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Transcript for 09-11-2019, 10 lines:

14:20:10 kakobrekla: in other #bitcoin-assets related news, it looks like s.nsa reach the end of the road. i must admit this does not come as a shock, but tbh, it did last longer than i would venture to guess it will :)

14:36:16 pankkake: oh more drama

14:36:33 pankkake: well s.nsa did produce things, I have 3 of them

14:51:12 kakobrekla: in use? :)

15:06:46 pankkake: no

15:09:00 asciilifeform: http://logs.nosuchlabs.com/log/asciilifeform/2019-11-08#1001673 << postmortem, for the curious .

15:09:02 assbot: #asciilifeform | 2019-11-08 ... ( http://bit.ly/2Q2yVxZ )

15:10:26 kakobrekla: pankkake so not useful? :D

15:12:03 pankkake: never really took the time to do something with it but nice to have

15:12:28 kakobrekla: anyway, from whatever i recall, asciilifeform was the 'produce things' part, mp was there to give it a bad name (in both senses).