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Transcript for 25-03-2020, 7 lines:

00:11:05 kakobrekla: https://twitter.com/chamath/status/1242597956735266817

00:11:05 assbot: Chamath Palihapitiya sur Twitter : "With US stimulus of $2T, global stimulus is now $8T == 9% of world GDP. US GVT is already 38% of GDP, with $2T stimulus we are at 47%...likely will pass 50%, making us officially a socialist country (without the free education and healthcare of course)..." ... ( https://bit.ly/3dtYFMY )

12:51:55 pankkake: fascinating. normies don't realize how much power central banks have been accumulating

12:52:06 pankkake: but at least they aren't elected :-)

17:10:59 pankkake: https://twitter.com/GandalftheWhi19/status/1242176849784029187

17:11:00 assbot: ThulĂȘan Perspective (alias Gandalf the White) sur Twitter : "They are printing BILLIONS of USD/EUROS etc. because of #COVID19. I. e. YOUR money are losing value as we speak. Soon they will be worth close to nothing. We try to get rid of the little money we have. We buy: -tools -heritage seeds -spa ... ( https://bit.ly/33PqPgP )

17:26:04 kakobrekla: well,... if everyone prints, noone prints!