8183cccc8f533c8ace8211ac2cb2bdee7b

22:23:26 assbot: git.gnupg.org Git - libgcrypt.git/commit ... ( http://bit.ly/2vAN1ZA )

22:23:50 punkman: "Curve25519 in libgcrypt is not constant-time"

23:04:43 asciilifeform: punkman: nothing in anything (public) whatsoever, is constant time, and if anybody told you otherwise -- he lied ( read the code yerself, if you don't believe. )

23:20:28 punkman: asciilifeform: someone else's title, actually was "TIL Curve25519 in...".

23:21:41 punkman: nothing in anything? crypto in general? on x86/arm?