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Transcript for 08-11-2019, 40 lines:

07:46:41 Lost_Loafer: hi. anyone on here remember rentalstarter from bitfunder?

07:48:44 Lost_Loafer: the dude is now running a youtube channel

07:48:46 Lost_Loafer: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCTz8K5TMmkQkRArybXfoVDg

07:48:47 assbot: Investment Joy - YouTube ... ( http://bit.ly/2JYYCvk )

07:49:00 Lost_Loafer: his line is oh i was poor and worked hard or some bullshit

07:49:29 Lost_Loafer: but he neglects to mention the $500k+ he essentially stole off bitfunder and havelock

07:49:40 Lost_Loafer: and his brother was the dude doing HASH on havelock

07:50:05 Lost_Loafer: more detail here

07:50:07 Lost_Loafer: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=215230.msg2257278#msg2257278

07:50:07 assbot: RentalStarter - A Midwest Real Estate Investment Company ... ( http://bit.ly/34KwHHF )

07:51:21 Lost_Loafer: can't stand scammers. especially those who are out there promoting themselves on youtube as rags to riches and working hard and shit. i see the dude on some discords and he talks about how people are giving him money to invest in dumpy rentals (like millions)

07:54:52 pankkake: I remember :)

08:41:00 kakobrekla: looks like he 'owns' 100s tiny properties?

08:41:16 kakobrekla: i thought everyone knows its 4 houses -> 1 hotel

08:55:51 pankkake: lel

19:08:06 Lost_Loafer: wasn't this popescu's channel before?

19:08:14 Lost_Loafer: or was that another bitcoin-assets?

19:09:20 Lost_Loafer: anyway, want to find what channels people used for havelock/bitfunder/cryptostocks investments cause tbh pisses me off this dude still around with other people's money

19:12:00 Lost_Loafer: he said this shit somewhere about how he got like $400k out of rentalstarter and paid out only like $60k in dividends from 2013-2018

19:12:22 Lost_Loafer: and he was offering "buybacks" on the remaining portion

19:12:53 Lost_Loafer: so for the few people he probably actually paid dividends, he paid like 3% interest on the money per year lol

19:13:24 Lost_Loafer: for sky high risk and taking BTC and putting it in a worse asset class return wise

19:14:15 Lost_Loafer: he was only quoting like 10% per year increase on the "buyback"

19:15:39 Lost_Loafer: he's selling real estate syndication deals now

19:16:00 Lost_Loafer: he pays 8% "interest" but it's not in the contract so not guaranteed

19:16:18 Lost_Loafer: and then any cashouts (like refinance or selling, he takes 50% fee)

19:16:41 Lost_Loafer: so slumlord charging more than hedge funds ?

19:17:24 Lost_Loafer: but anyway, if anyone has rental starter shares, i say go after him cause he owes you money and has assets per his youtube channel

19:18:07 Lost_Loafer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=guUsr9MTURg

19:18:07 assbot: $20,000 a month selling other people's trash - YouTube ... ( http://bit.ly/2qvvu89 )

19:18:25 Lost_Loafer: here's his twin brother - who ran the HASH mining assets on havelock and bitfunder and wherever

19:19:22 Lost_Loafer: they can make a video about how people are finally asking for money back on their HASH/RENT crypto assets ;)

19:21:04 pankkake: it used to be his channel but there was a "split"

19:21:46 pankkake: it was weird to invest in real estate through bitcoin in the first place

19:22:45 Lost_Loafer: just didn't sit right with me about how he didn't think he screwed over all his investors

19:23:14 Lost_Loafer: like literally do nothing dude raised $400k+ or more from crypto people for essentially no cost/risk to him

19:23:43 Lost_Loafer: and now he's stupid enough to be on youtube with some rags to riches bullshit story

19:23:54 pankkake: I never trust those stories

19:24:15 Lost_Loafer: he was on the graham stephan show if anyone sees that on youtube

19:24:52 Lost_Loafer: like legit - if anyone put big money with the dude, go after him